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J27.1;   E171|        The fields from Islington to Marybone,
J27.2;   E171|        To Primrose Hill and Saint Johns Wood:
J27.3;   E171|        Were builded over with pillars of gold,
J27.4;   E171|        And there Jerusalems pillars stood.

J27.5;   E171|        Her Little-ones ran on the fields
J27.6;   E171|        The Lamb of God among them seen
J27.7;   E171|        And fair Jerusalem his Bride:
J27.8;   E171|        Among the little meadows green.

J27.9;   E172|        Pancrass & Kentish-town repose
J27.10; E172|        Among her golden pillars high:
J27.11; E172|        Among her golden arches which
J27.12; E172|        Shine upon the starry sky.

J27.13; E172|        The Jews-harp-house & the Green Man;
J27.14; E172|        The Ponds where Boys to bathe delight:
J27.15; E172|        The fields of Cows by Willans farm:   t275
J27.16; E172|        Shine in Jerusalems pleasant sight.

J27.17; E172|        She walks upon our meadows green:
J27.18; E172|        The Lamb of God walks by her side:
J27.19; E172|        And every English Child is seen,
J27.20; E172|        Children of Jesus & his Bride,

J27.21; E172|        Forgiving trespasses and sins
J27.22; E172|        Lest Babylon with cruel Og,
J27.23; E172|        With Moral & Self-righteous Law
J27.24; E172|        Should Crucify in Satans Synagogue!

J27.25; E172|        What are those golden Builders doing
J27.26; E172|        Near mournful ever-weeping Paddington
J27.27; E172|        Standing above that mighty Ruin
J27.28; E172|        Where Satan the first victory won.

J27.29; E172|        Where Albion slept beneath the Fatal Tree
J27.30; E172|        And the Druids golden Knife,
J27.31; E172|        Rioted in human gore,
J27.32; E172|        In Offerings of Human Life

J27.33; E172|        They groan'd aloud on London Stone
J27.34; E172|        They groand aloud on Tyburns Brook
J27.35; E172|        Albion gave his deadly groan,
J27.36; E172|        And all the Atlantic Mountains shook

J27.37; E172|        Albions Spectre from his Loins
J27.38; E172|        Tore forth in all the pomp of War!
J27.39; E172|        Satan his name: in flames of fire
J27.40; E172|        He stretch'd his Druid Pillars far.

J27.41; E172|        Jerusalem fell from Lambeth's Vale,
J27.42; E172|        Down thro Poplar & Old Bow;
J27.43; E172|        Thro Malden & acros the Sea,
J27.44; E172|        In War & howling death & woe.

J27.45; E172|        The Rhine was red with human blood:
J27.46; E172|        The Danube rolld a purple tide:
J27.47; E172|        On the Euphrates Satan stood:
J27.48; E172|        And over Asia stretch'd his pride.

J27.49; E173|        He witherd up sweet Zions Hill,
J27.50; E173|        From every Nation of the Earth:
J27.51; E173|        He witherd up Jerusalems Gates,
J27.52; E173|        And in a dark Land gave her birth.

J27.53; E173|        He witherd up the Human Form,
J27.54; E173|        By laws of sacrifice for sin:
J27.55; E173|        Till it became a Mortal Worm:
J27.56; E173|        But O! translucent all within.

J27.57; E173|        The Divine Vision still was seen
J27.58; E173|        Still was the Human Form, Divine
J27.59; E173|        Weeping in weak & mortal clay
J27.60; E173|        O Jesus still the Form was thine.

J27.61; E173|        And thine the Human Face & thine
J27.62; E173|        The Human Hands & Feet & Breath
J27.63; E173|        Entering thro' the Gates of Birth
J27.64; E173|        And passing thro' the Gates of Death

J27.65; E173|        And O thou Lamb of God, whom I
J27.66; E173|        Slew in my dark self-righteous pride:
J27.67; E173|        Art thou return'd to Albions Land!
J27.68; E173|        And is Jerusalem thy Bride?

J27.69; E173|        Come to my arms & never more
J27.70; E173|        Depart; but dwell for ever here:
J27.71; E173|        Create my Spirit to thy Love:
J27.72; E173|        Subdue my Spectre to thy Fear,

J27.73; E173|        Spectre of Albion! warlike Fiend!
J27.74; E173|        In clouds of blood & ruin roll'd:
J27.75; E173|        I here reclaim thee as my own
J27.76; E173|        My Selfhood! Satan! armd in gold.

J27.77; E173|        Is this thy soft Family-Love
J27.78; E173|        Thy cruel Patriarchal pride
J27.79; E173|        Planting thy Family alone
J27.80; E173|        Destroying all the World beside.

J27.81; E173|        A mans worst enemies are those
J27.82; E173|        Of his own house & family;
J27.83; E173|        And he who makes his law a curse,
J27.84; E173|        By his own law shall surely die.

J27.85; E173|        In my Exchanges every Land
J27.86; E173|        Shall walk, & mine in every Land,
J27.87; E173|        Mutual shall build Jerusalem:
J27.88; E173|        Both heart in heart & hand in hand.

J27prose; E174|        If Humility is Christianity; you O Jews are the true
J27prose; E174|        Christians; If your tradition that Man contained in his Limbs,
J27prose; E174|        all Animals, is True & they were separated from him by cruel
J27prose; E174|        Sacrifices: and when compulsory cruel Sacrifices had brought
J27prose; E174|        Humanity into a Feminine Tabernacle, in the loins of Abraham &
J27prose; E174|        David: the Lamb of God, the Saviour became apparent on Earth as
J27prose; E174|        the Prophets had foretold? The Return of Israel is a Return to
J27prose; E174|        Mental Sacrifice & War. Take up the Cross O Israel & follow Jesus.

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                Chap: 2 [plates 28-50]


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