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Title; E300|        THE FOUR ZOAS   t403

FZsubtitle1;   E300|        The torments of Love & Jealousy in
FZsubtitle2;   E300|        The Death and Judgement
FZsubtitle3;   E300|        of Albion the Ancient Man

FZcolophon; E300|        by William Blake 1797

FZepigraph; E300|        Rest before Labour

FZepigraph; E300|        <4 lines of Greek text; Ephesians 6: 12>

ED-FZepigraphGktrans; E300|        <[For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but
ED-FZepigraphGktrans; E300|        against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the
ED-FZepigraphGktrans; E300|        darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high
ED-FZepigraphGktrans; E300|        places. (King James version)]>   t404

FZalternatetitle; E300|        VALA

FZ; E300|        Night the First

FZ1-3.1;   E300|        The Song of the Aged Mother which shook the heavens with wrath   t405
FZ1-3.2;   E300|        Hearing the march of long resounding strong heroic Verse
FZ1-3.3;   E300|        Marshalld in order for the day of Intellectual Battle

FZ1-3.4;   E300|        Four Mighty Ones are in every Man; a Perfect Unity John XVII c. 21 & 22 & 23 v   t406
FZ1-3.5;   E300|        Cannot Exist. but from the Universal Brotherhood of Eden John I c. 14. v

FZ1-3.6;   E301|        The Universal Man. To Whom be Glory Evermore Amen <Greek [kai eskanosen en [h]amen]>

FZ1-3.7;   E301|        [What] are the Natures of those Living Creatures the Heavenly Father only
FZ1-3.8;   E301|        [Knoweth] no Individual [Knoweth nor] Can know in all Eternity   t407

FZ1-3.9;   E301|        Los was the fourth immortal starry one, & in the Earth
FZ1-3.10; E301|        Of a bright Universe Empery attended day & night
FZ1-3.11; E301|        Days & nights of revolving joy, Urthona was his name

FZ1-4.1;   E301|        In Eden; in the Auricular Nerves of Human life
FZ1-4.2;   E301|        Which is the Earth of Eden, he his Emanations propagated
FZ1-4.3;   E301|        Fairies of Albion afterwards Gods of the Heathen, Daughter of Beulah Sing
FZ1-4.4;   E301|        His fall into Division & his Resurrection to Unity
FZ1-4.5;   E301|        His fall into the Generation of Decay & Death & his Regeneration by the Resurrection from the dead   t409

FZ1-4.6;   E301|        Begin with Tharmas Parent power. darkning in the West

FZ1-4.7;   E301|        Lost! Lost! Lost! are my Emanations Enion O Enion   t410
FZ1-4.8;   E301|        We are become a Victim to the Living We hide in secret   t411
FZ1-4.9;   E301|        I have hidden Jerusalem in Silent Contrition O Pity Me   t412
FZ1-4.10; E301|        I will build thee a Labyrinth also O pity me O Enion   t413
FZ1-4.11; E301|        Why hast thou taken sweet Jerusalem from my inmost Soul   t414
FZ1-4.12; E301|        Let her Lay secret in the Soft recess of darkness & silence
FZ1-4.13; E301|        It is not Love I bear to [Jerusalem] It is Pity   t415
FZ1-4.14; E301|        She hath taken refuge in my bosom & I cannot cast her out.

FZ1-4.15; E301|        The Men have recieved their death wounds & their Emanations are fled
FZ1-4.16; E301|        To me for refuge & I cannot turn them out for Pitys sake

FZ1-4.17; E301|        Enion said--Thy fear has made me tremble thy terrors have surrounded me   t416
FZ1-4.18; E301|        All Love is lost Terror succeeds & Hatred instead of Love
FZ1-4.19; E301|        And stern demands of Right & Duty instead of Liberty.
FZ1-4.20; E301|        Once thou wast to Me the loveliest son of heaven--But now
FZ1-4.21; E301|        Why art thou Terrible and yet I love thee in thy terror till
FZ1-4.22; E301|        I am almost Extinct & soon shall be a Shadow in Oblivion
FZ1-4.23; E301|        Unless some way can be found that I may look upon thee & live
FZ1-4.24; E301|        Hide me some Shadowy semblance. secret whispring in my Ear
FZ1-4.25; E301|        In secret of soft wings. in mazes of delusive beauty
FZ1-4.26; E301|        I have lookd into the secret soul of him I lovd
FZ1-4.27; E301|        And in the Dark recesses found Sin & cannot return

FZ1-4.28; E301|        Trembling & pale sat Tharmas weeping in his clouds

FZ1-4.29; E302|        Why wilt thou Examine every little fibre of my soul
FZ1-4.30; E302|        Spreading them out before the Sun like Stalks of flax to dry
FZ1-4.31; E302|        The infant joy is beautiful but its anatomy
FZ1-4.32; E302|        Horrible Ghast & Deadly nought shalt thou find in it
FZ1-4.33; E302|        But Death Despair & Everlasting brooding Melancholy

FZ1-4.34; E302|        Thou wilt go mad with horror if thou dost Examine thus
FZ1-4.35; E302|        Every moment of my secret hours Yea I know
FZ1-4.36; E302|        That I have sinnd & that my Emanations are become harlots
FZ1-4.37; E302|        I am already distracted at their deeds & if I look
FZ1-4.38; E302|        Upon them more Despair will bring self murder on my soul
FZ1-4.39; E302|        O Enion thou art thyself a root growing in hell
FZ1-4.40; E302|        Tho thus heavenly beautiful to draw me to destruction

FZ1-4.41; E302|        Sometimes I think thou art a flower expanding
FZ1-4.42; E302|        Sometimes I think thou art fruit breaking from its bud
FZ1-4.43; E302|        In dreadful dolor & pain & I am like an atom
FZ1-4.44; E302|        A Nothing left in darkness yet I am an identity
FZ1-4.45; E302|        I wish & feel & weep & groan Ah terrible terrible

FZ1-5.1;   E302|        In Eden Females sleep the winter in soft silken veils   t418
FZ1-5.2;   E302|        Woven by their own hands to hide them in the darksom grave
FZ1-5.3;   E302|        But Males immortal live renewd by female deaths. in soft
FZ1-5.4;   E302|        Delight they die & they revive in spring with music & songs
FZ1-5.5;   E302|        Enion said Farewell I die I hide from thy searching eyes

FZ1-5.6;   E302|        So saying--From her bosom weaving soft in Sinewy threads
FZ1-5.7;   E302|        A tabernacle for Jerusalem she sat among the Rocks   t419
FZ1-5.8;   E302|        Singing her lamentation. Tharmas groand among his Clouds
FZ1-5.9;   E302|        Weeping, then bending from his Clouds he stoopd his innocent head   t420
FZ1-5.10; E302|        And stretching out his holy hand in the vast Deep sublime
FZ1-5.11; E302|        Turnd round the circle of Destiny with tears & bitter sighs
FZ1-5.12; E302|        And said. Return O Wanderer when the Day of Clouds is oer

FZ1-5.13; E302|        So saying he sunk down into the sea a pale white corse
FZ1-5.14; E302|        In torment he sunk down & flowd among her filmy Woof   t421
FZ1-5.15; E302|        His Spectre issuing from his feet in flames of fire
FZ1-5.16; E302|        In gnawing pain drawn out by her lovd fingers every nerve   t422
FZ1-5.17; E302|        She counted. every vein & lacteal threading them among
FZ1-5.18; E302|        Her woof of terror. Terrified & drinking tears of woe
FZ1-5.19; E302|        Shuddring she wove--nine days & nights Sleepless her food was tears
FZ1-5.20; E302|        Wondring she saw her woof begin to animate. & not
FZ1-5.21; E302|        As Garments woven subservient to her hands but having a will
FZ1-5.22; E302|        Of its own perverse & wayward Enion lovd & wept

FZ1-5.23; E302|        Nine days she labourd at her work. & nine dark sleepless nights
FZ1-5.24; E302|        But on the tenth trembling morn the Circle of Destiny Complete   t423
FZ1-5.25; E302|        Round rolld the Sea Englobing in a watry Globe self balancd

FZ1-5.26; E303|        A Frowning Continent appeard Where Enion in the Desart
FZ1-5.27; E303|        Terrified in her own Creation viewing her woven shadow
FZ1-5.28; E303|        Sat in a dread intoxication of Repentance & Contrition   t424
FZ1-5.29; E303|        There is from Great Eternity a mild & pleasant rest
FZ1-5.30; E303|        Namd Beulah a Soft Moony Universe feminine lovely
FZ1-5.31; E303|        Pure mild & Gentle given in Mercy to those who sleep
FZ1-5.32; E303|        Eternally. Created by the Lamb of God around
FZ1-5.33; E303|        On all sides within & without the Universal Man
FZ1-5.3;   E303|        The Daughters of Beulah follow sleepers in all their Dreams   t425
FZ1-5.35; E303|        Creating Spaces lest they fall into Eternal Death

FZ1-5.36; E303|        The Circle of Destiny complete they gave to it a Space
FZ1-5.37; E303|        And namd the Space Ulro & brooded over it in care & love
FZ1-5.38; E303|        They said The Spectre is in every man insane & most
FZ1-5.39; E303|        Deformd Thro the three heavens descending in fury & fire
FZ1-5.40; E303|        We meet it with our Songs & loving blandishments & give
FZ1-5.41; E303|        To it a form of vegetation But this Spectre of Tharmas
FZ1-5.42; E303|        Is Eternal Death What shall we do O God pity & help   t426
FZ1-5.43; E303|        So spoke they & closd the Gate of the Tongue in trembling fear   t427

FZ1-5.44; E303|        What have I done! said Enion accursed wretch! What deed.   t428
FZ1-5.45; E303|        Is this a deed of Love I know what I have done. I know
FZ1-5.46; E303|        Too late now to repent. Love is changd to deadly Hate   t429
FZ1-5.47; E303|        A [ll] life is blotted out & I alone remain possessd with Fears   t430
FZ1-5.48; E303|        I see the Shadow of the dead within my Soul wandering   t431
FZ1-5.49; E303|        In darkness & solitude forming Seas of Doubt & rocks of Repentance   t432
FZ1-5.50; E303|        Already are my Eyes reverted. all that I behold
FZ1-5.51; E303|        Within my Soul has lost its splendor & a brooding Fear
FZ1-5.52; E303|        Shadows me oer & drives me outward to a world of woe
FZ1-5.53; E303|        So waild she trembling before her own Created Phantasm   t433

FZ1-6.1;   E303|        She drew the Spectre forth from Tharmas in her shining loom   t435
FZ1-6.2;   E303|        Of Vegetation weeping in wayward infancy & sullen youth
FZ1-6.3;   E303|        Listning to her soft lamentations soon his tongue began
FZ1-6.4;   E303|        To Lisp out words & soon in masculine strength augmenting he
FZ1-6.5;   E303|        Reard up a form of gold & stood upon the glittering rock
FZ1-6.6;   E303|        A shadowy human form winged & in his depths
FZ1-6.7;   E303|        The dazzlings as of gems shone clear, rapturous in fury   t436
FZ1-6.8;   E303|        Glorying in his own eyes Exalted in terrific Pride   t437
FZ1-6.9;   E303|        The Spectre thus spoke. Who art thou Diminutive husk & shell   t438
FZ1-6.10; E303|        If thou hast sinnd & art polluted know that I am pure   t439
FZ1-6.11; E303|        And unpolluted & will bring to rigid strict account
FZ1-6.12; E303|        All thy past deeds [So] hear what I tell thee! mark it well! remember!   t440
FZ1-6.13; E303|        This world is Thine in which thou dwellest that within thy soul   t441
FZ1-6.14; E303|        That dark & dismal infinite where Thought roams up & down

FZ1-6.15; E304|        Is Mine & there thou goest when with one Sting of my tongue   t442
FZ1-6.16; E304|        Envenomd thou rollst inwards to the place whence I emergd   t443

FZ1-6.17; E304|        She trembling answerd Wherefore was I born & what am I   t444
FZ1-6.18; E304|        I thought to weave a Covering for my Sins from wrath of Tharmas   t445

FZ1-7.1;   E304|        I thought Tharmas a Sinner & I murderd his Emanations   t447
FZ1-7.2;   E304|        His secret loves & Graces Ah me wretched What have I done   t448
FZ1-7.3;   E304|        For now I find that all those Emanations were my Childrens Souls   t449
FZ1-7.4;   E304|        And I have murderd them with Cruelty above atonement   t450
FZ1-7.5;   E304|        Those that remain have fled from my cruelty into the desarts
FZ1-7.6;   E304|        And thou the delusive tempter to these deeds sittest before me   t451
FZ1-7.7;   E304|        In this thy world not mine tho dark I feel my world within   t452

FZ1-7.8;   E304|        Mingling his horrible brightness with her tender limbs then high she soard   t453
FZ1-7.9;   E304|        Above the ocean; a bright wonder that Nature shudder'd at   t454
FZ1-7.10; E304|        Half Woman & half Spectre, all his lovely changing colours mix   t455
FZ1-7.11; E304|        With her fair crystal clearness; in her lips & cheeks his poisons rose   t456
FZ1-7.12; E304|        In blushes like the morning, and his scaly armour softening   t457
FZ1-7.13; E304|        A monster lovely in the heavens or wandering on the earth,   t458

FZ1-8.1;   E304|        Till with fierce pain she brought forth on the rocks her sorrow & woe
FZ1-8.2;   E304|        Behold two little Infants wept upon the desolate wind.   t459
FZ1-8.3;   E304|        The first state weeping they began & helpless as a wave
FZ1-8.4;   E304|        Beaten along its sightless way growing enormous in its motion to
FZ1-8.5;   E304|        Its utmost goal, till strength from Enion like richest summer shining   t460
FZ1-8.6;   E304|        Raisd the bright boy & girl with glories from their heads beaming   t461
FZ1-8.7;   E304|        Drawing forth drooping mothers pity drooping mothers sorrow   t462

FZ1-8.8;   E304|        They sulk upon her breast her hair became like snow on mountains   t463
FZ1-8.9;   E304|        Weaker & weaker, weeping woful, wearier and wearier
FZ1-8.10; E304|        Faded & her bright Eyes decayd melted with pity & love

FZ1-9.1;   E304|        And then they wanderd far away she sought for them in vain   t464
FZ1-9.2;   E304|        In weeping blindness stumbling she followd them oer rocks & mountains
FZ1-9.3;   E304|        Rehumanizing from the Spectre in pangs of maternal love
FZ1-9.4;   E304|        Ingrate they wanderd scorning her drawing her Spectrous Life
FZ1-9.5;   E304|        Repelling her away & away by a dread repulsive power
FZ1-9.6;   E304|        Into Non Entity revolving round in dark despair.
FZ1-9.7;   E304|        And drawing in the Spectrous life in pride and haughty joy   t465
FZ1-9.8;   E304|        Thus Enion gave them all her spectrous life   t466

FZ1-9.9;   E304|        Then Eno a daughter of Beulah took a Moment of Time   t467
FZ1-9.10; E304|        And drew it out to Seven thousand years with much care & affliction   t468
FZ1-9.11; E304|        And many tears & in Every year made windows into Eden   t469

FZ1-9.12; E305|        She also took an atom of space & opend its center
FZ1-9.13; E305|        Into Infinitude & ornamented it with wondrous art
FZ1-9.14; E305|        Astonishd sat her Sisters of Beulah to see her soft affections
FZ1-9.15; E305|        To Enion & her children & they ponderd these things wondring
FZ1-9.16; E305|        And they Alternate kept watch over the Youthful terrors
FZ1-9.17; E305|        They saw not yet the Hand Divine for it was not yet reveald
FZ1-9.18; E305|        But they went on in Silent Hope & Feminine repose
FZ1-9.19; E305|        But Los & Enitharmon delighted in the Moony spaces of Eno   t470
FZ1-9.20; E305|        Nine Times they livd among the forests, feeding n sweet fruits
FZ1-9.21; E305|        And nine bright Spaces wanderd weaving mazes of delight
FZ1-9.22; E305|        Snaring the wild Goats for their milk they eat the flesh of Lambs
FZ1-9.23; E305|        A male & female naked & ruddy as the pride of summer
FZ1-9.24; E305|        Alternate Love & Hate his breast; hers Scorn & Jealousy
FZ1-9.25; E305|        In embryon passions. they kiss'd not nor embrac'd for shame & fear   t471
FZ1-9.26; E305|        His head beamd light & in his vigorous voice was prophecy
FZ1-9.27; E305|        He could controll the times & seasons, & the days & years
FZ1-9.28; E305|        She could controll the spaces, regions, desart, flood & forest
FZ1-9.29; E305|        But had no power to weave a Veil of covering for her Sins
FZ1-9.30; E305|        She drave the Females all away from Los
FZ1-9.31; E305|        And Los drave all the Males from her away
FZ1-9.32; E305|        They wanderd long, till they sat down upon the margind sea.
FZ1-9.33; E305|        Conversing with the visions of Beulah in dark slumberous bliss   t472

FZ1-9.34; E305|        But the two youthful wonders wanderd in the world of Tharmas   t473
FZ1-9.35; E305|        Thy name is Enitharmon; said the fierce prophetic boy   t474
FZ1-9.36; E305|        While thy mild voice fills all these Caverns with sweet harmony
FZ1-9.37; E305|        O how our Parents sit & mourn in their silent secret bowers   t475

FZ1-10.1;   E305|        But Enitharmon answerd with a dropping tear & frowning   t476
FZ1-10.2;   E305|        Dark as a dewy morning when the crimson light appears   t477
FZ1-10.3;   E305|        To make us happy let them weary their immortal powers   t478
FZ1-10.4;   E305|        While we draw in their sweet delights while we return them scorn   t479
FZ1-10.5;   E305|        On scorn to feed our discontent; for if we grateful prove
FZ1-10.6;   E305|        They will withhold sweet love, whose food is thorns & bitter roots.
FZ1-10.7;   E305|        We hear the warlike clarions we view the turning spheres   t480
FZ1-10.8;   E305|        Yet Thou in indolence reposest holding me in bonds
FZ1-10.9;   E305|        Hear! I will sing a Song of Death! it is a Song of Vala!   t481
FZ1-10.10; E305|        The Fallen Man takes his repose: Urizen sleeps in the porch   t482
FZ1-10.11; E305|        Luvah and Vala woke & flew up from the Human Heart   t483
FZ1-10.12; E305|        Into the Brain; from thence upon the pillow Vala slumber'd.
FZ1-10.13; E305|        And Luvah siez'd the Horses of Light, & rose into the Chariot of Day
FZ1-10.14; E305|        Sweet laughter siezd me in my sleep! silent & close I laughd   t484
FZ1-10.15; E305|        For in the visions of Vala I walkd with the mighty Fallen One   t485
FZ1-10.16; E305|        I heard his voice among the branches, & among sweet flowers.   t486

FZ1-10.17; E306|        Why is the light of Enitharmon darken'd in dewy morn   t487
FZ1-10.18; E306|        Why is the silence of Enitharmon a terror & her smile a whirlwind   t488
FZ1-10.19; E306|        Uttering this darkness in my halls, in the pillars of my Holy-ones
FZ1-10.20; E306|        Why dost thou weep as Vala? & wet thy veil with dewy tears,   t489
FZ1-10.21; E306|        In slumbers of my night-repose, infusing a false morning?
FZ1-10.22; E306|        Driving the Female Emanations all away from Los   t490
FZ1-10.23; E306|        I have refusd to look upon the Universal Vision
FZ1-10.24; E306|        And wilt thou slay with death him who devotes himself to thee   t491
FZ1-10.25; E306|        Once born for the sport & amusement of Man now born to drink up all his Powers

FZ1-11.1;   E306|        I heard the sounding sea; I heard the voice weaker and weaker;
FZ1-11.2;   E306|        The voice came & went like a dream, I awoke in my sweet bliss.
FZ1-11.3;   E306|        Then Los smote her upon the Earth twas long eer she revivd
FZ1-11.4;   E306|        He answer'd, darkning more with indignation hid in smiles   t492

FZ1-11.5;   E306|        I die not Enitharmon tho thou singst thy Song of Death   t493
FZ1-11.6;   E306|        Nor shalt thou me torment For I behold the Fallen Man   t494
FZ1-11.7;   E306|        Seeking to comfort Vala, she will not be comforted   t495
FZ1-11.8;   E306|        She rises from his throne and seeks the shadows of her garden
FZ1-11.9;   E306|        Weeping for Luvah lost, in the bloody beams of your false morning
FZ1-11.10; E306|        Sickning lies the Fallen Man his head sick his heart faint   t496
FZ1-11.11; E306|        Mighty atchievement of your power! Beware the punishment
FZ1-11.12; E306|        I see, invisible decend into the Gardens of Vala
FZ1-11.13; E306|        Luvah walking on the winds, I see the invisible knife
FZ1-11.14; E306|        I see the shower of blood: I see the swords & spears of futurity
FZ1-11.15; E306|        Tho in the Brain of Man we live, & in his circling Nerves.
FZ1-11.16; E306|        Tho' this bright world of all our joy is in the Human Brain.
FZ1-11.17; E306|        Where Urizen & all his Hosts hang their immortal lamps
FZ1-11.18; E306|        Thou neer shalt leave this cold expanse where watry Tharmas mourns

FZ1-11.19; E306|        So spoke Los. Scorn & Indignation rose upon Enitharmon
FZ1-11.20; E306|        Then Enitharmon reddning fierce stretchd her immortal hands   t497

FZ1-11.21; E306|        Descend O Urizen descend with horse & chariots
FZ1-11.22; E306|        Threaten not me O visionary thine the punishment
FZ1-11.23; E306|        The Human Nature shall no more remain nor Human acts
FZ1-11.24; E306|        Form the rebellious Spirits of Heaven. but War & Princedom & Victory & Blood   t498

FZ1-12.1;   E306|        Night darkend as she spoke! a shuddring ran from East to West   t500
FZ1-12.2;   E306|        A Groan was heard on high. The warlike clarions ceast. the Spirits
FZ1-12.3;   E306|        Of Luvah & Vala shudderd in their Orb: an orb of blood!

FZ1-12.4;   E306|        Eternity groand & was troubled at the Image of Eternal Death
FZ1-12.5;   E306|        The Wandering Man bow'd his faint head and Urizen descended
FZ1-12.6;   E306|        And the one must have murderd the other if he had not descended   t501

FZ1-12.7;   E307|        Indignant muttering low thunders; Urizen descended
FZ1-12.8;   E307|        Gloomy sounding, Now I am God from Eternity to Eternity

FZ1-12.9;   E307|        Sullen sat Los plotting Revenge. Silent he eye'd the Prince   t502
FZ1-12.10; E307|        Of Light. Silent the prince of Light viewd Los. at length a brooded   t503
FZ1-12.11; E307|        Smile broke from Urizen for Enitharmon brightend more & more
FZ1-12.12; E307|        Sullen he lowerd on Enitharmon but he smild on Los

FZ1-12.13; E307|        Saying Thou art the Lord of Luvah into thine hands I give
FZ1-12.14; E307|        The prince of Love the murderer his soul is in thine hands
FZ1-12.15; E307|        Pity not Vala for she pitied not the Eternal Man
FZ1-12.16; E307|        Nor pity thou the cries of Luvah. Lo these starry hosts
FZ1-12.17; E307|        They are thy servants if thou wilt obey my awful Law
FZ1-12.18; E307|        Los answerd furious art thou one of those who when most complacent
FZ1-12.19; E307|        Mean mischief most. If you are such Lo! I am also such
FZ1-12.20; E307|        One must be master. try thy Arts I also will try mine
FZ1-12.21; E307|        For I percieve Thou hast Abundance which I claim as mine

FZ1-12.22; E307|        Urizen startled stood but not Long soon he cried
FZ1-12.23; E307|        Obey my voice young Demon I am God from Eternity to Eternity

FZ1-12.24; E307|        Thus Urizen spoke collected in himself in awful pride

FZ1-12.25; E307|        Art thou a visionary of Jesus the soft delusion of Eternity
FZ1-12.26; E307|        Lo I am God the terrible destroyer & not the Saviour
FZ1-12.27; E307|        Why should the Divine Vision compell the sons of Eden
FZ1-12.28; E307|        to forego each his own delight to war against his Spectre   t504
FZ1-12.29; E307|        The Spectre is the Man the rest is only delusion & fancy

FZ1-12.30; E307|        So spoke the Prince of Light & sat beside the Seat of Los
FZ1-12.31; E307|        Upon the sandy shore rested his chariot of fire

FZ1-12.32; E307|        Ten thousand thousand were his hosts of spirits on the wind:
FZ1-12.33; E307|        Ten thousand thousand glittering Chariots shining in the sky:
FZ1-12.34; E307|        They pour upon the golden shore beside the silent ocean.
FZ1-12.35; E307|        Rejoicing in the Victory & the heavens were filld with blood   t505

FZ1-12.36; E307|        The Earth spread forth her table wide. the Night a silver cup
FZ1-12.37; E307|        Fill'd with the wine of anguish waited at the golden feast
FZ1-12.38; E307|        But the bright Sun was not as yet; he filling all the expanse
FZ1-12.39; E307|        Slept as a bird in the blue shell that soon shall burst away

FZ1-12.40; E307|        Los saw the wound of his blow he saw he pitied he wept   t506
FZ1-12.41; E307|        Los now repented that he had smitten Enitharmon he felt love
FZ1-12.42; E307|        Arise in all his Veins he threw his arms around her loins
FZ1-12.43; E307|        To heal the wound of his smiting

FZ1-12.44; E307|        They eat the fleshly bread, they drank the nervous wine   t507

FZ1-13.1;   E308|        They listend to the Elemental Harps & Sphery Song
FZ1-13.2;   E308|        They view'd the dancing Hours, quick sporting thro' the sky
FZ1-13.3;   E308|        With winged radiance scattering joys thro the ever changing light

FZ1-13.4;   E308|        But Luvah & Vala standing in the bloody sky   t508
FZ1-13.5;   E308|        On high remaind alone forsaken in fierce jealousy
FZ1-13.6;   E308|        They stood above the heavens forsaken desolate suspended in blood
FZ1-13.7;   E308|        Descend they could not. nor from Each other avert their eyes
FZ1-13.8;   E308|        Eternity appeard above them as One Man infolded
FZ1-13.9;   E308|        In Luvah[s] robes of blood & bearing all his afflictions   t509
FZ1-13.10; E308|        As the sun shines down on the misty earth Such was the Vision

FZ1-13.11; E308|        But purple night and crimson morning & golden day descending   t510
FZ1-13.12; E308|        Thro' the clear changing atmosphere display'd green fields among
FZ1-13.13; E308|        The varying clouds, like paradises stretch'd in the expanse
FZ1-13.14; E308|        With towns & villages and temples, tents sheep-folds and pastures
FZ1-13.15; E308|        Where dwell the children of the elemental worlds in harmony.
FZ1-13.16; E308|        Not long in harmony they dwell, their life is drawn away   t511
FZ1-13.17; E308|        And wintry woes succeed; successive driven into the Void
FZ1-13.18; E308|        Where Enion craves: successive drawn into the golden feast

FZ1-13.19; E308|        And Los & Enitharmon sat in discontent & scorn   t512
FZ1-13.20; E308|        The Nuptial Song arose from all the thousand thousand spirits   t513
FZ1-13.21; E308|        Over the joyful Earth & Sea, and ascended into the Heavens
FZ1-13.22; E308|        For Elemental Gods their thunderous Organs blew; creating
FZ1-13.23; E308|        Delicious Viands. Demons of Waves their watry Eccho's woke!
FZ1-13.24; E308|        Bright Souls of vegetative life, budding and blossoming   t514

FZ1-14.1;   E308|        Stretch their immortal hands to smite the gold & silver Wires
FZ1-14.2;   E308|        And with immortal Voice soft warbling fill all Earth & Heaven.
FZ1-14.3;   E308|        With doubling Voices & loud Horns wound round sounding
FZ1-14.4;   E308|        Cavernous dwellers fill'd the enormous Revelry, Responsing!
FZ1-14.5;   E308|        And Spirits of Flaming fire on high, govern'd the mighty Song.

FZ1-14.6;   E308|        And This the Song! sung at The Feast of Los & Enitharmon

FZ1-14.7;   E308|        Ephraim calld out to Zion: Awake O Brother Mountain   t515
FZ1-14.8;   E308|        Let us refuse the Plow & Spade, the heavy Roller & spiked
FZ1-14.9;   E308|        Harrow. burn all these Corn fields. throw down all these fences
FZ1-14.10; E308|        Fattend on Human blood & drunk with wine of life is better far

FZ1-14.11; E308|        Than all these labours of the harvest & the vintage. See the river
FZ1-14.12; E308|        Red with the blood of Men. swells lustful round my rocky knees
FZ1-14.13; E308|        My clouds are not the clouds of verdant fields & groves of fruit
FZ1-14.14; E308|        But Clouds of Human Souls. my nostrils drink the lives of Men   t516

FZ1-14.15; E308|        The Villages Lament. they faint outstretchd upon the plain
FZ1-14.16; E308|        Wailing runs round the Valleys from the Mill & from the Barn   t517

FZ1-14.17; E309|        But most the polishd Palaces dark silent bow with dread   t518
FZ1-14.18; E309|        Hiding their books & pictures. underneath the dens of Earth

FZ1-14.19; E309|        The Cities send to one another saying My sons are Mad
FZ1-14.20; E309|        With wine of cruelty. Let us plat a Scourge O Sister City   t519
FZ1-14.21; E309|        Children are nourishd for the Slaughter; once the Child was fed
FZ1-14.22; E309|        With Milk; but wherefore now are Children fed with blood   t520

FZ1-15.1;   E309|        The Horse is of more value than the Man. The Tyger fierce
FZ1-15.2;   E309|        Laughs at the Human form. the Lion mocks & thirsts for blood
FZ1-15.3;   E309|        They cry O Spider spread thy web! Enlarge thy bones & fill'd
FZ1-15.4;   E309|        With marrow. sinews & flesh Exalt thyself attain a voice
FZ1-15.5;   E309|        Call to thy dark armd hosts, for all the sons of Men muster together
FZ1-15.6;   E309|        To desolate their cities! Man shall be no more! Awake O Hosts
FZ1-15.7;   E309|        The bow string sang upon the hills! Luvah & Vala ride
FZ1-15.8;   E309|        Triumphant in the bloody sky. & the Human form is no more   t521

FZ1-15.9;   E309|        The listning Stars heard, & the first beam of the morning started back
FZ115.10; E309|        He cried out to his Father, depart! depart! but sudden Siez'd   t522
FZ1-15.11; E309|        And clad in steel. & his Horse proudly neighd; he smelt the battle   t523
FZ1-15.12; E309|        Afar off, Rushing back, reddning with rage the Mighty Father   t524

FZ1-15.13; E309|        Siezd his bright Sheephook studded with gems & gold, he Swung it round
FZ1-15.14; E309|        His head shrill sounding in the sky, down rushd the Sun with noise
FZ1-15.15; E309|        Of war, The Mountains fled away they sought a place beneath
FZ1-15.16; E309|        Vala remaind in desarts of dark solitude. nor Sun nor Moon

FZ1-15.17; E309|        By night nor day to comfort her, she labourd in thick smoke   t525
FZ1-15.18; E309|        Tharmas endurd not, he fled howling. then a barren waste sunk
FZ1-15.19; E309|        Conglobing in the dark confusion, Mean time Los was born
FZ1-15.20; E309|        And Thou O Enitharmon! Hark I hear the hammers of Los   t526

FZ1-16.1;   E309|        They melt the bones of Vala, & the bones of Luvah into wedges
FZ1-16.2;   E309|        The innumerable sons & daughters of Luvah closd in furnaces
FZ1-16.3;   E309|        Melt into furrows. winter blows his bellows: ice & Snow
FZ1-16.4;   E309|        Tend the dire anvils. Mountains mourn & Rivers faint & fail

FZ1-16.5;   E309|        There is no City nor Corn-field nor Orchard! all is Rock & Sand
FZ1-16.6;   E309|        There is no Sun nor Moon nor Star. but rugged wintry rocks
FZ1-16.7;   E309|        Justling together in the void suspended by inward fires
FZ1-16.8;   E309|        Impatience now no longer can endure. Distracted Luvah

FZ1-16.9;   E309|        Bursting forth from the loins of Enitharmon, Thou fierce Terror
FZ1-16.10; E309|        Go howl in vain, Smite Smite his fetters Smite O wintry hammers
FZ1-16.11; E309|        Smite Spectre of Urthona, mock the fiend who drew us down
FZ1-16.12; E309|        From heavens of joy into this Deep. Now rage but rage in vain

FZ1-16.13; E310|        Thus Sang the Demons of the Deep. the Clarions of War blew loud
FZ1-16.14; E310|        The Feast redounds & Crownd with roses & the circling vine
FZ1-16.15; E310|        The Enormous Bride & Bridegroom sat, beside them Urizen
FZ1-16.16; E310|        With faded radiance sighd, forgetful of the flowing wine
FZ1-16.17; E310|        And of Ahania his Pure Bride but She was distant far

FZ1-16.18; E310|        But Los & Enitharmon sat in discontent & scorn
FZ1-16.19; E310|        Craving the more the more enjoying, drawing out sweet bliss
FZ1-16.20; E310|        From all the turning wheels of heaven & the chariots of the Slain

FZ1-16.21; E310|        At distance Far in Night repelld. in direful hunger craving
FZ1-16.22; E310|        Summers & Winters round revolving in the frightful deep.

FZ1-17.1;   E310|        Enion blind & age-bent wept upon the desolate wind   t527

FZ1-17.2;   E310|        Why does the Raven cry aloud and no eye pities her?
FZ1-17.3;   E310|        Why fall the Sparrow & the Robin in the foodless winter?
FZ1-17.4;   E310|        Faint! shivering they sit on leafless bush, or frozen stone   t528

FZ1-17.5;   E310|        Wearied with seeking food across the snowy waste; the little
FZ1-17.6;   E310|        Heart, cold; and the little tongue consum'd, that once in thoughtless joy
FZ1-17.7;   E310|        Gave songs of gratitude to waving corn fields round their nest.  t529

FZ1-17.8;   E310|        Why howl the Lion & the Wolf? why do they roam abroad?   t530
FZ1-17.9;   E310|        Deluded by summers heat they sport in enormous love   t531
FZ1-17.10; E310|        And cast their young out to the hungry wilds & sandy desarts

FZ1-18.1;   E310|        Why is the Sheep given to the knife? the Lamb plays in the Sun
FZ1-18.2;   E310|        He starts! he hears the foot of Man! he says, Take thou my wool
FZ1-18.3;   E310|        But spare my life, but he knows not that winter cometh fast.   t532

FZ1-18.4;   E310|        The Spider sits in his labourd Web, eager watching for the Fly
FZ1-18.5;   E310|        Presently comes a famishd Bird & takes away the Spider
FZ1-18.6;   E310|        His Web is left all desolate, that his little anxious heart
FZ1-18.7;   E310|        So careful wove; & spread it out with sighs and weariness.

FZ1-18.8;   E310|        This was the Lamentation of Enion round the golden Feast
FZ1-18.9;   E310|        Eternity groand and was troubled at the image of Eternal Death
FZ1-18.10; E310|        Without the body of Man an Exudation from his sickning limbs

FZ1-18.11; E310|        Now Man was come to the Palm tree & to the Oak of Weeping   t533
FZ1-18.12; E310|        Which stand upon the Edge of Beulah & he sunk down
FZ1-8.13; E310|        From the Supporting arms of the Eternal Saviour; who disposd
FZ1-18.14; E310|        The pale limbs of his Eternal Individuality
FZ1-18.15; E310|        Upon The Rock of Ages. Watching over him with Love & Care   t534

FZ1-21.1;   E310|        Then those in Great Eternity met in the Council of God
FZ1-21.2;   E310|        As one Man for contracting their Exalted Senses

FZ1-21.3;   E311|        They behold Multitude or Expanding they behold as one
FZ1-21.4;   E311|        As One Man all the Universal family & that one Man   t536
FZ1-21.5;   E311|        They call Jesus the Christ & they in him & he in them
FZ1-21.6;   E311|        Live in Perfect harmony in Eden the land of life
FZ1-21.7;   E311|        Consulting as One Man above the Mountain of Snowdon Sublime   t537

FZ1-21.8;   E311|        For messengers from Beulah come in tears & darkning clouds
FZ1-21.9;   E311|        Saying Shiloh is in ruins our brother is sick Albion He   t538
FZ1-21.10; E311|        Whom thou lovest is sick he wanders from his house of Eternity
FZ1-21.11; E311|        The daughters of Beulah terrified have closd the Gate of the Tongue
FZ1-21.12; E311|        Luvah & Urizen contend in war around the holy tent

FZ1-21.13; E311|        So spoke the Ambassadors from Beulah & with solemn mourning   t539
FZ1-21.14; E311|        They were introducd to the divine presence & they kneeled down
FZ1-21.15; E311|        In Conways Vale thus recounting the Wars of Death Eternal   t540

FZ1-21.16; E311|        The Eternal Man wept in the holy tent Our Brother in Eternity
FZ1-21.17; E311|        Even Albion whom thou lovest wept in pain his family
FZ1-21.18; E311|        Slept round on hills & valleys in the regions of his love
FZ1-21.19; E311|        But Urizen awoke & Luvah woke & thus conferrd

FZ1-21.20; E311|        Thou Luvah said the Prince of Light behold our sons & daughters
FZ1-21.21; E311|        Reposd on beds. let them sleep on. do thou alone depart
FZ1-21.22; E311|        Into thy wished Kingdom where in Majesty & Power
FZ1-21.23; E311|        We may erect a throne. deep in the North I place my lot
FZ1-21.24; E311|        Thou in the South listen attentive. In silent of this night
FZ1-21.25; E311|        I will infold the Eternal tent in clouds opake while thou
FZ1-21.26; E311|        Siezing the chariots of the morning. Go oufleeting ride
FZ1-21.27; E311|        Afar into the Zenith high bending thy furious course
FZ1-21.28; E311|        Southward with half the tents of men inclosd in clouds
FZ1-21.29; E311|        Of Tharmas & Urthona. I remaining in porches of the brain
FZ1-21.30; E311|        Will lay my scepter on Jerusalem the Emanation
FZ1-21.31; E311|        On all her sons & on thy sons O Luvah & on mine   t541
FZ1-21.32; E311|        Till dawn was wont to wake them then my trumpet sounding loud
FZ1-21.33; E311|        Ravishd away in night my strong command shall be obeyd
FZ1-21.34; E311|        For I have placd my centinels in stations each tenth man
FZ1-21.35; E311|        Is bought & sold & in dim night my Word shall be their law

FZ1-22.1;   E311|        Luvah replied Dictate to thy Equals. am not I
FZ1-22.2;   E311|        The Prince of all the hosts of Men nor Equal know in Heaven
FZ1-22.3;   E311|        If I arise into the Zenith leaving thee to watch
FZ1-22.4;   E311|        The Emanation & her Sons the Satan & the Anak
FZ1-22.5;   E311|        Sihon and Og. wilt thou not rebel to my laws remain
FZ1-22.6;   E311|        In darkness building thy strong throne & in my ancient night
FZ1-22.7;   E311|        Daring my power wilt arm my sons against me in the Atlantic   t542
FZ1-22.8;   E311|        My deep My night which thou assuming hast assumed my Crown
FZ1-22.9;   E311|        I will remain as well as thou & here with hands of blood
FZ1-22.10; E311|        Smite this dark sleeper in his tent then try my strength with thee

FZ1-22.11; E312|        While thus he spoke his fires reddend oer the holy tent   t543
FZ1-22.12; E312|        Urizen cast deep darkness round him silent brooding death
FZ1-22.13; E312|        Eternal death to Luvah. raging Luvah pourd
FZ1-22.14; E312|        The Lances of Urizen from chariots. round the holy tent
FZ1-22.15; E312|        Discord began & yells & cries shook the wide firmament

FZ1-22.16; E312|        Beside his anvil stood Urthona dark. a mass of iron
FZ1-22.17; E312|        Glowd furious on the anvil prepard for spades & coulters All
FZ1-22.18; E312|        His sons fled from his side to join the conflict pale he heard
FZ1-22.19; E312|        The Eternal voice he stood the sweat chilld on his mighty limbs
FZ1-22.20; E312|        He dropd his hammer. dividing from his aking bosom fled
FZ1-22.21; E312|        A portion of his life shrieking upon the wind she fled
FZ1-22.22; E312|        And Tharmas took her in pitying Then Enion in jealous fear
FZ1-22.23; E312|        Murderd her & hid her in her bosom embalming her for fear
FZ1-22.24; E312|        She should arise again to life Embalmd in Enions bosom
FZ1-22.25; E312|        Enitharmon remains a corse such thing was never known
FZ1-22.26; E312|        In Eden that one died a death never to be revivd
FZ1-22.27; E312|        Urthona stood in terror but not long his spectre fled
FZ1-22.28; E312|        To Enion & his body fell. Tharmas beheld him fall
FZ1-22.29; E312|        Endlong a raging serpent rolling round the holy tent
FZ1-22.30; E312|        The sons of war astonishd at the Glittring monster drove
FZ1-22.31; E312|        Him far into the world of Tharmas into a cavernd rock

FZ1-22.32; E312|        But Urizen with darkness overspreading all the armies
FZ1-22.33; E312|        Sent round his heralds secretly commanding to depart
FZ1-22.34; E312|        Into the north Sudden with thunders sound his multitudes
FZ1-22.35; E312|        Retreat from the fierce conflict all the sons of Urizen at once
FZ1-22.36; E312|        Mustring together in thick clouds leaving the rage of Luvah
FZ1-22.37; E312|        To pour its fury on himself & on the Eternal Man

FZ1-22.38; E312|        Sudden down fell they all together into an unknown Space
FZ1-22.39; E312|        Deep horrible without End. Separated from Beulah far beneath
FZ1-22.40; E312|        The Mans exteriors are become indefinite opend to pain
FZ1-22.41; E312|        In a fierce hungring void & none can visit his regions

FZ1-21[19].1;   E312|        Jerusalem his Emanation is become a ruin   t544
FZ1-21[19].2;   E312|        Her little ones are slain on the top of every street   t545
FZ1-21[19].3;   E312|        And she herself le[d] captive & scatterd into the indefinite   t546
FZ1-21[19].4;   E312|        Gird on thy sword O thou most mighty in glory & majesty
FZ1-21[19].5;   E312|        Destroy these opressors of Jerusalem & those who ruin Shiloh

FZ1-21[19].6;   E312|        So spoke the Messengers of Beulah. Silently removing
FZ1-21[19].7;   E312|        The Family Divine drew up the Universal tent
FZ1-21[19].8;   E312|        Above High Snowdon & closd the Messengers in clouds around   t547
FZ1-21[19].9;   E312|        Till the time of the End. Then they Elected Seven. called the Seven
FZ1-21[19].10; E312|        Eyes of God & the Seven lamps of the Almighty
FZ1-21[19].11; E312|        The Seven are one within the other the Seventh is named Jesus

FZ1-21[19].12; E313|        The Lamb of God blessed for ever & he followd the Man
FZ1-21[19].13; E313|        Who wanderd in mount Ephraim seeking a Sepulcher
FZ1-21[19].14; E313|        His inward eyes closing from the Divine vision & all
FZ1-21[19].15; E313|        His children wandering outside from his bosom fleeing away   t548

FZ1-22[20].1;   E313|        The Daughters of Beulah beheld the Emanation they pitied
FZ1-22[20].2;   E313|        They wept before the Inner gates of Enitharmons bosom
FZ1-22[20].3;   E313|        And of her fine wrought brain & of her bowels within her loins
FZ1-22[20].4;   E313|        Three gates within Glorious & bright open into Beulah   t550
FZ1-22[20].5;   E313|        From Enitharmons inward parts but the bright female terror
FZ1-22[20].6;   E313|        Refusd to open the bright gates she closd and barrd them fast
FZ1-22[20].7;   E313|        Lest Los should enter into Beulah thro her beautiful gates
FZ1-22[20].8;   E313|        The Emanation stood before the Gates of Enitharmon   t551
FZ1-22[20].9;   E313|        Weeping. the Daughters of Beulah silent in the Porches
FZ1-22[20].10; E313|        Spread her a couch unknown to Enitharmon here reposd
FZ1-22[20].11; E313|        Jerusalem in slumbers soft lulld into silent rest
FZ1-22[20].12; E313|        Terrific ragd the Eternal Wheels of intellect terrific ragd
FZ1-22[20].13; E313|        The living creatures of the wheels in the Wars of Eternal life
FZ1-22[20].14; E313|        But perverse rolld the wheels of Urizen & Luvah back reversd
FZ1-22[20].15; E313|        Downwards & outwards consuming in the wars of Eternal Death   t552

FZ1-21[19]end; E313|        End of The First Night

FZ2-heading; E313|        VALA

FZ2-heading; E313|        Night the [Second]   t553

FZ2-23.1;   E313|        Rising upon his Couch of Death Albion beheld his Sons
FZ2-23.2;   E313|        Turning his Eyes outward to Self. losing the Divine Vision
FZ2-23.3;   E313|        Albion calld Urizen & said. Behold these sickning Spheres   t554
FZ2-23.4;   E313|        Whence is this Voice of Enion that soundeth in my Porches   t555
FZ2-23.5;   E313|        Take thou possession! take this Scepter! go forth in my might
FZ2-23.6;   E313|        For I am weary, & must sleep in the dark sleep of Death   t556
FZ2-23.7;   E313|        Thy brother Luvah hath smitten me but pity thou his youth   t557
FZ2-23.8;   E313|        Tho thou hast not pitid my Age O Urizen Prince of Light

FZ2-23.9;   E313|        Urizen rose from the bright Feast like a star thro' the evening sky
FZ2-23.10; E313|        Exulting at the voice that calld him from the Feast of envy   t558
FZ2-23.11; E313|        First he beheld the body of Man pale, cold, the horrors of death
FZ2-23.12; E313|        Beneath his feet shot thro' him as he stood in the Human Brain
FZ2-23.13; E313|        And all its golden porches grew pale with his sickening light
FZ2-23.14; E313|        No more Exulting for he saw Eternal Death beneath
FZ2-23.15; E313|        Pale he beheld futurity; pale he beheld the Abyss
FZ2-23.16; E313|        Where Enion blind & age bent wept in direful hunger craving
FZ2-23.17; E313|        All rav'ning like the hungry worm, & like the silent grave

