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Title; E300|        THE FOUR ZOAS   t403
FZ5-header; E338|        PAGE 57 VALA
FZ5-header; E338|        Night The Fifth   t701

FZ5-57.1;   E338|        Infected Mad he dancd on his mountains high & dark as heaven
FZ5-57.2;   E338|        Now fixd into one stedfast bulk his features stonify
FZ5-57.3;   E338|        From his mouth curses & from his eyes sparks of blighting
FZ5-57.4;   E338|        Beside the anvil cold he dancd with the hammer of Urthona

FZ5-57.5;   E339|        Terrific pale. Enitharmon stretchd on the dreary Earth   t702
FZ5-57.6;   E339|        Felt her immortal limbs freeze stiffning pale inflexible
FZ5-57.7;   E339|        His feet shrink withring from the deep shrinking & withering   t703
FZ5-57.8;   E339|        And Enitharmon shrunk up all their fibres withring beneath
FZ5-57.9;   E339|        As plants witherd by winter leaves & stems & roots decaying
FZ5-57.10; E339|        Melt into thin air while the seed drivn by the furious wind
FZ5-57.11; E339|        Rests on the distant Mountains top. So Los & Enitharmon
FZ5-57.12; E339|        Shrunk into fixed space stood trembling on a Rocky cliff
FZ5-57.13; E339|        Yet mighty bulk & majesty & beauty remaind but unexpansive
FZ5-57.14; E339|        As far as highest Zenith from the lowest Nadir. so far shrunk   t704
FZ5-57.15; E339|        Los from the furnaces a Space immense & left the cold
FZ5-57.16; E339|        Prince of Light bound in chains of intellect among the furnaces
FZ5-57.17; E339|        But all the furnaces were out & the bellows had ceast to blow

FZ5-57.18; E339|        He stood trembling & Enitharmon clung around his knees
FZ5-57.19; E339|        Their senses unexpansive in one stedfast bulk remain
FZ5-57.20; E339|        The night blew cold & Enitharmon shriekd on the dismal wind

FZ5-58.1;   E339|        Her pale hands cling around her husband & over her weak head
FZ5-58.2;   E339|        Shadows of Eternal death sit in the leaden air

FZ5-58.3;   E339|        But the soft pipe the flute the viol organ harp & cymbal
FZ5-58.4;   E339|        And the sweet sound of silver voices calm the weary couch
FZ5-58.5;   E339|        Of Enitharmon but her groans drown the immortal harps
FZ5-58.6;   E339|        Loud & more loud the living music floats upon the air
FZ5-58.7;   E339|        Faint & more faint the daylight wanes. The wheels of turning darkness
FZ5-58.8;   E339|        Began in solemn revolutions. Earth convulsd with rending pangs
FZ5-58.9;   E339|        Rockd to & fro & cried sore at the groans of Enitharmon   t705
FZ5-58.10; E339|        Still the faint harps & silver voices calm the weary couch
FZ5-58.11; E339|        But from the caves of deepest night ascending in clouds of mist
FZ5-58.12; E339|        The winter spread his wide black wings across from pole to pole
FZ5-58.13; E339|        Grim frost beneath & terrible snow linkd in a marriage chain
FZ5-58.14; E339|        Began a dismal dance. The winds around on pointed rocks
FZ5-58.15; E339|        Settled like bats innumerable ready to fly abroad
FZ5-58.16; E339|        The groans of Enitharmon shake the skies the labring Earth
FZ5-58.17; E339|        Till from her heart rending his way a terrible Child sprang forth
FZ5-58.18; E339|        In thunder smoke & sullen flames & howlings & fury & blood

FZ5-58.19; E339|        Soon as his burning Eyes were opend on the Abyss
FZ5-58.20; E339|        The horrid trumpets of the deep bellowd with bitter blasts
FZ5-58.21; E339|        The Enormous Demons woke & howld around the new born king   t706
FZ5-58.22; E339|        Crying Luvah King of Love thou art the King of rage & death
FZ5-58.23; E339|        Urizen cast deep darkness round him raging Luvah pourd   t707
FZ5-58.24; E339|        The spears of Urizen from Chariots round the Eternal tent
FZ5-58.25; E339|        Discord began then yells & cries shook the wide firma[m]ent   t708

