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Title; E300|        THE FOUR ZOAS   t403
FZ9-header; E386|        VALA

FZ9-subtitle1;   E386|        Night the Ninth
FZ9-subtitle2;   E386|        Being
FZ9-subtitle3;   E386|        The Last Judgment

FZ9-117.1;   E386|        And Los & Enitharmon builded Jerusalem weeping   t959
FZ9-117.2;   E386|        Over the Sepulcher & over the Crucified body
FZ9-117.3;   E386|        Which to their Phantom Eyes appear'd still in the Sepulcher
FZ9-117.4;   E386|        But Jesus stood beside them in the Spirit Separating
FZ9-117.5;   E386|        Their Spirit from their body. Terrified at Non Existence
FZ9-117.6;   E386|        For such they deemd the death of the body. Los his vegetable hands
FZ9-117.7;   E386|        Outstretchd his right hand branching out in fibrous Strength
FZ9-117.8;   E386|        Siezd the Sun. His left hand like dark roots coverd the Moon
FZ9-117.9;   E386|        And tore them down cracking the heavens across from immense to immense
FZ9-117.10; E386|        Then fell the fires of Eternity with loud & shrill
FZ9-117.11; E386|        Sound of Loud Trumpet thundering along from heaven to heaven
FZ9-117.12; E386|        A mighty sound articulate Awake ye dead & come
FZ9-117.13; E386|        To judgment from the four winds Awake & Come away
FZ9-117.14; E386|        Folding like scrolls of the Enormous volume of Heaven & Earth

FZ9-117.15; E387|        With thunderous noise & dreadful shakings rocking to & fro
FZ9-117.16; E387|        The heavens are shaken & the Earth removed from its place
FZ9-117.17; E387|        The foundations of the Eternal hills discoverd
FZ9-117.18; E387|        The thrones of Kings are shaken they have lost their robes & crowns
FZ9-117.19; E387|        The poor smite their opressors they awake up to the harvest
FZ9-117.20; E387|        The naked warriors rush together down to the sea shore
FZ9-117.21; E387|        Trembling before the multitudes of slaves now set at liberty
FZ9-117.22; E387|        They are become like wintry flocks like forests stripd of leaves
FZ9-117.23; E387|        The opressed pursue like the wind there is no room for escape
FZ9-117.24; E387|        The Spectre of Enitharmon let loose on the troubled deep
FZ9-117.25; E387|        Waild shrill in the confusion & the Spectre of Urthona

FZ9-118.1;   E387|        Recievd her in the darkning South their bodies lost they stood
FZ9-118.2;   E387|        Trembling & weak a faint embrace a fierce desire as when
FZ9-118.3;   E387|        Two shadows mingle on a wall they wail & shadowy tears
FZ9-118.4;   E387|        Fell down & shadowy forms of joy mixd with despair & grief
FZ9-118.5;   E387|        Their bodies buried in the ruins of the Universe
FZ9-118.6;   E387|        Mingled with the confusion. Who shall call them from the Grave

FZ9-118.7;   E387|        Rahab & Tirzah wail aloud in the wild flames they give up themselves to Consummation
FZ9-118.8;   E387|        The books of Urizen unroll with dreadful noise the folding Serpent
FZ9-118.9;   E387|        Of Orc began to Consume in fierce raving fire his fierce flames
FZ9-118.10; E387|        Issud on all sides gathring strength in animating volumes
FZ9-118.11; E387|        Roaring abroad on all the winds raging intense reddening
FZ9-118.12; E387|        Into resistless pillars of fire rolling round & round gathering
FZ9-118.13; E387|        Strength from the Earths consumd & heavens & all hidden abysses
FZ9-118.14; E387|        Wherever the Eagle has Explord or Lion or Tyger trod
FZ9-118.15; E387|        Or where the Comets of the night or stars of [asterial] day   t960
FZ9-118.16; E387|        Have shot their arrows or long beamed spears in wrath & fury

FZ9-118.17; E387|        And all the while the trumpet sounds from the clotted gore & from the hollow den
FZ9-118.18; E387|        Start forth the trembling millions into flames of mental fire
FZ9-118.19; E387|        Bathing their limbs in the bright visions of Eternity

FZ9-118.20; E387|        Then like the doves from pillars of Smoke the trembling families
FZ9-118.21; E387|        Of women & children throughout every nation under heaven
FZ9-118.22; E387|        Cling round the men in bands of twenties & of fifties pale
FZ9-118.23; E387|        As snow that falls around a leafless tree upon the green
FZ9-118.24; E387|        Their opressors are falln they have Stricken them they awake to life
FZ9-118.25; E387|        Yet pale the just man stands erect & looking up to heavn
FZ9-118.26; E387|        Trembling & strucken by the Universal stroke the trees unroot
FZ9-118.27; E387|        The rocks groan horrible & run about. The mountains &
FZ9-118.28; E387|        Their rivers cry with a dismal cry the cattle gather together
FZ9-118.29; E387|        Lowing they kneel before the heavens. the wild beasts of the forests
FZ9-118.30; E387|        Tremble the Lion shuddering asks the Leopard. Feelest thou

FZ9-118.31; E388|        The dread I feel unknown before My voice refuses to roar
FZ9-118.32; E388|        And in weak moans I speak to thee This night
FZ9-118.33; E388|        Before the mornings dawn the Eagle calld the Vulture
FZ9-118.34; E388|        The Raven calld the hawk I heard them from my forests black
FZ9-118.35; E388|        Saying Let us go up far for soon I smell upon the wind
FZ9-118.36; E388|        A terror coming from the South. The Eagle & Hawk fled away
FZ9-118.37; E388|        At dawn & Eer the sun arose the ravel) & Vulture followd
FZ9-118.38; E388|        Let us flee also to the north. They fled. The Sons of Men
FZ9-118.39; E388|        Saw them depart in dismal droves. The trumpet sounded loud   t962
FZ9-118.40; E388|        And all the Sons of Eternity Descended into Beulah

FZ9-119.1;   E388|        In the fierce flames the limbs of Mystery lay consuming with howling   t963
FZ9-119.2;   E388|        And deep despair. Rattling go up the flames around the Synagogue
FZ9-119.3;   E388|        Of Satan Loud the Serpent Orc ragd thro his twenty Seven
FZ9-119.4;   E388|        Folds. The tree of Mystery went up in folding flames
FZ9-119.5;   E388|        Blood issud out in mighty volumes pouring in whirlpools fierce
FZ9-119.6;   E388|        From out the flood gates of the Sky The Gates are burst down pour
FZ9-119.7;   E388|        The torrents black upon the Earth the blood pours down incessant
FZ9-119.8;   E388|        Kings in their palaces lie drownd Shepherds their flocks their tents
FZ9-119.9;   E388|        Roll down the mountains in black torrents Cities Villages
FZ9-119.10; E388|        High spires & Castles drownd in the black deluge Shoal on Shoal
FZ9-119.11; E388|        Float the dead carcases of Men & Beasts driven to & fro on waves
FZ9-119.12; E388|        Of foaming blood beneath the black incessant Sky till all
FZ9-119.13; E388|        Mysterys tyrants are cut off & not one left on Earth

FZ9-119.14; E388|        And when all Tyranny was cut off from the face of Earth
FZ9-119.15; E388|        Around the Dragon form of Urizen & round his stony form
FZ9-119.16; E388|        The flames rolling intense thro the wide Universe
FZ9-119.17; E388|        Began to Enter the Holy City Entring the dismal clouds   t964
FZ9-119.18; E388|        In furrowd lightnings break their way the wild flames li[c]king up  t965
FZ9-119.19; E388|        The Bloody Deluge living flames winged with intellect
FZ9-119.20; E388|        And Reason round the Earth they march in order flame by flame
FZ9-119.21; E388|        From the clotted gore & from the hollow den
FZ9-119.22; E388|        Start forth the trembling Millions into flames of mental fire
FZ9-119.23; E388|        Bathing their Limbs in the bright visions of Eternity

FZ9-119.24; E388|        Beyond this Universal Confusion beyond the remotest Pole   t966

FZ9-119.25; E388|        Where their vortexes begin to operate there stands
FZ9-119.26; E388|        A Horrible rock far in the South it was forsaken when
FZ9-119.27; E388|        Urizen gave the horses of Light into the hands of Luvah
FZ9-119.28; E388|        On this rock lay the faded head of the Eternal Man
FZ9-119.29; E388|        Enwrapped round with weeds of death pale cold in sorrow & woe
FZ9-119.30; E388|        He lifts the blue lamps of his Eyes & cries with heavenly voice
FZ9-119.31; E388|        Bowing his head over the consuming Universe he cried

FZ9-119.32; E388|        O weakness & O weariness O war within my members
FZ9-119.33; E388|        My sons exiled from my breast pass to & fro before me

FZ9-119.34; E389|        My birds are silent on my hills flocks die beneath my branches
FZ9-119.35; E389|        My tents are fallen my trumpets & the sweet sounds of my harp
FZ9-119.36; E389|        Is silent on my clouded hills that belch forth storms & fires
FZ9-119.37; E389|        My milk of cows & honey of bees & fruit of golden harvest
FZ9-119.38; E389|        Are gatherd in the scorching heat & in the riving rain
FZ9-119.39; E389|        My robe is turned to confusion & my bright gold to stones
FZ9-119.40; E389|        Where once I sat I weary walk in misery & pain
FZ9-119.41; E389|        For from within my witherd breast grown narrow with my woes   t967
FZ9-119.42; E389|        The Corn is turnd to thistles & the apples into poison
FZ9-119.43; E389|        The birds of song to murderous crows My joys to bitter groans

