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ED; E552|        [The Design of The Last Judgment]   t1450
DesignLJ; E552|        To Ozias Humphry Esqre

DesignLJ-par1;   E552|        The Design of The Last Judgment which I have completed by
DesignLJ-par1;   E552|        your recommendation [under a fortunate star] for The
DesignLJ-par1;   E552|        Countess of Egremont [by a happy accident] it is
DesignLJ-par1;   E552|        necessary to give some account of & its various parts ought to be
DesignLJ-par1;   E552|        described for the accomodation of those who give it the honor of
DesignLJ-par1;   E552|        attention
DesignLJ-par2;   E552|        Christ seated on the Throne of judgment [The Heavens in
DesignLJ-par2;   E552|        Clouds rolling before him & around him] before his feet &
DesignLJ-par2;   E552|        around him the heavens in clouds are rolling like a scroll ready
DesignLJ-par2;   E552|        to be consumed in the fires of the Angels who descend [before
DesignLJ-par2;   E552|        his feet] with the[ir] Four Trumpets sounding to
DesignLJ-par2;   E552|        the Four Winds
DesignLJ-par3;   E552|        Beneath [the] Earth is convulsed with the labours
DesignLJ-par3;   E552|        of the Resurrection--in the Caverns of the Earth is the Dragon
DesignLJ-par3;   E552|        with Seven heads & ten Horns chained by two Angels & above his
DesignLJ-par3;   E552|        Cavern[s] on the Earths Surface is the Harlot siezed & bound by
DesignLJ-par3;   E552|        two Angels with chains while her Palaces are falling
DesignLJ-par3;   E552|        [in] into ruins & her councellors & warriors are
DesignLJ-par3;   E552|        descending into the Abyss in wailing & despair
DesignLJ-par4;   E552|        Hell opens beneath the Harlots seat on the left hand into
DesignLJ-par4;   E552|        which the Wicked are descending [while others rise from their
DesignLJ-par4;   E552|        Craves on the brink of the Pit]
DesignLJ-par5;   E552|        The right hand of the Design is appropriated to the
DesignLJ-par5;   E552|        Resurrection of the Just the left hand of the Design is
DesignLJ-par5;   E552|        appropriated to the Resurrection & Fall of the Wicked

DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        Immediately before the Throne of Christ is Adam & Eve
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        kneeling in humiliation   t1451 as representatives of the whole Human
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        Race Abraham & Moses kneel on each side beneath them from the
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        cloud on which Eve kneels & beneath Moses & from the Tables
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        of Stone which utter lightnings] is seen Satan wound round
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        by the Serpent & falling headlong the Pharisees appear on the
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        left hand pleading their own righteousness before the Throne of
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        Christ & before the Book of Death which is opend on clouds by two
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        Angels & many groupes of Figures are falling from before the
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        Throne & from before the Sea of Fire which flows before the steps
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        of the Throne on which [are] is seen the seven Lamps of
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        the Almighty burning before the Throne many Figures chained &
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        bound together & in various attitudes of Despair & Horror fall
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        thro the air & some are scourged by Spirits with flames of fire
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        into the Abyss of Hell which opens [to recieve them]
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        beneath on the left hand of the Harlots Seat where others are
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        howling & [descending into the flames & in the act of]
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        dragging each other into Hell & [of] in contending in
DesignLJ-par6;   E553|        fighting with each other on the [very] brink of Perdition
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        Before the Throne of Christ on the Right hand the Just in
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        humiliation & in exultation rise thro the Air with their Children
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        & Families some of whom are bowing before the Book of Life which
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        is opend [by two Angels on Clouds] on clouds by two
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        Angels many groupes arise [with] in [joy]
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        exultation among them is a Figure crownd with Stars & the Moon
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        beneath her feet with six infants around her She represents the
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        Christian Church [The] Green hills appear beneath with
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        the Graves of the Blessed which are seen bursting with their
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        births of immortality Parents & Children Wives & Husbands embrace
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        & arise together & in exulting attitudes of great joy tell each
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        other that the New Jerusalem is ready to descend upon Earth they
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        arise upon the Air rejoicing others newly awakend from the Grave
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        stand upon the Earth embracing. & shouting to the Lamb who cometh
DesignLJ-par7;   E553|        in the Clouds in Power & great Glory
DesignLJ-par8;   E553|        The Whole upper part of the Design is a View of Heaven
DesignLJ-par8;   E553|        opened around the Throne of Christ in the Cloud which rolls away
DesignLJ-par8;   E553|        are the Four Living Creatures filled with Eyes attended by the
DesignLJ-par8;   E553|        Seven Angels with the Seven Vials of the Wrath of God & above
DesignLJ-par8;   E553|        these [there are] Seven Angels with the Seven Trumpets
DesignLJ-par8;   E553|        these compose [composing] the Cloud which by its rolling
DesignLJ-par8;   E553|        away displays the opening seats of the Blessed on the right &
DesignLJ-par8;   E553|        left of which are seen the Four & Twenty Elders seated on Thrones
DesignLJ-par8;   E553|        to Judge the Dead
DesignLJ-par9;   E553|        Behind the Seat & Throne of Christ [appear] appears
DesignLJ-par9;   E553|        the Tabernacle with its Veil opened [&] the Candlestick
DesignLJ-par9;   E553|        on the right the Table with the Shew bread on the left [&] in
DesignLJ-par9;   E553|        [the] midst is the Cross in place of the Ark [with
DesignLJ-par9;   E553|        the two] Cherubim bowing over it
DesignLJ-par10; E553|        On the Right hand of the Throne of Christ is Baptism On
DesignLJ-par10; E553|        [his] the left is the Lords Supper the two introducers
DesignLJ-par10; E553|        into Eternal Life Women with Infants approach the Figure of an
DesignLJ-par10; E553|        aged Apostle which represents

DesignLJ-par10; E554|        Baptism & on the left hand the Lords Supper is administerd by
DesignLJ-par10; E554|        Angels from the hands of another [aged] Apostle these
DesignLJ-par10; E554|        kneel on each side of the Throne which is surrounded by a Glory
DesignLJ-par10; E554|        [in the glory] many Infants appear in the Glory
DesignLJ-par10; E554|        representing the Eternal Creation flowing from the Divine
DesignLJ-par10; E554|        Humanity in Jesus who opens the Scroll of Judgment upon his knees
DesignLJ-par10; E554|        before the Living & the Dead
DesignLJ-par11; E554|        Such is the Design which you my Dear Sir have been the cause
DesignLJ-par11; E554|        of my producing & which but for you might have slept till the
DesignLJ-par11; E554|        Last Judgment

