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Title; E300|        THE FOUR ZOAS   t403
FZ6-headers; E344|        PAGE 67 VALA
FZ6-header; E344|        Night the Sixth   t729

FZ6-67.1;   E344|        So Urizen arose & leaning on his Spear explord his dens
FZ6-67.2;   E344|        He threw his flight thro the dark air to where a river flowd

FZ6-67.3;   E345|        And taking off his silver helmet filled it & drank
FZ6-67.4;   E345|        But when Unsatiated his thirst he assayd to gather more
FZ6-67.5;   E345|        Lo three terrific women at the verge of the bright flood
FZ6-67.6;   E345|        Who would not suffer him to approach. but drove him back with storms

FZ6-67.7;   E345|        Urizen knew them not & thus addressd the spirits of darkness

FZ6-67.8;   E345|        Who art thou Eldest Woman sitting in thy clouds
FZ6-67.9;   E345|        What is that name written on thy forehead? what art thou?
FZ6-67.10; E345|        And wherefore dost thou pour this water forth in sighs & care

FZ6-67.11; E345|        She answerd not but filld her urn & pourd it forth abroad

FZ6-67.12; E345|        Answerest thou not said Urizen. then thou maist answer me
FZ6-67.13; E345|        Thou terrible woman clad in blue, whose strong attractive power
FZ6-67.14; E345|        Draws all into a fountain at the rock of thy attraction
FZ6-67.15; E345|        With frowning brow thou sittest mistress of these mighty waters

FZ6-67.16; E345|        She answerd not but stretchd her arms & threw her limbs abroad

FZ6-67.17; E345|        Or wilt thou answer youngest Woman clad in shining green   t730
FZ6-67.18; E345|        With labour & care thou dost divide the current into four   t731
FZ6-67.19; E345|        Queen of these dreadful rivers speak & let me hear thy voice

FZ6-68.1;   E345|        They reard up a wall of rocks and Urizen raisd his spear.   t732
FZ6-68.2;   E345|        They gave a scream, they knew their father Urizen knew his daughters
FZ6-68.3;   E345|        They shrunk into their channels. dry the rocky strand beneath his feet
FZ6-68.4;   E345|        Hiding themselves in rocky forms from the Eyes of Urizen

FZ6-68.5;   E345|        Then Urizen wept & thus his lamentation poured forth

FZ6-68.6;   E345|        O horrible O dreadful state! those whom I loved best
FZ6-68.7;   E345|        On whom I pourd the beauties of my light adorning them
FZ6-68.8;   E345|        With jewels & precious ornament labourd with art divine
FZ6-68.9;   E345|        Vests of the radiant colours of heaven & crowns of golden fire
FZ6-68.10; E345|        I gave sweet lillies to their breasts & roses to their hair
FZ6-68.11; E345|        I taught them songs of sweet delight, I gave their tender voices
FZ6-68.12; E345|        Into the blue expanse & I invented with laborious art
FZ6-68.13; E345|        Sweet instruments of sound. in pride encompassing my Knees
FZ6-68.14; E345|        They pourd their radiance above all. the daughters of Luvah Envied
FZ6-68.15; E345|        At their exceeding brightness & the sons of eternity sent them gifts
FZ6-68.16; E345|        Now will I pour my fry on them & I will reverse
FZ6-68.17; E345|        The precious benediction. for their colours of loveliness
FZ6-68.18; E345|        I will give blackness for jewels hoary frost for ornament deformity
FZ6-68.19; E345|        For crowns wreathd Serpents for sweet odors stinking corruptibility
FZ6-68.20; E345|        For voices of delight hoarse croakings inarticulate thro frost
FZ6-68.21; E345|        For labourd fatherly care & sweet instruction. I will give
FZ6-68.22; E345|        Chains of dark ignorance & cords of twisted self conceit
FZ6-68.23; E345|        And whips of stern repentance & food of stubborn obstinacy
FZ6-68.24; E345|        That they may curse Tharmas their God & Los his adopted son

FZ6-68.25; E346|        That they may curse & worship the obscure Demon of destruction
FZ6-68.26; E346|        That they may worship terrors & obey the violent
FZ6-68.27; E346|        Go forth sons of my curse Go forth daughters of my abhorrence

