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SIE-Epigraph; E7|        Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul   t8

SI-Title; E7|        SONGS of INNOCENCE

SI-PubDate; E7|        1789

SI-colophon; E7|        The Author & Printer W Blake

ED; E7|        SONGS 4
SI-Title; E7|        Introduction

SI-Introduction1;   E7|        Piping down the valleys wild
SI-Introduction2;   E7|        Piping songs of pleasant glee
SI-Introduction3;   E7|        On a cloud I saw a child.
SI-Introduction4;   E7|        And he laughing said to me.

SI-Introduction5;   E7|        Pipe a song about a Lamb;
SI-Introduction6;   E7|        So I piped with merry chear,
SI-Introduction7;   E7|        Piper pipe that song again--
SI-Introduction8;   E7|        So I piped, he wept to hear.

SI-Introduction9;   E7|        Drop thy pipe thy happy pipe
SI-Introduction10; E7|        Sing thy songs of happy chear,
SI-Introduction11; E7|        So I sung the same again
SI-Introduction12; E7|        While he wept with joy to hear

SI-Introduction13; E7|        Piper sit thee down and write
SI-Introduction14; E7|        In a book that all may read--
SI-Introduction15; E7|        So he vanish'd from my sight.
SI-Introduction16; E7|        And I pluck'd a hollow reed.

SI-Introduction17; E7|        And I made a rural pen,
SI-Introduction18; E7|        And I stain'd the water clear,
SI-Introduction19; E7|        And I wrote my happy songs
SI-Introduction20; E7|        Every child may joy to hear

ED; E7|        SONGS 5
SI-Title; E7|        The Shepherd.

SI-TheShepherd1;   E7|        How sweet is the Shepherds sweet lot,
SI-TheShepherd2;   E7|        From the morn to the evening he strays:
SI-TheShepherd3;   E7|        He shall follow his sheep all the day
SI-TheShepherd4;   E7|        And his tongue shall be filled with praise.

SI-TheShepherd5;   E7|        For he hears the lambs innocent call,
SI-TheShepherd6;   E7|        And he hears the ewes tender reply,
SI-TheShepherd7;   E7|        He is watchful while they are in peace,
SI-TheShepherd8;   E7|        For they know when their Shepherd is nigh.

ED; E7|        SONGS 6
SI-Title; E8|        The Ecchoing Green

SI-EcchoingGreen1;   E8|        The Sun does arise,
SI-EcchoingGreen2;   E8|        And make happy the skies.
SI-EcchoingGreen3;   E8|        The merry bells ring
SI-EcchoingGreen4;   E8|        To welcome the Spring.
SI-EcchoingGreen5;   E8|        The sky-lark and thrush,
SI-EcchoingGreen6;   E8|        The birds of the bush,
SI-EcchoingGreen7;   E8|        Sing louder around,
SI-EcchoingGreen8;   E8|        To the bells chearful sound.
SI-EcchoingGreen9;   E8|        While our sports shall be seen
SI-EcchoingGreen10; E8|        On the Ecchoing Green.

SI-EcchoingGreen11; E8|        Old John with white hair
SI-EcchoingGreen12; E8|        Does laugh away care,
SI-EcchoingGreen13; E8|        Sitting under the oak,
SI-EcchoingGreen14; E8|        Among the old folk,

ED; E8|        SONGS 7
SI-EcchoingGreen15; E8|        They laugh at our play,
SI-EcchoingGreen16; E8|        And soon they all say.
SI-EcchoingGreen17; E8|        Such such were the joys.
SI-EcchoingGreen18; E8|        When we all girls & boys,
SI-EcchoingGreen19; E8|        In our youth-time were seen,
SI-EcchoingGreen20; E8|        On the Ecchoing Green.

SI-EcchoingGreen21; E8|        Till the little ones weary
SI-EcchoingGreen22; E8|        No more can be merry
SI-EcchoingGreen23; E8|        The sun does descend,
SI-EcchoingGreen24; E8|        And our sports have an end:
SI-EcchoingGreen25; E8|        Round the laps of their mothers,
SI-EcchoingGreen26; E8|        Many sisters and brothers,
SI-EcchoingGreen27; E8|        Like birds in their nest,
SI-EcchoingGreen28; E8|        Are ready for rest;
SI-EcchoingGreen29; E8|        And sport no more seen,
SI-EcchoingGreen30; E8|        On the darkening Green.

ED; E8|        SONGS 8
SI-Title; E8|        The Lamb

SI-TheLamb1;   E8|        Little Lamb who made thee
SI-TheLamb2;   E8|        Dost thou know who made thee
SI-TheLamb3;   E8|        Gave thee life & bid thee feed.
SI-TheLamb4;   E8|        By the stream & o'er the mead;
SI-TheLamb5;   E8|        Gave thee clothing of delight,
SI-TheLamb6;   E8|        Softest clothing wooly bright;
SI-TheLamb7;   E8|        Gave thee such a tender voice,
SI-TheLamb8;   E8|        Making all the vales rejoice!
SI-TheLamb9;   E8|        Little Lamb who made thee
SI-TheLamb10; E8|        Dost thou know who made thee

SI-TheLamb11; E9|        Little Lamb I'll tell thee,
SI-TheLamb12; E9|        Little Lamb I'll tell thee!
SI-TheLamb13; E9|        He is called by thy name,
SI-TheLamb14; E9|        For he calls himself a Lamb:
SI-TheLamb15; E9|        He is meek & he is mild,
SI-TheLamb16; E9|        He became a little child:
SI-TheLamb17; E9|        I a child & thou a lamb,
SI-TheLamb18; E9|        We are called by his name.
SI-TheLamb19; E9|        Little Lamb God bless thee.
SI-TheLamb20; E9|        Little Lamb God bless thee.

ED; E9|        SONGS 9
SI-Title; E9|        The Little Black Boy.

SI-LittleBlackBoy1;   E9|        My mother bore me in the southern wild,
SI-LittleBlackBoy2;   E9|        And I am black, but O! my soul is white;
SI-LittleBlackBoy3;   E9|        White as an angel is the English child:
SI-LittleBlackBoy4;   E9|        But I am black as if bereav'd of light.

SI-LittleBlackBoy5;   E9|        My mother taught me underneath a tree
SI-LittleBlackBoy6;   E9|        And sitting down before the heat of day,
SI-LittleBlackBoy7;   E9|        She took me on her lap and kissed me,
SI-LittleBlackBoy8;   E9|        And pointing to the east began to say.

SI-LittleBlackBoy9;   E9|        Look on the rising sun: there God does live
SI-LittleBlackBoy10; E9|        And gives his light, and gives his heat away.
SI-LittleBlackBoy11; E9|        And flowers and trees and beasts and men recieve
SI-LittleBlackBoy12; E9|        Comfort in morning joy in the noon day.

SI-LittleBlackBoy13; E9|        And we are put on earth a little space,
SI-LittleBlackBoy14; E9|        That we may learn to bear the beams of love,
SI-LittleBlackBoy15; E9|        And these black bodies and this sun-burnt face
SI-LittleBlackBoy16; E9|        Is but a cloud, and like a shady grove.

SI-LittleBlackBoy17; E9|        SONGS 10
SI-LittleBlackBoy18; E9|        For when our souls have learn'd the heat to bear
SI-LittleBlackBoy19; E9|        The cloud will vanish we shall hear his voice.
SI-LittleBlackBoy20; E9|        Saying: come out from the grove my love & care,
SI-LittleBlackBoy21; E9|        And round my golden tent like lambs rejoice.

SI-LittleBlackBoy22; E9|        Thus did my mother say and kissed me,
SI-LittleBlackBoy23; E9|        And thus I say to little English boy;
SI-LittleBlackBoy24; E9|        When I from black and he from white cloud free,
SI-LittleBlackBoy25; E9|        And round the tent of God like lambs we joy:

SI-LittleBlackBoy26; E9|        Ill shade him from the heat till he can bear,
SI-LittleBlackBoy27; E9|        To lean in joy upon our fathers knee.
SI-LittleBlackBoy28; E9|        And then I'll stand and stroke his silver hair,
SI-LittleBlackBoy29; E9|        And be like him and he will then love me.