FZ5-59.1;   E340|        Where is Sweet Vala gloomy prophet where the lovely form
FZ5-59.2;   E340|        That drew the body of Man from heaven into this dark Abyss
FZ5-59.3;   E340|        Soft tears & sighs where are you come forth shout on bloody fields
FZ5-59.4;   E340|        Shew thy soul Vala shew thy bow & quiver of secret fires

FZ5-59.5;   E340|        Draw thy bow Vala from the depths of hell thy black bow draw   t709
FZ5-59.6;   E340|        And twang the bow string to our howlings let thine arrows black
FZ5-59.7;   E340|        Sing in the Sky as once they sang upon the hills of Light
FZ5-59.8;   E340|        When dark Urthona wept in torment of the secret pain

FZ5-59.9;   E340|        He wept & he divided & he laid his gloomy head
FZ5-59.10; E340|        Down on the Rock of Eternity on darkness of the deep
FZ5-59.11; E340|        Torn by black storms & ceaseless torrents of consuming fire
FZ5-59.12; E340|        Within his breast his fiery sons chaind down & filld with cursings

FZ5-59.13; E340|        And breathing terrible blood & vengeance gnashing his teeth with pain
FZ5-59.14; E340|        Let loose the Enormous Spirit in the darkness of the deep
FZ5-59.15; E340|        And his dark wife that once fair crystal form divinely clear
FZ5-59.16; E340|        Within his ribs producing serpents whose souls are flames of fire

FZ5-59.17; E340|        But now the times return upon thee Enitharmons womb
FZ5-59.18; E340|        Now holds thee soon to issue forth. Sound Clarions of war
FZ5-59.19; E340|        Call Vala from her close recess in all her dark deceit
FZ5-59.20; E340|        Then rage on rage shall fierce redound out of her crystal quiver

FZ5-59.21; E340|        So sung the Demons round red Orc & round faint Enitharmon   t710
FZ5-59.22; E340|        Sweat & blood stood on the limbs of Los in globes. his fiery Eyelids
FZ5-59.23; E340|        Faded. he rouzd he siezd the wonder in his hands & went
FZ5-59.24; E340|        Shuddring & weeping thro the Gloom & down into the deeps

FZ5-59.25; E340|        Enitharmon nursd her fiery child in the dark deeps
FZ5-59.26; E340|        Sitting in darkness. over her Los mournd in anguish fierce
FZ5-59.27; E340|        Coverd with gloom. the fiery boy grew fed by the milk
FZ5-59.28; E340|        Of Enitharmon. Los around her builded pillars of iron

FZ5-60.1;   E340|        And brass & silver & gold fourfold in dark prophetic fear
FZ5-60.2;   E340|        For now he feard Eternal Death & uttermost Extinction   t711
FZ5-60.3;   E340|        He builded Golgonooza on the Lake of Udan Adan
FZ5-60.4;   E340|        Upon the Limit of Translucence then he builded Luban
FZ5-60.5;   E340|        Tharmas laid the Foundations & Los finishd it in howling woe

FZ5-60.6;   E340|        But when fourteen summers & winters had revolved over
FZ5-60.7;   E340|        Their solemn habitation Los beheld the ruddy boy
FZ5-60.8;   E340|        Embracing his bright mother & beheld malignant fires
FZ5-60.9;   E340|        In his young eyes discerning plain that Orc plotted his death
FZ5-60.10; E340|        Grief rose upon his ruddy brows. a tightening girdle grew
FZ5-60.11; E340|        Around his bosom like a bloody cord. in secret sobs
FZ5-60.12; E340|        He burst it, but next morn another girdle succeeds

FZ5-60.13; E341|        Around his bosom. Every day he viewd the fiery youth
FZ5-60.14; E341|        With silent fear & his immortal cheeks grew deadly pale
FZ5-60.15; E341|        Till many a morn & many a night passd over in dire woe
FZ5-60.16; E341|        Forming a girdle in the day & bursting it at night
FZ5-60.17; E341|        The girdle was formd by day by night was burst in twain
FZ5-60.18; E341|        Falling down on the rock an iron chain link by link lockd