DesignLJ; E554|        WILLIAM BLAKE
DesignLJ; E554|        [18 January 1808] Feb/y 1808

VLJ-N70; E554|        For the Year 1810
VLJ-N70; E554|        Additions to Blakes Catalogue of Pictures &/c

VLJ-N70; E554|        The Last Judgment when all those are Cast away who trouble
VLJ-N70; E554|        Religion with Questions concerning Good & Evil or Eating of the
VLJ-N70; E554|        Tree of those Knowledges or Reasonings which hinder the Vision of
VLJ-N70; E554|        God turning all into a Consuming fire <When> Imaginative Art &
VLJ-N70; E554|        Science & all Intellectual Gifts all the Gifts of the Holy Ghost
VLJ-N70; E554|        are [despisd] lookd upon as of no use & only Contention
VLJ-N70; E554|        remains to Man then the Last Judgment begins & its Vision is seen
VLJ-N70; E554|        by the [Imaginative Eye] of Every one according to the
VLJ-N70; E554|        situation he holds
VLJ-N68; E554|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 68] The Last Judgment is not Fable or Allegory
VLJ-N68; E554|        but Vision Fable or Allegory are a totally distinct & inferior
VLJ-N68; E554|        kind of Poetry. Vision or Imagination is a Representation of
VLJ-N68; E554|        what Eternally Exists. Really & Unchangeably. Fable or Allegory
VLJ-N68; E554|        is Formd by the Daughters of Memory. Imagination is Surrounded
VLJ-N68; E554|        by the daughters of Inspiration who in the aggregate are calld
VLJ-N68; E554|        Jerusalem [P 69] <Fable is Allegory but what Critics call The
VLJ-N69; E554|        Fable is Vision itself> [P 68] The Hebrew Bible & the Gospel of
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        Jesus are not Allegory but Eternal Vision or Imagination of All
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        that Exists <Note here that Fable or Allegory is Seldom without
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        some Vision Pilgrims Progress is full of it the Greek Poets the
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        same but [Fable [al] <&> Allegory]
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        <Allegory & Vision> [<& Visions of Imagination>] ought
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        to be known as Two Distinct Things & so calld for the Sake of
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        Eternal Life Plato has made Socrates say that Poets & Prophets do
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        not Know or Understand what they write or Utter this is a most
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        Pernicious Falshood. If they do not pray is an inferior Kind to
VLJ-N68[b]; E554|        be calld Knowing Plato confutes himself>

VLJ-N68[b]; E555|        The Last judgment is one of these Stupendous
VLJ-N68[b]; E555|        Visions[.] I have represented it as I saw it[.]
VLJ-N68[b]; E555|        to different People it appears differently as [P 69] every
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        thing else does for tho on Earth things seem Permanent they are
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        less permanent than a Shadow as we all know too well
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        The Nature of Visionary Fancy or Imagination is very little
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        Known & the Eternal nature & permanence of its ever Existent
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        Images is considerd as less permanent than the things of
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        Vegetative & Generative Nature yet the Oak dies as well as the
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        Lettuce but Its Eternal Image & Individuality never dies. but
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        renews by its seed. just [as] <so> the Imaginative Image
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        returns [according to] <by> the seed of Contemplative
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        Thought the Writings of the Prophets illustrate these conceptions
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        of the Visionary Fancy by their various sublime & Divine Images
VLJ-N69[b]; E555|        as seen in the Worlds of Vision
VLJ-N71; E555|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 71 (TOP OF PAGE CUT AWAY)] The Learned m
VLJ-N71; E555|        . . .
VLJ-N71; E555|        [of] <or> Heroes <this as n . . . > [it] ans .
VLJ-N71; E555|        . . & not Spiritu . . . while the Bibl . . . of Virtue & Vic . .
VLJ-N71; E555|        . as they are Ex . . . is the Real Di . . . Things The . . .
VLJ-N71; E555|        when they Assert that Jupiter usurped the Throne of his Father
VLJ-N71; E555|        Saturn & brought on an Iron Age & Begat on Mnemosyne or Memory
VLJ-N71; E555|        The Greek Muses which are not Inspiration as the Bible is.
VLJ-N71; E555|        Reality was Forgot & the Vanities of Time & Space only Rememberd
VLJ-N71; E555|        & calld Reality Such is the Mighty difference between Allegoric
VLJ-N71; E555|        Fable & Spiritual Mystery Let it here be Noted that the Greek
VLJ-N71; E555|        Fables originated in Spiritual Mystery & Real Vision [P 72]
VLJ-N72; E555|        and Real Visions Which are lost & clouded in Fable & Alegory
VLJ-N72; E555|        [which] <while> the Hebrew Bible & the Greek Gospel are
VLJ-N72; E555|        Genuine Preservd by the Saviours Mercy The Nature of my Work is
VLJ-N72; E555|        Visionary or Imaginative it is an Endeavour to Restore <what the
VLJ-N72; E555|        Ancients calld> the Golden Age
VLJ-N69[c]; E555|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 69] This world of Imagination is the World of
VLJ-N69[c]; E555|        Eternity it is the Divine bosom into which we shall all go after
VLJ-N69[c]; E555|        the death of the Vegetated body This World <of Imagination> is
VLJ-N69[c]; E555|        Infinite & Eternal whereas the world of Generation or Vegetation
VLJ-N69[c]; E555|        is Finite & [for a small moment] Temporal There Exist
VLJ-N69[c]; E555|        in that Eternal World the Permanent Realities of Every Thing
VLJ-N69[c]; E555|        which we see are reflected in this Vegetable Glass of Nature
VLJ-N69[c]; E555|        All Things are comprehended in their Eternal Forms in the
VLJ-N69[c]; E555|        Divine [P 70] body of the Saviour the True Vine of Eternity
VLJ-N70[b]; E555|        The Human Imagination who appeard to Me as Coming to Judgment.
VLJ-N70[b]; E555|        among his Saints & throwing off the Temporal that the Eternal
VLJ-N70[b]; E555|        might be Establishd. around him were seen the Images of
VLJ-N70[b]; E555|        Existences according to [their aggregate Imaginations] a
VLJ-N70[b]; E555|        certain order suited to my Imaginative Eye [In the following
VLJ-N70[b]; E555|        order] <as follows>
VLJ-N70[b]; E555|        Here follows the description of the Picture <Query the Above
VLJ-N70[b]; E555|        ought to follow the description>
VLJ-N76; E555|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 76] Jesus seated between the Two Pillars Jachin
VLJ-N76; E555|        & Boaz with the Word of <Divine> Revelation on his Knees <& on each
VLJ-N76; E555|        side the

