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Title; E300|        THE FOUR ZOAS   t403

FZ2-heading; E313|        VALA

FZ2-heading; E313|        Night the [Second]   t553

FZ2-23.1;   E313|        Rising upon his Couch of Death Albion beheld his Sons
FZ2-23.2;   E313|        Turning his Eyes outward to Self. losing the Divine Vision
FZ2-23.3;   E313|        Albion calld Urizen & said. Behold these sickning Spheres   t554
FZ2-23.4;   E313|        Whence is this Voice of Enion that soundeth in my Porches   t555
FZ2-23.5;   E313|        Take thou possession! take this Scepter! go forth in my might
FZ2-23.6;   E313|        For I am weary, & must sleep in the dark sleep of Death   t556
FZ2-23.7;   E313|        Thy brother Luvah hath smitten me but pity thou his youth   t557
FZ2-23.8;   E313|        Tho thou hast not pitid my Age O Urizen Prince of Light

FZ2-23.9;   E313|        Urizen rose from the bright Feast like a star thro' the evening sky
FZ2-23.10; E313|        Exulting at the voice that calld him from the Feast of envy   t558
FZ2-23.11; E313|        First he beheld the body of Man pale, cold, the horrors of death
FZ2-23.12; E313|        Beneath his feet shot thro' him as he stood in the Human Brain
FZ2-23.13; E313|        And all its golden porches grew pale with his sickening light
FZ2-23.14; E313|        No more Exulting for he saw Eternal Death beneath
FZ2-23.15; E313|        Pale he beheld futurity; pale he beheld the Abyss
FZ2-23.16; E313|        Where Enion blind & age bent wept in direful hunger craving
FZ2-23.17; E313|        All rav'ning like the hungry worm, & like the silent grave

FZ2-24.1;   E314|        Mighty was the draught of Voidness to draw Existence in

FZ2-24.2;   E314|        Terrific Urizen strode above, in fear & pale dismay
FZ2-24.3;   E314|        He saw the indefinite space beneath & his soul shrunk with horror
FZ2-24.4;   E314|        His feet upon the verge of Non Existence; his voice went forth   t559

FZ2-24.5;   E314|        Luvah & Vala trembling & shrinking, beheld the great Work master   t560
FZ2-24.6;   E314|        And heard his Word! Divide ye bands influence by influence
FZ2-24.7;   E314|        Build we a Bower for heavens darling in the grizly deep
FZ2-24.8;   E314|        Build we the Mundane Shell around the Rock of Albion

FZ2-24.9;   E314|        The Bands of Heaven flew thro the air singing & shouting to Urizen   t561
FZ2-24.10; E314|        Some fix'd the anvil, some the loom erected, some the plow
FZ2-24.11; E314|        And harrow formd & framd the harness of silver & ivory
FZ2-24.12; E314|        The golden compasses, the quadrant & the rule & balance
FZ2-24.13; E314|        They erected the furnaces, they formd the anvils of gold beaten in mills
FZ2-24.14; E314|        Where winter beats incessant, fixing them firm on their base
FZ2-24.15; E314|        The bellows began to blow & the Lions of Urizen stood round the anvil

FZ2-25.1;   E314|        And the leopards coverd with skins of beasts tended the roaring fires
FZ2-25.2;   E314|        Sublime distinct their lineaments divine of human beauty   t562
FZ2-25.3;   E314|        The tygers of wrath called the horses of instruction from their mangers
FZ2-25.4;   E314|        They unloos'd them & put on the harness of gold & silver & ivory
FZ2-25.5;   E314|        In human forms distinct they stood round Urizen prince of Light
FZ2-25.6;   E314|        Petrifying all the Human Imagination into rock & sand   t563
FZ2-25.7;   E314|        Groans ran along Tyburns brook and along the River of Oxford
FZ2-25.8;   E314|        Among the Druid Temples. Albion groand on Tyburns brook
FZ2-25.9;   E314|        Albion gave his loud death groan The Atlantic Mountains trembled
FZ2-25.10; E314|        Aloft the Moon fled with a cry the Sun with streams of blood
FZ2-25.11; E314|        From Albions Loins fled all Peoples and Nations of the Earth   t564
FZ2-25.12; E314|        Fled with the noise of Slaughter & the stars of heaven Fled
FZ2-25.13; E314|        Jerusalem came down in a dire ruin over all the Earth
FZ2-25.14; E314|        She fell cold from Lambeths Vales in groans & Dewy death
FZ2-25.15; E314|        The dew of anxious souls the death-sweat of the dying
FZ2-25.16; E314|        In every pillard hall & arched roof of Albions skies
FZ2-25.17; E314|        The brother & the brother bathe in blood upon the Severn
FZ2-25.18; E314|        The Maiden weeping by. The father & the mother with
FZ2-25.19; E314|        The Maidens father & her mother fainting over the body
FZ2-25.20; E314|        And the Young Man the Murderer fleeing over the mountains