ED; E9|        SONGS 11
SI-Title; E10|        The Blossom.

SI-TheBlossom1;   E10|        Merry Merry Sparrow
SI-TheBlossom2;   E10|        Under leaves so green
SI-TheBlossom3;   E10|        A happy Blossom
SI-TheBlossom4;   E10|        Sees you swift as arrow
SI-TheBlossom5;   E10|        Seek your cradle narrow
SI-TheBlossom6;   E10|        Near my Bosom.   t9

SI-TheBlossom7;   E10|        Pretty Pretty Robin
SI-TheBlossom8;   E10|        Under leaves so green
SI-TheBlossom9;   E10|        A happy Blossom
SI-TheBlossom10; E10|        Hears you sobbing sobbing
SI-TheBlossom11; E10|        Pretty Pretty Robin
SI-TheBlossom12; E10|        Near my Bosom.

ED; E10|        SONGS 12
SI-Title; E10|        The Chimney Sweeper

SI-ChimneySweeper1;   E10|        When my mother died I was very young,
SI-ChimneySweeper2;   E10|        And my father sold me while yet my tongue,
SI-ChimneySweeper3;   E10|        Could scarcely cry weep weep weep weep.   t10
SI-ChimneySweeper4;   E10|        So your Chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep.

SI-ChimneySweeper5;   E10|        Theres little Tom Dacre, who cried when his head
SI-ChimneySweeper6;   E10|        That curl'd like a lambs back, was shav'd, so I said.
SI-ChimneySweeper7;   E10|        Hush Tom never mind it, for when your head's bare,
SI-ChimneySweeper8;   E10|        You know that the soot cannot spoil your white hair.

SI-ChimneySweeper9;   E10|        And so he was quiet, & that very night,
SI-ChimneySweeper10; E10|        As Tom was a sleeping he had such a sight,
SI-ChimneySweeper11; E10|        That thousands of sweepers Dick, Joe, Ned & Jack
SI-ChimneySweeper12; E10|        Were all of them lockd up in coffins of black,

SI-ChimneySweeper13; E10|        And by came an Angel who had a bright key,
SI-ChimneySweeper14; E10|        And he open'd the coffins & set them all free.
SI-ChimneySweeper15; E10|        Then down a green plain leaping laughing they run
SI-ChimneySweeper16; E10|        And wash in a river and shine in the Sun.

SI-ChimneySweeper17; E10|        Then naked & white, all their bags left behind,
SI-ChimneySweeper18; E10|        They rise upon clouds, and sport in the wind.
SI-ChimneySweeper19; E10|        And the Angel told Tom if he'd be a good boy,
SI-ChimneySweeper20; E10|        He'd have God for his father & never want joy.

SI-ChimneySweeper21; E10|        And so Tom awoke and we rose in the dark
SI-ChimneySweeper22; E10|        And got with our bags & our brushes to work.
SI-ChimneySweeper23; E10|        Tho' the morning was cold, Tom was happy & warm,
SI-ChimneySweeper24; E10|        So if all do their duty, they need not fear harm.

ED; E11|        SONGS 13
SI-Title; E11|        The Little Boy lost    t11

SI-LittleBoyLost1;   E11|        Father, father, where are you going
SI-LittleBoyLost2;   E11|        O do not walk so fast.
SI-LittleBoyLost3;   E11|        Speak father, speak to your little boy
SI-LittleBoyLost4;   E11|        Or else I shall be lost,

SI-LittleBoyLost5;   E11|        The night was dark no father was there
SI-LittleBoyLost6;   E11|        The child was wet with dew,
SI-LittleBoyLost7;   E11|        The mire was deep, & the child did weep
SI-LittleBoyLost8;   E11|        And away the vapour flew.

ED; E11|        SONGS 14
SI-Title; E11|        The Little Boy Found

SI-LittleBoyFound1;   E11|        The little boy lost in the lonely fen,
SI-LittleBoyFound2;   E11|        Led by the wand'ring light,
SI-LittleBoyFound3;   E11|        Began to cry, but God ever nigh,
SI-LittleBoyFound4;   E11|        Appeard like his father in white.

SI-LittleBoyFound5;   E11|        He kissed the child & by the hand led
SI-LittleBoyFound6;   E11|        And to his mother brought,
SI-LittleBoyFound7;   E11|        Who in sorrow pale, thro' the lonely dale
SI-LittleBoyFound8;   E11|        Her little boy weeping sought.

ED; E11|        SONGS 15
SI-Title; E11|        Laughing Song,   t12

SI-LaughingSong1;   E11|        When the green woods laugh, with the voice of joy   t13
SI-LaughingSong2;   E11|        And the dimpling stream runs laughing by,
SI-LaughingSong3;   E11|        When the air does laugh with our merry wit,   t14
SI-LaughingSong4;   E11|        And the green hill laughs with the noise of it.

SI-LaughingSong5;   E11|        When the meadows laugh with lively green
SI-LaughingSong6;   E11|        And the grasshopper laughs in the merry scene,
SI-LaughingSong7;   E11|        When Mary and Susan and Emily,   t15
SI-LaughingSong8;   E11|        With their sweet round mouths sing Ha, Ha, He.

SI-LaughingSong9;   E11|        When the painted birds laugh in the shade
SI-LaughingSong10; E11|        Where our table with cherries and nuts is spread
SI-LaughingSong11; E11|        Come live & be merry and join with me,
SI-LaughingSong12; E11|        To sing the sweet chorus of Ha, Ha, He.

ED; E11|        SONGS 16
SI-Title; E11|        A CRADLE SONG

SI-ACradleSong1;   E11|        Sweet dreams form a shade,
SI-ACradleSong2;   E11|        O'er my lovely infants head.
SI-ACradleSong3;   E11|        Sweet dreams of pleasant streams,
SI-ACradleSong4;   E11|        By happy silent moony beams.

SI-ACradleSong5;   E12|        Sweet sleep with soft down,
SI-ACradleSong6;   E12|        Weave thy brows an infant crown.
SI-ACradleSong7;   E12|        Sweet sleep Angel mild,
SI-ACradleSong8;   E12|        Hover o'er my happy child.

SI-ACradleSong9;   E12|        Sweet smiles in the night,
SI-ACradleSong10; E12|        Hover over my delight.
SI-ACradleSong11; E12|        Sweet smiles Mothers smiles
SI-ACradleSong12; E12|        All the livelong night beguiles.

SI-ACradleSong13; E12|        Sweet moans, dovelike sighs,
SI-ACradleSong14; E12|        Chase not slumber from thy eyes.
SI-ACradleSong15; E12|        Sweet moans, sweeter smiles,
SI-ACradleSong16; E12|        All the dovelike moans beguiles.

SI-ACradleSong17; E12|        Sleep sleep happy child.
SI-ACradleSong18; E12|        All creation slept and smil'd.
SI-ACradleSong19; E12|        Sleep sleep, happy sleep,
SI-ACradleSong20; E12|        While o'er thee thy mother weep.

SI-ACradleSong21; E12|        Sweet babe in thy face,
SI-ACradleSong22; E12|        Holy image I can trace.
SI-ACradleSong23; E12|        Sweet babe once like thee,
SI-ACradleSong24; E12|        Thy maker lay and wept for me

ED; E12|        SONGS 17
SI-ACradleSong25; E12|        Wept for me for thee for all,
SI-ACradleSong26; E12|        When he was an infant small.
SI-ACradleSong27; E12|        Thou his image ever see,
SI-ACradleSong28; E12|        Heavenly face that smiles on thee.

SI-ACradleSong29; E12|        Smiles on thee on me on all,
SI-ACradleSong30; E12|        Who became an infant small,
SI-ACradleSong31; E12|        Infant smiles are his own smiles.   t16
SI-ACradleSong32; E12|        Heaven & earth to peace beguiles.   t17

ED; E12|        SONGS 18
SI-Title; E12|        The Divine Image.   t18

SI-DivineImage1;   E12|        To Mercy Pity Peace and Love,
SI-DivineImage2;   E12|        All pray in their distress:
SI-DivineImage3;   E12|        And to these virtues of delight
SI-DivineImage4;   E12|        Return their thankfulness.