VLJ-N76; E556|        four & twenty Elders sitting in Judgment> the Heavens opening
VLJ-N76; E556|        around him by unfolding the clouds around his throne <The Old
VLJ-N76; E556|        H[eaven] & old Earth are passing away & the
VLJ-N76; E556|        N[ew] H[eaven] & N[ew] Earth
VLJ-N76; E556|        descending> [as a Scroll] The Just arise on his right &
VLJ-N76; E556|        the wicked on his Left hand <A Sea of fire Issues from before the
VLJ-N76; E556|        Throne> Adam & Eve appear first before the [throne]
VLJ-N76; E556|        <Judgment Seat> in humiliation Abel surrounded by Innocents &
VLJ-N76; E556|        Cain <with the flint in his hand with which he slew his brother>
VLJ-N76; E556|        falling with the head downward From the Cloud on which Eve stands
VLJ-N76; E556|        Satan is seen falling headlong wound round by the tail of the
VLJ-N76; E556|        serpent whose bulk naild to the Cross round which he wreathes is
VLJ-N76; E556|        falling into the Abyss Sin is also represented as a female bound
VLJ-N76; E556|        in one of the Serpents folds surrounded by her fiends Death is
VLJ-N76; E556|        Chaind to the Cross & Time falls together with death dragged down
VLJ-N76; E556|        by [an Angel] a Demon crownd with Laurel another demon
VLJ-N76; E556|        with a Key has the charge of Sin & is dragging her down by the
VLJ-N76; E556|        hair beside them a figure is seen scaled with iron scales from
VLJ-N76; E556|        head to feet precipitating himself into the Abyss with the Sword
VLJ-N76; E556|        & Balances he is Og King of Bashan--
VLJ-N76; E556|        <On the Right> Beneath the Cloud on which Abel kneels is
VLJ-N76; E556|        Abraham with Sarah & Isaac [&] also Hagar & Ishmael.
VLJ-N76; E556|        <Abel kneels on a bloody Cloud [P 80] descriptive of those
VLJ-N80; E556|        Churches before the flood that they were filld with blood & fire
VLJ-N80; E556|        & vapour of smoke even till Abrahams time the vapour & heat was
VLJ-N80; E556|        not Extinguishd These States Exist now Man Passes on but States
VLJ-N80; E556|        remain for Ever he passes thro them like a traveller who may as
VLJ-N80; E556|        well suppose that the places he has passed thro exist no more as
VLJ-N80; E556|        a Man may suppose that the States he has passd thro exist no more
VLJ-N80; E556|        Every Thing is Eternal>
VLJ-N79; E556|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 79] In Eternity one Thing never Changes into
VLJ-N79; E556|        another Thing Each Identity is Eternal consequently Apuleius's
VLJ-N79; E556|        Golden Ass & Ovids Metamorphosis & others of the like kind are
VLJ-N79; E556|        Fable yet they contain Vision in a Sublime degree being derived
VLJ-N79; E556|        from real Vision in More Ancient Writings[.] Lots Wife
VLJ-N79; E556|        being Changed into Pillar of Salt alludes to the Mortal Body
VLJ-N79; E556|        being renderd a Permanent Statue but not Changed or Transformed
VLJ-N79; E556|        into Another Identity while it retains its own Individuality. A
VLJ-N79; E556|        Man can never become Ass nor Horse some are born with shapes of
VLJ-N79; E556|        Men who may be both but Eternal Identity is one thing & Corporeal
VLJ-N79; E556|        Vegetation is another thing Changing Water into Wine by Jesus &
VLJ-N79; E556|        into Blood by Moses relates to Vegetable Nature also
VLJ-N76[b]; E556|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 76] [Beneath] <Ishmael is Mahomet> & <on
VLJ-N76[b]; E556|        the left> beneath the falling figure of Cain is Moses casting his tables of
VLJ-N76[b]; E556|        stone into the Deeps. it ought to be understood that the Persons
VLJ-N76[b]; E556|        Moses & Abraham are not here meant but the States Signified by
VLJ-N76[b]; E556|        those Names the Individuals being representatives or Visions of
VLJ-N76[b]; E556|        those States as they were reveald to Mortal Man in the Series of
VLJ-N76[b]; E556|        Divine Revelations. as they are written in the Bible these
VLJ-N76[b]; E556|        various States I have seen in my Imagination when distant they
VLJ-N76[b]; E556|        appear as One Man but as you approach they appear

VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        Multitudes of Nations. Abraham hovers above his posterity which
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        appear as Multitudes of Children ascending from the Earth
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        surrounded by Stars as it was said As the Stars of Heaven for
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        Multitude Jacob & [their] his Twelve Sons hover beneath
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        the feet of Abraham & recieve their children from the Earth <I
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        have seen when at a distance Multitudes of Men in Harmony appear
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        like a single Infant sometimes in the Arms of a Female
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        [they] <this> represented the Church>
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        But to proceed with the description of those on the Left
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        hand. beneath the Cloud on which Moses kneels is two figures a
VLJ-N76[b]; E557|        Male & Female chaind [P 77] together by the feet[.] they
VLJ-N77; E557|        represent those who perishd by the flood[.] beneath them a
VLJ-N77; E557|        multitude of their associates are seen falling headlong[.] by the
VLJ-N77; E557|        side of them is a Mighty fiend with a Book in his hand which is
VLJ-N77; E557|        Shut he represents the person namd in Isaiah XXII.c & 20.V.
VLJ-N77; E557|        Eliakim the Son of Hilkiah he drags Satan down headlong he is
VLJ-N77; E557|        crownd with oak [&has] by the side of the Scaled figure
VLJ-N77; E557|        representing Og King of Bashan is a Figure with a Basket emptiing
VLJ-N77; E557|        out the vanities of Riches & Worldly Honours <he is Araunah the
VLJ-N77; E557|        Jebusite> <master of the threshing floor> above him are two
VLJ-N77; E557|        figures <elevated on a Cloud> representing the Pharisees who
VLJ-N77; E557|        plead their own Righteousness before the throne. they are weighed
VLJ-N77; E557|        down by two fiends[.] Beneath the Man with the Basket are three
VLJ-N77; E557|        fiery fiends with grey beards & scourges of fire they represent
VLJ-N77; E557|        Cruel Laws they scourge a groupe of figures down into the Deeps
VLJ-N77; E557|        beneath them are various figures in attitudes of contention
VLJ-N77; E557|        representing various States of Misery which alas every one on
VLJ-N77; E557|        Earth is liable to enter into & against which we should all watch
VLJ-N77; E557|        The Ladies will be pleasd to see that I have represented the
VLJ-N77; E557|        Furies by Three Men & not by three Women It is not because I
VLJ-N77; E557|        think the Ancients wrong but they will be pleasd to remember that
VLJ-N77; E557|        mine is Vision & not Fable The Spectator may suppose them
VLJ-N77; E557|        Clergymen in the Pulpit Scourging Sin instead of Forgiving it
VLJ-N77; E557|        The Earth beneath these falling Groupes of figures is rocky
VLJ-N77; E557|        & burning and seems as if convulsd by Earthquakes a Great City
VLJ-N77; E557|        <on fire> is seen in the Distance <the Armies are fleeing upon
VLJ-N77; E557|        the Mountains> On the foreground hell is opened & many figures
VLJ-N77; E557|        are descending into it down stone steps & beside a Gate beneath a
VLJ-N77; E557|        rock [howling & lamenting] <where Sin & Death are to be
VLJ-N77; E557|        closed Eternally by that Fiend who carries the Key in one hand &
VLJ-N77; E557|        drags them down with the other> On the rock & above the Gate a
VLJ-N77; E557|        fiend with wings urges the wicked onwards with fiery darts he
VLJ-N77; E557|        [represents the Assyrian] <is Hazael the Syrian> who
VLJ-N77; E557|        drives abroad all those who rebell against their Saviour
VLJ-N77; E557|        beneath the steps Babylon represented by a King crowned Grasping
VLJ-N77; E557|        his Sword & his Scepter he is just awakend out of his Grave
VLJ-N77; E557|        around him are other Kingdoms arising to Judgment. represented in
VLJ-N77; E557|        this Picture as Single Personages according to the descriptions
VLJ-N77; E557|        in the Prophets The Figure dragging up a Woman by her hair
VLJ-N77; E557|        represents the