FZ2-24.1;   E314|        Mighty was the draught of Voidness to draw Existence in

FZ2-24.2;   E314|        Terrific Urizen strode above, in fear & pale dismay
FZ2-24.3;   E314|        He saw the indefinite space beneath & his soul shrunk with horror
FZ2-24.4;   E314|        His feet upon the verge of Non Existence; his voice went forth   t559

FZ2-24.5;   E314|        Luvah & Vala trembling & shrinking, beheld the great Work master   t560
FZ2-24.6;   E314|        And heard his Word! Divide ye bands influence by influence
FZ2-24.7;   E314|        Build we a Bower for heavens darling in the grizly deep
FZ2-24.8;   E314|        Build we the Mundane Shell around the Rock of Albion

FZ2-24.9;   E314|        The Bands of Heaven flew thro the air singing & shouting to Urizen   t561
FZ2-24.10; E314|        Some fix'd the anvil, some the loom erected, some the plow
FZ2-24.11; E314|        And harrow formd & framd the harness of silver & ivory
FZ2-24.12; E314|        The golden compasses, the quadrant & the rule & balance
FZ2-24.13; E314|        They erected the furnaces, they formd the anvils of gold beaten in mills
FZ2-24.14; E314|        Where winter beats incessant, fixing them firm on their base
FZ2-24.15; E314|        The bellows began to blow & the Lions of Urizen stood round the anvil

FZ2-25.1;   E314|        And the leopards coverd with skins of beasts tended the roaring fires
FZ2-25.2;   E314|        Sublime distinct their lineaments divine of human beauty   t562
FZ2-25.3;   E314|        The tygers of wrath called the horses of instruction from their mangers
FZ2-25.4;   E314|        They unloos'd them & put on the harness of gold & silver & ivory
FZ2-25.5;   E314|        In human forms distinct they stood round Urizen prince of Light
FZ2-25.6;   E314|        Petrifying all the Human Imagination into rock & sand   t563
FZ2-25.7;   E314|        Groans ran along Tyburns brook and along the River of Oxford
FZ2-25.8;   E314|        Among the Druid Temples. Albion groand on Tyburns brook
FZ2-25.9;   E314|        Albion gave his loud death groan The Atlantic Mountains trembled
FZ2-25.10; E314|        Aloft the Moon fled with a cry the Sun with streams of blood
FZ2-25.11; E314|        From Albions Loins fled all Peoples and Nations of the Earth   t564
FZ2-25.12; E314|        Fled with the noise of Slaughter & the stars of heaven Fled
FZ2-25.13; E314|        Jerusalem came down in a dire ruin over all the Earth
FZ2-25.14; E314|        She fell cold from Lambeths Vales in groans & Dewy death
FZ2-25.15; E314|        The dew of anxious souls the death-sweat of the dying
FZ2-25.16; E314|        In every pillard hall & arched roof of Albions skies
FZ2-25.17; E314|        The brother & the brother bathe in blood upon the Severn
FZ2-25.18; E314|        The Maiden weeping by. The father & the mother with
FZ2-25.19; E314|        The Maidens father & her mother fainting over the body
FZ2-25.20; E314|        And the Young Man the Murderer fleeing over the mountains

FZ2-25.21; E314|        Reuben slept on Penmaenmawr & Levi slept on Snowdon
FZ2-25.22; E314|        Their eyes their ears nostrils & tongues roll outward they behold
FZ2-25.23; E314|        What is within now seen without they are raw to the hungry wind
FZ2-25.24; E314|        They become Nations far remote in a little & dark Land
FZ2-25.25; E314|        The Daughters of Albion girded around their garments of Needlework

FZ2-25.26; E317|        Stripping Jerusalems curtains from mild demons of the hills
FZ2-25.27; E317|        Across Europe & Asia to China & Japan like lightenings
FZ2-25.28; E317|        They go forth & return to Albion on his rocky couch
FZ2-25.29; E317|        Gwendolen Ragan Sabrina Gonorill Mehetabel Cordella
FZ2-25.30; E317|        Boadicea Conwenna Estrild Gwinefrid Ignoge Cambel
FZ2-25.31; E317|        Binding Jerusalems Children in the dungeons of Babylon
FZ2-25.32; E317|        They play before the Armies before the hounds of Nimrod
FZ2-25.33; E317|        While The Prince of Light on Salisbury plain among the druid stones   t565

FZ2-25.34; E317|        Rattling the adamantine chains & hooks heave up the ore
FZ2-25.35; E317|        In mountainous masses, plung'd in furnaces, & they shut & seald   t566
FZ2-25.36; E317|        The furnaces a time & times; all the while blew the North
FZ2-25.37; E317|        His cloudy bellows & the South & East & dismal West
FZ2-25.38; E317|        And all the while the plow of iron cut the dreadful furrows
FZ2-25.39; E317|        In Ulro beneath Beulah where the Dead wail Night & Day

FZ2-25.40; E317|        Luvah was cast into the Furnaces of affliction & sealed
FZ2-25.41; E317|        And Vala fed in cruel delight, the furnaces with fire
FZ2-25.42; E317|        Stern Urizen beheld urg'd by necessity to keep
FZ2-25.43; E317|        The evil day afar, & if perchance with iron power
FZ2-25.44; E317|        He might avert his own despair; in woe & fear he saw

FZ2-26.1;   E317|        Vala incircle round the furnaces where Luvah was clos'd
FZ2-26.2;   E317|        In joy she heard his howlings, & forgot he was her Luvah
FZ2-26.3;   E317|        With whom she walkd in bliss, in times of innocence & youth

FZ2-26.4;   E317|        Hear ye the voice of Luvah from the furnaces of Urizen

FZ2-26.5;   E317|        If I indeed am Valas King & ye O sons of Men   t567
FZ2-26.6;   E317|        The workmanship of Luvahs hands; in times of Everlasting
FZ2-26.7;   E317|        When I calld forth the Earth-worm from the cold & dark obscure
FZ2-26.8;   E317|        I nurturd her I fed her with my rains & dews, she grew
FZ2-26.9;   E317|        A scaled Serpent, yet I fed her tho' she hated me
FZ2-26.10; E317|        Day after day she fed upon the mountains in Luvahs sight
FZ2-26.11; E317|        I brought her thro' the Wilderness, a dry & thirsty land
FZ2-26.12; E317|        And I commanded springs to rise for her in he black desart
FZ2-26.13; E317|        Till she became a Dragon winged bright & poisonous   t568
FZ2-26.14; E317|        I opend all the floodgates of the heavens to quench her thirst

FZ2-27.1;   E317|        And I commanded the Great deep to hide her in his hand
FZ2-27.2;   E317|        Till she became a little weeping Infant a span long
FZ2-27.3;   E317|        I carried her in my bosom as a man carries a lamb
FZ2-27.4;   E317|        I loved her I gave her all my soul & my delight
FZ2-27.5;   E317|        I hid her in soft gardens & in secret bowers of Summer
FZ2-27.6;   E317|        Weaving mazes of delight along the sunny Paradise
FZ2-27.7;   E317|        Inextricable labyrinths, She bore me sons & daughters
FZ2-27.8;   E317|        And they have taken her away & hid her from my sight

FZ2-27.9;   E318|        They have surrounded me with walls of iron & brass, O Lamb   t569
FZ2-27.10; E318|        Of God clothed in Luvahs garments little knowest thou   t570
FZ2-27.11; E318|        Of death Eternal that we all go to Eternal Death
FZ2-27.12; E318|        To our Primeval Chaos in fortuitous concourse of incoherent
FZ2-27.13; E318|        Discordant principles of Love & Hate I suffer affliction
FZ2-27.14; E318|        Because I love. for I was love but hatred awakes in me   t571
FZ2-27.15; E318|        And Urizen who was Faith & Certainty is changd to Doubt
FZ2-27.16; E318|        The hand of Urizen is upon me because I blotted out
FZ2-27.17; E318|        That Human delusion to deliver all the sons of God   t572
FZ2-27.18; E318|        From bondage of the Human form, O first born Son of Light
FZ2-27.19; E318|        O Urizen my enemy I weep for thy stern ambition
FZ2-27.20; E318|        But weep in vain O when will you return Vala the Wanderer

FZ2-28.1;   E318|        These were the words of Luvah patient in afflictions
FZ2-28.2;   E318|        Reasoning from the loins in the unreal forms of Ulros night   t573

FZ2-28.3;   E318|        And when Luvah age after age was quite melted with woe
FZ2-28.4;   E318|        The fires of Vala faded like a shadow cold & pale
FZ2-28.5;   E318|        An evanescent shadow. last she fell a heap of Ashes
FZ2-28.6;   E318|        Beneath the furnaces a woful heap in living death
FZ2-28.7;   E318|        Then were the furnaces unscald with spades & pickaxes
FZ2-28.8;   E318|        Roaring let out th fluid, the molten metal ran in channels
FZ2-28.9;   E318|        Cut by the plow of ages held in Urizens strong hand
FZ2-28.10; E318|        In many a valley, for the Bulls of Luvah dragd the Plow

FZ2-28.11; E318|        With trembling horror pale aghast the Children of Man   t574
FZ2-28.12; E318|        Stood on the infinite Earth & saw these visions in the air
FZ2-28.13; E318|        In waters & in Earth beneath they cried to one another
FZ2-28.14; E318|        What are we terrors to one another. Come O brethren wherefore
FZ2-28.15; E318|        Was this wide Earth spread all abroad. not for wild beasts to roam
FZ2-28.16; E318|        But many stood silent & busied in their families
FZ2-28.17; E318|        And many said We see no Visions in the darksom air
FZ2-28.18; E318|        Measure the course of that sulphur orb that lights the darksom day   t575
FZ2-28.19; E318|        Set stations on this breeding Earth & let us buy & sell
FZ2-28.20; E318|        Others arose & schools Erected forming Instruments
FZ2-28.21; E318|        To measure out the course of heaven. Stern Urizen beheld
FZ2-28.22; E318|        In woe his brethren & his Sons in darkning woe lamenting
FZ2-28.23; E318|        Upon the winds in clouds involvd Uttering his voice in thunders
FZ2-28.24; E318|        Commanding all the work with care & power & severity

FZ2-28.25; E318|        Then siezd the Lions of Urizen their work, & heated in the forge
FZ2-28.26; E318|        Roar the bright masses, thund'ring beat the hammers, many a pyramid   t576
FZ2-28.27; E318|        Is form'd & thrown down thund'ring into the deeps of Non Entity
FZ2-28.28; E318|        Heated red hot they hizzing rend their way down many a league
FZ2-28.29; E318|        Till resting. each his [center] finds; suspended there they stand   t577
FZ2-28.30; E318|        Casting their sparkies dire abroad into the dismal deep
FZ2-28.31; E318|        For measurd out in orderd spaces the Sons of Urizen   t578
FZ2-28.32; E318|        With compasses divide the deep; they the strong scales erect

FZ2-29.1;   E319|        That Luvah rent from the faint Heart of the Fallen Man   t579
FZ2-29.2;   E319|        And weigh the massy Cubes, then fix them in their awful stations   t580
FZ2-29.3;   E319|        And all the time in Caverns shut, the golden Looms erected
FZ2-29.4;   E319|        First spun, then wove the Atmospheres, there the Spider & Worm
FZ2-29.5;   E319|        Plied the wingd shuttle piping shrill thro' all the list'ning threads
FZ2-29.6;   E319|        Beneath the Caverns roll the weights of lead & spindles of iron
FZ2-29.7;   E319|        The enormous warp & woof rage direful in the affrighted deep

FZ2-29.8;   E319|        While far into the vast unknown, the strong wing'd Eagles bend
FZ2-29.9;   E319|        Their venturous flight, in Human forms distinct; thro darkness deep
FZ2-29.10; E319|        They bear the woven draperies; on golden hooks they hang abroad
FZ2-29.11; E319|        The universal curtains & spread out from Sun to Sun
FZ2-29.12; E319|        The vehicles of light, they separate the furious particles
FZ2-29.13; E319|        Into mild currents as the water mingles with the wine.

FZ2-29.14; E319|        While thus the Spirits of strongest wing enlighten the dark deep
FZ2-29.15; E319|        The threads are spun & the cords twisted & drawn out; then the weak
FZ2-29.16; E319|        Begin their work; & many a net is netted; many a net

FZ2-30.1;   E319|        Spread & many a Spirit caught, innumerable the nets
FZ2-30.2;   E319|        Innumerable the gins & traps; & many a soothing flute
FZ2-30.3;   E319|        Is form'd & many a corded lyre, outspread over the immense
FZ2-30.4;   E319|        In cruel delight they trap the listeners, & in cruel delight
FZ2-30.5;   E319|        Bind them, condensing the strong energies into little compass   t581
FZ2-30.6;   E319|        Some became seed of every plant that shall be planted; some
FZ2-30.7;   E319|        The bulbous roots, thrown up together into barns & garners

FZ2-30.8;   E319|        Then rose the Builders; First the Architect divine his plan
FZ2-30.9;   E319|        Unfolds, The wondrous scaffold reard all round the infinite
FZ2-30.10; E319|        Quadrangular the building rose the heavens squared by a line.
FZ2-30.11; E319|        Trigon & cubes divide the elements in finite bonds
FZ2-30.12; E319|        Multitudes without number work incessant: the hewn stone
FZ2-30.13; E319|        Is placd in beds of mortar mingled with the ashes of Vala
FZ2-30.14; E319|        Severe the labour, female slaves the mortar trod oppressed

FZ2-30.15; E319|        Twelve halls after the names of his twelve sons composd
FZ2-30.16; E319|        The wondrous building & three Central Dome after the Names   t582
FZ2-30.17; E319|        Of his three daughters were encompassd by the twelve bright halls
FZ2-30.18; E319|        Every hall surrounded by bright Paradises of Delight
FZ2-30.19; E319|        In which are towns & Cities Nations Seas Mountains & Rivers   t583
FZ2-30.20; E319|        Each Dome opend toward four halls & the Three Domes Encompassd
FZ2-30.21; E319|        The Golden Hall of Urizen whose western side glowd bright
FZ2-30.22; E319|        With ever streaming fires beaming from his awful limbs

FZ2-30.23; E319|        His Shadowy Feminine Semblance here reposd on a White Couch   t584
FZ2-30.24; E319|        Or hoverd oer his Starry head & when he smild she brightend
FZ2-30.25; E319|        Like a bright Cloud in harvest. but when Urizen frownd She wept
FZ2-30.26; E319|        In mists over his carved throne & when he turnd his back

FZ2-30.27; E320|        Upon his Golden hall & sought the Labyrinthine porches
FZ2-30.28; E320|        Of his wide heaven Trembling, cold in paling fears she sat
FZ2-30.29; E320|        A Shadow of Despair therefore toward the West Urizen formd
FZ2-30.30; E320|        A recess in the wall for fires to glow upon the pale
FZ2-30.31; E320|        Females limbs in his absence & her Daughters oft upon
FZ2-30.32; E320|        A Golden Altar burnt perfumes with Art Celestial formd
FZ2-30.33; E320|        Foursquare sculpturd & sweetly Engravd to please their shadowy mother   t585
FZ2-30.34; E320|        As[c]ending into her misty garments the blue smoke rolld to revive   t586
FZ2-30.35; E320|        Her cold limbs in the absence of her Lord. Also her sons
FZ2-30.36; E320|        With lives of Victims sacrificed upon an altar of brass
FZ2-30.37; E320|        On the East side. Revivd her Soul with lives of beasts & birds
FZ2-30.38; E320|        Slain on the Altar up ascending into her cloudy bosom
FZ2-30.39; E320|        Of terrible workmanship the Altar labour of ten thousand Slaves
FZ2-30.40; E320|        One thousand Men of wondrous power spent their lives in its formation
FZ2-30.41; E320|        It stood on twelve steps namd after the names of her twelve sons
FZ2-30.42; E320|        And was Erected at the chief entrance of Urizens hall

FZ2-30.43; E320|        When Urizen returnd from his immense labours & travels   t587
FZ2-30.44; E320|        Descending She reposd beside him folding him round
FZ2-30.45; E320|        In her bright skirts. Astonishd & Confounded he beheld
FZ2-30.46; E320|        Her shadowy form now Separate he shudderd & was silent
FZ2-30.47; E320|        Till her caresses & her tears revivd him to life & joy
FZ2-30.48; E320|        Two wills they had two intellects & not as in times of old
FZ2-30.49; E320|        This Urizen percievd & silent brooded in darkning Clouds
FZ2-30.50; E320|        To him his Labour was but Sorrow & his Kingdom was Repentance
FZ2-30.51; E320|        He drave the Male Spirits all away from Ahania
FZ2-30.52; E320|        And she drave all the Females from him away

FZ2-30.53; E320|        Los joyd & Enitharmon laughd, saying Let us go down
FZ2-30.54; E320|        And see this labour & sorrow; They went down to see the woes
FZ2-30.55; E320|        Of Vala & the woes of Luvah, to draw in their delights

FZ2-30.56; E320|        And Vala like a shadow oft appeard to Urizen

FZ2-31.1;   E320|        The King of Light beheld her mourning among the Brick kilns compelld
FZ2-31.2;   E320|        To labour night & day among the fires, her lamenting voice
FZ2-31.3;   E320|        Is heard when silent night returns & the labourers take their rest

FZ2-31.4;   E320|        O Lord wilt thou not look upon our sore afflictions
FZ2-31.5;   E320|        Among these flames incessant labouring, our hard masters laugh
FZ2-31.6;   E320|        At all our sorrow. We are made to turn the wheel for water
FZ2-31.7;   E320|        To carry the heavy basket on our scorched shoulders, to sift
FZ2-31.8;   E320|        The sand & ashes, & to mix the clay with tears & repentance
FZ2-31.9;   E320|        I see not Luvah as of old I only see his feet   t588
FZ2-31.10; E320|        Like pillars of fire travelling thro darkness & non entity

FZ2-31.11; E321|        The times are now returnd upon us, we have given ourselves
FZ2-31.12; E321|        To scorn and now are scorned by the slaves of our enemies
FZ2-31.13; E321|        Our beauty is coverd over with clay & ashes, & our backs
FZ2-31.14; E321|        Furrowd with whips, & our flesh bruised with the heavy basket
FZ2-31.15; E321|        Forgive us O thou piteous one whom we have offended, forgive
FZ2-31.16; E321|        The weak remaining shadow of Vala that returns in sorrow to thee.

FZ2-31.17; E321|        Thus she lamented day & night, compelld to labour & sorrow
FZ2-31.18; E321|        Luvah in vain her lamentations heard; in vain his love
FZ2-31.19; E321|        Brought him in various forms before her still she knew him not

FZ2-32.1;   E321|        Still she despisd him, calling on his name & knowing him not
FZ2-32.2;   E321|        Still hating still professing love, still labouring in the smoke

FZ2-32.3;   E321|        And Los & Enitharmon joyd, they drank in tenfold joy   t589
FZ2-32.4;   E321|        From all the sorrow of Luvah & the labour of Urizen
FZ2-32.5;   E321|        And Enitharmon joyd Plotting to rend the secret cloud
FZ2-32.6;   E321|        To plant divisions in the Soul of Urizen & Ahania

FZ2-32.7;   E321|        But infinitely beautiful the wondrous work arose   t590
FZ2-32.8;   E321|        In sorrow & care. a Golden World whose porches round the heavens   t591
FZ2-32.9;   E321|        And pillard halls & rooms recievd the eternal wandering stars
FZ2-32.10; E321|        A wondrous golden Building; many a window many a door
FZ2-32.11; E321|        And many a division let in & out into the vast unknown
FZ2-32.12; E321|        [Cubed] in [window square] immoveable, within its walls & cielings
FZ2-32.13; E321|        The heavens were closd and spirits mournd their bondage night and day
FZ2-32.14; E321|        And the Divine Vision appeard in Luvahs robes of blood   t593

FZ2-32.15; E321|        Thus was the Mundane shell builded by Urizens strong power

FZ2-32.16; E321|        Sorrowing went the Planters forth to plant, the Sowers to sow   t594
FZ2-32.17; E321|        They dug the channels for the rivers & they pourd abroad

FZ2-33.1;   E321|        The seas & lakes, they reard the mountains & the rocks & hills
FZ2-33.2;   E321|        On broad pavilions, on pillard roofs & porches & high towers
FZ2-33.3;   E321|        In beauteous order, thence arose soft clouds & exhalations
FZ2-33.4;   E321|        Wandering even to the sunny Cubes of light & heat   t595
FZ2-33.5;   E321|        For many a window ornamented with sweet ornaments
FZ2-33.6;   E321|        Lookd out into the World of Tharmas, where in ceaseless torrents   t596
FZ2-33.7;   E321|        His billows roll where monsters wander in the foamy paths

FZ2-33.8;   E321|        On clouds the Sons of Urizen beheld Heaven walled round   t597
FZ2-33.9;   E321|        They weighd & orderd all & Urizen comforted saw   t598
FZ2-33.10; E321|        The wondrous work flow forth like visible out of the invisible
FZ2-33.11; E321|        For the Divine Lamb Even Jesus who is the Divine Vision   t599
FZ2-33.12; E321|        Permitted all lest Man should fall into Eternal Death
FZ2-33.13; E321|        For when Luvah sunk down himself put on the robes of blood
FZ2-33.14; E321|        Lest the state calld Luvah should cease. & the Divine Vision
FZ2-33.15; E321|        Walked in robes of blood till he who slept should awake

FZ2-33.16; E322|        Thus were the stars of heaven created like a golden chain
FZ2-33.17; E322|        To bind the Body of Man to heaven from failing into the Abyss   t600
FZ2-33.18; E322|        Each took his station, & his course began with sorrow & care   t601

FZ2-33.19; E322|        In sevens & tens & fifties, hundreds, thousands, numberd all
FZ2-33.20; E322|        According to their various powers. Subordinate to Urizen
FZ2-33.21; E322|        And to his sons in their degrees & to his beauteous daughters

FZ2-33.22; E322|        Travelling in silent majesty along their orderd ways
FZ2-33.23; E322|        In right lined paths outmeasurd by proportions of number weight  t602
FZ2-33.24; E322|        And measure. mathematic motion wondrous. along the deep
FZ2-33.25; E322|        In fiery pyramid. or Cube. or unornamented pillar   t603
FZ2-33.26; E322|        Of fire far shining. travelling along even to its destind end
FZ2-33.27; E322|        Then falling down. a terrible space recovring in winter dire
FZ2-33.28; E322|        Its wasted strength. It back returns upon a nether course   t604
FZ2-33.29; E322|        Till fired with ardour fresh recruited in its humble season   t605
FZ2-33.30; E322|        It rises up on high all summer till its wearied course
FZ2-33.31; E322|        Turns into autumn. such the period of many worlds
FZ2-33.32; E322|        Others triangular right angled course maintain. others obtuse   t606
FZ2-33.33; E322|        Acute Scalene, in simple paths. but others move   t607
FZ2-33.34; E322|        In intricate ways biquadrate. Trapeziums Rhombs Rhomboids
FZ2-33.35; E322|        Paralellograms. triple & quadruple. polygonic
FZ2-33.36; E322|        In their amazing hard subdued course in the vast deep   t608

FZ2-34.1;   E322|        And Los & Enitharmon were drawn down by their desires
FZ2-34.2;   E322|        Descending sweet upon the wind among soft harps & voices   t609
FZ2-34.3;   E322|        To plant divisions in the Soul of Urizen & Ahania   t610
FZ2-34.4;   E322|        To conduct the Voice of Enion to Ahanias midnight pillow

FZ2-34.5;   E322|        Urizen saw & envied & his imagination was filled
FZ2-34.6;   E322|        Repining he contemplated the past in his bright sphere
FZ2-34.7;   E322|        Terrified with his heart & spirit at the visions of futurity
FZ2-34.8;   E322|        That his dread fancy formd before him in the unformd void

FZ2-34.9;   E322|        For Los & Enitharmon walkd forth on the dewy Earth   t611
FZ2-34.10; E322|        Contracting or expanding their all flexible senses
FZ2-34.11; E322|        At will to murmur in the flowers small as the honey bee
FZ2-34.12; E322|        At will to stretch across the heavens & step from star to star
FZ2-34.13; E322|        Or standing on the Earth erect, or on the stormy waves
FZ2-34.14; E322|        Driving the storms before them or delighting in sunny beams
FZ2-34.15; E322|        While round their heads the Elemental Gods kept harmony   t612

FZ2-34.16; E322|        And Los said. Lo the Lilly pale & the rose reddning fierce   t613
FZ2-34.17; E322|        Reproach thee & the beamy gardens sicken at thy beauty
FZ2-34.18; E322|        I grasp thy vest in my strong hand in vain. like water springs
FZ2-34.19; E322|        In the bright sands of Los. evading my embrace. then I alone
FZ2-34.20; E322|        Wander among the virgins of the summer Look they cry

FZ2-34.21; E323|        The poor forsaken Los mockd by the worm the shelly snail
FZ2-34.22; E323|        The Emmet & the beetle hark they laugh & mock at Los

FZ2-34.23; E323|        Enitharmon answerd Secure now from the smitings of thy Power   t614
FZ2-34.24; E323|        Demon of fury If the God enrapturd me infolds
FZ2-34.25; E323|        In clouds of sweet obscurity my beauteous form dissolving
FZ2-34.26; E323|        Howl thou over the body of death tis thine But if among the virgins   t615
FZ2-34.27; E323|        Of summer I have seen thee sleep & turn thy cheek delighted
FZ2-34.28; E323|        Upon the rose or lilly pale. or on a bank where sleep   t616
FZ2-34.29; E323|        The beamy daughters of the light starting they rise they flee
FZ2-34.30; E323|        From thy fierce love for tho I am dissolvd in the bright God
FZ2-34.31; E323|        My spirit still pursues thy false love over rocks & valleys

FZ2-34.32; E323|        Los answerd Therefore fade I thus dissolvd in rapturd trance
FZ2-34.33; E323|        Thou canst repose on clouds of secrecy while oer my limbs
FZ2-34.34; E323|        Cold dews & hoary frost creeps thro I lie on banks of summer
FZ2-34.35; E323|        Among the beauties of the World Cold & repining Los
FZ2-34.36; E323|        Still dies for Enitharmon nor a spirit springs from my dead corse   t617
FZ2-34.37; E323|        Then I am dead till thou revivest me with thy sweet song
FZ2-34.38; E323|        Now taking on Ahanias form & now the form of Enion
FZ2-34.39; E323|        I know thee not as once I knew thee in those blessed fields
FZ2-34.40; E323|        Where memory wishes to repose among the flocks of Tharmas

FZ2-34.41; E323|        Enitharmon answerd Wherefore didst thou throw thine arms around
FZ2-34.42; E323|        Ahanias Image I decievd thee & will still decieve
FZ2-34.43; E323|        Urizen saw thy sin & hid his beams in darkning Clouds
FZ2-34.44; E323|        I still keep watch altho I tremble & wither across the heavens
FZ2-34.45; E323|        In strong vibrations of fierce jealousy for thou art mine
FZ2-34.46; E323|        Created for my will my slave tho strong tho I am weak
FZ2-34.47; E323|        Farewell the God calls me away I depart in my sweet bliss

FZ2-34.48; E323|        She fled vanishing on the wind And left a dead cold corse
FZ2-34.49; E323|        In Los's arms howlings began over the body of death   t618
FZ2-34.50; E323|        Los spoke. Thy God in vain shall call thee if by my strong power
FZ2-34.51; E323|        I can infuse my dear revenge into his glowing breast
FZ2-34.52; E323|        Then jealousy shall shadow all his mountains & Ahania
FZ2-34.53; E323|        Curse thee thou plague of woful Los & seek revenge on thee

FZ2-34.54; E323|        So saying in deep sobs he languishd till dead he also fell
FZ2-34.55; E323|        Night passd & Enitharmon eer the dawn returnd in bliss
FZ2-34.56; E323|        She sang Oer Los reviving him to Life his groans were terrible   t619
FZ2-34.57; E323|        But thus she sang. I sieze the sphery harp I strike the strings

FZ2-34.58; E323|        At the first Sound the Golden sun arises from the Deep
FZ2-34.59; E323|        And sakes his awful hair
FZ2-34.60; E323|        The Eccho wakes the moon to unbind her silver locks
FZ2-34.61; E323|        The golden sun bears on my song
FZ2-34.62; E323|        And nine bright spheres of harmony rise round the fiery King

FZ2-34.63; E324|        The joy of woman is the Death of her most best beloved
FZ2-34.64; E324|        Who dies for Love of her
FZ2-34.65; E324|        In torments of fierce jealousy & pangs of adoration.
FZ2-34.66; E324|        The Lovers night bears on my song
FZ2-34.67; E324|        And the nine Spheres rejoice beneath my powerful controll

FZ2-34.68; E324|        They sing unceasing to the notes of my immortal hand
FZ2-34.69; E324|        The solemn silent moon
FZ2-34.70; E324|        Reverberates the living harmony upon my limbs
FZ2-34.71; E324|        The birds & beasts rejoice & play
FZ2-34.72; E324|        And every one seeks for his mate to prove his inmost joy

FZ2-34.73; E324|        Furious & terrible they sport & rend the nether deeps
FZ2-34.74; E324|        The deep lifts up his rugged head
FZ2-34.75; E324|        And lost in infinite hum[m]ing wings vanishes with a cry
FZ2-34.76; E324|        The fading cry is ever dying
FZ2-34.77; E324|        The living voice is ever living in its inmost joy

FZ2-34.78; E324|        Arise you little glancing wings & sing your infant joy
FZ2-34.79; E324|        Arise & drink your bliss
FZ2-34.80; E324|        For every thing that lives is holy for the source of life
FZ2-34.81; E324|        Descends to be a weeping babe
FZ2-34.82; E324|        For the Earthworm renews the moisture of the sandy plain

FZ2-34.83; E324|        Now my left hand I stretch to earth beneath
FZ2-34.84; E324|        And strike the terrible string
FZ2-34.85; E324|        I wake sweet joy in dens of sorrow & I plant a smile
FZ2-34.86; E324|        In forests of affliction
FZ2-34.87; E324|        And wake the bubbling springs of life in regions of dark death

FZ2-34.88; E324|        O I am weary lay thine hand upon me or I faint
FZ2-34.89; E324|        I faint beneath these beams of thine
FZ2-34.90; E324|        For thou hast touchd my five senses & they answerd thee
FZ2-34.91; E324|        Now I am nothing & I sink
FZ2-34.92; E324|        And on the bed of silence sleep till thou awakest me

FZ2-34.93; E324|        Thus sang the Lovely one in Rapturous delusive trance
FZ2-34.94; E324|        Los heard reviving he siezd her in his arms delusive hopes   t620
FZ2-34.95; E324|        Kindling She led him int Shadows & thence fled outstretchd
FZ2-34.96; E324|        Upon the immense like a bright rainbow weeping & smiling & fading

FZ2-34.97; E324|        Thus livd Los driving Enion far into the deathful infinite   t621
FZ2-34.98; E324|        That he may also draw Ahania's spirit into her Vortex
FZ2-34.99; E324|        Ah happy blindness Enion sees not the terrors of the uncertain   t622
FZ2-34.100; E324|        Thus Enion wails from the dark deep, the golden heavens tremble  t623
FZ2-35.1;   E324|        I am made to sow the thistle for wheat; the nettle for a nourishing dainty

FZ2-35.2;   E325|        I have planted a false oath in the earth, it has brought forth a poison tree
FZ2-35.3;   E325|        I have chosen the serpent for a councellor & the dog
FZ2-35.4;   E325|        For a schoolmaster to my children
FZ2-35.5;   E325|        I have blotted out from light & living the dove & nightingale
FZ2-35.6;   E325|        And I have caused the earth worm to beg from door to door
FZ2-35.7;   E325|        I have taught the thief a secret path into the house of the just
FZ2-35.8;   E325|        I have taught pale artifice to spread his nets upon the morning
FZ2-35.9;   E325|        My heavens are brass my earth is iron my moon a clod of clay
FZ2-35.10; E325|        My sun a pestilence burning at noon & a vapour of death in night

FZ2-35.11; E325|        What is the price of Experience do men buy it for a song
FZ2-35.12; E325|        Or wisdom for a dance in the street? No it is bought with the price
FZ2-35.13; E325|        Of all that a man hath his house his wife his children
FZ2-35.14; E325|        Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none come to buy
FZ2-35.15; E325|        And in the witherd field where the farmer plows for bread in vain

FZ2-35.16; E325|        It is an easy thing to triumph in the summers sun
FZ2-35.17; E325|        And in the vintage & to sing on the waggon loaded with corn
FZ2-35.18; E325|        It is an easy thing to talk of patience to the afflicted
FZ2-35.19; E325|        To speak the laws of prudence to the houseless wanderer

FZ2-36.1;   E325|        To listen to the hungry ravens cry in wintry season
FZ2-36.2;   E325|        When the red blood is filld with wine & with the marrow of lambs

FZ2-36.3;   E325|        It is an easy thing to laugh at wrathful elements
FZ2-36.4;   E325|        To hear the dog howl at the wintry door, the ox in the slaughter house moan
FZ2-36.5;   E325|        To see a god on every wind & a blessing on every blast
FZ2-36.6;   E325|        To hear sounds of love in the thunder storm that destroys our enemies house
FZ2-36.7;   E325|        To rejoice in the blight that covers his field, & the sickness that cuts off his children
FZ2-36.8;   E325|        While our olive & vine sing & laugh round our door & our children bring fruits & flowers

FZ2-36.9;   E325|        Then the groan & the dolor are quite forgotten & the slave grinding at the mill
FZ2-36.10; E325|        And the captive in chains & the poor in the prison, & the soldier in the field
FZ2-36.11; E325|        When the shatterd bone hath laid him groaning among the happier dead

FZ2-36.12; E325|        It is an easy thing to rejoice in the tents of prosperity
FZ2-36.13; E325|        Thus could I sing & thus rejoice, but it is not so with me!

FZ2-36.14; E325|        Ahania heard the Lamentation & a swift Vibration   t624
FZ2-36.15; E325|        Spread thro her Golden frame. She rose up eer the dawn of day

FZ2-36.16; E326|        When Urizen slept on his couch. drawn thro unbounded space
FZ2-36.17; E326|        Onto the margin of Non Entity the bright Female came
FZ2-36.18; E326|        There she beheld the Spectrous form of Enion in the Void   t625
FZ2-36.19; E326|        And never from that moment could she rest upon her pillow

FZ2-36; E326|        End of the Second Night

FZ3-heading; E326|        PAGE 37 VALA

FZ3-heading; E326|        Night the Third   t626

FZ3-37.1;   E326|        Now sat the King of Light on high upon his starry throne
FZ3-37.2;   E326|        And bright Ahania bow'd herself before his splendid feet

FZ3-37.3;   E326|        O Urizen look on Me. like a mournful stream   t627
FZ3-37.4;   E326|        I Embrace round thy knees & wet My bright hair with my tears:   t628
FZ3-37.5;   E326|        Why sighs my Lord! are not the morning stars thy obedient Sons
FZ3-37.6;   E326|        Do they not bow their bright heads at thy voice? at thy command
FZ3-37.7;   E326|        Do they not fly into their stations & return their light to thee
FZ3-37.8;   E326|        The immortal Atmospheres are thine, there thou art seen in glory
FZ3-37.9;   E326|        Surrounded by the ever changing Daughters of the Light
FZ3-37.10; E326|        Why wilt thou look upon futurity darkning present joy   t629

FZ3-37.11; E326|        She ceas'd the Prince his light obscurd & the splendors of his crown

FZ3-38.1;   E326|        Infolded in thick clouds, from whence his mighty voice burst forth

FZ3-38.2;   E326|        O bright [Ahania] a Boy is born of the dark Ocean   t630
FZ3-38.3;   E326|        Whom Urizen doth serve, with Light replenishing his darkness
FZ3-38.4;   E326|        I am set here a King of trouble commanded here to serve
FZ3-38.5;   E326|        And do my ministry to those who eat of my wide table
FZ3-38.6;   E326|        All this is mine yet I must serve & that Prophetic boy
FZ3-38.7;   E326|        Must grow up to command his Prince but hear my determind Decree   t631
FZ3-38.8;   E326|        Vala shall become a Worm in Enitharmons Womb   t632
FZ3-38.9;   E326|        Laying her seed upon the fibres soon to issue forth
FZ3-38.10; E326|        And Luvah in the loins of Los a dark & furious death
FZ3-38.11; E326|        Alas for me! what will become of me at that dread time?

FZ3-38.12; E326|        Ahania bow'd her head & wept seven days before the King
FZ3-38.13; E326|        And on the eighth day when his clouds unfolded from his throne
FZ3-38.14; E326|        She rais'd her bright head sweet perfumd & thus with heavenly voice

FZ3-38.15; E326|        O Prince the Eternal One hath set thee leader of his hosts   t633

FZ3-39.1;   E326|        Leave all futurity to him Resume thy fields of Light   t634
FZ3-39.2;   E326|        Why didst thou listen to the voice of Luvah that dread morn
FZ3-39.3;   E326|        To give the immortal steeds of light to his deceitful hands
FZ3-39.4;   E326|        No longer now obedient to thy will thou art compell'd
FZ3-39.5;   E326|        To forge the curbs of iron & brass to build the iron mangers   t635
FZ3-39.6;   E326|        To feed them with intoxication from the wine presses of Luvah

FZ3-39.7;   E327|        Till the Divine Vision & Fruition is quite obliterated
FZ3-39.8;   E327|        They call thy lions to the fields of blood, they rowze thy tygers
FZ3-39.9;   E327|        Out of the halls of justice, till these dens thy wisdom framd
FZ3-39.10; E327|        Golden & beautiful but O how unlike those sweet fields of bliss
FZ3-39.11; E327|        Where liberty was justice & eternal science was mercy
FZ3-3912; E327|        Then O my dear lord listen to Ahania, listen to the vision
FZ3-39.13; E327|        The vision of Ahania in the slumbers of Urizen
FZ3-39.14; E327|        When Urizen slept in the porch & the Ancient Man was smitten   t636

FZ3-39.15; E327|        The Darkning Man walkd on the steps of fire before his halls   t637
FZ3-39.16; E327|        And Vala walkd with him in dreams of soft deluding slumber
FZ3-39.17; E327|        He looked up & saw thee Prince of Light thy splendor faded   t638
FZ3-39.18; E327|        But saw not Los nor Enitharmon for Luvah hid them in shadow   t639

FZ3-40.1;   E327|        In a soft cloud Outstretch'd across, & Luvah dwelt in the cloud  t640

FZ3-40.2;   E327|        Then Man ascended mourning into the splendors of his palace   t641
FZ3-40.3;   E327|        Above him rose a Shadow from his wearied intellect   t642
FZ3-40.4;   E327|        Of living gold, pure, perfect, holy; in white linen pure he hover'd
FZ3-40.5;   E327|        A sweet entrancing self delusion, a watry vision of Man
FZ3-40.6;   E327|        Soft exulting in existence all the Man absorbing

FZ3-40.7;   E327|        Man fell upon his face prostrate before the watry shadow
FZ3-40.8;   E327|        Saying O Lord whence is this change thou knowest I am nothing
FZ3-40.9;   E327|        And Vala trembled & coverd her face, & her locks. were spread on the pavement

FZ3-40.10; E327|        I heard astonishd at the Vision & my heart trembled within me   t643
FZ3-40.11; E327|        I heard the voice of the Slumberous Man & thus he spoke   t644
FZ3-40.12; E327|        Idolatrous to his own Shadow words of Eternity uttering   t645

FZ3-40.13; E327|        O I am nothing when I enter into judgment with thee
FZ3-40.14; E327|        If thou withdraw thy breath I die & vanish into Hades
FZ3-40.15; E327|        If thou dost lay thine hand upon me behold I am silent
FZ3-40.16; E327|        If thou withhold thine hand I perish like a fallen leaf
FZ3-40.17; E327|        O I am nothing & to nothing must return again
FZ3-40.18; E327|        If thou withdraw thy breath, behold I am oblivion

FZ3-40.19; E327|        He ceasd: the shadowy voice was silent; but the cloud hoverd over their heads

ED; E327|        [--For the late insertion of the name "Albion" on this page, see textual notes.--]
FZ3-41.1;   E327|        In olden wreathes, the sorrow of Man & the balmy drops fell down
FZ3-41.2;   E327|        And Lo that Son of Man, that shadowy Spirit of the Fallen One   t646
FZ3-41.3;   E327|        Luvah, descended from the cloud; In terror Albion rose-
FZ3-41.4;   E327|        Indignant rose the Awful Man & turnd his back on Vala   t647

FZ3-41.5;   E327|        Why roll thy clouds in sick'ning mists. I can no longer hide   t648
FZ3-41.6;   E327|        The dismal vision of mine Eyes, O love & life & light!   t649
FZ3-41.7;   E327|        Prophetic dreads urge me to speak. futurity is before me

FZ3-41.8;   E328|        Like a dark lamp. Eternal death haunts all my expectation
FZ3-41.9;   E328|        Rent from Eternal Brotherhood we die & are no more

FZ3-41.10; E328|        I heard the Voice of Albion starting from his sleep   t650

FZ3-41.11; E328|        "Whence is this voice crying Enion that soundeth in my ears
FZ3-41.12; E328|        O cruel pity! O dark deceit! can Love seek for dominion   t651

FZ3-41.13; E328|        And Luvah strove to gain dominion over the mighty Albion   t652
FZ3-41.14; E328|        They strove together above the Body where Vala was inclos'd
FZ3-41.15; E328|        And the dark Body of Albion left prostrate upon the crystal pavement   t653
FZ3-41.16; E328|        Coverd with boils from head to foot. the terrible smitings of Luvah

FZ3-41.17; E328|        Then frownd the Fallen Man & put forth Luvah from his presence   t654
FZ3-41.18; E328|        (I heard him: frown not Urizen: but listen to my Vision)

FZ3-42.1;   E328|        Saying, Go & die the Death of Man for Vala the sweet wanderer
FZ3-42.2;   E328|        I will turn the volutions of your Ears outward; & bend your Nostrils
FZ3-42.3;   E328|        Downward; & your fluxile Eyes englob'd, roll round in fear
FZ3-42.4;   E328|        Your withring Lips & Tongue shrink up into a narrow circle
FZ3-42.5;   E328|        Till into narrow forms you creep. Go take your fiery way
FZ3-42.6;   E328|        And learn what 'tis to absorb the Man you Spirits of Pity & Love

FZ3-42.7;   E328|        O Urizen why art thou pale at the visions of Ahania   t656
FZ3-42.8;   E328|        Listen to her who loves thee lest we also are driven away.

FZ3-42.9;   E328|        They heard the Voice & fled swift as the winters setting sun   t657
FZ3-42.10; E328|        And now the Human Blood foamd high, I saw that Luvah & Vala   t658
FZ3-42.11; E328|        Went down the Human Heart where Paradise & its joys abounded   t659
FZ3-42.12; E328|        In jealous fears in fury & rage, & flames roll'd round their fervid feet
FZ3-42.13; E328|        And the vast form of Nature like a Serpent play'd before them
FZ3-42.14; E328|        And as they went in folding fires & thunders of the deep
FZ3-42.15; E328|        Vala shrunk in like the dark sea that leaves its slimy banks
FZ3-42.16; E328|        And from her bosom Luvah fell far as the east & west
FZ3-42.17; E328|        And the vast form of Nature like a Serpent roll'd between.   t660

FZ3-42.18; E328|        She ended. for [from] his wrathful throne burst forth the black hail storm   t661

FZ3-42.19; E328|        Am I not God said Urizen. Who is Equal to me
FZ3-42.20; E328|        Do I not stretch the heavens abroad or fold them up like a garment

FZ3-42.21; E328|        He spoke mustering his heavy clouds around him black opake

FZ3-43.1;   E328|        Then thunders rolld around & lightnings darted to & fro
FZ3-43.2;   E328|        His visage changd to darkness & his strong right hand came forth   t662
FZ3-43.3;   E328|        To cast Ahania to the Earth be siezd her by the hair
FZ3-43.4;   E328|        And threw her from the steps of ice that froze around his throne

FZ3-43.5;   E328|        Saying Art thou also become like Vala. thus I cast thee out
FZ3-43.6;   E328|        Shall the feminine indolent bliss. the indulgent self of weariness

FZ3-43.7;   E329|        The passive idle sleep the enormous night & darkness of Death
FZ3-43.8;   E329|        Set herself up to give her laws to the active masculine virtue
FZ3-43.9;   E329|        Thou little diminutive portion that darst be a counterpart
FZ3-43.10; E329|        Thy passivity thy laws of obedience & insincerity
FZ3-43.11; E329|        Are my abhorrence. Wherefore hast thou taken that fair form
FZ3-43.12; E329|        Whence is this power given to thee! once thou wast in my breast
FZ3-43.13; E329|        A sluggish current of dim waters. on whose verdant margin
FZ3-43.14; E329|        A cavern shaggd with horrid shades. dark cool & deadly. where
FZ3-43.15; E329|        I laid my head in the hot noon after the broken clods
FZ3-43.16; E329|        Had wearied me. there I lad my plow & there my horses fed
FZ3-43.17; E329|        And thou hast risen with thy moist locks into a watry image
FZ3-43.18; E329|        Reflecting all my indolence my weakness & my death
FZ3-43.19; E329|        To weigh me down beneath the grave into non Entity
FZ3-43.20; E329|        Where Luvah strives scorned by Vala age after age wandering
FZ3-43.21; E329|        Shrinking & shrinking from her Lord & calling him the Tempter
FZ3-43.22; E329|        And art thou also become like Vala thus I cast thee out.

