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Title; E300|        THE FOUR ZOAS   t403
FZ7a-header; E352|        VALA
FZ7a-header; E352|        Night the Seventh   t759

FZ7a-77.1;   E352|        Then Urizen arose The Spectre fled & Tharmas fled
FZ7a-77.2;   E352|        The darkning Spectre of Urthona hid beneath a rock
FZ7a-77.3;   E352|        Tharmas threw his impetuous flight thro the deeps of immensity
FZ7a-77.4;   E352|        Revolving round in whirlpools fierce all round the cavernd worlds

FZ7a-77.5;   E352|        But Urizen silent descended to the Caves of Orc & saw   t760
FZ7a-77.6;   E352|        A Cavernd Universe of flaming fire the horses of Urizen

FZ7a-77.7;   E353|        Here bound to fiery mangers furious dash their golden hoofs
FZ7a-77.8;   E353|        Striking fierce sparkles from their brazen fetters. fierce his lions   t761
FZ7a-77.9;   E353|        Howl in the burning dens his tygers roam ill the redounding smoke
FZ7a-77.10; E353|        In forests of affliction. the adamantine scales of justice
FZ7a-77.11; E353|        Consuming in the raging lamps of mercy pourd in rivers
FZ7a-77.12; E353|        The holy oil rages thro all the cavernd rocks fierce flames
FZ7a-77.13; E353|        Dance on the rivers & the rocks howling & drunk with fury
FZ7a-77.14; E353|        The plow of ages & the golden harrow wade thro fields
FZ7a-77.15; E353|        Of goary blood the immortal seed is nourishd for the slaughter
FZ7a-77.16; E353|        The bulls of Luvah breathing fire bellow on burning pastures
FZ7a-77.17; E353|        Round howling Orc whose awful limbs cast forth red smoke & fire
FZ7a-77.18; E353|        That Urizen approachd not near but took his seat on a rock
FZ7a-77.19; E353|        And rangd his books around him brooding Envious over Orc   t762

FZ7a-77.20; E353|        Howling & rending his dark caves the awful Demon lay
FZ7a-77.21; E353|        Pulse after pulse beat on his fetters pulse after pulse his spirit
FZ7a-77.22; E353|        Darted & darted higher & higher to the shrine of Enitharmon
FZ7a-77.23; E353|        As when the thunder folds himself in thickest clouds
FZ7a-77.24; E353|        The watry nations couch & hide in the profoundest deeps
FZ7a-77.25; E353|        Then bursting from his troubled head with terrible visages & flaming hair
FZ7a-77.26; E353|        His swift wingd daughters sweep across the vast black ocean

FZ7a-77.27; E353|        Los felt the Envy in his limbs like to a blighted tree

FZ7a-78.1;   E353|        For Urizen fixd in Envy sat brooding & coverd with snow
FZ7a-78.2;   E353|        His book of iron on his knees he tracd the dreadful letters
FZ7a-78.3;   E353|        While his snows fell & his storms beat to cool the flames of Orc
FZ7a-78.4;   E353|        Age after Age till underneath his heel a deadly root
FZ7a-78.5;   E353|        Struck thro the rock the root of Mystery accursed shooting up
FZ7a-78.6;   E353|        Branches into the heaven of Los they pipe formd bending down
FZ7a-78.7;   E353|        Take root again whereever they touch again branching forth
FZ7a-78.8;   E353|        In intricate labyrinths oerspreading many a grizly deep

FZ7a-78.9;   E353|        Amazd started Urizen when he found himself compassd round
FZ7a-78.10; E353|        And high roofed over with trees. he arose but the stems
FZ7a-78.11; E353|        Stood so thick he with difficulty & great pain brought
FZ7a-78.12; E353|        His books out of the dismal shade. all but the book of iron
FZ7a-78.13; E353|        Again he took his seat & rangd his Books around   t764
FZ7a-78.14; E353|        On a rock of iron frowning over the foaming fires of Orc

FZ7a-78.15; E353|        And Urizen hung over Ore & viewd his terrible wrath
FZ7a-78.16; E353|        Sitting upon an iron Crag at length his words broke forth   t765

FZ7a-78.17; E353|        Image of dread whence art thou whence is this most woful place
FZ7a-78.18; E353|        Whence these fierce fires but from thyself No other living thing
FZ7a-78.19; E353|        In all this Chasm I behold. No other living thing
FZ7a-78.20; E353|        Dare thy most terrible wrath abide Bound here to waste in pain

FZ7a-78.21; E354|        Thy vital substance in these fires that issue new & new
FZ7a-78.22; E354|        Around thee sometimes like a flood & sometimes like a rock
FZ7a-78.23; E354|        Of living pangs thy horrible bed glowing with ceaseless fires
FZ7a-78.24; E354|        Beneath thee & around Above a Shower of fire now beats
FZ7a-78.25; E354|        Moulded to globes & arrowy wedges rending thy bleeding limbs
FZ7a-78.26; E354|        And now a whirling pillar of burning sands to overwhelm thee
FZ7a-78.27; E354|        Steeping thy wounds in salts infernal & in bitter anguish
FZ7a-78.28; E354|        And now a rock moves on the surface of this lake of fire
FZ7a-78.29; E354|        To bear thee down beneath the waves in stifling despair
FZ7a-78.30; E354|        Pity for thee movd me to break my dark & long repose
FZ7a-78.31; E354|        And to reveal myself before thee in a form of wisdom
FZ7a-78.32; E354|        Yet thou dost laugh at all these tortures & this horrible place
FZ7a-78.33; E354|        Yet throw thy limbs these fires abroad that back return upon thee
FZ7a-78.34; E354|        While thou reposest throwing rage on rage feeding thyself
FZ7a-78.35; E354|        With visions of sweet bliss far other than this burning clime
FZ7a-78.36; E354|        Sure thou art bathd in rivers of delight on verdant fields
FZ7a-78.37; E354|        Walking in joy in bright Expanses sleeping on bright clouds
FZ7a-78.38; E354|        With visions of delight so lovely that they urge thy rage
FZ7a-78.39; E354|        Tenfold with fierce desire to rend thy chain & howl in fury
FZ7a-78.40; E354|        And dim oblivion of all woe & desperate repose
FZ7a-78.41; E354|        Or is thy joy founded on torment which others bear for thee

FZ7a-78.42; E354|        Orc answer'd Curse thy hoary brows. What dost thou in this deep
FZ7a-78.43; E354|        Thy Pity I contemn scatter thy snows elsewhere

FZ7a-79.1;   E354|        I rage in the deep for Lo my feet & hands are naild to the burning rock
FZ7a-79.2;   E354|        Yet my fierce fires are better than thy snows Shuddring thou sittest
FZ7a-79.3;   E354|        Thou art not chaind Why shouldst thou sit cold grovelling demon of woe
FZ7a-79.4;   E354|        In tortures of dire coldness now a Lake of waters deep
FZ7a-79.5;   E354|        Sweeps over thee freezing to solid still thou sitst closd up
FZ7a-79.6;   E354|        In that transparent rock as if in joy of thy bright prison
FZ7a-79.7;   E354|        Till overburdend with its own weight drawn out thro immensity
FZ7a-79.8;   E354|        With a crash breaking across the horrible mass comes down
FZ7a-79.9;   E354|        Thundring & hail & frozen iron haild from the Element
FZ7a-79.10; E354|        Rends thy white hair yet thou dost fixd obdurate brooding sit
FZ7a-79.11; E354|        Writing thy books. Anon a cloud filld with a waste of snows
FZ7a-79.12; E354|        Covers thee still obdurate still resolvd & writing still
FZ7a-79.13; E354|        Tho rocks roll oer thee tho floods pour tho winds black as the Sea   t766
FZ7a-79.14; E354|        Cut thee in gashes tho the blood pours down around thy ankles
FZ7a-79.15; E354|        Freezing thy feet to the hard rock still thy pen obdurate
FZ7a-79.16; E354|        Traces the wonders of Futurity in horrible fear of the future
FZ7a-79.17; E354|        I rage furious in the deep for lo my feet & hands are naild
FZ7a-79.18; E354|        To the hard rock or thou shouldst feel my enmity & hate
FZ7a-79.19; E354|        In all the diseases of man falling upon thy grey accursed front

FZ7a-79.20; E355|        Urizen answerd Read my books explore my Constellations
FZ7a-79.21; E355|        Enquire of my Sons & they shall teach thee how to War
FZ7a-79.22; E355|        Enquire of my Daughters who accursd in the dark depths
FZ7a-79.23; E355|        Knead bread of Sorrow by my stern command for I am God
FZ7a-79.24; E355|        Of all this dreadful ruin Rise O daughters at my Stern command