SI-DivineImage5;   E12|        For Mercy Pity Peace and Love,
SI-DivineImage6;   E12|        Is God our father dear:
SI-DivineImage7;   E12|        And Mercy Pity Peace and Love,
SI-DivineImage8;   E12|        Is Man his child and care.

SI-DivineImage9;   E12|        For Mercy has a human heart
SI-DivineImage10; E12|        Pity, a human face:

SI-DivineImage11; E13|        And Love, the human form divine,
SI-DivineImage12; E13|        And Peace, the human dress.

SI-DivineImage13; E13|        Then every man of every clime,
SI-DivineImage14; E13|        That prays in his distress,
SI-DivineImage15; E13|        Prays to the human form divine
SI-DivineImage16; E13|        Love Mercy Pity Peace.

SI-DivineImage17; E13|        And all must love the human form,
SI-DivineImage18; E13|        In heathen, turk or jew.
SI-DivineImage19; E13|        Where Mercy, Love & Pity dwell,
SI-DivineImage20; E13|        There God is dwelling too

ED; E13|        SONGS 19
SI-Title; E13|        HOLY THURSDAY   t19

SI-HOLY_THURSDAY1;   E13|        Twas on a Holy Thursday their innocent faces clean
SI-HOLY_THURSDAY2;   E13|        The children walking two & two in red & blue & green
SI-HOLY_THURSDAY3;   E13|        Grey headed beadles walkd before with wands as white as snow
SI-HOLY_THURSDAY4;   E13|        Till into the high dome of Pauls they like Thames waters flow

SI-HOLY_THURSDAY5;   E13|        O what a multitude they seemd these flowers of London town
SI-HOLY_THURSDAY6;   E13|        Seated in companies they sit with radiance all their own
SI-HOLY_THURSDAY7;   E13|        The hum of multitudes was there but multitudes of lambs
SI-HOLY_THURSDAY8;   E13|        Thousands of little boys & girls raising their innocent hands

SI-HOLY_THURSDAY9;   E13|        Now like a mighty wind they raise to heaven the voice of song
SI-HOLY_THURSDAY10; E13|        Or like harmonious thunderings the seats of heaven among
SI-HOLY_THURSDAY11; E13|        Beneath them sit the aged men wise guardians of the poor
SI-HOLY_THURSDAY12; E13|        Then cherish pity, lest you drive an angel from your door

ED; E13|        SONGS 20
SI-Title; E13|        Night

SI-Night1;   E13|        The sun descending in the west.
SI-Night2;   E13|        The evening star does shine.
SI-Night3;   E13|        The birds are silent in their nest,
SI-Night4;   E13|        And I must seek for mine,
SI-Night5;   E13|        The moon like a flower,
SI-Night6;   E13|        In heavens high bower;
SI-Night7;   E13|        With silent delight,
SI-Night8;   E13|        Sits and smiles on the night.

SI-Night9;   E13|        Farewell green fields and happy groves,
SI-Night10; E13|        Where flocks have took delight;
SI-Night11; E13|        Where lambs have nibbled, silent moves
SI-Night12; E13|        The feet of angels bright;
SI-Night13; E13|        Unseen they pour blessing,
SI-Night14; E13|        And joy without ceasing,

SI-Night15; E14|        On each bud and blossom,
SI-Night16; E14|        And each sleeping bosom.

SI-Night17; E14|        They look in every thoughtless nest,
SI-Night18; E14|        Where birds are coverd warm;
SI-Night19; E14|        They visit caves of every beast,
SI-Night20; E14|        To keep them all from harm;
SI-Night21; E14|        If they see any weeping,
SI-Night22; E14|        That should have been sleeping
SI-Night23; E14|        They pour sleep on their head
SI-Night24; E14|        And sit down by their bed.

ED; E14|        SONGS 21
SI-Night25; E14|        When wolves and tygers howl for prey
SI-Night26; E14|        They pitying stand and weep;
SI-Night27; E14|        Seeking to drive their thirst away,
SI-Night28; E14|        And keep them from the sheep.
SI-Night29; E14|        But if they rush dreadful;
SI-Night30; E14|        The angels most heedful,
SI-Night31; E14|        Recieve each mild spirit,
SI-Night32; E14|        New worlds to inherit.

SI-Night33; E14|        And there the lions ruddy eyes,
SI-Night34; E14|        Shall flow with tears of gold:
SI-Night35; E14|        And pitying the tender cries,
SI-Night36; E14|        And walking round the fold:
SI-Night37; E14|        Saying: wrath by his meekness
SI-Night38; E14|        And by his health, sickness,
SI-Night39; E14|        Is driven away,
SI-Night40; E14|        From our immortal day.

SI-Night41; E14|        And now beside thee bleating lamb,
SI-Night42; E14|        I can lie down and sleep;
SI-Night43; E14|        Or think on him who bore thy name,
SI-Night44; E14|        Graze after thee and weep.   t20
SI-Night45; E14|        For wash'd in lifes river,
SI-Night46; E14|        My bright mane for ever,
SI-Night47; E14|        Shall shine like the gold,
SI-Night48; E14|        As I guard o'er the fold.   t21

ED; E14|        SONGS 22
SI-Title; E14|        Spring

SI-Spring1;   E14|        Sound the Flute!
SI-Spring2;   E14|        Now it's mute.
SI-Spring3;   E14|        Birds delight
SI-Spring4;   E14|        Day and Night.
SI-Spring5;   E14|        Nightingale
SI-Spring6;   E14|        In the dale

SI-Spring7;   E15|        Lark in Sky
SI-Spring8;   E15|        Merrily
SI-Spring9;   E15|        Merrily Merrily to welcome in the Year

SI-Spring10; E15|        Little Boy
SI-Spring11; E15|        Full of joy.

ED; E15|        SONGS 23
SI-Spring12; E15|        Little Girl
SI-Spring13; E15|        Sweet and small,
SI-Spring14; E15|        Cock does crow
SI-Spring15; E15|        So do you.
SI-Spring16; E15|        Merry voice
SI-Spring17; E15|        Infant noise
SI-Spring18; E15|        Merrily Merrily to welcome in the Year

SI-Spring19; E15|        Little Lamb
SI-Spring20; E15|        Here I am,
SI-Spring21; E15|        Come and lick
SI-Spring22; E15|        My white neck.
SI-Spring23; E15|        Let me pull
SI-Spring24; E15|        Your soft Wool.
SI-Spring25; E15|        Let me kiss
SI-Spring26; E15|        Your soft face.
SI-Spring27; E15|        Merrily Merrily we welcome in the Year

ED; E15|        SONGS 24
SI-title; E15|        Nurse's Song   t22

SI-Nurse'sSong1;   E15|        When the voices of children are heard on the green
SI-Nurse'sSong2;   E15|        And laughing is heard on the hill,
SI-Nurse'sSong3;   E15|        My heart is at rest within my breast
SI-Nurse'sSong4;   E15|        And every thing else is still

SI-Nurse'sSong5;   E15|        Then come home my children, the sun is gone down
SI-Nurse'sSong6;   E15|        And the dews of night arise
SI-Nurse'sSong7;   E15|        Come come leave off play, and let us away
SI-Nurse'sSong8;   E15|        Till the morning appears in the skies

SI-Nurse'sSong9;   E15|        No no let us play, for it is yet day
SI-Nurse'sSong10; E15|        And we cannot go to sleep
SI-Nurse'sSong11; E15|        Besides in the sky, the little birds fly
SI-Nurse'sSong12; E15|        And the hills are all coverd with sheep

SI-Nurse'sSong13; E15|        Well well go & play till the light fades away
SI-Nurse'sSong14; E15|        And then go home to bed
SI-Nurse'sSong15; E15|        The little ones leaped & shouted & laugh'd
SI-Nurse'sSong16; E15|        And all the hills ecchoed

ED; E16|        SONGS 25
SI-title; E16|        Infant Joy

SI-InfantJoy1;   E16|        I have no name
SI-InfantJoy2;   E16|        I am but two days old.--
SI-InfantJoy3;   E16|        What shall I call thee?
SI-InfantJoy4;   E16|        I happy am
SI-InfantJoy5;   E16|        Joy is my name,--
SI-InfantJoy6;   E16|        Sweet joy befall thee!