FZ2-25.21; E314|        Reuben slept on Penmaenmawr & Levi slept on Snowdon
FZ2-25.22; E314|        Their eyes their ears nostrils & tongues roll outward they behold
FZ2-25.23; E314|        What is within now seen without they are raw to the hungry wind
FZ2-25.24; E314|        They become Nations far remote in a little & dark Land
FZ2-25.25; E314|        The Daughters of Albion girded around their garments of Needlework

FZ2-25.26; E317|        Stripping Jerusalems curtains from mild demons of the hills
FZ2-25.27; E317|        Across Europe & Asia to China & Japan like lightenings
FZ2-25.28; E317|        They go forth & return to Albion on his rocky couch
FZ2-25.29; E317|        Gwendolen Ragan Sabrina Gonorill Mehetabel Cordella
FZ2-25.30; E317|        Boadicea Conwenna Estrild Gwinefrid Ignoge Cambel
FZ2-25.31; E317|        Binding Jerusalems Children in the dungeons of Babylon
FZ2-25.32; E317|        They play before the Armies before the hounds of Nimrod
FZ2-25.33; E317|        While The Prince of Light on Salisbury plain among the druid stones   t565

FZ2-25.34; E317|        Rattling the adamantine chains & hooks heave up the ore
FZ2-25.35; E317|        In mountainous masses, plung'd in furnaces, & they shut & seald   t566
FZ2-25.36; E317|        The furnaces a time & times; all the while blew the North
FZ2-25.37; E317|        His cloudy bellows & the South & East & dismal West
FZ2-25.38; E317|        And all the while the plow of iron cut the dreadful furrows
FZ2-25.39; E317|        In Ulro beneath Beulah where the Dead wail Night & Day

FZ2-25.40; E317|        Luvah was cast into the Furnaces of affliction & sealed
FZ2-25.41; E317|        And Vala fed in cruel delight, the furnaces with fire
FZ2-25.42; E317|        Stern Urizen beheld urg'd by necessity to keep
FZ2-25.43; E317|        The evil day afar, & if perchance with iron power
FZ2-25.44; E317|        He might avert his own despair; in woe & fear he saw

FZ2-26.1;   E317|        Vala incircle round the furnaces where Luvah was clos'd
FZ2-26.2;   E317|        In joy she heard his howlings, & forgot he was her Luvah
FZ2-26.3;   E317|        With whom she walkd in bliss, in times of innocence & youth

FZ2-26.4;   E317|        Hear ye the voice of Luvah from the furnaces of Urizen

FZ2-26.5;   E317|        If I indeed am Valas King & ye O sons of Men   t567
FZ2-26.6;   E317|        The workmanship of Luvahs hands; in times of Everlasting
FZ2-26.7;   E317|        When I calld forth the Earth-worm from the cold & dark obscure
FZ2-26.8;   E317|        I nurturd her I fed her with my rains & dews, she grew
FZ2-26.9;   E317|        A scaled Serpent, yet I fed her tho' she hated me
FZ2-26.10; E317|        Day after day she fed upon the mountains in Luvahs sight
FZ2-26.11; E317|        I brought her thro' the Wilderness, a dry & thirsty land
FZ2-26.12; E317|        And I commanded springs to rise for her in he black desart
FZ2-26.13; E317|        Till she became a Dragon winged bright & poisonous   t568
FZ2-26.14; E317|        I opend all the floodgates of the heavens to quench her thirst

FZ2-27.1;   E317|        And I commanded the Great deep to hide her in his hand
FZ2-27.2;   E317|        Till she became a little weeping Infant a span long
FZ2-27.3;   E317|        I carried her in my bosom as a man carries a lamb
FZ2-27.4;   E317|        I loved her I gave her all my soul & my delight
FZ2-27.5;   E317|        I hid her in soft gardens & in secret bowers of Summer
FZ2-27.6;   E317|        Weaving mazes of delight along the sunny Paradise
FZ2-27.7;   E317|        Inextricable labyrinths, She bore me sons & daughters
FZ2-27.8;   E317|        And they have taken her away & hid her from my sight

