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Title; E300|        THE FOUR ZOAS   t403
FZ8-header; E371|        VALA

FZ8-header; E371|        Night the Eighth

FZ8-99.1;   E371|        Then All in Great Eternity Met in the Council of God   t858
FZ8-99.2;   E371|        as one Man Even Jesus upon Gilead & Hermon   t859
FZ8-99.3;   E371|        Upon the Limit of Contraction to create the fallen Man
FZ8-99.4;   E371|        The Fallen Man stretchd like a Corse upon the oozy Rock   t860
FZ8-99.5;   E371|        Washd with the tides Pale overgrown with weeds

FZ8-99.6;   E372|        That movd with horrible dreams hovring high over his hea
FZ8-99.7;   E372|        Two winged immortal shapes one standing at his feet
FZ8-99.8;   E372|        Toward the East one standing at his head toward the west
FZ8-99.9;   E372|        Their wings joind in the Zenith over head   t861
FZ8-99.10; E372|        Such is a Vision of All Beulah hovring over the Sleeper

FZ8-99.11; E372|        The limit of Contraction now was fixd & Man began
FZ8-99.12; E372|        To wake upon the Couch of Death he sneezed seven times
FZ8-99.13; E372|        A tear of blood dropped from either eye again he reposd
FZ8-99.14; E372|        In the saviours arms, in the arms of tender mercy & loving kindness

FZ8-99.15; E372|        Then Los said I behold the Divine Vision thro the broken Gates   t862
FZ8-99.16; E372|        Of thy poor broken heart astonishd melted into Compassion & Love
FZ8-99.17; E372|        And Enitharmon said I see the Lamb of God upon Mount Zion   t863
FZ8-99.18; E372|        Wondring with love & Awe they felt the divine hand upon them   t864

FZ8-99.19; E372|        For nothing could restrain the dead in Beulah from descending
FZ8-99.20; E372|        Unto Ulros night tempted by the Shadowy females sweet
FZ8-99.21; E372|        Delusive cruelty they descend away from the Daughters of Beulah
FZ8-99.22; E372|        And Enter Urizens temple Enitharmon pitying & her heart
FZ8-99.23; E372|        Gates broken down. they descend thro the Gate of Pity
FZ8-99.24; E372|        The broken heart Gate of Enitharmon She sighs them forth upon the wind   t865
FZ8-99.25; E372|        Of Golgonooza Los stood recieving them   t866
FZ8-99.26; E372|        For Los could enter into Enitharmons bosom & explore
FZ8-99.27; E372|        Its intricate Labyrinths now the Obdurate heart was broken

FZ8-100[1st].1;   E372|        From out the War of Urizen & Tharmas recieving them   t867
FZ8-100[1st].2;   E372|        Into his hands. Then Enitharmon erected Looms in Lubans Gate
FZ8-100[1st].3;   E372|        And calld the Looms Cathedron in these Looms She wove the Spectres
FZ8-100[1st].4;   E372|        Bodies of Vegetation Singing lulling Cadences to drive away
FZ8-100[1st].5;   E372|        Despair from the poor wandering spectres and Los loved them
FZ8-100[1st].6;   E372|        With a parental love for the Divine hand was upon him
FZ8-100[1st].7;   E372|        And upon Enitharmon & the Divine Countenance shone
FZ8-100[1st].8;   E372|        In Golgonooza Looking down the Daughters of Beulah saw
FZ8-100[1st].9;   E372|        With joy the bright Light & in it a Human form
FZ8-100[1st].10; E372|        And knew he was the Saviour Even Jesus & they worshipped

FZ8-100[1st].11; E372|        Astonishd Comforted Delighted in notes of Rapturous Extacy   t868
FZ8-100[1st].12; E372|        All Beulah stood astonishd Looking down to Eternal Death
FZ8-100[1st].13; E372|        They saw the Saviour beyond the Pit of death & destruction
FZ8-100[1st].14; E372|        For whether they lookd upward they saw the Divine Vision
FZ8-100[1st].15; E372|        Or whether they lookd downward still they saw the Divine Vision
FZ8-100[1st].16; E372|        Surrounding them on all sides beyond sin & death & hell

FZ8-100[1st].17; E372|        Enitharmon wove in tears singing Songs of Lamentation
FZ8-100[1st].18; E372|        And pitying comfort as she sighd forth on the wind the Spectres
FZ8-100[1st].19; E372|        Also the Vegetated bodies which Enitharmon wove

FZ8-100[1st].20; E373|        Opend within their hearts & in their loins & in their brain
FZ8-100[1st].21; E373|        To Beulah & the Dead in Ulro descended from the War
FZ8-100[1st].22; E373|        Of Urizen & Tharmas & from the Shadowy females clouds
FZ8-100[1st].23; E373|        And some were woven single & some two fold & some three fold   t869
FZ8-100[1st].24; E373|        In Head or Heart or Reins according to the fittest order
FZ8-100[1st].25; E373|        Of most merciful pity & compassion to the Spectrous dead   t870

FZ8-101[1st].1;   E373|        When Urizen saw the Lamb of God clothed in Luvahs robes
FZ8-101[1st].2;   E373|        Perplexd & terrifid he Stood tho well he knew that Orc
FZ8-101[1st].3;   E373|        Was Luvah But he now beheld a new Luvah. Or One
FZ8-101[1st].4;   E373|        Who assumed Luvahs form & stood before him opposite
FZ8-101[1st].5;   E373|        But he saw Orc a Serpent form augmenting times on times
FZ8-101[1st].6;   E373|        In the fierce battle & he saw the Lamb of God & the World of Los
FZ8-101[1st].7;   E373|        Surrounded by his dark machines for Orc augmented swift
FZ8-101[1st].8;   E373|        In fury a Serpent wondrous among the Constellations of Urizen
FZ8-101[1st].9;   E373|        A cest of fire rose on his forehead red as the carbuncle
FZ8-101[1st].10; E373|        Beneath down to his eyelids scales of pearl then gold & silver
FZ8-101[1st].11; E373|        Immingled with the ruby overspread his Visage down
FZ8-101[1st].12; E373|        His furious neck writ[h]ing contortive in dire budding pains
FZ8-101[1st].13; E373|        The scaly armour shot out. Stubborn down his back & bosom
FZ8-101[1st].14; E373|        The Emerald Onyx Sapphire jasper beryl amethyst
FZ8-101[1st].15; E373|        Strove in terrific emulation which should gain a place
FZ8-101[1st].16; E373|        Upon the mighty Fiend the fruit of the mysterious tree   t871
FZ8-101[1st].17; E373|        Kneaded in Uveths kneading trough. Still Orc devourd the food
FZ8-101[1st].18; E373|        In raging hunger Still the pestilential food in gems & gold
FZ8-101[1st].19; E373|        Exuded round his awful limbs Stretching to serpent length
FZ8-101[1st].20; E373|        His human bulk While the dark shadowy female brooding over   t872
FZ8-101[1st].21; E373|        Measurd his food morning & evening in cups & baskets of iron