SI-InfantJoy7;   E16|        Pretty joy!
SI-InfantJoy8;   E16|        Sweet joy but two days old,
SI-InfantJoy9;   E16|        Sweet joy I call thee;
SI-InfantJoy10; E16|        Thou dost smile.
SI-InfantJoy11; E16|        I sing the while
SI-InfantJoy12; E16|        Sweet joy befall thee.

ED; E16|        SONGS 26
SI-Title; E16|        A Dream

SI-ADream1;   E16|        Once a dream did weave a shade,
SI-ADream2;   E16|        O'er my Angel-guarded bed,
SI-ADream3;   E16|        That an Emmet lost it's way
SI-ADream4;   E16|        Where on grass methought I lay.

SI-ADream5;   E16|        Troubled wilderd and folorn
SI-ADream6;   E16|        Dark benighted travel-worn,
SI-ADream7;   E16|        Over many a tangled spray
SI-ADream8;   E16|        All heart-broke I heard her say.

SI-ADream9;   E16|        O my children! do they cry
SI-ADream10; E16|        Do they hear their father sigh.
SI-ADream11; E16|        Now they look abroad to see,
SI-ADream12; E16|        Now return and weep for me.

SI-ADream13; E16|        Pitying I drop'd a tear:
SI-ADream14; E16|        But I saw a glow-worm near:
SI-ADream15; E16|        Who replied. What wailing wight
SI-ADream16; E16|        Calls the watchman of the night.

SI-ADream17; E16|        I am set to light the ground,
SI-ADream18; E16|        While the beetle goes his round:
SI-ADream19; E16|        Follow now the beetles hum,
SI-ADream20; E16|        Little wanderer hie thee home.

ED; E17|        SONGS 27
SI-Title; E17|        On Anothers Sorrow

SI-OnAnothersSorrow1;   E17|        Can I see anothers woe,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow2;   E17|        And not be in sorrow too.
SI-OnAnothersSorrow3;   E17|        Can I see anothers grief,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow4;   E17|        And not seek for kind relief?   t23

SI-OnAnothersSorrow5;   E17|        Can I see a falling tear,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow6;   E17|        And not feel my sorrows share,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow7;   E17|        Can a father see his child,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow8;   E17|        Weep, nor be with sorrow fill'd.

SI-OnAnothersSorrow9;   E17|        Can a mother sit and hear,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow10; E17|        An infant groan an infant fear--
SI-OnAnothersSorrow11; E17|        No no never can it be.
SI-OnAnothersSorrow12; E17|        Never never can it be.

SI-OnAnothersSorrow13; E17|        And can he who smiles on all
SI-OnAnothersSorrow14; E17|        Hear the wren with sorrows small,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow15; E17|        Hear the small birds grief & care
SI-OnAnothersSorrow16; E17|        Hear the woes that infants bear--

SI-OnAnothersSorrow17; E17|        And not sit beside the nest
SI-OnAnothersSorrow18; E17|        Pouring pity in their breast,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow19; E17|        And not sit the cradle near
SI-OnAnothersSorrow20; E17|        Weeping tear on infants tear.

SI-OnAnothersSorrow21; E17|        And not sit both night & day,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow22; E17|        Wiping all our tears away.
SI-OnAnothersSorrow23; E17|        O! no never can it be.
SI-OnAnothersSorrow24; E17|        Never never can it be.

SI-OnAnothersSorrow25; E17|        He doth give his joy to all.
SI-OnAnothersSorrow26; E17|        He becomes an infant small.
SI-OnAnothersSorrow27; E17|        He becomes a man of woe
SI-OnAnothersSorrow28; E17|        He doth feel the sorrow too.

SI-OnAnothersSorrow29; E17|        Think not, thou canst sigh a sigh,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow30; E17|        And thy maker is not by.
SI-OnAnothersSorrow31; E17|        Think not, thou canst weep a tear,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow32; E17|        And thy maker is not near.

SI-OnAnothersSorrow33; E17|        O! he gives to us his joy,
SI-OnAnothersSorrow34; E17|        That our grief he may destroy   t24
SI-OnAnothersSorrow35; E17|        Till our grief is fled & gone
SI-OnAnothersSorrow36; E17|        He doth sit by us and moan

Title; E18|        SONGS of EXPERIENCE   t25

SEPubDate; E18|        1794

SEcolophon; E18|        The Author & Printer W Blake

ED; E18|        SONGS 30
SE-Title; E18|        Introduction.

SE-Introduction1;   E18|        Hear the voice of the Bard!
SE-Introduction2;   E18|        Who Present, Past, & Future sees
SE-Introduction3;   E18|        Whose ears have heard,
SE-Introduction4;   E18|        The Holy Word,
SE-Introduction5;   E18|        That walk'd among the ancient trees.

SE-Introduction6;   E18|        Calling the lapsed Soul
SE-Introduction7;   E18|        And weeping in the evening dew:
SE-Introduction8;   E18|        That might controll,
SE-Introduction9;   E18|        The starry pole;
SE-Introduction10; E18|        And fallen fallen light renew!

SE-Introduction11; E18|        O Earth O Earth return!
SE-Introduction12; E18|        Arise from out the dewy grass;
SE-Introduction13; E18|        Night is worn,
SEIntroduction14; E18|        And the morn
SE-Introduction15; E18|        Rises from the slumberous mass,

SE-Introduction16; E18|        Turn away no more:
SE-Introduction17; E18|        Why wilt thou turn away
SE-Introduction18; E18|        The starry floor
SE-Introduction19; E18|        The watry shore
SE-Introduction20; E18|        Is giv'n thee till the break of day.

ED; E18|        SONGS 31
SE-Title; E18|        EARTH'S Answer.   t26

SE-EARTH'S_Answer1;   E18|        Earth rais'd up her head,
SE-EARTH'S_Answer2;   E18|        From the darkness dread & drear.
SE-EARTH'S_Answer3;   E18|        Her light fled:   t27
SE-EARTH'S_Answer4;   E18|        Stony dread!
SE-EARTH'S_Answer5;   E18|        And her locks cover'd with grey despair.

SE-EARTH'S_Answer6;   E18|        Prison'd on watry shore
SE-EARTH'S_Answer7;   E18|        Starry Jealousy does keep my den   t28
SE-EARTH'S_Answer8;   E18|        Cold and hoar
SE-EARTH'S_Answer9;   E18|        Weeping o'er
SE-EARTH'S_Answer10; E18|        I hear the Father of the ancient men   t29

SE-EARTH'S_Answer11; E18|        Selfish father of men   t30
SE-EARTH'S_Answer12; E18|        Cruel jealous selfish fear
SE-EARTH'S_Answer13; E18|        Can delight

SE-EARTH'S_Answer14; E19|        Chain'd in night   t31
SE-EARTH'S_Answer15; E19|        The virgins of youth and morning bear.

SE-EARTH'S_Answer16; E19|        Does spring hide its joy   t32
SE-EARTH'S_Answer17; E19|        When buds and blossoms grow?
SE-EARTH'S_Answer18; E19|        Does the sower?   t33
SE-EARTH'S_Answer19; E19|        Sow by night?
SE-EARTH'S_Answer20; E19|        Or the plowman in darkness plow?

SE-EARTH'S_Answer21; E19|        Break this heavy chain,
SE-EARTH'S_Answer22; E19|        That does freeze my bones around   t34
SE-EARTH'S_Answer23; E19|        Selfish! vain!
SE-EARTH'S_Answer24; E19|        Eternal bane!   t35
SE-EARTH'S_Answer25; E19|        That free Love with bondage bound.