FZ3-43.23; E329|        So loud in thunders spoke the King folded in dark despair
FZ3-43.24; E329|        And threw Ahania from his bosom obdurate She fell like lightning
FZ3-43.25; E329|        Then fled the sons of Urizen from his thunderous throne petrific
FZ3-43.26; E329|        They fled to East & West & left the North & South of Heaven
FZ3-43.27; E329|        A crash ran thro the immense The bounds of Destiny were broken
FZ3-43.28; E329|        The bounds of Destiny crashd direful & the swelling Sea
FZ3-43.29; E329|        Burst from its bonds in whirlpools fierce roaring with Human voice
FZ3-43.30; E329|        Triumphing even to the Stars at bright Ahanias fall

FZ3-43.31; E329|        Down from the dismal North the Prince in thunders & thick clouds

FZ3-44.1;   E329|        As when the thunderbolt down falleth on the appointed place
FZ3-44.2;   E329|        Fell down down rushing ruining thundering shuddering   t663
FZ3-44.3;   E329|        Into the Caverns of the Grave & places of Human Seed
FZ3-44.4;   E329|        Where the impressions of Despair & Hope enroot forever
FZ3-44.5;   E329|        A world of Darkness. Ahania fell far into Non Entity

FZ3-44.6;   E329|        She Continued falling. Loud the Crash continud loud & Hoarse
FZ3-44.7;   E329|        From the Crash roared a flame of blue sulphureous fire from the flame   t664
FZ3-44.8;   E329|        A dolorous groan that struck with dumbness all confusion
FZ3-44.9;   E329|        Swallowing up the horrible din in agony on agony
FZ3-44.10; E329|        Thro the Confusion like a crack across from immense to immense
FZ3-44.11; E329|        Loud strong a universal groan of death louder
FZ3-44.12; E329|        Than all the wracking elements deafend & rended worse
FZ3-44.13; E329|        Than Urizen & all his hosts in curst despair down rushing
FZ3-44.14; E329|        But from the Dolorous Groan on like a shadow of smoke appeard
FZ3-44.15; E329|        And human bones rattling together in the smoke & stamping
FZ3-44.16; E329|        The nether Abyss & gnasshing in fierce despair. panting in sobs
FZ3-44.17; E329|        Thick short incessant bursting sobbing. deep despairing stamping struggling

FZ3-44.18; E330|        Struggling to utter the voice of Man struggling to take the features of Man. Struggling   t665
FZ3-44.19; E330|        To take the limbs of Man at length emerging from the smoke
FZ3-44.20; E330|        Of Urizen dashed in pieces from his precipitant fall
FZ3-44.21; E330|        Tharmas reard up his hands & stood on the affrighted Ocean
FZ3-44.22; E330|        The dead reard up his Voice & stood on the resounding shore

FZ3-44.23; E330|        Crying. Fury in my limbs. destruction in my bones & marrow
FZ3-44.24; E330|        My skull riven into filaments. my eyes into sea jellies
FZ3-44.25; E330|        Floating upon the tide wander bubbling & bubbling
FZ3-44.26; E330|        Uttering my lamentations & begetting little monsters
FZ3-44.27; E330|        Who sit mocking upon the little pebbles of the tide
FZ3-44.28; E330|        In all my rivers & on dried shells that the fish

FZ3-45.1;   E330|        Have quite forsaken. O fool fool to lose my sweetest bliss
FZ3-45.2;   E330|        Where art thou Enion ah too near to cunning too far off
FZ3-45.3;   E330|        And yet too near. Dashd down I send thee into distant darkness
FZ3-45.4;   E330|        Far as my strength can hurl thee wander there & laugh & play
FZ3-45.5;   E330|        Among the frozen arrows they will tear thy tender flesh
FZ3-45.6;   E330|        Fall off afar from Tharmas come not too near my strong fury
FZ3-45.7;   E330|        Scream & fall off & laugh at Tharmas lovely summer beauty
FZ3-45.8;   E330|        Till winter rends thee into Shivers as thou hast rended me

FZ3-45.9;   E330|        So Tharmas bellowd oer the ocean thundring sobbing bursting
FZ3-45.10; E330|        The bounds of Destiny were broken & hatred now began
FZ3-45.11; E330|        Instead of love to Enion. Enion blind & age bent
FZ3-45.12; E330|        Plungd into the cold billows living a life in midst of waters
FZ3-45.13; E330|        In terrors she witherd away to Entuthon Benithon
FZ3-45.14; E330|        A world of deep darkness where all things in horrors are rooted

FZ3-45.15; E330|        These are the words of Enion heard from the cold waves of despair

FZ3-45.16; E330|        O Tharmas I had lost thee. & when I hoped I had found thee
FZ3-45.17; E330|        O Tharmas do not thou destroy me quite but let
FZ3-45.18; E330|        A little shadow. but a little showery form of Enion
FZ3-45.19; E330|        Be near thee loved Terror. let me still remain & then do thou
FZ3-45.20; E330|        Thy righteous doom upon me. only let me hear thy voice
FZ3-45.21; E330|        Driven by thy rage I wander like a cloud into the deep
FZ3-45.22; E330|        Where never yet Existence came, there losing all my life
FZ3-45.23; E330|        I back return weaker & weaker, consume me not away
FZ3-45.24; E330|        In thy great wrath. tho I have sinned. tho I have rebelld
FZ3-45.25; E330|        Make me not like the things forgotten as they had not been
FZ3-45.26; E330|        Make not the thing that loveth thee. a tear wiped away

FZ3-45.27; E330|        Tharmas replied riding on storms his voice of Thunder rolld   t666

FZ3-45.28; E330|        Image of grief thy fading lineaments make my eyelids fail
FZ3-45.29; E330|        What have I done! both rage & mercy are alike to me
FZ3-45.30; E330|        Looking upon thee Image of faint waters. I recoil

FZ3-45.31; E331|        From my fierce rage into thy semblance. Enion return
FZ3-45.32; E331|        Why does thy piteous face Evanish like a rainy cloud

FZ3-46.1;   E331|        Melting. a shower of falling tears. nothing but tears! Enion:
FZ3-46.2;   E331|        Substanceless. voiceless, weeping. vanishd. nothing but tears! Enion
FZ3-46.3;   E331|        Art thou for ever vanishd from the watry eyes of Tharmas
FZ3-46.4;   E331|        Rage Rage shall never from my bosom. winds & waters of woe
FZ3-46.5;   E331|        Consuming all to the end consuming Love and Hope are ended   t667

FZ3-46.6;   E331|        For now no more remaind of Enion in the dismal air
FZ3-46.7;   E331|        Only a voice eternal wailing in the Elements

FZ3-46.8;   E331|        Where Enion, blind & age bent wanderd Ahania wanders now
FZ3-46.9;   E331|        She wanders in Eternal fear of falling into the indefinite
FZ3-46.10; E331|        For her bright eyes behold the Abyss. sometimes a little sleep
FZ3-46.11; E331|        Weighs down her eyelids then she falls then starting wakes in fears
FZ3-46.12; E331|        Sleepless to wander round repelld on the margin of Non Entity
FZ3-46; E331|        The End of the Third Night

FZ4-header; E331|        PAGE 47 Vala
FZ4-headers; E331|        Night The Fourth

FZ4-47.1;   E331|        But Tharmas rode on the dark Abyss. the voice of Tharmas rolld
FZ4-47.2;   E331|        Over the heaving deluge. he saw Los & Enitharmon Emerge
FZ4-47.3;   E331|        In strength & brightness from the Abyss his bowels yearnd over them
FZ4-47.4;   E331|        They rose in strength above the heaving deluge. in mighty scorn
FZ4-47.5;   E331|        Red as the Sun in the hot morning of the bloody day
FZ4-47.6;   E331|        Tharmas beheld them his bowels yearnd over them

FZ4-47.7;   E331|        And he said Wherefore do I feel such love & pity   t668
FZ4-47.8;   E331|        Ah Enion Ah Enion Ah lovely lovely Enion
FZ4-47.9;   E331|        How is this All my hope is gone for ever fled   t669
FZ4-47.10; E331|        Like a famishd Eagle Eyeless raging in the vast expanse
FZ4-47.11; E331|        Incessant tears are now my food. incessant rage & tears
FZ4-47.12; E331|        Deathless for ever now I wander seeking oblivion
FZ4-47.13; E331|        In torrents of despair in vain. for if I plunge beneath
FZ4-47.14; E331|        Stifling I live. If dashd in pieces from a rocky height
FZ4-47.15; E331|        I reunite in endless torment. would I had never risen
FZ4-47.16; E331|        From deaths cold sleep beneath the bottom of the raging Ocean   t670
FZ4-47.17; E331|        And cannot those who once have lovd. ever forget their Love?
FZ4-47.18; E331|        Are love & rage the same passion? they are the same in me
FZ4-47.19; E331|        Are those who love. like those who died. risen again from death
FZ4-47.20; E331|        Immortal. in immortal torment. never to be deliverd
FZ4-47.21; E331|        Is it not possible that one risen again from Death
FZ4-47.22; E331|        Can die! When dark despair comes over [me] can I not   t671
FZ4-47.23; E331|        Flow down into the sea & slumber in oblivion. Ah Enion

FZ4-48.1;   E332|        Deformd I see these lineaments of ungratified Desire
FZ4-48.2;   E332|        The all powerful curse of an honest man be upon Urizen & Luvah
FZ4-48.3;   E332|        But thou My Son Glorious in brightness comforter of Tharmas
FZ4-48.4;   E332|        Go forth Rebuild this Universe beneath my indignant power
FZ4-48.5;   E332|        A Universe of Death & Decay. Let Enitharmons hands
FZ4-48.6;   E332|        Weave soft delusive forms of Man above my watry world
FZ4-48.7;   E332|        Renew these ruind souls of Men thro Earth Sea Air & Fire
FZ4-48.8;   E332|        To waste in endless corruption. renew thou I will destroy
FZ4-48.9;   E332|        Perhaps Enion may resume some little semblance
FZ4-48.10; E332|        To ease my pangs of heart & to restore some peace to Tharmas

FZ4-48.11; E332|        Los answerd in his furious pride sparks issuing from his hair
FZ4-48.12; E332|        Hitherto shalt thou come. no further. here thy proud waves cease
FZ4-48.13; E332|        We have drunk up the Eternal Man by our unbounded power   t673
FZ4-48.14; E332|        Beware lest we also drink up thee rough demon of the waters
FZ4-48.15; E332|        Our God is Urizen the King. King of the Heavenly hosts
FZ4-48.16; E332|        We have no other God but he thou father of worms & clay
FZ4-48.17; E332|        And he is falln into the Deep rough Demon of the waters
FZ4-48.18; E332|        And Los remains God over all. weak father of worms & clay
FZ4-48.19; E332|        I know I was Urthona keeper of the gates of heaven
FZ4-48.20; E332|        But now I am all powerful Los & Urthona is but my shadow

FZ4-48.21; E332|        Doubting stood Tharmas in the solemn darkness. his dim Eyes   t674
FZ4-48.22; E332|        Swam in red tears. he reard his waves above the head of Los
FZ4-48.23; E332|        In wrath. but pitying back withdrew with many a sigh
FZ4-48.24; E332|        Now he resolvd to destroy Los & now his tears flowd down

FZ4-48.25; E332|        In scorn stood Los red sparks of blighting from his furious head
FZ4-48.26; E332|        Flew over the waves of Tharmas. pitying Tharmas stayd his Waves

FZ4-48.27; E332|        For Enitharmon shriekd amain crying O my sweet world
FZ4-48.28; E332|        Built by the Architect divine whose love to Los & Enitharmon
FZ4-48.29; E332|        Thou rash abhorred Demon in thy fury hast oerthrown

FZ4-49.1;   E332|        What Sovereign Architect said Tharmas dare my will controll
FZ4-49.2;   E332|        For if I will I urge these waters. If I will they sleep
FZ4-49.3;   E332|        In peace beneath my awful frown my will shall be my Law

FZ4-49.4;   E332|        So Saying in a Wave he rap'd bright Enitharmon far
FZ4-49.5;   E332|        Apart from Los. but coverd her with softest brooding care
FZ4-49.6;   E332|        On a broad wave in the warm west. balming her bleeding wound

FZ4-49.7;   E332|        O how Los howld at the rending asunder all the fibres rent
FZ4-49.8;   E332|        Where Enitharmon joind to his left side in griding pain   t675
FZ4-49.9;   E332|        He falling on the rocks bellowd his Dolor. till the blood
FZ4-49.10; E332|        Stanch'd, then in ululation waild his woes upon the wind

FZ4-49.11; E333|        And Tharmas calld to the Dark Spectre who upon the Shores
FZ4-49.12; E333|        With dislocated Limbs had falln. The Spectre rose in pain
FZ4-49.13; E333|        A Shadow blue obscure & dismal. like a statue of lead
FZ4-49.14; E333|        Bent by its fall from a high tower the dolorous shadow rose

FZ4-49.15; E333|        Go forth said Tharmas works of joy are thine obey & live
FZ4-49.16; E333|        So shall the spungy marrow issuing from thy splinterd bones
FZ4-49.17; E333|        Bonify. & thou shalt have rest when this thy labour is done
FZ4-49.18; E333|        Go forth bear Enitharmon back to the Eternal Prophet
FZ4-49.19; E333|        Build her a bower in the midst of all my dashing waves
FZ4-49.20; E333|        Make first a resting place for Los & Enitharmon. then
FZ4-49.21; E333|        Thou shalt have rest. If thou refusest dashd abroad on all
FZ4-49.22; E333|        My waves. thy limbs shall separate in stench & rotting & thou
FZ4-49.23; E333|        Become a prey to all my demons of despair & hope

FZ4-49.24; E333|        The Spectre of Urthona seeing Enitharmon writhd   t676
FZ4-49.25; E333|        His cloudy form in jealous fear & muttering thunders hoarse
FZ4-49.26; E333|        And casting round thick glooms. thus utterd his fierce pangs of heart

FZ4-49.27; E333|        Tharmas I know thee. how are we alterd our beauty decayd
FZ4-49.28; E333|        But still I know thee tho in this horrible ruin whelmd
FZ4-49.29; E333|        Thou once the mildest son of heaven art now become a Rage
FZ4-49.30; E333|        A terror to all living things. think not that I am ignorant
FZ4-49.31; E333|        That thou art risen from the dead or that my power forgot

FZ4-50.1;   E333|        I slumber here in weak repose. I well remember the Day
FZ4-50.2;   E333|        The day of terror & abhorrence   t677
FZ4-50.3;   E333|        When fleeing from the battle thou fleeting like the raven
FZ4-50.4;   E333|        Of dawn outstretching an expanse where neer expanse had been
FZ4-50.5;   E333|        Drewst all the Sons of Beulah into thy dread vortex following   t678
FZ4-50.6;   E333|        Thy Eddying spirit down the hills of Beulah. All my sons
FZ4-50.7;   E333|        Stood round me at the anvil where new heated the wedge
FZ4-50.8;   E333|        Of iron glowd furious prepard for spades & mattocks
FZ4-50.9;   E333|        Hearing the symphonies of war loud sounding All my sons
FZ4-50.10; E333|        Fled from my side then pangs smote me unknown before. I saw
FZ4-50.11; E333|        My loins begin to break forth into veiny pipes & writhe   t679
FZ4-50.12; E333|        Before me in the wind englobing trembling with strong vibrations
FZ4-50.13; E333|        The bloody mass began to animate. I bending over
FZ4-50.14; E333|        Wept bitter tears incessant. Still beholding how the piteous form
FZ4-50.15; E333|        Dividing & dividing from my loins a weak & piteous
FZ4-50.16; E333|        Soft cloud of snow a female pale & weak I soft embracd
FZ4-50.17; E333|        My counter part & calld it Love I named her Enitharmon
FZ4-50.18; E333|        But found myself & her together issuing down the tide
FZ4-50.19; E333|        Which now our rivers were become delving thro caverns huge
FZ4-50.20; E333|        Of goary blood strugg[l]ing to be deliverd from our bonds
FZ4-50.21; E333|        She strove in vain not so Urthona strove for breaking forth,
FZ4-50.22; E333|        A shadow blue obscure & dismal from the breathing Nostrils

FZ4-50.23; E334|        Of Enion I issued into the air divided from Enitharmon
FZ4-50.24; E334|        I howld in sorrow I beheld thee rotting upon the Rocks
FZ4-50.25; E334|        I pitying hoverd over thee I protected thy ghastly corse
FZ4-50.26; E334|        From Vultures of the deep then wherefore shouldst thou rage
FZ4-50.27; E334|        Against me who thee guarded in the night of death from harm

FZ4-50.28; E334|        Tharmas replied. Art thou Urthona My friend my old companion,
FZ4-50.29; E334|        With whom I livd in happiness before that deadly night
FZ4-50.30; E334|        When Urizen gave the horses of Light into the hands of Luvah
FZ4-50.31; E334|        Thou knowest not what Tharmas knows. O I could tell thee tales
FZ4-50.32; E334|        That would enrage thee as it has Enraged me even
FZ4-50.33; E334|        From Death in wrath & fury. But now come bear back
FZ4-50.34; E334|        Thy loved Enitharmon. For thou hast her here before thine Eyes

FZ4-51.1;   E334|        But my sweet Enion is vanishd & I never more
FZ4-51.2;   E334|        Shall see her unless thou O Shadow. wilt protect this Son
FZ4-51.3;   E334|        Of Enion & him assist. to bind the fallen King
FZ4-51.4;   E334|        Lest he should rise again from death in all his dreary power   t680
FZ4-51.5;   E334|        Bind him, take Enitharmon for thy sweet reward while I
FZ4-51.6;   E334|        In vain am driven on false hope. hope sister of despair

FZ4-51.7;   E334|        Groaning the terror rose & drave his solid rocks before   t681
FZ4-51.8;   E334|        Upon the tide till underneath the feet of Los a World
FZ4-51.9;   E334|        Dark dreadful rose & Enitharmon lay at Los's feet
FZ4-51.10; E334|        The dolorous shadow joyd. weak hope appeard around his head
FZ4-51.11; E334|        Tharmas before Los stood & thus the Voice of Tharmas rolld

FZ4-51.12; E334|        Now all comes into the power of Tharmas. Urizen is falln
FZ4-51.13; E334|        And Luvah hidden in the Elemental forms of Life & Death
FZ4-51.14; E334|        Urthona is My Son O Los thou art Urthona & Tharmas
FZ4-51.15; E334|        Is God. The Eternal Man is seald never to be deliverd
FZ4-51.16; E334|        I roll my floods over his body my billows & waves pass over him
FZ4-51.17; E334|        The Sea encompasses him & monsters of the deep are his companions
FZ4-51.18; E334|        Dreamer of furious oceans cold sleeper of weeds & shells
FZ4-51.19; E334|        Thy Eternal form shall never renew my uncertain prevails against thee
FZ4-51.20; E334|        Yet tho I rage God over all. A portion of my Life
FZ4-51.21; E334|        That in Eternal fields in comfort wanderd with my flocks
FZ4-51.22; E334|        At noon & laid her head upon my wearied bosom at night
FZ4-51.23; E334|        She is divided She is vanishd even like Luvah & Vala   t682
FZ4-51.24; E334|        O why did foul ambition sieze thee Urizen Prince of Light   t683
FZ4-51.25; E334|        And thee O Luvah prince of Love till Tharmas was divided
FZ4-51.26; E334|        And I what can I now behold but an Eternal Death
FZ4-51.27; E334|        Before my Eyes & an Eternal weary work to strive
FZ4-51.28; E334|        Against the monstrous forms that breed among my silent waves
FZ4-51.29; E334|        Is this to be A God far rather would I be a Man
FZ4-51.30; E334|        To know sweet Science & to do with simple companions
FZ4-51.31; E334|        Sitting beneath a tent & viewing sheepfolds & soft pastures

FZ4-51.32; E335|        Take thou the hammer of Urthona rebuild these furnaces
FZ4-51.33; E335|        Dost thou refuse mind I the sparks that issue from thy hair

FZ4-52.1;   E335|        I will compell thee to rebuild by these my furious waves
FZ4-52.2;   E335|        Death choose or life thou strugglest in my waters, now choose life
FZ4-52.3;   E335|        And all the Elements shall serve thee to their soothing flutes
FZ4-52.4;   E335|        Their sweet inspiriting lyres thy labours shall administer
FZ4-52.5;   E335|        And they to thee only remit not faint not thou my son
FZ4-52.6;   E335|        Now thou dost know what tis to strive against the God of waters

FZ4-52.7;   E335|        So saying Tharmas on his furious chariots of the Deep
FZ4-52.8;   E335|        Departed far into the Unknown & left a wondrous void
FZ4-52.9;   E335|        Round Los. afar his waters bore on all sides round. with noise
FZ4-52.10; E335|        Of wheels & horses hoofs & Trumpets Horns & Clarions   t684

FZ4-52.11; E335|        Terrified Los beheld the ruins of Urizen beneath
FZ4-52.12; E335|        A horrible Chaos to his eyes. a formless unmeasurable Death
FZ4-52.13; E335|        Whirling up broken rocks on high into the dismal air
FZ4-52.14; E335|        And fluctuating all beneath in Eddies of molten fluid

FZ4-52.15; E335|        Then Los with terrible hands siezd on the Ruind Furnaces
FZ4-52.16; E335|        Of Urizen. Enormous work: he builded them anew
FZ4-52.17; E335|        Labour of Ages in the Darkness & the war of Tharmas
FZ4-52.18; E335|        And Los formd Anvils of Iron petrific. for his blows
FZ4-52.19; E335|        Petrify with incessant beating many a rock. many a planet

FZ4-52.20; E335|        But Urizen slept in a stoned stupor in the nether Abyss
FZ4-52.21; E335|        A dreamful horrible State in tossings on his icy bed
FZ4-52.22; E335|        Freezing to solid all beneath, his grey oblivious form
FZ4-52.23; E335|        Stretchd over the immense heaves in strong shudders. silent his voice
FZ4-52.24; E335|        In brooding contemplation stretching out from North to South
FZ4-52.25; E335|        In mighty power. Round him Los rolld furious
FZ4-52.26; E335|        His thunderous wheels from furnace to furnace. tending diligent
FZ4-52.27; E335|        The contemplative terror. frightend in his scornful sphere
FZ4-52.28; E335|        Frightend with cold infectious madness. in his hand the thundering
FZ4-52.29; E335|        Hammer of Urthona. forming under his heavy hand the hours

FZ4-53.1;   E335|        The days & years. in chains of iron round the limbs of Urizen
FZ4-53.2;   E335|        Linkd hour to hour & day to night & night to day & year to year
FZ4-53.3;   E335|        In periods of pulsative furor. mills he formd & works
FZ4-53.4;   E335|        Of many wheels resistless in the power of dark Urthona

FZ4-53.5;   E335|        But Enitharmon wrapd in clouds waild loud. for as Los beat
FZ4-53.6;   E335|        The anvils of Urthona link by link the chains of sorrow
FZ4-53.7;   E335|        Warping upon the winds & whirling round in the dark deep
FZ4-53.8;   E335|        Lashd on the limbs of Enitharmon & the sulphur fires
FZ4-53.9;   E335|        Belchd from the furnaces wreathd round her. chaind in ceaseless fire
FZ4-53.10; E335|        The lovely female howld & Urizen beneath deep groand
FZ4-53.11; E335|        Deadly between the hammers beating grateful to the Ears

FZ4-53.12; E336|        Of Los. absorbd in dire revenge he drank with joy the cries
FZ4-53.13; E336|        Of Enitharmon & the groans of Urizen fuel for his wrath
FZ4-53.14; E336|        And for his pity secret feeding on thoughts of cruelty

FZ4-53.15; E336|        The Spectre wept at his dire labours when from Ladles huge   t685
FZ4-53.16; E336|        He pourd the molten iron round the limbs of Enitharmon
FZ4-53.17; E336|        But when he pourd it round the bones of Urizen he laughd
FZ4-53.18; E336|        Hollow upon the hollow wind. his shadowy form obeying
FZ4-53.19; E336|        The voice of Los compelld he labourd round the Furnaces

FZ4-53.20; E336|        And thus began the binding of Urizen day & night in fear
FZ4-53.21; E336|        Circling round the dark Demon with howlings dismay & sharp blightings
FZ4-53.22; E336|        The Prophet of Eternity beat on his iron links & links of brass
FZ4-53.23; E336|        And as he beat round the hurtling Demon. terrified at the Shapes
FZ4-53.24; E336|        Enslavd humanity put on he became what he beheld
FZ4-53.25; E336|        Raging against Tharmas his God & uttering
FZ4-53.26; E336|        Ambiguous words blasphemous filld with envy firm resolvd
FZ4-53.27; E336|        On hate Eternal in his vast disdain he labourd beating
FZ4-53.28; E336|        The Links of fate link after link an endless chain of sorrows

FZ4-54.1;   E336|        The Eternal Mind bounded began to roll eddies of wrath ceaseless
FZ4-54.2;   E336|        Round & round & the sulphureous foam surgeing thick
FZ4-54.3;   E336|        Settled a Lake bright & shining clear. White as the snow

FZ4-54.4;   E336|        Forgetfulness dumbness necessity in chains of the mind lockd up
FZ4-54.5;   E336|        In fetters of ice shrinking. disorganizd rent from Eternity
FZ4-54.6;   E336|        Los beat on his fetters & heated his furnaces   t686
FZ4-54.7;   E336|        And pourd iron sodor & sodor of brass

FZ4-54.8;   E336|        Restless the immortal inchaind heaving dolorous
FZ4-54.9;   E336|        Anguished unbearable till a roof shaggy wild inclosd
FZ4-54.10; E336|        In an orb his fountain of thought

FZ4-54.11; E336|        In a horrible dreamful slumber like the linked chain
FZ4-54.12; E336|        A vast spine writhd in torment upon the wind
FZ4-54.13; E336|        Shooting paind. ribbs like a bending Cavern
FZ4-54.14; E336|        And bones of solidness froze over all his nerves of joy
FZ4-54.15; E336|        A first age passed. a state of dismal woe

FZ4-54.16; E336|        From the Caverns of his jointed spine down sunk with fright
FZ4-54.17; E336|        A red round globe. hot burning. deep deep down into the Abyss
FZ4-54.18; E336|        Panting Conglobing trembling Shooting out ten thousand branches
FZ4-54.19; E336|        Around his solid bones & a Second Age passed over

FZ4-54.20; E336|        In harrowing fear rolling his nervous brain shot branches   t687
FZ4-54.21; E336|        On high into two little orbs hiding in two little caves
FZ4-54.22; E336|        Hiding carefully from the wind his eyes beheld the deep
FZ4-54.23; E336|        And a third age passed a State of dismal woe

FZ4-54.24; E337|        The pangs of hope began in heavy pain striving struggling
FZ4-54.25; E337|        Two Ears in close volutions from beneath his orbs of vision
FZ4-54.26; E337|        Shot spiring out & petrified as they grew. And a Fourth   t688
FZ4-54.27; E337|        Age passed over & a State of dismal woe

FZ4-54.28; E337|        In ghastly torment sick hanging upon the wind
FZ4-54.29; E337|        Two nostrils bent down to the deeps--

FZ4-55[1st].1;   E337|        And a fifth age passed & a state of dismal woe

FZ4-55[1st].2;   E337|        In ghastly torment sick. within his ribs bloated round
FZ4-55[1st].3;   E337|        A craving hungry cavern. Thence arose his channeld
FZ4-55[1st].4;   E337|        Throat. then like a red flame a tongue of hunger
FZ4-55[1st].5;   E337|        And thirst appeard and a sixth age passed of dismal woe

FZ4-55[1st].6;   E337|        Enraged,& stifled with torment he threw his right arm to the north
FZ4-55[1st].7;   E337|        His left arm to the south shooting out in anguish deep
FZ4-55[1st].8;   E337|        And his feet stampd the nether abyss in trembling howling & dismay
FZ4-55[1st].9;   E337|        And a seventh age passed over & a state of dismal woe

FZ4-55[1st].10; E337|        The Council of God on high watching over the Body   t689
FZ4-55[1st].11; E337|        Of Man clothd in Luvahs robes of blood saw & wept
FZ4-55[1st].12; E337|        Descending over Beulahs mild moon coverd regions
FZ4-55[1st].13; E337|        The daughters of Beulah saw the Divine Vision they were comforted
FZ4-55[1st].14; E337|        And as a Double female form loveliness & perfection of beauty
FZ4-55[1st].15; E337|        They bowd the head & worshippd & with mild voice spoke these words

FZ4-56.1;   E337|        Lord. Saviour if thou hadst been here our brother had not died
FZ4-56.2;   E337|        And now we know that whatsoever thou wilt ask of God
FZ4-56.3;   E337|        He will give it thee for we are weak women & dare not lift
FZ4-56.4;   E337|        Our eyes to the Divine pavilions. therefore in mercy thou
FZ4-56.5;   E337|        Appearest clothd in Luvahs garments that we may behold thee
FZ4-56.6;   E337|        And live. Behold Eternal Death is in Beulah Behold
FZ4-56.7;   E337|        We perish & shall not be found unless thou grant a place
FZ4-56.8;   E337|        In which we may be hidden under the Shadow of wings
FZ4-56.9;   E337|        For if we who are but for a time & who pass away in winter
FZ4-56.10; E337|        Behold these wonders of Eternity we shall consume

FZ4-56.11; E337|        Such were the words of Beulah of the Feminine Emanation   t690
FZ4-56.12; E337|        The Empyrean groand throughout All Eden was darken
FZ4-56.13; E337|        The Corse of Albion lay on the Rock the sea of Time & Space   t691
FZ4-56.14; E337|        Beat round the Rock in mighty waves & as a Polypus
FZ4-56.15; E337|        That vegetates beneath the Sea the limbs of Man vegetated
FZ4-56.16; E337|        In monstrous forms of Death a Human polypus of Death

FZ4-56.17; E337|        The Saviour mild & gentle bent over the corse of Death
FZ4-56.18; E337|        Saying If ye will Believe your Brother shall rise again   t692

FZ4-56.19; E338|        And first he found the Limit of Opacity & namd it Satan
FZ4-56.20; E338|        In Albions bosom for in every human bosom these limits stand
FZ4-56.21; E338|        And next he found the Limit of Contraction & namd it Adam
FZ4-56.22; E338|        While yet those beings were not born nor knew of good or Evil

FZ4-56.23; E338|        Then wondrously the Starry Wheels felt the divine hand. Limit   t693
FZ4-56.24; E338|        Was put to Eternal Death Los felt the Limit & saw
FZ4-56.25; E338|        The Finger of God touch the Seventh furnace in terror
FZ4-56.26; E338|        And Los beheld the hand of God over his furnaces
FZ4-56.27; E338|        Beneath the Deeps in dismal Darkness beneath immensity   t694

FZ4-55[2nd].16; E338|        In terrors Los shrunk from his task. his great hammer
FZ4-55[2nd].17; E338|        Fell from his hand his fires hid their strong limbs in smoke
FZ4-55[2nd].18; E338|        For with noises ruinous hurtlings & clashings & groans   t695
FZ4-55[2nd].19; E338|        The immortal endur'd. tho bound in a deadly sleep
FZ4-55[2nd].20; E338|        Pale terror siezd the Eyes of Los as he beat round
FZ4-55[2nd].21; E338|        The hurtling Demon. terrifid at the shapes
FZ4-55[2nd].22; E338|        Enslavd humanity put on he became what he beheld
FZ4-55[2nd].23; E338|        He became what he was doing he was himself transformd   t696

FZ4-55[2nd].24; E338|        [The globe of life blood trembled Branching out into roots;
FZ4-55[2nd].25; E338|        Fibrous, writhing upon the winds; Fibres of blood, milk and tears;
FZ4-55[2nd].26; E338|        In pangs, eternity on eternity. At length in tears & cries imbodied
FZ4-55[2nd].27; E338|        A female form trembling and pale Waves before his deathy face]

FZ4-55[2nd].28; E338|        Spasms siezd his muscular fibres writhing to & fro his pallid lips   t697
FZ4-55[2nd].29; E338|        Unwilling movd as Urizen howld his loins wavd like the sea
FZ4-55[2nd].30; E338|        At Enitharmons shriek his knees each other smote & then he lookd   t698
FZ4-55[2nd].31; E338|        With stony Eyes on Urizen & then swift writhd his neck   t699
FZ4-55[2nd].32; E338|        Involuntary to the Couch where Enitharmon lay
FZ4-55[2nd].33; E338|        The bones of Urizen hurtle on the wind the bones of Los
FZ4-55[2nd].34; E338|        Twinge & his iron sinews bend like lead & fold
FZ4-55[2nd].35; E338|        Into unusual forms dancing & howling stamping the Abyss

FZ4;   E338|        PAGE 56 (SECOND PORTION)
FZ4;   E338|        End of the Fourth Night   t700

FZ5-header; E338|        PAGE 57 VALA
FZ5-header; E338|        Night The Fifth   t701

FZ5-57.1;   E338|        Infected Mad he dancd on his mountains high & dark as heaven
FZ5-57.2;   E338|        Now fixd into one stedfast bulk his features stonify
FZ5-57.3;   E338|        From his mouth curses & from his eyes sparks of blighting
FZ5-57.4;   E338|        Beside the anvil cold he dancd with the hammer of Urthona

FZ5-57.5;   E339|        Terrific pale. Enitharmon stretchd on the dreary Earth   t702
FZ5-57.6;   E339|        Felt her immortal limbs freeze stiffning pale inflexible
FZ5-57.7;   E339|        His feet shrink withring from the deep shrinking & withering   t703
FZ5-57.8;   E339|        And Enitharmon shrunk up all their fibres withring beneath
FZ5-57.9;   E339|        As plants witherd by winter leaves & stems & roots decaying
FZ5-57.10; E339|        Melt into thin air while the seed drivn by the furious wind
FZ5-57.11; E339|        Rests on the distant Mountains top. So Los & Enitharmon
FZ5-57.12; E339|        Shrunk into fixed space stood trembling on a Rocky cliff
FZ5-57.13; E339|        Yet mighty bulk & majesty & beauty remaind but unexpansive
FZ5-57.14; E339|        As far as highest Zenith from the lowest Nadir. so far shrunk   t704
FZ5-57.15; E339|        Los from the furnaces a Space immense & left the cold
FZ5-57.16; E339|        Prince of Light bound in chains of intellect among the furnaces
FZ5-57.17; E339|        But all the furnaces were out & the bellows had ceast to blow

FZ5-57.18; E339|        He stood trembling & Enitharmon clung around his knees
FZ5-57.19; E339|        Their senses unexpansive in one stedfast bulk remain
FZ5-57.20; E339|        The night blew cold & Enitharmon shriekd on the dismal wind

FZ5-58.1;   E339|        Her pale hands cling around her husband & over her weak head
FZ5-58.2;   E339|        Shadows of Eternal death sit in the leaden air

FZ5-58.3;   E339|        But the soft pipe the flute the viol organ harp & cymbal
FZ5-58.4;   E339|        And the sweet sound of silver voices calm the weary couch
FZ5-58.5;   E339|        Of Enitharmon but her groans drown the immortal harps
FZ5-58.6;   E339|        Loud & more loud the living music floats upon the air
FZ5-58.7;   E339|        Faint & more faint the daylight wanes. The wheels of turning darkness
FZ5-58.8;   E339|        Began in solemn revolutions. Earth convulsd with rending pangs
FZ5-58.9;   E339|        Rockd to & fro & cried sore at the groans of Enitharmon   t705
FZ5-58.10; E339|        Still the faint harps & silver voices calm the weary couch
FZ5-58.11; E339|        But from the caves of deepest night ascending in clouds of mist
FZ5-58.12; E339|        The winter spread his wide black wings across from pole to pole
FZ5-58.13; E339|        Grim frost beneath & terrible snow linkd in a marriage chain
FZ5-58.14; E339|        Began a dismal dance. The winds around on pointed rocks
FZ5-58.15; E339|        Settled like bats innumerable ready to fly abroad
FZ5-58.16; E339|        The groans of Enitharmon shake the skies the labring Earth
FZ5-58.17; E339|        Till from her heart rending his way a terrible Child sprang forth
FZ5-58.18; E339|        In thunder smoke & sullen flames & howlings & fury & blood

FZ5-58.19; E339|        Soon as his burning Eyes were opend on the Abyss
FZ5-58.20; E339|        The horrid trumpets of the deep bellowd with bitter blasts
FZ5-58.21; E339|        The Enormous Demons woke & howld around the new born king   t706
FZ5-58.22; E339|        Crying Luvah King of Love thou art the King of rage & death
FZ5-58.23; E339|        Urizen cast deep darkness round him raging Luvah pourd   t707
FZ5-58.24; E339|        The spears of Urizen from Chariots round the Eternal tent
FZ5-58.25; E339|        Discord began then yells & cries shook the wide firma[m]ent   t708

FZ5-59.1;   E340|        Where is Sweet Vala gloomy prophet where the lovely form
FZ5-59.2;   E340|        That drew the body of Man from heaven into this dark Abyss
FZ5-59.3;   E340|        Soft tears & sighs where are you come forth shout on bloody fields
FZ5-59.4;   E340|        Shew thy soul Vala shew thy bow & quiver of secret fires

FZ5-59.5;   E340|        Draw thy bow Vala from the depths of hell thy black bow draw   t709
FZ5-59.6;   E340|        And twang the bow string to our howlings let thine arrows black
FZ5-59.7;   E340|        Sing in the Sky as once they sang upon the hills of Light
FZ5-59.8;   E340|        When dark Urthona wept in torment of the secret pain

FZ5-59.9;   E340|        He wept & he divided & he laid his gloomy head
FZ5-59.10; E340|        Down on the Rock of Eternity on darkness of the deep
FZ5-59.11; E340|        Torn by black storms & ceaseless torrents of consuming fire
FZ5-59.12; E340|        Within his breast his fiery sons chaind down & filld with cursings

FZ5-59.13; E340|        And breathing terrible blood & vengeance gnashing his teeth with pain
FZ5-59.14; E340|        Let loose the Enormous Spirit in the darkness of the deep
FZ5-59.15; E340|        And his dark wife that once fair crystal form divinely clear
FZ5-59.16; E340|        Within his ribs producing serpents whose souls are flames of fire

FZ5-59.17; E340|        But now the times return upon thee Enitharmons womb
FZ5-59.18; E340|        Now holds thee soon to issue forth. Sound Clarions of war
FZ5-59.19; E340|        Call Vala from her close recess in all her dark deceit
FZ5-59.20; E340|        Then rage on rage shall fierce redound out of her crystal quiver

FZ5-59.21; E340|        So sung the Demons round red Orc & round faint Enitharmon   t710
FZ5-59.22; E340|        Sweat & blood stood on the limbs of Los in globes. his fiery Eyelids
FZ5-59.23; E340|        Faded. he rouzd he siezd the wonder in his hands & went
FZ5-59.24; E340|        Shuddring & weeping thro the Gloom & down into the deeps

FZ5-59.25; E340|        Enitharmon nursd her fiery child in the dark deeps
FZ5-59.26; E340|        Sitting in darkness. over her Los mournd in anguish fierce
FZ5-59.27; E340|        Coverd with gloom. the fiery boy grew fed by the milk
FZ5-59.28; E340|        Of Enitharmon. Los around her builded pillars of iron

FZ5-60.1;   E340|        And brass & silver & gold fourfold in dark prophetic fear
FZ5-60.2;   E340|        For now he feard Eternal Death & uttermost Extinction   t711
FZ5-60.3;   E340|        He builded Golgonooza on the Lake of Udan Adan
FZ5-60.4;   E340|        Upon the Limit of Translucence then he builded Luban
FZ5-60.5;   E340|        Tharmas laid the Foundations & Los finishd it in howling woe

FZ5-60.6;   E340|        But when fourteen summers & winters had revolved over
FZ5-60.7;   E340|        Their solemn habitation Los beheld the ruddy boy
FZ5-60.8;   E340|        Embracing his bright mother & beheld malignant fires
FZ5-60.9;   E340|        In his young eyes discerning plain that Orc plotted his death
FZ5-60.10; E340|        Grief rose upon his ruddy brows. a tightening girdle grew
FZ5-60.11; E340|        Around his bosom like a bloody cord. in secret sobs
FZ5-60.12; E340|        He burst it, but next morn another girdle succeeds

FZ5-60.13; E341|        Around his bosom. Every day he viewd the fiery youth
FZ5-60.14; E341|        With silent fear & his immortal cheeks grew deadly pale
FZ5-60.15; E341|        Till many a morn & many a night passd over in dire woe
FZ5-60.16; E341|        Forming a girdle in the day & bursting it at night
FZ5-60.17; E341|        The girdle was formd by day by night was burst in twain
FZ5-60.18; E341|        Falling down on the rock an iron chain link by link lockd

FZ5-60.19; E341|        Enitharmon beheld the bloody chain of nights & days
FZ5-60.20; E341|        Depending from the bosom of Los & how with griding pain   t712
FZ5-60.21; E341|        He went each morning to his labours. with the spectre dark
FZ5-60.22; E341|        Calld it the chain of jealousy. Now Los began to speak   t713
FZ5-60.23; E341|        His woes aloud to Enitharmon. since he could not hide
FZ5-60.24; E341|        His uncouth plague. He siezd the boy in his immortal hands
FZ5-60.25; E341|        While Enitharmon followd him weeping in dismal woe
FZ5-60.26; E341|        Up to the iron mountains top & there the Jealous chain
FZ5-60.27; E341|        Fell from his bosom on the mountain. The Spectre dark
FZ5-60.28; E341|        Held the fierce boy Los naild him down binding around his limbs
FZ5-60.29; E341|        The accursed chain O how bright Enitharmon howld & cried   t714
FZ5-60.30; E341|        Over her son. Obdurate Los bound down her loved joy

FZ5-61.1;   E341|        The hammer of Urthona smote the rivets in terror. of brass
FZ5-61.2;   E341|        Tenfold. the Demons rage flamd tenfold forth rending
FZ5-61.3;   E341|        Roaring redounding. Loud Loud Loder & Louder & fird
FZ5-61.4;   E341|        The darkness warring With the waves of Tharmas & Snows of Urizen
FZ5-61.5;   E341|        Crackling the flames went up with fury from the immortal demon
FZ5-61.6;   E341|        Surrounded with flames the Demon grew loud howling in his fires
FZ5-61.7;   E341|        Los folded Enitharmon in a cold white cloud in fear
FZ5-61.8;   E341|        Then led her down into the deeps & into his labyrinth
FZ5-61.9;   E341|        Giving the Spectre sternest charge over the howling fiend

FZ5-61.10; E341|        Concenterd into Love of Parent Storgous Appetite Craving
FZ5-61.11; E341|        His limbs bound down mock at his chains for over them a flame
FZ5-61.12; E341|        Of circling fire unceasing plays to feed them with life & bring
FZ5-61.13; E341|        The virtues of the Eternal worlds ten thousand thousand spirits
FZ5-61.14; E341|        Of life lament around the Demon going forth & returning   t715
FZ5-61.15; E341|        At his enormous call they flee into the heavens of heavens
FZ5-61.16; E341|        And back return with wine & food. Or dive into the deeps
FZ5-61.17; E341|        To bring the thrilling joys of sense to quell his ceaseless rage
FZ5-61.18; E341|        His eyes the lights of his large soul contract or else expand
FZ5-61.19; E341|        Contracted they behold the secrets of the infinite mountains
FZ5-61.20; E341|        The veins of gold & silver & the hidden things of Vala
FZ5-61.21; E341|        Whatever grows from its pure bud or breathes a fragrant soul
FZ5-61.22; E341|        Expanded they behold the terrors of the Sun & Moon
FZ5-61.23; E341|        The Elemental Planets & the orbs of eccentric fire
FZ5-61.24; E341|        His nostrils breathe a fiery flame. his locks are like the forests   t716
FZ5-61.25; E341|        Of wild beasts there the lion glares the tyger & wolf howl there

FZ5-61.26; E342|        And there the Eagle hides her young in cliffs & precipices
FZ5-61.27; E342|        His bosom is like starry heaven expanded all the stars Springs
FZ5-61.28; E342|        Flow into rivers of delight. there the spontaneous flowers
FZ5-61.29; E342|        Drink laugh & sing. the grasshopper the Emmet & the Fly
FZ5-61.30; E342|        The golden Moth builds there a house & spreads her silken bed

FZ5-62.1;   E342|        His loins inwove with silken fires are like a furnace fierce
FZ5-62.2;   E342|        As the strong Bull in summer time when bees sing round the heath
FZ5-62.3;   E342|        Where the herds low after the shadow & after the water spring
FZ5-62.4;   E342|        The numrous flocks cover the mountain & shine along the valley
FZ5-62.5;   E342|        His knees are rocks of adamant & rubie & emerald
FZ5-62.6;   E342|        Spirits of strength in Palaces rejoice in golden armour   t717
FZ5-62.7;   E342|        Armed with spear & shield they drink & rejoice over the slain
FZ5-62.8;   E342|        Such is the Demon such his terror in the nether deep

FZ5-62.9;   E342|        But when returnd to Golgonooza Los & Enitharmon
FZ5-62.10; E342|        Felt all the sorrow Parents feel. they wept toward one another
FZ5-62.11; E342|        And Los repented that he had chaind Orc upon the mountain
FZ5-62.12; E342|        And Enitharmons tears prevaild parental love returnd
FZ5-62.13; E342|        Tho terrible his dread of that infernal chain They rose
FZ5-62.14; E342|        At midnight hasting to their much beloved care
FZ5-62.15; E342|        Nine days they traveld thro the Gloom of Entuthon Benithon
FZ5-62.16; E342|        Los taking Enitharmon by the hand led her along
FZ5-62.17; E342|        The dismal vales & up to the iron mountains top where Orc
FZ5-62.18; E342|        Howld in the furious wind he thought to give to Enitharmon
FZ5-62.19; E342|        Her son in tenfold joy & to compensate for her tears
FZ5-62.20; E342|        Even if his own death resulted so much pity him paind

FZ5-62.21; E342|        But when they came to the dark rock & to the spectrous cave
FZ5-62.22; E342|        Lo the young limbs had strucken root into the rock & strong
FZ5-62.23; E342|        Fibres had from the Chain of Jealousy inwove themselves
FZ5-62.24; E342|        In a swift vegetation round the rock & round the Cave
FZ5-62.25; E342|        And over the immortal limbs of the terrible fiery boy
FZ5-62.26; E342|        In vain they strove now to unchain. In vain with bitter tears
FZ5-62.27; E342|        To melt the chain of Jealousy. not Enitharmons death
FZ5-62.28; E342|        Nor the Consummation of Los could ever melt the chain
FZ5-62.29; E342|        Nor unroot the infernal fibres from their rocky bed
FZ5-62.30; E342|        Nor all Urthonas strength nor all the power of Luvahs Bulls
FZ5-62.31; E342|        Tho they each morning drag the unwilling Sun out of the deep
FZ562.32; E342|        Could uproot the infernal chain. for it had taken root   t718