FZ8-101[1st].22; E373|        With tears of sorrow incessant she labourd the food of Orc
FZ8-101[1st].23; E373|        Compelld by the iron hearted sisters Daughters of Urizen
FZ8-101[1st].24; E373|        Gathring the fruit of that mysterious tree circling its root
FZ8-101[1st].25; E373|        She spread herself thro all the branches in the power of Orc

FZ8-101[1st].26; E373|        Thus Urizen in self deci[e]t his warlike preparations fabricated
FZ8-101[1st].27; E373|        And when all things were finishd sudden wavd among the Stars   t873
FZ8-101[1st].28; E373|        His hurtling hand gave the dire signal thunderous Clarions blow   t874
FZ8-101[1st].29; E373|        And all the hollow deep rebellowd with the wonderous war   t875

FZ8-100[2nd].26; E373|        But Urizen his mighty rage let loose in the mid deep   t876
FZ8-100[2nd].27; E373|        Sparkles of Dire affliction issud round his frozen limbs   t877
FZ8-100[2nd].28; E373|        Horrible hooks & nets he formd twisting the cords of iron
FZ8-100[2nd].29; E373|        And brass & molten metals cast in hollow globes & bor'd
FZ8-100[2nd].30; E373|        Tubes in petrific steel & rammd combustiles & wheels
FZ8-100[2nd].31; E373|        And chains & pullies fabricated all round the heavens of Los
FZ8-100[2nd].32; E373|        Communing with the Serpent of Orc in dark dissimulation

FZ8-100[2nd].33; E374|        And with the Synagogue of Satan in dark Sanhedrim   t878
FZ8-100[2nd].34; E374|        To undermine the World of Los & tear bright Enitharmon

FZ8-101[2nd].30; E374|        To the four winds hopeless of future. All futurity
FZ8-101[2nd].31; E374|        Seems teeming with Endless Destruction never to be repelld   t879
FZ8-101[2nd].32; E374|        Desperate remorse swallows the present in a quenchless rage

FZ8-101[2nd].33; E374|        Terrified & astonishd Urizen beheld the battle take a form   t880
FZ8-101[2nd].34; E374|        Which he intended not a Shadowy hermaphrodite black & opake   t881
FZ8-101[2nd].35; E374|        The Soldiers namd it Satan but he was yet unformd & vast
FZ8-101[2nd].36; E374|        Hermaphroditic it at length became hiding the Male
FZ8-101[2nd].37; E374|        Within as in a Tabernacle Abominable Deadly

FZ8-101[2nd].38; E374|        The battle howls the terrors fird rage in the work of death
FZ8-101[2nd].39; E374|        Enormous Works Los Contemplated inspird by the holy Spirit
FZ8-101[2nd].40; E374|        Los builds the Walls of Golgonooza against the stirring battle
FZ8-101[2nd].41; E374|        That only thro the Gates of Death they can enter to Enitharmon
FZ8-101[2nd].42; E374|        Raging they take the human visage & the human form

FZ8-101[2nd].43; E374|        Feeling the hand of Los in Golgonooza & the force
FZ8-101[2nd].44; E374|        Attractive of his hammers beating & the Silver looms
FZ8-101[2nd].45; E374|        Of Enitharmon singing lulling cadences on the wind
FZ8-101[2nd].46; E374|        They humanize in the fierce battle where in direful pain
FZ8-101[2nd].47; E374|        Troop by troop the beastial droves rend one another sounding loud
FZ8-101[2nd].48; E374|        The instruments of sound & troop by troop in human forms they urge

FZ8-102.1;   E374|        The dire confusion till the battle faints those that remain
FZ8-102.2;   E374|        Return in pangs & horrible convulsions to their beastial state
FZ8-102.3;   E374|        For the monsters of the Elements Lions or Tygers or Wolves
F8-102.4;   E374|        Sound loud the howling music inspird by Los & Enitharmon Sounding loud terrific men
FZ8-102.5;   E374|        They seem to one another laughing terrible among the banners
FZ8-102.6;   E374|        And when the revolution of their day of battles over
FZ8-102.7;   E374|        Relapsing in dire torment they return to forms of woe   t882
FZ8-102.8;   E374|        To moping visages returning inanimate tho furious
FZ8-102.9;   E374|        No more erect tho strong drawn out in length they ravin
FZ8-102.10; E374|        For senseless gratification & their visages thrust forth
FZ8-102.11; E374|        Flatten above & beneath & stretch out into beastial length
FZ8-102.12; E374|        Weakend they stretch beyond their power in dire droves till war begins
FZ8-102.13; E374|        Or Secret religion in their temples before secret shrines

FZ8-102.14; E374|        And Urizen gave life & sense by his immortal power
FZ8-102.15; E374|        To all his Engines of deceit that linked chains might run
FZ8-102.16; E374|        Thro ranks of war spontaneous & that hooks & boring screws
FZ8-102.17; E374|        Might act according to their forms by innate cruelty
FZ8-102.18; E374|        He formed also harsh instruments of sound

FZ8-102.19; E375|        To grate the soul into destruction or to inflame with fury
FZ8-102.20; E375|        The spirits of life to pervert all the faculties of sense
FZ8-102.21; E375|        Into their own destruction if perhaps he might avert   t883
FZ8-102.22; E375|        His own despair even at the cost of every thing that breathes

FZ8-102.23; E375|        Thus in the temple of the Sun his books of iron & brass
FZ8-102.24; E375|        And silver & gold he consecrated reading incessantly
FZ8-102.25; E375|        To myriads of perturbed spirits thro the universe
FZ8-102.26; E375|        They propagated the deadly words the Shadowy Female absorbing   t884
FZ8-102.27; E375|        The enormous Sciences of Urizen ages after ages exploring
FZ8-102.28; E375|        The fell destruction. And she said O Urizen Prince of Light
FZ8-102.29; E375|        What words of Dread pierce my faint Ear what fal[l]ing snows around
FZ8-102.30; E375|        My feeble limbs infold my destind misery
FZ8-102.31; E375|        I alone dare the lash abide to sit beneath the blast
FZ8-102.32; E375|        Unhurt & dare the inclement forehead of the King of Ligh
FZ8-102.33; E375|        From dark abysses of the times remote fated to be

FZ8-103.1;   E375|        The sorrower of Eternity in love with tears submiss I rear
FZ8-103.2;   E375|        My Eyes to thy Pavilions hear my prayer for Luvahs sake
FZ8-103.3;   E375|        I see the murderer of my Luvah clothd in robes of blood
FZ8-103.4;   E375|        He who assured my Luvahs throne in times of Everlasting
FZ8-103.5;   E375|        Where hast thou hid him whom I love in what remote Abyss
FZ8-103.6;   E375|        Resides that God of my delight O might my eyes behold
FZ8-103.7;   E375|        My Luvah then could I deliver all the sons of God
FZ8-103.8;   E375|        From Bondage of these terrors & with influences sweet   t885
FZ8-103.9;   E375|        As once in those eternal fields in brotherhood & Love
FZ8-103.10; E375|        United we should live in bliss as those who sinned not
FZ8-103.11; E375|        The Eternal Man is seald by thee never to be deliverd
FZ8-103.12; E375|        We are all servants to thy will O King of Light relent
FZ8-103.13; E375|        Thy furious power be our father & our loved King
FZ8-103.14; E375|        But if my Luvah is no more If thou hast smitten him   t886
FZ8-103.15; E375|        And laid him in the Sepulcher Or if thou wilt revenge   t887
FZ8-103.16; E375|        His murder on another Silent I bow with dread
FZ8-103.17; E375|        But happiness can never [come] to thee O King nor me
FZ8-103.18; E375|        For he was source of every joy that this mysterious tree
FZ8-103.19; E375|        Unfolds in Allegoric fruit. When shall the dead revive
FZ8-103.20; E375|        Can that which has existed cease or can love & life Expire