ED; E19|        SONGS 32
SE-Title; E19|        The CLOD & the PEBBLE   t36

SE-CLOD&PEBBLE1;   E19|        Love seeketh not Itself to please,
SE-CLOD&PEBBLE2;   E19|        Nor for itself hath any care;
SE-CLOD&PEBBLE3;   E19|        But for another gives its ease,
SE-CLOD&PEBBLE4;   E19|        And builds a Heaven in Hells despair.

SE-CLOD&PEBBLE5;   E19|        So sang a little Clod of Clay,   t37
SE-CLOD&PEBBLE6;   E19|        Trodden with the cattles feet:
SE-CLOD&PEBBLE7;   E19|        But a Pebble of the brook,
SE-CLOD&PEBBLE8;   E19|        Warbled out these metres meet.

SE-CLOD&PEBBLE9;   E19|        Love seeketh only Self to please,
SE-CLOD&PEBBLE10; E19|        To bind another to Its delight:
SE-CLOD&PEBBLE11; E19|        Joys in anothers loss of ease,
SE-CLOD&PEBBLE12; E19|        And builds a Hell in Heavens despite.

ED; E19|        SONGS 33
SE-Title; E19|        HOLY THURSDAY   t38

SE-HOLY_THURSDAY1;   E19|        Is this a holy thing to see,
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY2;   E19|        In a rich and fruitful land,
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY3;   E19|        Babes reduced to misery,
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY4;   E19|        Fed with cold and usurous hand?

SE-HOLY_THURSDAY5;   E19|        Is that trembling cry a song?
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY6;   E19|        Can it be a song of joy?
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY7;   E19|        And so many children poor?   t39
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY8;   E19|        It is a land of poverty!   t40

SE-HOLY_THURSDAY9;   E19|        And their sun does never shine.
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY10; E19|        And their fields are bleak & bare.
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY11; E19|        And their ways are fill'd with thorns.
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY12; E19|        It is eternal winter there.   t41

ED; E20|        SONGS 34
SI/SE-Title; E20|        The Little Girl Lost   t43

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost1;   E20|        In futurity
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost2;   E20|        I prophetic see,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost3;   E20|        That the earth from sleep,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost4;   E20|        (Grave the sentence deep)

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost5;   E20|        Shall arise and seek
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost6;   E20|        For her maker meek:
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost7;   E20|        And the desart wild
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost8;   E20|        Become a garden mild.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost9;   E20|        In the southern clime,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost10; E20|        Where the summers prime,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost11; E20|        Never fades away;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost12; E20|        Lovely Lyca lay.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost13; E20|        Seven summers old
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost14; E20|        Lovely Lyca told,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost15; E20|        She had wanderd long,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost16; E20|        Hearing wild birds song.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost17; E20|        Sweet sleep come to me
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost18; E20|        Underneath this tree;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost19; E20|        Do father, mother weep.--
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost20; E20|        Where can Lyca sleep.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost21; E20|        Lost in desart wild
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost22; E20|        Is your little child.
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost23; E20|        How can Lyca sleep,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost24; E20|        If her mother weep.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost25; E20|        If her heart does ake,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost26; E20|        Then let Lyca wake;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost27; E20|        If my mother sleep,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost28; E20|        Lyca shall not weep.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost29; E20|        Frowning frowning night,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost30; E20|        O'er this desart bright,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost31; E20|        Let thy moon arise,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost32; E20|        While I close my eyes.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost33; E20|        Sleeping Lyca lay;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost34; E20|        While the beasts of prey,

SE-HOLY_THURSDAY13; E20|        For where-e'er the sun does shine,   t42
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY14; E20|        And where-e'er the rain does fall:
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY15; E20|        Babe can never hunger there,
SE-HOLY_THURSDAY16; E20|        Nor poverty the mind appall.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost35; E21|        Come from caverns deep,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost36; E21|        View'd the maid asleep

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost37; E21|        The kingly lion stood
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost38; E21|        And the virgin view'd,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost39; E21|        Then he gambold round
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost40; E21|        O'er the hallowd ground;

ED; E21|        SONGS 35
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost41; E21|        Leopards, tygers play,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost42; E21|        Round her as she lay;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost43; E21|        While the lion old,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost44; E21|        Bow'd his mane of gold.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost45; E21|        And her bosom lick,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost46; E21|        And upon her neck,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost47; E21|        From his eyes of flame,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost48; E21|        Ruby tears there came;

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost49; E21|        While the lioness,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost50; E21|        Loos'd her slender dress,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost51; E21|        And naked they convey'd
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlLost52; E21|        Tocaves the sleeping maid.

SI/SE-Title; E21|        The Little Girl Found

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound1;   E21|        All the night in woe,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound2;   E21|        Lyca's parents go:
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound3;   E21|        Over vallies deep,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound4;   E21|        While the desarts weep.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound5;   E21|        Tired and woe-begone,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound6;   E21|        Hoarse with making moan:
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound7;   E21|        Arm in arm seven days,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound8;   E21|        They trac'd the desart ways.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound9;   E21|        Seven nights they sleep,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound10; E21|        Among shadows deep:
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound11; E21|        And dream they see their child
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound12; E21|        Starv'd in desart wild.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound13; E21|        Pale thro' pathless ways
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound14; E21|        The fancied image strays,

ED; E21|        SONGS 36
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound15; E21|        Famish'd, weeping, weak
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound16; E21|        With hollow piteous shriek

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound17; E21|        Rising from unrest,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound18; E21|        The trembling woman prest,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound19; E21|        With feet of weary woe;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound20; E21|        She could no further go.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound21; E22|        In his arms he bore,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound22; E22|        Her arm'd with sorrow sore;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound23; E22|        Till before their way,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound24; E22|        A couching lion lay.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound25; E22|        Turning back was vain,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound26; E22|        Soon his heavy mane,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound27; E22|        Bore them to the ground;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound28; E22|        Then he stalk'd around,

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound29; E22|        Smelling to his prey.
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound30; E22|        But their fears allay,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound31; E22|        When he licks their hands;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound32; E22|        And silent by them stands.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound33; E22|        They look upon his eyes
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound34; E22|        Fill'd with deep surprise:
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound35; E22|        And wondering behold,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound36; E22|        A spirit arm'd in gold.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound37; E22|        On his head a crown
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound38; E22|        On his shouldes down,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound39; E22|        Flow'd his golden hair.
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound40; E22|        Gone was all their care.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound41; E22|        Follow me he said,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound42; E22|        Weep not for the maid;
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound43; E22|        In my palace deep,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound44; E22|        Lyca lies asleep.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound45; E22|        Then they followed,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound46; E22|        Where the vision led:
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound47; E22|        And saw their sleeping child,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound48; E22|        Among tygers wild.

SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound49; E22|        To this day they dwell
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound50; E22|        In a lonely dell
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound51; E22|        Nor fear the wolvish howl,
SI/SE-TheLittleGirlFound52; E22|        Nor the lions growl.

ED; E22|        SONGS 37
SE-Title; E22|        THE Chimney Sweeper   t44

SE-THEChimneySweeper1;   E22|        A little black thing among the snow:
SE-THEChimneySweeper2;   E22|        Crying weep, weep, in notes of woe!   t45
SE-THEChimneySweeper3;   E22|        Where are thy father & mother? say?
SE-THEChimneySweeper4;   E22|        They are both gone up to the church to pray.   t46

SE-THEChimneySweeper5;   E22|        Because I was happy upon the heath,
SE-THEChimneySweeper6;   E22|        And smil'd among the winters snow:   t47

SE-THEChimneySweeper7;   E23|        They clothed me in the clothes of death,
SE-THEChimneySweeper8;   E23|        And taught me to sing the notes of woe.