FZ5-63.1;   E342|        Into the iron rock & grew a chain beneath the Earth
FZ5-63.2;   E342|        Even to the Center wrapping round the Center & the limbs
FZ5-63.3;   E342|        Of Orc entering with fibres. became one with him a living Chain
FZ5-63.4;   E342|        Sustained by the Demons life. Despair & Terror & Woe & Rage

FZ5-63.5;   E343|        Inwrap the Parents in cold clouds as they bend howling over
FZ5-63.6;   E343|        The terrible boy till fainting by his side the Parents fell

FZ5-63.7;   E343|        Not long they lay Urthonas spectre found herbs of the pit
FZ5-63.8;   E343|        Rubbing their temples he reviv'd them. all their lamentations
FZ5-63.9;   E343|        I write not here but all their after life was lamentation

FZ5-63.10; E343|        When satiated with grief they returnd back to Golgonooza   t719
FZ5-63.11; E343|        Enitharmon on the road of Dranthon felt the inmost gate
FZ5-63.12; E343|        Of her bright heart burst open & again close with a deadly pain   t720
FZ5-63.13; E343|        Within her heart Vala began to reanimate in bursting sobs   t721
FZ5-63.14; E343|        And when the Gate was open she beheld that dreary Deep   t722
FZ5-63.15; E343|        Where bright Ahania wept. She also saw the infernal roots

FZ5-63.16; E343|        Of the chain of Jealousy & felt the rendings of fierce howling Orc

FZ5-63.17; E343|        Rending the Caverns like a mighty wind pent in the Earth
FZ5-63.18; E343|        Tho wide apart as furthest north is from the furthest south   t723
FZ5-63.19; E343|        Urizen trembled where he lay to hear the howling terror
FZ5-63.20; E343|        The rocks shook the Eternal bars tuggd to & fro were rifted
FZ5-63.21; E343|        Outstretchd upon the stones of ice the ruins of his throne
FZ5-63.22; E343|        Urizen shuddring heard his trembling limbs shook the strong caves

FZ5-63.23; E343|        The Woes of Urizen shut up in the deep dens of Urthona

FZ5-63.24; E343|        Ah how shall Urizen the King submit to this dark mansion
FZ5-63.25; E343|        Ah how is this! Once on the heights I stretchd my throne sublime
FZ5-63.26; E343|        The mountains of Urizen once of silver where the sons of wisdom dwelt
FZ5-63.27; E343|        And on whose tops the Virgins sag are rocks of Desolation

FZ5-63.28; E343|        My fountains once the haunt of Swans now breed the scaly tortoise
FZ5-63.29; E343|        The houses of my harpers are become a haunt of crows
FZ5-63.30; E343|        The gardens of wisdom are become a field of horrid graves
FZ5-63.31; E343|        And on the bones I drop my tears & water them in vain

FZ5-64.1;   E343|        Once how I walked from my palace in gardens of delight
FZ5-64.2;   E343|        The sons of wisdom stood around the harpers followd with harps
FZ5-64.3;   E343|        Nine virgins clothd in light composd the song to their immortal voices
FZ5-64.4;   E343|        And at my banquets of new wine my head was crownd with joy

FZ5-64.5;   E343|        Then in my ivory pavilions I slumberd in the noon   t724
FZ5-64.6;   E343|        And walked in the silent night among sweet smelling flowers
FZ5-64.7;   E343|        Till on my silver bed I slept & sweet dreams round me hoverd
FZ5-64.8;   E343|        But now my land is darkend & my wise men are departed

FZ5-64.9;   E343|        My songs are turned to cries of Lamentation   t725
FZ5-64.10; E343|        Heard on my Mountains & deep sighs under my palace roofs
FZ5-64.11; E343|        Because the Steeds of Urizen once swifter than the light
FZ5-64.12; E343|        Were kept back from my Lord & from his chariot of mercies

FZ5-64.13; E344|        O did I keep the horses of the day in silver pastures
FZ5-64.14; E344|        O I refusd the Lord of day the horses of his prince
FZ5-64.15; E344|        O did I close my treasuries with roofs of solid stone
FZ5-64.16; E344|        And darken all my Palace walls with envyings & hate

FZ5-64.17; E344|        O Fool to think that I could hide from his all piercing eyes
FZ5-64.18; E344|        The gold & silver & costly stones his holy workmanship
FZ5-64.19; E344|        O Fool could I forget the light that filled my bright spheres
FZ5-64.20; E344|        Was a reflection of his face who calld me from the deep

FZ5-64.21; E344|        I well remember for I heard the mild & holy voice
FZ5-64.22; E344|        Saying O light spring up & shine & I sprang up from the deep   t726
FZ5-64.23; E344|        He gave to me a silver scepter & crownd me with a golden crown
FZ5-64.24; E344|        & said Go forth & guide my Son who wanders on the ocean   t727

FZ5-64.25; E344|        I went not forth. I hid myself in black clouds of my wrath
FZ5-64.26; E344|        I calld the stars around my feet in the night of councils dark
FZ5-64.27; E344|        The stars threw down their spears & fled naked away
FZ5-64.28; E344|        We fell. I siezd thee dark Urthona In my left hand falling

FZ5-64.29; E344|        I siezd thee beauteous Luvah thou art faded like a flower
FZ5-64.30; E344|        And like a lilly is thy wife Vala witherd by winds
FZ5-64.31; E344|        When thou didst bear the golden cup at the immortal tables
FZ5-64.32; E344|        Thy children smote their fiery wings crownd with the gold of heaven

FZ5-65.1;   E344|        Thy pure feet stepd on the steps divine. too pure for other feet
FZ5-65.2;   E344|        And thy fair locks shadowd thine eyes from the divine effulgence
FZ5-65.3;   E344|        Then thou didst keep with Strong Urthona the living gates of heaven
FZ5-65.4;   E344|        But now thou art bound down with him even to the gates of hell

FZ5-65.5;   E344|        Because thou gavest Urizen the wine of the Almighty
FZ5-65.6;   E344|        For steeds of Light that they might run in thy golden chariot of pride
FZ5-65.7;   E344|        I gave to thee the Steeds I pourd the stolen wine
FZ5-65.8;   E344|        And drunken with the immortal draught fell from my throne sublime

FZ5-65.9;   E344|        I will arise Explore these dens & find that deep pulsation
FZ5-65.10; E344|        That shakes my caverns with strong shudders. perhaps this is the night
FZ5-65.11; E344|        Of Prophecy & Luvah hath burst his way from Enitharmon
FZ5-65.12; E344|        When Thought is closd in Caves. Then love shall shew its root in deepest Hell
FZ5-65; E344|        End of the Fifth Night   t728

FZ6-headers; E344|        PAGE 67 VALA
FZ6-header; E344|        Night the Sixth   t729

FZ6-67.1;   E344|        So Urizen arose & leaning on his Spear explord his dens
FZ6-67.2;   E344|        He threw his flight thro the dark air to where a river flowd

FZ6-67.3;   E345|        And taking off his silver helmet filled it & drank
FZ6-67.4;   E345|        But when Unsatiated his thirst he assayd to gather more
FZ6-67.5;   E345|        Lo three terrific women at the verge of the bright flood
FZ6-67.6;   E345|        Who would not suffer him to approach. but drove him back with storms

FZ6-67.7;   E345|        Urizen knew them not & thus addressd the spirits of darkness

FZ6-67.8;   E345|        Who art thou Eldest Woman sitting in thy clouds
FZ6-67.9;   E345|        What is that name written on thy forehead? what art thou?
FZ6-67.10; E345|        And wherefore dost thou pour this water forth in sighs & care

FZ6-67.11; E345|        She answerd not but filld her urn & pourd it forth abroad

FZ6-67.12; E345|        Answerest thou not said Urizen. then thou maist answer me
FZ6-67.13; E345|        Thou terrible woman clad in blue, whose strong attractive power
FZ6-67.14; E345|        Draws all into a fountain at the rock of thy attraction
FZ6-67.15; E345|        With frowning brow thou sittest mistress of these mighty waters

FZ6-67.16; E345|        She answerd not but stretchd her arms & threw her limbs abroad

FZ6-67.17; E345|        Or wilt thou answer youngest Woman clad in shining green   t730
FZ6-67.18; E345|        With labour & care thou dost divide the current into four   t731
FZ6-67.19; E345|        Queen of these dreadful rivers speak & let me hear thy voice

FZ6-68.1;   E345|        They reard up a wall of rocks and Urizen raisd his spear.   t732
FZ6-68.2;   E345|        They gave a scream, they knew their father Urizen knew his daughters
FZ6-68.3;   E345|        They shrunk into their channels. dry the rocky strand beneath his feet
FZ6-68.4;   E345|        Hiding themselves in rocky forms from the Eyes of Urizen

FZ6-68.5;   E345|        Then Urizen wept & thus his lamentation poured forth

FZ6-68.6;   E345|        O horrible O dreadful state! those whom I loved best
FZ6-68.7;   E345|        On whom I pourd the beauties of my light adorning them
FZ6-68.8;   E345|        With jewels & precious ornament labourd with art divine
FZ6-68.9;   E345|        Vests of the radiant colours of heaven & crowns of golden fire
FZ6-68.10; E345|        I gave sweet lillies to their breasts & roses to their hair
FZ6-68.11; E345|        I taught them songs of sweet delight, I gave their tender voices
FZ6-68.12; E345|        Into the blue expanse & I invented with laborious art
FZ6-68.13; E345|        Sweet instruments of sound. in pride encompassing my Knees
FZ6-68.14; E345|        They pourd their radiance above all. the daughters of Luvah Envied
FZ6-68.15; E345|        At their exceeding brightness & the sons of eternity sent them gifts
FZ6-68.16; E345|        Now will I pour my fry on them & I will reverse
FZ6-68.17; E345|        The precious benediction. for their colours of loveliness
FZ6-68.18; E345|        I will give blackness for jewels hoary frost for ornament deformity
FZ6-68.19; E345|        For crowns wreathd Serpents for sweet odors stinking corruptibility
FZ6-68.20; E345|        For voices of delight hoarse croakings inarticulate thro frost
FZ6-68.21; E345|        For labourd fatherly care & sweet instruction. I will give
FZ6-68.22; E345|        Chains of dark ignorance & cords of twisted self conceit
FZ6-68.23; E345|        And whips of stern repentance & food of stubborn obstinacy
FZ6-68.24; E345|        That they may curse Tharmas their God & Los his adopted son

FZ6-68.25; E346|        That they may curse & worship the obscure Demon of destruction
FZ6-68.26; E346|        That they may worship terrors & obey the violent
FZ6-68.27; E346|        Go forth sons of my curse Go forth daughters of my abhorrence

FZ6-68.28; E346|        Tharmas heard the deadly scream across his watry world
FZ6-68.29; E346|        And Urizens loud sounding voice lamenting on the wind
FZ6-68.30; E346|        And he came riding in his fury. froze to solid were his waves

FZ6-69.1;   E346|        Silent in ridges he beheld them stand round Urizen
FZ6-69.2;   E346|        A dreary waste of solid waters for the King of Light
FZ6-69.3;   E346|        Darkend his brows with his cold helmet & his gloomy spear
FZ6-69.4;   E346|        Darkend before him. Silent on the ridgy waves he took
FZ6-69.5;   E346|        His gloomy way before him Tharmas fled & flying fought

FZ6-69.6;   E346|        Crying. What & who art thou Cold Demon. art thou Urizen
FZ6-69.7;   E346|        Art thou like me risen again from death or art thou deathless
FZ6-69.8;   E346|        If thou art he my desperate purpose hear & give me death
FZ6-69.9;   E346|        For death to me is better far than life. death my desire
FZ6-69.10; E346|        That I in vain in various paths have sought but still I live
FZ6-69.11; E346|        The Body of Man is given to me I seek in vain to destroy
FZ6-69.12; E346|        For still it surges forth in fish & monsters of the deeps
FZ6-69.13; E346|        And in these monstrous forms I Live in an Eternal woe   t733
FZ6-69.14; E346|        And thou O Urizen art falln never to be deliverd
FZ6-69.15; E346|        Withhold thy light from me for ever & I will withhold
FZ6-69.16; E346|        From thee thy food so shall we cease to be & all our sorrows
FZ6-69.17; E346|        End & the Eternal Man no more renew beneath our power   t734
FZ6-69.18; E346|        If thou refusest in eternal flight thy beams in vain
FZ6-69.19; E346|        Shall pursue Tharmas & in vain shalt crave for food I will
FZ6-69.20; E346|        Pour down my flight thro dark immensity Eternal falling
FZ6-69.21; E346|        Thou shalt pursue me but in vain till starvd upon the void
FZ6-69.22; E346|        Thou hangst a dried skin shrunk up weak wailing in the wind

FZ6-69.23; E346|        So Tharmas spoke but Urizen replied not. On his way
FZ6-69.24; E346|        He took. high bounding over hills & desarts floods & horrible chasms
FZ6-69.25; E346|        Infinite was his labour without end his travel he strove
FZ6-69.26; E346|        In vain for hideous monsters of the deeps annoyd him sore
FZ6-69.27; E346|        Scaled & finnd with iron & brass they devourd the path before him
FZ6-69.28; E346|        Incessant was the conflict. On he bent his weary steps
FZ6-69.29; E346|        Making a path toward the dark world of Urthona. he rose
FZ6-69.30; E346|        With pain upon the dreary mountains & with pain descended   t735
FZ6-69.31; E346|        And saw their grizly fears & his eyes sickend at the sight
FZ6-69.32; E346|        The howlings gnashings groanings shriekings shudderings sobbings burstings
FZ6-69.33; E346|        Mingle together to create a world for Los. In cruel delight

FZ6-70[1st].1;   E346|        Los brooded on the darkness. nor saw Urizen with a Globe of fire
FZ6-70[1st].2;   E346|        Lighting his dismal journey thro the pathless world of death

FZ6-70[1st].3;   E347|        Writing in bitter tears & groans in books of iron & brass
FZ6-70[1st].4;   E347|        The enormous wonders of the Abysses once his brightest joy

FZ6-70[1st].5;   E347|        For Urizen beheld the terrors of the Abyss wandring among
FZ6-70[1st].6;   E347|        The ruind spirits once his children & the children of Luvah
FZ6-70[1st].7;   E347|        Scard at the sound of their own sigh that seems to shake the immense
FZ6-70[1st].8;   E347|        They wander Moping in their heart a Sun a Dreary moon
FZ6-70[1st].9;   E347|        A Universe of fiery constellations in their brain
FZ6-70[1st].10; E347|        An Eart of wintry woe beneath their feet & round their loins   t736
FZ6-70[1st].11; E347|        Waters or winds or clouds or brooding lightnings & pestilential plagues
FZ6-70[1st].12; E347|        Beyond the bounds of their own self their senses cannot penetrate
FZ6-70[1st].13; E347|        As the tree knows not what is outside of its leaves & bark
FZ6-70[1st].14; E347|        And yet it drinks the summer joy & fears the winter sorrow
FZ6-70[1st].15; E347|        So in the regions of the grave none knows his dark compeer
FZ6-70[1st].16; E347|        Tho he partakes of his dire woes & mutual returns the pang
FZ6-70[1st].17; E347|        The throb the dolor the convulsion in soul sickening woes   t737

FZ6-70[1st].18; E347|        The horrid shapes & sights of torment in burning dungeons & in
FZ6-70[1st].19; E347|        Fetters of red hot iron some with crowns of serpents & some
FZ6-70[1st].20; E347|        With monsters girding round their bosoms, Some lying on beds of sulphur
FZ6-70[1st].21; E347|        On racks & wheels he beheld women marching oer burning wastes
FZ6-70[1st].22; E347|        Of Sand in bands of hundreds & of fifties & of thousands strucken with
FZ6-70[1st].23; E347|        Lightnings which blazed after them upon their shoulders in their march
FZ6-70[1st].24; E347|        In successive vollies with loud thunders swift flew the King of Light
FZ6-70[1st].25; E347|        Over the burning desarts Then the desarts passd. involvd in clouds
FZ6-70[1st].26; E347|        Of smoke with myriads moping in the stifling vapours. Swift
FZ6-70[1st].27; E347|        Flew the King tho flagd his powers labring. till over rocks
FZ6-70[1st].28; E347|        And Mountains faint weary he wanderd. where multitudes were shut
FZ6-70[1st].29; E347|        Up in the solid mountains & in rocks which heaved with their torments
FZ6-70[1st].30; E347|        Then came he among fiery cities & castles built of burning steel
FZ6-70[1st].31; E347|        Then he beheld the forms of tygers & of Lions dishumanizd men
FZ6-70[1st].32; E347|        Many in serpents & in worms stretchd out enormous length
FZ6-70[1st].33; E347|        Over the sullen mould & slimy tracks obstruct his way
FZ6-70[1st].34; E347|        Drawn out from deep to deep woven by ribbd
FZ6-70[1st].35; E347|        And scaled monsters or armd in iron shell or shell of brass
FZ6-70[st].36; E347|        Or gold a glittering torment shining & hissing in eternal pain
FZ6-70[1st].37; E347|        Some [as] columns of fire or of water sometimes stretchd out in heighth   t738
FZ6-70[1st].38; E347|        Sometimes in length sometimes englobing wandering in vain seeking for ease   t739
FZ6-70[1st].39; E347|        His voice to them was but an inarticulate thunder for their Ears
FZ6-70[1st].40; E347|        Were heavy & dull & their eyes & nostrils closed up
FZ6-70[1st].41; E347|        Oft he stood by a howling victim Questioning in words
FZ6-70[1st].42; E347|        Soothing or Furious no one answerd every one wrapd up
FZ6-70[1st].43; E347|        In his own sorrow howld regardless of his words, nor voice
FZ6-70[1st].44; E347|        Of sweet response could he obtain tho oft assayd with tears
FZ6-70[1st].45; E347|        He knew they were his Children ruind in his ruind world   t740

FZ6-71[1st].1;   E348|        Oft would he stand & question a fierce scorpion glowing with gold
FZ6-71[1st].2;   E348|        In vain the terror heard not. then a lion he would Sieze
FZ6-71[1st].3;   E348|        By the fierce mane staying his howling course in vain the voice  t741
FZ6-71[1st].4;   E348|        Of Urizen vain the Eloquent tongue. A Rock a Cloud a Mountain
FZ6-71[1st].5;   E348|        Were now not Vocal as in Climes of happy Eternity
FZ6-71[1st].6;   E348|        Where the lamb replies to the infant voice & the lion to the man of years
FZ6-71[1st].7;   E348|        Giving them sweet instructions Where the Cloud the River & the Field
FZ6-71[1st].8;   E348|        Talk with the husbandman & shepherd. But these attackd him sore
FZ6-71[1st].9;   E348|        Siezing upon his feet & rending the Sinews that in Caves
FZ6-71[1st].10; E348|        He hid to recure his obstructed powers with rest & oblivion

FZ6-70[2nd].46; E348|        Here he had time enough to repent of his rashly threatend curse
FZ6-70[2nd].47; E348|        He saw them cursd beyond his Curse his soul melted with fear

FZ6-71[2nd].11; E348|        He could not take their fetters off for they grew from the soul
FZ6-71[2nd].12; E348|        Nor could he quench the fires for they flamd out from the heart
FZ6-71[2nd].13; E348|        Nor cold he calm the Elements because himself was Subject
FZ6-71[2nd].14; E348|        So he threw his flight in terror & pain & in repentant tears

FZ6-71[2nd].15; E348|        When he had passd these southern terrors he approachd the East
FZ6-71[2nd].16; E348|        Void pathless beaten With iron sleet & eternal hail & rain   t742
FZ6-71[2nd].17; E348|        No form was there no living thing & yet his way lay thro
FZ6-71[2nd].18; E348|        This dismal world. he stood a while & lookd back oer his former
FZ6-71[2nd].19; E348|        Terrific voyage. Hills & Vales of torment & despair
FZ6-71[2nd].20; E348|        Sighing & Wiping a fresh tear. then turning round he threw
FZ6-71[2nd].21; E348|        Himself into the dismal void. falling he fell & fell
FZ6-71[2nd].22; E348|        Whirling in unresistible revolutions down & down
FZ6-71[2nd].23; E348|        In the horrid bottomless vacuity falling failing falling
FZ6-71[2nd].24; E348|        Into the Eastern vacuity the empty world of Luvah

FZ6-71[2nd].25; E348|        The ever pitying one who seeth all things saw his fall
FZ6-71[2nd].26; E348|        And in the dark vacuity created a bosom of clay   t743
FZ6-71[2nd].27; E348|        When wearied dead he fell his limbs reposd in the bosom of slime
FZ6-71[2nd].28; E348|        As the seed falls from the sowers hand so Urizen fell & death
FZ6-71[2nd].29; E348|        Shut up his powers in oblivion. then as the seed shoots forth
FZ6-71[2nd].30; E348|        In pain & sorrow. So the slimy bed his limbs renewd
FZ6-71[2nd].31; E348|        At first an infant weakness. periods passd he gatherd strength
FZ6-71[2nd].32; E348|        But still in solitude he sat then rising threw his flight
FZ6-71[2nd].33; E348|        Onward tho falling thro the waste of night & ending in death
FZ6-71[2nd].34; E348|        And in another resurrection to sorrow & weary travel
FZ6-71[2nd].35; E348|        But still his books he bore in his strong hands & his iron pen
FZ6-71[2nd].36; E348|        For when he died they lay beside his grave & when he rose   t744
FZ6-71[2nd].37; E348|        He siezd them with a gloomy smile for wrapd in his death clothes   t745
FZ6-71[2nd].38; E348|        He hid them when he slept in death when he revivd the clothes
FZ6-71[2nd].39; E348|        Were rotted by the winds the books remaind still unconsumd

FZ6-71[2nd].40; E349|        Still to be written & interleavd with brass & iron & gold
FZ6-71[2nd].41; E349|        Time after time for such a journey none but iron pens
FZ6-71[2nd].42; E349|        Can write And adamantine leaves recieve nor can the man who goes

FZ6-72.1;   E349|        The journey obstinate refuse to write time after time

FZ6-72.2;   E349|        Endless had been his travel but the Divine hand him led   t746
FZ6-72.3;   E349|        For infinite the distance & obscurd by Combustions dire
FZ6-72.4;   E349|        By rocky masses frowning in the abysses revolving erratic
FZ6-72.5;   E349|        Round Lakes of fire in the dark deep the ruins of Urizens world
FZ6-72.6;   E349|        Oft would he sit in a dark rift & regulate his books
FZ6-72.7;   E349|        Or sleep such sleep as spirits eternal wearied in his dark
FZ6-72.8;   E349|        Tearful & sorrowful state. then rise look out & ponder
FZ6-72.9;   E349|        His dismal voyage eyeing the next sphere tho far remote
FZ6-72.10; E349|        Then darting into the Abyss of night his venturous limbs
FZ6-72.11; E349|        Thro lightnings thunders earthquakes & concussions fires & floods
FZ6-72.12; E349|        Stemming his downward fall labouring up against futurity
FZ6-72.13; E349|        Creating many a Vortex fixing many a Science in the deep
FZ6-72.14; E349|        And thence throwing his venturous limbs into the Vast unknown
FZ6-72.15; E349|        Swift Swift from Chaos to chaos from void to void a road immense

FZ6-72.16; E349|        For when he came to where a Vortex ceasd to operate
FZ6-72.17; E349|        Nor down nor up remaind then if he turnd & lookd back
FZ6-72.18; E349|        From whence he came twas upward all. & if he turnd and viewd
FZ6-72.19; E349|        The unpassd void upward was still his mighty wandring
FZ6-72.20; E349|        The midst between an Equilibrium grey of air serene
FZ6-72.21; E349|        Where he might live in peace & where his life might meet repose

FZ6-72.22; E349|        But Urizen said Can I not leave this world of Cumbrous wheels
FZ6-72.23; E349|        Circle oer Circle nor on high attain a void
FZ6-72.24; E349|        Where self sustaining I may view all things beneath my feet
FZ6-72.25; E349|        Or sinking thro these Elemental wonders swift to fall
FZ6-72.26; E349|        I thought perhaps to find an End a world beneath of voidness
FZ6-72.27; E349|        Whence I might travel round the outside of this Dark confusion
FZ6-72.28; E349|        When I bend downward bending my bead downward into the deep
FZ6-72.29; E349|        Tis upward all which way soever I my course begin
FZ6-72.30; E349|        But when A Vortex formd on high by labour & sorrow & care
FZ6-72.31; E349|        And weariness begins on all my limbs then sleep revives
FZ6-72.32; E349|        My wearied spirits waking then tis downward all which way
FZ6-72.33; E349|        So ever I my spirits turn no end I find of all
FZ6-72.34; E349|        O what a world is here unlike those climes of bliss
FZ6-72.35; E349|        Where my sons gatherd round my knees O thou poor ruind world
FZ6-72.36; E349|        Thou horrible ruin once like me thou wast all glorious
FZ6-72.37; E349|        And now like me partaking desolate thy masters lot
FZ6-72.38; E349|        Art thou O ruin the once glorious heaven are these thy rocks
FZ6-72.39; E349|        Where joy sang in the trees & pleasure sported on the rivers

FZ6-73.1;   E350|        And laughter sat beneath the Oaks & innocence sported round
FZ6-73.2;   E350|        Upon the green plains & sweet friendship met in palaces
FZ6-73.3;   E350|        And books & instruments of song & pictures of delight
FZ6-73.4;   E350|        Where are they whelmd beneath these ruins in horrible destruction   t747
FZ6-73.5;   E350|        And if Eternal falling I repose on the dark bosom
FZ6-73.6;   E350|        Of winds & waters or thence fall into a Void where air
FZ6-73.7;   E350|        Is not down falling thro immensity ever & ever
FZ6-73.8;   E350|        I lose my powers weakend every revolution till a death
FZ6-73.9;   E350|        Shuts up my powers then a seed in the vast womb of darkness
FZ6-73.10; E350|        I dwell in dim oblivion. brooding over me the Enormous worlds
FZ6-73.11; E350|        Reorganize me shooting forth in bones & flesh & blood
FZ6-73.12; E350|        I am regenerated to fall or rise at will or to remain
FZ6-73.13; E350|        A labourer of ages a dire discontent a living woe
FZ6-73.14; E350|        Wandring in vain. Here will I fix my foot & here rebuild
FZ6-73.15; E350|        Here Mountains of Brass promise much riches in their dreadful bosoms   t748

FZ6-73.16; E350|        So he began to dig form[ing] of gold silver & iron   t749
FZ6-73.17; E350|        And brass vast instruments to measure out the immense & fix
FZ6-73.18; E350|        The whole into another world better suited to obey
FZ6-73.19; E350|        His will where none should dare oppose his will himself being King
FZ6-73.20; E350|        Of All & all futurity be bound in his vast chain

FZ6-73.21; E350|        And the Sciences were fixd & the Vortexes began to operate
FZ6-73.22; E350|        On all the sons of men & every human soul terrified
FZ6-73.23; E350|        At the turning wheels of heaven shrunk away inward withring away
FZ6-73.24; E350|        Gaining a New Dominion over all his sons & Daughters
FZ6-73.25; E350|        & over the Sons & daughters of Luvah in the horrible Abyss
FZ6-73.26; E350|        For Urizen lamented over them in a selfish lamentation
FZ6-73.27; E350|        Till a white woof coverd his cold limbs from head to feet   t750
FZ6-73.28; E350|        Hair white as snow coverd him in flaky locks terrific
FZ6-73.29; E350|        Overspreading his limbs. in pride he wanderd weeping
FZ6-73.30; E350|        Clothed in aged venerableness obstinately resolvd
FZ6-73.31; E350|        Travelling thro darkness & whereever he traveld a dire Web
FZ6-73.32; E350|        Followd behind him as the Web of a Spider dusky & cold
FZ6-73.33; E350|        Shivering across from Vortex to Vortex drawn out from his mantle of years
FZ6-73.34; E350|        A living Mantle adjoind to his life & growing from his Soul

FZ6-73.35; E350|        And the Web of Urizen stre[t]chd direful shivring in clouds
FZ6-73.36; E350|        And uttering such woes such bursts such thunderings   t751
FZ6-73.37; E350|        The eyelids expansive as morning & the Ears
FZ6-73.38; E350|        As a golden ascent winding round to the heavens of heavens
FZ6-73.39; E350|        Within the dark horrors of the Abysses lion or tyger or scorpion

FZ6-74.1;   E350|        For every one opend within into Eternity at will
FZ6-74.2;   E350|        But they refusd because their outward forms were in the Abyss

FZ6-74.3;   E351|        And the wing like tent of the Universe beautiful surrounding all
FZ6-74.4;   E351|        Or drawn up or let down at the will of the immortal man
FZ6-74.5;   E351|        Vibrated in such anguish the eyelids quiverd
FZ6-74.6;   E351|        Weak & Weaker their expansive orbs began shrinking
FZ6-74.7;   E351|        Pangs smote thro the brain & a universal shriek
FZ6-74.8;   E351|        Ran thro the abysses rending the web torment on torment

FZ6-74.9;   E351|        Thus Urizen in sorrows wanderd many a dreary way
FZ6-74.10; E351|        Warring with monsters of the Deeps in his most hideous pilgrimage
FZ6-74.11; E351|        Till his bright hair scatterd in snows his skin barkd oer with wrinkles
FZ6-74.12; E351|        Four Caverns rooting downwards their foundations thrusting forth
FZ6-74.13; E351|        The metal rock & stone in ever painful throes of vegetation
FZ6-74.14; E351|        The Cave of Orc stood to the South a furnace of dire flames
FZ6-74.15; E351|        Quenchless unceasing. In the west the Cave of Urizen
FZ6-74.16; E351|        For Urizen fell as the Midday sun falls down into the West
FZ6-74.17; E351|        North stood Urthonas stedfast throne a World of Solid darkness
FZ6-74.18; E351|        Shut up in stifling obstruction rooted in dumb despair
FZ6-74.19; E351|        The East was Void. But Tharmas rolld his billows in ceaseless eddies
FZ6-74.20; E351|        Void pathless beat with Snows eternal & iron hail & rain   t752
FZ6-74.21; E351|        All thro the caverns of fire & air & Earth, Seeking
FZ6-74.22; E351|        For Enions limbs nought finding but the black sea weed & sickning slime
FZ6-74.23; E351|        Flying away from Urizen that he might not give him food
FZ6-74.24; E351|        Above beneath on all sides round in the vast deep of immensity
FZ6-74.25; E351|        That he might starve the sons & daughters of Urizen on the winds
FZ6-74.26; E351|        Making between horrible chasms into the vast unknown
FZ6-74.27; E351|        All these around the world of Los cast forth their monstrous births
FZ6-74.28; E351|        But in Eternal times the Seat of Urizen is in the South   t753
FZ6-74.29; E351|        Urthona in the North Luvah in East Tharmas in West

FZ6-74.30; E351|        And now he came into the Abhorred world of Dark Urthona
FZ6-74.31; E351|        By Providence divine conducted not bent from his own will
FZ6-74.32; E351|        Lest death Eternal should be the result for the Will cannot be violated
FZ6-74.33; E351|        Into the doleful vales where no tree grew nor river flowd
FZ6-74.34; E351|        Nor man nor beast nor creeping thing nor sun nor cloud nor star
FZ6-74.35; E351|        Still he with his globe of fire immense in his venturous hand
FZ6-74.36; E351|        Bore on thro the Affrighted vales ascending & descending
FZ6-74.37; E351|        Oerwearied or in cumbrous flight he venturd oer dark rifts
FZ6-74.38; E351|        Or down dark precipices or climbd with pain and labour huge
FZ6-74.39; E351|        Till he beheld the world of Los from the Peaked rock of Urthona
FZ6-74.40; E351|        And heard the howling of red Orc distincter & distincter

FZ6-75.1;   E351|        Redoubling his immortal efforts thro the narrow vales
FZ6-75.2;   E351|        With difficulty down descending guided by his Ear
FZ6-75.3;   E351|        And by his globe of fire he went down the Vale of Urthona   t754
FZ6-75.4;   E351|        Between the enormous iron walls built by the Spectre dark

FZ6-75.5;   E352|        Dark grew his globe reddning with mists & full before his path
FZ6-75.6;   E352|        Striding across the narrow vale the Shadow of Urthona   t755
FZ6-75.7;   E352|        A spectre Vast appeard whose feet & legs with iron scaled
FZ6-75.8;   E352|        Stampd the hard rocks expectant of the unknown wanderer
FZ6-75.9;   E352|        Whom he had seen wandring his nether world when distant far
FZ6-75.10; E352|        And watchd his swift approach collected dark the Spectre stood
FZ6-75.11; E352|        Beside hi[m] Tharmas stayd his flight & stood in stern defiance   t756
FZ6-75.12; E352|        Communing with the Spectre who rejoicd along the vale
FZ6-75.13; E352|        Round his loins a girdle glowd with many colourd fires
FZ6-75.14; E352|        In his hand a knotted Club whose knots like mountains frownd
FZ6-75.15; E352|        Desart among the Stars them withering with its ridges cold
FZ6-75.16; E352|        Black scales of iron arm the dread visage iron spikes instead
FZ6-75.17; E352|        Of hair shoot from his orbed scull. his glowing eyes
FZ6-75.18; E352|        Burn like two furnaces. he calld with Voice of Thunder

FZ6-75.19; E352|        Four winged heralds mount the furious blasts & blow their trumps
FZ6-75.20; E352|        Gold Silver Brass & iron clangors clamoring rend the shores   t757
FZ6-75.21; E352|        Like white clouds rising from the Vales his fifty two armies
FZ6-75.22; E352|        From the four Cliffs of Urthona rise glowing around the Spectre
FZ6-75.23; E352|        Four sons of Urizen the Squadrons of Urthona led in arms
FZ6-75.24; E352|        Of gold & silver brass & iron he knew his mighty sons

FZ6-75.5;   E352|        Then Urizen arose upon the wind back many a mile
FZ6-75.26; E352|        Retiring into his dire Web scattering fleecy snows
FZ6-75.27; E352|        As he ascended howling loud the Web vibrated strong
FZ6-75.28; E352|        From heaven to heaven from globe to globe. In vast excentric paths
FZ6-75.29; E352|        Compulsive rolld the Comets at his dread command the dreary way
FZ6-75.30; E352|        Falling with wheel impetuous down among Urthonas vales
FZ6-75.31; E352|        And round red Orc returning back to Urizen gorgd with blood   t758
FZ6-75.32; E352|        Slow roll the massy Globes at his command & slow oerwheel
FZ6-75.33; E352|        The dismal squadrons of Urthona. weaving the dire Web
FZ6-75.34; E352|        In their progressions & preparing Urizens path before him
FZ6-75; E352|        End of The Sixth Night

FZ7a-header; E352|        VALA
FZ7a-header; E352|        Night the Seventh   t759

FZ7a-77.1;   E352|        Then Urizen arose The Spectre fled & Tharmas fled
FZ7a-77.2;   E352|        The darkning Spectre of Urthona hid beneath a rock
FZ7a-77.3;   E352|        Tharmas threw his impetuous flight thro the deeps of immensity
FZ7a-77.4;   E352|        Revolving round in whirlpools fierce all round the cavernd worlds

FZ7a-77.5;   E352|        But Urizen silent descended to the Caves of Orc & saw   t760
FZ7a-77.6;   E352|        A Cavernd Universe of flaming fire the horses of Urizen

FZ7a-77.7;   E353|        Here bound to fiery mangers furious dash their golden hoofs
FZ7a-77.8;   E353|        Striking fierce sparkles from their brazen fetters. fierce his lions   t761
FZ7a-77.9;   E353|        Howl in the burning dens his tygers roam ill the redounding smoke
FZ7a-77.10; E353|        In forests of affliction. the adamantine scales of justice
FZ7a-77.11; E353|        Consuming in the raging lamps of mercy pourd in rivers
FZ7a-77.12; E353|        The holy oil rages thro all the cavernd rocks fierce flames
FZ7a-77.13; E353|        Dance on the rivers & the rocks howling & drunk with fury
FZ7a-77.14; E353|        The plow of ages & the golden harrow wade thro fields
FZ7a-77.15; E353|        Of goary blood the immortal seed is nourishd for the slaughter
FZ7a-77.16; E353|        The bulls of Luvah breathing fire bellow on burning pastures
FZ7a-77.17; E353|        Round howling Orc whose awful limbs cast forth red smoke & fire
FZ7a-77.18; E353|        That Urizen approachd not near but took his seat on a rock
FZ7a-77.19; E353|        And rangd his books around him brooding Envious over Orc   t762

FZ7a-77.20; E353|        Howling & rending his dark caves the awful Demon lay
FZ7a-77.21; E353|        Pulse after pulse beat on his fetters pulse after pulse his spirit
FZ7a-77.22; E353|        Darted & darted higher & higher to the shrine of Enitharmon
FZ7a-77.23; E353|        As when the thunder folds himself in thickest clouds
FZ7a-77.24; E353|        The watry nations couch & hide in the profoundest deeps
FZ7a-77.25; E353|        Then bursting from his troubled head with terrible visages & flaming hair
FZ7a-77.26; E353|        His swift wingd daughters sweep across the vast black ocean

FZ7a-77.27; E353|        Los felt the Envy in his limbs like to a blighted tree

FZ7a-78.1;   E353|        For Urizen fixd in Envy sat brooding & coverd with snow
FZ7a-78.2;   E353|        His book of iron on his knees he tracd the dreadful letters
FZ7a-78.3;   E353|        While his snows fell & his storms beat to cool the flames of Orc
FZ7a-78.4;   E353|        Age after Age till underneath his heel a deadly root
FZ7a-78.5;   E353|        Struck thro the rock the root of Mystery accursed shooting up
FZ7a-78.6;   E353|        Branches into the heaven of Los they pipe formd bending down
FZ7a-78.7;   E353|        Take root again whereever they touch again branching forth
FZ7a-78.8;   E353|        In intricate labyrinths oerspreading many a grizly deep

FZ7a-78.9;   E353|        Amazd started Urizen when he found himself compassd round
FZ7a-78.10; E353|        And high roofed over with trees. he arose but the stems
FZ7a-78.11; E353|        Stood so thick he with difficulty & great pain brought
FZ7a-78.12; E353|        His books out of the dismal shade. all but the book of iron
FZ7a-78.13; E353|        Again he took his seat & rangd his Books around   t764
FZ7a-78.14; E353|        On a rock of iron frowning over the foaming fires of Orc

FZ7a-78.15; E353|        And Urizen hung over Ore & viewd his terrible wrath
FZ7a-78.16; E353|        Sitting upon an iron Crag at length his words broke forth   t765

FZ7a-78.17; E353|        Image of dread whence art thou whence is this most woful place
FZ7a-78.18; E353|        Whence these fierce fires but from thyself No other living thing
FZ7a-78.19; E353|        In all this Chasm I behold. No other living thing
FZ7a-78.20; E353|        Dare thy most terrible wrath abide Bound here to waste in pain

FZ7a-78.21; E354|        Thy vital substance in these fires that issue new & new
FZ7a-78.22; E354|        Around thee sometimes like a flood & sometimes like a rock
FZ7a-78.23; E354|        Of living pangs thy horrible bed glowing with ceaseless fires
FZ7a-78.24; E354|        Beneath thee & around Above a Shower of fire now beats
FZ7a-78.25; E354|        Moulded to globes & arrowy wedges rending thy bleeding limbs
FZ7a-78.26; E354|        And now a whirling pillar of burning sands to overwhelm thee
FZ7a-78.27; E354|        Steeping thy wounds in salts infernal & in bitter anguish
FZ7a-78.28; E354|        And now a rock moves on the surface of this lake of fire
FZ7a-78.29; E354|        To bear thee down beneath the waves in stifling despair
FZ7a-78.30; E354|        Pity for thee movd me to break my dark & long repose
FZ7a-78.31; E354|        And to reveal myself before thee in a form of wisdom
FZ7a-78.32; E354|        Yet thou dost laugh at all these tortures & this horrible place
FZ7a-78.33; E354|        Yet throw thy limbs these fires abroad that back return upon thee
FZ7a-78.34; E354|        While thou reposest throwing rage on rage feeding thyself
FZ7a-78.35; E354|        With visions of sweet bliss far other than this burning clime
FZ7a-78.36; E354|        Sure thou art bathd in rivers of delight on verdant fields
FZ7a-78.37; E354|        Walking in joy in bright Expanses sleeping on bright clouds
FZ7a-78.38; E354|        With visions of delight so lovely that they urge thy rage
FZ7a-78.39; E354|        Tenfold with fierce desire to rend thy chain & howl in fury
FZ7a-78.40; E354|        And dim oblivion of all woe & desperate repose
FZ7a-78.41; E354|        Or is thy joy founded on torment which others bear for thee

FZ7a-78.42; E354|        Orc answer'd Curse thy hoary brows. What dost thou in this deep
FZ7a-78.43; E354|        Thy Pity I contemn scatter thy snows elsewhere

FZ7a-79.1;   E354|        I rage in the deep for Lo my feet & hands are naild to the burning rock
FZ7a-79.2;   E354|        Yet my fierce fires are better than thy snows Shuddring thou sittest
FZ7a-79.3;   E354|        Thou art not chaind Why shouldst thou sit cold grovelling demon of woe
FZ7a-79.4;   E354|        In tortures of dire coldness now a Lake of waters deep
FZ7a-79.5;   E354|        Sweeps over thee freezing to solid still thou sitst closd up
FZ7a-79.6;   E354|        In that transparent rock as if in joy of thy bright prison
FZ7a-79.7;   E354|        Till overburdend with its own weight drawn out thro immensity
FZ7a-79.8;   E354|        With a crash breaking across the horrible mass comes down
FZ7a-79.9;   E354|        Thundring & hail & frozen iron haild from the Element
FZ7a-79.10; E354|        Rends thy white hair yet thou dost fixd obdurate brooding sit
FZ7a-79.11; E354|        Writing thy books. Anon a cloud filld with a waste of snows
FZ7a-79.12; E354|        Covers thee still obdurate still resolvd & writing still
FZ7a-79.13; E354|        Tho rocks roll oer thee tho floods pour tho winds black as the Sea   t766
FZ7a-79.14; E354|        Cut thee in gashes tho the blood pours down around thy ankles
FZ7a-79.15; E354|        Freezing thy feet to the hard rock still thy pen obdurate
FZ7a-79.16; E354|        Traces the wonders of Futurity in horrible fear of the future
FZ7a-79.17; E354|        I rage furious in the deep for lo my feet & hands are naild
FZ7a-79.18; E354|        To the hard rock or thou shouldst feel my enmity & hate
FZ7a-79.19; E354|        In all the diseases of man falling upon thy grey accursed front

FZ7a-79.20; E355|        Urizen answerd Read my books explore my Constellations
FZ7a-79.21; E355|        Enquire of my Sons & they shall teach thee how to War
FZ7a-79.22; E355|        Enquire of my Daughters who accursd in the dark depths
FZ7a-79.23; E355|        Knead bread of Sorrow by my stern command for I am God
FZ7a-79.24; E355|        Of all this dreadful ruin Rise O daughters at my Stern command

FZ7a-79.25; E355|        Rending the Rocks Eleth & Uveth rose & Ona rose
FZ7a-79.26; E355|        Terrific with their iron vessels driving them across
FZ7a-79.27; E355|        In the dim air they took the book of iron & placd above
FZ7a-79.28; E355|        On clouds of death & sang their songs Kneading the bread of Orc
FZ7a-79.29; E355|        Orc listend to the song compelld hungring on the cold wind
FZ7a-79.30; E355|        That swaggd heavy with the accursed dough. the hoar frost ragd
FZ7a-79.31; E355|        Thro Onas sieve the torrent rain pourd from the iron pail
FZ7a-79.32; E355|        Of Eleth & the icy hands of Uveth kneaded the bread
FZ7a-79.33; E355|        The heavens bow with terror underneath their iron hands
FZ7a-79.34; E355|        Singing at their dire work the words of Urizens book of iron
FZ7a-79.35; E355|        While the enormous scrolls rolld dreadful in the heavens above
FZ7a-79.36; E355|        And still the burden of their song in tears was poured forth
FZ7a-79.37; E355|        The bread is Kneaded let us rest O cruel father of children

FZ7a-79.38; E355|        But Urizen remitted not their labours upon his rock

FZ7a-80.1;   E355|        And Urizen Read in his book of brass in sounding tones   t767

FZ7a-80.2;   E355|        Listen O Daughters to my voice Listen to the Words of Wisdom
FZ7a-80.3;   E355|        So shall [ye] govern over all let Moral Duty tune your tongue   t768
FZ7a-80.4;   E355|        But be your hearts harder than the nether millstone
FZ7a-80.5;   E355|        To bring the shadow of Enitharmon beneath our wondrous tree
FZ7a-80.6;   E355|        That Los may Evaporate like smoke & be no more
FZ7a-80.7;   E355|        Draw down Enitharmon to the Spectre of Urthona
FZ7a-80.8;   E355|        And let him have dominion over Los the terrible shade

FZ7a-80.9;   E355|        Compell the poor to live upon a Crust of bread by soft mild arts
FZ7a-80.10; E355|        Smile when they frown frown when they smile & when a man looks pale
FZ7a-80.11; E355|        With labour & abstinence say he looks healthy & happy
FZ7a-80.12; E355|        And when his children Sicken let them die there are enough
FZ7a-80.13; E355|        Born even too many & our Earth will be overrun
FZ7a-80.14; E355|        Without these arts If you would make the poor live with temper
FZ7a-80.15; E355|        With pomp give every crust of bread you give with gracious cunning
FZ7a-80.16; E355|        Magnify small gifts reduce the man to want a gift & then give with pomp   t769
FZ7a-80.17; E355|        Say he smiles if you hear him sigh If pale say he is ruddy
FZ7a-80.18; E355|        Preach temperance say he is overgorgd & drowns his wit
FZ7a-80.19; E355|        In strong drink tho you know that bread & water are all
FZ7a-80.20; E355|        He can afford Flatter his wife pity his children till we can

FZ7a-80.21; E355|        Reduce all to our will as spaniels are taught with art

FZ7a-80.22; E356|        Lo how the heart & brain are formed in the breeding womb
FZ7a-80.23; E356|        Of Enitharmon how it buds with life & forms the bones
FZ7a-80.24; E356|        The little heart the liver & the red blood in its labyrinths
FZ7a-80.25; E356|        By gratified desire by strong devouring appetite she fills
FZ7a-80.26; E356|        Los with ambitious fury that his race shall all devour