FZ2-27.9;   E318|        They have surrounded me with walls of iron & brass, O Lamb   t569
FZ2-27.10; E318|        Of God clothed in Luvahs garments little knowest thou   t570
FZ2-27.11; E318|        Of death Eternal that we all go to Eternal Death
FZ2-27.12; E318|        To our Primeval Chaos in fortuitous concourse of incoherent
FZ2-27.13; E318|        Discordant principles of Love & Hate I suffer affliction
FZ2-27.14; E318|        Because I love. for I was love but hatred awakes in me   t571
FZ2-27.15; E318|        And Urizen who was Faith & Certainty is changd to Doubt
FZ2-27.16; E318|        The hand of Urizen is upon me because I blotted out
FZ2-27.17; E318|        That Human delusion to deliver all the sons of God   t572
FZ2-27.18; E318|        From bondage of the Human form, O first born Son of Light
FZ2-27.19; E318|        O Urizen my enemy I weep for thy stern ambition
FZ2-27.20; E318|        But weep in vain O when will you return Vala the Wanderer

FZ2-28.1;   E318|        These were the words of Luvah patient in afflictions
FZ2-28.2;   E318|        Reasoning from the loins in the unreal forms of Ulros night   t573

FZ2-28.3;   E318|        And when Luvah age after age was quite melted with woe
FZ2-28.4;   E318|        The fires of Vala faded like a shadow cold & pale
FZ2-28.5;   E318|        An evanescent shadow. last she fell a heap of Ashes
FZ2-28.6;   E318|        Beneath the furnaces a woful heap in living death
FZ2-28.7;   E318|        Then were the furnaces unscald with spades & pickaxes
FZ2-28.8;   E318|        Roaring let out th fluid, the molten metal ran in channels
FZ2-28.9;   E318|        Cut by the plow of ages held in Urizens strong hand
FZ2-28.10; E318|        In many a valley, for the Bulls of Luvah dragd the Plow

FZ2-28.11; E318|        With trembling horror pale aghast the Children of Man   t574
FZ2-28.12; E318|        Stood on the infinite Earth & saw these visions in the air
FZ2-28.13; E318|        In waters & in Earth beneath they cried to one another
FZ2-28.14; E318|        What are we terrors to one another. Come O brethren wherefore
FZ2-28.15; E318|        Was this wide Earth spread all abroad. not for wild beasts to roam
FZ2-28.16; E318|        But many stood silent & busied in their families
FZ2-28.17; E318|        And many said We see no Visions in the darksom air
FZ2-28.18; E318|        Measure the course of that sulphur orb that lights the darksom day   t575
FZ2-28.19; E318|        Set stations on this breeding Earth & let us buy & sell
FZ2-28.20; E318|        Others arose & schools Erected forming Instruments
FZ2-28.21; E318|        To measure out the course of heaven. Stern Urizen beheld
FZ2-28.22; E318|        In woe his brethren & his Sons in darkning woe lamenting
FZ2-28.23; E318|        Upon the winds in clouds involvd Uttering his voice in thunders
FZ2-28.24; E318|        Commanding all the work with care & power & severity

FZ2-28.25; E318|        Then siezd the Lions of Urizen their work, & heated in the forge
FZ2-28.26; E318|        Roar the bright masses, thund'ring beat the hammers, many a pyramid   t576
FZ2-28.27; E318|        Is form'd & thrown down thund'ring into the deeps of Non Entity
FZ2-28.28; E318|        Heated red hot they hizzing rend their way down many a league
FZ2-28.29; E318|        Till resting. each his [center] finds; suspended there they stand   t577
FZ2-28.30; E318|        Casting their sparkies dire abroad into the dismal deep
FZ2-28.31; E318|        For measurd out in orderd spaces the Sons of Urizen   t578
FZ2-28.32; E318|        With compasses divide the deep; they the strong scales erect

FZ2-29.1;   E319|        That Luvah rent from the faint Heart of the Fallen Man   t579
FZ2-29.2;   E319|        And weigh the massy Cubes, then fix them in their awful stations   t580
FZ2-29.3;   E319|        And all the time in Caverns shut, the golden Looms erected
FZ2-29.4;   E319|        First spun, then wove the Atmospheres, there the Spider & Worm
FZ2-29.5;   E319|        Plied the wingd shuttle piping shrill thro' all the list'ning threads
FZ2-29.6;   E319|        Beneath the Caverns roll the weights of lead & spindles of iron
FZ2-29.7;   E319|        The enormous warp & woof rage direful in the affrighted deep

FZ2-29.8;   E319|        While far into the vast unknown, the strong wing'd Eagles bend
FZ2-29.9;   E319|        Their venturous flight, in Human forms distinct; thro darkness deep
FZ2-29.10; E319|        They bear the woven draperies; on golden hooks they hang abroad
FZ2-29.11; E319|        The universal curtains & spread out from Sun to Sun
FZ2-29.12; E319|        The vehicles of light, they separate the furious particles
FZ2-29.13; E319|        Into mild currents as the water mingles with the wine.