FZ7a-79.25; E355|        Rending the Rocks Eleth & Uveth rose & Ona rose
FZ7a-79.26; E355|        Terrific with their iron vessels driving them across
FZ7a-79.27; E355|        In the dim air they took the book of iron & placd above
FZ7a-79.28; E355|        On clouds of death & sang their songs Kneading the bread of Orc
FZ7a-79.29; E355|        Orc listend to the song compelld hungring on the cold wind
FZ7a-79.30; E355|        That swaggd heavy with the accursed dough. the hoar frost ragd
FZ7a-79.31; E355|        Thro Onas sieve the torrent rain pourd from the iron pail
FZ7a-79.32; E355|        Of Eleth & the icy hands of Uveth kneaded the bread
FZ7a-79.33; E355|        The heavens bow with terror underneath their iron hands
FZ7a-79.34; E355|        Singing at their dire work the words of Urizens book of iron
FZ7a-79.35; E355|        While the enormous scrolls rolld dreadful in the heavens above
FZ7a-79.36; E355|        And still the burden of their song in tears was poured forth
FZ7a-79.37; E355|        The bread is Kneaded let us rest O cruel father of children

FZ7a-79.38; E355|        But Urizen remitted not their labours upon his rock

FZ7a-80.1;   E355|        And Urizen Read in his book of brass in sounding tones   t767

FZ7a-80.2;   E355|        Listen O Daughters to my voice Listen to the Words of Wisdom
FZ7a-80.3;   E355|        So shall [ye] govern over all let Moral Duty tune your tongue   t768
FZ7a-80.4;   E355|        But be your hearts harder than the nether millstone
FZ7a-80.5;   E355|        To bring the shadow of Enitharmon beneath our wondrous tree
FZ7a-80.6;   E355|        That Los may Evaporate like smoke & be no more
FZ7a-80.7;   E355|        Draw down Enitharmon to the Spectre of Urthona
FZ7a-80.8;   E355|        And let him have dominion over Los the terrible shade

FZ7a-80.9;   E355|        Compell the poor to live upon a Crust of bread by soft mild arts
FZ7a-80.10; E355|        Smile when they frown frown when they smile & when a man looks pale
FZ7a-80.11; E355|        With labour & abstinence say he looks healthy & happy
FZ7a-80.12; E355|        And when his children Sicken let them die there are enough
FZ7a-80.13; E355|        Born even too many & our Earth will be overrun
FZ7a-80.14; E355|        Without these arts If you would make the poor live with temper
FZ7a-80.15; E355|        With pomp give every crust of bread you give with gracious cunning
FZ7a-80.16; E355|        Magnify small gifts reduce the man to want a gift & then give with pomp   t769
FZ7a-80.17; E355|        Say he smiles if you hear him sigh If pale say he is ruddy
FZ7a-80.18; E355|        Preach temperance say he is overgorgd & drowns his wit
FZ7a-80.19; E355|        In strong drink tho you know that bread & water are all
FZ7a-80.20; E355|        He can afford Flatter his wife pity his children till we can

FZ7a-80.21; E355|        Reduce all to our will as spaniels are taught with art

FZ7a-80.22; E356|        Lo how the heart & brain are formed in the breeding womb
FZ7a-80.23; E356|        Of Enitharmon how it buds with life & forms the bones
FZ7a-80.24; E356|        The little heart the liver & the red blood in its labyrinths
FZ7a-80.25; E356|        By gratified desire by strong devouring appetite she fills
FZ7a-80.26; E356|        Los with ambitious fury that his race shall all devour

FZ7a-80.27; E356|        Then Orc cried Curse thy Cold hypocrisy. already round thy Tree  t770
FZ7a-80.28; E356|        In scales that shine with gold & rubies thou beginnest to weaken
FZ7a-80.29; E356|        My divided Spirit Like a worm I rise in peace unbound
FZ7a-80.30; E356|        From wrath Now When I rage my fetters bind me more
FZ7a-80.31; E356|        O torment O torment A Worm compelld. Am I a worm
FZ7a-80.32; E356|        Is it in strong deceit that man is born. In strong deceit
FZ7a-80.33; E356|        Thou dost restrain my fury that the worm may fold the tree
FZ7a-80.34; E356|        Avaunt Cold hypocrite I am chaind or thou couldst not use me thus
FZ7a-80.35; E356|        The Man shall rage bound with this Chain the worm in silence creep
FZ7a-80.36; E356|        Thou wilt not cease from rage Grey Demon silence all thy storms
FZ7a-80.37; E356|        Give me example of thy mildness King of furious hail storms
FZ7a-80.38; E356|        Art thou the cold attractive power that holds me in this chain
FZ7a-80.39; E356|        I well remember how I stole thy light & it became fire
FZ7a-80.40; E356|        Consuming. Thou Knowst me now O Urizen Prince of Light
FZ7a-80.41; E356|        And I know thee is this the triumph this the Godlike State
FZ7a-80.42; E356|        That lies beyond the bounds of Science in the Grey obscure

FZ7a-80.43; E356|        Terrified Urizen heard Orc now certain that he was Luvah
FZ7a-80.44; E356|        And Orc began to Organize a Serpent body   t771
FZ7a-80.45; E356|        Despising Urizens light & turning it into flaming fire
FZ7a-80.46; E356|        Recieving as a poisond Cup Recieves the heavenly wine
FZ7a-80.47; E356|        And turning affection into fury & thought into abstraction   t772
FZ7a-80.48; E356|        A Self consuming dark devourer rising into the heavens

FZ7a-80.49; E356|        Urizen envious brooding sat & saw the secret terror
FZ7a-80.50; E356|        Flame high in pride & laugh to scorn the source of his deceit
FZ7a-80.51; E356|        Nor knew the source of his own but thought himself the Sole author

FZ7a-81.1;   E356|        Of all his wandering Experiments in the horrible Abyss
FZ7a-81.2;   E356|        He knew that weakness stretches out in breadth & length he knew
FZ7a-81.3;   E356|        That wisdom reaches high & deep & therefore he made Orc
FZ7a-81.4;   E356|        In Serpent form compelld stretch out & up the mysterious tree
FZ7a-81.5;   E356|        He sufferd him to Climb that he might draw all human forms
FZ7a-81.6;   E356|        Into submission to his will nor knew the dread result

FZ7a-81.7;   E356|        Los sat in showers of Urizen watching cold Enitharmon   t773
FZ7a-81.8;   E356|        His broodings rush down to his feet producing Eggs that hatching
FZ7a-81.9;   E356|        Burst forth upon the winds above the tree of Mystery
FZ7a-81.10; E356|        Enitharmon lay on his knees. Urizen tracd his Verses
FZ7a-81.11; E356|        In the dark deep the dark tree grew. her shadow was drawn down
FZ7a-81.12; E356|        Down to the roots it wept over Orc. the Shadow of Enitharmon

FZ7a-81.13; E357|        Los saw her stretchd the image of death upon his witherd valleys
FZ7a-81.14; E357|        Her Shadow went forth & returnd Now she was pale as Snow
FZ7a-81.15; E357|        When the mountains & hills are coverd over & the paths of Men shut up   t774
FZ7a-81.16; E357|        But when her spirit returnd as ruddy as a morning when
FZ7a-81.17; E357|        The ripe fruit blushes into joy in heavens eternal halls   t775
FZ7a-81.18; E357|        Sorrow shot thro him from his feet it shot up to his head
FZ7a-81.19; E357|        Like a cold night that nips the root & shatters off the leaves   t776
FZ7a-81.20; E357|        Silent he stood oer Enitharmon watching her pale face
FZ7a-81.21; E357|        He spoke not he was Silent till he felt the cold disease
FZ7a-81.22; E357|        Then Los mournd on the dismal wind in his jealous lamentation

FZ7a-81.23; E357|        Why can I not Enjoy thy beauty Lovely Enitharmon
FZ7a-81.24; E357|        When I return from clouds of Grief in the wandring Elements
FZ7a-81.25; E357|        Where thou in thrilling joy in beaming summer loveliness
FZ7a-81.26; E357|        Delectable reposest ruddy in my absence flaming with beauty
FZ7a-81.27; E357|        Cold pale in sorrow at my approach trembling at my terrific
FZ7a-81.28; E357|        Forehead & eyes thy lips decay lik roses in the spring   t777
FZ7a-81.29; E357|        How art thou Shrunk thy grapes that burst in summers vast Excess
FZ7a-81.30; E357|        Shut up in little purple covering faintly bud & die
FZ7a-81.31; E357|        Thy olive trees that pourd down oil upon a thousand hills
FZ7a-81.32; E357|        Sickly look forth & scarcely stretch their branches to the plain
FZ7a-81.33; E357|        Thy roses that expanded in the face of glowing morn

