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ED; E466|        V

ED; E466|        [Written in a copy of Poetical Sketches]   t1097
ED; E466|

title; E466|        Song 1st by a shepherd

Song1st[PSadd]1;   E466|        Welcome stranger to this place,
Song1st[PSadd]2;   E466|        Where joy doth sit on every bough,
Song1st[PSadd]3;   E466|        Paleness flies from every face,
Song1st[PSadd]4;   E466|        We reap not, what we do not sow.

Song1st[PSadd]5;   E466|        Innocence doth like a Rose,
Song1st[PSadd]6;   E466|        Bloom on every Maidens cheek;
Song1st[PSadd]7;   E466|        Honor twines around her brows,
Song1st[PSadd]8;   E466|        The jewel Health adorns her neck.

ED; E466|        * 

title; E466|        Song 3d by an old shepherd

Song3rd[PSadd]1;   E466|        When silver snow decks Sylvio's clothes
Song3rd[PSadd]2;   E466|        And jewel hangs at shepherd's nose,
Song3rd[PSadd]3;   E466|        We can abide life's pelting storm
Song3rd[PSadd]4;   E466|        That makes our limbs quake, if our hearts be warm.

Song3rd[PSadd]5;   E466|        Whilst Virtue is our walking staff,
Song3rd[PSadd]6;   E466|        And Truth a lantern to our path;
Song3rd[PSadd]7;   E466|        We can abide life's pelting storm
Song3rd[PSadd]8;   E466|        That makes our limbs quake, if our hearts be warm.

Song3rd[PSadd]9;   E466|        Blow boisterous Wind, stern Winter frown,
Song3rd[PSadd]10; E466|        Innocence is a Winter's gown;

Song3rd[PSadd]11; E467|        So clad, we'll abide life's pelting storm
Song3rd[PSadd]12; E467|        That makes our limbs quake, if our hearts be warm. 

N-"NeverPainToTell"1;   E467|        Never pain to tell thy Love   t1099
N-"NeverPainToTell"2;   E467|        Love that never told can be
N-"NeverPainToTell"3;   E467|        For the gentle wind does move
N-"NeverPainToTell"4;   E467|        Silently invisibly
N-"NeverPainToTell"5;   E467|        I told my love I told my love
N-"NeverPainToTell"6;   E467|        I told her all my heart
N-"NeverPainToTell"7;   E467|        Trembling cold in ghastly fears
N-"NeverPainToTell"8;   E467|        Ah she doth depart

N-"NeverPainToTell"9;   E467|        Soon as she was gone from me
N-"NeverPainToTell"10; E467|        A traveller came by
N-"NeverPainToTell"11; E467|        Silently invisibly
N-"NeverPainToTell"12; E467|        O was no deny   t1100

ED; E467|        * 

N-"I_feardTheFury"1;   E467|        I feard the fury of my wind   t1101
N-"I_feardTheFury"2;   E467|        Would blight all blossoms fair & true
N-"I_feardTheFury"3;   E467|        And my sun it shind & shind
N-"I_feardTheFury"4;   E467|        And my wind it never blew   t1102

N-"I_feardTheFury"5;   E467|        But a blossom fair or true
N-"I_feardTheFury"6;   E467|        Was not found on any tree
N-"I_feardTheFury"7;   E467|        For all blossoms grew & grew
N-"I_feardTheFury"8;   E467|        Fruitless false tho fair to see

ED; E467|        * 

N-"I_sawAchapel"1;   E467|        I saw a chapel all of gold
N-"I_sawAchapel"2;   E467|        That none did dare to enter in
N-"I_sawAchapel"3;   E467|        And many weeping stood without
N-"I_sawAchapel"4;   E467|        Weeping mourning worshipping

N-"I_sawAchapel"5;   E467|        I saw a serpent rise between
N-"I_sawAchapel"6;   E467|        The white pillars of the door
N-"I_sawAchapel"7;   E467|        And he forcd & forcd & forcd
N-"I_sawAchapel"8;   E467|        Down the golden hinges tore   t1103

N-"I_sawAchapel"9;   E467|        And along the pavement sweet
N-"I_sawAchapel"10; E467|        Set with pearls & rubies bright
N-"I_sawAchapel"11; E467|        All his slimy length he drew
N-"I_sawAchapel"12; E467|        Till upon the altar white

N-"I_sawAchapel"13; E467|        Vomiting his poison out
N-"I_sawAchapel"14; E467|        On the bread & on the wine

N-"I_sawAchapel"15; E468|        So I turnd into a sty
N-"I_sawAchapel"16; E468|        And laid me down among the swine

ED; E468|        * 

N-"I_laidMeDown"1;   E468|        I laid me down upon a bank
N-"I_laidMeDown"2;   E468|        Where love lay sleeping
N-"I_laidMeDown"3;   E468|        I heard among the rushes dank
N-"I_laidMeDown"4;   E468|        Weeping Weeping