FZ2-29.14; E319|        While thus the Spirits of strongest wing enlighten the dark deep
FZ2-29.15; E319|        The threads are spun & the cords twisted & drawn out; then the weak
FZ2-29.16; E319|        Begin their work; & many a net is netted; many a net

FZ2-30.1;   E319|        Spread & many a Spirit caught, innumerable the nets
FZ2-30.2;   E319|        Innumerable the gins & traps; & many a soothing flute
FZ2-30.3;   E319|        Is form'd & many a corded lyre, outspread over the immense
FZ2-30.4;   E319|        In cruel delight they trap the listeners, & in cruel delight
FZ2-30.5;   E319|        Bind them, condensing the strong energies into little compass   t581
FZ2-30.6;   E319|        Some became seed of every plant that shall be planted; some
FZ2-30.7;   E319|        The bulbous roots, thrown up together into barns & garners

FZ2-30.8;   E319|        Then rose the Builders; First the Architect divine his plan
FZ2-30.9;   E319|        Unfolds, The wondrous scaffold reard all round the infinite
FZ2-30.10; E319|        Quadrangular the building rose the heavens squared by a line.
FZ2-30.11; E319|        Trigon & cubes divide the elements in finite bonds
FZ2-30.12; E319|        Multitudes without number work incessant: the hewn stone
FZ2-30.13; E319|        Is placd in beds of mortar mingled with the ashes of Vala
FZ2-30.14; E319|        Severe the labour, female slaves the mortar trod oppressed

FZ2-30.15; E319|        Twelve halls after the names of his twelve sons composd
FZ2-30.16; E319|        The wondrous building & three Central Dome after the Names   t582
FZ2-30.17; E319|        Of his three daughters were encompassd by the twelve bright halls
FZ2-30.18; E319|        Every hall surrounded by bright Paradises of Delight
FZ2-30.19; E319|        In which are towns & Cities Nations Seas Mountains & Rivers   t583
FZ2-30.20; E319|        Each Dome opend toward four halls & the Three Domes Encompassd
FZ2-30.21; E319|        The Golden Hall of Urizen whose western side glowd bright
FZ2-30.22; E319|        With ever streaming fires beaming from his awful limbs

FZ2-30.23; E319|        His Shadowy Feminine Semblance here reposd on a White Couch   t584
FZ2-30.24; E319|        Or hoverd oer his Starry head & when he smild she brightend
FZ2-30.25; E319|        Like a bright Cloud in harvest. but when Urizen frownd She wept
FZ2-30.26; E319|        In mists over his carved throne & when he turnd his back

FZ2-30.27; E320|        Upon his Golden hall & sought the Labyrinthine porches
FZ2-30.28; E320|        Of his wide heaven Trembling, cold in paling fears she sat
FZ2-30.29; E320|        A Shadow of Despair therefore toward the West Urizen formd
FZ2-30.30; E320|        A recess in the wall for fires to glow upon the pale
FZ2-30.31; E320|        Females limbs in his absence & her Daughters oft upon
FZ2-30.32; E320|        A Golden Altar burnt perfumes with Art Celestial formd
FZ2-30.33; E320|        Foursquare sculpturd & sweetly Engravd to please their shadowy mother   t585
FZ2-30.34; E320|        As[c]ending into her misty garments the blue smoke rolld to revive   t586
FZ2-30.35; E320|        Her cold limbs in the absence of her Lord. Also her sons
FZ2-30.36; E320|        With lives of Victims sacrificed upon an altar of brass
FZ2-30.37; E320|        On the East side. Revivd her Soul with lives of beasts & birds
FZ2-30.38; E320|        Slain on the Altar up ascending into her cloudy bosom
FZ2-30.39; E320|        Of terrible workmanship the Altar labour of ten thousand Slaves
FZ2-30.40; E320|        One thousand Men of wondrous power spent their lives in its formation
FZ2-30.41; E320|        It stood on twelve steps namd after the names of her twelve sons
FZ2-30.42; E320|        And was Erected at the chief entrance of Urizens hall

FZ2-30.43; E320|        When Urizen returnd from his immense labours & travels   t587
FZ2-30.44; E320|        Descending She reposd beside him folding him round
FZ2-30.45; E320|        In her bright skirts. Astonishd & Confounded he beheld
FZ2-30.46; E320|        Her shadowy form now Separate he shudderd & was silent
FZ2-30.47; E320|        Till her caresses & her tears revivd him to life & joy
FZ2-30.48; E320|        Two wills they had two intellects & not as in times of old
FZ2-30.49; E320|        This Urizen percievd & silent brooded in darkning Clouds
FZ2-30.50; E320|        To him his Labour was but Sorrow & his Kingdom was Repentance
FZ2-30.51; E320|        He drave the Male Spirits all away from Ahania
FZ2-30.52; E320|        And she drave all the Females from him away