FZ6-68.28; E346|        Tharmas heard the deadly scream across his watry world
FZ6-68.29; E346|        And Urizens loud sounding voice lamenting on the wind
FZ6-68.30; E346|        And he came riding in his fury. froze to solid were his waves

FZ6-69.1;   E346|        Silent in ridges he beheld them stand round Urizen
FZ6-69.2;   E346|        A dreary waste of solid waters for the King of Light
FZ6-69.3;   E346|        Darkend his brows with his cold helmet & his gloomy spear
FZ6-69.4;   E346|        Darkend before him. Silent on the ridgy waves he took
FZ6-69.5;   E346|        His gloomy way before him Tharmas fled & flying fought

FZ6-69.6;   E346|        Crying. What & who art thou Cold Demon. art thou Urizen
FZ6-69.7;   E346|        Art thou like me risen again from death or art thou deathless
FZ6-69.8;   E346|        If thou art he my desperate purpose hear & give me death
FZ6-69.9;   E346|        For death to me is better far than life. death my desire
FZ6-69.10; E346|        That I in vain in various paths have sought but still I live
FZ6-69.11; E346|        The Body of Man is given to me I seek in vain to destroy
FZ6-69.12; E346|        For still it surges forth in fish & monsters of the deeps
FZ6-69.13; E346|        And in these monstrous forms I Live in an Eternal woe   t733
FZ6-69.14; E346|        And thou O Urizen art falln never to be deliverd
FZ6-69.15; E346|        Withhold thy light from me for ever & I will withhold
FZ6-69.16; E346|        From thee thy food so shall we cease to be & all our sorrows
FZ6-69.17; E346|        End & the Eternal Man no more renew beneath our power   t734
FZ6-69.18; E346|        If thou refusest in eternal flight thy beams in vain
FZ6-69.19; E346|        Shall pursue Tharmas & in vain shalt crave for food I will
FZ6-69.20; E346|        Pour down my flight thro dark immensity Eternal falling
FZ6-69.21; E346|        Thou shalt pursue me but in vain till starvd upon the void
FZ6-69.22; E346|        Thou hangst a dried skin shrunk up weak wailing in the wind

FZ6-69.23; E346|        So Tharmas spoke but Urizen replied not. On his way
FZ6-69.24; E346|        He took. high bounding over hills & desarts floods & horrible chasms
FZ6-69.25; E346|        Infinite was his labour without end his travel he strove
FZ6-69.26; E346|        In vain for hideous monsters of the deeps annoyd him sore
FZ6-69.27; E346|        Scaled & finnd with iron & brass they devourd the path before him
FZ6-69.28; E346|        Incessant was the conflict. On he bent his weary steps
FZ6-69.29; E346|        Making a path toward the dark world of Urthona. he rose
FZ6-69.30; E346|        With pain upon the dreary mountains & with pain descended   t735
FZ6-69.31; E346|        And saw their grizly fears & his eyes sickend at the sight
FZ6-69.32; E346|        The howlings gnashings groanings shriekings shudderings sobbings burstings
FZ6-69.33; E346|        Mingle together to create a world for Los. In cruel delight

FZ6-70[1st].1;   E346|        Los brooded on the darkness. nor saw Urizen with a Globe of fire
FZ6-70[1st].2;   E346|        Lighting his dismal journey thro the pathless world of death

FZ6-70[1st].3;   E347|        Writing in bitter tears & groans in books of iron & brass
FZ6-70[1st].4;   E347|        The enormous wonders of the Abysses once his brightest joy

FZ6-70[1st].5;   E347|        For Urizen beheld the terrors of the Abyss wandring among
FZ6-70[1st].6;   E347|        The ruind spirits once his children & the children of Luvah
FZ6-70[1st].7;   E347|        Scard at the sound of their own sigh that seems to shake the immense
FZ6-70[1st].8;   E347|        They wander Moping in their heart a Sun a Dreary moon
FZ6-70[1st].9;   E347|        A Universe of fiery constellations in their brain
FZ6-70[1st].10; E347|        An Eart of wintry woe beneath their feet & round their loins   t736
FZ6-70[1st].11; E347|        Waters or winds or clouds or brooding lightnings & pestilential plagues
FZ6-70[1st].12; E347|        Beyond the bounds of their own self their senses cannot penetrate
FZ6-70[1st].13; E347|        As the tree knows not what is outside of its leaves & bark
FZ6-70[1st].14; E347|        And yet it drinks the summer joy & fears the winter sorrow
FZ6-70[1st].15; E347|        So in the regions of the grave none knows his dark compeer
FZ6-70[1st].16; E347|        Tho he partakes of his dire woes & mutual returns the pang
FZ6-70[1st].17; E347|        The throb the dolor the convulsion in soul sickening woes   t737