SE-THEChimneySweeper9;   E23|        And because I am happy, & dance & sing,
SE-THEChimneySweeper10; E23|        They think they have done me no injury:
SE-THEChimneySweeper11; E23|        And are gone to praise God & his Priest & King
SE-THEChimneySweeper12; E23|        Who make up a heaven of our misery.   t48

ED; E23|        SONGS 38
SE-Title; E23|        NURSES Song   t49

SE-NURSESSong1;   E23|        When the voices of children, are heard on the green
SE-NURSESSong2;   E23|        And whisprings are in the dale:
SE-NURSESSong3;   E23|        The days of my youth rise fresh in my mind,   t50
SE-NURSESSong4;   E23|        My face turns green and pale.

SE-NURSESSong5;   E23|        Then come home my chidren, the sun is gone down
SE-NURSESSong6;   E23|        And the dews of night arise
SE-NURSESSong7;   E23|        Your spring & your day, are wasted in play
SE-NURSESSong8;   E23|        And your winter and night in disguise.

ED; E23|        SONGS 39
SE-Title; E23|        The SICK ROSE   t51

SE-SICKROSE1;   E23|        O Rose thou art sick.
SE-SICKROSE2;   E23|        The invisible worm,
SE-SICKROSE3;   E23|        That flies in the night
SE-SICKROSE4;   E23|        In the howling storm:

SE-SICKROSE5;   E23|        Has found out thy bed   t52
SE-SICKROSE6;   E23|        Of crimson joy:
SE-SICKROSE7;   E23|        And his dark secret love   t53
SE-SICKROSE8;   E23|        Does thy life destroy.   t54

ED; E23|        SONGS 40
SE-Title; E23|        THE FLY.   t55

SE-THEFLY1;   E23|        Little Fly
SE-THEFLY2;   E23|        Thy summers play,   t56
SE-THEFLY3;   E23|        My thoughtless hand   t57
SE-THEFLY4;   E23|        Has brush'd away.   t58

SE-THEFLY5;   E23|        Am not I
SE-THEFLY6;   E23|        A fly like thee?
SE-THEFLY7;   E23|        Or art not thou
SE-THEFLY8;   E23|        A man like me?

SE-THEFLY9;   E23|        For I dance
SE-THEFLY10; E23|        And drink & sing:
SE-THEFLY11; E23|        Till some blind hand
SE-THEFLY12; E23|        Shall brush my wing.

SE-THEFLY13; E24|        If thought is life   t59
SE-THEFLY14; E24|        And strength & breath:
SE-THEFLY15; E24|        And the want   t60
SE-THEFLY16; E24|        Of thought is death;

SE-THEFLY17; E24|        Then am I
SE-THEFLY18; E24|        A happy fly,
SE-THEFLY19; E24|        If I live,
SE-THEFLY20; E24|        Or if I die.

ED; E24|        SONGS 41
SE-Title; E24|        The Angel   t61
SE-TheAngel1;   E24|        I Dreamt a Dream! what can it mean?
SE-TheAngel2;   E24|        And that I was a maiden Queen:
SE-TheAngel3;   E24|        Guarded by an Angel mild:
SE-TheAngel4;   E24|        Witless woe, was ne'er beguil'd!

SE-TheAngel5;   E24|        And I wept both night and day
SE-TheAngel6;   E24|        And he wip'd my tears away
SE-TheAngel7;   E24|        And I wept both day and night
SE-TheAngel8;   E24|        And hid from him my hearts delight

SE-TheAngel9;   E24|        So he took his wings and fled:
SE-TheAngel10; E24|        Then the morn blush'd rosy red:
SE-TheAngel11; E24|        I dried my tears & armed my fears,
SE-TheAngel12; E24|        With ten thousand shields and spears,

SE-TheAngel13; E24|        Soon my Angel came again;
SE-TheAngel14; E24|        I was arm'd, he came in vain:
SE-TheAngel15; E24|        For the time of youth was fled   t62
SE-TheAngel16; E24|        And grey hairs were on my head.

ED; E24|        SONGS 42
SE-Title; E24|        The Tyger.   t63

SE-TheTyger1;   E24|        Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
SE-TheTyger2;   E24|        In the forests of the night;
SE-TheTyger3;   E24|        What immortal hand or eye,   t64
SE-TheTyger4;   E24|        Could frame thy fearful symmetry?   t65

SE-TheTyger5;   E24|        In what distant deeps or skies.   t66
SE-TheTyger6;   E24|        Burnt the fire of thine eyes?   t67
SE-TheTyger7;   E24|        On what wings dare he aspire?   t68
SE-TheTyger8;   E24|        What the hand, dare sieze the fire?

SE-TheTyger9;   E24|        And what shoulder, & what art,
SE-TheTyger10; E24|        Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
SE-TheTyger11; E24|        And when thy heart began to beat,
SE-TheTyger12; E24|        What dread hand? & what dread feet?   t69

SE-TheTyger13; E25|        What the hammer? what the chain,   t70
SE-TheTyger14; E25|        In what furnace was thy brain?
SE-TheTyger15; E25|        What the anvil? what dread grasp,
SE-TheTyger16; E25|        Dare its deadly terrors clasp!   t71

SE-TheTyger17; E25|        When the stars threw down their spears   t72
SE-TheTyger18; E25|        And water'd heaven with their tears:
SE-TheTyger19; E25|        Did he smile his work to see?
SE-TheTyger20; E25|        Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

SE-TheTyger21; E25|        Tyger Tyger burning bright,
SE-TheTyger22; E25|        In the forests of the night:   t73
SE-TheTyger23; E25|        What immortal hand or eye,   t74
SE-TheTyger24; E25|        Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?   t75

ED; E25|        SONGS 43
SE-Title; E25|        My Pretty ROSE TREE   t76

SE-MyPrettyROSETREE1;   E25|        A flower was offerd to me;
SE-MyPrettyROSETREE2;   E25|        Such a flower as May never bore.
SE-MyPrettyROSETREE3;   E25|        But I said I've a Pretty Rose-tree:
SE-MyPrettyROSETREE4;   E25|        And I passed the sweet flower o'er.

SE-MyPrettyROSETREE5;   E25|        Then I went to my Pretty Rose-tree;
SE-MyPrettyROSETREE6;   E25|        To tend her by day and by night.   t77
SE-MyPrettyROSETREE7;   E25|        But my Rose turnd away with jealousy:   t78
SE-MyPrettyROSETREE8;   E25|        And her thorns were my only delight.

SE-Title; E25|        AH! SUN-FLOWER

SE-AH!SUN-FLOWER1;   E25|        Ah Sun-flower! weary of time,
SE-AH!SUN-FLOWER2;   E25|        Who countest the steps of the Sun:
SE-AH!SUN-FLOWER3;   E25|        Seeking after that sweet golden clime
SE-AH!SUN-FLOWER4;   E25|        Where the travellers journey is done.

SE-AH!SUN-FLOWER5;   E25|        Where the Youth pined away with desire,
SE-AH!SUN-FLOWER6;   E25|        And the pale Virgin shrouded in snow:
SE-AH!SUN-FLOWER7;   E25|        Arise from their graves and aspire,
SE-AH!SUN-FLOWER8;   E25|        Where my Sun-flower wishes to go.

SE-Title; E25|        THE LILLY   t79

SE-THELILLY1;   E25|        The modest Rose puts forth a thorn:   t80
SE-THELILLY2;   E25|        The humble Sheep, a threatning horn:   t81
SE-THELILLY3;   E25|        While the Lilly white, shall in Love delight,
SE-THELILLY4;   E25|        Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.   t82

ED; E26|        SONGS 44
SE-Title; E26|        The GARDEN of LOVE   t83

SE-TheGardenofLove1;   E26|        I went to the Garden of Love,
SE-TheGardenofLove2;   E26|        And saw what I never had seen:   t84
SE-TheGardenofLove3;   E26|        A Chapel was built in the midst,   t85
SE-TheGardenofLove4;   E26|        Where I used to play on the green.

SE-TheGardenofLove5;   E26|        And the gates of this Chapel were shut,   t86
SE-TheGardenofLove6;   E26|        And Thou shalt not. writ over the door;
SE-TheGardenofLove7;   E26|        So I turn'd to the Garden of Love,   t87
SETheGardenofLove8;   E26|        That so many sweet flowers bore.