N-"I_laidMeDown"5;   E468|        Then I went to the heath & the wild
N-"I_laidMeDown"6;   E468|        To the thistles & thorns of the waste
N-"I_laidMeDown"7;   E468|        And they told me how they were beguild
N-"I_laidMeDown"8;   E468|        Driven out & compeld to be chaste

ED; E468|        * 

N-title; E468|        A cradle song   t1104

N-ACradleSong1;   E468|        Sleep Sleep beauty bright
N-ACradleSong2;   E468|        Dreaming oer the joys of night   t1105
N-ACradleSong3;   E468|        Sleep Sleep: in thy sleep
N-ACradleSong4;   E468|        Little sorrows sit & weep   t1106

N-ACradleSong5;   E468|        Sweet Babe in thy face   t1107
N-ACradleSong6;   E468|        Soft desires I can trace
N-ACradleSong7;   E468|        Secret joys & secret smiles
N-ACradleSong8;   E468|        Little pretty infant wiles.   t1108

N-ACradleSong9;   E468|        As thy softest limbs I feel   t1109
N-ACradleSong10; E468|        Smiles as of the morning steal   t1110

N-ACradleSong11; E468|        Oer thy cheek & oer thy breast
N-ACradleSong12; E468|        Where thy little heart does rest

N-ACradleSong13; E468|        O the cunning wiles that creep
N-ACradleSong14; E468|        In thy little heart asleep
N-ACradleSong15; E468|        When thy little heart does wake
N-ACradleSong16; E468|        Then the dreadful lightnings break

N-ACradleSong17; E468|        From thy cheek & from thy eye   t1111
N-ACradleSong18; E468|        Oer the youthful harvests nigh
N-ACradleSong19; E468|        Infant wiles & infant smiles   t1112

N-ACradleSong20; E468|        Heaven & Earth of peace beguiles

ED; E468|        * 

N-"I_askedAthief"1;   E468|        I asked a thief to steal me a peach  t1113
N-"I_askedAthief"2;   E468|        He turned up his eyes   t1114
N-"I_askedAthief"3;   E468|        I ask'd a lithe lady to lie her down
N-"I_askedAthief"4;   E468|        Holy & meek she cries--  t1115

N-"I_askedAthief"5;   E468|        As soon as I went
N-"I_askedAthief"6;   E468|        An angel came.

N-"I_askedAthief"7;   E469|        He wink'd at the thief   t1116
N-"I_askedAthief"8;   E469|        And smild at the dame--  t1117

N-"I_askedAthief"9;   E469|        And without one word said   t1118
N-"I_askedAthief"10; E469|        Had a peach from the tree
N-"I_askedAthief"11; E469|        And still as a maid  t1119
N-"I_askedAthief"12; E469|        Enjoy'd the lady.   t1120

ED; E469|        * 

N-title; E469|        To my Mirtle   t1121

N-ToMyMirtle1;   E469|        To a lovely mirtle bound
N-ToMyMirtle2;   E469|        Blossoms showring all around
N-ToMyMirtle3;   E469|        O how sick & weary I
N-ToMyMirtle4;   E469|        Underneath my mirtle lie
N-ToMyMirtle5;   E469|        Why should I be bound to thee
N-ToMyMirtle6;   E469|        O my lovely mirtle tree

ED; E469|        * 

N-title; E469|        [To go] on I Plate   t1122 

N-"O_lapwing"1;   E469|        lapwing thou fliest around the heath
N-"O_lapwing"2;   E469|        Nor seest the net that is spread beneath
N-"O_lapwing"3;   E469|        Why dost thou not fly among the corn fields
N-"O_lapwing"4;   E469|        They cannot spread nets where a harvest yields

ED; E469|        _________________________________________ 

N-title; E469|        An answer to the parson

N-AnAnswer1;   E469|        Why of the sheep do you not learn peace
N-AnAnswer2;   E469|        Because I dont want you to shear my fleece

ED; E469|        _________________________________________ 

ED; E469|        [Experiment]

N-"ThouHastALapFull"1;   E469|        Thou hast a lap full of seed
N-"ThouHastALapFull"2;   E469|        And this is a fine country
N-"ThouHastALapFull"3;   E469|        Why dost thou not cast thy seed
N-"ThouHastALapFull"4;   E469|        And live in it merrily

N-"ThouHastALapFull"5;   E469|        Shall I cast it on the sand   t1123
N-"ThouHastALapFull"6;   E469|        And turn it into fruitful land   t1124
N-"ThouHastALapFull"7;   E469|        For on no other ground   t1125
N-"ThouHastALapFull"8;   E469|        Can I sow my seed

N-"ThouHastALapFull"9;   E470|        Without tearing up   t1126
N-"ThouHastALapFull"10; E470|        Some stinking weed
ED; E470|        _________________________________________ 