FZ7a-82.1;   E357|        Hid in a little silken veil scarce breathe & faintly shine
FZ7a-82.2;   E357|        Thy lilies that gave light what time the morning looked forth
FZ7a-82.3;   E357|        Hid in the Vales faintly lament & no one hears their voice
FZ7a-82.4;   E357|        All things beside the woful Los enjoy the delights of beauty
FZ7a-82.5;   E357|        Once how I sang & calld the beasts & birds to their delights
FZ7a-82.6;   E357|        Nor knew that I alone exempted from the joys of love
FZ7a-82.7;   E357|        Must war with secret monsters of the animating worlds
FZ7a-82.8;   E357|        O that I had not seen the day then should I be at rest
FZ7a-82.9;   E357|        Nor felt the stingings of desire nor longings after life
FZ7a-82.10; E357|        For life is Sweet to Los the wretched to his winged woes
FZ7a-82.11; E357|        Is given a craving cry that they may sit at night on barren rocks
FZ7a-82.12; E357|        And whet their beaks & snuff the air & watch the opening dawn
FZ7a-82.13; E357|        And Shriek till at the smells of blood they stretch their boney wings
FZ7a-82.14; E357|        And cut the winds like arrows shot by troops of Destiny

FZ7a-82.15; E357|        Thus Los lamented in the night unheard by Enitharmon
FZ7a-82.16; E357|        For the Shadow of Enitharmon descended down the tree of Mystery
FZ7a-82.17; E357|        The Spectre saw the Shade Shivering over his gloomy rocks
FZ7a-82.18; E357|        Beneath the tree of Mystery which in the dismal Abyss
FZ7a-82.19; E357|        Began to blossom in fierce pain shooting its writhing buds
FZ7a-82.20; E357|        In throes of birth & now the blossoms falling shining fruit

FZ7a-82.21; E358|        Appeard of many colours & of various poisonous qualities
FZ7a-82.22; E358|        Of Plagues hidden in shining globes that grew on the living tree

FZ7a-82.23; E358|        The Spectre of Urthona saw the Shadow of Enitharmon
FZ7a-82.24; E358|        Beneath the Tree of Mystery among the leaves & fruit   t778
FZ7a-82.25; E358|        Reddning the Demon strong prepard the poison of sweet Love
FZ7a-82.26; E358|        He turnd from side to side in tears he wept & he embracd   t779
FZ7a-82.27; E358|        The fleeting image & in whispers mild wood the faint shade

FZ7a-82.28; E358|        Loveliest delight of Men. Enitharmon shady hiding
FZ7a-82.29; E358|        In secret places where no eye can trace thy watry way
FZ7a-82.30; E358|        Have I found thee have I found thee tremblest thou in fear
FZ7a-82.31; E358|        Because of Orc because he rent his discordant way
FZ7a-82.32; E358|        From thy sweet loins of bliss. red flowd thy blood
FZ7a-82.33; E358|        Pale grew thy face lightnings playd around thee thunders hoverd   t780
FZ7a-82.34; E358|        Over thee, & the terrible Orc rent his discordant way   t781
FZ7a-82.35; E358|        But the next joy of thine shall be in sweet delusion
FZ7a-82.36; E358|        And its birth in fainting & sleep & Sweet delusions of Vala   t782

FZ7a-82.37; E358|        The Shadow of Enitharmon answerd Art thou terrible Shade
FZ7a-82.38; E358|        Set over this sweet boy of mine to guard him lest he rend

FZ7a-83.1;   E358|        His mother to the winds of heaven Intoxicated with
FZ7a-83.2;   E358|        The fruit of this delightful tree. I cannot flee away
FZ7a-83.3;   E358|        From thy embrace else be assurd so horrible a form
FZ7a-83.4;   E358|        Should never in my arms repose. now listen I will tell
FZ7a-83.5;   E358|        Thee Secrets of Eternity which neer before unlockd
FZ7a-83.6;   E358|        My golden lips nor took the bar from Enitharmons breast
FZ7a-83.7;   E358|        Among the Flowers of Beulah walkd the Eternal Man & Saw
FZ7a-83.8;   E358|        Vala the lilly of the desart. melting in high noon
FZ7a-83.9;   E358|        Upon her bosom in sweet bliss he fainted Wonder siezd
FZ7a-83.10; E358|        All heaven they saw him dark. they built a golden wall
FZ7a-83.11; E358|        Round Beulah There he reveld in delight among the Flowers
FZ7a-83.12; E358|        Vala was pregnant & brought forth Urizen Prince of Light   t783
FZ7a-83.13; E358|        First born of Generation. Then behold a wonder to the Eyes
FZ7a-83.14; E358|        Of the now fallen Man a double form Vala appeard. A Male
FZ7a-8315; E358|        And female shuddring pale the Fallen Man recoild
FZ7a-83.16; E358|        From the Enormity & calld them Luvah & Vala. turning down
FZ7a-83.17; E358|        The vales to find his way back into Heaven but found none
FZ7a-83.18; E358|        For his frail eyes were faded & his ears heavy & dull

FZ7a-83.19; E358|        Urizen grew up in the plains of Beulah Many Sons
FZ7a-83.20; E358|        And many daughters flourishd round the holy Tent of Man
FZ7a-83.21; E358|        Till he forgot Eternity delighted in his sweet joy
FZ7a-83.22; E358|        Among his family his flocks & herds & tents & pastures

FZ7a-83.23; E358|        But Luvah close conferrd with Urizen in darksom night
FZ7a-83.24; E358|        To bind the father & enslave the brethren Nought he knew

FZ7a-83.25; E359|        Of sweet Eternity the blood flowd round the holy tent & rivn
FZ7a-83.26; E359|        From its hinges uttering its final groan all Beulah fell
FZ7a-83.27; E359|        In dark confusion mean time Los was born & Enitharmon
FZ7a-83.28; E359|        But how I know not then forgetfulness quite wrapd me up
FZ7a-83.29; E359|        A period nor do I more remember till I stood
FZ7a-83.30; E359|        Beside Los in the Cavern dark enslavd to vegetative forms
FZ7a-83.31; E359|        According to the Will of Luvah who assumed the Place
FZ7a-83.32; E359|        Of the Eternal Man & smote him. But thou Spectre dark
FZ7a-83.33; E359|        Maist find a way to punish Vala in thy fiery South
FZ7a-83.34; E359|        To bring her down subjected to the rage of my fierce boy

FZ7a-84.1;   E359|        The Spectre said. Thou lovely Vision this delightful Tree
FZ7a-84.2;   E359|        Is given us for a Shelter from the tempests of Void & Solid
FZ7a-84.3;   E359|        Till once again the morn of ages shall renew upon us
FZ7a-84.4;   E359|        To reunite in those mild fields of happy Eternity
FZ7a-84.5;   E359|        Where thou & I in undivided Essence walkd about
FZ7a-84.6;   E359|        Imbodied. thou my garden of delight & I the spirit in the garden
FZ7a-84.7;   E359|        Mutual there we dwelt in one anothers joy revolving
FZ7a-84.8;   E359|        Days of Eternity with Tharmas mild & Luvah sweet melodious
FZ7a-84.9;   E359|        Upon our waters. This thou well rememberest listen I will tell
FZ7a-84.10; E359|        What thou forgettest. They in us & we in them alternate Livd   t784
FZ7a-84.11; E359|        Drinking the joys of Universal Manhood. One dread morn
FZ7a-84.12; E359|        Listen O vision of Delight One dread morn of goary blood
FZ7a-84.13; E359|        The manhood was divided for the gentle passions making way   t785
FZ7a-84.14; E359|        Thro the infinite labyrinths of the heart & thro the nostrils issuing
FZ7a-84.15; E359|        In odorous stupefaction stood before the Eyes of Man
FZ7a-84.16; E359|        A female bright. I stood beside my anvil dark a mass
FZ7a-84.17; E359|        Of iron glowd bright prepard for spades & plowshares. sudden down
FZ7a-84.18; E359|        I sunk with cries of blood issuing downward in the veins
FZ7a-84.19; E359|        Which now my rivers were become rolling in tubelike forms   t786
FZ7a-84.20; E359|        Shut up within themselves descending down I sunk along,
FZ7a-84.21; E359|        The goary tide even to the place of seed & there dividing
FZ7a-84.22; E359|        I was divided in darkness & oblivion thou an infant woe
FZ7a-84.23; E359|        And I an infant terror in the womb of Enion
FZ7a-84.24; E359|        My masculine spirit scorning the frail body issud forth
FZ7a-84.25; E359|        From Enions brain In this deformed form leaving thee there
FZ7a-84.26; E359|        Till times passd over thee but still my spirit returning hoverd   t787
FZ7a-84.27; E359|        And formd a Male to be a counterpart to thee O Love
FZ7a-84.28; E359|        Darkend & Lost In due time issuing forth from Enions womb
FZ7a-84.29; E359|        Thou & that demon Los wert born Ah jealousy & woe   t788
FZ7a-84.30; E359|        Ah poor divided dark Urthona now a Spectre wandering
FZ7a-84.31; E359|        The deeps of Los the Slave of that Creation I created
FZ7a-84.32; E359|        I labour night & day for Los but listen thou my vision
FZ7a-84.33; E359|        I view futurity in thee I will bring down soft Vala
FZ7a-84.34; E359|        To the embraces of this terror & I will destroy
FZ7a-84.35; E359|        That body I created then shall we unite again in bliss