FZ7a-80.27; E356|        Then Orc cried Curse thy Cold hypocrisy. already round thy Tree  t770
FZ7a-80.28; E356|        In scales that shine with gold & rubies thou beginnest to weaken
FZ7a-80.29; E356|        My divided Spirit Like a worm I rise in peace unbound
FZ7a-80.30; E356|        From wrath Now When I rage my fetters bind me more
FZ7a-80.31; E356|        O torment O torment A Worm compelld. Am I a worm
FZ7a-80.32; E356|        Is it in strong deceit that man is born. In strong deceit
FZ7a-80.33; E356|        Thou dost restrain my fury that the worm may fold the tree
FZ7a-80.34; E356|        Avaunt Cold hypocrite I am chaind or thou couldst not use me thus
FZ7a-80.35; E356|        The Man shall rage bound with this Chain the worm in silence creep
FZ7a-80.36; E356|        Thou wilt not cease from rage Grey Demon silence all thy storms
FZ7a-80.37; E356|        Give me example of thy mildness King of furious hail storms
FZ7a-80.38; E356|        Art thou the cold attractive power that holds me in this chain
FZ7a-80.39; E356|        I well remember how I stole thy light & it became fire
FZ7a-80.40; E356|        Consuming. Thou Knowst me now O Urizen Prince of Light
FZ7a-80.41; E356|        And I know thee is this the triumph this the Godlike State
FZ7a-80.42; E356|        That lies beyond the bounds of Science in the Grey obscure

FZ7a-80.43; E356|        Terrified Urizen heard Orc now certain that he was Luvah
FZ7a-80.44; E356|        And Orc began to Organize a Serpent body   t771
FZ7a-80.45; E356|        Despising Urizens light & turning it into flaming fire
FZ7a-80.46; E356|        Recieving as a poisond Cup Recieves the heavenly wine
FZ7a-80.47; E356|        And turning affection into fury & thought into abstraction   t772
FZ7a-80.48; E356|        A Self consuming dark devourer rising into the heavens

FZ7a-80.49; E356|        Urizen envious brooding sat & saw the secret terror
FZ7a-80.50; E356|        Flame high in pride & laugh to scorn the source of his deceit
FZ7a-80.51; E356|        Nor knew the source of his own but thought himself the Sole author

FZ7a-81.1;   E356|        Of all his wandering Experiments in the horrible Abyss
FZ7a-81.2;   E356|        He knew that weakness stretches out in breadth & length he knew
FZ7a-81.3;   E356|        That wisdom reaches high & deep & therefore he made Orc
FZ7a-81.4;   E356|        In Serpent form compelld stretch out & up the mysterious tree
FZ7a-81.5;   E356|        He sufferd him to Climb that he might draw all human forms
FZ7a-81.6;   E356|        Into submission to his will nor knew the dread result

FZ7a-81.7;   E356|        Los sat in showers of Urizen watching cold Enitharmon   t773
FZ7a-81.8;   E356|        His broodings rush down to his feet producing Eggs that hatching
FZ7a-81.9;   E356|        Burst forth upon the winds above the tree of Mystery
FZ7a-81.10; E356|        Enitharmon lay on his knees. Urizen tracd his Verses
FZ7a-81.11; E356|        In the dark deep the dark tree grew. her shadow was drawn down
FZ7a-81.12; E356|        Down to the roots it wept over Orc. the Shadow of Enitharmon

FZ7a-81.13; E357|        Los saw her stretchd the image of death upon his witherd valleys
FZ7a-81.14; E357|        Her Shadow went forth & returnd Now she was pale as Snow
FZ7a-81.15; E357|        When the mountains & hills are coverd over & the paths of Men shut up   t774
FZ7a-81.16; E357|        But when her spirit returnd as ruddy as a morning when
FZ7a-81.17; E357|        The ripe fruit blushes into joy in heavens eternal halls   t775
FZ7a-81.18; E357|        Sorrow shot thro him from his feet it shot up to his head
FZ7a-81.19; E357|        Like a cold night that nips the root & shatters off the leaves   t776
FZ7a-81.20; E357|        Silent he stood oer Enitharmon watching her pale face
FZ7a-81.21; E357|        He spoke not he was Silent till he felt the cold disease
FZ7a-81.22; E357|        Then Los mournd on the dismal wind in his jealous lamentation

FZ7a-81.23; E357|        Why can I not Enjoy thy beauty Lovely Enitharmon
FZ7a-81.24; E357|        When I return from clouds of Grief in the wandring Elements
FZ7a-81.25; E357|        Where thou in thrilling joy in beaming summer loveliness
FZ7a-81.26; E357|        Delectable reposest ruddy in my absence flaming with beauty
FZ7a-81.27; E357|        Cold pale in sorrow at my approach trembling at my terrific
FZ7a-81.28; E357|        Forehead & eyes thy lips decay lik roses in the spring   t777
FZ7a-81.29; E357|        How art thou Shrunk thy grapes that burst in summers vast Excess
FZ7a-81.30; E357|        Shut up in little purple covering faintly bud & die
FZ7a-81.31; E357|        Thy olive trees that pourd down oil upon a thousand hills
FZ7a-81.32; E357|        Sickly look forth & scarcely stretch their branches to the plain
FZ7a-81.33; E357|        Thy roses that expanded in the face of glowing morn

FZ7a-82.1;   E357|        Hid in a little silken veil scarce breathe & faintly shine
FZ7a-82.2;   E357|        Thy lilies that gave light what time the morning looked forth
FZ7a-82.3;   E357|        Hid in the Vales faintly lament & no one hears their voice
FZ7a-82.4;   E357|        All things beside the woful Los enjoy the delights of beauty
FZ7a-82.5;   E357|        Once how I sang & calld the beasts & birds to their delights
FZ7a-82.6;   E357|        Nor knew that I alone exempted from the joys of love
FZ7a-82.7;   E357|        Must war with secret monsters of the animating worlds
FZ7a-82.8;   E357|        O that I had not seen the day then should I be at rest
FZ7a-82.9;   E357|        Nor felt the stingings of desire nor longings after life
FZ7a-82.10; E357|        For life is Sweet to Los the wretched to his winged woes
FZ7a-82.11; E357|        Is given a craving cry that they may sit at night on barren rocks
FZ7a-82.12; E357|        And whet their beaks & snuff the air & watch the opening dawn
FZ7a-82.13; E357|        And Shriek till at the smells of blood they stretch their boney wings
FZ7a-82.14; E357|        And cut the winds like arrows shot by troops of Destiny

FZ7a-82.15; E357|        Thus Los lamented in the night unheard by Enitharmon
FZ7a-82.16; E357|        For the Shadow of Enitharmon descended down the tree of Mystery
FZ7a-82.17; E357|        The Spectre saw the Shade Shivering over his gloomy rocks
FZ7a-82.18; E357|        Beneath the tree of Mystery which in the dismal Abyss
FZ7a-82.19; E357|        Began to blossom in fierce pain shooting its writhing buds
FZ7a-82.20; E357|        In throes of birth & now the blossoms falling shining fruit

FZ7a-82.21; E358|        Appeard of many colours & of various poisonous qualities
FZ7a-82.22; E358|        Of Plagues hidden in shining globes that grew on the living tree

FZ7a-82.23; E358|        The Spectre of Urthona saw the Shadow of Enitharmon
FZ7a-82.24; E358|        Beneath the Tree of Mystery among the leaves & fruit   t778
FZ7a-82.25; E358|        Reddning the Demon strong prepard the poison of sweet Love
FZ7a-82.26; E358|        He turnd from side to side in tears he wept & he embracd   t779
FZ7a-82.27; E358|        The fleeting image & in whispers mild wood the faint shade

FZ7a-82.28; E358|        Loveliest delight of Men. Enitharmon shady hiding
FZ7a-82.29; E358|        In secret places where no eye can trace thy watry way
FZ7a-82.30; E358|        Have I found thee have I found thee tremblest thou in fear
FZ7a-82.31; E358|        Because of Orc because he rent his discordant way
FZ7a-82.32; E358|        From thy sweet loins of bliss. red flowd thy blood
FZ7a-82.33; E358|        Pale grew thy face lightnings playd around thee thunders hoverd   t780
FZ7a-82.34; E358|        Over thee, & the terrible Orc rent his discordant way   t781
FZ7a-82.35; E358|        But the next joy of thine shall be in sweet delusion
FZ7a-82.36; E358|        And its birth in fainting & sleep & Sweet delusions of Vala   t782

FZ7a-82.37; E358|        The Shadow of Enitharmon answerd Art thou terrible Shade
FZ7a-82.38; E358|        Set over this sweet boy of mine to guard him lest he rend

FZ7a-83.1;   E358|        His mother to the winds of heaven Intoxicated with
FZ7a-83.2;   E358|        The fruit of this delightful tree. I cannot flee away
FZ7a-83.3;   E358|        From thy embrace else be assurd so horrible a form
FZ7a-83.4;   E358|        Should never in my arms repose. now listen I will tell
FZ7a-83.5;   E358|        Thee Secrets of Eternity which neer before unlockd
FZ7a-83.6;   E358|        My golden lips nor took the bar from Enitharmons breast
FZ7a-83.7;   E358|        Among the Flowers of Beulah walkd the Eternal Man & Saw
FZ7a-83.8;   E358|        Vala the lilly of the desart. melting in high noon
FZ7a-83.9;   E358|        Upon her bosom in sweet bliss he fainted Wonder siezd
FZ7a-83.10; E358|        All heaven they saw him dark. they built a golden wall
FZ7a-83.11; E358|        Round Beulah There he reveld in delight among the Flowers
FZ7a-83.12; E358|        Vala was pregnant & brought forth Urizen Prince of Light   t783
FZ7a-83.13; E358|        First born of Generation. Then behold a wonder to the Eyes
FZ7a-83.14; E358|        Of the now fallen Man a double form Vala appeard. A Male
FZ7a-8315; E358|        And female shuddring pale the Fallen Man recoild
FZ7a-83.16; E358|        From the Enormity & calld them Luvah & Vala. turning down
FZ7a-83.17; E358|        The vales to find his way back into Heaven but found none
FZ7a-83.18; E358|        For his frail eyes were faded & his ears heavy & dull

FZ7a-83.19; E358|        Urizen grew up in the plains of Beulah Many Sons
FZ7a-83.20; E358|        And many daughters flourishd round the holy Tent of Man
FZ7a-83.21; E358|        Till he forgot Eternity delighted in his sweet joy
FZ7a-83.22; E358|        Among his family his flocks & herds & tents & pastures

FZ7a-83.23; E358|        But Luvah close conferrd with Urizen in darksom night
FZ7a-83.24; E358|        To bind the father & enslave the brethren Nought he knew

FZ7a-83.25; E359|        Of sweet Eternity the blood flowd round the holy tent & rivn
FZ7a-83.26; E359|        From its hinges uttering its final groan all Beulah fell
FZ7a-83.27; E359|        In dark confusion mean time Los was born & Enitharmon
FZ7a-83.28; E359|        But how I know not then forgetfulness quite wrapd me up
FZ7a-83.29; E359|        A period nor do I more remember till I stood
FZ7a-83.30; E359|        Beside Los in the Cavern dark enslavd to vegetative forms
FZ7a-83.31; E359|        According to the Will of Luvah who assumed the Place
FZ7a-83.32; E359|        Of the Eternal Man & smote him. But thou Spectre dark
FZ7a-83.33; E359|        Maist find a way to punish Vala in thy fiery South
FZ7a-83.34; E359|        To bring her down subjected to the rage of my fierce boy

FZ7a-84.1;   E359|        The Spectre said. Thou lovely Vision this delightful Tree
FZ7a-84.2;   E359|        Is given us for a Shelter from the tempests of Void & Solid
FZ7a-84.3;   E359|        Till once again the morn of ages shall renew upon us
FZ7a-84.4;   E359|        To reunite in those mild fields of happy Eternity
FZ7a-84.5;   E359|        Where thou & I in undivided Essence walkd about
FZ7a-84.6;   E359|        Imbodied. thou my garden of delight & I the spirit in the garden
FZ7a-84.7;   E359|        Mutual there we dwelt in one anothers joy revolving
FZ7a-84.8;   E359|        Days of Eternity with Tharmas mild & Luvah sweet melodious
FZ7a-84.9;   E359|        Upon our waters. This thou well rememberest listen I will tell
FZ7a-84.10; E359|        What thou forgettest. They in us & we in them alternate Livd   t784
FZ7a-84.11; E359|        Drinking the joys of Universal Manhood. One dread morn
FZ7a-84.12; E359|        Listen O vision of Delight One dread morn of goary blood
FZ7a-84.13; E359|        The manhood was divided for the gentle passions making way   t785
FZ7a-84.14; E359|        Thro the infinite labyrinths of the heart & thro the nostrils issuing
FZ7a-84.15; E359|        In odorous stupefaction stood before the Eyes of Man
FZ7a-84.16; E359|        A female bright. I stood beside my anvil dark a mass
FZ7a-84.17; E359|        Of iron glowd bright prepard for spades & plowshares. sudden down
FZ7a-84.18; E359|        I sunk with cries of blood issuing downward in the veins
FZ7a-84.19; E359|        Which now my rivers were become rolling in tubelike forms   t786
FZ7a-84.20; E359|        Shut up within themselves descending down I sunk along,
FZ7a-84.21; E359|        The goary tide even to the place of seed & there dividing
FZ7a-84.22; E359|        I was divided in darkness & oblivion thou an infant woe
FZ7a-84.23; E359|        And I an infant terror in the womb of Enion
FZ7a-84.24; E359|        My masculine spirit scorning the frail body issud forth
FZ7a-84.25; E359|        From Enions brain In this deformed form leaving thee there
FZ7a-84.26; E359|        Till times passd over thee but still my spirit returning hoverd   t787
FZ7a-84.27; E359|        And formd a Male to be a counterpart to thee O Love
FZ7a-84.28; E359|        Darkend & Lost In due time issuing forth from Enions womb
FZ7a-84.29; E359|        Thou & that demon Los wert born Ah jealousy & woe   t788
FZ7a-84.30; E359|        Ah poor divided dark Urthona now a Spectre wandering
FZ7a-84.31; E359|        The deeps of Los the Slave of that Creation I created
FZ7a-84.32; E359|        I labour night & day for Los but listen thou my vision
FZ7a-84.33; E359|        I view futurity in thee I will bring down soft Vala
FZ7a-84.34; E359|        To the embraces of this terror & I will destroy
FZ7a-84.35; E359|        That body I created then shall we unite again in bliss

FZ7a-84.36; E360|        Thou knowest that the Spectre is in Every Man insane brutish   t789
FZ7a-84.37; E360|        Deformd that I am thus a ravening devouring lust continually
FZ7a-84.38; E360|        Craving & devouring but my Eyes are always upon thee O lovely
FZ7a-84.39; E360|        Delusion & I cannot crave for any thing but thee no so   t790
FZ7a-84.40; E360|        The spectres of the Dead for I am as the Spectre of the Living
FZ7a-84.41; E360|        For till these terrors planted round the Gates of Eternal life
FZ7a-84.42; E360|        Are driven away & annihilated we never can repass the Gates

FZ7a-85.1;   E360|        Astonishd filld with tears the spirit of Enitharmon beheld
FZ7a-85.2;   E360|        And heard the Spectre bitterly she wept Embracing fervent   t791
FZ7a-85.3;   E360|        Her once lovd Lord now but a Shade herself also a shade
FZ7a-85.4;   E360|        Conferring times on times among the branches of that Tree

FZ7a-85.5;   E360|        Thus they conferrd among the intoxicating fumes of Mystery
FZ7a-85.6;   E360|        Till Enitharmons shadow pregnant in the deeps beneath
FZ7a-85.7;   E360|        Brought forth a wonder horrible. While Enitharmon shriekd
FZ7a-85.8;   E360|        And trembled thro the Worlds above Los wept his fierce soul was terrifid
FZ7a-85.9;   E360|        At the shrieks of Enitharmon at her tossings nor could his eyes percieve
FZ7a-85.10; E360|        The cause of her dire anguish for she lay the image of Death
FZ7a-85.11; E360|        Movd by strong shudders till her shadow was deliverd then she ran
FZ7a-85.12; E360|        Raving about the upper Elements in maddning fury

FZ7a-85.13; E360|        She burst the Gates of Enitharmons heart with direful Crash
FZ7a-85.14; E360|        Nor could they ever be closd again the golden hinges were broken
FZ7a-85.15; E360|        And the gates broke in sunder & their ornaments defacd   t792
FZ7a-85.16; E360|        Beneath the tree of Mystery for the immortal shadow shuddering
FZ7a-85.17; E360|        Brought forth this wonder horrible a Cloud she grew & grew
FZ7a-85.18; E360|        Till many of the dead burst forth from the bottoms of their tombs
FZ7a-85.19; E360|        In male forms without female counterparts or Emanations   t793
FZ7a-85.20; E360|        Cruel and ravening with Enmity & Hatred & War
FZ7a-85.21; E360|        In dreams of Ulro dark delusive drawn by the lovely shadow   t794

FZ7a-85.22; E360|        The Spectre terrified gave her Charge over the howling Orc   t795

FZ7b-95[2nd].15; E360|        But in the deeps beneath the Roots of Mystery in darkest night   t797
FZ7b-95[2nd].16; E360|        Where Urizen sat on his rock the Shadow brooded   t798
FZ7b-95[2nd].17; E360|        Urizen saw & triumphd & he cried to his warriors   t799

FZ7b-95[2nd].18; E360|        The time of Prophecy is now revolvd & all
FZ7b-95[2nd].19; E360|        This Universal Ornament is mine & in my hands
FZ7b-95[2nd].20; E360|        The ends of heaven like a Garment will I fold them round me
FZ7b-95[2nd].21; E360|        Consuming what must be consumd then in power & majesty
FZ7b-95[2nd].22; E360|        I will walk forth thro those wide fields of endless Eternity
FZ7b-95[2nd].23; E360|        A God & not a Man a Conqueror in triumphant glory
FZ7b-95[2nd].24; E360|        And all the Sons of Everlasting shall bow down at my feet   t800

FZ7b-95[2nd].25; E360|        First Trades & Commerce ships & armed vessels he builded laborious
FZ7b-95[2nd].26; E360|        To swim the deep & on the Land children are sold to trades

FZ7b-95[2nd].27; E361|        Of dire necessity still laboring day & night till all
FZ7b-95[2nd].28; E361|        Their life extinct they took the spectre form in dark despair
FZ7b-95[2nd].29; E361|        And slaves in myriads in ship loads burden the hoarse sounding deep
FZ7b-95[2nd].30; E361|        Rattling with clanking chains the Universal Empire groans

FZ7b-95[2nd].31; E361|        And he commanded his Sons found a Center in the Deep
FZ7b-95[2nd].32; E361|        And Urizen laid the first Stone & all his myriads
FZ7b-95[2nd].33; E361|        Builded a temple in the image of the human heart

FZ7b-88.1;   E361|        And in the inner part of the Temple wondrous workmanship
FZ7b-88.2;   E361|        They formd the Secret place reversing all the order of delight
FZ7b-88.3;   E361|        That whosoever enterd into the temple might not behold
FZ7b-88.4;   E361|        The hidden wonders allegoric of the Generations
FZ7b-88.5;   E361|        Of secret lust when hid in chambers dark the nightly harlot
FZ7b-88.6;   E361|        Plays in Disguise in whisperd hymn & mumbling prayer The priests
FZ7b-88.7;   E361|        He ordaind & Priestesses clothd in disguises beastial
FZ7b-88.8;   E361|        Inspiring secrecy & lamps they bore intoxicating fumes
FZ7b-88.9;   E361|        Roll round the Temple & they took the Sun that glowd oer Los
FZ7b-88.10; E361|        And with immense machines down rolling. the terrific orb
FZ7b-88.11; E361|        Compell'd. The Sun reddning like a fierce lion in his chains
FZ7b-88.12; E361|        Descended to the sound of instruments that drownd the noise
FZ7b-88.13; E361|        Of the hoarse wheels & the terrific howlings of wild beasts
FZ7b-88.14; E361|        That dragd the wheels of the Suns chariot & they put the Sun
FZ7b-88.15; E361|        Into the temple of Urizen to give light to the Abyss
FZ7b-88.16; E361|        To light the War by day to hide his secret beams by night
FZ7b-88.17; E361|        For he divided day & night in different orderd portions
FZ7b-88.18; E361|        The day for war the night for secret religion in his temple   t801

FZ7b-88.19; E361|        Los reard his mighty stature on Earth stood his feet. Above   t802
FZ7b-88.20; E361|        The moon his furious forehead circled with black bursting thunders
FZ7b-88.21; E361|        His naked limbs glittring upon the dark blue sky his knees
FZ7b-88.22; E361|        Bathed in bloody clouds. his loins in fires of war where spears
FZ7b-88.23; E361|        And swords rage where the Eagles cry & the Vultures laugh saying
FZ7b-88.24; E361|        Now comes the night of Carnage now the flesh of Kings & Princes
FZ7b-88.25; E361|        Pamperd in palaces for our food the blood of Captains nurturd   t803
FZ7b-88.26; E361|        With lust & murder for our drink the drunken Raven shall wander
FZ7b-88.27; E361|        All night among the slain & mock the wounded that groan in the field

FZ7b-88.28; E361|        Tharmas laughd furious among the Banners clothd in blood

FZ7b-88.29; E361|        Crying As I will I rend the Nations all asunder rending
FZ7b-88.30; E361|        The People, vain their combinations I will scatter them
FZ7b-88.31; E361|        But thou O Son whom I have crowned and inthrond thee Strong
FZ7b-88.32; E361|        I will preserve tho Enemies arise around thee numberless
FZ7b-88.33; E361|        I will command my winds & they shall scatter them or call

FZ7b-89.1;   E361|        My Waters like a flood around thee fear not trust in me
FZ7b-89.2;   E361|        And I will give thee all the ends of heaven for thy possession

FZ7b-89.3;   E362|        In war shalt thou bear rule in blood shalt thou triumph for me
FZ7b-89.4;   E362|        Because in times of Everlasting I was rent in sunder
FZ7b-89.5;   E362|        And what I loved best was divided among my Enemies
FZ7b-89.6;   E362|        My little daughters were made captives & I saw them beaten
FZ7b-89.7;   E362|        With whips along the sultry sands. I heard those whom I lovd   t804
FZ7b-89.8;   E362|        Crying in secret tents at night & in the morn compelld
FZ7b-89.9;   E362|        To labour & behold my heart sunk down beneath
FZ7b-89.10; E362|        In sighs & sobbings all dividing till I was divided   t805
FZ7b-89.11; E362|        In twain & lo my Crystal form that lived in my bosom
FZ7b-89.12; E362|        Followd her daughters to the fields of blood they left me naked
FZ7b-89.13; E362|        Alone & they refusd to return from the fields of the mighty
FZ7b-89.14; E362|        Therefore I will reward them as they have rewarded me
FZ7b-89.15; E362|        I will divide them in my anger & thou O my King
FZ7b-89.16; E362|        Shalt gather them from out their graves & put thy fetter on them
FZ7b-89.17; E362|        And bind them to thee that my crystal form may come to me

FZ7b-89.18; E362|        So cried the Demon of the Waters in the Clouds of Los
FZ7b-89.19; E362|        Outstretchd upon the hills lay Enitharmon clouds & tempests
FZ7b-89.20; E362|        Beat round her head all night all day she riots in Excess
FZ7b-89.21; E362|        But night or day Los follows War & the dismal moon rolls over her   t806
FZ7b-89.22; E362|        That when Los warrd upon the South reflected the fierce fires
FZ7b-89.23; E362|        Of his immortal head into the North upon faint Enitharmon
FZ7b-89.24; E362|        Red rage the furies of fierce Orc black thunders roll round Los
FZ7b-89.25; E362|        Flaming his head like the bright sun seen thro a mist that magnifies
FZ7b-89.26; E362|        His disk into a terrible vision to the Eyes of trembling mortals

FZ7b-89.27; E362|        And Enitharmon trembling & in fear utterd these words

FZ7b-89.28; E362|        I put not any trust in thee nor in thy glittering scales
FZ7b-89.29; E362|        Thy eyelids are a terror to me & the flaming of thy crest
FZ7b-89.30; E362|        The rushing of thy Scales confound me thy hoarse rushing scales
FZ7b-89.31; E362|        And if that Los had not built me a tower upon a rock
FZ7b-89.32; E362|        I must have died in the dark desart among noxious worms
FZ7b-89.33; E362|        How shall I flee how shall I flee into the tower of Los
FZ7b-89.34; E362|        My feet are turned backward & my footsteps slide in clay
FZ7b-89.35; E362|        And clouds are closd around my tower my arms labour in vain
FZ7b-89.36; E362|        Does not the God of waters in the wracking Elements
FZ7b-89.37; E362|        Love those who hate rewarding with hate the Loving Soul

FZ7b-90.1;   E362|        And must not I obey the God thou Shadow of Jealousy
FZ7b-90.2;   E362|        I cry the watchman heareth not I pour my voice in roarings
FZ7b-90.3;   E362|        Watchman the night is thick & darkness cheats my rayie sight
FZ7b-90.4;   E362|        Lift up Lift up O Los awake my watchman for he sleepeth
FZ7b-90.5;   E362|        Lift up Lift up Shine forth O Light watchman thy light is out
FZ7b-90.6;   E362|        O Los unless thou keep my tower the Watchman will be slain

FZ7b-90.7;   E362|        So Enitharmon cried upon her terrible Earthy bed
FZ7b-90.8;   E362|        While the broad Oak wreathd his roots round her forcing his dark way

FZ7b-90.9;   E363|        Thro caves of death into Existence The Beech long limbd advancd
FZ7b-90.10; E363|        Terrific into the paind heavens The fruit trees humanizing
FZ7b-90.11; E363|        Shewd their immortal energies in warlike desperation
FZ7b-90.12; E363|        Rending the heavens & earths & drinking blood in the hot battle
FZ7b-90.13; E363|        To feed their fruit to gratify their hidden sons & daughters
FZ7b-90.14; E363|        That far within the close recesses of their secret palaces
FZ7b-90.15; E363|        Viewd the vast war & joyd wishing to vegetate
FZ7b-90.16; E363|        Into the Worlds of Enitharmon Loud the roaring winds
FZ7b-90.17; E363|        Burdend with clouds howl round the Couch sullen the wooly sheep
FZ7b-90.18; E363|        Walks thro the battle Dark & fierce the Bull his rage
FZ7b-90.19; E363|        Propagates thro the warring Earth The Lion raging in flames   t807
FZ7b-90.20; E363|        The Tyger in redounding smoke The Serpent of the woods   t808
FZ7b-90.21; E363|        And of the waters & the scorpion of the desart irritate
FZ7b-90.22; E363|        With harsh songs every living soul. The Prester Serpent runs
FZ7b-90.23; E363|        Along the ranks crying Listen to the Priest of God ye warriors
FZ7b-90.24; E363|        This Cowl upon my head he placd in times of Everlasting
FZ7b-90.25; E363|        And said Go forth & guide my battles. lik the jointed spine
FZ7b-90.26; E363|        Of Man I made thee when I blotted Man from life & light
FZ7b-90.27; E363|        Take thou the seven Diseases of Man store them for times to come
FZ7b-90.28; E363|        In store houses in secret places that I will tell the[e] of
FZ7b-90.29; E363|        To be my great & awful curses at the time appointed

FZ7b-90.30; E363|        The Prester Serpent ceasd the War song sounded loud & strong
FZ7b-90.31; E363|        Thro all the heavens Urizens Web vibrated torment on torment   t809

FZ7b-91[2nd].1;   E363|        Thus in the Caverns of the Grave & Places of human seed   t811
FZ7b-91[2nd].2;   E363|        The nameless shadowy Vortex stood before the face of Orc
FZ7b-91[2nd].3;   E363|        The Shadow reard her dismal head over the flaming youth
FZ7b-91[2nd].4;   E363|        With sighs & howling & deep sobs that he might lose his rage
FZ7b-91[2nd].5;   E363|        And with it lose himself in meekness she embracd his fire
FZ7b-91[2nd].6;   E363|        As when the Earthquake rouzes from his den his shoulders huge
FZ7b-91[2nd].7;   E363|        Appear above the crumb[l]ing Mountain. Silence waits around him
FZ7b-91[2nd].8;   E363|        A moment then astounding horror belches from the Center
FZ7b-91[2nd].9;   E363|        The fiery dogs arise the shoulders huge appear
FZ7b-91[2nd].10; E363|        So Orc rolld round his clouds upon the deeps of dark Urthona
FZ7b-91[2nd].11; E363|        Knowing the arts of Urizen were Pity & Meek affection   t812
FZ7b-91[2nd].12; E363|        And that by these arts the Serpent form exuded from his limbs
FZ7b-91[2nd].13; E363|        Silent as despairing love & strong as Jealousy
FZ7b-91[2nd].14; E363|        Jealous that she was Vala now become Urizens harlot
FZ7b-91[2nd].15; E363|        And the Harlot of Los & the deluded harlot of the Kings of Earth
FZ7b-91[2nd].16; E363|        His soul was gnawn in sunder
FZ7b-91[2nd].17; E363|        The hairy shoulders rend the links free are the wrists of fire
FZ7b-91[2nd].18; E363|        Red rage redounds he rouzd his lions from his forests black
FZ7b-91[2nd].19; E363|        They howl around the flaming youth rending the nameless shadow
FZ7b-91[2nd].20; E363|        And running their immortal course thro solid darkness borne

FZ7b-91[2nd].21; E364|        Loud sounds the war song round red Orc in his [?triumphant] fury   t813
FZ7b-91[2nd].22; E364|        And round the nameless shadowy Female in her howling terror
FZ7b-91[2nd].23; E364|        When all the Elemental Gods joind in the wondrous Song

FZ7b-91[2nd].24; E364|        Sound the War trumpet terrific Souls clad in attractive steel
FZ7b-91[2nd].25; E364|        Sound the shrill fife serpents of war. I hear the northern drum
FZ7b-91[2nd].26; E364|        Awake, I hear the flappings of the folding banners

FZ7b-91[2nd].27; E364|        The dragons of the North put on their armour
FZ7b-91[2nd].28; E364|        Upon the Eastern sea direct they take their course
FZ7b-91[2nd].29; E364|        The glittring of their horses trapping stains the vault of night

FZ7b-91[2nd].30; E364|        Stop we the rising of the glorious King. spur spur your clouds   t814

FZ7b-92.1;   E364|        Of death O northern drum awake O hand of iron sound
FZ7b-92.2;   E364|        The northern drum. Now give the charge! bravely obscurd!
FZ7b-92.3;   E364|        With darts of wintry hail. Again the black bow draw
FZ7b-92.4;   E364|        Again the Elemental Strings to your right breasts draw
FZ7b-92.5;   E364|        And let the thundring drum speed on the arrows black

FZ7b-92.6;   E364|        The arrows flew from cloudy bow all day. till blood
FZ7b-92.7;   E364|        From east to west flowd like the human veins in rivers
FZ7b-92.8;   E364|        Of life upon the plains of death & valleys of despair

FZ7b-92.9;   E364|        Now sound the clarions of Victory now strip the slain
FZ7b-92.10; E364|        clothe yourselves in golden arms brothers of war   t815
FZ7b-92.11; E364|        They sound the clarions strong they chain the howling captives
FZ7b-92.12; E364|        they give the Oath of blood They cast the lots into the helmet,   t816
FZ7b-92.13; E364|        They vote the death of Luvah & they naild him to the tree
FZ7b-92.14; E364|        They piercd him with a spear & laid him in a sepulcher
FZ7b-92.15; E364|        To die a death of Six thousand years bound round with desolation
FZ7b-92.16; E364|        The sun was black & the moon rolld a useless globe thro heaven

FZ7b-92.17; E364|        Then left the Sons of Urizen the plow & harrow the loom
FZ7b-92.18; E364|        The hammer & the Chisel & the rule & compasses
FZ7b-92.19; E364|        They forgd the sword the chariot of war the battle ax
FZ7b-92.20; E364|        The trumpet fitted to the battle & the flute of summer
FZ7b-92.21; E364|        And all the arts of life they changd into the arts of death
FZ7b-92.22; E364|        The hour glass contemnd because its simple workmanship
FZ7b-92.23; E364|        Was as the workmanship of the plowman & the water wheel
FZ7b-92.24; E364|        That raises water into Cisterns broken & burnd in fire
FZ7b-92.25; E364|        Because its workmanship was like the workmanship of the Shepherd
FZ7b-92.26; E364|        And in their stead intricate wheels invented Wheel without wheel
FZ7b-92.27; E364|        To perplex youth in their outgoings & to bind to labours
FZ7b-92.28; E364|        Of day & night the myriads of Eternity. that they might file
FZ7b-92.29; E364|        And polish brass & iron hour after hour laborious workmanship
FZ7b-92.30; E364|        Kept ignorant of the use that they might spend the days of wisdom
FZ7b-92.31; E364|        In sorrowful drudgery to obtain a scanty pittance of bread
FZ7b-92.32; E364|        In ignorance to view a small portion & think that All
FZ7b-92.33; E364|        And call it Demonstration blind to all the simple rules of life

FZ7b-92.34; E365|        Now now the Battle rages round thy tender limbs O Vala
FZ7b-92.35; E365|        Now smile among thy bitter tears now put on all thy beauty
FZ7b-92.36; E365|        Is not the wound of the sword Sweet & the broken bone delightful
FZ7b-92.37; E365|        Wilt thou now smile among the slain when the wounded groan in the field

FZ7b-93.1;   E365|        Life up thy blue eyes Vala & put on thy sapphire shoes
FZ7b-93.2;   E365|        O Melancholy Magdalen behold the morning breaks
FZ7b-93.3;   E365|        Gird on thy flaming Zone. descend into the Sepulcher
FZ7b-93.4;   E365|        Scatter the blood from thy golden brow the tears from thy silver locks
FZ7b-93.5;   E365|        Shake off the waters from thy wings & the dust from thy white garments

FZ7b-93.6;   E365|        Remember all thy feigned terrors on the secret Couch
FZ7b-93.7;   E365|        When the sun rose in glowing morn with arms of mighty hosts
FZ7b-93.8;   E365|        Marching to battle who was wont to rise with Urizens harps   t817
FZ7b-93.9;   E365|        Girt as a Sower with his seed to scatter life abroad

FZ7b-93.10; E365|        Arise O Vala bring the bow of Urizen bring the sift arrows of light
FZ7b-93.11; E365|        How ragd the golden horses of Urizen bound to the chariot of Love
FZ7b-93.12; E365|        Compelld to leave the plow to the Ox to snuff up the winds of desolation
FZ7b-93.13; E365|        To trample the corn fields in boastful neighings. this is no gentle harp
FZ7b-93.14; E365|        This is no warbling brook nor Shadow of a Myrtle tree

FZ7b-93.15; E365|        But blood & wounds & dismal cries & clarions of war
FZ7b-93.16; E365|        And hearts laid open to the light by the broad grizly sword
FZ7b-93.17; E365|        And bowels hidden in hammerd steel rippd forth upon the Ground   t818
FZ7b-93.18; E365|        Call forth thy Smiles of soft deceit call forth thy cloudy tears
FZ7b-93.19; E365|        We hear thy sighs in trumpets shrill when Morn shall blood renew   t819

FZ7b-93.20; E365|        So sung the demons of the deep the Clarions of war blew loud   t820
FZ7b-93.21; E365|        Orc rent her & his human form consumd in his own fires
FZ7b-93.22; E365|        Mingled with her dolorous members strewn thro the Abyss
FZ7b-93.23; E365|        She joyd in all the Conflict Gratified & drinking tears of woe
FZ7b-93.24; E365|        No more remaind of Orc but the Serpent round the tree of Mystery
FZ7b-93.25; E365|        The form of Orc was gone he reard his serpent bulk among
FZ7b-93.26; E365|        The stars of Urizen in Power rending the form of life   t821
FZ7b-93.27; E365|        Into a formless indefinite & strewing her on the Abyss
FZ7b-93.28; E365|        Like clouds upon the winter sky broken with winds & thunders
FZ7b-93.29; E365|        This was to her Supreme delight The Warriors mournd disappointed
FZ7b-93.30; E365|        They go out to war with Strong Shouts & loud Clarions O Pity
FZ7b-93.31; E365|        They return with lamentations mourning & weeping

FZ7b-93.32; E365|        Invisible or visible drawn out in length or stretchd in breadth
FZ7b-93.33; E365|        The Shadowy Female varied in the War in her delight
FZ7b-93.34; E365|        Howling in discontent black & heavy uttering brute sounds
FZ7b-93.35; E365|        Wading thro fens among the slimy weeds making Lamentations
FZ7b-93.36; E365|        To decieve Tharmas in his rage to soothe his furious soul

FZ7b-93.37; E366|        To stay him in his flight that Urizen might live tho in pain
FZ7b-93.38; E366|        He said Art thou bright Enion is the Shadow of hope returnd

FZ7b-93.39; E366|        And She said Tharmas I am Vala bless thy innocent face
FZ7b-93.40; E366|        Doth Enion avoid the sight of thy blue watry eyes
FZ7b-93.41; E366|        Be not perswaded that the air knows this or the failing dew

FZ7b-93.42; E366|        Tharmas replid O Vala once I livd in a garden of delight

FZ7b-94.1;   E366|        I wakend Enion in the Morning & she turnd away
FZ7b-94.2;   E366|        Among the apple trees & all the gardens of delight
FZ7b-94.3;   E366|        Swam like a dream before my eyes I went to seek the steps
FZ7b-94.4;   E366|        Of Enion in the gardens & the shadows compassd me
FZ7b-94.5;   E366|        And closd me in a watry world of woe where Enion stood
FZ7b-94.6;   E366|        Trembling before me like a shadow like a mist like air
FZ7b-94.7;   E366|        And she is gone & here alone I war with darkness & death
FZ7b-94.8;   E366|        I hear thy voice but not thy form see. thou & all delight
FZ7b-94.9;   E366|        And life appear & vanish mocking me with shadows of false hope
FZ7b-94.10; E366|        Hast thou forgot that the air listens thro all its districts telling
FZ7b-94.11; E366|        The subtlest thoughts shut up from light in chambers of the Moon

FZ7b-94.12; E366|        Tharmas. The Moon has chambers where the babes of love lie hid
FZ7b-94.13; E366|        And whence they never can be brought in all Eternity
FZ7b-94.14; E366|        Unless exposd by their vain parents. Lo him whom I love
FZ7b-94.15; E366|        Is hidden from me & I never in all Eternity
FZ7b-94.16; E366|        Shall see him Enitharmon & Ahania combind with Enion
FZ7b-94.17; E366|        Hid him in that Outrageous form of Orc which torments me for Sin   t822
FZ7b-94.18; E366|        For all my Secret faults which he brings forth upon the light
FZ7b-94.19; E366|        Of day in jealousy & blood my Children are led to Urizens war
FZ7b-94.20; E366|        Before my eyes & for every one of these I am condemnd
FZ7b-94.21; E366|        To Eternal torment in these flames for tho I have the power
FZ7b-94.22; E366|        To rise on high Yet love here binds me down & never never
FZ7b-94.23; E366|        Will I arise till him I love is loosd from this dark chain

FZ7b-94.24; E366|        Tharmas replied Vala thy Sins have lost us heaven & bliss
FZ7b-94.25; E366|        Thou art our Curse and till I can bring love into the light   t823
FZ7b-94.26; E366|        I never will depart from my great wrath

FZ7b-94.27; E366|        So Tharmas waild wrathful then rode upon the Stormy Deep   t824
FZ7b-94.28; E366|        Cursing the Voice that mockd him with false hope in furious mood
FZ7b-94.29; E366|        Then She returns swift as a blight upon the infant bud
FZ7b-94.30; E366|        Howling in all the notes of woe to stay his furious rage
FZ7b-94.31; E366|        Stamping the hills wading or swimming flying furious or falling
FZ7b-94.32; E366|        Or like an Earthquake rumbling in the bowels of the earth
FZ7b-94.33; E366|        Or like a cloud beneath & like a fire flaming in high
FZ7b-94.34; E366|        Walking in pleasure of the hills or murmuring in the dales
FZ7b-94.35; E366|        Like to a rushing torrent beneath & a falling rock above
FZ7b-94.36; E366|        A thunder cloud in the south & a lulling voice heard in the north

FZ7b-94.37; E367|        And she went forth & saw the forms of Life & of delight
FZ7b-94.38; E367|        Walking on Mountains or flying in the open expanse of heaven
FZ7b-94.39; E367|        She heard sweet voices in the winds & in the voices of birds
FZ7b-94.40; E367|        That rose from waters for the waters were as the voice of Luvah
FZ7b-94.41; E367|        Not seen to her like waters or like this dark world of death
FZ7b-94.42; E367|        Tho all those fair perfections which men know only by name
FZ7b-94.43; E367|        In beautiful substantial forms appeard & served her
FZ7b-94.44; E367|        As food or drink or ornament or in delightful works
FZ7b-94.45; E367|        To build her bowers for the Elements brought forth abundantly
FZ7b-94.46; E367|        The living soul in glorious forms & every One came forth
FZ7b-94.47; E367|        Walking before her Shadowy face & bowing at her feet
FZ7b-94.48; E367|        But in vain delights were poured forth on the howling melancholy
FZ7b-94.49; E367|        For her delight the horse his proud neck bowd & his white mane
FZ7b-94.50; E367|        And the Strong Lion deignd in his mouth to wear the golden bit
FZ7b-94.51; E367|        While the far beaming Peacock waited on the fragrant wind
FZ7b-94.52; E367|        To bring her fruits of sweet delight from trees of richest wonders
FZ7b-94.53; E367|        And the strong piniond Eagle bore the fire of heaven in the night season
FZ7b-94.54; E367|        Wood & subdud into Eternal Death the Demon Lay
FZ7b-94.55; E367|        In rage against the dark despair. the howling Melancholy   t825
FZ7b-87[95][1st].1;   E367|        For far & wide she stretchd thro all the worlds of Urizens journey
FZ7b-87[95][1st].2;   E367|        And was Ajoind to Beulah as the Polypus to the Rock
FZ7b-87[95][1st].3;   E367|        Mo[u]rning the daughters of Beulah saw nor could they have sustaind
FZ7b-87[95][1st].4;   E367|        The horrid sight of death & torment But the Eternal Promise
FZ7b-87[95][1st].5;   E367|        They wrote on all their tombs & pillars & on every Urn
FZ7b-87[95][1st].6;   E367|        These words If ye will believe your B[r]other shall rise again
FZ7b-87[95][1st].7;   E367|        In golden letters ornamented with sweet labours of Love
FZ7b-87[95][1st].8;   E367|        Waiting with Patience for the fulfilment of the Promise Divine   t826

FZ7b-87[95][1st].9;   E367|        And all the Songs of Beulah sounded comfortable notes
FZ7b-87[95][1st].10; E367|        Not suffring doubt to rise up from the Clouds of the Shadowy Female
FZ7b-87[95][1st].11; E367|        Then myriads of the Dead burst thro the bottoms of their tombs
FZ7b-87[95][1st].12; E367|        Descending on the shadowy females clouds in Spectrous terror
FZ7b-87[95][1st].13; E367|        Beyond the Limit of Translucence on the Lake of Udan Adan
FZ7b-87[95][1st].14; E367|        These they namd Satans & in the Aggregate they namd them Satan

FZ7b-95[85][2nd].23; E367|        Then took the tree of Mystery root in the World of Los
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].24; E367|        Its topmost boughs shooting a fibre beneath Enitharmons couch   t827
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].25; E367|        The double rooted Labyrinth soon wavd around their heads

FZ7b-95[85][2nd].26; E367|        But then the Spectre enterd Los's bosom Every sigh & groan   t828
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].27; E367|        Of Enitharmon bore Urthonas Spectre on its wings
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].28; E367|        Obdurate Los felt Pity Enitharmon told the tale
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].29; E367|        Of Urthona. Los embracd the Spectre first as a brother
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].30; E367|        Then as another Self; astonishd humanizing & in tears
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].31; E367|        In Self abasement Giving up his Domineering lust

FZ7b-95[85][2nd].32; E368|        Thou never canst embrace sweet Enitharmon terrible Demon. Till
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].33; E368|        Thou art united with thy Spectre Consummating by pains & labours <pine
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].34; E368|        That mortal body & by Self annihilation back returning   t830
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].35; E368|        To Life Eternal be assurd I am thy real Self
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].36; E368|        Tho thus divided from thee & the Slave of Every passion
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].37; E368|        Of thy fierce Soul Unbar the Gates of Memory look upon me   t831
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].38; E368|        Not as another but as thy real Self I am thy Spectre
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].39; E368|        Thou didst subdue me in old times by thy Immortal Strength   t832
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].40; E368|        When I was a ravning hungring & thirsting cruel lust & murder
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].41; E368|        Tho horrible & Ghastly to thine Eyes tho buried beneath   t833
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].42; E368|        The ruins of the Universe. hear what inspird I speak & be silent

FZ7b-95[85][2nd].43; E368|        If we unite in one[,] another better world will be   t834
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].44; E368|        Opend within your heart & loins & wondrous brain
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].45; E368|        Threefold as it was in Eternity & this the fourth Universe
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].46; E368|        Will be Renewd by the three & consummated in Mental fires
FZ7b-95[85][2nd].47; E368|        But if thou dost refuse Another body will be prepared

FZ7a-86.1;   E368|        For me & thou annihilate evaporate & be no more
FZ7a-86.2;   E368|        For thou art but a form & organ of life & of thyself
FZ7a-86.3;   E368|        Art nothing being Created Continually by Mercy & Love divine

FZ7a-86.4;   E368|        Los furious answerd. Spectre horrible thy words astound my Ear
FZ7a-86.5;   E368|        With irresistible conviction I feel I am not one of those
FZ7a-86.6;   E368|        Who when convincd can still persist. tho furious.controllable
FZ7a-86.7;   E368|        By Reasons power. Even I already feel a World within
FZ7a-86.8;   E368|        Opening its gates & in it all the real substances
FZ7a-86.9;   E368|        Of which these in the outward World are shadows which pass away
FZ7a-86.10; E368|        Come then into my Bosom & in thy shadowy arms bring with thee
FZ7a-86.11; E368|        My lovely Enitharmon. I will quell my fury & teach
FZ7a-86.12; E368|        Peace to the Soul of dark revenge & repentance to Cruelty