FZ2-30.53; E320|        Los joyd & Enitharmon laughd, saying Let us go down
FZ2-30.54; E320|        And see this labour & sorrow; They went down to see the woes
FZ2-30.55; E320|        Of Vala & the woes of Luvah, to draw in their delights

FZ2-30.56; E320|        And Vala like a shadow oft appeard to Urizen

FZ2-31.1;   E320|        The King of Light beheld her mourning among the Brick kilns compelld
FZ2-31.2;   E320|        To labour night & day among the fires, her lamenting voice
FZ2-31.3;   E320|        Is heard when silent night returns & the labourers take their rest

FZ2-31.4;   E320|        O Lord wilt thou not look upon our sore afflictions
FZ2-31.5;   E320|        Among these flames incessant labouring, our hard masters laugh
FZ2-31.6;   E320|        At all our sorrow. We are made to turn the wheel for water
FZ2-31.7;   E320|        To carry the heavy basket on our scorched shoulders, to sift
FZ2-31.8;   E320|        The sand & ashes, & to mix the clay with tears & repentance
FZ2-31.9;   E320|        I see not Luvah as of old I only see his feet   t588
FZ2-31.10; E320|        Like pillars of fire travelling thro darkness & non entity

FZ2-31.11; E321|        The times are now returnd upon us, we have given ourselves
FZ2-31.12; E321|        To scorn and now are scorned by the slaves of our enemies
FZ2-31.13; E321|        Our beauty is coverd over with clay & ashes, & our backs
FZ2-31.14; E321|        Furrowd with whips, & our flesh bruised with the heavy basket
FZ2-31.15; E321|        Forgive us O thou piteous one whom we have offended, forgive
FZ2-31.16; E321|        The weak remaining shadow of Vala that returns in sorrow to thee.

FZ2-31.17; E321|        Thus she lamented day & night, compelld to labour & sorrow
FZ2-31.18; E321|        Luvah in vain her lamentations heard; in vain his love
FZ2-31.19; E321|        Brought him in various forms before her still she knew him not

FZ2-32.1;   E321|        Still she despisd him, calling on his name & knowing him not
FZ2-32.2;   E321|        Still hating still professing love, still labouring in the smoke

FZ2-32.3;   E321|        And Los & Enitharmon joyd, they drank in tenfold joy   t589
FZ2-32.4;   E321|        From all the sorrow of Luvah & the labour of Urizen
FZ2-32.5;   E321|        And Enitharmon joyd Plotting to rend the secret cloud
FZ2-32.6;   E321|        To plant divisions in the Soul of Urizen & Ahania

FZ2-32.7;   E321|        But infinitely beautiful the wondrous work arose   t590
FZ2-32.8;   E321|        In sorrow & care. a Golden World whose porches round the heavens   t591
FZ2-32.9;   E321|        And pillard halls & rooms recievd the eternal wandering stars
FZ2-32.10; E321|        A wondrous golden Building; many a window many a door
FZ2-32.11; E321|        And many a division let in & out into the vast unknown
FZ2-32.12; E321|        [Cubed] in [window square] immoveable, within its walls & cielings
FZ2-32.13; E321|        The heavens were closd and spirits mournd their bondage night and day
FZ2-32.14; E321|        And the Divine Vision appeard in Luvahs robes of blood   t593

FZ2-32.15; E321|        Thus was the Mundane shell builded by Urizens strong power

FZ2-32.16; E321|        Sorrowing went the Planters forth to plant, the Sowers to sow   t594
FZ2-32.17; E321|        They dug the channels for the rivers & they pourd abroad

FZ2-33.1;   E321|        The seas & lakes, they reard the mountains & the rocks & hills
FZ2-33.2;   E321|        On broad pavilions, on pillard roofs & porches & high towers
FZ2-33.3;   E321|        In beauteous order, thence arose soft clouds & exhalations
FZ2-33.4;   E321|        Wandering even to the sunny Cubes of light & heat   t595
FZ2-33.5;   E321|        For many a window ornamented with sweet ornaments
FZ2-33.6;   E321|        Lookd out into the World of Tharmas, where in ceaseless torrents   t596
FZ2-33.7;   E321|        His billows roll where monsters wander in the foamy paths