VLJ-N77; E558|        Inquisition as do those contending on the sides of the Pit & in
VLJ-N77; E558|        Particular the Man Strangling two Women represents a Cruel Church
VLJ-N77; E558|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 78] Two persons one in Purple
VLJ-N78; E558|        Scarlet are descending [into Hell] <down the Steps into the Pit>
VLJ-N78; E558|        these are Caiphas & Pilate Two States where all those reside who
VLJ-N78; E558|        Calumniate & Murder <under Pretence of Holiness & Justice>
VLJ-N78; E558|        Caiphas has a Blue Flame like a Miter on his head Pilate has
VLJ-N78; E558|        bloody hands that never can be cleansed the Females behind them
VLJ-N78; E558|        represent the Females belonging to such States who are under
VLJ-N78; E558|        perpetual terrors & vain dreams plots & secret deceit. Those
VLJ-N78; E558|        figures that descend into the Flames before Caiphas & Pilate are
VLJ-N78; E558|        Judas & those of his Class Achitophel is also here with the cord
VLJ-N78; E558|        in his hand
VLJ; E558|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 80] Between the Figures of Adam & Eve appears
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        a fiery Gulph descending from the sea of fire Before the throne in this
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Cataract Four Angels descend headlong with four trumpets to
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        awake the Dead. beneath these is the Seat of the Harlot <namd>
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Mystery in the Revelations. She is [bound] siezed by
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Two Beings each with three heads they Represent Vegetative
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Existence. <as> it is written in Revelations they strip her naked
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        & burn her with fire <it represents the Eternal Consummation of
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Vegetable Life & Death with its Lusts The wreathed Torches in
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        their hands represents Eternal Fire which is the fire of
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Generation or Vegetation it is an Eternal Consummation Those who
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        are blessed with Imaginative Vision see This Eternal Female &
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        tremble at what others fear not while they <despise &> laugh at
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        what others fear> <Her Kings & Councellors & Warriors descend in
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Flames Lamenting & looking upon her in astonishment & Terror. &

VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Hell is opend beneath her Seat on the Left hand>. beneath her
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        feet is a flaming Cavern in which is seen the Great Red Dragon
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        with Seven heads & ten Horns [who] <he has Satans book
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        of Accusations lying on the rock open before him> <he> is bound
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        in chains by Two strong demons they are Gog & Magog <who have
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        been compelld to subdue their Master Ezekiel> <XXXVIIIc 8v> <with
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        their Hammer & Tongs about to new Create the Seven Headed
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Kingdoms>. The Graves beneath are opend & the Dead awake & obey
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        the call of the Trumpet those on the Right hand awake in joy
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        those on the Left in Horror. beneath the Dragons Cavern a
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        Skeleton begins to Animate starting into life at the Trumpets
VLJ-N80[b]; E558|        sound while the Wicked contend with each other on the brink of [P
VLJ-N81; E558|        81] perdition. <on tho Right> a Youthful couple are awakd by
VLJ-N81; E558|        their Children an Aged patriarch is awakd by his aged wife <He is
VLJ-N81; E558|        Albion our Ancestor <patriarch of the Atlantic Continent> whose
VLJ-N81; E558|        History Preceded that of the Hebrews <& in whose Sleep <or Chaos>
VLJ-N81; E558|        Creation began, [his Emanation or Wife is Jerusalem < who is
VLJ-N81; E558|        about to be recievd like the Bride of the>] at their head>
VLJ-N81; E558|        <the Aged Woman is Brittannia   t1453 the Wife of Albion Jerusalem is
VLJ-N81; E558|        their Daughter>> little Infants creep out of the [mould]