FZ8-103.21; E375|        Urizen heard the Voice & saw the Shadow. underneath
FZ8-103.22; E375|        His woven darkness & in laws & deceitful religions
FZ8-103.23; E375|        Beginning at the tree of Mystery circling its root
FZ8-103.24; E375|        She spread herself thro all the branches in the power of Orc
FZ8-103.25; E375|        A shapeless & indefinite cloud in tears of sorrow incessant
FZ8-103.26; E375|        Steeping the Direful Web of Religion swagging heavy it fell
FZ8-103.27; E375|        From heaven to heavn thro all its meshes altering the Vortexes   t888
FZ8-103.28; E375|        Misplacing every Center hungry desire & lust began

FZ8-103.29; E376|        Gathering the fruit of that Mysterious tree till Urizen
FZ8-103.30; E376|        Sitting within his temple furious felt the num[m]ing stupor
FZ8-103.31; E376|        Himself tangled in his own net in sorrow lust repentance

FZ8-103.32; E376|        Enitharmon wove in tears Singing Songs of Lamentations
FZ8-103.33; E376|        And pitying comfort as she sighd forth on the wind the spectres
FZ8-103.34; E376|        And wove them bodies calling them her belovd sons & daughters
FZ8-103.35; E376|        Employing the daughters in her looms & Los employd the Sons
FZ8-103.36; E376|        In Golgonoozas Furnaces among the Anvils of time & space
FZ8-103.37; E376|        Thus forming a Vast family wondrous in beauty & love
FZ8-103.38; E376|        And they appeard a Universal female form created
FZ8-103.39; E376|        From those who were dead in Ulro from the Spectres of the dead

FZ8-104[1st].1;   E376|        And Enitharmon namd the Female Jerusa[le]m the holy
FZ8-104[1st].2;   E376|        Wondring she saw the Lamb of God within Jerusalems Veil
FZ8-104[1st].3;   E376|        The divine Vision seen within the inmost deep recess
FZ8-104[1st].4;   E376|        Of fair Jerusalems bosom in a gently beaming fire

FZ8-104[1st].5;   E376|        Then sang the Sons of Eden round the Lamb of God & said
FZ8-104[1st].6;   E376|        Glory Glory Glory to the holy Lamb of God
FZ8-104[1st].7;   E376|        Who now beginneth to put off the dark Satanic body
FZ8-104[1st].8;   E376|        Now we behold redemption Now we know that life Eternal
FZ8-104[1st].9;   E376|        Depends alone upon the Universal hand & not in us
FZ8-104[1st].10; E376|        Is aught but death In individual weakness sorrow & pain   t889

FZ8-113[1st].1;   E376|        We behold with wonder Enitharmons Looms & Los's Forges   t890
FZ8-113[1st].2;   E376|        And the Spindles of Tirzah & Rahab and the Mills of Satan & Beelzeboul   t891
FZ8-113[1st].3;   E376|        In Golgonooza Los's anvils stand & his Furnaces rage   t892
FZ8-113[1st].4;   E376|        Ten thousand demons labour at the forges Creating Continually
FZ8-113[1st].5;   E376|        The times & spaces of Mortal Life the Sun the Moon the Stars
FZ8-113[1st].6;   E376|        In periods of Pulsative furor beating into wedges & bars   t893
FZ8-113[1st].7;   E376|        Then drawing into wires the terrific Passions & Affections
FZ8-113[1st].8;   E376|        Of Spectrous dead. Thence to the Looms of Cathedron conveyd
FZ8-113[1st].9;   E376|        The Daughters of Enitharmon weave the ovarium & the integument
FZ8-113[1st].10; E376|        In soft silk drawn from their own bowels in lascivious delight
FZ8-113[1st].11; E376|        With songs of sweetest cadence to the turning spindle & reel
FZ8-113[1st].12; E376|        Lulling the weeping spectres of the dead. Clothing their limbs
FZ8-113[1st].13; E376|        With gifts & gold of Eden. Astonishd stupefied with delight
FZ8-113[1st].14; E376|        The terrors put on their sweet clothing on the banks of Arnon   t894
FZ8-113[1st].15; E376|        Whence they plunge into the river of space for a period till
FZ8-113[1st].16; E376|        The dread Sleep of Ulro is past. But Satan Og & Sihon   t895
FZ8-113[1st].17; E376|        Build Mills of resistless wheels to unwind the soft threads & reveal
FZ8-113[1st].18; E376|        Naked of their clothing the poor spectres before the accusing heavens
FZ8-113[1st].19; E376|        While Rahab & Tirzah far different mantles prepare webs of torture

FZ8-113[1st].20; E377|        Mantles of despair girdles of bitter compunction shoes of indolence
FZ8-113[1st].21; E377|        Veils of ignorance covering from head to feet with a cold web

FZ8-113[1st].22; E377|        We look down into Ulro we behold the Wonders of the Grave
FZ8-113[1st].23; E377|        Eastward of Golgonooza stands the Lake of Udan Adan In   t896
FZ8-113[1st].24; E377|        Entuthon Benithon a Lake not of Waters but of Spaces   t897
FZ8-113[1st].25; E377|        Perturbd black & deadly on its Islands & its Margins   t898
FZ8-113[1st].26; E377|        The Mills of Satan and Beelzeboul stand round the roots of Urizens tree
FZ8-113[1st].27; E377|        For this Lake is formd from the tears & sighs & death sweat of the Victims
FZ8-113[1st].28; E377|        Of Urizens laws. to irrigate the roots of the tree of Mystery
FZ8-113[1st].29; E377|        They unweave the soft threads then they weave them anew in the forms
FZ8-113[1st].30; E377|        Of dark death & despair & none from Eternity to Eternity could Escape   t899
FZ8-113[1st].31; E377|        But thou O Universal Humanity who is One Man blesse for Ever   t900
FZ8-113[1st].32; E377|        Recievest the Integuments woven Rahab beholds the Lamb of God
FZ8-113[1st].33; E377|        She smites with her knife of flint She destroys her own work
FZ8-113[1st].34; E377|        Times upon times thinking to destroy the Lamb blessed for Ever
FZ8-113[1st].35; E377|        He puts off the clothing of blood he redeems the spectres from their bonds
FZ8-113[1st].36; E377|        He awakes the sleepers in Ulro the Daughters of Beulah praise him
FZ8-113[1st].37; E377|        They anoint his feet with ointment they wipe them with the hair of their head