FZ2-33.8;   E321|        On clouds the Sons of Urizen beheld Heaven walled round   t597
FZ2-33.9;   E321|        They weighd & orderd all & Urizen comforted saw   t598
FZ2-33.10; E321|        The wondrous work flow forth like visible out of the invisible
FZ2-33.11; E321|        For the Divine Lamb Even Jesus who is the Divine Vision   t599
FZ2-33.12; E321|        Permitted all lest Man should fall into Eternal Death
FZ2-33.13; E321|        For when Luvah sunk down himself put on the robes of blood
FZ2-33.14; E321|        Lest the state calld Luvah should cease. & the Divine Vision
FZ2-33.15; E321|        Walked in robes of blood till he who slept should awake

FZ2-33.16; E322|        Thus were the stars of heaven created like a golden chain
FZ2-33.17; E322|        To bind the Body of Man to heaven from failing into the Abyss   t600
FZ2-33.18; E322|        Each took his station, & his course began with sorrow & care   t601

FZ2-33.19; E322|        In sevens & tens & fifties, hundreds, thousands, numberd all
FZ2-33.20; E322|        According to their various powers. Subordinate to Urizen
FZ2-33.21; E322|        And to his sons in their degrees & to his beauteous daughters

FZ2-33.22; E322|        Travelling in silent majesty along their orderd ways
FZ2-33.23; E322|        In right lined paths outmeasurd by proportions of number weight  t602
FZ2-33.24; E322|        And measure. mathematic motion wondrous. along the deep
FZ2-33.25; E322|        In fiery pyramid. or Cube. or unornamented pillar   t603
FZ2-33.26; E322|        Of fire far shining. travelling along even to its destind end
FZ2-33.27; E322|        Then falling down. a terrible space recovring in winter dire
FZ2-33.28; E322|        Its wasted strength. It back returns upon a nether course   t604
FZ2-33.29; E322|        Till fired with ardour fresh recruited in its humble season   t605
FZ2-33.30; E322|        It rises up on high all summer till its wearied course
FZ2-33.31; E322|        Turns into autumn. such the period of many worlds
FZ2-33.32; E322|        Others triangular right angled course maintain. others obtuse   t606
FZ2-33.33; E322|        Acute Scalene, in simple paths. but others move   t607
FZ2-33.34; E322|        In intricate ways biquadrate. Trapeziums Rhombs Rhomboids
FZ2-33.35; E322|        Paralellograms. triple & quadruple. polygonic
FZ2-33.36; E322|        In their amazing hard subdued course in the vast deep   t608

FZ2-34.1;   E322|        And Los & Enitharmon were drawn down by their desires
FZ2-34.2;   E322|        Descending sweet upon the wind among soft harps & voices   t609
FZ2-34.3;   E322|        To plant divisions in the Soul of Urizen & Ahania   t610
FZ2-34.4;   E322|        To conduct the Voice of Enion to Ahanias midnight pillow

FZ2-34.5;   E322|        Urizen saw & envied & his imagination was filled
FZ2-34.6;   E322|        Repining he contemplated the past in his bright sphere
FZ2-34.7;   E322|        Terrified with his heart & spirit at the visions of futurity
FZ2-34.8;   E322|        That his dread fancy formd before him in the unformd void

FZ2-34.9;   E322|        For Los & Enitharmon walkd forth on the dewy Earth   t611
FZ2-34.10; E322|        Contracting or expanding their all flexible senses
FZ2-34.11; E322|        At will to murmur in the flowers small as the honey bee
FZ2-34.12; E322|        At will to stretch across the heavens & step from star to star
FZ2-34.13; E322|        Or standing on the Earth erect, or on the stormy waves
FZ2-34.14; E322|        Driving the storms before them or delighting in sunny beams
FZ2-34.15; E322|        While round their heads the Elemental Gods kept harmony   t612

FZ2-34.16; E322|        And Los said. Lo the Lilly pale & the rose reddning fierce   t613
FZ2-34.17; E322|        Reproach thee & the beamy gardens sicken at thy beauty
FZ2-34.18; E322|        I grasp thy vest in my strong hand in vain. like water springs
FZ2-34.19; E322|        In the bright sands of Los. evading my embrace. then I alone
FZ2-34.20; E322|        Wander among the virgins of the summer Look they cry

FZ2-34.21; E323|        The poor forsaken Los mockd by the worm the shelly snail
FZ2-34.22; E323|        The Emmet & the beetle hark they laugh & mock at Los

FZ2-34.23; E323|        Enitharmon answerd Secure now from the smitings of thy Power   t614
FZ2-34.24; E323|        Demon of fury If the God enrapturd me infolds
FZ2-34.25; E323|        In clouds of sweet obscurity my beauteous form dissolving
FZ2-34.26; E323|        Howl thou over the body of death tis thine But if among the virgins   t615
FZ2-34.27; E323|        Of summer I have seen thee sleep & turn thy cheek delighted
FZ2-34.28; E323|        Upon the rose or lilly pale. or on a bank where sleep   t616
FZ2-34.29; E323|        The beamy daughters of the light starting they rise they flee
FZ2-34.30; E323|        From thy fierce love for tho I am dissolvd in the bright God
FZ2-34.31; E323|        My spirit still pursues thy false love over rocks & valleys