FZ7a-84.36; E360|        Thou knowest that the Spectre is in Every Man insane brutish   t789
FZ7a-84.37; E360|        Deformd that I am thus a ravening devouring lust continually
FZ7a-84.38; E360|        Craving & devouring but my Eyes are always upon thee O lovely
FZ7a-84.39; E360|        Delusion & I cannot crave for any thing but thee no so   t790
FZ7a-84.40; E360|        The spectres of the Dead for I am as the Spectre of the Living
FZ7a-84.41; E360|        For till these terrors planted round the Gates of Eternal life
FZ7a-84.42; E360|        Are driven away & annihilated we never can repass the Gates

FZ7a-85.1;   E360|        Astonishd filld with tears the spirit of Enitharmon beheld
FZ7a-85.2;   E360|        And heard the Spectre bitterly she wept Embracing fervent   t791
FZ7a-85.3;   E360|        Her once lovd Lord now but a Shade herself also a shade
FZ7a-85.4;   E360|        Conferring times on times among the branches of that Tree

FZ7a-85.5;   E360|        Thus they conferrd among the intoxicating fumes of Mystery
FZ7a-85.6;   E360|        Till Enitharmons shadow pregnant in the deeps beneath
FZ7a-85.7;   E360|        Brought forth a wonder horrible. While Enitharmon shriekd
FZ7a-85.8;   E360|        And trembled thro the Worlds above Los wept his fierce soul was terrifid
FZ7a-85.9;   E360|        At the shrieks of Enitharmon at her tossings nor could his eyes percieve
FZ7a-85.10; E360|        The cause of her dire anguish for she lay the image of Death
FZ7a-85.11; E360|        Movd by strong shudders till her shadow was deliverd then she ran
FZ7a-85.12; E360|        Raving about the upper Elements in maddning fury

FZ7a-85.13; E360|        She burst the Gates of Enitharmons heart with direful Crash
FZ7a-85.14; E360|        Nor could they ever be closd again the golden hinges were broken
FZ7a-85.15; E360|        And the gates broke in sunder & their ornaments defacd   t792
FZ7a-85.16; E360|        Beneath the tree of Mystery for the immortal shadow shuddering
FZ7a-85.17; E360|        Brought forth this wonder horrible a Cloud she grew & grew
FZ7a-85.18; E360|        Till many of the dead burst forth from the bottoms of their tombs
FZ7a-85.19; E360|        In male forms without female counterparts or Emanations   t793
FZ7a-85.20; E360|        Cruel and ravening with Enmity & Hatred & War
FZ7a-85.21; E360|        In dreams of Ulro dark delusive drawn by the lovely shadow   t794

FZ7a-85.22; E360|        The Spectre terrified gave her Charge over the howling Orc   t795

FZ7b-95[2nd].15; E360|        But in the deeps beneath the Roots of Mystery in darkest night   t797
FZ7b-95[2nd].16; E360|        Where Urizen sat on his rock the Shadow brooded   t798
FZ7b-95[2nd].17; E360|        Urizen saw & triumphd & he cried to his warriors   t799

FZ7b-95[2nd].18; E360|        The time of Prophecy is now revolvd & all
FZ7b-95[2nd].19; E360|        This Universal Ornament is mine & in my hands
FZ7b-95[2nd].20; E360|        The ends of heaven like a Garment will I fold them round me
FZ7b-95[2nd].21; E360|        Consuming what must be consumd then in power & majesty
FZ7b-95[2nd].22; E360|        I will walk forth thro those wide fields of endless Eternity
FZ7b-95[2nd].23; E360|        A God & not a Man a Conqueror in triumphant glory
FZ7b-95[2nd].24; E360|        And all the Sons of Everlasting shall bow down at my feet   t800

FZ7b-95[2nd].25; E360|        First Trades & Commerce ships & armed vessels he builded laborious
FZ7b-95[2nd].26; E360|        To swim the deep & on the Land children are sold to trades

FZ7b-95[2nd].27; E361|        Of dire necessity still laboring day & night till all
FZ7b-95[2nd].28; E361|        Their life extinct they took the spectre form in dark despair
FZ7b-95[2nd].29; E361|        And slaves in myriads in ship loads burden the hoarse sounding deep
FZ7b-95[2nd].30; E361|        Rattling with clanking chains the Universal Empire groans

FZ7b-95[2nd].31; E361|        And he commanded his Sons found a Center in the Deep
FZ7b-95[2nd].32; E361|        And Urizen laid the first Stone & all his myriads
FZ7b-95[2nd].33; E361|        Builded a temple in the image of the human heart

FZ7b-88.1;   E361|        And in the inner part of the Temple wondrous workmanship
FZ7b-88.2;   E361|        They formd the Secret place reversing all the order of delight
FZ7b-88.3;   E361|        That whosoever enterd into the temple might not behold
FZ7b-88.4;   E361|        The hidden wonders allegoric of the Generations
FZ7b-88.5;   E361|        Of secret lust when hid in chambers dark the nightly harlot
FZ7b-88.6;   E361|        Plays in Disguise in whisperd hymn & mumbling prayer The priests
FZ7b-88.7;   E361|        He ordaind & Priestesses clothd in disguises beastial
FZ7b-88.8;   E361|        Inspiring secrecy & lamps they bore intoxicating fumes
FZ7b-88.9;   E361|        Roll round the Temple & they took the Sun that glowd oer Los
FZ7b-88.10; E361|        And with immense machines down rolling. the terrific orb
FZ7b-88.11; E361|        Compell'd. The Sun reddning like a fierce lion in his chains
FZ7b-88.12; E361|        Descended to the sound of instruments that drownd the noise
FZ7b-88.13; E361|        Of the hoarse wheels & the terrific howlings of wild beasts
FZ7b-88.14; E361|        That dragd the wheels of the Suns chariot & they put the Sun
FZ7b-88.15; E361|        Into the temple of Urizen to give light to the Abyss
FZ7b-88.16; E361|        To light the War by day to hide his secret beams by night
FZ7b-88.17; E361|        For he divided day & night in different orderd portions
FZ7b-88.18; E361|        The day for war the night for secret religion in his temple   t801

FZ7b-88.19; E361|        Los reard his mighty stature on Earth stood his feet. Above   t802
FZ7b-88.20; E361|        The moon his furious forehead circled with black bursting thunders
FZ7b-88.21; E361|        His naked limbs glittring upon the dark blue sky his knees
FZ7b-88.22; E361|        Bathed in bloody clouds. his loins in fires of war where spears
FZ7b-88.23; E361|        And swords rage where the Eagles cry & the Vultures laugh saying
FZ7b-88.24; E361|        Now comes the night of Carnage now the flesh of Kings & Princes
FZ7b-88.25; E361|        Pamperd in palaces for our food the blood of Captains nurturd   t803
FZ7b-88.26; E361|        With lust & murder for our drink the drunken Raven shall wander
FZ7b-88.27; E361|        All night among the slain & mock the wounded that groan in the field

FZ7b-88.28; E361|        Tharmas laughd furious among the Banners clothd in blood

FZ7b-88.29; E361|        Crying As I will I rend the Nations all asunder rending
FZ7b-88.30; E361|        The People, vain their combinations I will scatter them
FZ7b-88.31; E361|        But thou O Son whom I have crowned and inthrond thee Strong
FZ7b-88.32; E361|        I will preserve tho Enemies arise around thee numberless
FZ7b-88.33; E361|        I will command my winds & they shall scatter them or call

FZ7b-89.1;   E361|        My Waters like a flood around thee fear not trust in me
FZ7b-89.2;   E361|        And I will give thee all the ends of heaven for thy possession

FZ7b-89.3;   E362|        In war shalt thou bear rule in blood shalt thou triumph for me
FZ7b-89.4;   E362|        Because in times of Everlasting I was rent in sunder
FZ7b-89.5;   E362|        And what I loved best was divided among my Enemies
FZ7b-89.6;   E362|        My little daughters were made captives & I saw them beaten
FZ7b-89.7;   E362|        With whips along the sultry sands. I heard those whom I lovd   t804
FZ7b-89.8;   E362|        Crying in secret tents at night & in the morn compelld
FZ7b-89.9;   E362|        To labour & behold my heart sunk down beneath
FZ7b-89.10; E362|        In sighs & sobbings all dividing till I was divided   t805
FZ7b-89.11; E362|        In twain & lo my Crystal form that lived in my bosom
FZ7b-89.12; E362|        Followd her daughters to the fields of blood they left me naked
FZ7b-89.13; E362|        Alone & they refusd to return from the fields of the mighty
FZ7b-89.14; E362|        Therefore I will reward them as they have rewarded me
FZ7b-89.15; E362|        I will divide them in my anger & thou O my King
FZ7b-89.16; E362|        Shalt gather them from out their graves & put thy fetter on them
FZ7b-89.17; E362|        And bind them to thee that my crystal form may come to me