FZ9-120.1;   E389|        The voices of children in my tents to cries of helpless infants
FZ9-120.2;   E389|        And all exiled from the face of light & shine of morning
FZ9-120.3;   E389|        In this dark world a narrow house I wander up & down
FZ9-120.4;   E389|        I hear Mystery howling in these flames of Consummation
FZ9-120.5;   E389|        When shall the Man of future times become as in days of old
FZ9-120.6;   E389|        O weary life why sit I here & give up all my powers
FZ9-120.7;   E389|        To indolence to the night of death when indolence & mourning
FZ9-120.8;   E389|        Sit hovring over my dark threshold. tho I arise look out
FZ9-120.9;   E389|        And scorn the war within my members yet my heart is weak
FZ9-120.10; E389|        And my head faint Yet will I look again unto the morning
FZ9-120.11; E389|        Whence is this sound of rage of Men drinking each others blood
FZ9-120.12; E389|        Drunk with the smoking gore & red but not with nourishing wine

FZ9-120.13; E389|        The Eternal Man sat on the Rocks & cried with awful voice

FZ9-120.14; E389|        O Prince of Light where art thou I behold thee not as once
FZ9-120.15; E389|        In those Eternal fields in clouds of morning stepping forth
FZ9-120.16; E389|        With harps & songs where bright Ahania sang before thy face
FZ9-120.17; E389|        And all thy sons & daughters gatherd round my ample table
FZ9-120.18; E389|        See you not all this wracking furious confusion
FZ9-120.19; E389|        Come forth from slumbers of thy cold abstraction come forth
FZ9-120.20; E389|        Arise to Eternal births shake off thy cold repose
FZ9-120.21; E389|        Schoolmaster of souls great opposer of change arise
FZ9-120.22; E389|        That the Eternal worlds may see thy face in peace & joy
FZ9-120.23; E389|        That thou dread form of Certainty maist sit in town & village
FZ9-120.24; E389|        While little children play around thy feet in gentle awe
FZ9-120.25; E389|        Fearing thy frown loving thy smile O Urizen Prince of light

FZ9-120.26; E389|        He calld[;] the deep buried his voice & answer none returnd
FZ9-120.27; E389|        Then wrath burst round the Eternal Man was wrath again he cried
FZ9-120.28; E389|        Arise O stony form of death O dragon of the Deeps
FZ9-120.29; E389|        Lie down before my feet O Dragon let Urizen arise
FZ9-120.30; E389|        O how couldst thou deform those beautiful proportions   t968
FZ9-120.31; E389|        Of life & person for as the Person so is his life proportiond   t969
FZ9-120.32; E389|        Let Luvah rage in the dark deep even to Consummation
FZ9-120.33; E389|        For if thou feedest not his rage it will subside in peace

FZ9-120.34; E390|        But if thou darest obstinate refuse my stern behest
FZ9-120.35; E390|        Thy crown & scepter I will sieze & regulate all my members
FZ9-120.36; E390|        In stern severity & cast thee out into the indefinite
FZ9-120.37; E390|        Where nothing lives, there to wander. & if thou returnst weary
FZ9-120.38; E390|        Weeping at the threshold of Existence I will steel my heart
FZ9-120.39; E390|        Against thee to Eternity & never recieve thee more
FZ9-120.40; E390|        Thy self-destroying beast formd Science shall be thy eternal lot
FZ9-120.41; E390|        My anger against thee is greater than against this Luvah
FZ9-120.42; E390|        For war is energy Enslavd but thy religion   t970
FZ9-120.43; E390|        The first author of this war & the distracting of honest minds
FZ9-120.44; E390|        Into confused perturbation & strife & honour & pride
FZ9-120.45; E390|        Is a deceit so detestable that I will cast thee out
FZ9-120.46; E390|        If thou repentest not & leave thee as a rotten branch to be burnd
FZ9-120.47; E390|        With Mystery the Harlot & with Satan for Ever & Ever
FZ9-120.48; E390|        Error can never be redeemd in all Eternity
FZ9-120.49; E390|        But Sin Even Rahab is redeemd in blood & fury & jealousy
FZ9-120.50; E390|        That line of blood that stretchd across the windows of the morning
FZ9-120.51; E390|        Redeemd from Errors power. Wake thou dragon of the Deeps

FZ9-121.1;   E390|        Urizen wept in the dark deep anxious his Scaly form
FZ9-121.2;   E390|        To reassume the human & he wept in the dark deep

F9-121.3;   E390|        Saying O that I had never drank the wine nor eat the bread
FZ9-121.4;   E390|        Of dark mortality nor cast my view into futurity nor turnd   t971
FZ9-121.5;   E390|        My back darkning the present clouding with a cloud
FZ9-121.6;   E390|        And building arches high & cities turrets & towers & domes   t972
FZ9-121.7;   E390|        Whose smoke destroyd the pleasant gardens & whose running Kennels   t973
FZ9-121.8;   E390|        Chokd the bright rivers burdning with my Ships the angry deep
FZ9-121.9;   E390|        Thro Chaos seeking for delight & in spaces remote
FZ9-121.10; E390|        Seeking the Eternal which is always present to the wise
FZ9-121.11; E390|        Seeking for pleasure which unsought falls round the infants path
FZ9-121.12; E390|        And on the fleeces of mild flocks who neither care nor labour
FZ9-121.13; E390|        But I the labourer of ages whose unwearied hands
FZ9-121.14; E390|        Are thus deformd with hardness with the sword & with the spear   t974
FZ9-121.15; E390|        And with the Chisel & the mallet I whose labours vast
FZ9-121.16; E390|        Order the nations separating family by family
FZ9-121.17; E390|        Alone enjoy not I alone in misery supreme
FZ9-121.18; E390|        Ungratified give all my joy unto this Luvah & Vala   t975
FZ9-121.19; E390|        Then Go O dark futurity I will cast thee forth from these   t976
FZ9-121.20; E390|        Heavens of my brain nor will I look upon futurity more   t977
FZ9-121.21; E390|        I cast futurity away & turn my back upon that void   t978
FZ9-121.22; E390|        Which I have made for lo futurity is in this moment  t979
FZ9-121.23; E390|        Let Orc consume let Tharmas rage let dark Urthona give
FZ9-121.24; E390|        All strength to Los & Enitharmon & let Los self-cursd
FZ9-121.25; E390|        Rend down this fabric as a wall ruind & family extinct
FZ9-121.26; E390|        Rage Orc Rage Tharmas Urizen no longer curbs your rage

FZ9-121.27; E391|        So Urizen spoke he shook his snows from off his Shoulders & arose
FZ9-121.28; E391|        As on a Pyramid of mist his white robes scattering
FZ9-121.29; E391|        The fleecy white renewd he shook his aged mantles off
FZ9-121.30; E391|        Into the fires Then glorious bright Exulting in his joy
FZ9-121.31; E391|        He sounding rose into the heavens in naked majesty
FZ9-121.32; E391|        In radian Youth. when Lo like garlands in the Eastern sky
FZ9-121.33; E391|        When vocal may comes dancing from the East Ahania came
FZ9-121.34; E391|        Exulting in her flight as when a bubble rises up
FZ9-121.35; E391|        On to the surface of a lake. Ahania rose in joy
FZ9-121.36; E391|        Excess of joy is worse than grief--her heart beat high her blood
FZ9-121.37; E391|        Burst its bright Vessels She fell down dead at the feet of Urizen
FZ9-121.38; E391|        Outstretchd a Smiling corse they buried her in a silent cave
FZ9-121.39; E391|        Urizen dropt a tear the Eternal Man Darkend with sorrow

FZ9-121.40; E391|        The three daughters of Urizen Guard Ahanias Death couch
FZ9-121.41; E391|        Rising from the confusion in tears & howlings & despair
FZ9-121.42; E391|        Calling upon their fathers Name upon their Rivers dark

FZ9-121.43; E391|        And the Eternal Man Said Hear my words O Prince of Light   t980

FZ9-122.1;   E391|        Behold Jerusalem in whose bosom the Lamb of God
FZ9-122.2;   E391|        Is seen tho slain before her Gates he self renewd remains
FZ9-122.3;   E391|        Eternal & I thro him awake to life from deaths dark vale
FZ9-122.4;   E391|        The times revolve the time is coming when all these delights
FZ9-122.5;   E391|        Shall be renewd & all these Elements that now consume
FZ9-122.6;   E391|        Shall reflourish. Then bright Ahania shall awake from death
FZ9-122.7;   E391|        A glorious Vision to thine Eyes a Self renewing Vision   t981
FZ9-122.8;   E391|        The spring. the summer to be thine then Sleep the wintry days
FZ9-122.9;   E391|        In silken garments spun by her own hands against her funeral
FZ9-122.10; E391|        The winter thou shalt plow & lay thy stores into thy barns
FZ9-122.11; E391|        Expecting to recieve Ahania in the spring with joy
FZ9-122.12; E391|        Immortal thou. Regenerate She & all the lovely Sex
FZ9-122.13; E391|        From her shall learn obedience & prepare for a wintry grave
FZ9-122.14; E391|        That spring may see them rise in tenfold joy & sweet delight
FZ9-122.15; E391|        Thus shall the male & female live the life of Eternity
FZ9-122.16; E391|        Because the Lamb of God Creates himself a bride & wife
FZ9-122.17; E391|        That we his Children evermore may live in Jerusalem
FZ9-122.18; E391|        Which now descendeth out of heaven a City yet a Woman
FZ9-122.19; E391|        Mother of myriads redeemd & born in her spiritual palaces
FZ9-122.20; E391|        By a New Spiritual birth Regenerated from Death