FZ2-34.32; E323|        Los answerd Therefore fade I thus dissolvd in rapturd trance
FZ2-34.33; E323|        Thou canst repose on clouds of secrecy while oer my limbs
FZ2-34.34; E323|        Cold dews & hoary frost creeps thro I lie on banks of summer
FZ2-34.35; E323|        Among the beauties of the World Cold & repining Los
FZ2-34.36; E323|        Still dies for Enitharmon nor a spirit springs from my dead corse   t617
FZ2-34.37; E323|        Then I am dead till thou revivest me with thy sweet song
FZ2-34.38; E323|        Now taking on Ahanias form & now the form of Enion
FZ2-34.39; E323|        I know thee not as once I knew thee in those blessed fields
FZ2-34.40; E323|        Where memory wishes to repose among the flocks of Tharmas

FZ2-34.41; E323|        Enitharmon answerd Wherefore didst thou throw thine arms around
FZ2-34.42; E323|        Ahanias Image I decievd thee & will still decieve
FZ2-34.43; E323|        Urizen saw thy sin & hid his beams in darkning Clouds
FZ2-34.44; E323|        I still keep watch altho I tremble & wither across the heavens
FZ2-34.45; E323|        In strong vibrations of fierce jealousy for thou art mine
FZ2-34.46; E323|        Created for my will my slave tho strong tho I am weak
FZ2-34.47; E323|        Farewell the God calls me away I depart in my sweet bliss

FZ2-34.48; E323|        She fled vanishing on the wind And left a dead cold corse
FZ2-34.49; E323|        In Los's arms howlings began over the body of death   t618
FZ2-34.50; E323|        Los spoke. Thy God in vain shall call thee if by my strong power
FZ2-34.51; E323|        I can infuse my dear revenge into his glowing breast
FZ2-34.52; E323|        Then jealousy shall shadow all his mountains & Ahania
FZ2-34.53; E323|        Curse thee thou plague of woful Los & seek revenge on thee

FZ2-34.54; E323|        So saying in deep sobs he languishd till dead he also fell
FZ2-34.55; E323|        Night passd & Enitharmon eer the dawn returnd in bliss
FZ2-34.56; E323|        She sang Oer Los reviving him to Life his groans were terrible   t619
FZ2-34.57; E323|        But thus she sang. I sieze the sphery harp I strike the strings

FZ2-34.58; E323|        At the first Sound the Golden sun arises from the Deep
FZ2-34.59; E323|        And sakes his awful hair
FZ2-34.60; E323|        The Eccho wakes the moon to unbind her silver locks
FZ2-34.61; E323|        The golden sun bears on my song
FZ2-34.62; E323|        And nine bright spheres of harmony rise round the fiery King

FZ2-34.63; E324|        The joy of woman is the Death of her most best beloved
FZ2-34.64; E324|        Who dies for Love of her
FZ2-34.65; E324|        In torments of fierce jealousy & pangs of adoration.
FZ2-34.66; E324|        The Lovers night bears on my song
FZ2-34.67; E324|        And the nine Spheres rejoice beneath my powerful controll

FZ2-34.68; E324|        They sing unceasing to the notes of my immortal hand
FZ2-34.69; E324|        The solemn silent moon
FZ2-34.70; E324|        Reverberates the living harmony upon my limbs
FZ2-34.71; E324|        The birds & beasts rejoice & play
FZ2-34.72; E324|        And every one seeks for his mate to prove his inmost joy

FZ2-34.73; E324|        Furious & terrible they sport & rend the nether deeps
FZ2-34.74; E324|        The deep lifts up his rugged head
FZ2-34.75; E324|        And lost in infinite hum[m]ing wings vanishes with a cry
FZ2-34.76; E324|        The fading cry is ever dying
FZ2-34.77; E324|        The living voice is ever living in its inmost joy

FZ2-34.78; E324|        Arise you little glancing wings & sing your infant joy
FZ2-34.79; E324|        Arise & drink your bliss
FZ2-34.80; E324|        For every thing that lives is holy for the source of life
FZ2-34.81; E324|        Descends to be a weeping babe
FZ2-34.82; E324|        For the Earthworm renews the moisture of the sandy plain

FZ2-34.83; E324|        Now my left hand I stretch to earth beneath
FZ2-34.84; E324|        And strike the terrible string
FZ2-34.85; E324|        I wake sweet joy in dens of sorrow & I plant a smile
FZ2-34.86; E324|        In forests of affliction
FZ2-34.87; E324|        And wake the bubbling springs of life in regions of dark death