FZ8-104[2nd].11; E377|        We now behold the Ends of Beulah & we now behold
FZ8-104[2nd].12; E377|        Where Death Eternal is put off Eternally
FZ8-104[2nd].13; E377|        Assume the dark Satanic body in the Virgins womb
FZ8-104[2nd].14; E377|        O Lamb divin[e] it cannot thee annoy O pitying one
FZ8-104[2nd].15; E377|        Thy pity is from the foundation of the World & thy Redemption
FZ8-104[2nd].16; E377|        Begun Already in Eternity Come then O Lamb of God   t901
FZ8-104[2nd].17; E377|        Come Lord Jesus come quickly

FZ8-104[2nd].18; E377|        So sang they in Eternity looking down into Beulah.
FZ8-104[2nd].19; E377|        The war roard round Jerusalems Gates it took a hideous form
FZ8-104[2nd].20; E377|        Seen in the aggregate a Vast Hermaphroditic form
FZ8-104[2nd].21; E377|        Heavd like an Earthquake labring with convulsive groans   t902
FZ8-104[2nd].22; E377|        Intolerable at length an awful wonder burst
FZ8-104[2nd].23; E377|        From the Hermaphroditic bosom Satan he was namd
FZ8-104[2nd].24; E377|        Son of Perdition terrible his form dishumanizd monstrous   t903
FZ8-104[2nd].25; E377|        A male without a female counterpart a howling fiend
FZ8-104[2nd].26; E377|        Fo[r]lorn of Eden & repugnant to the forms of life
FZ8-104[2nd].27; E377|        Yet hiding the shadowy female Vala as in an ark & Curtains
FZ8-104[2nd].28; E377|        Abhorrd accursed ever dying an Eternal death

FZ8-104[2nd].29; E378|        Being multitudes of tyrant Men in union blasphemous
FZ8-104[2nd].30; E378|        Against the divine image. Congregated Assemblies of wicked men

FZ8-104[2nd].31; E378|        Los said to Enitharmon Pitying I saw
FZ8-104[2nd].32; E378|        Pitying the Lamb of God Descended thro Jerusalems gates
FZ8-104[2nd].33; E378|        To put off Mystery time after time & as a Man
FZ8-104[2nd].34; E378|        Is born on Earth so was he born of Fair Jerusalem
FZ8-104[2nd].35; E378|        In mysterys woven mantle & in the Robes of Luvah

FZ8-104[2nd].36; E378|        He stood in fair Jerusalem to awake up into Eden
FZ8-104[2nd].37; E378|        The fallen Man but first to Give his vegetated body   t904
FZ8-104[2nd].38; E378|        To be cut off & separated that the Spiritual body may be Reveald

FZ8-109[105].1;   E378|        The Lamb of God stood before Satan opposite   t905
FZ8-109[105].2;   E378|        In Entuthon Benithon in the shadows of torments & woe   t906
FZ8-109[105].3;   E378|        Upon the heights of Amalek taking refuge in his arms   t907
FZ8-109[105].4;   E378|        The Victims fled from punishment for all his words were peace   t908

FZ8-109[105].5;   E378|        Urizen calld together the Synagogue of Satan in dire Sanhedrim   t909
FZ8-109[105].6;   E378|        To Judge the Lamb of God to Death as a murderer & robber   t910
FZ8-109[105].7;   E378|        As it is written he was numberd among the transgressors   t911

FZ8-109[105].8;   E378|        Cold dark opake the Assembly met twelvefold in Amalek
FZ8-109[105].9;   E378|        Twelve rocky unshapd forms terrific forms of torture & woe
FZ8-109[105].10; E378|        Such seemd the Synagogue to distant view amidst them beamd   t912
FZ8-109[105].11; E378|        A False Feminine Counterpart Lovely of Delusive Beauty   t913
FZ8-109[105].12; E378|        Dividing & Uniting at will in the Cruelties of Holiness
FZ8-109[105].13; E378|        Vala drawn down into a Vegetated body now triumphant
FZ8-109[105].14; E378|        The Synagogue of Satan Clothed her with Scarlet robes & Gems
FZ8-109[105].15; E378|        And on her forehead was her Dame written in blood Mystery
FZ8-109[105].16; E378|        When viewd remote She is One when viewd near she divides
FZ8-109[105].17; E378|        To multitude as it is in Eden so permitted because
FZ8-109[105].18; E378|        It was the best possible in the State called Satan to Save
FZ8-109[105].19; E378|        From Death Eternal & to put off Satan Eternally

FZ8-109[105].20; E378|        The Synagogue Created her from Fruit of Urizens tree
FZ8-109[105].21; E378|        By devilish arts abominable unlawful unutterable
FZ8-109[105].22; E378|        Perpetually vegetating in detestable births
FZ8-109[105].23; E378|        Of Female forms beautiful thro poisons hidden in secret
FZ8-109[105].24; E378|        Which give a tincture to false beauty then was hidden within   t914
FZ8-109[105].25; E378|        The bosom of Satan The false Female as in an ark & veil
FZ8-109[105].26; E378|        Which christ must rend & her reveal Her Daughters are Calld
FZ8-109[105].27; E378|        Tirzah She is namd Rahab their various divisions are calld   t915
FZ8-109[105].28; E378|        The Daughters of Amalek Canaan & Moab binding on the Stones   t916
FZ8-109[105].29; E378|        Their victims & with knives tormenting them singing with tears   t917
FZ8-109[105].30; E378|        Over their victims Hear ye the song of the Females of Amalek

FZ8-109[105].31; E378|        O thou poor human form O thou poor child of woe
FZ8-109[105].32; E378|        Why dost thou wander away from Tirzah why me compell to bind thee

FZ8-109[105].33; E379|        If thou dost go away from me I shall consume upon the rocks
FZ8-109[105].34; E379|        These fibres of thine eyes that used to wander in distant heavens
FZ8-109[105].35; E379|        Away from me I have bound down with a hot iron   t918
FZ8-109[105].36; E379|        These nostrils that Expanded with delight in morning skies
FZ8-109[105].37; E379|        I have bent downward with lead molten in my roaring furnaces
FZ8-109[105].38; E379|        My soul is seven furnaces incessant roars the bellows
FZ8-109[105].39; E379|        Upon my terribly flaming heart the molten metal runs
FZ8-109[105].40; E379|        In channels thro my fiery limbs O love O pity O pain
FZ8-109[105].41; E379|        O the pangs the bitter pangs of love forsaken
FZ8-109[105].42; E379|        Ephraim was a wilderness of joy where all my wild beasts ran
FZ8-109[105].43; E379|        The river Kanah wanderd by my sweet Manassehs side   t919
FZ8-109[105].44; E379|        Go Noah fetch the girdle of strong brass heat it red hot   t920
FZ8-109[105].45; E379|        Press it around the loins of this expanding cruelty
FZ8-109[105].46; E379|        Shriek not so my only love
FZ8-109[105].47; E379|        Bind him down sisters bind him down on Ebal mount of Cursing
FZ8-109[105].48; E379|        Malah come forth from Lebanon & Hoglah from Mount sinai
FZ8-109[105].49; E379|        Come circumscribe this tongue of sweets & with a Screw of iron
FZ8-109[105].50; E379|        Fasten this Ear into the Rock Milcah the task is thine   t921
FZ8-109[105].51; E379|        Weep not so sisters weep not so our life depends on this
FZ8-109[105].52; E379|        Or mercy & truth are fled away from Shechem & Mount Gilead
FZ8-109[105].53; E379|        Unless my beloved is bound upon the Stems of Vegetation