VLJ-N81; E559|        [<ground>] flowery mould into the Green fields of the
VLJ-N81; E559|        blessed who in various joyful companies embrace & ascend to meet
VLJ-N81; E559|        Eternity
VLJ-N81; E559|        The Persons who ascend to Meet the Lord coming in the Clouds
VLJ-N81; E559|        with power & great Glory. are representations of those States
VLJ-N81; E559|        described in the Bible under the Names of the Fathers before &
VLJ-N81; E559|        after the Flood Noah is seen in the Midst of these Canopied by a
VLJ-N81; E559|        Rainbow. on his right hand Shem & on his Left Japhet these three
VLJ-N81; E559|        Persons represent Poetry Painting & Music the three Powers <in
VLJ-N81; E559|        Man> of conversing with Paradise which the flood did not Sweep away
VLJ-N81; E559|        Above Noah is the Church Universal represented by a Woman
VLJ-N81; E559|        Surrounded by Infants There is such a State in Eternity it is
VLJ-N81; E559|        composed of the Innocent <civilized> Heathen & the Uncivilized
VLJ-N81; E559|        Savage who having not the Law do by Nature the things containd in
VLJ-N81; E559|        the Law. This State appears like a Female crownd with Stars
VLJ-N81; E559|        driven into the Wilderness She has the Moon under her feet
VLJ-N81; E559|        The Aged Figure with Wings having a writing tablet & taking
VLJ-N81; E559|        account of the numbers who arise is That Angel of the Divine
VLJ-N81; E559|        Presence mentiond in Exodus XIVc 19v & in other Places this Angel
VLJ-N81; E559|        is frequently calld by the Name of Jehovah Elohim The I am of the
VLJ-N81; E559|        Oaks of Albion
VLJ-N81; E559|        Around Noah & beneath him are various figures Risen into the
VLJ-N81; E559|        Air <among> these are Three Females representing those who are
VLJ-N81; E559|        not of the dead but of those found Alive at the Last Judgment
VLJ-N81; E559|        they appear to be innocently gay & thoughtless not <being> among
VLJ-N81; E559|        the Condemnd because ignorant of crime in the midst of a
VLJ-N81; E559|        corrupted Age <the Virgin Mary was of this Class>. A Mother
VLJ-N81; E559|        Meets her <numerous> Family in the Arms of their Father these are
VLJ-N81; E559|        representations of the Greek Learned & Wise as also of those of
VLJ-N81; E559|        other Nations such as Egypt & Babylon in which were multitudes
VLJ-N81; E559|        who shall meet the Lord coming in the Clouds
VLJ-N81; E559|        The Children of Abraham or Hebrew Church are represented as
VLJ-N81; E559|        a Stream of [Light] <Figures> on which are seen Stars
VLJ-N81; E559|        somewhat like the Milky way they ascend from the Earth where
VLJ-N81; E559|        Figures kneel Embracing above the Graves & Represent Religion or
VLJ-N81; E559|        Civilized Life such as it is in the Christian Church who are the
VLJ-N81; E559|        Offspring of the Hebrew
VLJ-N82; E559|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 82] Just above the graves & above the spot
VLJ-N82; E559|        where the Infants creep out of the Ground Stand two a Man & Woman these are
VLJ-N82; E559|        the Primitive Christians. The two Figures in <purifying> flames
VLJ-N82; E559|        by the side of the Dragons cavern represents the Latter state of
VLJ-N82; E559|        the Church when on the verge of Perdition yet protected by a
VLJ-N82; E559|        Flaming Sword. Multitudes are seen ascending from the Green
VLJ-N82; E559|        fields of the blessed in which a Gothic Church is representative
VLJ-N82; E559|        of true Art Calld Gothic in All Ages <by those who follow <the>
VLJ-N82; E559|        Fashion> <as that is calld which is without Shape or Fashion> <On
VLJ-N82; E559|        the right hand of Noah a Woman with Children represents the State
VLJ-N82; E559|        Calld Laban the Syrian it is the Remains of Civilization in the
VLJ-N82; E559|        State from whence Abraham was

VLJ-N82; E560|        taken> <Also> On the
VLJ-N82; E560|        right hand of Noah A Female descends to meet her Lover or Husband
VLJ-N82; E560|        representative of that Love calld Friendship which Looks for no
VLJ-N82; E560|        other heaven than their Beloved & in him sees all reflected as in
VLJ-N82; E560|        a Glass of Eternal Diamond
VLJ-N82; E560|        On the right hand of these rise the Diffident & Humble & on
VLJ-N82; E560|        their left a <solitary> Woman with her infant these are caught up
VLJ-N82; E560|        by three aged Men who appear as suddenly emerging from the blue
VLJ-N82; E560|        sky for their help. These three Aged Men represent Divine
VLJ-N82; E560|        Providence as opposd to & distinct from Divine vengeance
VLJ-N82; E560|        represented by three Aged men on the side of the Picture among
VLJ-N82; E560|        the Wicked with scourges of fire
VLJ-N82; E560|        If the Spectator could Enter into these Images in his
VLJ-N82; E560|        Imagination approaching them on the Fiery Chariot of his
VLJ-N82; E560|        Contemplative Thought if he could Enter into Noahs Rainbow or
VLJ-N82; E560|        into his bosom or could make a Friend & Companion of one of these
VLJ-N82; E560|        Images of wonder which always intreats him to leave mortal things
VLJ-N82; E560|        as he must know then would he arise from his Grave then would he
VLJ-N82; E560|        meet the Lord in the Air & then he would be happy General
VLJ-N82; E560|        Knowledge is Remote Knowledge it is in Particulars that Wisdom
VLJ-N82; E560|        consists & Happiness too. Both in Art & in Life General Masses
VLJ-N82; E560|        are as Much Art as a Pasteboard Man is Human Every Man has Eyes
VLJ-N82; E560|        Nose & Mouth this Every Idiot knows but he who enters into &
VLJ-N82; E560|        discriminates most minutely the Manners & Intentions [P 83] the
VLJ-N83; E560|        [Expression] Characters in all their branches is the
VLJ-N83; E560|        alone Wise or Sensible Man & on this discrimination All Art is
VLJ-N83; E560|        founded. I intreat then that the Spectator will attend to the
VLJ-N83; E560|        Hands & Feet to the Lineaments of the Countenances they are all
VLJ-N83; E560|        descriptive of Character & not a line is drawn without intention
VLJ-N83; E560|        & that most discriminate & particular <as Poetry admits not a
VLJ-N83; E560|        Letter that is Insignificant so Painting admits not a Grain of
VLJ-N83; E560|        Sand or a Blade of Grass <Insignificant> much less an
VLJ-N83; E560|        Insignificant Blur or Mark>
VLJ-N83; E560|        Above the Head of Noah is Seth this State calld Seth is Male
VLJ-N83; E560|        & Female in a higher state of Happiness & wisdom than Noah being
VLJ-N83; E560|        nearer the State of Innocence beneath the feet of Seth two
VLJ-N83; E560|        figures represent the two Seasons of Spring & Autumn. while
VLJ-N83; E560|        beneath the feet of Noah Four Seasons represent [our present
VLJ-N83; E560|        changes of Extremes] the Changed State made by the flood.
VLJ-N83; E560|        By the side of Seth is Elijah he comprehends all the
VLJ-N83; E560|        Prophetic Characters he is seen on his fiery Chariot bowing
VLJ-N83; E560|        before the throne of the Saviour. in like manner The figures of
VLJ-N83; E560|        Seth & his wife Comprehends the Fathers before the flood & their
VLJ-N83; E560|        Generations when seen remote they appear as One Man. a little
VLJ-N83; E560|        below Seth on his right are Two Figures a Male & Female with
VLJ-N83; E560|        numerous Children these represent those who were not in the Line
VLJ-N83; E560|        of the Church & yet were Saved from among the Antediluvians who
VLJ-N83; E560|        Perished. between Seth & these a female figure [with the back
VLJ-N83; E560|        turnd] represents the Solitary State of those who previous
VLJ-N83; E560|        to the Flood walked with God