FZ6-70[1st].18; E347|        The horrid shapes & sights of torment in burning dungeons & in
FZ6-70[1st].19; E347|        Fetters of red hot iron some with crowns of serpents & some
FZ6-70[1st].20; E347|        With monsters girding round their bosoms, Some lying on beds of sulphur
FZ6-70[1st].21; E347|        On racks & wheels he beheld women marching oer burning wastes
FZ6-70[1st].22; E347|        Of Sand in bands of hundreds & of fifties & of thousands strucken with
FZ6-70[1st].23; E347|        Lightnings which blazed after them upon their shoulders in their march
FZ6-70[1st].24; E347|        In successive vollies with loud thunders swift flew the King of Light
FZ6-70[1st].25; E347|        Over the burning desarts Then the desarts passd. involvd in clouds
FZ6-70[1st].26; E347|        Of smoke with myriads moping in the stifling vapours. Swift
FZ6-70[1st].27; E347|        Flew the King tho flagd his powers labring. till over rocks
FZ6-70[1st].28; E347|        And Mountains faint weary he wanderd. where multitudes were shut
FZ6-70[1st].29; E347|        Up in the solid mountains & in rocks which heaved with their torments
FZ6-70[1st].30; E347|        Then came he among fiery cities & castles built of burning steel
FZ6-70[1st].31; E347|        Then he beheld the forms of tygers & of Lions dishumanizd men
FZ6-70[1st].32; E347|        Many in serpents & in worms stretchd out enormous length
FZ6-70[1st].33; E347|        Over the sullen mould & slimy tracks obstruct his way
FZ6-70[1st].34; E347|        Drawn out from deep to deep woven by ribbd
FZ6-70[1st].35; E347|        And scaled monsters or armd in iron shell or shell of brass
FZ6-70[st].36; E347|        Or gold a glittering torment shining & hissing in eternal pain
FZ6-70[1st].37; E347|        Some [as] columns of fire or of water sometimes stretchd out in heighth   t738
FZ6-70[1st].38; E347|        Sometimes in length sometimes englobing wandering in vain seeking for ease   t739
FZ6-70[1st].39; E347|        His voice to them was but an inarticulate thunder for their Ears
FZ6-70[1st].40; E347|        Were heavy & dull & their eyes & nostrils closed up
FZ6-70[1st].41; E347|        Oft he stood by a howling victim Questioning in words
FZ6-70[1st].42; E347|        Soothing or Furious no one answerd every one wrapd up
FZ6-70[1st].43; E347|        In his own sorrow howld regardless of his words, nor voice
FZ6-70[1st].44; E347|        Of sweet response could he obtain tho oft assayd with tears
FZ6-70[1st].45; E347|        He knew they were his Children ruind in his ruind world   t740

FZ6-71[1st].1;   E348|        Oft would he stand & question a fierce scorpion glowing with gold
FZ6-71[1st].2;   E348|        In vain the terror heard not. then a lion he would Sieze
FZ6-71[1st].3;   E348|        By the fierce mane staying his howling course in vain the voice  t741
FZ6-71[1st].4;   E348|        Of Urizen vain the Eloquent tongue. A Rock a Cloud a Mountain
FZ6-71[1st].5;   E348|        Were now not Vocal as in Climes of happy Eternity
FZ6-71[1st].6;   E348|        Where the lamb replies to the infant voice & the lion to the man of years
FZ6-71[1st].7;   E348|        Giving them sweet instructions Where the Cloud the River & the Field
FZ6-71[1st].8;   E348|        Talk with the husbandman & shepherd. But these attackd him sore
FZ6-71[1st].9;   E348|        Siezing upon his feet & rending the Sinews that in Caves
FZ6-71[1st].10; E348|        He hid to recure his obstructed powers with rest & oblivion