FZ8-109[105].54; E379|        Such are the songs of Tirzah such the loves of Amalek
FZ8-109[105].55; E379|        The Lamb of God descended thro the twelve portions of Luvah
FZ8-109[105].56; E379|        Bearing his sorrows & rec[iev]ing all his cruel wounds

FZ8-110[106][1st].1;   E379|        Thus was the Lamb of God condemnd to Death   t922
FZ8-110[106][1st].2;   E379|        They naild him upon the tree of Mystery weeping over him
FZ8-110[106][1st].3;   E379|        And then mocking & then worshipping calling him Lord & King
FZ8-110[106][1st].4;   E379|        Sometimes as twelve daughters lovely & sometimes as five
FZ8-110[106][1st].5;   E379|        They stood in beaming beauty & sometimes as one even Rahab   t923
FZ8-110[106][1st].6;   E379|        Who is Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots   t924

FZ8-110[106][1st].7;   E379|        Jerusalem saw the Body dead upon the Cross She fled away   t925
FZ8-110[106][1st].8;   E379|        Saying Is this Eternal Death Where shall I hide from Death
FZ8-110[106][1st].9;   E379|        Pity me Los pity me Urizen & let us build   t926
FZ8-110[106][1st].10; E379|        A Sepulcher & worship Death in fear while yet we live
FZ8-110[106][1st].11; E379|        Death! God of All from whom we rise to whom we all return
FZ8-110[106][1st].12; E379|        And Let all Nations of the Earth worship at the Sepulcher   t927
FZ8-110[106][1st].13; E379|        With Gifts & Spices with lamps rich embossd jewels & gold

FZ8-110[106][1st].14; E379|        Los took the Body from the Cross Jerusalem weeping over
FZ8-110[106][1st].15; E379|        They bore it to the Sepulcher which Los had hewn in the rock
FZ-110[106][1st].16; E379|        Of Eternity for himself he hewd it despairing of Life Eternal   t928

FZ8-105[113][2nd].38; E379|        But when Rahab had cut off the Mantle of Luvah from   t929
FZ8-105[113][2nd].39; E379|        The Lamb of God it rolld apart, revealing to all in heaven
FZ8-105[113][2nd].40; E379|        And all on Earth the Temple & the Synagogue of Satan & Mystery

FZ8-105[113][2nd].41; E380|        Even Rahab in all her turpitude Rahab divided herself
FZ8-105[113][2nd].42; E380|        She stood before Los in her Pride among the Furnaces   t930
FZ8-105[113][2nd].43; E380|        Dividing & uniting in Delusive feminine pomp questioning him

FZ8-105[113][2nd].44; E380|        He answerd her with tenderness & love not uninspird
FZ8-105[113][2nd].45; E380|        Los sat upon his anvil stock they sat beside the forge
FZ8-105[113][2nd].46; E380|        Los wipd the sweat from his red brow & thus began
FZ8-105[113][2nd].47; E380|        To the delusive female forms shining among his furnaces

FZ8-105[113][2nd].48; E380|        I am that shadowy Prophet who six thousand years ago
FZ8-105[113][2nd].49; E380|        Fell from my station in the Eternal bosom. I divided
FZ8-105[113][2nd].50; E380|        To multitude & my multitudes are children of Care & Labour
FZ8-105[113][2nd].51; E380|        O Rahab I behold thee I was once like thee a Son
FZ8-105[113][2nd].52; E380|        Of Pride and I also have piercd the Lamb of God in pride & wrath
FZ8-105[113][2nd].53; E380|        Hear me repeat my Generations that thou mayst also repent

FZ8-107[115].1;   E380|        And these are the Sons of Los & Enitharmon. Rintrah Palamabron   t932
FZ8-107[115].2;   E380|        Theotormon Bromion Antamon Ananton Ozoth Ohana
FZ8-107[115].3;   E380|        Sotha Mydon Ellayol Natho Gon Harhath Satan
FZ8-107[115].4;   E380|        Har Ochim Ijim Adam Reuben Simeon Levi Judah Dan Naphtali
FZ8-107[115].5;   E380|        Gad Asher Issachar Zebulun Joseph Benjamin David Solomon
FZ8-107[115].6;   E380|        Paul Constantine Charlemaine Luther Milton
FZ8-107[115].7;   E380|        These are our daughters Ocalythron Elynittria Oothoon Leutha   t933
FZ8-107[115].8;   E380|        Elythiria Enanto Manathu Vorcyon Ethinthus Moab Midian
FZ8-107[11].9;   E380|        Adah Zillah Caina Naamah Tamar Rahab Tirzah Mary
FZ8-107[115].10; E380|        And myriads more of Sons & Daughters to whom our love increasd   t934
FZ8-107[115].11; E380|        To each according to the multiplication of their multitudes
FZ8-107[115].12; E380|        But Satan accusd Palamabron before his brethren also he maddend  t935
FZ8-107[115].13; E380|        The horses of palambrons harrow wherefore Rintrah & Palamabron
FZ8-107[115].14; E380|        Cut him off from Golgonooza. But Enitharmon in tears
FZ8-107[115].15; E380|        Wept over him Created him a Space closd with a tender moon
FZ8-107[115].16; E380|        And he rolld down beneath the fires of Orc a Globe immense
FZ8-107[115].17; E380|        Crusted with snow in a dim void. here by the Arts of Urizen
FZ8-107[115].18; E380|        He tempted many of the Sons & Daughters of Los to flee
FZ8-107[115].19; E380|        Away from Me first Reuben fled then Simeon then Levi then Judah   t936
FZ8-107[115].20; E380|        Then Dan then Naphtali then Gad then Asher then Issachar
FZ8-107[115].21; E380|        Then Zebulun then Joseph then Benjamin twelve sons of Los
FZ8-107[115].22; E380|        And this is the manner in which Satan became the Tempter

FZ8-107[115].23; E380|        There is a State namd Satan learn distinct to know O Rahab   t937
FZ8-107[115].24; E380|        The Difference between States & Individuals of those States
FZ8-107[115].25; E380|        The State namd Satan never can be redeemd in all Eternity
FZ8-107[115].26; E380|        But when Luvah in Orc became a Serpent he des[c]ended into
FZ8-107[115].27; E380|        That State calld Satan Enitharmon breathd forth on the Winds
FZ8-107[115].28; E380|        Of Golgonooza her well beloved knowing he was Orc's human remains
FZ8-107[115].29; E380|        She tenderly lovd him above all his brethren he grew up