VLJ-N83; E561|        All these arise toward the opening Cloud before the Throne
VLJ-N83; E561|        led onward by triumphant Groupes of Infants. <& the Morning Stars
VLJ-N83; E561|        sang together>
VLJ-N83; E561|        Between Seth & Elijah three Female Figures crownd with
VLJ-N83; E561|        Garlands Represent Learning & Science which accompanied Adam out
VLJ-N83; E561|        of Eden
VLJ-N83; E561|        The Cloud that opens rolling apart before the throne &
VLJ-N83; E561|        before the New Heaven & the New Earth is Composed of Various
VLJ-N83; E561|        Groupes of Figures particularly the Four Living Creatures
VLJ-N83; E561|        mentiond in Revelations as Surrounding the Throne these I suppose
VLJ-N83; E561|        to have the chief agency in removing the [former] [P 84]
VLJ-N84; E561|        old heavens & the old Earth to make way for the New Heaven & the
VLJ-N84; E561|        New Earth to descend from the throne of God & of the Lamb. that
VLJ-N84; E561|        Living Creature on the Left of the Throne Gives to the Seven
VLJ-N84; E561|        Angels the Seven Vials of the wrath of God <with> which they
VLJ-N84; E561|        hovering over the Deeps beneath pour out upon the wicked their
VLJ-N84; E561|        Plagues the Other Living Creatures are descending with a Shout &
VLJ-N84; E561|        with the Sound of the Trumpet Directing the Combats in the upper
VLJ-N84; E561|        Elements <in the two Corners of the Picture> on the Left hand
VLJ-N84; E561|        Apollyon is foild before the Sword of Michael & on the Right the
VLJ-N84; E561|        Two Witnesses <are> subduing their Enemies [Around the Throne
VLJ-N84; E561|        Heaven is Opened] On the Cloud are opend the Books of
VLJ-N84; E561|        Remembrance of Life & of Death before that of Life <on the Right>
VLJ-N84; E561|        some figures bow in humiliation before that of Death <on the
VLJ-N84; E561|        left> the Pharisees are pleading their own Righteousness the one
VLJ-N84; E561|        Shines with beams of Light the other utters Lightnings & tempests
VLJ-N84; E561|        <A Last Judgment is Necessary because Fools flourish>
VLJ-N84; E561|        Nations Flourish under Wise Rulers & are depressd under
VLJ-N84; E561|        foolish Rulers it is the same with Individuals as Nations works
VLJ-N84; E561|        of Art can only be produced in Perfection where the Man is either
VLJ-N84; E561|        in Affluence or is Above the Care of it Poverty is the Fools Rod
VLJ-N84; E561|        which at last is turnd on his own back <this is A Last Judgment
VLJ-N84; E561|        when Men of Real Art Govern & Pretenders Fall Some People &
VLJ-N84; E561|        not a few Artists have asserted that the Painter of this Picture
VLJ-N84; E561|        would not have done so well if he had been properly
VLJ-N84; E561|        [patr[onized]] Encouragd Let those who think so reflect
VLJ-N84; E561|        on the State of Nations under Poverty & their incapability of
VLJ-N84; E561|        Art. tho Art is Above Either the Argument is better for Affluence
VLJ-N84; E561|        than Poverty & tho he would not have been a greater Artist yet he
VLJ-N84; E561|        would have produced Greater works of Art in proportion, to [P 85]
VLJ-N85; E561|        his means A Last Judgment is not for the purpose of making Bad
VLJ-N85; E561|        Men better but for the Purpose of hindering them from opressing
VLJ-N85; E561|        the Good with Poverty & Pain by means of Such Vile Arguments &
VLJ-N85; E561|        Insinuations>
VLJ-N84[b]; E561|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 84] Around the Throne Heaven is opend & the
VLJ-N84[b]; E561|        Nature of Eternal Things Displayd All Springing from the Divine Humanity
VLJ-N84[b]; E561|        All beams from him [<Because> as he himself has said All
VLJ-N84[b]; E561|        dwells in him] He is the Bread & the Wine he is the Water of
VLJ-N84[b]; E561|        Life accordingly on Each Side of the opening Heaven appears an
VLJ-N84[b]; E561|        Apostle that on the Right

VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        Represents Baptism that on the Left Represents the Lords Supper
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        All Life consists of these Two Throwing off Error <& Knaves from
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        our company> continually & recieving Truth <or Wise Men into our
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        Company> Continually. he who is out of the Church & opposes it is
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        no less an Agent of Religion than he who is in it. to be an Error
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        & to be Cast out is a part of Gods Design No man can Embrace
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        True Art till he has Explord & Cast out False Art <such is the
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        Nature of Mortal Things> or he will be himself Cast out by those
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        who have Already Embraced True Art Thus My Picture is a
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        History of Art & Science [& its] <the Foundation of
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        Society> Which is Humanity itself. What are all the Gifts of the
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        Spirit but Mental Gifts whenever any Individual Rejects Error &
VLJ-N84[b]; E562|        Embraces Truth a Last Judgment passes upon that Individual
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 85] Over the Head of the Saviour & Redeemer
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        The Holy Spirit like a Dove is surrounded by a blue Heaven in which are
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        the two Cherubim that bowd over the Ark for here the temple is
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        opend in Heaven & the Ark of the Covenant is as a Dove of Peace
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        The Curtains are drawn apart Christ having rent the Veil The
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        Candlestick & the Table of Shew bread appear on Each side a
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        Glorification of Angels with Harps surrou[n]d the Dove
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        The Temple stands on the Mount of God from it flows on each
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        side the River of Life on whose banks Grows the tree of Life
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        among whose branches temples & Pinnacles tents & pavilions
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        Gardens & Groves Display Paradise with its Inhabitants walking up
VLJ-N85[b]; E562|        & down in Conversations concerning Mental Delights
VLJ; E562|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 90] Here they are no longer talking of what is
VLJ-N90; E562|        Good & Evil or of what is Right or Wrong & puzzling themselves in Satans
VLJ-N90; E562|        [Maze] Labyrinth But are Conversing with Eternal
VLJ-N90; E562|        Realities as they Exist in the Human Imagination We are in a
VLJ-N90; E562|        World of Generation & death & this world we must cast off if we
VLJ-N90; E562|        would be Painters [P 91] Such as Rafa[e]l Mich Angelo & the
VLJ-N91; E562|        Ancient Sculptors. if we do not cast off this world we shall be
VLJ-N91; E562|        only Venetian Painters who will be cast off & Lost from Art
VLJ-N91; E562|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 85] Jesus is surrounded by Beams of Glory in
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        which are
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        seen all around him Infants emanating from him these represent
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        the Eternal Births of Intellect from the divine Humanity A
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        Rainbow surrounds the throne & the Glory in which youthful
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        Nuptials recieve the infants in their hands <In Eternity Woman is
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        the Emanation of Man she has No Will of her own There is no such
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        thing in Eternity as a Female Will>   t1454
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        On the Side next Baptism are seen those calld in the Bible
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        Nursing Fathers & Nursing Mothers [<they have Crowns the
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        Spectator may suppose them to be the good Kings>] <& Queens
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        [of England]> they represent Education On the Side
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        next the Lords Supper. The Holy Family consisting of Mary Joseph
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        John the Baptist Zacharias & Elizabeth recieving the Bread & Wine
VLJ-N85[c]; E562|        among other Spirits of <the> Just