FZ5-60.19; E341|        Enitharmon beheld the bloody chain of nights & days
FZ5-60.20; E341|        Depending from the bosom of Los & how with griding pain   t712
FZ5-60.21; E341|        He went each morning to his labours. with the spectre dark
FZ5-60.22; E341|        Calld it the chain of jealousy. Now Los began to speak   t713
FZ5-60.23; E341|        His woes aloud to Enitharmon. since he could not hide
FZ5-60.24; E341|        His uncouth plague. He siezd the boy in his immortal hands
FZ5-60.25; E341|        While Enitharmon followd him weeping in dismal woe
FZ5-60.26; E341|        Up to the iron mountains top & there the Jealous chain
FZ5-60.27; E341|        Fell from his bosom on the mountain. The Spectre dark
FZ5-60.28; E341|        Held the fierce boy Los naild him down binding around his limbs
FZ5-60.29; E341|        The accursed chain O how bright Enitharmon howld & cried   t714
FZ5-60.30; E341|        Over her son. Obdurate Los bound down her loved joy

FZ5-61.1;   E341|        The hammer of Urthona smote the rivets in terror. of brass
FZ5-61.2;   E341|        Tenfold. the Demons rage flamd tenfold forth rending
FZ5-61.3;   E341|        Roaring redounding. Loud Loud Loder & Louder & fird
FZ5-61.4;   E341|        The darkness warring With the waves of Tharmas & Snows of Urizen
FZ5-61.5;   E341|        Crackling the flames went up with fury from the immortal demon
FZ5-61.6;   E341|        Surrounded with flames the Demon grew loud howling in his fires
FZ5-61.7;   E341|        Los folded Enitharmon in a cold white cloud in fear
FZ5-61.8;   E341|        Then led her down into the deeps & into his labyrinth
FZ5-61.9;   E341|        Giving the Spectre sternest charge over the howling fiend

FZ5-61.10; E341|        Concenterd into Love of Parent Storgous Appetite Craving
FZ5-61.11; E341|        His limbs bound down mock at his chains for over them a flame
FZ5-61.12; E341|        Of circling fire unceasing plays to feed them with life & bring
FZ5-61.13; E341|        The virtues of the Eternal worlds ten thousand thousand spirits
FZ5-61.14; E341|        Of life lament around the Demon going forth & returning   t715
FZ5-61.15; E341|        At his enormous call they flee into the heavens of heavens
FZ5-61.16; E341|        And back return with wine & food. Or dive into the deeps
FZ5-61.17; E341|        To bring the thrilling joys of sense to quell his ceaseless rage
FZ5-61.18; E341|        His eyes the lights of his large soul contract or else expand
FZ5-61.19; E341|        Contracted they behold the secrets of the infinite mountains
FZ5-61.20; E341|        The veins of gold & silver & the hidden things of Vala
FZ5-61.21; E341|        Whatever grows from its pure bud or breathes a fragrant soul
FZ5-61.22; E341|        Expanded they behold the terrors of the Sun & Moon
FZ5-61.23; E341|        The Elemental Planets & the orbs of eccentric fire
FZ5-61.24; E341|        His nostrils breathe a fiery flame. his locks are like the forests   t716
FZ5-61.25; E341|        Of wild beasts there the lion glares the tyger & wolf howl there

FZ5-61.26; E342|        And there the Eagle hides her young in cliffs & precipices
FZ5-61.27; E342|        His bosom is like starry heaven expanded all the stars
FZ5-61.28; E342|        Sing round. there waves the harvest & the vintage rejoices. the Springs
FZ5-61.29; E342|        Flow into rivers of delight. there the spontaneous flowers
FZ5-61.30; E342|        Drink laugh & sing. the grasshopper the Emmet & the Fly
FZ5-61.31; E342|        The golden Moth builds there a house & spreads her silken bed

FZ5-62.1;   E342|        His loins inwove with silken fires are like a furnace fierce
FZ5-62.2;   E342|        As the strong Bull in summer time when bees sing round the heath
FZ5-62.3;   E342|        Where the herds low after the shadow & after the water spring
FZ5-62.4;   E342|        The numrous flocks cover the mountain & shine along the valley
FZ5-62.5;   E342|        His knees are rocks of adamant & rubie & emerald
FZ5-62.6;   E342|        Spirits of strength in Palaces rejoice in golden armour   t717
FZ5-62.7;   E342|        Armed with spear & shield they drink & rejoice over the slain
FZ5-62.8;   E342|        Such is the Demon such his terror in the nether deep