FZ8-107[115].30; E381|        In mothers tenderness The Enormous worlds rolling in Urizens power
FZ8-107[115].31; E381|        Must have given Satan by these mild arts Dominion over all
FZ8-107[115].32; E381|        Wherefore Palamabron being accusd by Satan to Los   t938
FZ8-107[115].33; E381|        Calld down a Great Solemn assembly Rintrah in fury & fire
FZ8-107[115].34; E381|        Defended Palamabron & rage filld the Universal Tent

FZ8-107[115].35; E381|        Because Palamabron was good naturd Satan supposd he feard him
FZ8-107[115].36; E381|        And Satan not having the Science of Wrath but only of Pity
FZ8-107[115].37; E381|        Was soon condemnd & wrath was left to wrath & Pity to Pity
FZ8-107[115].38; E381|        Rintrah & Palamabron Cut sheer off from Golgonooza
FZ8-107[115].39; E381|        Enitharmons Moony space & in it Satan & his companions
FZ8-107[115].40; E381|        They rolld down a dim world Crusted with Snow deadly & dark

FZ8-107[115].41; E381|        Jerusalem pitying them wove them mantles of life & death
FZ8-107[115].42; E381|        Times after times And those in Eden sent Lucifer for their Guard
FZ8-107[115].43; E381|        Lucifer refusd to die for Satan & in pride he forsook his charge
FZ8-107[115].44; E381|        Then they sent Molech Molech was impatient They sent
FZ8-107[115].45; E381|        Molech impatient They Sent Elohim who created Adam
FZ8-107[115].46; E381|        To die for Satan Adam refusd but was compelld to die
FZ8-107[115].47; E381|        By Satans arts. Then the Eternals Sent Shaddai
FZ8-107[115].48; E381|        Shaddai was angry Pachad descended Pachad was terrified
FZ8-107[115].49; E381|        And then they Sent Jehovah who leprous stretchd his hand to Eternity
FZ8-107[115].50; E381|        Then Jesus Came & Died willing beneath Tirzah & Rahab
FZ8-107[115].51; E381|        Thou art that Rahab Lo the Tomb what can we purpose more   t939

FZ8-108[116].1;   E381|        Lo Enitharmon terrible & beautiful in Eternal youth
FZ8-108[116].2;   E381|        Bow down before her you her children & set Jerusalem free

FZ8-108[116].3;   E381|        Rahab burning with pride & revenge departed from Los
FZ8-108[116].4;   E381|        Los dropd a tear at her departure but he wipd it away in hope
FZ8-108[116].5;   E381|        She went to Urizen in pride the Prince of Light beheld
FZ8-108[116].6;   E381|        Reveald before the face of heaven his secret holiness   t940

FZ8-106[2nd].17; E381|        Darkness & sorrow coverd all flesh Eternity was darkend   t941

FZ8-106[2nd].18; E381|        Urizen sitting in his web of dece[i]tful Religion   t942
FZ8-106[2nd].19; E381|        felt the female death a dull & numming stupor such as neer   t943
FZ8-106[2nd].20; E381|        Before assaulted the bright human form he felt his pores
FZ8-106[2nd].21; E381|        Drink in the deadly dull delusion horrors of Eternal death
FZ8-106[2nd].22; E381|        Shot thro him Urizen sat Stonied upon his rock
FZ8-106[2nd].23; E381|        Forgetful of his own Laws pitying he began to Embrace
FZ8-106[2nd].24; E381|        The Shadowly Female since life cannot be quenchd Life exuded
FZ8-106[2nd].25; E381|        His eyes shot outwards then his breathing nostrils drawn forth   t944
FZ8-106[2nd].26; E381|        Scales coverd over a cold forehead & a neck outstretchd
FZ8-106[2nd].27; E381|        Into the deep to sieze the shadow scales his neck & bosom

FZ8-106[2nd].28; E382|        Coverd & scales his hands & feet upon his belly falling
FZ8-106[2nd].29; E382|        Outstretchd thro the immense his mouth wide opening tongueless   t945
FZ8-106[2nd].30; E382|        His teeth a triple row he strove to sieze the shadow in vain
FZ8-106[2nd].31; E382|        And his immense tail lashd the Abyss his human form a Stone
FZ8-106[2nd].32; E382|        A form of Senseless Stone remaind in terrors on the rock
FZ8-106[2nd].33; E382|        Abominable to the eyes of mortals who explore his books
FZ8-106[2nd].34; E382|        His wisdom still remaind & all his memory stord with woe

FZ8-106[2nd].35; E382|        And still his stony form remaind in the Abyss immense
FZ8-106[2nd].36; E382|        Like the pale visage in its sheet of lead that cannot follow
FZ8-106[2nd].37; E382|        Incessant stern disdain his sealy form gnaws inwardly
FZ8-106[2nd].38; E382|        With deep repentance for the loss of that fair form of Man
FZ8-106[2nd].39; E382|        With Envy he saw Los with Envy Tharmas & the Spectre   t946
FZ8-106[2nd].40; E382|        With Envy & in vain he swam around his stony form

FZ8-106[2nd].41; E382|        No longer now Erect the King of Light outstretchd in fury
FZ8-106[2nd].42; E382|        Lashes his tail in the wild deep his Eyelids like the Sun   t947
FZ8-106[2nd].43; E382|        Arising in his pride enlighten all the Grizly deeps
FZ8-106[2nd].44; E382|        His scales transparent give forth light like windows of the morning
FZ8-106[2nd].45; E382|        His neck flames with wrath & majesty he lashes the Abyss
FZ8-106[2nd].46; E382|        Beating the Desarts & the rocks the desarts feel his power
FZ8-106[2nd].45; E382|        They shake their slumbers off. They wave in awful fear
FZ8-106[2nd].48; E382|        Calling the Lion & the Tyger the horse & the wild Stag

FZ8-111[107].1;   E382|        The Elephant the wolf the Bear the Lamia the Satyr   t948
FZ8-111[107].2;   E382|        His Eyelids give their light around his folding tail aspires
FZ8-111[107].3;   E382|        Among the stars the Earth & all the Abysses feel h[i]s fury   t949
FZ8-111[107].4;   E382|        When as the snow covers the mountain oft petrific hardness
FZ8-111[107].5;   E382|        Covers the deeps at his vast fury mo[a]ning in his rock   t950
FZ8-111[107].6;   E382|        Hardens the Lion & the Bear trembling in the Solid mountain
FZ8-111[107].7;   E382|        They view the light & wonder crying out in terrible existence
FZ8-111[107].8;   E382|        Up bound the wild stag & the horse behold the King of Pride