FZ7b-89.18; E362|        So cried the Demon of the Waters in the Clouds of Los
FZ7b-89.19; E362|        Outstretchd upon the hills lay Enitharmon clouds & tempests
FZ7b-89.20; E362|        Beat round her head all night all day she riots in Excess
FZ7b-89.21; E362|        But night or day Los follows War & the dismal moon rolls over her   t806
FZ7b-89.22; E362|        That when Los warrd upon the South reflected the fierce fires
FZ7b-89.23; E362|        Of his immortal head into the North upon faint Enitharmon
FZ7b-89.24; E362|        Red rage the furies of fierce Orc black thunders roll round Los
FZ7b-89.25; E362|        Flaming his head like the bright sun seen thro a mist that magnifies
FZ7b-89.26; E362|        His disk into a terrible vision to the Eyes of trembling mortals

FZ7b-89.27; E362|        And Enitharmon trembling & in fear utterd these words

FZ7b-89.28; E362|        I put not any trust in thee nor in thy glittering scales
FZ7b-89.29; E362|        Thy eyelids are a terror to me & the flaming of thy crest
FZ7b-89.30; E362|        The rushing of thy Scales confound me thy hoarse rushing scales
FZ7b-89.31; E362|        And if that Los had not built me a tower upon a rock
FZ7b-89.32; E362|        I must have died in the dark desart among noxious worms
FZ7b-89.33; E362|        How shall I flee how shall I flee into the tower of Los
FZ7b-89.34; E362|        My feet are turned backward & my footsteps slide in clay
FZ7b-89.35; E362|        And clouds are closd around my tower my arms labour in vain
FZ7b-89.36; E362|        Does not the God of waters in the wracking Elements
FZ7b-89.37; E362|        Love those who hate rewarding with hate the Loving Soul

FZ7b-90.1;   E362|        And must not I obey the God thou Shadow of Jealousy
FZ7b-90.2;   E362|        I cry the watchman heareth not I pour my voice in roarings
FZ7b-90.3;   E362|        Watchman the night is thick & darkness cheats my rayie sight
FZ7b-90.4;   E362|        Lift up Lift up O Los awake my watchman for he sleepeth
FZ7b-90.5;   E362|        Lift up Lift up Shine forth O Light watchman thy light is out
FZ7b-90.6;   E362|        O Los unless thou keep my tower the Watchman will be slain

FZ7b-90.7;   E362|        So Enitharmon cried upon her terrible Earthy bed
FZ7b-90.8;   E362|        While the broad Oak wreathd his roots round her forcing his dark way

FZ7b-90.9;   E363|        Thro caves of death into Existence The Beech long limbd advancd
FZ7b-90.10; E363|        Terrific into the paind heavens The fruit trees humanizing
FZ7b-90.11; E363|        Shewd their immortal energies in warlike desperation
FZ7b-90.12; E363|        Rending the heavens & earths & drinking blood in the hot battle
FZ7b-90.13; E363|        To feed their fruit to gratify their hidden sons & daughters
FZ7b-90.14; E363|        That far within the close recesses of their secret palaces
FZ7b-90.15; E363|        Viewd the vast war & joyd wishing to vegetate
FZ7b-90.16; E363|        Into the Worlds of Enitharmon Loud the roaring winds
FZ7b-90.17; E363|        Burdend with clouds howl round the Couch sullen the wooly sheep
FZ7b-90.18; E363|        Walks thro the battle Dark & fierce the Bull his rage
FZ7b-90.19; E363|        Propagates thro the warring Earth The Lion raging in flames   t807
FZ7b-90.20; E363|        The Tyger in redounding smoke The Serpent of the woods   t808
FZ7b-90.21; E363|        And of the waters & the scorpion of the desart irritate
FZ7b-90.22; E363|        With harsh songs every living soul. The Prester Serpent runs
FZ7b-90.23; E363|        Along the ranks crying Listen to the Priest of God ye warriors
FZ7b-90.24; E363|        This Cowl upon my head he placd in times of Everlasting
FZ7b-90.25; E363|        And said Go forth & guide my battles. lik the jointed spine
FZ7b-90.26; E363|        Of Man I made thee when I blotted Man from life & light
FZ7b-90.27; E363|        Take thou the seven Diseases of Man store them for times to come
FZ7b-90.28; E363|        In store houses in secret places that I will tell the[e] of
FZ7b-90.29; E363|        To be my great & awful curses at the time appointed

FZ7b-90.30; E363|        The Prester Serpent ceasd the War song sounded loud & strong
FZ7b-90.31; E363|        Thro all the heavens Urizens Web vibrated torment on torment   t809

FZ7b-91[2nd].1;   E363|        Thus in the Caverns of the Grave & Places of human seed   t811
FZ7b-91[2nd].2;   E363|        The nameless shadowy Vortex stood before the face of Orc
FZ7b-91[2nd].3;   E363|        The Shadow reard her dismal head over the flaming youth
FZ7b-91[2nd].4;   E363|        With sighs & howling & deep sobs that he might lose his rage
FZ7b-91[2nd].5;   E363|        And with it lose himself in meekness she embracd his fire
FZ7b-91[2nd].6;   E363|        As when the Earthquake rouzes from his den his shoulders huge
FZ7b-91[2nd].7;   E363|        Appear above the crumb[l]ing Mountain. Silence waits around him
FZ7b-91[2nd].8;   E363|        A moment then astounding horror belches from the Center
FZ7b-91[2nd].9;   E363|        The fiery dogs arise the shoulders huge appear
FZ7b-91[2nd].10; E363|        So Orc rolld round his clouds upon the deeps of dark Urthona
FZ7b-91[2nd].11; E363|        Knowing the arts of Urizen were Pity & Meek affection   t812
FZ7b-91[2nd].12; E363|        And that by these arts the Serpent form exuded from his limbs
FZ7b-91[2nd].13; E363|        Silent as despairing love & strong as Jealousy
FZ7b-91[2nd].14; E363|        Jealous that she was Vala now become Urizens harlot
FZ7b-91[2nd].15; E363|        And the Harlot of Los & the deluded harlot of the Kings of Earth
FZ7b-91[2nd].16; E363|        His soul was gnawn in sunder
FZ7b-91[2nd].17; E363|        The hairy shoulders rend the links free are the wrists of fire
FZ7b-91[2nd].18; E363|        Red rage redounds he rouzd his lions from his forests black
FZ7b-91[2nd].19; E363|        They howl around the flaming youth rending the nameless shadow
FZ7b-91[2nd].20; E363|        And running their immortal course thro solid darkness borne

FZ7b-91[2nd].21; E364|        Loud sounds the war song round red Orc in his [?triumphant] fury   t813
FZ7b-91[2nd].22; E364|        And round the nameless shadowy Female in her howling terror
FZ7b-91[2nd].23; E364|        When all the Elemental Gods joind in the wondrous Song

FZ7b-91[2nd].24; E364|        Sound the War trumpet terrific Souls clad in attractive steel
FZ7b-91[2nd].25; E364|        Sound the shrill fife serpents of war. I hear the northern drum
FZ7b-91[2nd].26; E364|        Awake, I hear the flappings of the folding banners

FZ7b-91[2nd].27; E364|        The dragons of the North put on their armour
FZ7b-91[2nd].28; E364|        Upon the Eastern sea direct they take their course
FZ7b-91[2nd].29; E364|        The glittring of their horses trapping stains the vault of night

FZ7b-91[2nd].30; E364|        Stop we the rising of the glorious King. spur spur your clouds   t814

FZ7b-92.1;   E364|        Of death O northern drum awake O hand of iron sound
FZ7b-92.2;   E364|        The northern drum. Now give the charge! bravely obscurd!
FZ7b-92.3;   E364|        With darts of wintry hail. Again the black bow draw
FZ7b-92.4;   E364|        Again the Elemental Strings to your right breasts draw
FZ7b-92.5;   E364|        And let the thundring drum speed on the arrows black

FZ7b-92.6;   E364|        The arrows flew from cloudy bow all day. till blood
FZ7b-92.7;   E364|        From east to west flowd like the human veins in rivers
FZ7b-92.8;   E364|        Of life upon the plains of death & valleys of despair

FZ7b-92.9;   E364|        Now sound the clarions of Victory now strip the slain
FZ7b-92.10; E364|        clothe yourselves in golden arms brothers of war   t815
FZ7b-92.11; E364|        They sound the clarions strong they chain the howling captives
FZ7b-92.12; E364|        they give the Oath of blood They cast the lots into the helmet,   t816
FZ7b-92.13; E364|        They vote the death of Luvah & they naild him to the tree
FZ7b-92.14; E364|        They piercd him with a spear & laid him in a sepulcher
FZ7b-92.15; E364|        To die a death of Six thousand years bound round with desolation
FZ7b-92.16; E364|        The sun was black & the moon rolld a useless globe thro heaven