FZ5-62.9;   E342|        But when returnd to Golgonooza Los & Enitharmon
FZ5-62.10; E342|        Felt all the sorrow Parents feel. they wept toward one another
FZ5-62.11; E342|        And Los repented that he had chaind Orc upon the mountain
FZ5-62.12; E342|        And Enitharmons tears prevaild parental love returnd
FZ5-62.13; E342|        Tho terrible his dread of that infernal chain They rose
FZ5-62.14; E342|        At midnight hasting to their much beloved care
FZ5-62.15; E342|        Nine days they traveld thro the Gloom of Entuthon Benithon
FZ5-62.16; E342|        Los taking Enitharmon by the hand led her along
FZ5-62.17; E342|        The dismal vales & up to the iron mountains top where Orc
FZ5-62.18; E342|        Howld in the furious wind he thought to give to Enitharmon
FZ5-62.19; E342|        Her son in tenfold joy & to compensate for her tears
FZ5-62.20; E342|        Even if his own death resulted so much pity him paind

FZ5-62.21; E342|        But when they came to the dark rock & to the spectrous cave
FZ5-62.22; E342|        Lo the young limbs had strucken root into the rock & strong
FZ5-62.23; E342|        Fibres had from the Chain of Jealousy inwove themselves
FZ5-62.24; E342|        In a swift vegetation round the rock & round the Cave
FZ5-62.25; E342|        And over the immortal limbs of the terrible fiery boy
FZ5-62.26; E342|        In vain they strove now to unchain. In vain with bitter tears
FZ5-62.27; E342|        To melt the chain of Jealousy. not Enitharmons death
FZ5-62.28; E342|        Nor the Consummation of Los could ever melt the chain
FZ5-62.29; E342|        Nor unroot the infernal fibres from their rocky bed
FZ5-62.30; E342|        Nor all Urthonas strength nor all the power of Luvahs Bulls
FZ5-62.31; E342|        Tho they each morning drag the unwilling Sun out of the deep
FZ562.32; E342|        Could uproot the infernal chain. for it had taken root   t718

FZ5-63.1;   E342|        Into the iron rock & grew a chain beneath the Earth
FZ5-63.2;   E342|        Even to the Center wrapping round the Center & the limbs
FZ5-63.3;   E342|        Of Orc entering with fibres. became one with him a living Chain
FZ5-63.4;   E342|        Sustained by the Demons life. Despair & Terror & Woe & Rage

FZ5-63.5;   E343|        Inwrap the Parents in cold clouds as they bend howling over
FZ5-63.6;   E343|        The terrible boy till fainting by his side the Parents fell

FZ5-63.7;   E343|        Not long they lay Urthonas spectre found herbs of the pit
FZ5-63.8;   E343|        Rubbing their temples he reviv'd them. all their lamentations
FZ5-63.9;   E343|        I write not here but all their after life was lamentation

FZ5-63.10; E343|        When satiated with grief they returnd back to Golgonooza   t719
FZ5-63.11; E343|        Enitharmon on the road of Dranthon felt the inmost gate
FZ5-63.12; E343|        Of her bright heart burst open & again close with a deadly pain   t720
FZ5-63.13; E343|        Within her heart Vala began to reanimate in bursting sobs   t721
FZ5-63.14; E343|        And when the Gate was open she beheld that dreary Deep   t722
FZ5-63.15; E343|        Where bright Ahania wept. She also saw the infernal roots

FZ5-63.16; E343|        Of the chain of Jealousy & felt the rendings of fierce howling Orc

FZ5-63.17; E343|        Rending the Caverns like a mighty wind pent in the Earth
FZ5-63.18; E343|        Tho wide apart as furthest north is from the furthest south   t723
FZ5-63.19; E343|        Urizen trembled where he lay to hear the howling terror
FZ5-63.20; E343|        The rocks shook the Eternal bars tuggd to & fro were rifted
FZ5-63.21; E343|        Outstretchd upon the stones of ice the ruins of his throne
FZ5-63.22; E343|        Urizen shuddring heard his trembling limbs shook the strong caves

FZ5-63.23; E343|        The Woes of Urizen shut up in the deep dens of Urthona

FZ5-63.24; E343|        Ah how shall Urizen the King submit to this dark mansion
FZ5-63.25; E343|        Ah how is this! Once on the heights I stretchd my throne sublime
FZ5-63.26; E343|        The mountains of Urizen once of silver where the sons of wisdom dwelt
FZ5-63.27; E343|        And on whose tops the Virgins sag are rocks of Desolation