FZ7a-86.13; E368|        So spoke Los & Embracing Enitharmon & the Spectre
FZ7a-86.14; E368|        Clouds would have folded round in Extacy & Love uniting

FZ7a-87.1;   E368|        But Enitharmon trembling fled & hid beneath Urizens tree
FZ7a-87.2;   E368|        But mingling together with his Spectre the Spectre of Urthona   t835
FZ7a-87.3;   E368|        Wondering beheld the Center opend by Divine Mercy inspired   t836
FZ7a-87.4;   E368|        He in his turn Gave Tasks to Los Enormous to destroy   t837
FZ7a-87.5;   E368|        That body he created but in vain for Los performd Wonders of labour
FZ7a-87.6;   E368|        They Builded Golgonooza Los labouring builded pillars high   t838
FZ7a-87.7;   E368|        And Domes terrific in the nether heavens for beneath
FZ7a-87.8;   E368|        Was opend new heavens & a new Earth beneath & within
FZ7a-87.9;   E368|        Threefold within the brain within the heart within the loins
FZ7a-87.10; E368|        A Threefold Atmosphere Sublime continuous from Urthonas world   t839
FZ7a-87.11; E368|        But yet having a Limit Twofold named Satan & Adam

FZ7a-87.12; E369|        But Los stood on the Limit of Translucence weeping & trembling
FZ7a-87.13; E369|        Filled with doubts in self accusation beheld the fruit   t840
FZ7a-87.14; E369|        Of Urizens Mysterious tree For Enitharmon thus spake

FZ7a-87.15; E369|        When In the Deeps beneath I gatherd of this ruddy fruit
FZ7a-87.16; E369|        It was by that I knew that I had Sinnd & then I knew
FZ7a-87.17; E369|        That without a ransom I could not be savd from Eternal death
FZ7a-87.18; E369|        That Life lives upon Death & by devouring appetite
FZ7a-87.19; E369|        All things subsist on one another thenceforth in Despair
FZ7a-87.20; E369|        I spend my glowing time but thou art strong & mighty
FZ7a-87.21; E369|        To bear this Self conviction take then Eat thou also of
FZ7a-87.22; E369|        The fruit & give me proof of life Eternal or I die

FZ7a-87.23; E369|        Then Los plucked the fruit & Eat & sat down in Despair
FZ7a-87.24; E369|        And must have given himself to death Eternal But
FZ7a-87.25; E369|        Urthonas spectre in part mingling with him comforted him
FZ7a-87.26; E369|        Being a medium between him & Enitharmon But This Union
FZ7a-87.27; E369|        Was not to be Effected without Cares & Sorrows & Troubles
FZ7a-87.28; E369|        Of six thousand Years of self denial and of bitter Contrition   t841
FZ7a-87.29; E369|        Urthonas Spectre terrified beheld the Spectres of the Dead
FZ7a-87.30; E369|        Each Male formd without a counterpart without a concentering vision
FZ7a-87.31; E369|        The Spectre of Urthona wept before Los Saying I am the cause
FZ7a-87.32; E369|        That this dire state commences I began the dreadful state
FZ7a-87.33; E369|        Of Separation & on my dark head the curse & punishment
FZ7a-87.34; E369|        Must fall unless a way be found to Ransom & Redeem   t842

FZ7a-87.35; E369|        But I have thee my [Counterpart Vegetating] miraculous   t843
FZ7a-87.36; E369|        These Spectres have no [Counter(parts)] therefore they ravin
FZ7a-87.37; E369|        Without the food of life Let us Create them Coun[terparts]
FZ7a-87.38; E369|        For without a Created body the Spectre is Eternal Death

FZ7a-87.39; E369|        Los trembling answerd Now I feel the weight of stern repentance
FZ7a-87.40; E369|        Tremble not so my Enitharmon at the awful gates
FZ7a-87.41; E369|        Of thy poor broken Heart I see thee like a shadow withering
FZ7a-87.42; E369|        As on the outside of Existence but look! behold! take comfort!
FZ7a-87.43; E369|        Turn inwardly thine Eyes & there behold the Lamb of God
FZ7a-87.44; E369|        Clothed in Luvahs robes of blood descending to redeem
FZ7a-87.45; E369|        O Spectre of Urthona take comfort O Enitharmon
FZ7a-87.46; E369|        Couldst thou but cease from terror & trembling & affright
FZ7a-87.47; E369|        When I appear before thee in forgiveness of ancient injuries   t844
FZ7a-87.48; E369|        Why shouldst thou remember & be afraid. I surely have died in pain
FZ7a-87.49; E369|        Often enough to convince thy jealousy & fear & terror   t845
FZ7a-87.50; E369|        Come hither be patient let us converse together because
FZ7a-87.51; E369|        I also tremble at myself & at all my former life

FZ7a-87.52; E369|        Enitharmon answerd I behold the Lamb of God descending
FZ7a-87.53; E369|        To Meet these Spectres of the Dead I therefore fear that he

FZ7a-87.54; E370|        Will give us to Eternal Death fit punishment for such
FZ7a-87.55; E370|        Hideous offenders Uttermost extinction in eternal pain
FZ7a-87.56; E370|        An ever dying life of stifling & obstruction shut out
FZ7a-87.57; E370|        Of existence to be a sign & terror to all who behold
FZ7a-87.58; E370|        Lest any should in futurity do as we have done in heaven
FZ7a-87.59; E370|        Such is our state nor will the Son of God redeem us but destroy

FZ7a-98[90].1;   E370|        So Enitharmon spoke trembling & in torrents of tears

FZ7a-98[90].2;   E370|        Los sat in Golgonooza in the Gate of Luban where   t847
FZ7a-98[90].3;   E370|        He had erected many porches where branchd the Mysterious Tree   t848
FZ7a-98[90].4;   E370|        Where the Spectrous dead wail & sighing thus he spoke to Enitharmon

FZ7a-98[90].5;   E370|        Lovely delight of Men Enitharmon shady refuge from furious war   t849
FZ7a-98[90].6;   E370|        Thy bosom translucent is a soft repose for the weeping souls
FZ7a-98[90].7;   E370|        Of those piteous victims of battle there they sleep in happy obscurity
FZ7a-98[90].8;   E370|        They feed upon our life we are their victims. Stern desire
FZ7a-98[90].9;   E370|        I feel to fabricate embodied semblances in which the dead
FZ7a-98[90].10; E370|        May live before us in our palaces & in our gardens of labour   t850
FZ7a-98[90].11; E370|        Which now opend within the Center we behold spread abroad
FZ7a-98[90].12; E370|        To form a world of Sacrifice of brothers & sons & daughters   t851
FZ7a-98[90].13; E370|        To comfort Orc in his dire sufferings[;] look[!] my fires enlume afresh
FZ7a-98[90].14; E370|        Before my face ascending with delight as in ancient times

FZ7a-98[90].15; E370|        Enitharmon spread her beaming locks upon the wind & said
FZ7a-98[90].16; E370|        O Lovely terrible Los wonder of Eternity O Los my defence & guide   t852
FZ7a-98[90].17; E370|        Thy works are all my joy. & in thy fires my soul delights
FZ7a-98[90].18; E370|        If mild they burn in just proportion & in secret night
FZ7a-98[90].19; E370|        And silence build their day in shadow of soft clouds & dews
FZ7a-98[90].20; E370|        Then I can sigh forth on the winds of Golgonooza piteous forms
FZ7a-98[90].21; E370|        That vanish again into my bosom but if thou my Los
FZ7a-98[90].22; E370|        Wilt in sweet moderated fury. fabricate forms sublime   t853
FZ7a-98[90].23; E370|        Such as the piteous spectres may assimilate themselves into
FZ7a-98[90].24; E370|        They shall be ransoms for our Souls that we may live

FZ7a-98[90].25; E370|        So Enitharmon spoke & Los his hands divine inspired began   t854
FZ7a-98[90].26; E370|        To modulate his fires studious the loud roaring flames
FZ7a-98[90].27; E370|        He vanquishd with the strength of Art bending their iron points
FZ7a-98[90].28; E370|        And drawing them forth delighted upon the winds of Golgonooza   t855
FZ7a-98[90].29; E370|        From out the ranks of Urizens war & from the fiery lake
FZ7a-98[90].30; E370|        Of Orc bending down as the binder of the Sheaves follows
FZ7a-98[90].31; E370|        The reaper in both arms embracing the furious raging flames
FZ7a-98[90].32; E370|        Los drew them forth out of the deeps planting his right foot firm
FZ7a-98[90].33; E370|        Upon the Iron crag of Urizen thence springing up aloft
FZ7a-98[90].34; E370|        Into the heavens of Enitharmon in a mighty circle

FZ7a-98[90].35; E370|        And first he drew a line upon the walls of shining heaven
FZ7a-98[90].36; E370|        And Enitharmon tincturd it with beams of blushing love

FZ7a-98[90].37; E371|        It remaind permanent a lovely form inspird divinely human
FZ7a-98[90].38; E371|        Dividing into just proportions Los unwearied labourd
FZ7a-98[90].39; E371|        The immortal lines upon the heavens till with sighs of love
FZ7a-98[90].40; E371|        Sweet Enitharmon mild Entrancd breathd forth upon the wind
FZ7a-98[90].41; E371|        The spectrous dead Weeping the Spectres viewd the immortal works
FZ7a-98[90].42; E371|        Of Los Assimilating to those forms Embodied & Lovely
FZ7a-98[90].43; E371|        In youth & beauty in the arms of Enitharmon mild reposing

FZ7a-98[90].44; E371|        First Rintrah & then Palamabron drawn from out the ranks of war
FZ7a-98[90].45; E371|        In infant innocence reposd on Enitharmons bosom
FZ7a-98[90].46; E371|        Orc was comforted in the deeps his soul revivd in them
FZ7a-98[90].47; E371|        As the Eldest brother is the fathers image So Orc became <856>
FZ7a-98[90].48; E371|        As Los a father to his brethren & he joyd in the dark lake
FZ7a-98[90].49; E371|        Tho bound with chains of Jealousy & in scales of iron & brass

FZ7a-98[90].50; E371|        But Los loved them & refusd to Sacrifice their infant limbs
FZ7a-98[90].51; E371|        And Enitharmons smiles & tears prevaild over self protection
FZ7a-98[90].52; E371|        They rather chose to meet Eternal death than to destroy
FZ7a-98[90].53; E371|        The offspring of their Care & Pity Urthonas spectre was comforted
FZ7a-98[90].54; E371|        But Tharmas most rejoicd in hope of Enions return
FZ7a-98[90].55; E371|        For he beheld new Female forms born forth upon the air
FZ7a-98[90].56; E371|        Who wove soft silken veils of covering in sweet rapturd trance
FZ7a-98[90].57; E371|        Mortal & not as Enitharmon without a covering veil

FZ7a-98[90].58; E371|        First his immortal spirit drew Urizen[s] Shadow away   t857
FZ7a-98[90].59; E371|        From out the ranks of war separating him in sunder
FZ7a-98[90].60; E371|        Leaving his Spectrous form which could not be drawn away
FZ7a-98[90].61; E371|        Then he divided Thiriel the Eldest of Urizens sons
FZ7a-98[90].62; E371|        Urizen became Rintrah Thiriel became Palamabron
FZ7a-98[90].63; E371|        Thus dividing the powers of Every Warrior
FZ7a-98[90].64; E371|        Startled was Los he found his Enemy Urizen now
FZ7a-98[90].65; E371|        In his hands. he wonderd that he felt love & not hate
FZ7a-98[90].66; E371|        His whole soul loved him he beheld him an infant
FZ7a-98[90].67; E371|        Lovely breathd from Enitharmon he trembled within himself

FZ7a-98[90].68; E371|        End of The Seventh Night

FZ8-header; E371|        VALA

FZ8-header; E371|        Night the Eighth

FZ8-99.1;   E371|        Then All in Great Eternity Met in the Council of God   t858
FZ8-99.2;   E371|        as one Man Even Jesus upon Gilead & Hermon   t859
FZ8-99.3;   E371|        Upon the Limit of Contraction to create the fallen Man
FZ8-99.4;   E371|        The Fallen Man stretchd like a Corse upon the oozy Rock   t860
FZ8-99.5;   E371|        Washd with the tides Pale overgrown with weeds

FZ8-99.6;   E372|        That movd with horrible dreams hovring high over his hea
FZ8-99.7;   E372|        Two winged immortal shapes one standing at his feet
FZ8-99.8;   E372|        Toward the East one standing at his head toward the west
FZ8-99.9;   E372|        Their wings joind in the Zenith over head   t861
FZ8-99.10; E372|        Such is a Vision of All Beulah hovring over the Sleeper

FZ8-99.11; E372|        The limit of Contraction now was fixd & Man began
FZ8-99.12; E372|        To wake upon the Couch of Death he sneezed seven times
FZ8-99.13; E372|        A tear of blood dropped from either eye again he reposd
FZ8-99.14; E372|        In the saviours arms, in the arms of tender mercy & loving kindness

FZ8-99.15; E372|        Then Los said I behold the Divine Vision thro the broken Gates   t862
FZ8-99.16; E372|        Of thy poor broken heart astonishd melted into Compassion & Love
FZ8-99.17; E372|        And Enitharmon said I see the Lamb of God upon Mount Zion   t863
FZ8-99.18; E372|        Wondring with love & Awe they felt the divine hand upon them   t864

FZ8-99.19; E372|        For nothing could restrain the dead in Beulah from descending
FZ8-99.20; E372|        Unto Ulros night tempted by the Shadowy females sweet
FZ8-99.21; E372|        Delusive cruelty they descend away from the Daughters of Beulah
FZ8-99.22; E372|        And Enter Urizens temple Enitharmon pitying & her heart
FZ8-99.23; E372|        Gates broken down. they descend thro the Gate of Pity
FZ8-99.24; E372|        The broken heart Gate of Enitharmon She sighs them forth upon the wind   t865
FZ8-99.25; E372|        Of Golgonooza Los stood recieving them   t866
FZ8-99.26; E372|        For Los could enter into Enitharmons bosom & explore
FZ8-99.27; E372|        Its intricate Labyrinths now the Obdurate heart was broken

FZ8-100[1st].1;   E372|        From out the War of Urizen & Tharmas recieving them   t867
FZ8-100[1st].2;   E372|        Into his hands. Then Enitharmon erected Looms in Lubans Gate
FZ8-100[1st].3;   E372|        And calld the Looms Cathedron in these Looms She wove the Spectres
FZ8-100[1st].4;   E372|        Bodies of Vegetation Singing lulling Cadences to drive away
FZ8-100[1st].5;   E372|        Despair from the poor wandering spectres and Los loved them
FZ8-100[1st].6;   E372|        With a parental love for the Divine hand was upon him
FZ8-100[1st].7;   E372|        And upon Enitharmon & the Divine Countenance shone
FZ8-100[1st].8;   E372|        In Golgonooza Looking down the Daughters of Beulah saw
FZ8-100[1st].9;   E372|        With joy the bright Light & in it a Human form
FZ8-100[1st].10; E372|        And knew he was the Saviour Even Jesus & they worshipped

FZ8-100[1st].11; E372|        Astonishd Comforted Delighted in notes of Rapturous Extacy   t868
FZ8-100[1st].12; E372|        All Beulah stood astonishd Looking down to Eternal Death
FZ8-100[1st].13; E372|        They saw the Saviour beyond the Pit of death & destruction
FZ8-100[1st].14; E372|        For whether they lookd upward they saw the Divine Vision
FZ8-100[1st].15; E372|        Or whether they lookd downward still they saw the Divine Vision
FZ8-100[1st].16; E372|        Surrounding them on all sides beyond sin & death & hell

FZ8-100[1st].17; E372|        Enitharmon wove in tears singing Songs of Lamentation
FZ8-100[1st].18; E372|        And pitying comfort as she sighd forth on the wind the Spectres
FZ8-100[1st].19; E372|        Also the Vegetated bodies which Enitharmon wove

FZ8-100[1st].20; E373|        Opend within their hearts & in their loins & in their brain
FZ8-100[1st].21; E373|        To Beulah & the Dead in Ulro descended from the War
FZ8-100[1st].22; E373|        Of Urizen & Tharmas & from the Shadowy females clouds
FZ8-100[1st].23; E373|        And some were woven single & some two fold & some three fold   t869
FZ8-100[1st].24; E373|        In Head or Heart or Reins according to the fittest order
FZ8-100[1st].25; E373|        Of most merciful pity & compassion to the Spectrous dead   t870

FZ8-101[1st].1;   E373|        When Urizen saw the Lamb of God clothed in Luvahs robes
FZ8-101[1st].2;   E373|        Perplexd & terrifid he Stood tho well he knew that Orc
FZ8-101[1st].3;   E373|        Was Luvah But he now beheld a new Luvah. Or One
FZ8-101[1st].4;   E373|        Who assumed Luvahs form & stood before him opposite
FZ8-101[1st].5;   E373|        But he saw Orc a Serpent form augmenting times on times
FZ8-101[1st].6;   E373|        In the fierce battle & he saw the Lamb of God & the World of Los
FZ8-101[1st].7;   E373|        Surrounded by his dark machines for Orc augmented swift
FZ8-101[1st].8;   E373|        In fury a Serpent wondrous among the Constellations of Urizen
FZ8-101[1st].9;   E373|        A cest of fire rose on his forehead red as the carbuncle
FZ8-101[1st].10; E373|        Beneath down to his eyelids scales of pearl then gold & silver
FZ8-101[1st].11; E373|        Immingled with the ruby overspread his Visage down
FZ8-101[1st].12; E373|        His furious neck writ[h]ing contortive in dire budding pains
FZ8-101[1st].13; E373|        The scaly armour shot out. Stubborn down his back & bosom
FZ8-101[1st].14; E373|        The Emerald Onyx Sapphire jasper beryl amethyst
FZ8-101[1st].15; E373|        Strove in terrific emulation which should gain a place
FZ8-101[1st].16; E373|        Upon the mighty Fiend the fruit of the mysterious tree   t871
FZ8-101[1st].17; E373|        Kneaded in Uveths kneading trough. Still Orc devourd the food
FZ8-101[1st].18; E373|        In raging hunger Still the pestilential food in gems & gold
FZ8-101[1st].19; E373|        Exuded round his awful limbs Stretching to serpent length
FZ8-101[1st].20; E373|        His human bulk While the dark shadowy female brooding over   t872
FZ8-101[1st].21; E373|        Measurd his food morning & evening in cups & baskets of iron

FZ8-101[1st].22; E373|        With tears of sorrow incessant she labourd the food of Orc
FZ8-101[1st].23; E373|        Compelld by the iron hearted sisters Daughters of Urizen
FZ8-101[1st].24; E373|        Gathring the fruit of that mysterious tree circling its root
FZ8-101[1st].25; E373|        She spread herself thro all the branches in the power of Orc

FZ8-101[1st].26; E373|        Thus Urizen in self deci[e]t his warlike preparations fabricated
FZ8-101[1st].27; E373|        And when all things were finishd sudden wavd among the Stars   t873
FZ8-101[1st].28; E373|        His hurtling hand gave the dire signal thunderous Clarions blow   t874
FZ8-101[1st].29; E373|        And all the hollow deep rebellowd with the wonderous war   t875

FZ8-100[2nd].26; E373|        But Urizen his mighty rage let loose in the mid deep   t876
FZ8-100[2nd].27; E373|        Sparkles of Dire affliction issud round his frozen limbs   t877
FZ8-100[2nd].28; E373|        Horrible hooks & nets he formd twisting the cords of iron
FZ8-100[2nd].29; E373|        And brass & molten metals cast in hollow globes & bor'd
FZ8-100[2nd].30; E373|        Tubes in petrific steel & rammd combustiles & wheels
FZ8-100[2nd].31; E373|        And chains & pullies fabricated all round the heavens of Los
FZ8-100[2nd].32; E373|        Communing with the Serpent of Orc in dark dissimulation

FZ8-100[2nd].33; E374|        And with the Synagogue of Satan in dark Sanhedrim   t878
FZ8-100[2nd].34; E374|        To undermine the World of Los & tear bright Enitharmon

FZ8-101[2nd].30; E374|        To the four winds hopeless of future. All futurity
FZ8-101[2nd].31; E374|        Seems teeming with Endless Destruction never to be repelld   t879
FZ8-101[2nd].32; E374|        Desperate remorse swallows the present in a quenchless rage

FZ8-101[2nd].33; E374|        Terrified & astonishd Urizen beheld the battle take a form   t880
FZ8-101[2nd].34; E374|        Which he intended not a Shadowy hermaphrodite black & opake   t881
FZ8-101[2nd].35; E374|        The Soldiers namd it Satan but he was yet unformd & vast
FZ8-101[2nd].36; E374|        Hermaphroditic it at length became hiding the Male
FZ8-101[2nd].37; E374|        Within as in a Tabernacle Abominable Deadly

FZ8-101[2nd].38; E374|        The battle howls the terrors fird rage in the work of death
FZ8-101[2nd].39; E374|        Enormous Works Los Contemplated inspird by the holy Spirit
FZ8-101[2nd].40; E374|        Los builds the Walls of Golgonooza against the stirring battle
FZ8-101[2nd].41; E374|        That only thro the Gates of Death they can enter to Enitharmon
FZ8-101[2nd].42; E374|        Raging they take the human visage & the human form

FZ8-101[2nd].43; E374|        Feeling the hand of Los in Golgonooza & the force
FZ8-101[2nd].44; E374|        Attractive of his hammers beating & the Silver looms
FZ8-101[2nd].45; E374|        Of Enitharmon singing lulling cadences on the wind
FZ8-101[2nd].46; E374|        They humanize in the fierce battle where in direful pain
FZ8-101[2nd].47; E374|        Troop by troop the beastial droves rend one another sounding loud
FZ8-101[2nd].48; E374|        The instruments of sound & troop by troop in human forms they urge

FZ8-102.1;   E374|        The dire confusion till the battle faints those that remain
FZ8-102.2;   E374|        Return in pangs & horrible convulsions to their beastial state
FZ8-102.3;   E374|        For the monsters of the Elements Lions or Tygers or Wolves
F8-102.4;   E374|        Sound loud the howling music inspird by Los & Enitharmon Sounding loud terrific men
FZ8-102.5;   E374|        They seem to one another laughing terrible among the banners
FZ8-102.6;   E374|        And when the revolution of their day of battles over
FZ8-102.7;   E374|        Relapsing in dire torment they return to forms of woe   t882
FZ8-102.8;   E374|        To moping visages returning inanimate tho furious
FZ8-102.9;   E374|        No more erect tho strong drawn out in length they ravin
FZ8-102.10; E374|        For senseless gratification & their visages thrust forth
FZ8-102.11; E374|        Flatten above & beneath & stretch out into beastial length
FZ8-102.12; E374|        Weakend they stretch beyond their power in dire droves till war begins
FZ8-102.13; E374|        Or Secret religion in their temples before secret shrines

FZ8-102.14; E374|        And Urizen gave life & sense by his immortal power
FZ8-102.15; E374|        To all his Engines of deceit that linked chains might run
FZ8-102.16; E374|        Thro ranks of war spontaneous & that hooks & boring screws
FZ8-102.17; E374|        Might act according to their forms by innate cruelty
FZ8-102.18; E374|        He formed also harsh instruments of sound

FZ8-102.19; E375|        To grate the soul into destruction or to inflame with fury
FZ8-102.20; E375|        The spirits of life to pervert all the faculties of sense
FZ8-102.21; E375|        Into their own destruction if perhaps he might avert   t883
FZ8-102.22; E375|        His own despair even at the cost of every thing that breathes

FZ8-102.23; E375|        Thus in the temple of the Sun his books of iron & brass
FZ8-102.24; E375|        And silver & gold he consecrated reading incessantly
FZ8-102.25; E375|        To myriads of perturbed spirits thro the universe
FZ8-102.26; E375|        They propagated the deadly words the Shadowy Female absorbing   t884
FZ8-102.27; E375|        The enormous Sciences of Urizen ages after ages exploring
FZ8-102.28; E375|        The fell destruction. And she said O Urizen Prince of Light
FZ8-102.29; E375|        What words of Dread pierce my faint Ear what fal[l]ing snows around
FZ8-102.30; E375|        My feeble limbs infold my destind misery
FZ8-102.31; E375|        I alone dare the lash abide to sit beneath the blast
FZ8-102.32; E375|        Unhurt & dare the inclement forehead of the King of Ligh
FZ8-102.33; E375|        From dark abysses of the times remote fated to be

FZ8-103.1;   E375|        The sorrower of Eternity in love with tears submiss I rear
FZ8-103.2;   E375|        My Eyes to thy Pavilions hear my prayer for Luvahs sake
FZ8-103.3;   E375|        I see the murderer of my Luvah clothd in robes of blood
FZ8-103.4;   E375|        He who assured my Luvahs throne in times of Everlasting
FZ8-103.5;   E375|        Where hast thou hid him whom I love in what remote Abyss
FZ8-103.6;   E375|        Resides that God of my delight O might my eyes behold
FZ8-103.7;   E375|        My Luvah then could I deliver all the sons of God
FZ8-103.8;   E375|        From Bondage of these terrors & with influences sweet   t885
FZ8-103.9;   E375|        As once in those eternal fields in brotherhood & Love
FZ8-103.10; E375|        United we should live in bliss as those who sinned not
FZ8-103.11; E375|        The Eternal Man is seald by thee never to be deliverd
FZ8-103.12; E375|        We are all servants to thy will O King of Light relent
FZ8-103.13; E375|        Thy furious power be our father & our loved King
FZ8-103.14; E375|        But if my Luvah is no more If thou hast smitten him   t886
FZ8-103.15; E375|        And laid him in the Sepulcher Or if thou wilt revenge   t887
FZ8-103.16; E375|        His murder on another Silent I bow with dread
FZ8-103.17; E375|        But happiness can never [come] to thee O King nor me
FZ8-103.18; E375|        For he was source of every joy that this mysterious tree
FZ8-103.19; E375|        Unfolds in Allegoric fruit. When shall the dead revive
FZ8-103.20; E375|        Can that which has existed cease or can love & life Expire

FZ8-103.21; E375|        Urizen heard the Voice & saw the Shadow. underneath
FZ8-103.22; E375|        His woven darkness & in laws & deceitful religions
FZ8-103.23; E375|        Beginning at the tree of Mystery circling its root
FZ8-103.24; E375|        She spread herself thro all the branches in the power of Orc
FZ8-103.25; E375|        A shapeless & indefinite cloud in tears of sorrow incessant
FZ8-103.26; E375|        Steeping the Direful Web of Religion swagging heavy it fell
FZ8-103.27; E375|        From heaven to heavn thro all its meshes altering the Vortexes   t888
FZ8-103.28; E375|        Misplacing every Center hungry desire & lust began

FZ8-103.29; E376|        Gathering the fruit of that Mysterious tree till Urizen
FZ8-103.30; E376|        Sitting within his temple furious felt the num[m]ing stupor
FZ8-103.31; E376|        Himself tangled in his own net in sorrow lust repentance

FZ8-103.32; E376|        Enitharmon wove in tears Singing Songs of Lamentations
FZ8-103.33; E376|        And pitying comfort as she sighd forth on the wind the spectres
FZ8-103.34; E376|        And wove them bodies calling them her belovd sons & daughters
FZ8-103.35; E376|        Employing the daughters in her looms & Los employd the Sons
FZ8-103.36; E376|        In Golgonoozas Furnaces among the Anvils of time & space
FZ8-103.37; E376|        Thus forming a Vast family wondrous in beauty & love
FZ8-103.38; E376|        And they appeard a Universal female form created
FZ8-103.39; E376|        From those who were dead in Ulro from the Spectres of the dead

FZ8-104[1st].1;   E376|        And Enitharmon namd the Female Jerusa[le]m the holy
FZ8-104[1st].2;   E376|        Wondring she saw the Lamb of God within Jerusalems Veil
FZ8-104[1st].3;   E376|        The divine Vision seen within the inmost deep recess
FZ8-104[1st].4;   E376|        Of fair Jerusalems bosom in a gently beaming fire

FZ8-104[1st].5;   E376|        Then sang the Sons of Eden round the Lamb of God & said
FZ8-104[1st].6;   E376|        Glory Glory Glory to the holy Lamb of God
FZ8-104[1st].7;   E376|        Who now beginneth to put off the dark Satanic body
FZ8-104[1st].8;   E376|        Now we behold redemption Now we know that life Eternal
FZ8-104[1st].9;   E376|        Depends alone upon the Universal hand & not in us
FZ8-104[1st].10; E376|        Is aught but death In individual weakness sorrow & pain   t889

FZ8-113[1st].1;   E376|        We behold with wonder Enitharmons Looms & Los's Forges   t890
FZ8-113[1st].2;   E376|        And the Spindles of Tirzah & Rahab and the Mills of Satan & Beelzeboul   t891
FZ8-113[1st].3;   E376|        In Golgonooza Los's anvils stand & his Furnaces rage   t892
FZ8-113[1st].4;   E376|        Ten thousand demons labour at the forges Creating Continually
FZ8-113[1st].5;   E376|        The times & spaces of Mortal Life the Sun the Moon the Stars
FZ8-113[1st].6;   E376|        In periods of Pulsative furor beating into wedges & bars   t893
FZ8-113[1st].7;   E376|        Then drawing into wires the terrific Passions & Affections
FZ8-113[1st].8;   E376|        Of Spectrous dead. Thence to the Looms of Cathedron conveyd
FZ8-113[1st].9;   E376|        The Daughters of Enitharmon weave the ovarium & the integument
FZ8-113[1st].10; E376|        In soft silk drawn from their own bowels in lascivious delight
FZ8-113[1st].11; E376|        With songs of sweetest cadence to the turning spindle & reel
FZ8-113[1st].12; E376|        Lulling the weeping spectres of the dead. Clothing their limbs
FZ8-113[1st].13; E376|        With gifts & gold of Eden. Astonishd stupefied with delight
FZ8-113[1st].14; E376|        The terrors put on their sweet clothing on the banks of Arnon   t894
FZ8-113[1st].15; E376|        Whence they plunge into the river of space for a period till
FZ8-113[1st].16; E376|        The dread Sleep of Ulro is past. But Satan Og & Sihon   t895
FZ8-113[1st].17; E376|        Build Mills of resistless wheels to unwind the soft threads & reveal
FZ8-113[1st].18; E376|        Naked of their clothing the poor spectres before the accusing heavens
FZ8-113[1st].19; E376|        While Rahab & Tirzah far different mantles prepare webs of torture

FZ8-113[1st].20; E377|        Mantles of despair girdles of bitter compunction shoes of indolence
FZ8-113[1st].21; E377|        Veils of ignorance covering from head to feet with a cold web

FZ8-113[1st].22; E377|        We look down into Ulro we behold the Wonders of the Grave
FZ8-113[1st].23; E377|        Eastward of Golgonooza stands the Lake of Udan Adan In   t896
FZ8-113[1st].24; E377|        Entuthon Benithon a Lake not of Waters but of Spaces   t897
FZ8-113[1st].25; E377|        Perturbd black & deadly on its Islands & its Margins   t898
FZ8-113[1st].26; E377|        The Mills of Satan and Beelzeboul stand round the roots of Urizens tree
FZ8-113[1st].27; E377|        For this Lake is formd from the tears & sighs & death sweat of the Victims
FZ8-113[1st].28; E377|        Of Urizens laws. to irrigate the roots of the tree of Mystery
FZ8-113[1st].29; E377|        They unweave the soft threads then they weave them anew in the forms
FZ8-113[1st].30; E377|        Of dark death & despair & none from Eternity to Eternity could Escape   t899
FZ8-113[1st].31; E377|        But thou O Universal Humanity who is One Man blesse for Ever   t900
FZ8-113[1st].32; E377|        Recievest the Integuments woven Rahab beholds the Lamb of God
FZ8-113[1st].33; E377|        She smites with her knife of flint She destroys her own work
FZ8-113[1st].34; E377|        Times upon times thinking to destroy the Lamb blessed for Ever
FZ8-113[1st].35; E377|        He puts off the clothing of blood he redeems the spectres from their bonds
FZ8-113[1st].36; E377|        He awakes the sleepers in Ulro the Daughters of Beulah praise him
FZ8-113[1st].37; E377|        They anoint his feet with ointment they wipe them with the hair of their head

FZ8-104[2nd].11; E377|        We now behold the Ends of Beulah & we now behold
FZ8-104[2nd].12; E377|        Where Death Eternal is put off Eternally
FZ8-104[2nd].13; E377|        Assume the dark Satanic body in the Virgins womb
FZ8-104[2nd].14; E377|        O Lamb divin[e] it cannot thee annoy O pitying one
FZ8-104[2nd].15; E377|        Thy pity is from the foundation of the World & thy Redemption
FZ8-104[2nd].16; E377|        Begun Already in Eternity Come then O Lamb of God   t901
FZ8-104[2nd].17; E377|        Come Lord Jesus come quickly

FZ8-104[2nd].18; E377|        So sang they in Eternity looking down into Beulah.
FZ8-104[2nd].19; E377|        The war roard round Jerusalems Gates it took a hideous form
FZ8-104[2nd].20; E377|        Seen in the aggregate a Vast Hermaphroditic form
FZ8-104[2nd].21; E377|        Heavd like an Earthquake labring with convulsive groans   t902
FZ8-104[2nd].22; E377|        Intolerable at length an awful wonder burst
FZ8-104[2nd].23; E377|        From the Hermaphroditic bosom Satan he was namd
FZ8-104[2nd].24; E377|        Son of Perdition terrible his form dishumanizd monstrous   t903
FZ8-104[2nd].25; E377|        A male without a female counterpart a howling fiend
FZ8-104[2nd].26; E377|        Fo[r]lorn of Eden & repugnant to the forms of life
FZ8-104[2nd].27; E377|        Yet hiding the shadowy female Vala as in an ark & Curtains
FZ8-104[2nd].28; E377|        Abhorrd accursed ever dying an Eternal death

FZ8-104[2nd].29; E378|        Being multitudes of tyrant Men in union blasphemous
FZ8-104[2nd].30; E378|        Against the divine image. Congregated Assemblies of wicked men

FZ8-104[2nd].31; E378|        Los said to Enitharmon Pitying I saw
FZ8-104[2nd].32; E378|        Pitying the Lamb of God Descended thro Jerusalems gates
FZ8-104[2nd].33; E378|        To put off Mystery time after time & as a Man
FZ8-104[2nd].34; E378|        Is born on Earth so was he born of Fair Jerusalem
FZ8-104[2nd].35; E378|        In mysterys woven mantle & in the Robes of Luvah

FZ8-104[2nd].36; E378|        He stood in fair Jerusalem to awake up into Eden
FZ8-104[2nd].37; E378|        The fallen Man but first to Give his vegetated body   t904
FZ8-104[2nd].38; E378|        To be cut off & separated that the Spiritual body may be Reveald

FZ8-109[105].1;   E378|        The Lamb of God stood before Satan opposite   t905
FZ8-109[105].2;   E378|        In Entuthon Benithon in the shadows of torments & woe   t906
FZ8-109[105].3;   E378|        Upon the heights of Amalek taking refuge in his arms   t907
FZ8-109[105].4;   E378|        The Victims fled from punishment for all his words were peace   t908

FZ8-109[105].5;   E378|        Urizen calld together the Synagogue of Satan in dire Sanhedrim   t909
FZ8-109[105].6;   E378|        To Judge the Lamb of God to Death as a murderer & robber   t910
FZ8-109[105].7;   E378|        As it is written he was numberd among the transgressors   t911

FZ8-109[105].8;   E378|        Cold dark opake the Assembly met twelvefold in Amalek
FZ8-109[105].9;   E378|        Twelve rocky unshapd forms terrific forms of torture & woe
FZ8-109[105].10; E378|        Such seemd the Synagogue to distant view amidst them beamd   t912
FZ8-109[105].11; E378|        A False Feminine Counterpart Lovely of Delusive Beauty   t913
FZ8-109[105].12; E378|        Dividing & Uniting at will in the Cruelties of Holiness
FZ8-109[105].13; E378|        Vala drawn down into a Vegetated body now triumphant
FZ8-109[105].14; E378|        The Synagogue of Satan Clothed her with Scarlet robes & Gems
FZ8-109[105].15; E378|        And on her forehead was her Dame written in blood Mystery
FZ8-109[105].16; E378|        When viewd remote She is One when viewd near she divides
FZ8-109[105].17; E378|        To multitude as it is in Eden so permitted because
FZ8-109[105].18; E378|        It was the best possible in the State called Satan to Save
FZ8-109[105].19; E378|        From Death Eternal & to put off Satan Eternally

FZ8-109[105].20; E378|        The Synagogue Created her from Fruit of Urizens tree
FZ8-109[105].21; E378|        By devilish arts abominable unlawful unutterable
FZ8-109[105].22; E378|        Perpetually vegetating in detestable births
FZ8-109[105].23; E378|        Of Female forms beautiful thro poisons hidden in secret
FZ8-109[105].24; E378|        Which give a tincture to false beauty then was hidden within   t914
FZ8-109[105].25; E378|        The bosom of Satan The false Female as in an ark & veil
FZ8-109[105].26; E378|        Which christ must rend & her reveal Her Daughters are Calld
FZ8-109[105].27; E378|        Tirzah She is namd Rahab their various divisions are calld   t915
FZ8-109[105].28; E378|        The Daughters of Amalek Canaan & Moab binding on the Stones   t916
FZ8-109[105].29; E378|        Their victims & with knives tormenting them singing with tears   t917
FZ8-109[105].30; E378|        Over their victims Hear ye the song of the Females of Amalek

FZ8-109[105].31; E378|        O thou poor human form O thou poor child of woe
FZ8-109[105].32; E378|        Why dost thou wander away from Tirzah why me compell to bind thee

FZ8-109[105].33; E379|        If thou dost go away from me I shall consume upon the rocks
FZ8-109[105].34; E379|        These fibres of thine eyes that used to wander in distant heavens
FZ8-109[105].35; E379|        Away from me I have bound down with a hot iron   t918
FZ8-109[105].36; E379|        These nostrils that Expanded with delight in morning skies
FZ8-109[105].37; E379|        I have bent downward with lead molten in my roaring furnaces
FZ8-109[105].38; E379|        My soul is seven furnaces incessant roars the bellows
FZ8-109[105].39; E379|        Upon my terribly flaming heart the molten metal runs
FZ8-109[105].40; E379|        In channels thro my fiery limbs O love O pity O pain
FZ8-109[105].41; E379|        O the pangs the bitter pangs of love forsaken
FZ8-109[105].42; E379|        Ephraim was a wilderness of joy where all my wild beasts ran
FZ8-109[105].43; E379|        The river Kanah wanderd by my sweet Manassehs side   t919
FZ8-109[105].44; E379|        Go Noah fetch the girdle of strong brass heat it red hot   t920
FZ8-109[105].45; E379|        Press it around the loins of this expanding cruelty
FZ8-109[105].46; E379|        Shriek not so my only love
FZ8-109[105].47; E379|        Bind him down sisters bind him down on Ebal mount of Cursing
FZ8-109[105].48; E379|        Malah come forth from Lebanon & Hoglah from Mount sinai
FZ8-109[105].49; E379|        Come circumscribe this tongue of sweets & with a Screw of iron
FZ8-109[105].50; E379|        Fasten this Ear into the Rock Milcah the task is thine   t921
FZ8-109[105].51; E379|        Weep not so sisters weep not so our life depends on this
FZ8-109[105].52; E379|        Or mercy & truth are fled away from Shechem & Mount Gilead
FZ8-109[105].53; E379|        Unless my beloved is bound upon the Stems of Vegetation

FZ8-109[105].54; E379|        Such are the songs of Tirzah such the loves of Amalek
FZ8-109[105].55; E379|        The Lamb of God descended thro the twelve portions of Luvah
FZ8-109[105].56; E379|        Bearing his sorrows & rec[iev]ing all his cruel wounds

FZ8-110[106][1st].1;   E379|        Thus was the Lamb of God condemnd to Death   t922
FZ8-110[106][1st].2;   E379|        They naild him upon the tree of Mystery weeping over him
FZ8-110[106][1st].3;   E379|        And then mocking & then worshipping calling him Lord & King
FZ8-110[106][1st].4;   E379|        Sometimes as twelve daughters lovely & sometimes as five
FZ8-110[106][1st].5;   E379|        They stood in beaming beauty & sometimes as one even Rahab   t923
FZ8-110[106][1st].6;   E379|        Who is Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots   t924

FZ8-110[106][1st].7;   E379|        Jerusalem saw the Body dead upon the Cross She fled away   t925
FZ8-110[106][1st].8;   E379|        Saying Is this Eternal Death Where shall I hide from Death
FZ8-110[106][1st].9;   E379|        Pity me Los pity me Urizen & let us build   t926
FZ8-110[106][1st].10; E379|        A Sepulcher & worship Death in fear while yet we live
FZ8-110[106][1st].11; E379|        Death! God of All from whom we rise to whom we all return
FZ8-110[106][1st].12; E379|        And Let all Nations of the Earth worship at the Sepulcher   t927
FZ8-110[106][1st].13; E379|        With Gifts & Spices with lamps rich embossd jewels & gold

FZ8-110[106][1st].14; E379|        Los took the Body from the Cross Jerusalem weeping over
FZ8-110[106][1st].15; E379|        They bore it to the Sepulcher which Los had hewn in the rock
FZ-110[106][1st].16; E379|        Of Eternity for himself he hewd it despairing of Life Eternal   t928

FZ8-105[113][2nd].38; E379|        But when Rahab had cut off the Mantle of Luvah from   t929
FZ8-105[113][2nd].39; E379|        The Lamb of God it rolld apart, revealing to all in heaven
FZ8-105[113][2nd].40; E379|        And all on Earth the Temple & the Synagogue of Satan & Mystery

FZ8-105[113][2nd].41; E380|        Even Rahab in all her turpitude Rahab divided herself
FZ8-105[113][2nd].42; E380|        She stood before Los in her Pride among the Furnaces   t930
FZ8-105[113][2nd].43; E380|        Dividing & uniting in Delusive feminine pomp questioning him

FZ8-105[113][2nd].44; E380|        He answerd her with tenderness & love not uninspird
FZ8-105[113][2nd].45; E380|        Los sat upon his anvil stock they sat beside the forge
FZ8-105[113][2nd].46; E380|        Los wipd the sweat from his red brow & thus began
FZ8-105[113][2nd].47; E380|        To the delusive female forms shining among his furnaces

FZ8-105[113][2nd].48; E380|        I am that shadowy Prophet who six thousand years ago
FZ8-105[113][2nd].49; E380|        Fell from my station in the Eternal bosom. I divided
FZ8-105[113][2nd].50; E380|        To multitude & my multitudes are children of Care & Labour
FZ8-105[113][2nd].51; E380|        O Rahab I behold thee I was once like thee a Son
FZ8-105[113][2nd].52; E380|        Of Pride and I also have piercd the Lamb of God in pride & wrath
FZ8-105[113][2nd].53; E380|        Hear me repeat my Generations that thou mayst also repent

FZ8-107[115].1;   E380|        And these are the Sons of Los & Enitharmon. Rintrah Palamabron   t932
FZ8-107[115].2;   E380|        Theotormon Bromion Antamon Ananton Ozoth Ohana
FZ8-107[115].3;   E380|        Sotha Mydon Ellayol Natho Gon Harhath Satan
FZ8-107[115].4;   E380|        Har Ochim Ijim Adam Reuben Simeon Levi Judah Dan Naphtali
FZ8-107[115].5;   E380|        Gad Asher Issachar Zebulun Joseph Benjamin David Solomon
FZ8-107[115].6;   E380|        Paul Constantine Charlemaine Luther Milton
FZ8-107[115].7;   E380|        These are our daughters Ocalythron Elynittria Oothoon Leutha   t933
FZ8-107[115].8;   E380|        Elythiria Enanto Manathu Vorcyon Ethinthus Moab Midian
FZ8-107[11].9;   E380|        Adah Zillah Caina Naamah Tamar Rahab Tirzah Mary
FZ8-107[115].10; E380|        And myriads more of Sons & Daughters to whom our love increasd   t934
FZ8-107[115].11; E380|        To each according to the multiplication of their multitudes
FZ8-107[115].12; E380|        But Satan accusd Palamabron before his brethren also he maddend  t935
FZ8-107[115].13; E380|        The horses of palambrons harrow wherefore Rintrah & Palamabron
FZ8-107[115].14; E380|        Cut him off from Golgonooza. But Enitharmon in tears
FZ8-107[115].15; E380|        Wept over him Created him a Space closd with a tender moon
FZ8-107[115].16; E380|        And he rolld down beneath the fires of Orc a Globe immense
FZ8-107[115].17; E380|        Crusted with snow in a dim void. here by the Arts of Urizen
FZ8-107[115].18; E380|        He tempted many of the Sons & Daughters of Los to flee
FZ8-107[115].19; E380|        Away from Me first Reuben fled then Simeon then Levi then Judah   t936
FZ8-107[115].20; E380|        Then Dan then Naphtali then Gad then Asher then Issachar
FZ8-107[115].21; E380|        Then Zebulun then Joseph then Benjamin twelve sons of Los
FZ8-107[115].22; E380|        And this is the manner in which Satan became the Tempter

FZ8-107[115].23; E380|        There is a State namd Satan learn distinct to know O Rahab   t937
FZ8-107[115].24; E380|        The Difference between States & Individuals of those States
FZ8-107[115].25; E380|        The State namd Satan never can be redeemd in all Eternity
FZ8-107[115].26; E380|        But when Luvah in Orc became a Serpent he des[c]ended into
FZ8-107[115].27; E380|        That State calld Satan Enitharmon breathd forth on the Winds
FZ8-107[115].28; E380|        Of Golgonooza her well beloved knowing he was Orc's human remains
FZ8-107[115].29; E380|        She tenderly lovd him above all his brethren he grew up

FZ8-107[115].30; E381|        In mothers tenderness The Enormous worlds rolling in Urizens power
FZ8-107[115].31; E381|        Must have given Satan by these mild arts Dominion over all
FZ8-107[115].32; E381|        Wherefore Palamabron being accusd by Satan to Los   t938
FZ8-107[115].33; E381|        Calld down a Great Solemn assembly Rintrah in fury & fire
FZ8-107[115].34; E381|        Defended Palamabron & rage filld the Universal Tent