SE-TheGardenofLove9;   E26|        And I saw it was filled with graves,
SE-TheGardenofLove10; E26|        And tomb-stones where flowers should be:
SE-TheGardenofLove11; E26|        And Priests in black gowns, were walking their rounds,
SE-TheGardenofLove12; E26|        And binding with briars, my joys & desires.

ED; E26|        SONGS 45
SE-Title; E26|        The Little Vagabond   t88

SE-TheLittleVagabond1;   E26|        Dear Mother, dear Mother, the Church is cold,   t89
SE-TheLittleVagabond2;   E26|        But the Ale-house is healthy & pleasant & warm;
SE-TheLittleVagabond3;   E26|        Besides I can tell where I am use'd well,   t90
SE-TheLittleVagabond4;   E26|        Such usage in heaven will never do well.   t91
ED; E26|        [45:4 Original reading: Such usage in heaven makes all go to hell. See textual note.]

SE-TheLittleVagabond5;   E26|        But if at the Church they would give us some Ale.
SE-TheLittleVagabond6;   E26|        And a pleasant fire, our souls to regale;
SE-TheLittleVagabond7;   E26|        We'd sing and we'd pray, all the live-long day;
SE-TheLittleVagabond8;   E26|        Nor ever once wish from the Church to stray,

SE-TheLittleVagabond9;   E26|        Then the Parson might preach & drink & sing.
SE-TheLittleVagabond10; E26|        And we'd be as happy as birds in the spring:
SE-TheLittleVagabond11; E26|        And modest dame Lurch, who is always at Church,
SE-TheLittleVagabond12; E26|        Would not have bandy children nor fasting nor birch.

SE-TheLittleVagabond13; E26|        And God like a father rejoicing to see,   t92
SE-TheLittleVagabond14; E26|        His children as pleasant and happy as he:
SE-TheLittleVagabond15; E26|        Would have no more quarrel with the Devil or the Barrel
SE-TheLittleVagabond16; E26|        But kiss him & give him both drink and apparel.   t93

ED; E26|        SONGS 46
SE-Title; E26|        LONDON   t94

SE-LONDON1;   E26|        I wander thro' each charter'd street,   t95
SE-LONDON2;   E26|        Near where the charter'd Thames does flow.
SE-LONDON3;   E26|        And mark in every face I meet   t96
SE-LONDON4;   E26|        Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

SE-LONDON5;   E27|        In every cry of every Man,
SE-LONDON6;   E27|        In every Infants cry of fear,   t97
SE-LONDON7;   E27|        In every voice: in every ban,   t98
SE-LONDON8;   E27|        The mind-forg'd manacles I hear   t99

SE-LONDON9;   E27|        How the Chimney-sweepers cry   t100
SE-LONDON10; E27|        Every blackning Church appalls,   t101
SE-LONDON11; E27|        And the hapless Soldiers sigh
SE-LONDON12; E27|        Runs in blood down Palace walls

SE-LONDON13; E27|        But most thro' midnight streets I hear   t102
SE-LONDON14; E27|        How the youthful Harlots curse
SE-LONDON15; E27|        Blasts the new-born Infants tear
SE-LONDON16; E27|        And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse

ED; E27|        SONGS 47
SE-Title; E27|        The Human Abstract.   t103

SE-TheHumanAbstract1;   E27|        Pity would be no more,   t104
SE-TheHumanAbstract2;   E27|        If we did not make somebody Poor:   t105
SE-TheHumanAbstract3;   E27|        And Mercy no more could be,
SE-TheHumanAbstract4;   E27|        If all were as happy as we;

SE-TheHumanAbstract5;   E27|        And mutual fear brings peace;
SE-TheHumanAbstract6;   E27|        Till the selfish loves increase.
SE-TheHumanAbstract7;   E27|        Then Cruelty knits a snare,
SE-TheHumanAbstract8;   E27|        And spreads his baits with care.   t106

SE-TheHumanAbstract9;   E27|        He sits down with holy fears,
SE-TheHumanAbstract10; E27|        And waters the ground with tears:
SE-TheHumanAbstract11; E27|        Then Humility takes its root
SE-TheHumanAbstract12; E27|        Underneath his foot.

SE-TheHumanAbstract13; E27|        Soon spreads the dismal shade
SE-TheHumanAbstract14; E27|        Of Mystery over his head;
SE-TheHumanAbstract15; E27|        And the Catterpiller and Fly,
SE-TheHumanAbstract16; E27|        Feed on the Mystery.

SE-TheHumanAbstract17; E27|        And it bears the fruit of Deceit,
SE-TheHumanAbstract18; E27|        Ruddy and sweet to eat;
SE-TheHumanAbstract19; E27|        And the Raven his nest has made
SE-TheHumanAbstract20; E27|        In its thickest shade.

SE-TheHumanAbstract21; E27|        The Gods of the earth and sea,
SE-TheHumanAbstract2;   E27|        Sought thro' Nature to find this Tree
SE-TheHumanAbstract23; E27|        But their search was all in vain:
SE-TheHumanAbstract24; E27|        There grows one in the Human Brain   t107

ED; E28|        SONGS 48
SE-Title; E28|        INFANT SORROW   t108

SE-INFANTSORROW1;   E28|        My mother groand! my father wept.
SE-INFANTSORROW2;   E28|        Into the dangerous world I leapt:
SE-INFANTSORROW3;   E28|        Helpless, naked, piping loud;
SE-INFANTSORROW4;   E28|        Like a fiend hid in a cloud.

SE-INFANTSORROW5;   E28|        Struggling in my fathers hands:
SE-INFANTSORROW6;   E28|        Striving against my swadling bands:
SE-INFANTSORROW7;   E28|        Bound and weary I thought best
SE-INFANTSORROW8;   E28|        To sulk upon my mothers breast.

ED; E28|        SONGS 49
SE-Title; E28|        A POISON TREE.   t109

SE-APOISONTREE1;   E28|        I was angry with my friend;
SE-APOISONTREE2;   E28|        I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
SE-APOISONTREE3;   E28|        I was angry with my foe:
SE-APOISONTREE4;   E28|        I told it not, my wrath did grow.

SE-APOISONTREE5;   E28|        And I waterd it in fears,
SE-APOISONTREE6;   E28|        Night & morning with my tears:
SE-APOISONTREE7;   E28|        And I sunned it with smiles,
SE-APOISONTREE8;   E28|        And with soft deceitful wiles.

SE-APOISONTREE9;   E28|        And it grew both day and night.
SE-APOISONTREE10; E28|        Till it bore an apple bright.
SE-APOISONTREE11; E28|        And my foe beheld it shine,
SE-APOISONTREE12; E28|        And he knew that it was mine.

SE-APOISONTREE13; E28|        And into my garden stole,
SE-APOISONTREE14; E28|        When the night had veild the pole;
SE-APOISONTREE15; E28|        In the morning glad I see;
SE-APOISONTREE16; E28|        My foe outstretchd beneath the tree.

ED; E28|        SONGS 50
SE-Title; E28|        A Little BOY Lost   t110

SE-ALittleBOYLost1;   E28|        Nought loves another as itself
SE-ALittleBOYLost2;   E28|        Nor venerates another so.
SE-ALittleBOYLost3;   E28|        Nor is it possible to Thought
SE-ALittleBOYLost4;   E28|        A greater than itself to know:

SE-ALittleBOYLost5;   E28|        And Father, how can I love you,   t111
SE-ALittleBOYLost6;   E28|        Or any of my brothers more?   t112
SE-ALittleBOYLost7;   E28|        I love you like the little bird   t113
SE-ALittleBOYLost8;   E28|        That picks up crumbs around the door.

SE-ALittleBOYLost9;   E28|        The Priest sat by and heard the child.
SE-ALittleBOYLost10; E28|        In trembling zeal he siez'd his hair:   t114
SE-ALittleBOYLost11; E28|        He led him by his little coat:   t115
SE-ALittleBOYLost12; E28|        And all admir'd the Priestly care.   t116

SE-ALittleBOYLost13; E29|        And standing on the altar high,   t117
SE-ALittleBOYLost14; E29|        Lo what a fiend is here! said he:
SE-ALittleBOYLost15; E29|        One who sets reason up for judge
SE-ALittleBOYLost16; E29|        Of our most holy Mystery.