FZ9-122.21; E391|        Urizen Said. I have Erred & my Error remains with me
FZ9-122.22; E391|        What Chain encompasses in what Lock is the river of light confind
FZ9-122.23; E391|        That issues forth in the morning by measure & the evening by carefulness
FZ9-122.24; E391|        Where shall we take our stand to view the infinite & unbounded
FZ9-122.25; E391|        Or where are human feet for Lo our eyes are in the heavens   t982

FZ9-122.26; E392|        He ceasd for rivn link from link the bursting Universe explodes
FZ9-122.27; E392|        All things reversd flew from their centers rattling bones
FZ9-122.28; E392|        To bones Join, shaking convulsd the shivering clay breathes   t983
FZ9-122.29; E392|        Each speck of dust to the Earths center nestles round & round
FZ9-122.30; E392|        In pangs of an Eternal Birth in torment & awe & fear
FZ9-122.31; E392|        All spirits deceasd let loose from reptile prisons come in shoals
FZ9-122.32; E392|        Wild furies from the tygers brain & from the lions Eyes  t984
FZ9-122.33; E392|        And from the ox & ass come moping terrors. from the Eagle
FZ9-122.34; E392|        And raven numerous as the leaves of Autumn every species
FZ9-122.35; E392|        Flock to the trumpet muttring over the sides of the grave & crying
FZ9-122.36; E392|        In the fierce wind round heaving rocks & mountains filld with groans
FZ9-122.37; E392|        On rifted rocks suspended in the air by inward fires
FZ9-122.38; E392|        Many a woful company & many on clouds & waters
FZ9-122.39; E392|        Fathers & friends Mothers & Infants Kings & Warriors
FZ9-122.40; E392|        Priests & chaind Captives met together in a horrible fear
FZ9-122.41; E392|        And every one of the dead appears as he had livd before

FZ9-123.1;   E392|        And all the marks remain of the Slaves scourge & tyrants Crown
FZ9-123.2;   E392|        And of the Priests oergorged Abdomen & of the merchants thin
FZ9-123.3;   E392|        Sinewy deception & of the warriors ou[t]braving & thoughtlessness
FZ9-123.4;   E392|        In lineaments too extended & in bones too strait & long

FZ9-123.5;   E392|        They shew their wounds they accuse they sieze the opressor howlings began   t985
FZ9-123.6;   E392|        On the golden palace Songs & joy on the desart the Cold babe
FZ9-123.7;   E392|        Stands in the furious air he cries the children of six thousand years
FZ9-123.8;   E392|        Who died in infancy rage furious a mighty multitude rage furious
FZ9-123.9;   E392|        Naked & pale standing on the expecting air to be deliverd
FZ9-123.10; E392|        Rend limb from limb the Warrior & the tyrant reuniting in pain
FZ9-123.11; E392|        The furious wind still rends around they flee in sluggish effort

FZ9-123.12; E392|        They beg they intreat in vain now they Listend not to intreaty
FZ9-123.13; E392|        They view the flames red rolling on thro the wide universe
FZ9-123.14; E392|        From the dark jaws of death beneath & desolate shores remote   t986
FZ9-123.15; E392|        These covering Vaults of heaven & these trembling globes of Earth
FZ9-123.16; E392|        One Planet calls to another & one star enquires of another   t987
FZ9-123.17; E392|        What flames are these coming from the South what noise what dreadful rout
FZ9-123.18; E392|        As of a battle in the heavens hark heard you not the trumpet
FZ9-123.19; E392|        As of fierce battle while they spoke the flames come on intense roaring

FZ9-123.20; E392|        They see him whom they have piercd they wail because of him
FZ9-123.21; E392|        They magnify themselves no more against Jerusalem Nor
FZ9-123.22; E392|        Against her little ones the innocent accused before the Judges
FZ9-123.23; E392|        Shines with immortal Glory trembling the Judge springs from his throne
FZ9-123.24; E392|        Hiding his face in the dust beneath the prisoners feet & saying   t988
FZ9-123.25; E392|        Brother of Jesus what have I done intreat thy lord for me

FZ9-123.26; E393|        Perhaps I may be forgiven While he speaks the flames roll on
FZ9-123.27; E393|        And after the flames appears the Cloud of the Son of Man
FZ9-123.28; E393|        Descending from Jerusalem with power and great Glory
FZ9-123.29; E393|        All nations look up to the Cloud & behold him who was Crucified

FZ9-123.30; E393|        The Prisoner answers you scourgd my father to death before my face
FZ9-123.31; E393|        While I stood bound with cords & heavy chains, Your hipocrisy
FZ9-123.32; E393|        Shall now avail you nought. So speaking he dashd him with his foot

FZ9-123.33; E393|        The Cloud is Blood dazling upon the heavens & in the cloud
FZ9-123.34; E393|        Above upon its volumes is beheld a throne & a pavement   t989
FZ9-123.35; E393|        Of precious stones. surrounded by twenty four venerable patriarchs   t990
FZ9-123.36; E393|        And these again surrounded by four Wonders of the Almighty   t991
FZ9-123.37; E393|        Incomprehensible. pervading all amidst & round about
FZ9-123.38; E393|        Fourfold each in the other reflected they are named Life's in Eternity.
FZ9-123.39; E393|        Four Starry Universes going forward from Eternity to Eternity
FZ9-123.40; E393|        And the Falln Man who was arisen upon the Rock of Ages

FZ9-124.1;   E393|        Beheld the Vision of God & he arose up from the Rock
FZ9-124.2;   E393|        And Urizen arose up with him walking thro the flames
FZ9-124.3;   E393|        To meet the Lord coming to Judgment but the flames repelld them
FZ9-124.4;   E393|        Still to the Rock in vain they strove to Enter the Consummation
FZ9-124.5;   E393|        Together for the Redeemd Man could not enter the Consummation   t992

FZ9-124.6;   E393|        Then siezd the Sons of Urizen the Plow they polishd it
FZ9-124.7;   E393|        From rust of ages all its ornaments of Gold & silver & ivory
FZ9-124.8;   E393|        Reshone across the field immense where all the nations
FZ9-124.9;   E393|        Darkend like Mould in the divided fallows where the weed
FZ9-124.10; E393|        Triumphs in its own destruction they took down the harness

FZ9-124.11; E393|        From the blue walls of heaven starry jingling ornamented
FZ9-124.12; E393|        With beautiful art the study of angels the workmanship of Demons
FZ9-124.13; E393|        When Heaven & Hell in Emulation strove in sports of Glory

FZ9-124.14; E393|        The noise of rural work resounded thro the heavens of heavens
FZ9-124.15; E393|        The horse[s] neigh from the battle the wild bulls from the sultry waste
FZ9-124.16; E393|        The tygers from the forests & the lions from the sandy desarts   t993
FZ9-124.17; E393|        They sing they sieze the instruments of harmony they throw away
FZ9-124.18; E393|        The spear the bow the gun the mortar they level the fortifications   t994
FZ9-124.19; E393|        They bet the iron engines of destruction into wedges
FZ9-124.20; E393|        They give them to Urthonas Sons ringing the hammers sound
FZ9-124.21; E393|        In dens of death to forge the spade the mattock & the ax
FZ9-124.22; E393|        The heavy roller to break the clods to pass over the nations

FZ9-124.23; E393|        The Sons of Urizen Shout Their father rose The Eternal horses
FZ9-124.24; E393|        Harnessd They calld to Urizen the heavens moved at their call
FZ9-124.25; E393|        The limbs of Urizen shone with ardor. He laid his ha[n]d on the Plow   t995

FZ9-124.26; E394|        Thro dismal darkness drave the Plow of ages over Cities
FZ9-124.27; E394|        And all their Villages over Mountains & all their Vallies
FZ9-124.28; E394|        Over the graves & caverns of the dead Over the Planets
FZ9-124.29; E394|        And over the void Spaces over Sun & moon & star & constellation

FZ9-124.30; E394|        Then Urizen commanded & they brought the Seed of Men
FZ9-124.31; E394|        The trembling souls of All the Dead stood before Urizen
FZ9-124.32; E394|        Weak wailing in the troubled air East west & north & south

FZ9-125.1;   E394|        He turnd the horses loose & laid his Plow in the northern corner
FZ9-125.2;   E394|        Of the wide Universal field. then Stepd forth into the immense   t996

FZ9-125.3;   E394|        Then he began to sow the seed he girded round his loins
FZ9-125.4;   E394|        With a bright girdle & his skirt filld with immortal souls
FZ9-125.5;   E394|        Howling & Wailing fly the souls from Urizens strong hand