FZ8-107[115].35; E381|        Because Palamabron was good naturd Satan supposd he feard him
FZ8-107[115].36; E381|        And Satan not having the Science of Wrath but only of Pity
FZ8-107[115].37; E381|        Was soon condemnd & wrath was left to wrath & Pity to Pity
FZ8-107[115].38; E381|        Rintrah & Palamabron Cut sheer off from Golgonooza
FZ8-107[115].39; E381|        Enitharmons Moony space & in it Satan & his companions
FZ8-107[115].40; E381|        They rolld down a dim world Crusted with Snow deadly & dark

FZ8-107[115].41; E381|        Jerusalem pitying them wove them mantles of life & death
FZ8-107[115].42; E381|        Times after times And those in Eden sent Lucifer for their Guard
FZ8-107[115].43; E381|        Lucifer refusd to die for Satan & in pride he forsook his charge
FZ8-107[115].44; E381|        Then they sent Molech Molech was impatient They sent
FZ8-107[115].45; E381|        Molech impatient They Sent Elohim who created Adam
FZ8-107[115].46; E381|        To die for Satan Adam refusd but was compelld to die
FZ8-107[115].47; E381|        By Satans arts. Then the Eternals Sent Shaddai
FZ8-107[115].48; E381|        Shaddai was angry Pachad descended Pachad was terrified
FZ8-107[115].49; E381|        And then they Sent Jehovah who leprous stretchd his hand to Eternity
FZ8-107[115].50; E381|        Then Jesus Came & Died willing beneath Tirzah & Rahab
FZ8-107[115].51; E381|        Thou art that Rahab Lo the Tomb what can we purpose more   t939

FZ8-108[116].1;   E381|        Lo Enitharmon terrible & beautiful in Eternal youth
FZ8-108[116].2;   E381|        Bow down before her you her children & set Jerusalem free

FZ8-108[116].3;   E381|        Rahab burning with pride & revenge departed from Los
FZ8-108[116].4;   E381|        Los dropd a tear at her departure but he wipd it away in hope
FZ8-108[116].5;   E381|        She went to Urizen in pride the Prince of Light beheld
FZ8-108[116].6;   E381|        Reveald before the face of heaven his secret holiness   t940

FZ8-106[2nd].17; E381|        Darkness & sorrow coverd all flesh Eternity was darkend   t941

FZ8-106[2nd].18; E381|        Urizen sitting in his web of dece[i]tful Religion   t942
FZ8-106[2nd].19; E381|        felt the female death a dull & numming stupor such as neer   t943
FZ8-106[2nd].20; E381|        Before assaulted the bright human form he felt his pores
FZ8-106[2nd].21; E381|        Drink in the deadly dull delusion horrors of Eternal death
FZ8-106[2nd].22; E381|        Shot thro him Urizen sat Stonied upon his rock
FZ8-106[2nd].23; E381|        Forgetful of his own Laws pitying he began to Embrace
FZ8-106[2nd].24; E381|        The Shadowly Female since life cannot be quenchd Life exuded
FZ8-106[2nd].25; E381|        His eyes shot outwards then his breathing nostrils drawn forth   t944
FZ8-106[2nd].26; E381|        Scales coverd over a cold forehead & a neck outstretchd
FZ8-106[2nd].27; E381|        Into the deep to sieze the shadow scales his neck & bosom

FZ8-106[2nd].28; E382|        Coverd & scales his hands & feet upon his belly falling
FZ8-106[2nd].29; E382|        Outstretchd thro the immense his mouth wide opening tongueless   t945
FZ8-106[2nd].30; E382|        His teeth a triple row he strove to sieze the shadow in vain
FZ8-106[2nd].31; E382|        And his immense tail lashd the Abyss his human form a Stone
FZ8-106[2nd].32; E382|        A form of Senseless Stone remaind in terrors on the rock
FZ8-106[2nd].33; E382|        Abominable to the eyes of mortals who explore his books
FZ8-106[2nd].34; E382|        His wisdom still remaind & all his memory stord with woe

FZ8-106[2nd].35; E382|        And still his stony form remaind in the Abyss immense
FZ8-106[2nd].36; E382|        Like the pale visage in its sheet of lead that cannot follow
FZ8-106[2nd].37; E382|        Incessant stern disdain his sealy form gnaws inwardly
FZ8-106[2nd].38; E382|        With deep repentance for the loss of that fair form of Man
FZ8-106[2nd].39; E382|        With Envy he saw Los with Envy Tharmas & the Spectre   t946
FZ8-106[2nd].40; E382|        With Envy & in vain he swam around his stony form

FZ8-106[2nd].41; E382|        No longer now Erect the King of Light outstretchd in fury
FZ8-106[2nd].42; E382|        Lashes his tail in the wild deep his Eyelids like the Sun   t947
FZ8-106[2nd].43; E382|        Arising in his pride enlighten all the Grizly deeps
FZ8-106[2nd].44; E382|        His scales transparent give forth light like windows of the morning
FZ8-106[2nd].45; E382|        His neck flames with wrath & majesty he lashes the Abyss
FZ8-106[2nd].46; E382|        Beating the Desarts & the rocks the desarts feel his power
FZ8-106[2nd].45; E382|        They shake their slumbers off. They wave in awful fear
FZ8-106[2nd].48; E382|        Calling the Lion & the Tyger the horse & the wild Stag

FZ8-111[107].1;   E382|        The Elephant the wolf the Bear the Lamia the Satyr   t948
FZ8-111[107].2;   E382|        His Eyelids give their light around his folding tail aspires
FZ8-111[107].3;   E382|        Among the stars the Earth & all the Abysses feel h[i]s fury   t949
FZ8-111[107].4;   E382|        When as the snow covers the mountain oft petrific hardness
FZ8-111[107].5;   E382|        Covers the deeps at his vast fury mo[a]ning in his rock   t950
FZ8-111[107].6;   E382|        Hardens the Lion & the Bear trembling in the Solid mountain
FZ8-111[107].7;   E382|        They view the light & wonder crying out in terrible existence
FZ8-111[107].8;   E382|        Up bound the wild stag & the horse behold the King of Pride

FZ8-111[107].9;   E382|        Oft doth his Eye emerge from the Abyss into the realms
FZ8-111[107].10; E382|        Of his Eternal day & memory strives to augment his ruthfulness
FZ8-111[107].11; E382|        Then weeping he descends in wrath drawing all things in his fury
FZ8-111[107].12; E382|        Into obedience to his will & now he finds in vain
FZ8-111[107].13; E382|        That not of his own power he bore the human form erect
FZ8-111[107].14; E382|        Nor of his own will gave his Laws in times of Everlasting
FZ8-111[107].15; E382|        For now fierce Orc in wrath & fury rises into the heavens   t951
FZ8-111[107].16; E382|        A King of wrath & fury a dark enraged horror
FZ8-111[107].17; E382|        And Urizen repentant forgets his wisdom in the abyss   t952
FZ8-111[107].18; E382|        In forms of priesthood in the dark delusions of repentance
FZ8-111[107].19; E382|        Repining in his heart & spirit that Orc reignd over all
FZ8-111[107].20; E382|        And that his wisdom servd but to augment the indefinite lust

FZ8-111[107].21; E382|        Then Tharmas & Urthona felt the stony stupor rise
FZ8-111[107].22; E382|        Into their limbs Urthona shot forth a Vast Fibrous form

FZ8-111[107].23; E383|        Tharmas like a pillar of sand rolld round by the whirlwind
FZ8-111[107].24; E383|        An animated Pillar rolling round & round in incessant rage

FZ8-111[107].25; E383|        Los felt the stony tupor & his head rolld down beneath
FZ8-111[107].26; E383|        Into the Abysses of his bosom the vessels of his blood
FZ8-111[107].27; E383|        Dart forth upon the wind in pipes writhing about in the Abyss
FZ8-111[107].28; E383|        And Enitharmon pale & cold in milky juices flowd
FZ8-111[107].29; E383|        Into a form of Vegetation living having a voice
FZ8-111[107].30; E383|        Moving in rootlike fibres trembling in fear upon the Earth

FZ8-111[107].31; E383|        And Tharmas gave his Power to Los Urthona gave his strength
FZ8-111[107].32; E383|        Into the youthful prophet for the Love of Enitharmon
FZ8-111[107].33; E383|        And of the nameless Shadowy female in the nether deep
FZ8-111[107].34; E383|        And for the dread of the dark terrors of Orc & Urizen

FZ8-111[107].35; E383|        Thus in a living Death the nameless shadow all things bound
FZ8-111[107].36; E383|        All mortal things made permanent that they may be put off
FZ8-111[107].37; E383|        Time after time by the Divine Lamb who died for all
FZ8-111[107].38; E383|        And all in him died. & he put off all mortality

FZ8-122[108].1;   E383|        Tharmas on high rode furious thro the afflicted worlds   t953
FZ8-122[108].2;   E383|        Pursuing the Vain Shadow of Hope fleeing from identity
FZ8-122[108].3;   E383|        In abstract false Expanses that he may not hear the Voice
FZ8-122[108].4;   E383|        Of Ahania wailing on the winds in vain he flies for still
FZ8-122[108].5;   E383|        The voice incessant calls on all the children of Men
FZ8-122[108].6;   E383|        For she spoke of all in heaven & all upon the Earth
FZ8-122[108].7;   E383|        Saw not as yet the Divine vision her Eyes are Toward Urizen
FZ8-122[108].8;   E383|        And thus Ahania cries aloud to the Caverns of the Grave

FZ8-122[108].9;   E383|        Will you keep a flock of wolves & lead them will you take the wintry blast
FZ8-122[108].10; E383|        For a covering to your limbs or the summer pestilence for a tent to abide in
FZ8-122[108].11; E383|        Will you erect a lasting habitation in the mouldering Church yard
FZ8-122[108].12; E383|        Or a pillar & palace of Eternity in the jaws of the hungry grave
FZ8-122[108].13; E383|        Will you seek pleasure from the festering wound or marry for a Wife
FZ8-122[108].14; E383|        he ancient Leprosy that the King & Priest may still feast on your decay
FZ8-122[108].15; E383|        And the grave mock & laugh at the plowd field saying
FZ8-122[108].16; E383|        I am the nourisher thou the destroyer in my bosom is milk & wine
FZ8-122[108].17; E383|        And a fountain from my breasts to me come all multitudes
FZ8-122[108].18; E383|        To my breath they obey they worship me I am a goddess & queen
FZ8-122[108].19; E383|        But listen to Ahania O ye sons of the Murderd one
FZ8-122[108].20; E383|        Listen to her whose memory beholds your ancient days
FZ8-122[108].21; E383|        Listen to her whose eyes behold the dark body of corruptible death
FZ8-122[108].22; E383|        Looking for Urizen in vain. in vain I seek for morning
FZ8-122[108].23; E383|        The Eternal Man sleeps in the Earth nor feels the vigrous sun

FZ8-122[108].24; E384|        Nor silent moon nor all the hosts of heaven move in his body
FZ8-122[108].25; E384|        His fiery halls are dark & round his limbs the Serpent Orc
FZ8-122[108].26; E384|        Fold without fold encompasses him And his corrupting members
FZ8-122[108].27; E384|        Vomit out the Scaly monsters of the restless deep
FZ8-122[108].28; E384|        They come up in the rivers & annoy the nether parts
FZ8-122[108].29; E384|        Of Man who lays upon the shores leaning his faded head
FZ8-122[108].30; E384|        Upon the Oozy rock inwrapped with the weeds of death
FZ8-122[108].31; E384|        His eyes sink hollow in his head his flesh coverd with slime
FZ8-122[108].32; E384|        And shrunk up to the bones alas that Man should come to this
FZ8-122[108].33; E384|        His strong bones beat with snows & hid within the caves of night
FZ8-122[108].34; E384|        Marrowless bloodless falling into dust driven by the winds
FZ8-122[108].35; E384|        O how the horrors of Eternal Death take hold on Man
FZ8-122[108].36; E384|        His faint groans shake the caves & issue thro the desolate rocks

FZ8-113[109].1;   E384|        And the Strong Eagle now with num[m]ing cold blighted of feathers
FZ8-113[109].2;   E384|        Once like the pride of the sun now flagging in cold night
FZ8-113[109].3;   E384|        Hovers with blasted wings aloft watching with Eager Eye
FZ8-113[109].4;   E384|        Till Man shall leave a corruptible body he famishd hears him groan
FZ8-113[109].5;   E384|        And now he fixes his strong talons in the pointed rock
FZ8-113[109].6;   E384|        And now he beats the heavy air with his enormous wings
FZ8-113[109].7;   E384|        Beside him lies the Lion dead & in his belly worms
FZ8-113[109].8;   E384|        Feast on his death till universal death devours all
FZ8-113[109].9;   E384|        And the pale horse seeks for the pool to lie him down & die
FZ8-113[109].10; E384|        But finds the pools filled with serpents devouring one another
FZ8-113[109].11; E384|        He droops his head & trembling stands & his bright eyes decay
FZ8-113[109].12; E384|        These are the Visions of My Eyes the Visions of Ahania

FZ8-113[109].13; E384|        Thus cries Ahania Enion replies from the Caverns of the Grave

FZ8-113[109].14; E384|        Fear not O poor forsaken one O land of briars & thorns
FZ8-113[109].15; E384|        Where once the Olive flourishd & the Cedar spread his wings
FZ8-113[109].16; E384|        Once I waild desolate like thee my fallow fields in fear
FZ8-113[109].17; E384|        Cried to the Churchyards & the Earthworm came in dismal state
FZ8-113[109].18; E384|        I found him in my bosom & I said the time of Love
FZ8-113[109].19; E384|        Appears upon the rocks & hills in silent shades but soon
FZ8-113[109].20; E384|        A voice came in the night a midnight cry upon the mountains
FZ8-113[109].21; E384|        Awake the bridegroom cometh I awoke to sleep no more
FZ8-113[109].22; E384|        But an Eternal Consummation is dark Enion
FZ8-113[109].23; E384|        The watry Grave. O thou Corn field O thou Vegetater happy
FZ8-113[109].24; E384|        More happy is the dark consumer hope drowns all my torment
FZ8-113[109].25; E384|        For I am now surrounded by a shadowy vortex drawing
FZ8-113[109].26; E384|        The Spectre quite away from Enion that I die a death
FZ8-113[109].27; E384|        Of bitter hope altho I consume in these raging waters
FZ8-113[109].28; E384|        The furrowd field replies to the grave I hear her reply to me
FZ8-113[109].29; E384|        Behold the time approaches fast that thou shalt be as a thing
FZ8-113[109].30; E384|        Forgotten when one speaks of thee he will not be believd
FZ8-113[109].31; E384|        When the man gently fades away in his immortality

FZ8-113[109].32; E385|        When the mortal disappears in improved knowledge cast away
FZ8-113[109].33; E385|        The former things so shall the Mortal gently fade away
FZ8-113[109].34; E385|        And so become invisible to those who still remain
FZ8-113[109].35; E385|        Listen I will tell thee what is done in the caverns of the grave

FZ8-114[110].1;   E385|        The Lamb of God has rent the Veil of Mystery soon to return
FZ8-114[110].2;   E385|        In Clouds & Fires around the rock & the Mysterious tree
FZ8-114[110].3;   E385|        As the seed waits Eagerly watching for its flower & fruit
FZ8-114[110].4;   E385|        Anxious its little soul looks out into the clear expanse
FZ8-114[110].5;   E385|        To see if hungry winds are abroad with their invisible army
FZ8-114[110].6;   E385|        So Man looks out in tree & herb & fish & bird & beast
FZ8-114[110].7;   E385|        Collecting up the scatterd portions of his immortal body
FZ8-114[110].8;   E385|        Into the Elemental forms of every thing that grows
FZ8-114[110].9;   E385|        He tries the sullen north wind riding on its angry furrows
FZ8-114[110].10; E385|        The sultry south when the sun rises & the angry east
FZ8-114[110].11; E385|        When the sun sets when the clods harden & the cattle stand
FZ8-114[110].12; E385|        Drooping & the birds hide in their silent nests. he stores his thoughts
FZ8-114[110].13; E385|        As in a store house in his memory he regulates the forms
FZ8-114[110].14; E385|        Of all beneath & all above & in the gentle West
FZ8-114[110].15; E385|        Reposes where the Suns heat dwells he rises to the Sun
FZ8-114[110].16; E385|        And to the Planets of the Night & to the stars that gild
FZ8-114[110].17; E385|        The Zodiac & the stars that sullen stand to north & south
FZ8-114[110].18; E385|        He touches the remotest pole & in the Center weeps
FZ8-114[110].19; E385|        That Man should Labour & sorrow & learn & forget & return
FZ8-114[110].20; E385|        To the dark valley whence he came to begin his labours anew
FZ8-114[110].21; E385|        In pain he sighs in pain he labours in his universe
FZ8-114[110].22; E385|        Screaming in birds over the deep & howling in the Wolf
FZ8-114[110].23; E385|        Over the slain & moaning in the cattle & in the winds
FZ8-114[110].24; E385|        And weeping over Orc & Urizen in clouds & flaming fires   t954
FZ8-114[110].25; E385|        And in the cries of birth & in the groans of death his voice
FZ8-114[110].26; E385|        Is heard throughout the Universe whereever a grass grows
FZ8-114[110].27; E385|        Or a leaf buds The Eternal Man is seen is heard is felt
FZ8-114[110].28; E385|        And all his Sorrows till he reassumes his ancient bliss

FZ8-114[110].29; E385|        Such are the words of Ahania & Enion. Los hears & weeps   t955
FZ8-114[110].30; E385|        And Los & Enitharmon took the Body of the Lamb
FZ8-114[110].31; E385|        Down from the Cross & placd it in a Sepulcher which Los had hewn
FZ8-114[110].32; E385|        For himself in the Rock of Eternity trembling & in despair   t956
FZ8-114[110].33; E385|        Jerusalem wept over the Sepulcher two thousand Years

FZ8-115[111].1;   E385|        Rahab triumphs over all she took Jerusalem
FZ8-115[111].2;   E385|        Captive A Willing Captive by delusive arts impelld
FZ8-115[111].3;   E385|        To worship Urizens Dragon form to offer her own Children
FZ8-115[111].4;   E385|        Upon the bloody Altar. John Saw these things Reveald in Heaven
FZ8-115[111].5;   E385|        On Patmos Isle & heard the Souls cry out to be deliverd

FZ8-115[111].6;   E386|        He saw the Harlot of the Kings of Earth & saw her Cup
FZ8-115[111].7;   E386|        Of fornication food of Orc & Satan pressd from the fruit of Mystery
FZ8-115[111].8;   E386|        But when she saw the form of Ahania weeping on the Void
FZ8-115[111].9;   E386|        And heard Enions voice sound from the caverns of the Grave
FZ8-115[111].10; E386|        No more spirit remained in her She secretly left the Synagogue of Satan
FZ8-115[111].11; E386|        She commund with Orc in secret She hid him with the flax
FZ8-115[111].12; E386|        That Enitharmon had numberd away from the Heavens   t957
FZ8-115[111].13; E386|        She gatherd it together to consume her Harlot Robes   t958
FZ8-115[111].14; E386|        In bitterest Contrition sometimes Self condemning repentant
FZ8-115[111].15; E386|        And Sometimes kissing her Robes & jewels & weeping over them
FZ8-115[111].16; E386|        Sometimes returning to the Synagogue of Satan in Pride
FZ8-115[111].17; E386|        And Sometimes weeping before Orc in humility & trembling
FZ8-115[111].18; E386|        The Synagogue of Satan therefore uniting against Mystery
FZ8-115[111].19; E386|        Satan divided against Satan resolvd in open Sanhedrim
FZ8-115[111].20; E386|        To burn Mystery with fire & form another from her ashes
FZ8-115[111].21; E386|        For God put it into their heart to fulfill all his will

FZ8-115[111].22; E386|        The Ashes of Mystery began to animate they calld it Deism
FZ8-115[111].23; E386|        And Natural Religion as of old so now anew began
FZ8-115[111].24; E386|        Babylon again in Infancy Calld Natural Religion

ED; E386|        [End of (The) Eighth Night]

FZ9-header; E386|        VALA

FZ9-subtitle1;   E386|        Night the Ninth
FZ9-subtitle2;   E386|        Being
FZ9-subtitle3;   E386|        The Last Judgment

FZ9-117.1;   E386|        And Los & Enitharmon builded Jerusalem weeping   t959
FZ9-117.2;   E386|        Over the Sepulcher & over the Crucified body
FZ9-117.3;   E386|        Which to their Phantom Eyes appear'd still in the Sepulcher
FZ9-117.4;   E386|        But Jesus stood beside them in the Spirit Separating
FZ9-117.5;   E386|        Their Spirit from their body. Terrified at Non Existence
FZ9-117.6;   E386|        For such they deemd the death of the body. Los his vegetable hands
FZ9-117.7;   E386|        Outstretchd his right hand branching out in fibrous Strength
FZ9-117.8;   E386|        Siezd the Sun. His left hand like dark roots coverd the Moon
FZ9-117.9;   E386|        And tore them down cracking the heavens across from immense to immense
FZ9-117.10; E386|        Then fell the fires of Eternity with loud & shrill
FZ9-117.11; E386|        Sound of Loud Trumpet thundering along from heaven to heaven
FZ9-117.12; E386|        A mighty sound articulate Awake ye dead & come
FZ9-117.13; E386|        To judgment from the four winds Awake & Come away
FZ9-117.14; E386|        Folding like scrolls of the Enormous volume of Heaven & Earth

FZ9-117.15; E387|        With thunderous noise & dreadful shakings rocking to & fro
FZ9-117.16; E387|        The heavens are shaken & the Earth removed from its place
FZ9-117.17; E387|        The foundations of the Eternal hills discoverd
FZ9-117.18; E387|        The thrones of Kings are shaken they have lost their robes & crowns
FZ9-117.19; E387|        The poor smite their opressors they awake up to the harvest
FZ9-117.20; E387|        The naked warriors rush together down to the sea shore
FZ9-117.21; E387|        Trembling before the multitudes of slaves now set at liberty
FZ9-117.22; E387|        They are become like wintry flocks like forests stripd of leaves
FZ9-117.23; E387|        The opressed pursue like the wind there is no room for escape
FZ9-117.24; E387|        The Spectre of Enitharmon let loose on the troubled deep
FZ9-117.25; E387|        Waild shrill in the confusion & the Spectre of Urthona

FZ9-118.1;   E387|        Recievd her in the darkning South their bodies lost they stood
FZ9-118.2;   E387|        Trembling & weak a faint embrace a fierce desire as when
FZ9-118.3;   E387|        Two shadows mingle on a wall they wail & shadowy tears
FZ9-118.4;   E387|        Fell down & shadowy forms of joy mixd with despair & grief
FZ9-118.5;   E387|        Their bodies buried in the ruins of the Universe
FZ9-118.6;   E387|        Mingled with the confusion. Who shall call them from the Grave

FZ9-118.7;   E387|        Rahab & Tirzah wail aloud in the wild flames they give up themselves to Consummation
FZ9-118.8;   E387|        The books of Urizen unroll with dreadful noise the folding Serpent
FZ9-118.9;   E387|        Of Orc began to Consume in fierce raving fire his fierce flames
FZ9-118.10; E387|        Issud on all sides gathring strength in animating volumes
FZ9-118.11; E387|        Roaring abroad on all the winds raging intense reddening
FZ9-118.12; E387|        Into resistless pillars of fire rolling round & round gathering
FZ9-118.13; E387|        Strength from the Earths consumd & heavens & all hidden abysses
FZ9-118.14; E387|        Wherever the Eagle has Explord or Lion or Tyger trod
FZ9-118.15; E387|        Or where the Comets of the night or stars of [asterial] day   t960
FZ9-118.16; E387|        Have shot their arrows or long beamed spears in wrath & fury

FZ9-118.17; E387|        And all the while the trumpet sounds from the clotted gore & from the hollow den
FZ9-118.18; E387|        Start forth the trembling millions into flames of mental fire
FZ9-118.19; E387|        Bathing their limbs in the bright visions of Eternity

FZ9-118.20; E387|        Then like the doves from pillars of Smoke the trembling families
FZ9-118.21; E387|        Of women & children throughout every nation under heaven
FZ9-118.22; E387|        Cling round the men in bands of twenties & of fifties pale
FZ9-118.23; E387|        As snow that falls around a leafless tree upon the green
FZ9-118.24; E387|        Their opressors are falln they have Stricken them they awake to life
FZ9-118.25; E387|        Yet pale the just man stands erect & looking up to heavn
FZ9-118.26; E387|        Trembling & strucken by the Universal stroke the trees unroot
FZ9-118.27; E387|        The rocks groan horrible & run about. The mountains &
FZ9-118.28; E387|        Their rivers cry with a dismal cry the cattle gather together
FZ9-118.29; E387|        Lowing they kneel before the heavens. the wild beasts of the forests
FZ9-118.30; E387|        Tremble the Lion shuddering asks the Leopard. Feelest thou

FZ9-118.31; E388|        The dread I feel unknown before My voice refuses to roar
FZ9-118.32; E388|        And in weak moans I speak to thee This night
FZ9-118.33; E388|        Before the mornings dawn the Eagle calld the Vulture
FZ9-118.34; E388|        The Raven calld the hawk I heard them from my forests black
FZ9-118.35; E388|        Saying Let us go up far for soon I smell upon the wind
FZ9-118.36; E388|        A terror coming from the South. The Eagle & Hawk fled away
FZ9-118.37; E388|        At dawn & Eer the sun arose the ravel) & Vulture followd
FZ9-118.38; E388|        Let us flee also to the north. They fled. The Sons of Men
FZ9-118.39; E388|        Saw them depart in dismal droves. The trumpet sounded loud   t962
FZ9-118.40; E388|        And all the Sons of Eternity Descended into Beulah

FZ9-119.1;   E388|        In the fierce flames the limbs of Mystery lay consuming with howling   t963
FZ9-119.2;   E388|        And deep despair. Rattling go up the flames around the Synagogue
FZ9-119.3;   E388|        Of Satan Loud the Serpent Orc ragd thro his twenty Seven
FZ9-119.4;   E388|        Folds. The tree of Mystery went up in folding flames
FZ9-119.5;   E388|        Blood issud out in mighty volumes pouring in whirlpools fierce
FZ9-119.6;   E388|        From out the flood gates of the Sky The Gates are burst down pour
FZ9-119.7;   E388|        The torrents black upon the Earth the blood pours down incessant
FZ9-119.8;   E388|        Kings in their palaces lie drownd Shepherds their flocks their tents
FZ9-119.9;   E388|        Roll down the mountains in black torrents Cities Villages
FZ9-119.10; E388|        High spires & Castles drownd in the black deluge Shoal on Shoal
FZ9-119.11; E388|        Float the dead carcases of Men & Beasts driven to & fro on waves
FZ9-119.12; E388|        Of foaming blood beneath the black incessant Sky till all
FZ9-119.13; E388|        Mysterys tyrants are cut off & not one left on Earth

FZ9-119.14; E388|        And when all Tyranny was cut off from the face of Earth
FZ9-119.15; E388|        Around the Dragon form of Urizen & round his stony form
FZ9-119.16; E388|        The flames rolling intense thro the wide Universe
FZ9-119.17; E388|        Began to Enter the Holy City Entring the dismal clouds   t964
FZ9-119.18; E388|        In furrowd lightnings break their way the wild flames li[c]king up  t965
FZ9-119.19; E388|        The Bloody Deluge living flames winged with intellect
FZ9-119.20; E388|        And Reason round the Earth they march in order flame by flame
FZ9-119.21; E388|        From the clotted gore & from the hollow den
FZ9-119.22; E388|        Start forth the trembling Millions into flames of mental fire
FZ9-119.23; E388|        Bathing their Limbs in the bright visions of Eternity

FZ9-119.24; E388|        Beyond this Universal Confusion beyond the remotest Pole   t966

FZ9-119.25; E388|        Where their vortexes begin to operate there stands
FZ9-119.26; E388|        A Horrible rock far in the South it was forsaken when
FZ9-119.27; E388|        Urizen gave the horses of Light into the hands of Luvah
FZ9-119.28; E388|        On this rock lay the faded head of the Eternal Man
FZ9-119.29; E388|        Enwrapped round with weeds of death pale cold in sorrow & woe
FZ9-119.30; E388|        He lifts the blue lamps of his Eyes & cries with heavenly voice
FZ9-119.31; E388|        Bowing his head over the consuming Universe he cried

FZ9-119.32; E388|        O weakness & O weariness O war within my members
FZ9-119.33; E388|        My sons exiled from my breast pass to & fro before me

FZ9-119.34; E389|        My birds are silent on my hills flocks die beneath my branches
FZ9-119.35; E389|        My tents are fallen my trumpets & the sweet sounds of my harp
FZ9-119.36; E389|        Is silent on my clouded hills that belch forth storms & fires
FZ9-119.37; E389|        My milk of cows & honey of bees & fruit of golden harvest
FZ9-119.38; E389|        Are gatherd in the scorching heat & in the riving rain
FZ9-119.39; E389|        My robe is turned to confusion & my bright gold to stones
FZ9-119.40; E389|        Where once I sat I weary walk in misery & pain
FZ9-119.41; E389|        For from within my witherd breast grown narrow with my woes   t967
FZ9-119.42; E389|        The Corn is turnd to thistles & the apples into poison
FZ9-119.43; E389|        The birds of song to murderous crows My joys to bitter groans

FZ9-120.1;   E389|        The voices of children in my tents to cries of helpless infants
FZ9-120.2;   E389|        And all exiled from the face of light & shine of morning
FZ9-120.3;   E389|        In this dark world a narrow house I wander up & down
FZ9-120.4;   E389|        I hear Mystery howling in these flames of Consummation
FZ9-120.5;   E389|        When shall the Man of future times become as in days of old
FZ9-120.6;   E389|        O weary life why sit I here & give up all my powers
FZ9-120.7;   E389|        To indolence to the night of death when indolence & mourning
FZ9-120.8;   E389|        Sit hovring over my dark threshold. tho I arise look out
FZ9-120.9;   E389|        And scorn the war within my members yet my heart is weak
FZ9-120.10; E389|        And my head faint Yet will I look again unto the morning
FZ9-120.11; E389|        Whence is this sound of rage of Men drinking each others blood
FZ9-120.12; E389|        Drunk with the smoking gore & red but not with nourishing wine

FZ9-120.13; E389|        The Eternal Man sat on the Rocks & cried with awful voice

FZ9-120.14; E389|        O Prince of Light where art thou I behold thee not as once
FZ9-120.15; E389|        In those Eternal fields in clouds of morning stepping forth
FZ9-120.16; E389|        With harps & songs where bright Ahania sang before thy face
FZ9-120.17; E389|        And all thy sons & daughters gatherd round my ample table
FZ9-120.18; E389|        See you not all this wracking furious confusion
FZ9-120.19; E389|        Come forth from slumbers of thy cold abstraction come forth
FZ9-120.20; E389|        Arise to Eternal births shake off thy cold repose
FZ9-120.21; E389|        Schoolmaster of souls great opposer of change arise
FZ9-120.22; E389|        That the Eternal worlds may see thy face in peace & joy
FZ9-120.23; E389|        That thou dread form of Certainty maist sit in town & village
FZ9-120.24; E389|        While little children play around thy feet in gentle awe
FZ9-120.25; E389|        Fearing thy frown loving thy smile O Urizen Prince of light

FZ9-120.26; E389|        He calld[;] the deep buried his voice & answer none returnd
FZ9-120.27; E389|        Then wrath burst round the Eternal Man was wrath again he cried
FZ9-120.28; E389|        Arise O stony form of death O dragon of the Deeps
FZ9-120.29; E389|        Lie down before my feet O Dragon let Urizen arise
FZ9-120.30; E389|        O how couldst thou deform those beautiful proportions   t968
FZ9-120.31; E389|        Of life & person for as the Person so is his life proportiond   t969
FZ9-120.32; E389|        Let Luvah rage in the dark deep even to Consummation
FZ9-120.33; E389|        For if thou feedest not his rage it will subside in peace

FZ9-120.34; E390|        But if thou darest obstinate refuse my stern behest
FZ9-120.35; E390|        Thy crown & scepter I will sieze & regulate all my members
FZ9-120.36; E390|        In stern severity & cast thee out into the indefinite
FZ9-120.37; E390|        Where nothing lives, there to wander. & if thou returnst weary
FZ9-120.38; E390|        Weeping at the threshold of Existence I will steel my heart
FZ9-120.39; E390|        Against thee to Eternity & never recieve thee more
FZ9-120.40; E390|        Thy self-destroying beast formd Science shall be thy eternal lot
FZ9-120.41; E390|        My anger against thee is greater than against this Luvah
FZ9-120.42; E390|        For war is energy Enslavd but thy religion   t970
FZ9-120.43; E390|        The first author of this war & the distracting of honest minds
FZ9-120.44; E390|        Into confused perturbation & strife & honour & pride
FZ9-120.45; E390|        Is a deceit so detestable that I will cast thee out
FZ9-120.46; E390|        If thou repentest not & leave thee as a rotten branch to be burnd
FZ9-120.47; E390|        With Mystery the Harlot & with Satan for Ever & Ever
FZ9-120.48; E390|        Error can never be redeemd in all Eternity
FZ9-120.49; E390|        But Sin Even Rahab is redeemd in blood & fury & jealousy
FZ9-120.50; E390|        That line of blood that stretchd across the windows of the morning
FZ9-120.51; E390|        Redeemd from Errors power. Wake thou dragon of the Deeps

FZ9-121.1;   E390|        Urizen wept in the dark deep anxious his Scaly form
FZ9-121.2;   E390|        To reassume the human & he wept in the dark deep

F9-121.3;   E390|        Saying O that I had never drank the wine nor eat the bread
FZ9-121.4;   E390|        Of dark mortality nor cast my view into futurity nor turnd   t971
FZ9-121.5;   E390|        My back darkning the present clouding with a cloud
FZ9-121.6;   E390|        And building arches high & cities turrets & towers & domes   t972
FZ9-121.7;   E390|        Whose smoke destroyd the pleasant gardens & whose running Kennels   t973
FZ9-121.8;   E390|        Chokd the bright rivers burdning with my Ships the angry deep
FZ9-121.9;   E390|        Thro Chaos seeking for delight & in spaces remote
FZ9-121.10; E390|        Seeking the Eternal which is always present to the wise
FZ9-121.11; E390|        Seeking for pleasure which unsought falls round the infants path
FZ9-121.12; E390|        And on the fleeces of mild flocks who neither care nor labour
FZ9-121.13; E390|        But I the labourer of ages whose unwearied hands
FZ9-121.14; E390|        Are thus deformd with hardness with the sword & with the spear   t974
FZ9-121.15; E390|        And with the Chisel & the mallet I whose labours vast
FZ9-121.16; E390|        Order the nations separating family by family
FZ9-121.17; E390|        Alone enjoy not I alone in misery supreme
FZ9-121.18; E390|        Ungratified give all my joy unto this Luvah & Vala   t975
FZ9-121.19; E390|        Then Go O dark futurity I will cast thee forth from these   t976
FZ9-121.20; E390|        Heavens of my brain nor will I look upon futurity more   t977
FZ9-121.21; E390|        I cast futurity away & turn my back upon that void   t978
FZ9-121.22; E390|        Which I have made for lo futurity is in this moment  t979
FZ9-121.23; E390|        Let Orc consume let Tharmas rage let dark Urthona give
FZ9-121.24; E390|        All strength to Los & Enitharmon & let Los self-cursd
FZ9-121.25; E390|        Rend down this fabric as a wall ruind & family extinct
FZ9-121.26; E390|        Rage Orc Rage Tharmas Urizen no longer curbs your rage

FZ9-121.27; E391|        So Urizen spoke he shook his snows from off his Shoulders & arose
FZ9-121.28; E391|        As on a Pyramid of mist his white robes scattering
FZ9-121.29; E391|        The fleecy white renewd he shook his aged mantles off
FZ9-121.30; E391|        Into the fires Then glorious bright Exulting in his joy
FZ9-121.31; E391|        He sounding rose into the heavens in naked majesty
FZ9-121.32; E391|        In radian Youth. when Lo like garlands in the Eastern sky
FZ9-121.33; E391|        When vocal may comes dancing from the East Ahania came
FZ9-121.34; E391|        Exulting in her flight as when a bubble rises up
FZ9-121.35; E391|        On to the surface of a lake. Ahania rose in joy
FZ9-121.36; E391|        Excess of joy is worse than grief--her heart beat high her blood
FZ9-121.37; E391|        Burst its bright Vessels She fell down dead at the feet of Urizen
FZ9-121.38; E391|        Outstretchd a Smiling corse they buried her in a silent cave
FZ9-121.39; E391|        Urizen dropt a tear the Eternal Man Darkend with sorrow

FZ9-121.40; E391|        The three daughters of Urizen Guard Ahanias Death couch
FZ9-121.41; E391|        Rising from the confusion in tears & howlings & despair
FZ9-121.42; E391|        Calling upon their fathers Name upon their Rivers dark

FZ9-121.43; E391|        And the Eternal Man Said Hear my words O Prince of Light   t980

FZ9-122.1;   E391|        Behold Jerusalem in whose bosom the Lamb of God
FZ9-122.2;   E391|        Is seen tho slain before her Gates he self renewd remains
FZ9-122.3;   E391|        Eternal & I thro him awake to life from deaths dark vale
FZ9-122.4;   E391|        The times revolve the time is coming when all these delights
FZ9-122.5;   E391|        Shall be renewd & all these Elements that now consume
FZ9-122.6;   E391|        Shall reflourish. Then bright Ahania shall awake from death
FZ9-122.7;   E391|        A glorious Vision to thine Eyes a Self renewing Vision   t981
FZ9-122.8;   E391|        The spring. the summer to be thine then Sleep the wintry days
FZ9-122.9;   E391|        In silken garments spun by her own hands against her funeral
FZ9-122.10; E391|        The winter thou shalt plow & lay thy stores into thy barns
FZ9-122.11; E391|        Expecting to recieve Ahania in the spring with joy
FZ9-122.12; E391|        Immortal thou. Regenerate She & all the lovely Sex
FZ9-122.13; E391|        From her shall learn obedience & prepare for a wintry grave
FZ9-122.14; E391|        That spring may see them rise in tenfold joy & sweet delight
FZ9-122.15; E391|        Thus shall the male & female live the life of Eternity
FZ9-122.16; E391|        Because the Lamb of God Creates himself a bride & wife
FZ9-122.17; E391|        That we his Children evermore may live in Jerusalem
FZ9-122.18; E391|        Which now descendeth out of heaven a City yet a Woman
FZ9-122.19; E391|        Mother of myriads redeemd & born in her spiritual palaces
FZ9-122.20; E391|        By a New Spiritual birth Regenerated from Death

FZ9-122.21; E391|        Urizen Said. I have Erred & my Error remains with me
FZ9-122.22; E391|        What Chain encompasses in what Lock is the river of light confind
FZ9-122.23; E391|        That issues forth in the morning by measure & the evening by carefulness
FZ9-122.24; E391|        Where shall we take our stand to view the infinite & unbounded
FZ9-122.25; E391|        Or where are human feet for Lo our eyes are in the heavens   t982

FZ9-122.26; E392|        He ceasd for rivn link from link the bursting Universe explodes
FZ9-122.27; E392|        All things reversd flew from their centers rattling bones
FZ9-122.28; E392|        To bones Join, shaking convulsd the shivering clay breathes   t983
FZ9-122.29; E392|        Each speck of dust to the Earths center nestles round & round
FZ9-122.30; E392|        In pangs of an Eternal Birth in torment & awe & fear
FZ9-122.31; E392|        All spirits deceasd let loose from reptile prisons come in shoals
FZ9-122.32; E392|        Wild furies from the tygers brain & from the lions Eyes  t984
FZ9-122.33; E392|        And from the ox & ass come moping terrors. from the Eagle
FZ9-122.34; E392|        And raven numerous as the leaves of Autumn every species
FZ9-122.35; E392|        Flock to the trumpet muttring over the sides of the grave & crying
FZ9-122.36; E392|        In the fierce wind round heaving rocks & mountains filld with groans
FZ9-122.37; E392|        On rifted rocks suspended in the air by inward fires
FZ9-122.38; E392|        Many a woful company & many on clouds & waters
FZ9-122.39; E392|        Fathers & friends Mothers & Infants Kings & Warriors
FZ9-122.40; E392|        Priests & chaind Captives met together in a horrible fear
FZ9-122.41; E392|        And every one of the dead appears as he had livd before

FZ9-123.1;   E392|        And all the marks remain of the Slaves scourge & tyrants Crown
FZ9-123.2;   E392|        And of the Priests oergorged Abdomen & of the merchants thin
FZ9-123.3;   E392|        Sinewy deception & of the warriors ou[t]braving & thoughtlessness
FZ9-123.4;   E392|        In lineaments too extended & in bones too strait & long

FZ9-123.5;   E392|        They shew their wounds they accuse they sieze the opressor howlings began   t985
FZ9-123.6;   E392|        On the golden palace Songs & joy on the desart the Cold babe
FZ9-123.7;   E392|        Stands in the furious air he cries the children of six thousand years
FZ9-123.8;   E392|        Who died in infancy rage furious a mighty multitude rage furious
FZ9-123.9;   E392|        Naked & pale standing on the expecting air to be deliverd
FZ9-123.10; E392|        Rend limb from limb the Warrior & the tyrant reuniting in pain
FZ9-123.11; E392|        The furious wind still rends around they flee in sluggish effort

FZ9-123.12; E392|        They beg they intreat in vain now they Listend not to intreaty
FZ9-123.13; E392|        They view the flames red rolling on thro the wide universe
FZ9-123.14; E392|        From the dark jaws of death beneath & desolate shores remote   t986
FZ9-123.15; E392|        These covering Vaults of heaven & these trembling globes of Earth
FZ9-123.16; E392|        One Planet calls to another & one star enquires of another   t987
FZ9-123.17; E392|        What flames are these coming from the South what noise what dreadful rout
FZ9-123.18; E392|        As of a battle in the heavens hark heard you not the trumpet
FZ9-123.19; E392|        As of fierce battle while they spoke the flames come on intense roaring

FZ9-123.20; E392|        They see him whom they have piercd they wail because of him
FZ9-123.21; E392|        They magnify themselves no more against Jerusalem Nor
FZ9-123.22; E392|        Against her little ones the innocent accused before the Judges
FZ9-123.23; E392|        Shines with immortal Glory trembling the Judge springs from his throne
FZ9-123.24; E392|        Hiding his face in the dust beneath the prisoners feet & saying   t988
FZ9-123.25; E392|        Brother of Jesus what have I done intreat thy lord for me

FZ9-123.26; E393|        Perhaps I may be forgiven While he speaks the flames roll on
FZ9-123.27; E393|        And after the flames appears the Cloud of the Son of Man
FZ9-123.28; E393|        Descending from Jerusalem with power and great Glory
FZ9-123.29; E393|        All nations look up to the Cloud & behold him who was Crucified

FZ9-123.30; E393|        The Prisoner answers you scourgd my father to death before my face
FZ9-123.31; E393|        While I stood bound with cords & heavy chains, Your hipocrisy
FZ9-123.32; E393|        Shall now avail you nought. So speaking he dashd him with his foot

FZ9-123.33; E393|        The Cloud is Blood dazling upon the heavens & in the cloud
FZ9-123.34; E393|        Above upon its volumes is beheld a throne & a pavement   t989
FZ9-123.35; E393|        Of precious stones. surrounded by twenty four venerable patriarchs   t990
FZ9-123.36; E393|        And these again surrounded by four Wonders of the Almighty   t991
FZ9-123.37; E393|        Incomprehensible. pervading all amidst & round about
FZ9-123.38; E393|        Fourfold each in the other reflected they are named Life's in Eternity.
FZ9-123.39; E393|        Four Starry Universes going forward from Eternity to Eternity
FZ9-123.40; E393|        And the Falln Man who was arisen upon the Rock of Ages

FZ9-124.1;   E393|        Beheld the Vision of God & he arose up from the Rock
FZ9-124.2;   E393|        And Urizen arose up with him walking thro the flames
FZ9-124.3;   E393|        To meet the Lord coming to Judgment but the flames repelld them
FZ9-124.4;   E393|        Still to the Rock in vain they strove to Enter the Consummation
FZ9-124.5;   E393|        Together for the Redeemd Man could not enter the Consummation   t992

FZ9-124.6;   E393|        Then siezd the Sons of Urizen the Plow they polishd it
FZ9-124.7;   E393|        From rust of ages all its ornaments of Gold & silver & ivory
FZ9-124.8;   E393|        Reshone across the field immense where all the nations
FZ9-124.9;   E393|        Darkend like Mould in the divided fallows where the weed
FZ9-124.10; E393|        Triumphs in its own destruction they took down the harness

FZ9-124.11; E393|        From the blue walls of heaven starry jingling ornamented
FZ9-124.12; E393|        With beautiful art the study of angels the workmanship of Demons
FZ9-124.13; E393|        When Heaven & Hell in Emulation strove in sports of Glory

FZ9-124.14; E393|        The noise of rural work resounded thro the heavens of heavens
FZ9-124.15; E393|        The horse[s] neigh from the battle the wild bulls from the sultry waste
FZ9-124.16; E393|        The tygers from the forests & the lions from the sandy desarts   t993
FZ9-124.17; E393|        They sing they sieze the instruments of harmony they throw away
FZ9-124.18; E393|        The spear the bow the gun the mortar they level the fortifications   t994
FZ9-124.19; E393|        They bet the iron engines of destruction into wedges
FZ9-124.20; E393|        They give them to Urthonas Sons ringing the hammers sound
FZ9-124.21; E393|        In dens of death to forge the spade the mattock & the ax
FZ9-124.22; E393|        The heavy roller to break the clods to pass over the nations

FZ9-124.23; E393|        The Sons of Urizen Shout Their father rose The Eternal horses
FZ9-124.24; E393|        Harnessd They calld to Urizen the heavens moved at their call
FZ9-124.25; E393|        The limbs of Urizen shone with ardor. He laid his ha[n]d on the Plow   t995