FZ8-111[107].9;   E382|        Oft doth his Eye emerge from the Abyss into the realms
FZ8-111[107].10; E382|        Of his Eternal day & memory strives to augment his ruthfulness
FZ8-111[107].11; E382|        Then weeping he descends in wrath drawing all things in his fury
FZ8-111[107].12; E382|        Into obedience to his will & now he finds in vain
FZ8-111[107].13; E382|        That not of his own power he bore the human form erect
FZ8-111[107].14; E382|        Nor of his own will gave his Laws in times of Everlasting
FZ8-111[107].15; E382|        For now fierce Orc in wrath & fury rises into the heavens   t951
FZ8-111[107].16; E382|        A King of wrath & fury a dark enraged horror
FZ8-111[107].17; E382|        And Urizen repentant forgets his wisdom in the abyss   t952
FZ8-111[107].18; E382|        In forms of priesthood in the dark delusions of repentance
FZ8-111[107].19; E382|        Repining in his heart & spirit that Orc reignd over all
FZ8-111[107].20; E382|        And that his wisdom servd but to augment the indefinite lust

FZ8-111[107].21; E382|        Then Tharmas & Urthona felt the stony stupor rise
FZ8-111[107].22; E382|        Into their limbs Urthona shot forth a Vast Fibrous form

FZ8-111[107].23; E383|        Tharmas like a pillar of sand rolld round by the whirlwind
FZ8-111[107].24; E383|        An animated Pillar rolling round & round in incessant rage

FZ8-111[107].25; E383|        Los felt the stony tupor & his head rolld down beneath
FZ8-111[107].26; E383|        Into the Abysses of his bosom the vessels of his blood
FZ8-111[107].27; E383|        Dart forth upon the wind in pipes writhing about in the Abyss
FZ8-111[107].28; E383|        And Enitharmon pale & cold in milky juices flowd
FZ8-111[107].29; E383|        Into a form of Vegetation living having a voice
FZ8-111[107].30; E383|        Moving in rootlike fibres trembling in fear upon the Earth

FZ8-111[107].31; E383|        And Tharmas gave his Power to Los Urthona gave his strength
FZ8-111[107].32; E383|        Into the youthful prophet for the Love of Enitharmon
FZ8-111[107].33; E383|        And of the nameless Shadowy female in the nether deep
FZ8-111[107].34; E383|        And for the dread of the dark terrors of Orc & Urizen

FZ8-111[107].35; E383|        Thus in a living Death the nameless shadow all things bound
FZ8-111[107].36; E383|        All mortal things made permanent that they may be put off
FZ8-111[107].37; E383|        Time after time by the Divine Lamb who died for all
FZ8-111[107].38; E383|        And all in him died. & he put off all mortality

FZ8-122[108].1;   E383|        Tharmas on high rode furious thro the afflicted worlds   t953
FZ8-122[108].2;   E383|        Pursuing the Vain Shadow of Hope fleeing from identity
FZ8-122[108].3;   E383|        In abstract false Expanses that he may not hear the Voice
FZ8-122[108].4;   E383|        Of Ahania wailing on the winds in vain he flies for still
FZ8-122[108].5;   E383|        The voice incessant calls on all the children of Men
FZ8-122[108].6;   E383|        For she spoke of all in heaven & all upon the Earth
FZ8-122[108].7;   E383|        Saw not as yet the Divine vision her Eyes are Toward Urizen
FZ8-122[108].8;   E383|        And thus Ahania cries aloud to the Caverns of the Grave

FZ8-122[108].9;   E383|        Will you keep a flock of wolves & lead them will you take the wintry blast
FZ8-122[108].10; E383|        For a covering to your limbs or the summer pestilence for a tent to abide in
FZ8-122[108].11; E383|        Will you erect a lasting habitation in the mouldering Church yard
FZ8-122[108].12; E383|        Or a pillar & palace of Eternity in the jaws of the hungry grave
FZ8-122[108].13; E383|        Will you seek pleasure from the festering wound or marry for a Wife
FZ8-122[108].14; E383|        he ancient Leprosy that the King & Priest may still feast on your decay
FZ8-122[108].15; E383|        And the grave mock & laugh at the plowd field saying
FZ8-122[108].16; E383|        I am the nourisher thou the destroyer in my bosom is milk & wine
FZ8-122[108].17; E383|        And a fountain from my breasts to me come all multitudes
FZ8-122[108].18; E383|        To my breath they obey they worship me I am a goddess & queen
FZ8-122[108].19; E383|        But listen to Ahania O ye sons of the Murderd one
FZ8-122[108].20; E383|        Listen to her whose memory beholds your ancient days
FZ8-122[108].21; E383|        Listen to her whose eyes behold the dark body of corruptible death
FZ8-122[108].22; E383|        Looking for Urizen in vain. in vain I seek for morning
FZ8-122[108].23; E383|        The Eternal Man sleeps in the Earth nor feels the vigrous sun

FZ8-122[108].24; E384|        Nor silent moon nor all the hosts of heaven move in his body
FZ8-122[108].25; E384|        His fiery halls are dark & round his limbs the Serpent Orc
FZ8-122[108].26; E384|        Fold without fold encompasses him And his corrupting members
FZ8-122[108].27; E384|        Vomit out the Scaly monsters of the restless deep
FZ8-122[108].28; E384|        They come up in the rivers & annoy the nether parts
FZ8-122[108].29; E384|        Of Man who lays upon the shores leaning his faded head
FZ8-122[108].30; E384|        Upon the Oozy rock inwrapped with the weeds of death
FZ8-122[108].31; E384|        His eyes sink hollow in his head his flesh coverd with slime
FZ8-122[108].32; E384|        And shrunk up to the bones alas that Man should come to this
FZ8-122[108].33; E384|        His strong bones beat with snows & hid within the caves of night
FZ8-122[108].34; E384|        Marrowless bloodless falling into dust driven by the winds
FZ8-122[108].35; E384|        O how the horrors of Eternal Death take hold on Man
FZ8-122[108].36; E384|        His faint groans shake the caves & issue thro the desolate rocks

FZ8-113[109].1;   E384|        And the Strong Eagle now with num[m]ing cold blighted of feathers
FZ8-113[109].2;   E384|        Once like the pride of the sun now flagging in cold night
FZ8-113[109].3;   E384|        Hovers with blasted wings aloft watching with Eager Eye
FZ8-113[109].4;   E384|        Till Man shall leave a corruptible body he famishd hears him groan
FZ8-113[109].5;   E384|        And now he fixes his strong talons in the pointed rock
FZ8-113[109].6;   E384|        And now he beats the heavy air with his enormous wings
FZ8-113[109].7;   E384|        Beside him lies the Lion dead & in his belly worms
FZ8-113[109].8;   E384|        Feast on his death till universal death devours all
FZ8-113[109].9;   E384|        And the pale horse seeks for the pool to lie him down & die
FZ8-113[109].10; E384|        But finds the pools filled with serpents devouring one another
FZ8-113[109].11; E384|        He droops his head & trembling stands & his bright eyes decay
FZ8-113[109].12; E384|        These are the Visions of My Eyes the Visions of Ahania

FZ8-113[109].13; E384|        Thus cries Ahania Enion replies from the Caverns of the Grave