FZ9-125.6;   E394|        For from the hand of Urizen the myriads fall like stars
FZ9-125.7;   E394|        Into their own appointed places driven back by the winds
FZ9-125.8;   E394|        The naked warriors rush together down to the sea shores
FZ9-125.9;   E394|        They are become like wintry flocks like forests stripd of leaves
FZ9-125.10; E394|        The Kings & Princes of the Earth cry with a feeble cry
FZ9-125.11; E394|        Driven on the unproducing sands & on the hardend rocks
FZ9-125.12; E394|        And all the while the flames of Orc follow the ventrous feet
FZ9-125.13; E394|        Of Urizen & all the while the Trump of Tharmas sounds
FZ9-125.14; E394|        Weeping & wailing fly the souls from Urizens strong hand
FZ9-125.15; E394|        The daughters of Urizen stand with Cups & measures of foaming wine
FZ9-125.16; E394|        Immense upon the heavens with bread & delicate repasts

FZ9-125.17; E394|        Then follows the golden harrow in the midst of Mental fires
FZ9-125.18; E394|        To ravishing melody of flutes & harps & softest voice
FZ9-125.19; E394|        The seed is harrowd in while flames heat the black mould & cause
FZ9-125.20; E394|        The human harvest to begin Towards the south first sprang
FZ9-125.21; E394|        The myriads & in silent fear they look out from their graves

FZ9-125.22; E394|        Then Urizen sits down to rest & all his wearied Sons
FZ9-125.23; E394|        Take their repose on beds they drink they sing they view the flames
FZ9-125.24; E394|        Of Orc in joy they view the human harvest springing up
FZ9-125.25; E394|        A time they give to sweet repose till all the harvest is ripe

FZ9-125.26; E394|        And Lo like the harvest Moon Ahania cast off her death clothes
FZ9-125.27; E394|        She folded them up in care in silence & her brightning limbs
FZ9-125.28; E394|        Bathd in the clear spring of the rock then from her darksom cave
FZ9-125.29; E394|        Issud in majesty divine Urizen rose up from his couch
FZ9-125.30; E394|        On wings of tenfold joy clapping his hands his feet his radiant wings
FZ9-125.31; E394|        In the immense as when the Sun dances upon the mountains
FZ9-125.32; E394|        A shout of jubilee in lovely notes responding from daughter to daughter
FZ9-125.33; E394|        From son to Son as if the Stars beaming innumerable

FZ9-125.34; E395|        Thro night should sing soft warbling filling Earth & heaven
FZ9-125.35; E395|        And bright Ahania took her seat by Urizen in songs & joy

FZ9-125.36; E395|        The Eternal Man also sat down upon the Couches of Beulah
FZ9-125.37; E395|        Sorrowful that he could not put off his new risen body
FZ9-125.38; E395|        In mental flames the flames refusd they drove him back to Beulah
FZ9-125.39; E395|        His body was redeemd to be permanent thro Mercy Divine

FZ9-126.1;   E395|        And now fierce Orc had quite consumd himself in Mental flames
FZ9-126.2;   E395|        Expending all his energy against the fuel of fire
FZ9-126.3;   E395|        The Regenerate Man stoopd his head over the Universe & in   t997
FZ9-126.4;   E395|        His holy hands recied the flaming Demon & Demoness of Smoke
FZ9-126.5;   E395|        And gave them to Urizens hands the Immortal frownd Saying

FZ9-126.6;   E395|        Luvah & Vala henceforth you are Servants obey & live
FZ9-126.7;   E395|        You shall forget your former state return O Love in peace   t998
FZ9-126.8;   E395|        Into your place the place of seed not in the brain or heart
FZ9-126.9;   E395|        If Gods combine against Man Setting their Dominion above
FZ9-126.10; E395|        The Human form Divine. Thrown down from their high Station
FZ9-126.11; E395|        In the Eternal heavens of Human Imagination: buried beneath   t999
FZ9-126.12; E395|        In dark Oblivion with incessant pangs ages on ages
FZ9-126.13; E395|        In Enmity & war first weakend then in stern repentance
FZ9-126.14; E395|        They must renew their brightness & their disorganizd functions
FZ9-126.15; E395|        Again reorganize till they resume the image of the human
FZ9-126.16; E395|        Cooperating in the bliss of Man obeying his Will
FZ9-126.17; E395|        Servants to the infinite & Eternal of the Human form

FZ9-126.18; E395|        Luvah & Vala descended & enterd the Gates of Dark Urthona
FZ9-126.19; E395|        And walkd from the hands of Urizen in the shadows of Valas Garden
FZ9-126.20; E395|        Where the impressions of Despair & Hope for ever vegetate
FZ9-126.21; E395|        In flowers in fruits in fishes birds & beasts & clouds & waters
FZ9-126.22; E395|        The land of doubts & shadows sweet delusions unformd hopes
FZ9-126.23; E395|        They saw no more the terrible confusion of the wracking universe
FZ9-126.24; E395|        They heard not saw not felt not all the terrible confusion
FZ9-126.25; E395|        For in their orbed senses within closd up they wanderd at will
FZ9-126.26; E395|        And those upon the Couches viewd them in the dreams of Beulah
FZ9-126.27; E395|        As they reposd from the terrible wide universal harvest
FZ9-126.28; E395|        Invisible Luvah in bright clouds hoverd over Valas head
FZ9-126.29; E395|        And thus their ancient golden age renewd for Luvah spoke
FZ9-126.30; E395|        With voice mild from his golden Cloud upon the breath of morning

FZ9-126.31; E395|        Come forth O Vala from the grass & from the silent Dew
FZ9-126.32; E395|        Rise from the dews of death for the Eternal Man is Risen

FZ9-126.33; E395|        She rises among flowers & looks toward the Eastern clearness
FZ9-126.34; E395|        She walks yea runs her feet are wingd on the tops of the bending grass
FZ9-126.35; E395|        Her garments rejoice in the vocal wind & her hair glistens with dew

FZ9-126.36; E396|        She answerd thus Whose voice is this in the voice of the nourishing air
FZ9-126.37; E396|        In the spirit of the morning awaking the Soul from its grassy bed

FZ9-127.1;   E396|        Where dost thou dwell for it is thee I seek & but for thee
FZ9-127.2;   E396|        I must have slept Eternally nor have felt the dew of thy morning
FZ9-127.3;   E396|        Look how the opening dawn advances with vocal harmony
FZ9-127.4;   E396|        Look how the beams foreshew the rising of some glorious power
FZ9-127.5;   E396|        The sun is thine he goeth forth in his majestic brightness   t1000
FZ9-127.6;   E396|        O thou creating voice that callest & who shall answer thee

FZ9-127.7;   E396|        Where dost thou flee O fair one where dost thou seek thy happy place

FZ9-127.8;   E396|        To yonder brightness there I haste for sure I came from thence
FZ9-127.9;   E396|        Or I must have slept eternally nor have felt the dew of morning

FZ9-127.10; E396|        Eternally thou must have slept nor have felt the morning dew
FZ9-127.11; E396|        But for yon nourishing sun tis that by which thou art arisen
FZ9-127.12; E396|        The birds adore the sun the beasts rise up & play in his beams
FZ9-127.13; E396|        And every flower & every leaf rejoices in his light
FZ9-127.14; E396|        Then O thou fair one sit thee down for thou art as the grass
FZ9-127.15; E396|        Thou risest in the dew of morning & at night art folded up

FZ9-127.16; E396|        Alas am I but as a flower then will I sit me down
FZ9-127.17; E396|        Then will I weep then Ill complain & sigh for immortality
FZ9-127.18; E396|        And chide my maker thee O Sun that raisedst me to fall

FZ9-127.19; E396|        So saying she sat down & wept beneath the apple trees

FZ9-127.20; E396|        O be thou blotted out thou Sun that raisedst me to trouble
FZ9-127.21; E396|        That gavest me a heart to crave & raisedst me thy phantom
FZ9-127.22; E396|        To feel thy heat & see thy light & wander here alone
FZ9-127.23; E396|        Hopeless if I am like the grass & so shall pass away
FZ9-127.24; E396|        Rise sluggish Soul why sitst thou here why dost thou sit & weep
FZ9-127.25; E396|        Yon Sun shall wax old & decay but thou shalt ever flourish
FZ9-127.26; E396|        The fruit shall ripen & fall down & the flowers consume away
FZ9-127.27; E396|        But thou shalt still survive arise O dry thy dewy tears

FZ9-127.28; E396|        Hah! Shall I still survive whence came that sweet & comforting voice
FZ9-127.29; E396|        And whence that voice of sorrow O sun thou art nothing now to me
FZ9-127.30; E396|        Go on thy course rejoicing & let us both rejoice together
FZ9-127.31; E396|        I walk among his flocks & hear the bleating of his lambs
FZ9-127.32; E396|        O that I could behold his face & follow his pure feet
FZ9-127.33; E396|        I walk by the footsteps of his flocks come hither tender flocks
FZ9-127.34; E396|        Can you converse with a pure Soul that seeketh for her maker
FZ9-127.35; E396|        You answer not then am I set your mistress in this garden
FZ9-127.36; E396|        Ill watch you & attend your footsteps you are not like the birds

FZ9-128.1;   E396|        That Sing & fly in the bright air but you do lick my feet
FZ9-128.2;   E396|        And let me touch your wooly backs follow me as I sing
FZ9-128.3;   E396|        For in my bosom a new song arises to my Lord