FZ7b-92.17; E364|        Then left the Sons of Urizen the plow & harrow the loom
FZ7b-92.18; E364|        The hammer & the Chisel & the rule & compasses
FZ7b-92.19; E364|        They forgd the sword the chariot of war the battle ax
FZ7b-92.20; E364|        The trumpet fitted to the battle & the flute of summer
FZ7b-92.21; E364|        And all the arts of life they changd into the arts of death
FZ7b-92.22; E364|        The hour glass contemnd because its simple workmanship
FZ7b-92.23; E364|        Was as the workmanship of the plowman & the water wheel
FZ7b-92.24; E364|        That raises water into Cisterns broken & burnd in fire
FZ7b-92.25; E364|        Because its workmanship was like the workmanship of the Shepherd
FZ7b-92.26; E364|        And in their stead intricate wheels invented Wheel without wheel
FZ7b-92.27; E364|        To perplex youth in their outgoings & to bind to labours
FZ7b-92.28; E364|        Of day & night the myriads of Eternity. that they might file
FZ7b-92.29; E364|        And polish brass & iron hour after hour laborious workmanship
FZ7b-92.30; E364|        Kept ignorant of the use that they might spend the days of wisdom
FZ7b-92.31; E364|        In sorrowful drudgery to obtain a scanty pittance of bread
FZ7b-92.32; E364|        In ignorance to view a small portion & think that All
FZ7b-92.33; E364|        And call it Demonstration blind to all the simple rules of life

FZ7b-92.34; E365|        Now now the Battle rages round thy tender limbs O Vala
FZ7b-92.35; E365|        Now smile among thy bitter tears now put on all thy beauty
FZ7b-92.36; E365|        Is not the wound of the sword Sweet & the broken bone delightful
FZ7b-92.37; E365|        Wilt thou now smile among the slain when the wounded groan in the field

FZ7b-93.1;   E365|        Life up thy blue eyes Vala & put on thy sapphire shoes
FZ7b-93.2;   E365|        O Melancholy Magdalen behold the morning breaks
FZ7b-93.3;   E365|        Gird on thy flaming Zone. descend into the Sepulcher
FZ7b-93.4;   E365|        Scatter the blood from thy golden brow the tears from thy silver locks
FZ7b-93.5;   E365|        Shake off the waters from thy wings & the dust from thy white garments

FZ7b-93.6;   E365|        Remember all thy feigned terrors on the secret Couch
FZ7b-93.7;   E365|        When the sun rose in glowing morn with arms of mighty hosts
FZ7b-93.8;   E365|        Marching to battle who was wont to rise with Urizens harps   t817
FZ7b-93.9;   E365|        Girt as a Sower with his seed to scatter life abroad

FZ7b-93.10; E365|        Arise O Vala bring the bow of Urizen bring the sift arrows of light
FZ7b-93.11; E365|        How ragd the golden horses of Urizen bound to the chariot of Love
FZ7b-93.12; E365|        Compelld to leave the plow to the Ox to snuff up the winds of desolation
FZ7b-93.13; E365|        To trample the corn fields in boastful neighings. this is no gentle harp
FZ7b-93.14; E365|        This is no warbling brook nor Shadow of a Myrtle tree

FZ7b-93.15; E365|        But blood & wounds & dismal cries & clarions of war
FZ7b-93.16; E365|        And hearts laid open to the light by the broad grizly sword
FZ7b-93.17; E365|        And bowels hidden in hammerd steel rippd forth upon the Ground   t818
FZ7b-93.18; E365|        Call forth thy Smiles of soft deceit call forth thy cloudy tears
FZ7b-93.19; E365|        We hear thy sighs in trumpets shrill when Morn shall blood renew   t819

FZ7b-93.20; E365|        So sung the demons of the deep the Clarions of war blew loud   t820
FZ7b-93.21; E365|        Orc rent her & his human form consumd in his own fires
FZ7b-93.22; E365|        Mingled with her dolorous members strewn thro the Abyss
FZ7b-93.23; E365|        She joyd in all the Conflict Gratified & drinking tears of woe
FZ7b-93.24; E365|        No more remaind of Orc but the Serpent round the tree of Mystery
FZ7b-93.25; E365|        The form of Orc was gone he reard his serpent bulk among
FZ7b-93.26; E365|        The stars of Urizen in Power rending the form of life   t821
FZ7b-93.27; E365|        Into a formless indefinite & strewing her on the Abyss
FZ7b-93.28; E365|        Like clouds upon the winter sky broken with winds & thunders
FZ7b-93.29; E365|        This was to her Supreme delight The Warriors mournd disappointed
FZ7b-93.30; E365|        They go out to war with Strong Shouts & loud Clarions O Pity
FZ7b-93.31; E365|        They return with lamentations mourning & weeping

FZ7b-93.32; E365|        Invisible or visible drawn out in length or stretchd in breadth
FZ7b-93.33; E365|        The Shadowy Female varied in the War in her delight
FZ7b-93.34; E365|        Howling in discontent black & heavy uttering brute sounds
FZ7b-93.35; E365|        Wading thro fens among the slimy weeds making Lamentations
FZ7b-93.36; E365|        To decieve Tharmas in his rage to soothe his furious soul

FZ7b-93.37; E366|        To stay him in his flight that Urizen might live tho in pain
FZ7b-93.38; E366|        He said Art thou bright Enion is the Shadow of hope returnd

FZ7b-93.39; E366|        And She said Tharmas I am Vala bless thy innocent face
FZ7b-93.40; E366|        Doth Enion avoid the sight of thy blue watry eyes
FZ7b-93.41; E366|        Be not perswaded that the air knows this or the failing dew

FZ7b-93.42; E366|        Tharmas replid O Vala once I livd in a garden of delight

FZ7b-94.1;   E366|        I wakend Enion in the Morning & she turnd away
FZ7b-94.2;   E366|        Among the apple trees & all the gardens of delight
FZ7b-94.3;   E366|        Swam like a dream before my eyes I went to seek the steps
FZ7b-94.4;   E366|        Of Enion in the gardens & the shadows compassd me
FZ7b-94.5;   E366|        And closd me in a watry world of woe where Enion stood
FZ7b-94.6;   E366|        Trembling before me like a shadow like a mist like air
FZ7b-94.7;   E366|        And she is gone & here alone I war with darkness & death
FZ7b-94.8;   E366|        I hear thy voice but not thy form see. thou & all delight
FZ7b-94.9;   E366|        And life appear & vanish mocking me with shadows of false hope
FZ7b-94.10; E366|        Hast thou forgot that the air listens thro all its districts telling
FZ7b-94.11; E366|        The subtlest thoughts shut up from light in chambers of the Moon

FZ7b-94.12; E366|        Tharmas. The Moon has chambers where the babes of love lie hid
FZ7b-94.13; E366|        And whence they never can be brought in all Eternity
FZ7b-94.14; E366|        Unless exposd by their vain parents. Lo him whom I love
FZ7b-94.15; E366|        Is hidden from me & I never in all Eternity
FZ7b-94.16; E366|        Shall see him Enitharmon & Ahania combind with Enion
FZ7b-94.17; E366|        Hid him in that Outrageous form of Orc which torments me for Sin   t822
FZ7b-94.18; E366|        For all my Secret faults which he brings forth upon the light
FZ7b-94.19; E366|        Of day in jealousy & blood my Children are led to Urizens war
FZ7b-94.20; E366|        Before my eyes & for every one of these I am condemnd
FZ7b-94.21; E366|        To Eternal torment in these flames for tho I have the power
FZ7b-94.22; E366|        To rise on high Yet love here binds me down & never never
FZ7b-94.23; E366|        Will I arise till him I love is loosd from this dark chain

FZ7b-94.24; E366|        Tharmas replied Vala thy Sins have lost us heaven & bliss
FZ7b-94.25; E366|        Thou art our Curse and till I can bring love into the light   t823
FZ7b-94.26; E366|        I never will depart from my great wrath

FZ7b-94.27; E366|        So Tharmas waild wrathful then rode upon the Stormy Deep   t824
FZ7b-94.28; E366|        Cursing the Voice that mockd him with false hope in furious mood
FZ7b-94.29; E366|        Then She returns swift as a blight upon the infant bud
FZ7b-94.30; E366|        Howling in all the notes of woe to stay his furious rage
FZ7b-94.31; E366|        Stamping the hills wading or swimming flying furious or falling
FZ7b-94.32; E366|        Or like an Earthquake rumbling in the bowels of the earth
FZ7b-94.33; E366|        Or like a cloud beneath & like a fire flaming in high
FZ7b-94.34; E366|        Walking in pleasure of the hills or murmuring in the dales
FZ7b-94.35; E366|        Like to a rushing torrent beneath & a falling rock above
FZ7b-94.36; E366|        A thunder cloud in the south & a lulling voice heard in the north