SE-ALittleBOYLost17; E29|        The weeping child could not be heard.
SE-ALittleBOYLost18; E29|        The weeping parents wept in vain:
SE-ALittleBOYLost19; E29|        They strip'd him to his little shirt.   t118
SE-ALittleBOYLost20; E29|        And bound him in an iron chain.

SE-ALittleBOYLost21; E29|        And burn'd him in a holy place,   t119
SE-ALittleBOYLost22; E29|        Where many had been burn'd before:
SE-ALittleBOYLost23; E29|        The weeping parents wept in vain.
SE-ALittleBOYLost24; E29|        Are such things done on Albions shore.   t120

ED; E29|        SONGS 51
SE-Title; E29|        A Little GIRL Lost

SE-ALittleGIRLLost1;   E29|        Children of the future Age,
SE-ALittleGIRLLost2;   E29|        Reading this indignant page;
SE-ALittleGIRLLost3;   E29|        Know that in a former time.
SE-ALittleGIRLLost4;   E29|        Love! sweet Love! was thought a crime.

SE-ALittleGIRLLost5;   E29|        In the Age of Gold,
SE-ALittleGIRLLost6;   E29|        Free from winters cold:
SE-ALittleGIRLLost7;   E29|        Youth and maiden bright,
SE-ALittleGIRLLost8;   E29|        To the holy light,
SE-ALittleGIRLLost9;   E29|        Naked in the sunny beams delight.

SE-ALittleGIRLLost10; E29|        Once a youthful pair
SE-ALittleGIRLLost11; E29|        Fill'd with softest care:
SE-ALittleGIRLLost12; E29|        Met in garden bright,
SE-ALittleGIRLLost13; E29|        Where the holy light,
SE-ALittleGIRLLost14; E29|        Had just removd the curtains of the night.

SE-ALittleGIRLLost15; E29|        There in rising day,
SE-ALittleGRLLost16; E29|        On the grass they play:
SE-ALittleGIRLLost17; E29|        Parents were afar:
SE-ALittleGIRLLost18; E29|        Strangers came not near:
SE-ALittleGIRLLost19; E29|        And the maiden soon forgot her fear.

SE-ALittleGIRLLost20; E29|        Tired with kisses sweet
SE-ALittleGIRLLost21; E29|        They agree to meet,
SE-ALittleGIRLLost22; E29|        When the silent sleep
SE-ALittleGIRLLost23; E29|        Waves o'er heavens deep;
SE-ALittleGIRLLost24; E29|        And the weary tired wanderers weep.

SE-ALittleGIRLLost25; E29|        To her father white
SE-ALittleGIRLLost26; E29|        Came the maiden bright:
SE-ALittleGIRLLost27; E29|        But his loving look,
SE-ALittleGIRLLost28; E29|        Like the holy book,
SE-ALittleGIRLLost29; E29|        All her tender limbs with terror shook.

SE-ALittleGIRLLost30; E30|        Ona! pale and weak!
SE-ALittleGIRLLost31; E30|        To thy father speak:
SE-ALittleGIRLLost32; E30|        O the trembling fear!
SE-ALittleGIRLLost33; E30|        O the dismal care!
SE-ALittleGIRLLost34; E30|        That shakes the blossoms of my hoary hair

ED; E30|        SONGS 52
SE-Title; E30|        To Tirzah   t121

SE-ToTirzah1;   E30|        Whate'er is Born of Mortal Birth,
SE-ToTirzah2;   E30|        Must be consumed with the Earth
SE-ToTirzah3;   E30|        To rise from Generation free;
SE-ToTirzah4;   E30|        Then what have I to do with thee?

SE-ToTirzah5;   E30|        The Sexes sprung from Shame & Pride
SE-ToTirzah6;   E30|        Blow'd in the morn: in evening died
SE-ToTirzah7;   E30|        But Mercy changd Death into Sleep;
SE-ToTirzah8;   E30|        The Sexes rose to work & weep.

SE-ToTirzah9;   E30|        Thou Mother of my Mortal part.
SE-ToTirzah10; E30|        With cruelty didst mould my Heart.
SE-ToTirzah11; E30|        And with false self-decieving tears,
SE-ToTirzah12; E30|        Didst bind my Nostrils Eyes & Ears.

SE-ToTirzah13; E30|        Didst close my Tongue in senseless clay
SE-ToTirzah14; E30|        And me to Mortal Life betray:
SE-ToTirzah15; E30|        The Death of Jesus set me free,
SE-ToTirzah16; E30|        Then what have I to do with thee?

SE-ToTirzah; E30|        [text on illustration: It is Raised a Spiritual Body]

ED; E31|        SONGS 53
SI/SE-Title; E31|        The School Boy   t122

SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy1;   E31|        I love to rise in a summer morn,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy2;   E31|        When the birds sing on every tree;
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy3;   E31|        The distant huntsman winds his horn,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy4;   E31|        And the sky-lark sings with me.
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy5;   E31|        O! what sweet company.

SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy6;   E31|        But to go to school in a summer morn,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy7;   E31|        O! it drives all joy away;
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy8;   E31|        Under a cruel eye outworn,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy9;   E31|        The little ones spend the day,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy10; E31|        In sighing and dismay.

SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy11; E31|        Ah! then at times I drooping sit,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy12; E31|        And spend many an anxious hour.
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy13; E31|        Nor in my book can I take delight,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy14; E31|        Nor sit in learnings bower,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy15; E31|        Worn thro' with the dreary shower.

SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy16; E31|        How can the bird that is born for joy,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy17; E31|        Sit in a cage and sing.
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy18; E31|        How can a child when fears annoy,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy19; E31|        But droop his tender wing,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy20; E31|        And forget his youthful spring.

SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy21; E31|        O! father & mother, if buds are nip'd,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy22; E31|        And blossoms blown away,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy23; E31|        And if the tender plants are strip'd
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy24; E31|        Of their joy in the springing day,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy25; E31|        By sorrow and cares dismay,

SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy26; E31|        How shall the summer arise in joy.
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy27; E31|        Or the summer fruits appear,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy28; E31|        Or how shall we gather what griefs destroy
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy29; E31|        Or bless the mellowing year,
SI/SE-TheSchoolBoy30; E31|        When the blasts of winter appear.

ED; E31|        SONGS 54
SI/SE-Title; E31|        The Voice of the Ancient Bard.   t123

SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard1;   E31|        Youth of delight come hither:
SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard2;   E31|        And see the opening morn,
SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard3;   E31|        Image of truth new born.
SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard4;   E31|        Doubt is fled & clouds of reason.
SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard5;   E31|        Dark disputes & artful teazing.
SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard6;   E31|        Folly is an endless maze,
SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard7;   E31|        Tangled roots perplex her ways,

SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard8;   E32|        How many have fallen there!
SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard9;   E32|        They stumble all night over bones of the dead;
SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard10; E32|        And feel they know not what but care;
SI/SE-Voice...AncientBard11; E32|        And wish to lead others when they should be led.

ED; E32|        SONGS 55
SE-Title; E32|        A DIVINE IMAGE

ED; E32|        [An early Song of Experience included in one late copy]   t124

SE-ADIVINEIMAGE1;   E32|        Cruelty has a Human Heart
SE-ADIVINEIMAGE2;   E32|        And Jealousy a Human Face
SE-ADIVINEIMAGE3;   E32|        Terror, the Human Form Divine
SE-ADIVINEIMAGE4;   E32|        And Secrecy, the Human Dress

SE-ADIVINEIMAGE5;   E32|        The Human Dress, is forged Iron
SE-ADIVINEIMAGE6;   E32|        The Human Form, a fiery Forge.
SE-ADIVINEIMAGE7;   E32|        The Human Face, a Furnace seal'd
SE-ADIVINEIMAGE8;   E32|        The Human Heart, its hungry Gorge.

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