FZ9-128.4;   E397|        Rise up O Sun most glorious minister & light of day
FZ9-128.5;   E397|        Flow on ye gentle airs & bear the voice of my rejoicing
FZ9-128.6;   E397|        Wave freshly clear waters flowing around the tender grass
FZ9-128.7;   E397|        And thou sweet smelling ground put forth thy life in fruits & flowers
FZ9-128.8;   E397|        Follow me O my flocks & hear me sing my rapturous Song
FZ9-128.9;   E397|        I will cause my voice to be heard on the clouds that glitter in the sun
FZ9-128.10; E397|        I will call & who shall answer me I will sing who shall reply
FZ9-128.11; E397|        For from my pleasant hills behold the living living springs
FZ9-128.12; E397|        Running among my green pastures delighting among my trees
FZ9-128.13; E397|        I am not here alone my flocks you are my brethren
FZ9-128.14; E397|        And you birds that sing & adorn the sky you are my sisters
FZ9-128.15; E397|        I sing & you reply to my Song I rejoice & you are glad
FZ9-128.16; E397|        Follow he O my flocks we will now descend into the valley
FZ9-128.17; E397|        O how delicious are the grapes flourishing in the Sun
FZ9-128.18; E397|        How clear the spring of the rock running among the golden sand
FZ9-128.19; E397|        How cool the breezes of the vall[e]y & the arms of the branchy trees
FZ9-128.20; E397|        Cover us from the Sun come & let us sit in the Shade
FZ9-128.21; E397|        My Luvah here hath placd me in a Sweet & pleasant Land
FZ9-128.22; E397|        And given me fruits & pleasant waters & warm hills & cool valleys
FZ9-128.23; E397|        Here will I build myself a house & here Ill call on his name
FZ9-128.24; E397|        Here Ill return when I am weary & take my pleasant rest

FZ9-128.25; E397|        So spoke the Sinless Soul & laid her head on the downy fleece
FZ9-128.26; E397|        Of a curld Ram who stretchd himself in sleep beside his mistress
FZ9-128.27; E397|        And soft sleep fell upon her eyelids in the silent noon of day

FZ9-128.28; E397|        Then Luvah passed by & saw the sinless Soul
FZ9-128.29; E397|        And said Let a pleasant house arise to be the dwelling place
FZ9-128.30; E397|        Of this immortal Spirit growing in lower Paradise

FZ9-128.31; E397|        He spoke & pillars were builded & walls as white as ivory
FZ9-128.32; E397|        The grass she slept upon was pavd with pavement as of pearl
FZ9-128.33; E397|        Beneath her rose a downy bed & a cieling coverd all

FZ9-128.34; E397|        Vala awoke. When in the pleasant gates of sleep I enterd
FZ9-128.35; E397|        I saw my Luvah like a spirit stand in the bright air
FZ9-128.36; E397|        Round him stood spirits like me who reard me a bright house
FZ9-128.37; E397|        And here I see thee house remain in my most pleasant world

FZ9-129.1;   E397|        My Luvah smild I kneeled down he laid his hand on my head
FZ9-129.2;   E397|        And when he laid his hand upon me from the gates of sleep I came
FZ9-129.3;   E397|        Into this bodily house to tend my flocks in my pleasant garden

FZ9-129.4;   E397|        So saying she arose & walked round her beautiful house
FZ9-129.5;   E397|        And then from her white door she lookd to see her bleating lambs
FZ9-129.6;   E397|        But her flocks were gone up from beneath the trees into the hills

FZ9-129.7;   E397|        I see the hand that leadeth me doth also lead my flocks
FZ9-129.8;   E397|        She went up to her flocks & turned oft to see her shining house
FZ9-129.9;   E397|        She stopd to drink of the clear spring & eat the grapes & apples

FZ9-129.10; E398|        She bore the fruits in her lap she gatherd flowers for her bosom
FZ9-129.11; E398|        She called to her flocks saying follow me O my flocks

FZ9-129.12; E398|        They followd her to the silent vall[e]y beneath the spreading trees
FZ9-129.13; E398|        And on the rivers margin she ungirded her golden girdle
FZ9-129.14; E398|        She stood in the river & viewd herself within the watry glass
FZ9-129.15; E398|        And her bright hair was wet with the waters She rose up from the river
FZ9-129.16; E398|        And as she rose her Eyes were opend to the world of waters
FZ9-129.17; E398|        She saw Tharmas sitting upon the rocks beside the wavy sea
FZ9-129.18; E398|        He strokd the water from his beard & mournd faint thro the summer vales

FZ9-129.19; E398|        And Vala stood on the rocks of Tharmas & heard his mournful voice

FZ9-129.20; E398|        O Enion my weary head is in the bed of death
FZ9-129.21; E398|        For weeds of death have wrapd around my limbs in the hoary deeps
FZ9-129.22; E398|        I sit in the place of shells & mourn & thou art closd in clouds
FZ9-129.23; E398|        When will the time of Clouds be past & the dismal night of Tharmas
FZ9-129.24; E398|        Arise O Enion Arise & smile upon my head   t1001
FZ9-129.25; E398|        As thou dost smile upon the barren mountains and they rejoice
FZ9-129.26; E398|        When wilt thou smile on Tharmas O thou bringer of golden day
FZ9-129.27; E398|        Arise O Enion arise for Lo I have calmd my seas

FZ9-129.28; E398|        So saying his faint head he laid upon the Oozy rock
FZ9-129.29; E398|        And darkness coverd all the deep the light of Enion faded
FZ9-129.30; E398|        Like a fa[i]nt flame quivering upon the surface of the darkness

FZ9-129.31; E398|        Then Vala lifted up her hands to heaven to call on Enion
FZ9-129.32; E398|        She calld but none could answer her & the Eccho of her voice returnd

FZ9-129.33; E398|        Where is the voice of God that calld me from the silent dew
FZ9-129.34; E398|        Where is the Lord of Vala dost thou hide in clefts of the rock
FZ9-129.35; E398|        Why shouldst thou hide thyself from Vala from the soul that wanders desolate

FZ9-129.36; E398|        She ceas'd & light beamd round her like the glory of the morning

FZ9-130.1;   E398|        And She arose out of the river & girded on her golden girdle

FZ9-130.2;   E398|        And now her feet step on the grassy bosom of the ground
FZ9-130.3;   E398|        Among her flocks & she turnd her eyes toward her pleasant house
FZ9-130.4;   E398|        And saw in the door way beneath the trees two little children playing
FZ9-130.5;   E398|        She drew near to her house & her flocks followd her footsteps
FZ9-130.6;   E398|        The Children clung around her knees she embracd them & wept over them

FZ9-130.7;   E398|        Thou little Boy art Tharmas & thou bright Girl Enion
FZ9-130.8;   E398|        How are ye thus renewd & brought into the Gardens of Vala

FZ9-130.9;   E398|        She embracd them in tears. till the sun descended the western hills
FZ9-130.10; E398|        And then she enterd her bright house leading her mighty children

FZ9-130.11; E399|        And when night came the flocks laid round the house beneath the trees
FZ9-130.12; E399|        She laid the Children on the beds which she saw prepard in the house
FZ9-130.13; E399|        Then last herself laid down & closd her Eyelids in soft slumbers

FZ9-130.14; E399|        And in the morning when the Sun arose in the crystal sky
FZ9-130.15; E399|        Vala awoke & calld the children from their gentle slumbers

FZ9-130.16; E399|        Awake O Enion awake & let thine innocent Eyes
FZ9-130.17; E399|        Enlighten all the Crystal house of Vala awake awake
FZ9-130.18; E399|        Awake Tharmas awake awake thou child of dewy tears
FZ9-130.19; E399|        Open the orbs of thy blue eyes & smile upon my gardens

FZ9-130.20; E399|        The Children woke & smild on Vala. she kneeld by the golden couch
FZ9-130.21; E399|        She presd them to her bosom & her pearly tears dropd down
FZ9-130.22; E399|        O my sweet Children Enion let Tharmas kiss thy Cheek
FZ9-130.23; E399|        Why dost thou turn thyself away from his sweet watry eyes
FZ9-130.24; E399|        Tharmas henceforth in Valas bosom thou shalt find sweet peace
FZ9-130.25; E399|        O bless the lovely eyes of Tharmas & the Eyes of Enion

FZ9-130.26; E399|        They rose they went out wandring sometimes together sometimes alone

FZ9-13.27; E399|        Why weepest thou Tharmas Child of tears in the bright house of joy
FZ9-130.28; E399|        Doth Enion avoid the sight of thy blue heavenly Eyes
FZ9-130.29; E399|        And dost thou wander with my lambs & wet their innocent faces   t1002
FZ9-130.30; E399|        With thy bright tears because the steps of Enion are in the gardens
FZ9-130.31; E399|        Arise sweet boy & let us follow the path of Enion

FZ9-130.32; E399|        So saying they went down into the garden among the fruits
FZ9-130.33; E399|        And Enion sang among the flowers that grew among the trees
FZ9-130.34; E399|        And Vala said Go Tharmas weep not Go to Enion