VLJ-N85[c]; E563|        made perfect. beneath these a Cloud of Women & Children are taken
VLJ-N85[c]; E563|        up fleeing from the rolling Cloud which separates the Wicked from
VLJ-N85[c]; E563|        the Seats of Bliss. These represent those who tho willing were
VLJ-N85[c]; E563|        too weak to Reject Error without the Assistance & Countenance of
VLJ-N85[c]; E563|        those Already in the Truth for a Man Can only Reject Error by the
VLJ-N85[c]; E563|        Advice of a Friend or by the Immediate Inspiration of God it is
VLJ-N85[c]; E563|        for this Reason among many others that I have put the Lords
VLJ-N85[c]; E563|        Supper on the Left hand of the [Picture] Throne for it appears so
VLJ-N85[c]; E563|        at the Last Judgment for a Protection
VLJ-N91[b]; E563|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 91] Many suppose that before [Adam] <the
VLJ-N91[b]; E563|        Creation> All was Solitude & Chaos This is the most pernicious
VLJ-N91[b]; E563|        Idea that can enter the Mind as it takes away all sublimity from
VLJ-N91[b]; E563|        the Bible & Limits All Existence to Creation & to Chaos To the
VLJ-N91[b]; E563|        Time & Space fixed by the Corporeal Vegetative Eye & leaves the
VLJ-N91[b]; E563|        Man who entertains such an Idea the habitation of Unbelieving
VLJ-N91[b]; E563|        Demons Eternity Exists and All things in Eternity Independent of
VLJ-N91[b]; E563|        Creation which was an act of Mercy I have [P 92] represented
VLJ-N92; E563|        those who are in Eternity by some in a Cloud within the Rainbow
VLJ-N92; E563|        that Surrounds the Throne they merely appear as in a Cloud when
VLJ-N92; E563|        any thing of Creation Redemption or Judgment are the Subjects of
VLJ-N92; E563|        Contemplation tho their Whole Contemplation is Concerning these
VLJ-N92; E563|        things the Reason they so appear is The Humiliation of <the
VLJ-N92; E563|        Reasoning & Doubting> Selfhood & the Giving all up to Inspiration
VLJ-N92; E563|        By this it will be seen that I do not consider either the Just
VLJ-N92; E563|        or the Wicked to be in a Supreme State but to be every one of
VLJ-N92; E563|        them States of the Sleep which the Soul may fall into in its
VLJ-N92; E563|        Deadly Dreams of Good & Evil when it leaves Paradise
VLJ-N92; E563|        [with] <following> the Serpent
VLJ-N91[c]; E563|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 91] <The Greeks represent Chronos or Time as a
VLJ-N91[c]; E563|        very Aged Man this is Fable but the Real Vision of Time is in Eternal
VLJ-N91[c]; E563|        Youth I have <however> somewhat accomodated my Figure of Time to
VLJ-N91[c]; E563|        <the> Common opinion as I myself am also infected with it & my
VLJ-N91[c]; E563|        Vision is also infected & I see Time Aged alas too much so>
VLJ-N91[c]; E563|        Allegories are things that Relate to Moral Virtues Moral
VLJ-N91[c]; E563|        Virtues do not Exist they are Allegories & dissimulations <But
VLJ-N91[c]; E563|        Time & Space are Real Beings a Male & a Female Time is a Man
VLJ-N91[c]; E563|        Space is a Woman & her Masculine Portion is Death>
VLJ; E563|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 86] The Combats of Good & Evil <is Eating of
VLJ-N86; E563|        the Tree of Knowledge The Combats of Truth & Error is Eating of the Tree
VLJ-N86; E563|        of Life> [& of Truth & Error which are the same thing]
VLJ-N86; E563|        <these> are not only Universal but Particular. Each are
VLJ-N86; E563|        Personified There is not an Error but it has a Man for its
VLJ-N86; E563|        [Actor] Agent that is it is a Man.. There is not a Truth
VLJ-N86; E563|        but it has also a Man <Good & Evil are Qualities in Every Man
VLJ-N86; E563|        whether <a> Good or Evil Man> These are Enemies & destroy one
VLJ-N86; E563|        another by every Means in their power both of deceit & of open
VLJ-N86; E563|        Violence The Deist & the Christian are but the Results of these
VLJ-N86; E563|        Opposing Natures Many are Deists who would in certain
VLJ-N86; E563|        Circumstances