FZ8-113[109].14; E384|        Fear not O poor forsaken one O land of briars & thorns
FZ8-113[109].15; E384|        Where once the Olive flourishd & the Cedar spread his wings
FZ8-113[109].16; E384|        Once I waild desolate like thee my fallow fields in fear
FZ8-113[109].17; E384|        Cried to the Churchyards & the Earthworm came in dismal state
FZ8-113[109].18; E384|        I found him in my bosom & I said the time of Love
FZ8-113[109].19; E384|        Appears upon the rocks & hills in silent shades but soon
FZ8-113[109].20; E384|        A voice came in the night a midnight cry upon the mountains
FZ8-113[109].21; E384|        Awake the bridegroom cometh I awoke to sleep no more
FZ8-113[109].22; E384|        But an Eternal Consummation is dark Enion
FZ8-113[109].23; E384|        The watry Grave. O thou Corn field O thou Vegetater happy
FZ8-113[109].24; E384|        More happy is the dark consumer hope drowns all my torment
FZ8-113[109].25; E384|        For I am now surrounded by a shadowy vortex drawing
FZ8-113[109].26; E384|        The Spectre quite away from Enion that I die a death
FZ8-113[109].27; E384|        Of bitter hope altho I consume in these raging waters
FZ8-113[109].28; E384|        The furrowd field replies to the grave I hear her reply to me
FZ8-113[109].29; E384|        Behold the time approaches fast that thou shalt be as a thing
FZ8-113[109].30; E384|        Forgotten when one speaks of thee he will not be believd
FZ8-113[109].31; E384|        When the man gently fades away in his immortality

FZ8-113[109].32; E385|        When the mortal disappears in improved knowledge cast away
FZ8-113[109].33; E385|        The former things so shall the Mortal gently fade away
FZ8-113[109].34; E385|        And so become invisible to those who still remain
FZ8-113[109].35; E385|        Listen I will tell thee what is done in the caverns of the grave

FZ8-114[110].1;   E385|        The Lamb of God has rent the Veil of Mystery soon to return
FZ8-114[110].2;   E385|        In Clouds & Fires around the rock & the Mysterious tree
FZ8-114[110].3;   E385|        As the seed waits Eagerly watching for its flower & fruit
FZ8-114[110].4;   E385|        Anxious its little soul looks out into the clear expanse
FZ8-114[110].5;   E385|        To see if hungry winds are abroad with their invisible army
FZ8-114[110].6;   E385|        So Man looks out in tree & herb & fish & bird & beast
FZ8-114[110].7;   E385|        Collecting up the scatterd portions of his immortal body
FZ8-114[110].8;   E385|        Into the Elemental forms of every thing that grows
FZ8-114[110].9;   E385|        He tries the sullen north wind riding on its angry furrows
FZ8-114[110].10; E385|        The sultry south when the sun rises & the angry east
FZ8-114[110].11; E385|        When the sun sets when the clods harden & the cattle stand
FZ8-114[110].12; E385|        Drooping & the birds hide in their silent nests. he stores his thoughts
FZ8-114[110].13; E385|        As in a store house in his memory he regulates the forms
FZ8-114[110].14; E385|        Of all beneath & all above & in the gentle West
FZ8-114[110].15; E385|        Reposes where the Suns heat dwells he rises to the Sun
FZ8-114[110].16; E385|        And to the Planets of the Night & to the stars that gild
FZ8-114[110].17; E385|        The Zodiac & the stars that sullen stand to north & south
FZ8-114[110].18; E385|        He touches the remotest pole & in the Center weeps
FZ8-114[110].19; E385|        That Man should Labour & sorrow & learn & forget & return
FZ8-114[110].20; E385|        To the dark valley whence he came to begin his labours anew
FZ8-114[110].21; E385|        In pain he sighs in pain he labours in his universe
FZ8-114[110].22; E385|        Screaming in birds over the deep & howling in the Wolf
FZ8-114[110].23; E385|        Over the slain & moaning in the cattle & in the winds
FZ8-114[110].24; E385|        And weeping over Orc & Urizen in clouds & flaming fires   t954
FZ8-114[110].25; E385|        And in the cries of birth & in the groans of death his voice
FZ8-114[110].26; E385|        Is heard throughout the Universe whereever a grass grows
FZ8-114[110].27; E385|        Or a leaf buds The Eternal Man is seen is heard is felt
FZ8-114[110].28; E385|        And all his Sorrows till he reassumes his ancient bliss

FZ8-114[110].29; E385|        Such are the words of Ahania & Enion. Los hears & weeps   t955
FZ8-114[110].30; E385|        And Los & Enitharmon took the Body of the Lamb
FZ8-114[110].31; E385|        Down from the Cross & placd it in a Sepulcher which Los had hewn
FZ8-114[110].32; E385|        For himself in the Rock of Eternity trembling & in despair   t956
FZ8-114[110].33; E385|        Jerusalem wept over the Sepulcher two thousand Years

FZ8-115[111].1;   E385|        Rahab triumphs over all she took Jerusalem
FZ8-115[111].2;   E385|        Captive A Willing Captive by delusive arts impelld
FZ8-115[111].3;   E385|        To worship Urizens Dragon form to offer her own Children
FZ8-115[111].4;   E385|        Upon the bloody Altar. John Saw these things Reveald in Heaven
FZ8-115[111].5;   E385|        On Patmos Isle & heard the Souls cry out to be deliverd

FZ8-115[111].6;   E386|        He saw the Harlot of the Kings of Earth & saw her Cup
FZ8-115[111].7;   E386|        Of fornication food of Orc & Satan pressd from the fruit of Mystery
FZ8-115[111].8;   E386|        But when she saw the form of Ahania weeping on the Void
FZ8-115[111].9;   E386|        And heard Enions voice sound from the caverns of the Grave
FZ8-115[111].10; E386|        No more spirit remained in her She secretly left the Synagogue of Satan
FZ8-115[111].11; E386|        She commund with Orc in secret She hid him with the flax
FZ8-115[111].12; E386|        That Enitharmon had numberd away from the Heavens   t957
FZ8-115[111].13; E386|        She gatherd it together to consume her Harlot Robes   t958
FZ8-115[111].14; E386|        In bitterest Contrition sometimes Self condemning repentant
FZ8-115[111].15; E386|        And Sometimes kissing her Robes & jewels & weeping over them
FZ8-115[111].16; E386|        Sometimes returning to the Synagogue of Satan in Pride
FZ8-115[111].17; E386|        And Sometimes weeping before Orc in humility & trembling
FZ8-115[111].18; E386|        The Synagogue of Satan therefore uniting against Mystery
FZ8-115[111].19; E386|        Satan divided against Satan resolvd in open Sanhedrim
FZ8-115[111].20; E386|        To burn Mystery with fire & form another from her ashes
FZ8-115[111].21; E386|        For God put it into their heart to fulfill all his will

FZ8-115[111].22; E386|        The Ashes of Mystery began to animate they calld it Deism
FZ8-115[111].23; E386|        And Natural Religion as of old so now anew began
FZ8-115[111].24; E386|        Babylon again in Infancy Calld Natural Religion

ED; E386|        [End of (The) Eighth Night]



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