FZ6-70[2nd].46; E348|        Here he had time enough to repent of his rashly threatend curse
FZ6-70[2nd].47; E348|        He saw them cursd beyond his Curse his soul melted with fear

FZ6-71[2nd].11; E348|        He could not take their fetters off for they grew from the soul
FZ6-71[2nd].12; E348|        Nor could he quench the fires for they flamd out from the heart
FZ6-71[2nd].13; E348|        Nor cold he calm the Elements because himself was Subject
FZ6-71[2nd].14; E348|        So he threw his flight in terror & pain & in repentant tears

FZ6-71[2nd].15; E348|        When he had passd these southern terrors he approachd the East
FZ6-71[2nd].16; E348|        Void pathless beaten With iron sleet & eternal hail & rain   t742
FZ6-71[2nd].17; E348|        No form was there no living thing & yet his way lay thro
FZ6-71[2nd].18; E348|        This dismal world. he stood a while & lookd back oer his former
FZ6-71[2nd].19; E348|        Terrific voyage. Hills & Vales of torment & despair
FZ6-71[2nd].20; E348|        Sighing & Wiping a fresh tear. then turning round he threw
FZ6-71[2nd].21; E348|        Himself into the dismal void. falling he fell & fell
FZ6-71[2nd].22; E348|        Whirling in unresistible revolutions down & down
FZ6-71[2nd].23; E348|        In the horrid bottomless vacuity falling failing falling
FZ6-71[2nd].24; E348|        Into the Eastern vacuity the empty world of Luvah

FZ6-71[2nd].25; E348|        The ever pitying one who seeth all things saw his fall
FZ6-71[2nd].26; E348|        And in the dark vacuity created a bosom of clay   t743
FZ6-71[2nd].27; E348|        When wearied dead he fell his limbs reposd in the bosom of slime
FZ6-71[2nd].28; E348|        As the seed falls from the sowers hand so Urizen fell & death
FZ6-71[2nd].29; E348|        Shut up his powers in oblivion. then as the seed shoots forth
FZ6-71[2nd].30; E348|        In pain & sorrow. So the slimy bed his limbs renewd
FZ6-71[2nd].31; E348|        At first an infant weakness. periods passd he gatherd strength
FZ6-71[2nd].32; E348|        But still in solitude he sat then rising threw his flight
FZ6-71[2nd].33; E348|        Onward tho falling thro the waste of night & ending in death
FZ6-71[2nd].34; E348|        And in another resurrection to sorrow & weary travel
FZ6-71[2nd].35; E348|        But still his books he bore in his strong hands & his iron pen
FZ6-71[2nd].36; E348|        For when he died they lay beside his grave & when he rose   t744
FZ6-71[2nd].37; E348|        He siezd them with a gloomy smile for wrapd in his death clothes   t745
FZ6-71[2nd].38; E348|        He hid them when he slept in death when he revivd the clothes
FZ6-71[2nd].39; E348|        Were rotted by the winds the books remaind still unconsumd

FZ6-71[2nd].40; E349|        Still to be written & interleavd with brass & iron & gold
FZ6-71[2nd].41; E349|        Time after time for such a journey none but iron pens
FZ6-71[2nd].42; E349|        Can write And adamantine leaves recieve nor can the man who goes

FZ6-72.1;   E349|        The journey obstinate refuse to write time after time

FZ6-72.2;   E349|        Endless had been his travel but the Divine hand him led   t746
FZ6-72.3;   E349|        For infinite the distance & obscurd by Combustions dire
FZ6-72.4;   E349|        By rocky masses frowning in the abysses revolving erratic
FZ6-72.5;   E349|        Round Lakes of fire in the dark deep the ruins of Urizens world
FZ6-72.6;   E349|        Oft would he sit in a dark rift & regulate his books
FZ6-72.7;   E349|        Or sleep such sleep as spirits eternal wearied in his dark
FZ6-72.8;   E349|        Tearful & sorrowful state. then rise look out & ponder
FZ6-72.9;   E349|        His dismal voyage eyeing the next sphere tho far remote
FZ6-72.10; E349|        Then darting into the Abyss of night his venturous limbs
FZ6-72.11; E349|        Thro lightnings thunders earthquakes & concussions fires & floods
FZ6-72.12; E349|        Stemming his downward fall labouring up against futurity
FZ6-72.13; E349|        Creating many a Vortex fixing many a Science in the deep
FZ6-72.14; E349|        And thence throwing his venturous limbs into the Vast unknown
FZ6-72.15; E349|        Swift Swift from Chaos to chaos from void to void a road immense