FZ5-63.28; E343|        My fountains once the haunt of Swans now breed the scaly tortoise
FZ5-63.29; E343|        The houses of my harpers are become a haunt of crows
FZ5-63.30; E343|        The gardens of wisdom are become a field of horrid graves
FZ5-63.31; E343|        And on the bones I drop my tears & water them in vain

FZ5-64.1;   E343|        Once how I walked from my palace in gardens of delight
FZ5-64.2;   E343|        The sons of wisdom stood around the harpers followd with harps
FZ5-64.3;   E343|        Nine virgins clothd in light composd the song to their immortal voices
FZ5-64.4;   E343|        And at my banquets of new wine my head was crownd with joy

FZ5-64.5;   E343|        Then in my ivory pavilions I slumberd in the noon   t724
FZ5-64.6;   E343|        And walked in the silent night among sweet smelling flowers
FZ5-64.7;   E343|        Till on my silver bed I slept & sweet dreams round me hoverd
FZ5-64.8;   E343|        But now my land is darkend & my wise men are departed

FZ5-64.9;   E343|        My songs are turned to cries of Lamentation   t725
FZ5-64.10; E343|        Heard on my Mountains & deep sighs under my palace roofs
FZ5-64.11; E343|        Because the Steeds of Urizen once swifter than the light
FZ5-64.12; E343|        Were kept back from my Lord & from his chariot of mercies

FZ5-64.13; E344|        O did I keep the horses of the day in silver pastures
FZ5-64.14; E344|        O I refusd the Lord of day the horses of his prince
FZ5-64.15; E344|        O did I close my treasuries with roofs of solid stone
FZ5-64.16; E344|        And darken all my Palace walls with envyings & hate

FZ5-64.17; E344|        O Fool to think that I could hide from his all piercing eyes
FZ5-64.18; E344|        The gold & silver & costly stones his holy workmanship
FZ5-64.19; E344|        O Fool could I forget the light that filled my bright spheres
FZ5-64.20; E344|        Was a reflection of his face who calld me from the deep

FZ5-64.21; E344|        I well remember for I heard the mild & holy voice
FZ5-64.22; E344|        Saying O light spring up & shine & I sprang up from the deep   t726
FZ5-64.23; E344|        He gave to me a silver scepter & crownd me with a golden crown
FZ5-64.24; E344|        & said Go forth & guide my Son who wanders on the ocean   t727

FZ5-64.25; E344|        I went not forth. I hid myself in black clouds of my wrath
FZ5-64.26; E344|        I calld the stars around my feet in the night of councils dark
FZ5-64.27; E344|        The stars threw down their spears & fled naked away
FZ5-64.28; E344|        We fell. I siezd thee dark Urthona In my left hand falling

FZ5-64.29; E344|        I siezd thee beauteous Luvah thou art faded like a flower
FZ5-64.30; E344|        And like a lilly is thy wife Vala witherd by winds
FZ5-64.31; E344|        When thou didst bear the golden cup at the immortal tables
FZ5-64.32; E344|        Thy children smote their fiery wings crownd with the gold of heaven

FZ5-65.1;   E344|        Thy pure feet stepd on the steps divine. too pure for other feet
FZ5-65.2;   E344|        And thy fair locks shadowd thine eyes from the divine effulgence
FZ5-65.3;   E344|        Then thou didst keep with Strong Urthona the living gates of heaven
FZ5-65.4;   E344|        But now thou art bound down with him even to the gates of hell

FZ5-65.5;   E344|        Because thou gavest Urizen the wine of the Almighty
FZ5-65.6;   E344|        For steeds of Light that they might run in thy golden chariot of pride
FZ5-65.7;   E344|        I gave to thee the Steeds I pourd the stolen wine
FZ5-65.8;   E344|        And drunken with the immortal draught fell from my throne sublime

FZ5-65.9;   E344|        I will arise Explore these dens & find that deep pulsation
FZ5-65.10; E344|        That shakes my caverns with strong shudders. perhaps this is the night
FZ5-65.11; E344|        Of Prophecy & Luvah hath burst his way from Enitharmon
FZ5-65.12; E344|        When Thought is closd in Caves. Then love shall shew its root in deepest Hell
FZ5-65; E344|        End of the Fifth Night   t728



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