FZ9-131.1;   E399|        He said O Vala I am sick & all this garden of Pleasure
FZ9-131.2;   E399|        Swims like a dream before my eyes but the sweet smelling fruit
FZ9-131.3;   E399|        Revives me to new deaths I fade even like a water lilly
FZ9-131.4;   E399|        In the suns heat till in the night on the couch of Enion
FZ9-131.5;   E399|        I drink new life & feel the breath of sleeping Enion
FZ9-131.6;   E399|        But in the morning she arises to avoid my Eyes
FZ9-131.7;   E399|        Then my loins fade & in the house I sit me down & weep

FZ9-131.8;   E399|        Chear up thy Countenance bright boy & go to Enion
FZ9-131.9;   E399|        Tell her that Vala waits her in the shadows of her garden

FZ9-131.10; E399|        He went with timid steps & Enion like the ruddy morn
FZ9-131.11; E399|        When infant spring appears in swelling buds & opening flowers
FZ9-131.12; E399|        Behind her Veil withdraws so Enion turnd her modest head

FZ9-131.13; E399|        But Tharmas spoke Vala seeks thee sweet Enion in the shades
FZ9-131.14; E399|        Follow the steps of Tharmas O thou brightness of the gardens
FZ9-131.15; E399|        He took her hand reluctant she followd in infant doubts

FZ9-131.16; E400|        Thus in Eternal Childhood straying among Valas flocks
FZ9-131.17; E400|        In infant sorrow & joy alternate Enion & Tharmas playd
FZ9-131.18; E400|        Round Vala in the Gardens of Vala & by her rivers margin
FZ9-131.19; E400|        They are the shadows of Tharmas & of Enion in Valas world

FZ9-131.20; E400|        And the sleepers who rested from their harvest work beheld theseOAthese visions
FZ9-131.21; E400|        Thus were the sleepers entertaind upon the Couches of Beulah
FZ9-131.22; E400|        When Luvah & Vala were closd up in their world of shadowy forms
FZ9-131.23; E400|        Darkness was all beneath the heavens only a little light
FZ9-131.24; E400|        Such as glows out from sleeping spirits appeard in the deeps beneath
FZ9-131.25; E400|        As when the wind sweeps over a Corn field the noise of souls
FZ9-131.26; E400|        Thro all the immense borne down by Clouds swagging in autumnal heat
FZ9-131.27; E400|        Muttering along from heaven to heaven hoarse roll the human forms
FZ9-131.28; E400|        Beneath thick clouds dreadful lightnings burst & thunders roll
FZ9-131.29; E400|        Down pour the torrent Floods of heaven on all the human harvest
FZ9-131.30; E400|        Then Urizen sitting at his repose on beds in the bright South
FZ9-131.31; E400|        Cried Times are Ended he Exulted he arose in joy he exulted
FZ9-131.32; E400|        He pourd his light & all his Sons & daughters pourd their light
FZ9-131.33; E400|        To exhale the spirits of Luvah & Vala thro the atmosphere
FZ9-131.34; E400|        And Luvah & Vala saw the Light their spirits were Exhald
FZ9-131.35; E400|        In all their ancient innocence the floods depart the clouds
FZ9-131.36; E400|        Dissipate or sink into the Seas of Tharmas Luvah sat
FZ9-131.37; E400|        Above in the bright heavens in peace. the Spirits of Men beneath
FZ9-131.38; E400|        Cried out to be deliverd & the Spirit of Luvah wept
FZ9-131.39; E400|        Over the human harvest & over Vala the sweet wanderer
FZ9-131.40; E400|        In pain the human harvest wavd in horrible groans of woe

FZ9-132.1;   E400|        The Universal Groan went up the Eternal Man was Darkend

FZ9-132.2;   E400|        Then Urizen arose & took his Sickle in his hand
FZ9-132.3;   E400|        There is a brazen sickle & a scythe of iron hid
FZ9-132.4;   E400|        Deep in the South guarded by a few solitary stars
FZ9-132.5;   E400|        This sickle Urizen took the scythe his sons embracd
FZ9-132.6;   E400|        And went forth & began to reap & all his joyful sons
FZ9-132.7;   E400|        Reapd the wide Universe & bound in Sheaves a wondrous harvest
FZ9-132.8;   E400|        They took them into the wide barns with loud rejoicings & triumph
FZ9-132.9;   E400|        Of flute & harp & drum & trumpet horn & clarion

FZ9-132.10; E400|        The feast was spread in the bright South& the Regenerate Man
FZ9-132.11; E400|        Sat at the feast rejoicing & the wine of Eternity
FZ9-132.12; E400|        Was servd round by the flames of Luvah all Day & all the Night
FZ9-132.13; E400|        And when Morning began to dawn upon the distant hills
FZ9-132.14; E400|        a whirlwind rose up in the Center & in the Whirlwind a shriek   t1003
FZ9-132.15; E400|        And in the Shriek a rattling of bones & in the rattling of bones
FZ9-132.16; E400|        A dolorous groan & from the dolorous groan in tears
FZ9-132.17; E400|        Rose Enion like a gentle light & Enion spoke saying

FZ9-132.18; E401|        O Dreams of Death the human form dissolving companied
FZ9-132.19; E401|        By beasts & worms & creeping things & darkness & despair   t1004
FZ9-132.20; E401|        The clouds fall off from my wet brow the dust from my cold limbs
FZ9-132.21; E401|        Into the Sea of Tharmas Soon renewd a Golden Moth
FZ9-132.22; E401|        I shall cast off my death clothes & Embrace Tharmas again
FZ9-132.23; E401|        For Lo the winter melted away upon the distant hills
FZ9-132.24; E401|        And all the black mould sings. She speaks to her infant race her milk
FZ9-132.25; E401|        Descends down on the sand. the thirsty sand drinks & rejoices   t1005
FZ9-132.26; E401|        Wondering to behold the Emmet the Grasshopper the jointed worm
FZ9-132.27; E401|        The roots shoot thick thro the solid rocks bursting their way
FZ9-132.28; E401|        They cry out in joys of existence. the broad stems
FZ9-132.29; E401|        Rear on the mountains stem after stem the scaly newt creeps
FZ9-132.30; E401|        From the stone & the armed fly springs from the rocky crevice
FZ9-132.31; E401|        The spider. The bat burst from the hardend slime crying
FZ9-132.32; E401|        To one another what are we & whence is our joy & delight
FZ9-132.33; E401|        Lo the little moss begins to spring & the tender weed
FZ9-132.34; E401|        Creeps round our secret nest. Flocks brighten the Mountains
FZ9-132.35; E401|        Herds throng up the Valley wild beasts fill the forests

FZ9-132.36; E401|        Joy thrilld thro all the Furious form of Tharmas humanizing
FZ9-132.37; E401|        Mild he Embracd her whom he sought he raisd her thro the heavens
FZ9-132.38; E401|        Sounding his trumpet to awake the Dead on high he soard
FZ9-132.39; E401|        Over the ruind worlds the smoking tomb of the Eternal Prophet

FZ9-133.1;   E401|        The Eternal Man arose he welcomd them to the Feast
FZ9-133.2;   E401|        The feast was spread in the bright South & the Eternal Man
FZ9-133.3;   E401|        Sat at the feast rejoicing & the wine of Eternity
FZ9-133.4;   E401|        Was servd round by the flames of Luvah all day & all the night

FZ9-133.5;   E401|        And Many Eternal Men sat at the golden feast to see
FZ9-133.6;   E401|        The female form now separate They shudderd at the horrible thing
FZ9-133.7;   E401|        Not born for the sport and amusement of Man but born to drink up all his powers
FZ9-133.8;   E401|        They wept to see their shadows they said to one another this is Sin   t1006
FZ9-133.9;   E401|        This is the Generative world they rememberd the Days of old  t1007

FZ9-133.10; E401|        And One of the Eternals spoke All was silent at the feast

FZ9-133.11; E401|        Man is a Worm wearied with joy he seeks the caves of sleep
FZ9-133.12; E401|        Among the Flowers of Beulah in his Selfish cold repose
FZ9-133.13; E401|        Forsaking Brotherhood & Universal love in selfish clay
FZ9-133.14; E401|        Folding the pure wings of his mind seeking the places dark
FZ9-133.15; E401|        Abstracted from the roots of Science then inclosd around   t1008
FZ9-133.16; E401|        In walls of Gold we cast him like a Seed into the Earth
FZ9-133.17; E401|        Till times & spaces have passd over him duly every morn
FZ9-133.18; E401|        We visit him covering with a Veil the immortal seed
FZ9-133.19; E401|        With windows from the inclement sky we cover him & with walls
FZ9-133.20; E401|        And hearths protect the Selfish terror till divided all

FZ9-133.21; E402|        In families we see our shadows born. & thence we know | Ephesians
FZ9-133.22; E402|        That Man subsists by Brotherhood & Universal Love |iii c.
FZ9-133.23; E402|        We fall on one anothers necks more closely we embrace | 10 v

FZ9-133.24; E402|        Not for ourselves but for the Eternal family we live
FZ9-133.25; E402|        Man liveth not by Self alone but in his brothers face
FZ9-133.26; E402|        Each shall behold the Eternal Father & love & joy abound

FZ9-133.27; E402|        So spoke the Eternal at the Feast they embracd the New born Man
FZ9-133.28; E402|        Calling hi Brother image of the Eternal Father. they sat down
FZ9-133.29; E402|        At the immortal tables sounding loud their instruments of joy
FZ9-133.30; E402|        Calling the Morning into Beulah the Eternal Man rejoicd