FZ6-72.16; E349|        For when he came to where a Vortex ceasd to operate
FZ6-72.17; E349|        Nor down nor up remaind then if he turnd & lookd back
FZ6-72.18; E349|        From whence he came twas upward all. & if he turnd and viewd
FZ6-72.19; E349|        The unpassd void upward was still his mighty wandring
FZ6-72.20; E349|        The midst between an Equilibrium grey of air serene
FZ6-72.21; E349|        Where he might live in peace & where his life might meet repose

FZ6-72.22; E349|        But Urizen said Can I not leave this world of Cumbrous wheels
FZ6-72.23; E349|        Circle oer Circle nor on high attain a void
FZ6-72.24; E349|        Where self sustaining I may view all things beneath my feet
FZ6-72.25; E349|        Or sinking thro these Elemental wonders swift to fall
FZ6-72.26; E349|        I thought perhaps to find an End a world beneath of voidness
FZ6-72.27; E349|        Whence I might travel round the outside of this Dark confusion
FZ6-72.28; E349|        When I bend downward bending my bead downward into the deep
FZ6-72.29; E349|        Tis upward all which way soever I my course begin
FZ6-72.30; E349|        But when A Vortex formd on high by labour & sorrow & care
FZ6-72.31; E349|        And weariness begins on all my limbs then sleep revives
FZ6-72.32; E349|        My wearied spirits waking then tis downward all which way
FZ6-72.33; E349|        So ever I my spirits turn no end I find of all
FZ6-72.34; E349|        O what a world is here unlike those climes of bliss
FZ6-72.35; E349|        Where my sons gatherd round my knees O thou poor ruind world
FZ6-72.36; E349|        Thou horrible ruin once like me thou wast all glorious
FZ6-72.37; E349|        And now like me partaking desolate thy masters lot
FZ6-72.38; E349|        Art thou O ruin the once glorious heaven are these thy rocks
FZ6-72.39; E349|        Where joy sang in the trees & pleasure sported on the rivers

FZ6-73.1;   E350|        And laughter sat beneath the Oaks & innocence sported round
FZ6-73.2;   E350|        Upon the green plains & sweet friendship met in palaces
FZ6-73.3;   E350|        And books & instruments of song & pictures of delight
FZ6-73.4;   E350|        Where are they whelmd beneath these ruins in horrible destruction   t747
FZ6-73.5;   E350|        And if Eternal falling I repose on the dark bosom
FZ6-73.6;   E350|        Of winds & waters or thence fall into a Void where air
FZ6-73.7;   E350|        Is not down falling thro immensity ever & ever
FZ6-73.8;   E350|        I lose my powers weakend every revolution till a death
FZ6-73.9;   E350|        Shuts up my powers then a seed in the vast womb of darkness
FZ6-73.10; E350|        I dwell in dim oblivion. brooding over me the Enormous worlds
FZ6-73.11; E350|        Reorganize me shooting forth in bones & flesh & blood
FZ6-73.12; E350|        I am regenerated to fall or rise at will or to remain
FZ6-73.13; E350|        A labourer of ages a dire discontent a living woe
FZ6-73.14; E350|        Wandring in vain. Here will I fix my foot & here rebuild
FZ6-73.15; E350|        Here Mountains of Brass promise much riches in their dreadful bosoms   t748

FZ6-73.16; E350|        So he began to dig form[ing] of gold silver & iron   t749
FZ6-73.17; E350|        And brass vast instruments to measure out the immense & fix
FZ6-73.18; E350|        The whole into another world better suited to obey
FZ6-73.19; E350|        His will where none should dare oppose his will himself being King
FZ6-73.20; E350|        Of All & all futurity be bound in his vast chain