FZ7b-94.37; E367|        And she went forth & saw the forms of Life & of delight
FZ7b-94.38; E367|        Walking on Mountains or flying in the open expanse of heaven
FZ7b-94.39; E367|        She heard sweet voices in the winds & in the voices of birds
FZ7b-94.40; E367|        That rose from waters for the waters were as the voice of Luvah
FZ7b-94.41; E367|        Not seen to her like waters or like this dark world of death
FZ7b-94.42; E367|        Tho all those fair perfections which men know only by name
FZ7b-94.43; E367|        In beautiful substantial forms appeard & served her
FZ7b-94.44; E367|        As food or drink or ornament or in delightful works
FZ7b-94.45; E367|        To build her bowers for the Elements brought forth abundantly
FZ7b-94.46; E367|        The living soul in glorious forms & every One came forth
FZ7b-94.47; E367|        Walking before her Shadowy face & bowing at her feet
FZ7b-94.48; E367|        But in vain delights were poured forth on the howling melancholy
FZ7b-94.49; E367|        For her delight the horse his proud neck bowd & his white mane
FZ7b-94.50; E367|        And the Strong Lion deignd in his mouth to wear the golden bit
FZ7b-94.51; E367|        While the far beaming Peacock waited on the fragrant wind
FZ7b-94.52; E367|        To bring her fruits of sweet delight from trees of richest wonders
FZ7b-94.53; E367|        And the strong piniond Eagle bore the fire of heaven in the night season
FZ7b-94.54; E367|        Wood & subdud into Eternal Death the Demon Lay
FZ7b-94.55; E367|        In rage against the dark despair. the howling Melancholy   t825
FZ7b-87[95][1st].1;   E367|        For far & wide she stretchd thro all the worlds of Urizens journey
FZ7b-87[95][1st].2;   E367|        And was Ajoind to Beulah as the Polypus to the Rock
FZ7b-87[95][1st].3;   E367|        Mo[u]rning the daughters of Beulah saw nor could they have sustaind
FZ7b-87[95][1st].4;   E367|        The horrid sight of death & torment But the Eternal Promise
FZ7b-87[95][1st].5;   E367|        They wrote on all their tombs & pillars & on every Urn
FZ7b-87[95][1st].6;   E367|        These words If ye will believe your B[r]other shall rise again
FZ7b-87[95][1st].7;   E367|        In golden letters ornamented with sweet labours of Love
FZ7b-87[95][1st].8;   E367|        Waiting with Patience for the fulfilment of the Promise Divine   t826

FZ7b-87[95][1st].9;   E367|        And all the Songs of Beulah sounded comfortable notes
FZ7b-87[95][1st].10; E367|        Not suffring doubt to rise up from the Clouds of the Shadowy Female
FZ7b-87[95][1st].11; E367|        Then myriads of the Dead burst thro the bottoms of their tombs
FZ7b-87[95][1st].12; E367|        Descending on the shadowy females clouds in Spectrous terror
FZ7b-87[95][1st].13; E367|        Beyond the Limit of Translucence on the Lake of Udan Adan
FZ7b-87[95][1st].14; E367|        These they namd Satans & in the Aggregate they namd them Satan

FZ7b-95[85][2nd].23; E367|        Then took the tree of Mystery root in the World of Los
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].24; E367|        Its topmost boughs shooting a fibre beneath Enitharmons couch   t827
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].25; E367|        The double rooted Labyrinth soon wavd around their heads

FZ7b-95[85][2nd].26; E367|        But then the Spectre enterd Los's bosom Every sigh & groan   t828
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].27; E367|        Of Enitharmon bore Urthonas Spectre on its wings
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].28; E367|        Obdurate Los felt Pity Enitharmon told the tale
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].29; E367|        Of Urthona. Los embracd the Spectre first as a brother
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].30; E367|        Then as another Self; astonishd humanizing & in tears
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].31; E367|        In Self abasement Giving up his Domineering lust

FZ7b-95[85][2nd].32; E368|        Thou never canst embrace sweet Enitharmon terrible Demon. Till
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].33; E368|        Thou art united with thy Spectre Consummating by pains & labours <pine
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].34; E368|        That mortal body & by Self annihilation back returning   t830
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].35; E368|        To Life Eternal be assurd I am thy real Self
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].36; E368|        Tho thus divided from thee & the Slave of Every passion
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].37; E368|        Of thy fierce Soul Unbar the Gates of Memory look upon me   t831
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].38; E368|        Not as another but as thy real Self I am thy Spectre
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].39; E368|        Thou didst subdue me in old times by thy Immortal Strength   t832
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].40; E368|        When I was a ravning hungring & thirsting cruel lust & murder
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].41; E368|        Tho horrible & Ghastly to thine Eyes tho buried beneath   t833
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].42; E368|        The ruins of the Universe. hear what inspird I speak & be silent

FZ7b-95[85][2nd].43; E368|        If we unite in one[,] another better world will be   t834
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].44; E368|        Opend within your heart & loins & wondrous brain
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].45; E368|        Threefold as it was in Eternity & this the fourth Universe
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].46; E368|        Will be Renewd by the three & consummated in Mental fires
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].47; E368|        But if thou dost refuse Another body will be prepared

FZ7a-86.1;   E368|        For me & thou annihilate evaporate & be no more
FZ7a-86.2;   E368|        For thou art but a form & organ of life & of thyself
FZ7a-86.3;   E368|        Art nothing being Created Continually by Mercy & Love divine

FZ7a-86.4;   E368|        Los furious answerd. Spectre horrible thy words astound my Ear
FZ7a-86.5;   E368|        With irresistible conviction I feel I am not one of those
FZ7a-86.6;   E368|        Who when convincd can still persist. tho furious.controllable
FZ7a-86.7;   E368|        By Reasons power. Even I already feel a World within
FZ7a-86.8;   E368|        Opening its gates & in it all the real substances
FZ7a-86.9;   E368|        Of which these in the outward World are shadows which pass away
FZ7a-86.10; E368|        Come then into my Bosom & in thy shadowy arms bring with thee
FZ7a-86.11; E368|        My lovely Enitharmon. I will quell my fury & teach
FZ7a-86.12; E368|        Peace to the Soul of dark revenge & repentance to Cruelty

FZ7a-86.13; E368|        So spoke Los & Embracing Enitharmon & the Spectre
FZ7a-86.14; E368|        Clouds would have folded round in Extacy & Love uniting

FZ7a-87.1;   E368|        But Enitharmon trembling fled & hid beneath Urizens tree
FZ7a-87.2;   E368|        But mingling together with his Spectre the Spectre of Urthona   t835
FZ7a-87.3;   E368|        Wondering beheld the Center opend by Divine Mercy inspired   t836
FZ7a-87.4;   E368|        He in his turn Gave Tasks to Los Enormous to destroy   t837
FZ7a-87.5;   E368|        That body he created but in vain for Los performd Wonders of labour
FZ7a-87.6;   E368|        They Builded Golgonooza Los labouring builded pillars high   t838
FZ7a-87.7;   E368|        And Domes terrific in the nether heavens for beneath
FZ7a-87.8;   E368|        Was opend new heavens & a new Earth beneath & within
FZ7a-87.9;   E368|        Threefold within the brain within the heart within the loins
FZ7a-87.10; E368|        A Threefold Atmosphere Sublime continuous from Urthonas world   t839
FZ7a-87.11; E368|        But yet having a Limit Twofold named Satan & Adam

FZ7a-87.12; E369|        But Los stood on the Limit of Translucence weeping & trembling
FZ7a-87.13; E369|        Filled with doubts in self accusation beheld the fruit   t840
FZ7a-87.14; E369|        Of Urizens Mysterious tree For Enitharmon thus spake

FZ7a-87.15; E369|        When In the Deeps beneath I gatherd of this ruddy fruit
FZ7a-87.16; E369|        It was by that I knew that I had Sinnd & then I knew
FZ7a-87.17; E369|        That without a ransom I could not be savd from Eternal death
FZ7a-87.18; E369|        That Life lives upon Death & by devouring appetite
FZ7a-87.19; E369|        All things subsist on one another thenceforth in Despair
FZ7a-87.20; E369|        I spend my glowing time but thou art strong & mighty
FZ7a-87.21; E369|        To bear this Self conviction take then Eat thou also of
FZ7a-87.22; E369|        The fruit & give me proof of life Eternal or I die

FZ7a-87.23; E369|        Then Los plucked the fruit & Eat & sat down in Despair
FZ7a-87.24; E369|        And must have given himself to death Eternal But
FZ7a-87.25; E369|        Urthonas spectre in part mingling with him comforted him
FZ7a-87.26; E369|        Being a medium between him & Enitharmon But This Union
FZ7a-87.27; E369|        Was not to be Effected without Cares & Sorrows & Troubles
FZ7a-87.28; E369|        Of six thousand Years of self denial and of bitter Contrition   t841
FZ7a-87.29; E369|        Urthonas Spectre terrified beheld the Spectres of the Dead
FZ7a-87.30; E369|        Each Male formd without a counterpart without a concentering vision
FZ7a-87.31; E369|        The Spectre of Urthona wept before Los Saying I am the cause
FZ7a-87.32; E369|        That this dire state commences I began the dreadful state
FZ7a-87.33; E369|        Of Separation & on my dark head the curse & punishment
FZ7a-87.34; E369|        Must fall unless a way be found to Ransom & Redeem   t842