FZ9-133.31; E402|        When Morning dawnd The Eternals rose to labour at the Vintage
FZ9-133.32; E402|        Beneath they saw their sons & daughters wondering inconcievable
FZ9-133.33; E402|        At the dark myriads in Shadows in the worlds beneath

FZ9-133.34; E402|        The morning dawnd Urizen rose & in his hand the Flail
FZ9-133.35; E402|        Sounds on the Floor heard terrible by all beneath the heavens
FZ9-133.36; E402|        Dismal loud redounding the nether floor shakes with the sound

FZ9-134.1;   E402|        And all Nations were threshed out & the stars threshd from their husks

FZ9-134.2;   E402|        Then Tharmas took the Winnowing fan the winnowing wind furious
FZ9-134.3;   E402|        Above veerd round by the violent whirlwind driven west & south
FZ9-134.4;   E402|        Tossed the Nations like Chaff into the seas of Tharmas

FZ9-134.5;   E402|        O Mystery Fierce Tharmas cries Behold thy end is come
FZ9-134.6;   E402|        Art thou she that made the nations drunk with the cup of Religion
FZ9-134.7;   E402|        Go down ye Kings & Councellors & Giant Warriors
FZ9-134.8;   E402|        Go down into the depths go down & hide yourselves beneath
FZ9-134.9;   E402|        Go down with horse & Chariots & Trumpets of hoarse war

FZ9-134.10; E402|        Lo how the Pomp of Mystery goes down into the Caves
FZ9-134.11; E402|        Her great men howl & throw the dust & rend their hoary hair
FZ9-134.12; E402|        Her delicate women & children shriek upon the bitter wind
FZ9-134.13; E402|        Spoild of their beauty their hair rent & their skin shriveld up
FZ9-134.14; E402|        Lo darkness covers the long pomp of banners on the wind
FZ9-134.15; E402|        And black horses & armed men & miserable bound captives
FZ9-134.16; E402|        Where shall the graves recieve them all & where shall be their place
FZ9-134.17; E402|        And who shall mourn for Mystery who never loosd her Captives
FZ9-134.18; E402|        Let the slave grinding at the mill run out into the field
FZ9-134.19; E402|        Let him look up into the heavens & laugh in the bright air
FZ9-134.20; E402|        Let the inchaind soul shut up in darkness & in sighing
FZ9-134.21; E402|        Whose face has never seen a smile in thirty weary years
FZ9-134.22; E402|        Rise & look out his chains are loose his dungeon doors are open
FZ9-134.23; E402|        And let his wife & children return from the opressors scourge
FZ9-134.24; E402|        They look behind at every step & believe it is a dream
FZ9-134.25; E402|        Are these the Slaves that groand along the streets of Mystery
FZ9-134.26; E402|        Where are your bonds & task masters are these the prisoners

FZ9-134.27; E403|        Where are your chains where are your tears why do you look around
FZ9-134.28; E403|        If you are thirsty there is the river go bathe your parched limbs
FZ9-134.29; E403|        The good of all the Land is before you for Mystery is no more

FZ9-134.30; E403|        Then All the Slaves from every Earth in the wide Universe
FZ9-134.31; E403|        Sing a New Song drowning confusion in its happy notes
FZ9-134.32; E403|        While the flail of Urizen sounded loud & the winnowing wind of Tharmas
FZ9-134.33; E403|        So loud so clear in the wide heavens & the song that they sung was this
FZ9-134.34; E403|        Composed by an African Black from the little Earth of Sotha

FZ9-134.35; E403|        Aha Aha how came I here so soon in my sweet native land   t1009
FZ9-134.36; E403|        How came I here Methinks I am as I was in my youth

FZ9-135.1;   E403|        When in my fathers house I sat & heard his chearing voice
FZ9-135.2;   E403|        Methinks I see his flocks & herds & feel my limbs renewd
FZ9-135.3;   E403|        And Lo my Brethren in their tents & their little ones around them

FZ9-135.4;   E403|        The song arose to the Golden feast the Eternal Man rejoicd
FZ9-135.5;   E403|        Then the Eternal Man said Luvah the Vintage is ripe arise
FZ9-135.6;   E403|        The sons of Urizen shall gather the vintage with sharp hooks
FZ9-135.7;   E403|        And all thy sons O Luvah bear away the families of Earth
FZ9-135.8;   E403|        I hear the flail of Urizen his barns are full no roo[m]
FZ9-135.9;   E403|        Remains & in the Vineyards stand the abounding sheaves beneath
FZ9-135.10; E403|        The falling Grapes that odorous burst upon the winds. Arise
FZ9-135.11; E403|        My flocks & herds trample the Corn my cattle browze upon
FZ9-135.12; E403|        The ripe Clusters The shepherds shout for Luvah prince of Love
FZ9-135.13; E403|        Let the Bulls of Luvah tread the Corn & draw the loaded waggon
FZ9-135.14; E403|        Into the Barn while children glean the Ears around the door
FZ9-135.15; E403|        Then shall they lift their innocent hands & stroke his furious nose
FZ9-135.16; E403|        And he shall lick the little girls white neck & on her head
FZ9-135.17; E403|        Scatter the perfume of his breath while from his mountains high
FZ9-135.18; E403|        The lion of terror shall come down & bending his bright mane
FZ9-135.19; E403|        And couching at their side shall eat from the curld boys white lap
FZ9-135.20; E403|        His golden food and in the evening sleep before the Door

FZ9-135.21; E403|        Attempting to be more than Man We become less said Luvah
FZ9-135.22; E403|        As he arose from the bright feast drunk with the wine of ages
FZ9-135.23; E403|        His crown of thorns fell from his head he hung his living Lyre
FZ9-135.24; E403|        Behind the seat of the Eternal Man & took his way
FZ9-135.25; E403|        Sounding the Song of Los descending to the Vineyards bright
FZ9-135.26; E403|        His sons arising from the feast with golden baskets follow
FZ9-135.27; E403|        A fiery train as when the Sun sings in the ripe vineyards
FZ9-135.28; E403|        Then Luvah stood before the wine press all his fiery sons
FZ9-135.29; E403|        Brought up the loaded Waggons with shoutings ramping tygers play
FZ9-135.30; E403|        In the jingling traces furious lions sound the song of joy
FZ9-135.31; E403|        To the golden wheels circling upon the pavement of heaven & all
FZ9-135.32; E403|        The Villages of Luvah ring the golden tiles of the villages

FZ9-135.33; E404|        Reply to violins & tabors to the pipe flute lyre & cymbal
FZ9-135.34; E404|        Then fell the Legions of Mystery in maddning confusion
FZ9-135.35; E404|        Down Down thro the immense with outcry fury & despair
FZ9-135.36; E404|        Into the wine presses of Luvah howling fell the Clusters
FZ9-135.37; E404|        Of human families thro the deep. the wine presses were filld
FZ9-135.38; E404|        The blood of life flowd plentiful Odors of life arose
FZ9-135.39; E404|        All round the heavenly arches & the Odors rose singing this song   t1010

FZ9-136.1;   E404|        O terrible wine presses of Luvah O caverns of the Grave
FZ9-136.2;   E404|        How lovely the delights of those risen again from death
FZ9-136.3;   E404|        O trembling joy excess of joy is like Excess of grief

FZ9-136.4;   E404|        So sang the Human Odors round the wine presses of Luvah

FZ9-136.5;   E404|        But in the Wine presses is wailing terror & despair
FZ9-136.6;   E404|        Forsaken of their Elements they vanish & are no more
FZ9-136.7;   E404|        No more but a desire of Being a distracted ravening desire
FZ9-136.8;   E404|        Desiring like the hungry worm & like the gaping grave   t1011
FZ9-136.9;   E404|        They plunge into the Elements the Elements cast them forth
FZ9-136.10; E404|        Or else consume their shadowy semblance Yet they obstinate
FZ9-136.11; E404|        Tho pained to distraction Cry O let us Exist for
FZ9-136.12; E404|        This dreadful Non Existence is worse than pains of Eternal Birth   t1012
FZ9-136.13; E404|        Eternal Death who can Endure. let us consume in fires
FZ9-136.14; E404|        In waters stifling or in air corroding or in earth shut up
FZ9-136.15; E404|        The Pangs of Eternal birth are better than the Pangs of Eternal Death

FZ9-136.16; E404|        How red the Sons & Daughters of Luvah how they tread the Grapes
FZ9-136.17; E404|        Laughing & shouting drunk with odors many fall oerwearied
FZ9-136.18; E404|        Drownd in the wine is many a youth & maiden those around
FZ9-136.19; E404|        Lay them on skins of tygers or the spotted Leopard or wild Ass
FZ9-136.20; E404|        Till they revive or bury them in cool Grots making lamentation

FZ9-136.21; E404|        But in the Wine Presses the Human Grapes Sing not nor dance
FZ9-136.22; E404|        They howl & writhe in shoals of torment in fierce flames consuming
FZ9-136.23; E404|        In chains of iron & in dungeons circled with ceaseless fires
FZ9-136.24; E404|        In pits & dens & shades of death in shapes of torment & woe
FZ9-136.25; E404|        The Plates the Screws and Racks & Saws & cords & fires & floods   t1013
FZ9-136.26; E404|        The cruel joy of Luvahs daughters lacerating with knives
FZ9-136.27; E404|        And whip[s] their Victims & the deadly sports of Luvahs Sons   t1014