FZ6-73.21; E350|        And the Sciences were fixd & the Vortexes began to operate
FZ6-73.22; E350|        On all the sons of men & every human soul terrified
FZ6-73.23; E350|        At the turning wheels of heaven shrunk away inward withring away
FZ6-73.24; E350|        Gaining a New Dominion over all his sons & Daughters
FZ6-73.25; E350|        & over the Sons & daughters of Luvah in the horrible Abyss
FZ6-73.26; E350|        For Urizen lamented over them in a selfish lamentation
FZ6-73.27; E350|        Till a white woof coverd his cold limbs from head to feet   t750
FZ6-73.28; E350|        Hair white as snow coverd him in flaky locks terrific
FZ6-73.29; E350|        Overspreading his limbs. in pride he wanderd weeping
FZ6-73.30; E350|        Clothed in aged venerableness obstinately resolvd
FZ6-73.31; E350|        Travelling thro darkness & whereever he traveld a dire Web
FZ6-73.32; E350|        Followd behind him as the Web of a Spider dusky & cold
FZ6-73.33; E350|        Shivering across from Vortex to Vortex drawn out from his mantle of years
FZ6-73.34; E350|        A living Mantle adjoind to his life & growing from his Soul

FZ6-73.35; E350|        And the Web of Urizen stre[t]chd direful shivring in clouds
FZ6-73.36; E350|        And uttering such woes such bursts such thunderings   t751
FZ6-73.37; E350|        The eyelids expansive as morning & the Ears
FZ6-73.38; E350|        As a golden ascent winding round to the heavens of heavens
FZ6-73.39; E350|        Within the dark horrors of the Abysses lion or tyger or scorpion

FZ6-74.1;   E350|        For every one opend within into Eternity at will
FZ6-74.2;   E350|        But they refusd because their outward forms were in the Abyss

FZ6-74.3;   E351|        And the wing like tent of the Universe beautiful surrounding all
FZ6-74.4;   E351|        Or drawn up or let down at the will of the immortal man
FZ6-74.5;   E351|        Vibrated in such anguish the eyelids quiverd
FZ6-74.6;   E351|        Weak & Weaker their expansive orbs began shrinking
FZ6-74.7;   E351|        Pangs smote thro the brain & a universal shriek
FZ6-74.8;   E351|        Ran thro the abysses rending the web torment on torment

FZ6-74.9;   E351|        Thus Urizen in sorrows wanderd many a dreary way
FZ6-74.10; E351|        Warring with monsters of the Deeps in his most hideous pilgrimage
FZ6-74.11; E351|        Till his bright hair scatterd in snows his skin barkd oer with wrinkles
FZ6-74.12; E351|        Four Caverns rooting downwards their foundations thrusting forth
FZ6-74.13; E351|        The metal rock & stone in ever painful throes of vegetation
FZ6-74.14; E351|        The Cave of Orc stood to the South a furnace of dire flames
FZ6-74.15; E351|        Quenchless unceasing. In the west the Cave of Urizen
FZ6-74.16; E351|        For Urizen fell as the Midday sun falls down into the West
FZ6-74.17; E351|        North stood Urthonas stedfast throne a World of Solid darkness
FZ6-74.18; E351|        Shut up in stifling obstruction rooted in dumb despair
FZ6-74.19; E351|        The East was Void. But Tharmas rolld his billows in ceaseless eddies
FZ6-74.20; E351|        Void pathless beat with Snows eternal & iron hail & rain   t752
FZ6-74.21; E351|        All thro the caverns of fire & air & Earth, Seeking
FZ6-74.22; E351|        For Enions limbs nought finding but the black sea weed & sickning slime
FZ6-74.23; E351|        Flying away from Urizen that he might not give him food
FZ6-74.24; E351|        Above beneath on all sides round in the vast deep of immensity
FZ6-74.25; E351|        That he might starve the sons & daughters of Urizen on the winds
FZ6-74.26; E351|        Making between horrible chasms into the vast unknown
FZ6-74.27; E351|        All these around the world of Los cast forth their monstrous births
FZ6-74.28; E351|        But in Eternal times the Seat of Urizen is in the South   t753
FZ6-74.29; E351|        Urthona in the North Luvah in East Tharmas in West