FZ2-34.88; E324|        O I am weary lay thine hand upon me or I faint
FZ2-34.89; E324|        I faint beneath these beams of thine
FZ2-34.90; E324|        For thou hast touchd my five senses & they answerd thee
FZ2-34.91; E324|        Now I am nothing & I sink
FZ2-34.92; E324|        And on the bed of silence sleep till thou awakest me

FZ2-34.93; E324|        Thus sang the Lovely one in Rapturous delusive trance
FZ2-34.94; E324|        Los heard reviving he siezd her in his arms delusive hopes   t620
FZ2-34.95; E324|        Kindling She led him int Shadows & thence fled outstretchd
FZ2-34.96; E324|        Upon the immense like a bright rainbow weeping & smiling & fading

FZ2-34.97; E324|        Thus livd Los driving Enion far into the deathful infinite   t621
FZ2-34.98; E324|        That he may also draw Ahania's spirit into her Vortex
FZ2-34.99; E324|        Ah happy blindness Enion sees not the terrors of the uncertain   t622
FZ2-34.100; E324|        Thus Enion wails from the dark deep, the golden heavens tremble  t623
FZ2-35.1;   E324|        I am made to sow the thistle for wheat; the nettle for a nourishing dainty

FZ2-35.2;   E325|        I have planted a false oath in the earth, it has brought forth a poison tree
FZ2-35.3;   E325|        I have chosen the serpent for a councellor & the dog
FZ2-35.4;   E325|        For a schoolmaster to my children
FZ2-35.5;   E325|        I have blotted out from light & living the dove & nightingale
FZ2-35.6;   E325|        And I have caused the earth worm to beg from door to door
FZ2-35.7;   E325|        I have taught the thief a secret path into the house of the just
FZ2-35.8;   E325|        I have taught pale artifice to spread his nets upon the morning
FZ2-35.9;   E325|        My heavens are brass my earth is iron my moon a clod of clay
FZ2-35.10; E325|        My sun a pestilence burning at noon & a vapour of death in night

FZ2-35.11; E325|        What is the price of Experience do men buy it for a song
FZ2-35.12; E325|        Or wisdom for a dance in the street? No it is bought with the price
FZ2-35.13; E325|        Of all that a man hath his house his wife his children
FZ2-35.14; E325|        Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none come to buy
FZ2-35.15; E325|        And in the witherd field where the farmer plows for bread in vain

FZ2-35.16; E325|        It is an easy thing to triumph in the summers sun
FZ2-35.17; E325|        And in the vintage & to sing on the waggon loaded with corn
FZ2-35.18; E325|        It is an easy thing to talk of patience to the afflicted
FZ2-35.19; E325|        To speak the laws of prudence to the houseless wanderer

FZ2-36.1;   E325|        To listen to the hungry ravens cry in wintry season
FZ2-36.2;   E325|        When the red blood is filld with wine & with the marrow of lambs

FZ2-36.3;   E325|        It is an easy thing to laugh at wrathful elements
FZ2-36.4;   E325|        To hear the dog howl at the wintry door, the ox in the slaughter house moan
FZ2-36.5;   E325|        To see a god on every wind & a blessing on every blast
FZ2-36.6;   E325|        To hear sounds of love in the thunder storm that destroys our enemies house
FZ2-36.7;   E325|        To rejoice in the blight that covers his field, & the sickness that cuts off his children
FZ2-36.8;   E325|        While our olive & vine sing & laugh round our door & our children bring fruits & flowers

FZ2-36.9;   E325|        Then the groan & the dolor are quite forgotten & the slave grinding at the mill
FZ2-36.10; E325|        And the captive in chains & the poor in the prison, & the soldier in the field
FZ2-36.11; E325|        When the shatterd bone hath laid him groaning among the happier dead

FZ2-36.12; E325|        It is an easy thing to rejoice in the tents of prosperity
FZ2-36.13; E325|        Thus could I sing & thus rejoice, but it is not so with me!

FZ2-36.14; E325|        Ahania heard the Lamentation & a swift Vibration   t624
FZ2-36.15; E325|        Spread thro her Golden frame. She rose up eer the dawn of day

FZ2-36.16; E326|        When Urizen slept on his couch. drawn thro unbounded space
FZ2-36.17; E326|        Onto the margin of Non Entity the bright Female came
FZ2-36.18; E326|        There she beheld the Spectrous form of Enion in the Void   t625
FZ2-36.19; E326|        And never from that moment could she rest upon her pillow

FZ2-36; E326|        End of the Second Night


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