FZ9-136.28; E404|        Timbrels & Violins sport round the Wine Presses The little Seed
FZ9-136.29; E404|        The Sportive root the Earthworm the small beetle the wise Emmet
FZ9-136.30; E404|        Dance round the Wine Presses of Luvah. the Centipede is there
FZ9-136.31; E404|        The ground Spider with many Eyes the Mole clothed in Velvet
FZ9-136.32; E404|        The Earwig armd the tender maggot emblem of Immortality
FZ9-136.33; E404|        The Slow Slug the grasshopper that sings & laughs & drinks
FZ9-136.34; E404|        The winter comes he folds his slender bones without a murmur
FZ9-136.35; E404|        There is the Nettle that stings with soft down & there   t1015

FZ9-136.36; E405|        The indignant Thistle whose bitterness is bred in his milk
FZ9-136.37; E405|        And who lives on the contempt of his neighbour there all the idle weeds
FZ9-136.38; E405|        That creep about the obscure places shew their various limbs
FZ9-136.39; E405|        Naked in all their beauty dancing round the Wine Presses

FZ9-136.40; E405|        They Dance around the Dying & they Drink the howl & groan

FZ9-137.1;   E405|        They catch the Shrieks in cups of gold they hand them to one another
FZ9-137.2;   E405|        These are the sports of love & these the sweet delights of amorous play
FZ9-137.3;   E405|        Tears of the grapes the death sweat of the Cluster the last sigh
FZ9-137.4;   E405|        Of the mild youth who listens to the luring songs of Luvah

FZ9-137.5;   E405|        The Eternal Man darkend with Sorrow & a wintry mantle
FZ9-137.6;   E405|        Coverd the Hills He said O Tharmas rise & O Urthona

FZ9-137.7;   E405|        Then Tharmas & Urthona rose from the Golden feast satiated
FZ9-137.8;   E405|        With Mirth & joy Urthona limping from his fall on Tharmas leand
FZ9-137.9;   E405|        In his right hand his hammer Tharmas held his Shepherds crook
FZ9-137.10; E405|        Beset with gold gold were the ornaments formed by the sons of Urizen
FZ9-137.11; E405|        Then Enion & Ahania & Vala & the wife of Dark Urthona
FZ9-137.12; E405|        Rose from the feast in joy ascending to their Golden Looms
FZ9-137.13; E405|        There the wingd shuttle Sang the spindle & the distaff & the Reel
FZ9-137.14; E405|        Rang sweet the praise of industry. Thro all the golden rooms
FZ9-137.15; E405|        Heaven rang with winged Exultation All beneath howld loud
FZ9-137.16; E405|        With tenfold rout & desolation roard the Chasms beneath
FZ9-37.17; E405|        Where the wide woof flowd down & where the Nations are gatherd together

FZ9-137.18; E405|        Tharmas went down to the Wine presses & beheld the sons & daughters
FZ9-137.19; E405|        Of Luvah quite exhausted with the Labour & quite filld
FZ9-137.20; E405|        With new wine. that they began to torment one another and to tread
FZ9-137.21; E405|        The weak. Luvah & Vala slept on the floor o'erwearied

FZ9-137.22; E405|        Urthona calld his Sons around him Tharmas calld his sons
FZ9-137.23; E405|        Numrous. they took the wine they separated the Lees
FZ9-137.24; E405|        And Luvah was put for dung on the ground by the Sons of Tharmas & Urthona
FZ9-137.25; E405|        They formed heavens of sweetest wo[o]d[s] of gold & silver & ivory
FZ9-137.26; E405|        Of glass & precious stones They loaded all the waggons of heaven
FZ9-137.27; E405|        And took away the wine of ages with solemn songs & joy

FZ9-137.28; E405|        Luvah & Vala woke & all the sons & daughters of Luvah
FZ9-137.29; E405|        Awoke they wept to one another & they reascended
FZ9-137.30; E405|        To the Eternal Man in woe he cast them wailing into
FZ9-137.31; E405|        The world of shadows thro the air till winter is over & gone

FZ9-137.32; E405|        But the Human Wine stood wondering in all their delightful Expanses
FZ9-137.33; E405|        The Elements subside the heavens rolld on with vocal harmony

FZ9-137.34; E405|        Then Los who is Urthona rose in all his regenerate power

FZ9-137.35; E406|        The Sea that rolld & foamd with darkness & the shadows of death
FZ9-137.36; E406|        Vomited out & gave up all the floods lift up their hands
FZ9-137.37; E406|        Singing & shouting to the Man they bow their hoary heads
FZ9-137.38; E406|        And murmuring in their channels flow & circle round his feet

FZ9-138.1;   E406|        Then Dark Urthona took the Corn out of the Stores of Urizen
FZ9-138.2;   E406|        He ground it in his rumbling Mills Terrible the distress
FZ9-138.3;   E406|        Of all the Nations of Earth ground in the Mills of Urthona
FZ9-138.4;   E406|        In his hand Tharmas takes the Storms. he turns the whirlwind Loose
FZ9-138.5;   E406|        Upon the wheels the stormy seas howl at his dread command
FZ9-138.6;   E406|        And Eddying fierce rejoice in the fierce agitation o the wheels
FZ9-138.7;   E406|        Of Dark Urthona Thunders Earthquakes Fires Water floods
FZ9-138.8;   E406|        Rejoice to one another loud their voices shake the Abyss
FZ9-138.9;   E406|        Their dread forms tending the dire mills The grey hoar frost was there
FZ9-138.10; E406|        And his pale wife the aged Snow they watch over the fires
FZ9-138.11; E406|        They build the Ovens of Urthona Nature in darkness groans
FZ9-138.12; E406|        And Men are bound to sullen contemplations in the night
FZ9-138.13; E406|        Restless they turn on beds of sorrow. in their inmost brain
FZ9-138.14; E406|        Feeling the crushing Wheels they rise they write the bitter words
FZ9-138.15; E406|        Of Stern Philosophy & knead the bread of knowledge with tears & groans

FZ9-138.16; E406|        Such are the works of Dark Urthona Tharmas sifted the corn
FZ9-138.17; E406|        Urthona made the Bread of Ages & he placed it
FZ9-138.18; E406|        In golden & in silver baskets in heavens of precious stone
FZ9-138.19; E406|        And then took his repose in Winter in the night of Time

FZ9-138.20; E406|        The Sun has left his blackness & has found a fresher morning
FZ9-138.21; E406|        And the mild moon rejoices in the clear & cloudless night   t1016
FZ9-138.22; E406|        And Man walks forth from midst of the fires the evil is all consumd
FZ9-138.23; E406|        His eyes behold the Angelic spheres arising night & day
FZ9-138.24; E406|        The stars consumd like a lamp blown out & in their stead behold
FZ9-138.25; E406|        The Expanding Eyes of Man behold the depths of wondrous worlds   t1017
FZ9-138.26; E406|        One Earth one sea beneath nor Erring Globes wander but Stars
FZ9-138.27; E406|        Of fire rise up nightly from the Ocean & one Sun
FZ9-138.28; E406|        Each morning like a New born Man issues with songs & Joy
FZ9-138.29; E406|        Calling the Plowman to his Labour & the Shepherd to his rest
FZ9-138.30; E406|        He walks upon the Eternal Mountains raising his heavenly voice
FZ9-138.31; E406|        Conversing with the Animal forms of wisdom night & day
FZ9-138.32; E406|        That risen from the Sea of fire renewd walk oer the Earth

FZ9-138.33; E406|        For Tharmas brought his flocks upon the hills & in the Vales
FZ9-138.34; E406|        Around the Eternal Mans bright tent the little Children play
FZ9-138.3;   E406|        Among the wooly flocks The hammer of Urthona sounds
FZ9-138.36; E406|        In the deep caves beneath his limbs renewd his Lions roar
FZ9-138.37; E406|        Around the Furnaces & in Evening sport upon the plains
FZ9-138.38; E406|        They raise their faces from the Earth conversing with the Man

FZ9-138.39; E407|        How is it we have walkd thro fires & yet are not consumd
FZ9-138.40; E407|        How is it that all things are changd even as in ancient times

FZ9-139.1;   E407|        The Sun arises from his dewy bed & the fresh airs
FZ9-139.2;   E407|        Play in his smiling beams giving the seeds of life to grow
FZ9-139.3;   E407|        And the fresh Earth beams forth ten thousand thousand springs of life
FZ9-139.4;   E407|        Urthona is arisen in his strength no longer now
FZ9-139.5;   E407|        Divided from Enitharmon no longer the Spectre Los
FZ9-139.6;   E407|        Where is the Spectre of Prophecy where the delusive Phantom
FZ9-139.7;   E407|        Departed & Urthona rises from the ruinous walls
FZ9-139.8;   E407|        In all his ancient strength to form the golden armour of science
FZ9-139.9;   E407|        For intellectual War The war of swords departed now
FZ9-139.10; E407|        The dark Religions are departed & sweet Science reigns

FZ9-139end; E407|        End of The Dream   t1018


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