VLJ-N86; E564|        have been Christians in outward appearance Voltaire was one of
VLJ-N86; E564|        this number he was as intolerant as an Inquisitor Manners make
VLJ-N86; E564|        the Man not Habits. It is the same in Art by their Works ye [P
VLJ; E564|        90] shall know them the Knave who is Converted to Deism & the
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        Knave who is Converted to Christianity is still a Knave but he
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        himself will not know it tho Every body else does Christ comes
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        as he came at first to deliver those who were bound under the
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        Knave not to deliver the Knave He Comes to Deliver Man the
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        [Forgiven] <Accused &> not Satan the Accuser we do not
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        find any where that Satan is Accused of Sin he is only accused of
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        Unbelief & thereby drawing Man into Sin that he may accuse him.
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        Such is the Last Judgment a Deliverance from Satans Accusation
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        Satan thinks that Sin is displeasing to God he ought to know that
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        Nothing is displeasing to God but Unbelief & Eating of the Tree
VLJ-N90[b]; E564|        of Knowledge of Good & Evil
VLJ-N87; E564|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] PAGE 87] Men are admitted into Heaven not because
VLJ-N87; E564|        they have
VLJ-N87; E564|        <curbed &> governd their Passions or have No Passions but because
VLJ-N87; E564|        they have Cultivated their Understandings. The Treasures of
VLJ-N87; E564|        Heaven are not Negations of Passion but Realities of Intellect
VLJ-N87; E564|        from which All the Passions Emanate <Uncurbed> in their Eternal
VLJ-N87; E564|        Glory The Fool shall not enter into Heaven let him be ever so
VLJ-N87; E564|        Holy. Holiness is not The Price of Enterance into Heaven Those
VLJ-N87; E564|        who are cast out Are All Those who having no Passions of their
VLJ-N87; E564|        own because No Intellect. Have spent their lives in Curbing &
VLJ-N87; E564|        Governing other Peoples by the Various arts of Poverty & Cruelty
VLJ-N87; E564|        of all kinds Wo Wo Wo to you Hypocrites Even Murder the
VLJ-N87; E564|        Courts of Justice <more merciful than the Church> are compelld to
VLJ-N87; E564|        allow is not done in Passion but in Cool Blooded Design &
VLJ-N87; E564|        Intention
VLJ-N87; E564|        The Modern Church Crucifies Christ with the Head Downwards
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        [[A Vision of the Last Judgment] 92] Many Persons such as Paine & Voltaire
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        <with <some
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        of> the Ancient Greeks> say we will not Converse concerning Good
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        & Evil we will live in Paradise & Liberty You may do so in
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        Spirit but not in the <Mortal> Body as you pretend till after the
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        Last Judgment for in Paradise they have no Corporeal <& Mortal>
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        Body that originated with the Fall & was calld Death & cannot be
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        removed but by a Last judgment while we are in the world of
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        Mortality we Must Suffer The Whole Creation Groans to be
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        deliverd there will always be as many Hypocrites born as Honest
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        Men & they will always have superior Power in Mortal Things You
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        cannot have Liberty in this World without <what you call> Moral
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        Virtue & you cannot have Moral Virtue without the Slavery of that
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        half of the Human Race who hate <what you call> Moral Virtue
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        The Nature of Hatred & Envy & of All the Mischiefs in the
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        World are here depicted. No one Envies or Hates one of his Own
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        Party even the devils love one another in their Way they torment
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        one another for other reasons than Hate or Envy these are only
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        employd against the Just. Neither can Seth Envy Noah or Elijah
VLJ-N92[b]; E564|        Envy Abraham but they

VLJ-N92[b]; E565|        may both of them Envy the Success [P 93] of Satan or of Og or
VLJ-N93; E565|        Molech The Horse never Envies the Peacock nor the Sheep the Goat
VLJ-N93; E565|        but they Envy a Rival in Life & Existence whose ways & means
VLJ-N93; E565|        exceed their own let him be of what Class of Animals he will a
VLJ-N93; E565|        Dog will envy a Cat who is pamperd at the expense of his comfort
VLJ-N93; E565|        as I have often seen The Bible never tells us that Devils
VLJ-N93; E565|        torment one another thro Envy it is <thro> this that
VLJ-N93; E565|        [makes] they torment the Just but for what do they
VLJ-N93; E565|        torment one another I answer For the Coercive Laws of Hell
VLJ-N93; E565|        Moral Hypocrisy. They torment a Hypocrite when he is discoverd
VLJ-N93; E565|        they Punish a Failure in the tormentor who has sufferd the
VLJ-N93; E565|        Subject of his torture to Escape In Hell all is Self
VLJ-N93; E565|        Righteousness there is no such thing there as Forgiveness of Sin
VLJ-N93; E565|        he who does Forgive Sin is Crucified as an Abettor of Criminals.
VLJ-N93; E565|        & he who performs Works of Mercy in Any shape whatever is punishd
VLJ-N93; E565|        & if possible destroyd not thro Envy or Hatred or Malice but
VLJ-N93; E565|        thro Self Righteousness that thinks it does God service which God
VLJ-N93; E565|        is Satan <They do not Envy one another They contemn <& despise>
VLJ-N93; E565|        one another>
VLJ-N93; E565|        Forgiveness of Sin is only at the Judgment Seat of Jesus the
VLJ-N93; E565|        Saviour where the Accuser is cast out. not because he Sins but
VLJ-N93; E565|        because he torments the Just & makes them do what he condemns as
VLJ-N93; E565|        Sin & what he knows is opposite to their own Identity
VLJ-N93; E565|        It is not because Angels are Holier than Men or Devils that
VLJ-N93; E565|        makes them Angels but because they do not Expect Holiness from
VLJ-N93; E565|        one another but from God only
VLJ-N93; E565|        The Player is a liar when he Says Angels are happier than [P
VLJ-N94; E565|        94] Men because they are better Angels are happier than Men <&
VLJ-N94; E565|        Devils> because they are not always Prying after Good & Evil in
VLJ-N94; E565|        One Another & eating the Tree of Knowledge for Satans
VLJ-N94; E565|        Gratification
VLJ-N94; E565|        Thinking as I do that the Creator of this World is a very
VLJ-N94; E565|        Cruel Being & being a Worshipper of Christ I cannot help saying
VLJ-N94; E565|        the Son O how unlike the Father <First God Almighty comes with a
VLJ-N94; E565|        Thump on the Head Then Jesus Christ comes with a balm to heal it>
VLJ-N94; E565|        The Last Judgment is an Overwhelming of Bad Art & Science.
VLJ-N94; E565|        Mental Things are alone Real what is Calld Corporeal Nobody Knows
VLJ-N94; E565|        of its Dwelling Place <it> is in Fallacy & its Existence an
VLJ-N94; E565|        Imposture Where is the Existence Out of Mind or Thought Where is
VLJ-N94; E565|        it but in the Mind of a Fool. Some People flatter themselves
VLJ-N94; E565|        that there will be No Last Judgment & [P 95] that Bad Art will be
VLJ-N95; E565|        adopted & mixed with Good Art That Error or Experiment will make
VLJ-N95; E565|        a Part of Truth & they Boast that it is its Foundation these
VLJ-N95; E565|        People flatter themselves I will not Flatter them Error is
VLJ-N95; E565|        Created Truth is Eternal Error or Creation will be Burned Up &
VLJ-N95; E565|        then & not till then Truth or Eternity will appear It is Burnt up
VLJ-N95; E565|        the Moment Men cease to behold it I assert for My self that I do
VLJ-N95; E565|        not behold the Outward Creation & that to me it is hindrance &
VLJ-N95; E565|        not Action it is as the Dirt upon my feet No part of Me. What it
VLJ-N95; E565|        will be Questiond When the Sun rises do you not see a round

VLJ-N95; E566|        Disk of fire somewhat like a Guinea O no no I see an Innumerable
VLJ-N95; E566|        company of the Heavenly host crying Holy Holy Holy is the Lord
VLJ-N95; E566|        God Almighty I question not my Corporeal or Vegetative Eye any
VLJ-N95; E566|        more than I would Question a Window concerning a Sight I look
VLJ-N95; E566|        thro it & not with it.

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