FZ7a-87.35; E369|        But I have thee my [Counterpart Vegetating] miraculous   t843
FZ7a-87.36; E369|        These Spectres have no [Counter(parts)] therefore they ravin
FZ7a-87.37; E369|        Without the food of life Let us Create them Coun[terparts]
FZ7a-87.38; E369|        For without a Created body the Spectre is Eternal Death

FZ7a-87.39; E369|        Los trembling answerd Now I feel the weight of stern repentance
FZ7a-87.40; E369|        Tremble not so my Enitharmon at the awful gates
FZ7a-87.41; E369|        Of thy poor broken Heart I see thee like a shadow withering
FZ7a-87.42; E369|        As on the outside of Existence but look! behold! take comfort!
FZ7a-87.43; E369|        Turn inwardly thine Eyes & there behold the Lamb of God
FZ7a-87.44; E369|        Clothed in Luvahs robes of blood descending to redeem
FZ7a-87.45; E369|        O Spectre of Urthona take comfort O Enitharmon
FZ7a-87.46; E369|        Couldst thou but cease from terror & trembling & affright
FZ7a-87.47; E369|        When I appear before thee in forgiveness of ancient injuries   t844
FZ7a-87.48; E369|        Why shouldst thou remember & be afraid. I surely have died in pain
FZ7a-87.49; E369|        Often enough to convince thy jealousy & fear & terror   t845
FZ7a-87.50; E369|        Come hither be patient let us converse together because
FZ7a-87.51; E369|        I also tremble at myself & at all my former life

FZ7a-87.52; E369|        Enitharmon answerd I behold the Lamb of God descending
FZ7a-87.53; E369|        To Meet these Spectres of the Dead I therefore fear that he

FZ7a-87.54; E370|        Will give us to Eternal Death fit punishment for such
FZ7a-87.55; E370|        Hideous offenders Uttermost extinction in eternal pain
FZ7a-87.56; E370|        An ever dying life of stifling & obstruction shut out
FZ7a-87.57; E370|        Of existence to be a sign & terror to all who behold
FZ7a-87.58; E370|        Lest any should in futurity do as we have done in heaven
FZ7a-87.59; E370|        Such is our state nor will the Son of God redeem us but destroy

FZ7a-98[90].1;   E370|        So Enitharmon spoke trembling & in torrents of tears

FZ7a-98[90].2;   E370|        Los sat in Golgonooza in the Gate of Luban where   t847
FZ7a-98[90].3;   E370|        He had erected many porches where branchd the Mysterious Tree   t848
FZ7a-98[90].4;   E370|        Where the Spectrous dead wail & sighing thus he spoke to Enitharmon

FZ7a-98[90].5;   E370|        Lovely delight of Men Enitharmon shady refuge from furious war   t849
FZ7a-98[90].6;   E370|        Thy bosom translucent is a soft repose for the weeping souls
FZ7a-98[90].7;   E370|        Of those piteous victims of battle there they sleep in happy obscurity
FZ7a-98[90].8;   E370|        They feed upon our life we are their victims. Stern desire
FZ7a-98[90].9;   E370|        I feel to fabricate embodied semblances in which the dead
FZ7a-98[90].10; E370|        May live before us in our palaces & in our gardens of labour   t850
FZ7a-98[90].11; E370|        Which now opend within the Center we behold spread abroad
FZ7a-98[90].12; E370|        To form a world of Sacrifice of brothers & sons & daughters   t851
FZ7a-98[90].13; E370|        To comfort Orc in his dire sufferings[;] look[!] my fires enlume afresh
FZ7a-98[90].14; E370|        Before my face ascending with delight as in ancient times

FZ7a-98[90].15; E370|        Enitharmon spread her beaming locks upon the wind & said
FZ7a-98[90].16; E370|        O Lovely terrible Los wonder of Eternity O Los my defence & guide   t852
FZ7a-98[90].17; E370|        Thy works are all my joy. & in thy fires my soul delights
FZ7a-98[90].18; E370|        If mild they burn in just proportion & in secret night
FZ7a-98[90].19; E370|        And silence build their day in shadow of soft clouds & dews
FZ7a-98[90].20; E370|        Then I can sigh forth on the winds of Golgonooza piteous forms
FZ7a-98[90].21; E370|        That vanish again into my bosom but if thou my Los
FZ7a-98[90].22; E370|        Wilt in sweet moderated fury. fabricate forms sublime   t853
FZ7a-98[90].23; E370|        Such as the piteous spectres may assimilate themselves into
FZ7a-98[90].24; E370|        They shall be ransoms for our Souls that we may live

FZ7a-98[90].25; E370|        So Enitharmon spoke & Los his hands divine inspired began   t854
FZ7a-98[90].26; E370|        To modulate his fires studious the loud roaring flames
FZ7a-98[90].27; E370|        He vanquishd with the strength of Art bending their iron points
FZ7a-98[90].28; E370|        And drawing them forth delighted upon the winds of Golgonooza   t855
FZ7a-98[90].29; E370|        From out the ranks of Urizens war & from the fiery lake
FZ7a-98[90].30; E370|        Of Orc bending down as the binder of the Sheaves follows
FZ7a-98[90].31; E370|        The reaper in both arms embracing the furious raging flames
FZ7a-98[90].32; E370|        Los drew them forth out of the deeps planting his right foot firm
FZ7a-98[90].33; E370|        Upon the Iron crag of Urizen thence springing up aloft
FZ7a-98[90].34; E370|        Into the heavens of Enitharmon in a mighty circle

FZ7a-98[90].35; E370|        And first he drew a line upon the walls of shining heaven
FZ7a-98[90].36; E370|        And Enitharmon tincturd it with beams of blushing love

FZ7a-98[90].37; E371|        It remaind permanent a lovely form inspird divinely human
FZ7a-98[90].38; E371|        Dividing into just proportions Los unwearied labourd
FZ7a-98[90].39; E371|        The immortal lines upon the heavens till with sighs of love
FZ7a-98[90].40; E371|        Sweet Enitharmon mild Entrancd breathd forth upon the wind
FZ7a-98[90].41; E371|        The spectrous dead Weeping the Spectres viewd the immortal works
FZ7a-98[90].42; E371|        Of Los Assimilating to those forms Embodied & Lovely
FZ7a-98[90].43; E371|        In youth & beauty in the arms of Enitharmon mild reposing

FZ7a-98[90].44; E371|        First Rintrah & then Palamabron drawn from out the ranks of war
FZ7a-98[90].45; E371|        In infant innocence reposd on Enitharmons bosom
FZ7a-98[90].46; E371|        Orc was comforted in the deeps his soul revivd in them
FZ7a-98[90].47; E371|        As the Eldest brother is the fathers image So Orc became <856>
FZ7a-98[90].48; E371|        As Los a father to his brethren & he joyd in the dark lake
FZ7a-98[90].49; E371|        Tho bound with chains of Jealousy & in scales of iron & brass

FZ7a-98[90].50; E371|        But Los loved them & refusd to Sacrifice their infant limbs
FZ7a-98[90].51; E371|        And Enitharmons smiles & tears prevaild over self protection
FZ7a-98[90].52; E371|        They rather chose to meet Eternal death than to destroy
FZ7a-98[90].53; E371|        The offspring of their Care & Pity Urthonas spectre was comforted
FZ7a-98[90].54; E371|        But Tharmas most rejoicd in hope of Enions return
FZ7a-98[90].55; E371|        For he beheld new Female forms born forth upon the air
FZ7a-98[90].56; E371|        Who wove soft silken veils of covering in sweet rapturd trance
FZ7a-98[90].57; E371|        Mortal & not as Enitharmon without a covering veil

FZ7a-98[90].58; E371|        First his immortal spirit drew Urizen[s] Shadow away   t857
FZ7a-98[90].59; E371|        From out the ranks of war separating him in sunder
FZ7a-98[90].60; E371|        Leaving his Spectrous form which could not be drawn away
FZ7a-98[90].61; E371|        Then he divided Thiriel the Eldest of Urizens sons
FZ7a-98[90].62; E371|        Urizen became Rintrah Thiriel became Palamabron
FZ7a-98[90].63; E371|        Thus dividing the powers of Every Warrior
FZ7a-98[90].64; E371|        Startled was Los he found his Enemy Urizen now
FZ7a-98[90].65; E371|        In his hands. he wonderd that he felt love & not hate
FZ7a-98[90].66; E371|        His whole soul loved him he beheld him an infant
FZ7a-98[90].67; E371|        Lovely breathd from Enitharmon he trembled within himself

FZ7a-98[90].68; E371|        End of The Seventh Night



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