FZ9-124.26; E394|        Thro dismal darkness drave the Plow of ages over Cities
FZ9-124.27; E394|        And all their Villages over Mountains & all their Vallies
FZ9-124.28; E394|        Over the graves & caverns of the dead Over the Planets
FZ9-124.29; E394|        And over the void Spaces over Sun & moon & star & constellation

FZ9-124.30; E394|        Then Urizen commanded & they brought the Seed of Men
FZ9-124.31; E394|        The trembling souls of All the Dead stood before Urizen
FZ9-124.32; E394|        Weak wailing in the troubled air East west & north & south

FZ9-125.1;   E394|        He turnd the horses loose & laid his Plow in the northern corner
FZ9-125.2;   E394|        Of the wide Universal field. then Stepd forth into the immense   t996

FZ9-125.3;   E394|        Then he began to sow the seed he girded round his loins
FZ9-125.4;   E394|        With a bright girdle & his skirt filld with immortal souls
FZ9-125.5;   E394|        Howling & Wailing fly the souls from Urizens strong hand

FZ9-125.6;   E394|        For from the hand of Urizen the myriads fall like stars
FZ9-125.7;   E394|        Into their own appointed places driven back by the winds
FZ9-125.8;   E394|        The naked warriors rush together down to the sea shores
FZ9-125.9;   E394|        They are become like wintry flocks like forests stripd of leaves
FZ9-125.10; E394|        The Kings & Princes of the Earth cry with a feeble cry
FZ9-125.11; E394|        Driven on the unproducing sands & on the hardend rocks
FZ9-125.12; E394|        And all the while the flames of Orc follow the ventrous feet
FZ9-125.13; E394|        Of Urizen & all the while the Trump of Tharmas sounds
FZ9-125.14; E394|        Weeping & wailing fly the souls from Urizens strong hand
FZ9-125.15; E394|        The daughters of Urizen stand with Cups & measures of foaming wine
FZ9-125.16; E394|        Immense upon the heavens with bread & delicate repasts

FZ9-125.17; E394|        Then follows the golden harrow in the midst of Mental fires
FZ9-125.18; E394|        To ravishing melody of flutes & harps & softest voice
FZ9-125.19; E394|        The seed is harrowd in while flames heat the black mould & cause
FZ9-125.20; E394|        The human harvest to begin Towards the south first sprang
FZ9-125.21; E394|        The myriads & in silent fear they look out from their graves

FZ9-125.22; E394|        Then Urizen sits down to rest & all his wearied Sons
FZ9-125.23; E394|        Take their repose on beds they drink they sing they view the flames
FZ9-125.24; E394|        Of Orc in joy they view the human harvest springing up
FZ9-125.25; E394|        A time they give to sweet repose till all the harvest is ripe

FZ9-125.26; E394|        And Lo like the harvest Moon Ahania cast off her death clothes
FZ9-125.27; E394|        She folded them up in care in silence & her brightning limbs
FZ9-125.28; E394|        Bathd in the clear spring of the rock then from her darksom cave
FZ9-125.29; E394|        Issud in majesty divine Urizen rose up from his couch
FZ9-125.30; E394|        On wings of tenfold joy clapping his hands his feet his radiant wings
FZ9-125.31; E394|        In the immense as when the Sun dances upon the mountains
FZ9-125.32; E394|        A shout of jubilee in lovely notes responding from daughter to daughter
FZ9-125.33; E394|        From son to Son as if the Stars beaming innumerable

FZ9-125.34; E395|        Thro night should sing soft warbling filling Earth & heaven
FZ9-125.35; E395|        And bright Ahania took her seat by Urizen in songs & joy

FZ9-125.36; E395|        The Eternal Man also sat down upon the Couches of Beulah
FZ9-125.37; E395|        Sorrowful that he could not put off his new risen body
FZ9-125.38; E395|        In mental flames the flames refusd they drove him back to Beulah
FZ9-125.39; E395|        His body was redeemd to be permanent thro Mercy Divine

FZ9-126.1;   E395|        And now fierce Orc had quite consumd himself in Mental flames
FZ9-126.2;   E395|        Expending all his energy against the fuel of fire
FZ9-126.3;   E395|        The Regenerate Man stoopd his head over the Universe & in   t997
FZ9-126.4;   E395|        His holy hands recied the flaming Demon & Demoness of Smoke
FZ9-126.5;   E395|        And gave them to Urizens hands the Immortal frownd Saying

FZ9-126.6;   E395|        Luvah & Vala henceforth you are Servants obey & live
FZ9-126.7;   E395|        You shall forget your former state return O Love in peace   t998
FZ9-126.8;   E395|        Into your place the place of seed not in the brain or heart
FZ9-126.9;   E395|        If Gods combine against Man Setting their Dominion above
FZ9-126.10; E395|        The Human form Divine. Thrown down from their high Station
FZ9-126.11; E395|        In the Eternal heavens of Human Imagination: buried beneath   t999
FZ9-126.12; E395|        In dark Oblivion with incessant pangs ages on ages
FZ9-126.13; E395|        In Enmity & war first weakend then in stern repentance
FZ9-126.14; E395|        They must renew their brightness & their disorganizd functions
FZ9-126.15; E395|        Again reorganize till they resume the image of the human
FZ9-126.16; E395|        Cooperating in the bliss of Man obeying his Will
FZ9-126.17; E395|        Servants to the infinite & Eternal of the Human form

FZ9-126.18; E395|        Luvah & Vala descended & enterd the Gates of Dark Urthona
FZ9-126.19; E395|        And walkd from the hands of Urizen in the shadows of Valas Garden
FZ9-126.20; E395|        Where the impressions of Despair & Hope for ever vegetate
FZ9-126.21; E395|        In flowers in fruits in fishes birds & beasts & clouds & waters
FZ9-126.22; E395|        The land of doubts & shadows sweet delusions unformd hopes
FZ9-126.23; E395|        They saw no more the terrible confusion of the wracking universe
FZ9-126.24; E395|        They heard not saw not felt not all the terrible confusion
FZ9-126.25; E395|        For in their orbed senses within closd up they wanderd at will
FZ9-126.26; E395|        And those upon the Couches viewd them in the dreams of Beulah
FZ9-126.27; E395|        As they reposd from the terrible wide universal harvest
FZ9-126.28; E395|        Invisible Luvah in bright clouds hoverd over Valas head
FZ9-126.29; E395|        And thus their ancient golden age renewd for Luvah spoke
FZ9-126.30; E395|        With voice mild from his golden Cloud upon the breath of morning

FZ9-126.31; E395|        Come forth O Vala from the grass & from the silent Dew
FZ9-126.32; E395|        Rise from the dews of death for the Eternal Man is Risen

FZ9-126.33; E395|        She rises among flowers & looks toward the Eastern clearness
FZ9-126.34; E395|        She walks yea runs her feet are wingd on the tops of the bending grass
FZ9-126.35; E395|        Her garments rejoice in the vocal wind & her hair glistens with dew

FZ9-126.36; E396|        She answerd thus Whose voice is this in the voice of the nourishing air
FZ9-126.37; E396|        In the spirit of the morning awaking the Soul from its grassy bed

FZ9-127.1;   E396|        Where dost thou dwell for it is thee I seek & but for thee
FZ9-127.2;   E396|        I must have slept Eternally nor have felt the dew of thy morning
FZ9-127.3;   E396|        Look how the opening dawn advances with vocal harmony
FZ9-127.4;   E396|        Look how the beams foreshew the rising of some glorious power
FZ9-127.5;   E396|        The sun is thine he goeth forth in his majestic brightness   t1000
FZ9-127.6;   E396|        O thou creating voice that callest & who shall answer thee

FZ9-127.7;   E396|        Where dost thou flee O fair one where dost thou seek thy happy place

FZ9-127.8;   E396|        To yonder brightness there I haste for sure I came from thence
FZ9-127.9;   E396|        Or I must have slept eternally nor have felt the dew of morning

FZ9-127.10; E396|        Eternally thou must have slept nor have felt the morning dew
FZ9-127.11; E396|        But for yon nourishing sun tis that by which thou art arisen
FZ9-127.12; E396|        The birds adore the sun the beasts rise up & play in his beams
FZ9-127.13; E396|        And every flower & every leaf rejoices in his light
FZ9-127.14; E396|        Then O thou fair one sit thee down for thou art as the grass
FZ9-127.15; E396|        Thou risest in the dew of morning & at night art folded up

FZ9-127.16; E396|        Alas am I but as a flower then will I sit me down
FZ9-127.17; E396|        Then will I weep then Ill complain & sigh for immortality
FZ9-127.18; E396|        And chide my maker thee O Sun that raisedst me to fall

FZ9-127.19; E396|        So saying she sat down & wept beneath the apple trees

FZ9-127.20; E396|        O be thou blotted out thou Sun that raisedst me to trouble
FZ9-127.21; E396|        That gavest me a heart to crave & raisedst me thy phantom
FZ9-127.22; E396|        To feel thy heat & see thy light & wander here alone
FZ9-127.23; E396|        Hopeless if I am like the grass & so shall pass away
FZ9-127.24; E396|        Rise sluggish Soul why sitst thou here why dost thou sit & weep
FZ9-127.25; E396|        Yon Sun shall wax old & decay but thou shalt ever flourish
FZ9-127.26; E396|        The fruit shall ripen & fall down & the flowers consume away
FZ9-127.27; E396|        But thou shalt still survive arise O dry thy dewy tears

FZ9-127.28; E396|        Hah! Shall I still survive whence came that sweet & comforting voice
FZ9-127.29; E396|        And whence that voice of sorrow O sun thou art nothing now to me
FZ9-127.30; E396|        Go on thy course rejoicing & let us both rejoice together
FZ9-127.31; E396|        I walk among his flocks & hear the bleating of his lambs
FZ9-127.32; E396|        O that I could behold his face & follow his pure feet
FZ9-127.33; E396|        I walk by the footsteps of his flocks come hither tender flocks
FZ9-127.34; E396|        Can you converse with a pure Soul that seeketh for her maker
FZ9-127.35; E396|        You answer not then am I set your mistress in this garden
FZ9-127.36; E396|        Ill watch you & attend your footsteps you are not like the birds

FZ9-128.1;   E396|        That Sing & fly in the bright air but you do lick my feet
FZ9-128.2;   E396|        And let me touch your wooly backs follow me as I sing
FZ9-128.3;   E396|        For in my bosom a new song arises to my Lord

FZ9-128.4;   E397|        Rise up O Sun most glorious minister & light of day
FZ9-128.5;   E397|        Flow on ye gentle airs & bear the voice of my rejoicing
FZ9-128.6;   E397|        Wave freshly clear waters flowing around the tender grass
FZ9-128.7;   E397|        And thou sweet smelling ground put forth thy life in fruits & flowers
FZ9-128.8;   E397|        Follow me O my flocks & hear me sing my rapturous Song
FZ9-128.9;   E397|        I will cause my voice to be heard on the clouds that glitter in the sun
FZ9-128.10; E397|        I will call & who shall answer me I will sing who shall reply
FZ9-128.11; E397|        For from my pleasant hills behold the living living springs
FZ9-128.12; E397|        Running among my green pastures delighting among my trees
FZ9-128.13; E397|        I am not here alone my flocks you are my brethren
FZ9-128.14; E397|        And you birds that sing & adorn the sky you are my sisters
FZ9-128.15; E397|        I sing & you reply to my Song I rejoice & you are glad
FZ9-128.16; E397|        Follow he O my flocks we will now descend into the valley
FZ9-128.17; E397|        O how delicious are the grapes flourishing in the Sun
FZ9-128.18; E397|        How clear the spring of the rock running among the golden sand
FZ9-128.19; E397|        How cool the breezes of the vall[e]y & the arms of the branchy trees
FZ9-128.20; E397|        Cover us from the Sun come & let us sit in the Shade
FZ9-128.21; E397|        My Luvah here hath placd me in a Sweet & pleasant Land
FZ9-128.22; E397|        And given me fruits & pleasant waters & warm hills & cool valleys
FZ9-128.23; E397|        Here will I build myself a house & here Ill call on his name
FZ9-128.24; E397|        Here Ill return when I am weary & take my pleasant rest

FZ9-128.25; E397|        So spoke the Sinless Soul & laid her head on the downy fleece
FZ9-128.26; E397|        Of a curld Ram who stretchd himself in sleep beside his mistress
FZ9-128.27; E397|        And soft sleep fell upon her eyelids in the silent noon of day

FZ9-128.28; E397|        Then Luvah passed by & saw the sinless Soul
FZ9-128.29; E397|        And said Let a pleasant house arise to be the dwelling place
FZ9-128.30; E397|        Of this immortal Spirit growing in lower Paradise

FZ9-128.31; E397|        He spoke & pillars were builded & walls as white as ivory
FZ9-128.32; E397|        The grass she slept upon was pavd with pavement as of pearl
FZ9-128.33; E397|        Beneath her rose a downy bed & a cieling coverd all

FZ9-128.34; E397|        Vala awoke. When in the pleasant gates of sleep I enterd
FZ9-128.35; E397|        I saw my Luvah like a spirit stand in the bright air
FZ9-128.36; E397|        Round him stood spirits like me who reard me a bright house
FZ9-128.37; E397|        And here I see thee house remain in my most pleasant world

FZ9-129.1;   E397|        My Luvah smild I kneeled down he laid his hand on my head
FZ9-129.2;   E397|        And when he laid his hand upon me from the gates of sleep I came
FZ9-129.3;   E397|        Into this bodily house to tend my flocks in my pleasant garden

FZ9-129.4;   E397|        So saying she arose & walked round her beautiful house
FZ9-129.5;   E397|        And then from her white door she lookd to see her bleating lambs
FZ9-129.6;   E397|        But her flocks were gone up from beneath the trees into the hills

FZ9-129.7;   E397|        I see the hand that leadeth me doth also lead my flocks
FZ9-129.8;   E397|        She went up to her flocks & turned oft to see her shining house
FZ9-129.9;   E397|        She stopd to drink of the clear spring & eat the grapes & apples

FZ9-129.10; E398|        She bore the fruits in her lap she gatherd flowers for her bosom
FZ9-129.11; E398|        She called to her flocks saying follow me O my flocks

FZ9-129.12; E398|        They followd her to the silent vall[e]y beneath the spreading trees
FZ9-129.13; E398|        And on the rivers margin she ungirded her golden girdle
FZ9-129.14; E398|        She stood in the river & viewd herself within the watry glass
FZ9-129.15; E398|        And her bright hair was wet with the waters She rose up from the river
FZ9-129.16; E398|        And as she rose her Eyes were opend to the world of waters
FZ9-129.17; E398|        She saw Tharmas sitting upon the rocks beside the wavy sea
FZ9-129.18; E398|        He strokd the water from his beard & mournd faint thro the summer vales

FZ9-129.19; E398|        And Vala stood on the rocks of Tharmas & heard his mournful voice

FZ9-129.20; E398|        O Enion my weary head is in the bed of death
FZ9-129.21; E398|        For weeds of death have wrapd around my limbs in the hoary deeps
FZ9-129.22; E398|        I sit in the place of shells & mourn & thou art closd in clouds
FZ9-129.23; E398|        When will the time of Clouds be past & the dismal night of Tharmas
FZ9-129.24; E398|        Arise O Enion Arise & smile upon my head   t1001
FZ9-129.25; E398|        As thou dost smile upon the barren mountains and they rejoice
FZ9-129.26; E398|        When wilt thou smile on Tharmas O thou bringer of golden day
FZ9-129.27; E398|        Arise O Enion arise for Lo I have calmd my seas

FZ9-129.28; E398|        So saying his faint head he laid upon the Oozy rock
FZ9-129.29; E398|        And darkness coverd all the deep the light of Enion faded
FZ9-129.30; E398|        Like a fa[i]nt flame quivering upon the surface of the darkness

FZ9-129.31; E398|        Then Vala lifted up her hands to heaven to call on Enion
FZ9-129.32; E398|        She calld but none could answer her & the Eccho of her voice returnd

FZ9-129.33; E398|        Where is the voice of God that calld me from the silent dew
FZ9-129.34; E398|        Where is the Lord of Vala dost thou hide in clefts of the rock
FZ9-129.35; E398|        Why shouldst thou hide thyself from Vala from the soul that wanders desolate

FZ9-129.36; E398|        She ceas'd & light beamd round her like the glory of the morning

FZ9-130.1;   E398|        And She arose out of the river & girded on her golden girdle

FZ9-130.2;   E398|        And now her feet step on the grassy bosom of the ground
FZ9-130.3;   E398|        Among her flocks & she turnd her eyes toward her pleasant house
FZ9-130.4;   E398|        And saw in the door way beneath the trees two little children playing
FZ9-130.5;   E398|        She drew near to her house & her flocks followd her footsteps
FZ9-130.6;   E398|        The Children clung around her knees she embracd them & wept over them

FZ9-130.7;   E398|        Thou little Boy art Tharmas & thou bright Girl Enion
FZ9-130.8;   E398|        How are ye thus renewd & brought into the Gardens of Vala

FZ9-130.9;   E398|        She embracd them in tears. till the sun descended the western hills
FZ9-130.10; E398|        And then she enterd her bright house leading her mighty children

FZ9-130.11; E399|        And when night came the flocks laid round the house beneath the trees
FZ9-130.12; E399|        She laid the Children on the beds which she saw prepard in the house
FZ9-130.13; E399|        Then last herself laid down & closd her Eyelids in soft slumbers

FZ9-130.14; E399|        And in the morning when the Sun arose in the crystal sky
FZ9-130.15; E399|        Vala awoke & calld the children from their gentle slumbers

FZ9-130.16; E399|        Awake O Enion awake & let thine innocent Eyes
FZ9-130.17; E399|        Enlighten all the Crystal house of Vala awake awake
FZ9-130.18; E399|        Awake Tharmas awake awake thou child of dewy tears
FZ9-130.19; E399|        Open the orbs of thy blue eyes & smile upon my gardens

FZ9-130.20; E399|        The Children woke & smild on Vala. she kneeld by the golden couch
FZ9-130.21; E399|        She presd them to her bosom & her pearly tears dropd down
FZ9-130.22; E399|        O my sweet Children Enion let Tharmas kiss thy Cheek
FZ9-130.23; E399|        Why dost thou turn thyself away from his sweet watry eyes
FZ9-130.24; E399|        Tharmas henceforth in Valas bosom thou shalt find sweet peace
FZ9-130.25; E399|        O bless the lovely eyes of Tharmas & the Eyes of Enion

FZ9-130.26; E399|        They rose they went out wandring sometimes together sometimes alone

FZ9-13.27; E399|        Why weepest thou Tharmas Child of tears in the bright house of joy
FZ9-130.28; E399|        Doth Enion avoid the sight of thy blue heavenly Eyes
FZ9-130.29; E399|        And dost thou wander with my lambs & wet their innocent faces   t1002
FZ9-130.30; E399|        With thy bright tears because the steps of Enion are in the gardens
FZ9-130.31; E399|        Arise sweet boy & let us follow the path of Enion

FZ9-130.32; E399|        So saying they went down into the garden among the fruits
FZ9-130.33; E399|        And Enion sang among the flowers that grew among the trees
FZ9-130.34; E399|        And Vala said Go Tharmas weep not Go to Enion

FZ9-131.1;   E399|        He said O Vala I am sick & all this garden of Pleasure
FZ9-131.2;   E399|        Swims like a dream before my eyes but the sweet smelling fruit
FZ9-131.3;   E399|        Revives me to new deaths I fade even like a water lilly
FZ9-131.4;   E399|        In the suns heat till in the night on the couch of Enion
FZ9-131.5;   E399|        I drink new life & feel the breath of sleeping Enion
FZ9-131.6;   E399|        But in the morning she arises to avoid my Eyes
FZ9-131.7;   E399|        Then my loins fade & in the house I sit me down & weep

FZ9-131.8;   E399|        Chear up thy Countenance bright boy & go to Enion
FZ9-131.9;   E399|        Tell her that Vala waits her in the shadows of her garden

FZ9-131.10; E399|        He went with timid steps & Enion like the ruddy morn
FZ9-131.11; E399|        When infant spring appears in swelling buds & opening flowers
FZ9-131.12; E399|        Behind her Veil withdraws so Enion turnd her modest head

FZ9-131.13; E399|        But Tharmas spoke Vala seeks thee sweet Enion in the shades
FZ9-131.14; E399|        Follow the steps of Tharmas O thou brightness of the gardens
FZ9-131.15; E399|        He took her hand reluctant she followd in infant doubts

FZ9-131.16; E400|        Thus in Eternal Childhood straying among Valas flocks
FZ9-131.17; E400|        In infant sorrow & joy alternate Enion & Tharmas playd
FZ9-131.18; E400|        Round Vala in the Gardens of Vala & by her rivers margin
FZ9-131.19; E400|        They are the shadows of Tharmas & of Enion in Valas world

FZ9-131.20; E400|        And the sleepers who rested from their harvest work beheld theseOAthese visions
FZ9-131.21; E400|        Thus were the sleepers entertaind upon the Couches of Beulah
FZ9-131.22; E400|        When Luvah & Vala were closd up in their world of shadowy forms
FZ9-131.23; E400|        Darkness was all beneath the heavens only a little light
FZ9-131.24; E400|        Such as glows out from sleeping spirits appeard in the deeps beneath
FZ9-131.25; E400|        As when the wind sweeps over a Corn field the noise of souls
FZ9-131.26; E400|        Thro all the immense borne down by Clouds swagging in autumnal heat
FZ9-131.27; E400|        Muttering along from heaven to heaven hoarse roll the human forms
FZ9-131.28; E400|        Beneath thick clouds dreadful lightnings burst & thunders roll
FZ9-131.29; E400|        Down pour the torrent Floods of heaven on all the human harvest
FZ9-131.30; E400|        Then Urizen sitting at his repose on beds in the bright South
FZ9-131.31; E400|        Cried Times are Ended he Exulted he arose in joy he exulted
FZ9-131.32; E400|        He pourd his light & all his Sons & daughters pourd their light
FZ9-131.33; E400|        To exhale the spirits of Luvah & Vala thro the atmosphere
FZ9-131.34; E400|        And Luvah & Vala saw the Light their spirits were Exhald
FZ9-131.35; E400|        In all their ancient innocence the floods depart the clouds
FZ9-131.36; E400|        Dissipate or sink into the Seas of Tharmas Luvah sat
FZ9-131.37; E400|        Above in the bright heavens in peace. the Spirits of Men beneath
FZ9-131.38; E400|        Cried out to be deliverd & the Spirit of Luvah wept
FZ9-131.39; E400|        Over the human harvest & over Vala the sweet wanderer
FZ9-131.40; E400|        In pain the human harvest wavd in horrible groans of woe

FZ9-132.1;   E400|        The Universal Groan went up the Eternal Man was Darkend

FZ9-132.2;   E400|        Then Urizen arose & took his Sickle in his hand
FZ9-132.3;   E400|        There is a brazen sickle & a scythe of iron hid
FZ9-132.4;   E400|        Deep in the South guarded by a few solitary stars
FZ9-132.5;   E400|        This sickle Urizen took the scythe his sons embracd
FZ9-132.6;   E400|        And went forth & began to reap & all his joyful sons
FZ9-132.7;   E400|        Reapd the wide Universe & bound in Sheaves a wondrous harvest
FZ9-132.8;   E400|        They took them into the wide barns with loud rejoicings & triumph
FZ9-132.9;   E400|        Of flute & harp & drum & trumpet horn & clarion

FZ9-132.10; E400|        The feast was spread in the bright South& the Regenerate Man
FZ9-132.11; E400|        Sat at the feast rejoicing & the wine of Eternity
FZ9-132.12; E400|        Was servd round by the flames of Luvah all Day & all the Night
FZ9-132.13; E400|        And when Morning began to dawn upon the distant hills
FZ9-132.14; E400|        a whirlwind rose up in the Center & in the Whirlwind a shriek   t1003
FZ9-132.15; E400|        And in the Shriek a rattling of bones & in the rattling of bones
FZ9-132.16; E400|        A dolorous groan & from the dolorous groan in tears
FZ9-132.17; E400|        Rose Enion like a gentle light & Enion spoke saying

FZ9-132.18; E401|        O Dreams of Death the human form dissolving companied
FZ9-132.19; E401|        By beasts & worms & creeping things & darkness & despair   t1004
FZ9-132.20; E401|        The clouds fall off from my wet brow the dust from my cold limbs
FZ9-132.21; E401|        Into the Sea of Tharmas Soon renewd a Golden Moth
FZ9-132.22; E401|        I shall cast off my death clothes & Embrace Tharmas again
FZ9-132.23; E401|        For Lo the winter melted away upon the distant hills
FZ9-132.24; E401|        And all the black mould sings. She speaks to her infant race her milk
FZ9-132.25; E401|        Descends down on the sand. the thirsty sand drinks & rejoices   t1005
FZ9-132.26; E401|        Wondering to behold the Emmet the Grasshopper the jointed worm
FZ9-132.27; E401|        The roots shoot thick thro the solid rocks bursting their way
FZ9-132.28; E401|        They cry out in joys of existence. the broad stems
FZ9-132.29; E401|        Rear on the mountains stem after stem the scaly newt creeps
FZ9-132.30; E401|        From the stone & the armed fly springs from the rocky crevice
FZ9-132.31; E401|        The spider. The bat burst from the hardend slime crying
FZ9-132.32; E401|        To one another what are we & whence is our joy & delight
FZ9-132.33; E401|        Lo the little moss begins to spring & the tender weed
FZ9-132.34; E401|        Creeps round our secret nest. Flocks brighten the Mountains
FZ9-132.35; E401|        Herds throng up the Valley wild beasts fill the forests

FZ9-132.36; E401|        Joy thrilld thro all the Furious form of Tharmas humanizing
FZ9-132.37; E401|        Mild he Embracd her whom he sought he raisd her thro the heavens
FZ9-132.38; E401|        Sounding his trumpet to awake the Dead on high he soard
FZ9-132.39; E401|        Over the ruind worlds the smoking tomb of the Eternal Prophet

FZ9-133.1;   E401|        The Eternal Man arose he welcomd them to the Feast
FZ9-133.2;   E401|        The feast was spread in the bright South & the Eternal Man
FZ9-133.3;   E401|        Sat at the feast rejoicing & the wine of Eternity
FZ9-133.4;   E401|        Was servd round by the flames of Luvah all day & all the night

FZ9-133.5;   E401|        And Many Eternal Men sat at the golden feast to see
FZ9-133.6;   E401|        The female form now separate They shudderd at the horrible thing
FZ9-133.7;   E401|        Not born for the sport and amusement of Man but born to drink up all his powers
FZ9-133.8;   E401|        They wept to see their shadows they said to one another this is Sin   t1006
FZ9-133.9;   E401|        This is the Generative world they rememberd the Days of old  t1007

FZ9-133.10; E401|        And One of the Eternals spoke All was silent at the feast

FZ9-133.11; E401|        Man is a Worm wearied with joy he seeks the caves of sleep
FZ9-133.12; E401|        Among the Flowers of Beulah in his Selfish cold repose
FZ9-133.13; E401|        Forsaking Brotherhood & Universal love in selfish clay
FZ9-133.14; E401|        Folding the pure wings of his mind seeking the places dark
FZ9-133.15; E401|        Abstracted from the roots of Science then inclosd around   t1008
FZ9-133.16; E401|        In walls of Gold we cast him like a Seed into the Earth
FZ9-133.17; E401|        Till times & spaces have passd over him duly every morn
FZ9-133.18; E401|        We visit him covering with a Veil the immortal seed
FZ9-133.19; E401|        With windows from the inclement sky we cover him & with walls
FZ9-133.20; E401|        And hearths protect the Selfish terror till divided all

FZ9-133.21; E402|        In families we see our shadows born. & thence we know | Ephesians
FZ9-133.22; E402|        That Man subsists by Brotherhood & Universal Love |iii c.
FZ9-133.23; E402|        We fall on one anothers necks more closely we embrace | 10 v

FZ9-133.24; E402|        Not for ourselves but for the Eternal family we live
FZ9-133.25; E402|        Man liveth not by Self alone but in his brothers face
FZ9-133.26; E402|        Each shall behold the Eternal Father & love & joy abound

FZ9-133.27; E402|        So spoke the Eternal at the Feast they embracd the New born Man
FZ9-133.28; E402|        Calling hi Brother image of the Eternal Father. they sat down
FZ9-133.29; E402|        At the immortal tables sounding loud their instruments of joy
FZ9-133.30; E402|        Calling the Morning into Beulah the Eternal Man rejoicd

FZ9-133.31; E402|        When Morning dawnd The Eternals rose to labour at the Vintage
FZ9-133.32; E402|        Beneath they saw their sons & daughters wondering inconcievable
FZ9-133.33; E402|        At the dark myriads in Shadows in the worlds beneath

FZ9-133.34; E402|        The morning dawnd Urizen rose & in his hand the Flail
FZ9-133.35; E402|        Sounds on the Floor heard terrible by all beneath the heavens
FZ9-133.36; E402|        Dismal loud redounding the nether floor shakes with the sound

FZ9-134.1;   E402|        And all Nations were threshed out & the stars threshd from their husks

FZ9-134.2;   E402|        Then Tharmas took the Winnowing fan the winnowing wind furious
FZ9-134.3;   E402|        Above veerd round by the violent whirlwind driven west & south
FZ9-134.4;   E402|        Tossed the Nations like Chaff into the seas of Tharmas

FZ9-134.5;   E402|        O Mystery Fierce Tharmas cries Behold thy end is come
FZ9-134.6;   E402|        Art thou she that made the nations drunk with the cup of Religion
FZ9-134.7;   E402|        Go down ye Kings & Councellors & Giant Warriors
FZ9-134.8;   E402|        Go down into the depths go down & hide yourselves beneath
FZ9-134.9;   E402|        Go down with horse & Chariots & Trumpets of hoarse war

FZ9-134.10; E402|        Lo how the Pomp of Mystery goes down into the Caves
FZ9-134.11; E402|        Her great men howl & throw the dust & rend their hoary hair
FZ9-134.12; E402|        Her delicate women & children shriek upon the bitter wind
FZ9-134.13; E402|        Spoild of their beauty their hair rent & their skin shriveld up
FZ9-134.14; E402|        Lo darkness covers the long pomp of banners on the wind
FZ9-134.15; E402|        And black horses & armed men & miserable bound captives
FZ9-134.16; E402|        Where shall the graves recieve them all & where shall be their place
FZ9-134.17; E402|        And who shall mourn for Mystery who never loosd her Captives
FZ9-134.18; E402|        Let the slave grinding at the mill run out into the field
FZ9-134.19; E402|        Let him look up into the heavens & laugh in the bright air
FZ9-134.20; E402|        Let the inchaind soul shut up in darkness & in sighing
FZ9-134.21; E402|        Whose face has never seen a smile in thirty weary years
FZ9-134.22; E402|        Rise & look out his chains are loose his dungeon doors are open
FZ9-134.23; E402|        And let his wife & children return from the opressors scourge
FZ9-134.24; E402|        They look behind at every step & believe it is a dream
FZ9-134.25; E402|        Are these the Slaves that groand along the streets of Mystery
FZ9-134.26; E402|        Where are your bonds & task masters are these the prisoners

FZ9-134.27; E403|        Where are your chains where are your tears why do you look around
FZ9-134.28; E403|        If you are thirsty there is the river go bathe your parched limbs
FZ9-134.29; E403|        The good of all the Land is before you for Mystery is no more

FZ9-134.30; E403|        Then All the Slaves from every Earth in the wide Universe
FZ9-134.31; E403|        Sing a New Song drowning confusion in its happy notes
FZ9-134.32; E403|        While the flail of Urizen sounded loud & the winnowing wind of Tharmas
FZ9-134.33; E403|        So loud so clear in the wide heavens & the song that they sung was this
FZ9-134.34; E403|        Composed by an African Black from the little Earth of Sotha

FZ9-134.35; E403|        Aha Aha how came I here so soon in my sweet native land   t1009
FZ9-134.36; E403|        How came I here Methinks I am as I was in my youth

FZ9-135.1;   E403|        When in my fathers house I sat & heard his chearing voice
FZ9-135.2;   E403|        Methinks I see his flocks & herds & feel my limbs renewd
FZ9-135.3;   E403|        And Lo my Brethren in their tents & their little ones around them

FZ9-135.4;   E403|        The song arose to the Golden feast the Eternal Man rejoicd
FZ9-135.5;   E403|        Then the Eternal Man said Luvah the Vintage is ripe arise
FZ9-135.6;   E403|        The sons of Urizen shall gather the vintage with sharp hooks
FZ9-135.7;   E403|        And all thy sons O Luvah bear away the families of Earth
FZ9-135.8;   E403|        I hear the flail of Urizen his barns are full no roo[m]
FZ9-135.9;   E403|        Remains & in the Vineyards stand the abounding sheaves beneath
FZ9-135.10; E403|        The falling Grapes that odorous burst upon the winds. Arise
FZ9-135.11; E403|        My flocks & herds trample the Corn my cattle browze upon
FZ9-135.12; E403|        The ripe Clusters The shepherds shout for Luvah prince of Love
FZ9-135.13; E403|        Let the Bulls of Luvah tread the Corn & draw the loaded waggon
FZ9-135.14; E403|        Into the Barn while children glean the Ears around the door
FZ9-135.15; E403|        Then shall they lift their innocent hands & stroke his furious nose
FZ9-135.16; E403|        And he shall lick the little girls white neck & on her head
FZ9-135.17; E403|        Scatter the perfume of his breath while from his mountains high
FZ9-135.18; E403|        The lion of terror shall come down & bending his bright mane
FZ9-135.19; E403|        And couching at their side shall eat from the curld boys white lap
FZ9-135.20; E403|        His golden food and in the evening sleep before the Door

FZ9-135.21; E403|        Attempting to be more than Man We become less said Luvah
FZ9-135.22; E403|        As he arose from the bright feast drunk with the wine of ages
FZ9-135.23; E403|        His crown of thorns fell from his head he hung his living Lyre
FZ9-135.24; E403|        Behind the seat of the Eternal Man & took his way
FZ9-135.25; E403|        Sounding the Song of Los descending to the Vineyards bright
FZ9-135.26; E403|        His sons arising from the feast with golden baskets follow
FZ9-135.27; E403|        A fiery train as when the Sun sings in the ripe vineyards
FZ9-135.28; E403|        Then Luvah stood before the wine press all his fiery sons
FZ9-135.29; E403|        Brought up the loaded Waggons with shoutings ramping tygers play
FZ9-135.30; E403|        In the jingling traces furious lions sound the song of joy
FZ9-135.31; E403|        To the golden wheels circling upon the pavement of heaven & all
FZ9-135.32; E403|        The Villages of Luvah ring the golden tiles of the villages

FZ9-135.33; E404|        Reply to violins & tabors to the pipe flute lyre & cymbal
FZ9-135.34; E404|        Then fell the Legions of Mystery in maddning confusion
FZ9-135.35; E404|        Down Down thro the immense with outcry fury & despair
FZ9-135.36; E404|        Into the wine presses of Luvah howling fell the Clusters
FZ9-135.37; E404|        Of human families thro the deep. the wine presses were filld
FZ9-135.38; E404|        The blood of life flowd plentiful Odors of life arose
FZ9-135.39; E404|        All round the heavenly arches & the Odors rose singing this song   t1010

FZ9-136.1;   E404|        O terrible wine presses of Luvah O caverns of the Grave
FZ9-136.2;   E404|        How lovely the delights of those risen again from death
FZ9-136.3;   E404|        O trembling joy excess of joy is like Excess of grief

FZ9-136.4;   E404|        So sang the Human Odors round the wine presses of Luvah

FZ9-136.5;   E404|        But in the Wine presses is wailing terror & despair
FZ9-136.6;   E404|        Forsaken of their Elements they vanish & are no more
FZ9-136.7;   E404|        No more but a desire of Being a distracted ravening desire
FZ9-136.8;   E404|        Desiring like the hungry worm & like the gaping grave   t1011
FZ9-136.9;   E404|        They plunge into the Elements the Elements cast them forth
FZ9-136.10; E404|        Or else consume their shadowy semblance Yet they obstinate
FZ9-136.11; E404|        Tho pained to distraction Cry O let us Exist for
FZ9-136.12; E404|        This dreadful Non Existence is worse than pains of Eternal Birth   t1012
FZ9-136.13; E404|        Eternal Death who can Endure. let us consume in fires
FZ9-136.14; E404|        In waters stifling or in air corroding or in earth shut up
FZ9-136.15; E404|        The Pangs of Eternal birth are better than the Pangs of Eternal Death

FZ9-136.16; E404|        How red the Sons & Daughters of Luvah how they tread the Grapes
FZ9-136.17; E404|        Laughing & shouting drunk with odors many fall oerwearied
FZ9-136.18; E404|        Drownd in the wine is many a youth & maiden those around
FZ9-136.19; E404|        Lay them on skins of tygers or the spotted Leopard or wild Ass
FZ9-136.20; E404|        Till they revive or bury them in cool Grots making lamentation

FZ9-136.21; E404|        But in the Wine Presses the Human Grapes Sing not nor dance
FZ9-136.22; E404|        They howl & writhe in shoals of torment in fierce flames consuming
FZ9-136.23; E404|        In chains of iron & in dungeons circled with ceaseless fires
FZ9-136.24; E404|        In pits & dens & shades of death in shapes of torment & woe
FZ9-136.25; E404|        The Plates the Screws and Racks & Saws & cords & fires & floods   t1013
FZ9-136.26; E404|        The cruel joy of Luvahs daughters lacerating with knives
FZ9-136.27; E404|        And whip[s] their Victims & the deadly sports of Luvahs Sons   t1014

FZ9-136.28; E404|        Timbrels & Violins sport round the Wine Presses The little Seed
FZ9-136.29; E404|        The Sportive root the Earthworm the small beetle the wise Emmet
FZ9-136.30; E404|        Dance round the Wine Presses of Luvah. the Centipede is there
FZ9-136.31; E404|        The ground Spider with many Eyes the Mole clothed in Velvet
FZ9-136.32; E404|        The Earwig armd the tender maggot emblem of Immortality
FZ9-136.33; E404|        The Slow Slug the grasshopper that sings & laughs & drinks
FZ9-136.34; E404|        The winter comes he folds his slender bones without a murmur
FZ9-136.35; E404|        There is the Nettle that stings with soft down & there   t1015

FZ9-136.36; E405|        The indignant Thistle whose bitterness is bred in his milk
FZ9-136.37; E405|        And who lives on the contempt of his neighbour there all the idle weeds
FZ9-136.38; E405|        That creep about the obscure places shew their various limbs
FZ9-136.39; E405|        Naked in all their beauty dancing round the Wine Presses

FZ9-136.40; E405|        They Dance around the Dying & they Drink the howl & groan

FZ9-137.1;   E405|        They catch the Shrieks in cups of gold they hand them to one another
FZ9-137.2;   E405|        These are the sports of love & these the sweet delights of amorous play
FZ9-137.3;   E405|        Tears of the grapes the death sweat of the Cluster the last sigh
FZ9-137.4;   E405|        Of the mild youth who listens to the luring songs of Luvah

FZ9-137.5;   E405|        The Eternal Man darkend with Sorrow & a wintry mantle
FZ9-137.6;   E405|        Coverd the Hills He said O Tharmas rise & O Urthona

FZ9-137.7;   E405|        Then Tharmas & Urthona rose from the Golden feast satiated
FZ9-137.8;   E405|        With Mirth & joy Urthona limping from his fall on Tharmas leand
FZ9-137.9;   E405|        In his right hand his hammer Tharmas held his Shepherds crook
FZ9-137.10; E405|        Beset with gold gold were the ornaments formed by the sons of Urizen
FZ9-137.11; E405|        Then Enion & Ahania & Vala & the wife of Dark Urthona
FZ9-137.12; E405|        Rose from the feast in joy ascending to their Golden Looms
FZ9-137.13; E405|        There the wingd shuttle Sang the spindle & the distaff & the Reel
FZ9-137.14; E405|        Rang sweet the praise of industry. Thro all the golden rooms
FZ9-137.15; E405|        Heaven rang with winged Exultation All beneath howld loud
FZ9-137.16; E405|        With tenfold rout & desolation roard the Chasms beneath
FZ9-37.17; E405|        Where the wide woof flowd down & where the Nations are gatherd together

FZ9-137.18; E405|        Tharmas went down to the Wine presses & beheld the sons & daughters
FZ9-137.19; E405|        Of Luvah quite exhausted with the Labour & quite filld
FZ9-137.20; E405|        With new wine. that they began to torment one another and to tread
FZ9-137.21; E405|        The weak. Luvah & Vala slept on the floor o'erwearied

FZ9-137.22; E405|        Urthona calld his Sons around him Tharmas calld his sons
FZ9-137.23; E405|        Numrous. they took the wine they separated the Lees
FZ9-137.24; E405|        And Luvah was put for dung on the ground by the Sons of Tharmas & Urthona
FZ9-137.25; E405|        They formed heavens of sweetest wo[o]d[s] of gold & silver & ivory
FZ9-137.26; E405|        Of glass & precious stones They loaded all the waggons of heaven
FZ9-137.27; E405|        And took away the wine of ages with solemn songs & joy

FZ9-137.28; E405|        Luvah & Vala woke & all the sons & daughters of Luvah
FZ9-137.29; E405|        Awoke they wept to one another & they reascended
FZ9-137.30; E405|        To the Eternal Man in woe he cast them wailing into
FZ9-137.31; E405|        The world of shadows thro the air till winter is over & gone

FZ9-137.32; E405|        But the Human Wine stood wondering in all their delightful Expanses
FZ9-137.33; E405|        The Elements subside the heavens rolld on with vocal harmony

FZ9-137.34; E405|        Then Los who is Urthona rose in all his regenerate power

FZ9-137.35; E406|        The Sea that rolld & foamd with darkness & the shadows of death
FZ9-137.36; E406|        Vomited out & gave up all the floods lift up their hands
FZ9-137.37; E406|        Singing & shouting to the Man they bow their hoary heads
FZ9-137.38; E406|        And murmuring in their channels flow & circle round his feet

FZ9-138.1;   E406|        Then Dark Urthona took the Corn out of the Stores of Urizen
FZ9-138.2;   E406|        He ground it in his rumbling Mills Terrible the distress
FZ9-138.3;   E406|        Of all the Nations of Earth ground in the Mills of Urthona
FZ9-138.4;   E406|        In his hand Tharmas takes the Storms. he turns the whirlwind Loose
FZ9-138.5;   E406|        Upon the wheels the stormy seas howl at his dread command
FZ9-138.6;   E406|        And Eddying fierce rejoice in the fierce agitation o the wheels
FZ9-138.7;   E406|        Of Dark Urthona Thunders Earthquakes Fires Water floods
FZ9-138.8;   E406|        Rejoice to one another loud their voices shake the Abyss
FZ9-138.9;   E406|        Their dread forms tending the dire mills The grey hoar frost was there
FZ9-138.10; E406|        And his pale wife the aged Snow they watch over the fires
FZ9-138.11; E406|        They build the Ovens of Urthona Nature in darkness groans
FZ9-138.12; E406|        And Men are bound to sullen contemplations in the night
FZ9-138.13; E406|        Restless they turn on beds of sorrow. in their inmost brain
FZ9-138.14; E406|        Feeling the crushing Wheels they rise they write the bitter words
FZ9-138.15; E406|        Of Stern Philosophy & knead the bread of knowledge with tears & groans

FZ9-138.16; E406|        Such are the works of Dark Urthona Tharmas sifted the corn
FZ9-138.17; E406|        Urthona made the Bread of Ages & he placed it
FZ9-138.18; E406|        In golden & in silver baskets in heavens of precious stone
FZ9-138.19; E406|        And then took his repose in Winter in the night of Time

FZ9-138.20; E406|        The Sun has left his blackness & has found a fresher morning
FZ9-138.21; E406|        And the mild moon rejoices in the clear & cloudless night   t1016
FZ9-138.22; E406|        And Man walks forth from midst of the fires the evil is all consumd
FZ9-138.23; E406|        His eyes behold the Angelic spheres arising night & day
FZ9-138.24; E406|        The stars consumd like a lamp blown out & in their stead behold
FZ9-138.25; E406|        The Expanding Eyes of Man behold the depths of wondrous worlds   t1017
FZ9-138.26; E406|        One Earth one sea beneath nor Erring Globes wander but Stars
FZ9-138.27; E406|        Of fire rise up nightly from the Ocean & one Sun
FZ9-138.28; E406|        Each morning like a New born Man issues with songs & Joy
FZ9-138.29; E406|        Calling the Plowman to his Labour & the Shepherd to his rest
FZ9-138.30; E406|        He walks upon the Eternal Mountains raising his heavenly voice
FZ9-138.31; E406|        Conversing with the Animal forms of wisdom night & day
FZ9-138.32; E406|        That risen from the Sea of fire renewd walk oer the Earth

FZ9-138.33; E406|        For Tharmas brought his flocks upon the hills & in the Vales
FZ9-138.34; E406|        Around the Eternal Mans bright tent the little Children play
FZ9-138.3;   E406|        Among the wooly flocks The hammer of Urthona sounds
FZ9-138.36; E406|        In the deep caves beneath his limbs renewd his Lions roar
FZ9-138.37; E406|        Around the Furnaces & in Evening sport upon the plains
FZ9-138.38; E406|        They raise their faces from the Earth conversing with the Man

FZ9-138.39; E407|        How is it we have walkd thro fires & yet are not consumd
FZ9-138.40; E407|        How is it that all things are changd even as in ancient times

FZ9-139.1;   E407|        The Sun arises from his dewy bed & the fresh airs
FZ9-139.2;   E407|        Play in his smiling beams giving the seeds of life to grow
FZ9-139.3;   E407|        And the fresh Earth beams forth ten thousand thousand springs of life
FZ9-139.4;   E407|        Urthona is arisen in his strength no longer now
FZ9-139.5;   E407|        Divided from Enitharmon no longer the Spectre Los
FZ9-139.6;   E407|        Where is the Spectre of Prophecy where the delusive Phantom
FZ9-139.7;   E407|        Departed & Urthona rises from the ruinous walls
FZ9-139.8;   E407|        In all his ancient strength to form the golden armour of science
FZ9-139.9;   E407|        For intellectual War The war of swords departed now
FZ9-139.10; E407|        The dark Religions are departed & sweet Science reigns

FZ9-139end; E407|        End of The Dream   t1018


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