FZ6-74.30; E351|        And now he came into the Abhorred world of Dark Urthona
FZ6-74.31; E351|        By Providence divine conducted not bent from his own will
FZ6-74.32; E351|        Lest death Eternal should be the result for the Will cannot be violated
FZ6-74.33; E351|        Into the doleful vales where no tree grew nor river flowd
FZ6-74.34; E351|        Nor man nor beast nor creeping thing nor sun nor cloud nor star
FZ6-74.35; E351|        Still he with his globe of fire immense in his venturous hand
FZ6-74.36; E351|        Bore on thro the Affrighted vales ascending & descending
FZ6-74.37; E351|        Oerwearied or in cumbrous flight he venturd oer dark rifts
FZ6-74.38; E351|        Or down dark precipices or climbd with pain and labour huge
FZ6-74.39; E351|        Till he beheld the world of Los from the Peaked rock of Urthona
FZ6-74.40; E351|        And heard the howling of red Orc distincter & distincter

FZ6-75.1;   E351|        Redoubling his immortal efforts thro the narrow vales
FZ6-75.2;   E351|        With difficulty down descending guided by his Ear
FZ6-75.3;   E351|        And by his globe of fire he went down the Vale of Urthona   t754
FZ6-75.4;   E351|        Between the enormous iron walls built by the Spectre dark

FZ6-75.5;   E352|        Dark grew his globe reddning with mists & full before his path
FZ6-75.6;   E352|        Striding across the narrow vale the Shadow of Urthona   t755
FZ6-75.7;   E352|        A spectre Vast appeard whose feet & legs with iron scaled
FZ6-75.8;   E352|        Stampd the hard rocks expectant of the unknown wanderer
FZ6-75.9;   E352|        Whom he had seen wandring his nether world when distant far
FZ6-75.10; E352|        And watchd his swift approach collected dark the Spectre stood
FZ6-75.11; E352|        Beside hi[m] Tharmas stayd his flight & stood in stern defiance   t756
FZ6-75.12; E352|        Communing with the Spectre who rejoicd along the vale
FZ6-75.13; E352|        Round his loins a girdle glowd with many colourd fires
FZ6-75.14; E352|        In his hand a knotted Club whose knots like mountains frownd
FZ6-75.15; E352|        Desart among the Stars them withering with its ridges cold
FZ6-75.16; E352|        Black scales of iron arm the dread visage iron spikes instead
FZ6-75.17; E352|        Of hair shoot from his orbed scull. his glowing eyes
FZ6-75.18; E352|        Burn like two furnaces. he calld with Voice of Thunder

FZ6-75.19; E352|        Four winged heralds mount the furious blasts & blow their trumps
FZ6-75.20; E352|        Gold Silver Brass & iron clangors clamoring rend the shores   t757
FZ6-75.21; E352|        Like white clouds rising from the Vales his fifty two armies
FZ6-75.22; E352|        From the four Cliffs of Urthona rise glowing around the Spectre
FZ6-75.23; E352|        Four sons of Urizen the Squadrons of Urthona led in arms
FZ6-75.24; E352|        Of gold & silver brass & iron he knew his mighty sons

FZ6-75.5;   E352|        Then Urizen arose upon the wind back many a mile
FZ6-75.26; E352|        Retiring into his dire Web scattering fleecy snows
FZ6-75.27; E352|        As he ascended howling loud the Web vibrated strong
FZ6-75.28; E352|        From heaven to heaven from globe to globe. In vast excentric paths
FZ6-75.29; E352|        Compulsive rolld the Comets at his dread command the dreary way
FZ6-75.30; E352|        Falling with wheel impetuous down among Urthonas vales
FZ6-75.31; E352|        And round red Orc returning back to Urizen gorgd with blood   t758
FZ6-75.32; E352|        Slow roll the massy Globes at his command & slow oerwheel
FZ6-75.33; E352|        The dismal squadrons of Urthona. weaving the dire Web
FZ6-75.34; E352|        In their progressions & preparing Urizens path before him
FZ6-75; E352|        End of The Sixth Night



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