N-title; E470|        Riches

N-Riches1;   E470|        The countless gold of a merry heart   t1127
N-Riches2;   E470|        The rubies & pearls of a loving eye
N-Riches3;   E470|        The indolent never can bring to the mart   t1128
N-Riches4;   E470|        Nor the secret hoard up in his treasury   t1129

ED; E470|        _________________________________________ 

N-"IfYouTrap"1;   E470|        If you trap the moment before its ripe   t1130
N-"IfYouTrap"2;   E470|        The tears of repentance youll certainly wipe
N-"IfYouTrap"3;   E470|        But if once you let the ripe moment go
N-"IfYouTrap"4;   E470|        You can never wipe off the tears of woe   t1131

ED; E470|        * 

N-title; E470|        Eternity

N-Eternity1;   E470|        He who binds to himself a joy   t1132
N-Eternity2;   E470|        Does the winged life destroy
N-Eternity3;   E470|        But he who kisses the joy as it flies   t1133
N-Eternity4;   E470|        Lives in eternity's sun rise   t1134

ED; E470|        *   t1135 

N-"I_heardAnAngel"1;   E470|        I heard an Angel singing
N-"I_heardAnAngel"2;   E470|        When the day was springing
N-"I_heardAnAngel"3;   E470|        Mercy Pity Peace   t1136
N-"I_heardAnAngel"4;   E470|        Is the worlds release

N-"I_heardAnAngel"5;   E470|        Thus he sung all day
N-"I_heardAnAngel"6;   E470|        Over the new mown hay
N-"I_heardAnAngel"7;   E470|        Till the sun went down
N-"I_heardAnAngel"8;   E470|        And haycocks looked brown

N-"I_heardAnAngel"9;   E470|        I heard a Devil curse
N-"I_heardAnAngel"10; E470|        Over the heath & the furze
N-"I_heardAnAngel"11; E470|        Mercy could be no more
N-"I_heardAnAngel"12; E470|        If there was nobody poor

N-"I_heardAnAngel"13; E470|        And pity no more could be
N-"I_heardAnAngel"14; E470|        If all were as happy as we
N-"I_heardAnAngel"15; E470|        At his curse the sun went down   t1137
N-"I_heardAnAngel"16; E470|        And the heavens gave a frown

N-"I_heardAnAngel"17; E471|        Down pourd the heavy rain   t1138
N-"I_heardAnAngel"18; E471|        Over the new reapd grain
N-"I_heardAnAngel"19; E471|        And Miseries increase   t1139
N-"I_heardAnAngel"20; E471|        Is Mercy Pity Peace

ED; E471|        * 

N-"SilentSilentNight"1;   E471|        Silent Silent Night
N-"SilentSilentNight"2;   E471|        Quench the holy light
N-"SilentSilentNight"3;   E471|        Of thy torches bright

N-"SilentSilentNight"4;   E471|        For possessd of Day
N-"SilentSilentNight"5;   E471|        Thousand spirits stray
N-"SilentSilentNight"6;   E471|        That sweet joys betray

N-"SilentSilentNight"7;   E471|        Why should joys be sweet
N-"SilentSilentNight"8;   E471|        Used with deceit
N-"SilentSilentNight"9;   E471|        Nor with sorrows meet

N-"SilentSilentNight"10; E471|        But an honest joy
N-"SilentSilentNight"11; E471|        Does itself destroy
N-"SilentSilentNight"12; E471|        For a harlot coy

ED; E471|        * 

N-title; E471|        To Nobodaddy   t1140

N-ToNobodaddy1;   E471|        Why art thou silent & invisible
N-ToNobodaddy2;   E471|        Father of jealousy   t1141
N-ToNobodaddy3;   E471|        Why dost thou hide thyself in clouds
N-ToNobodaddy4;   E471|        From every searching Eye

N-ToNobodaddy5;   E471|        Why darkness & obscurity
N-ToNobodaddy6;   E471|        In all thy words & laws
N-ToNobodaddy7;   E471|        That none dare eat the fruit but from
N-ToNobodaddy8;   E471|        The wily serpents jaws
N-ToNobodaddy9;   E471|        Or is it because Secresy   t1142
N-ToNobodaddy10; E471|        gains females loud applause   t1143

ED; E471|        * 

N-"AreNotTheJoys"1;   E471|        Are not the joys of morning sweeter
N-"AreNotTheJoys"2;   E471|        Than the joys of night
N-"AreNotTheJoys"3;   E471|        And are the vigrous joys of youth
N-"AreNotTheJoys"4;   E471|        Ashamed of the light

N-"AreNotTheJoys"5;   E471|        Let age & sickness silent rob
N-"AreNotTheJoys"6;   E471|        The vineyards in the night

N-"AreNotTheJoys"7;   E472|        But those who burn with vigrous youth
N-"AreNotTheJoys"8;   E472|        Pluck fruits before the light

ED; E472|        *   t1144 

N-"HowCamePride"1;   E472|        How came pride in Man
N-"HowCamePride"2;   E472|        From Mary it began
N-"HowCamePride"3;   E472|        How Contempt & Scorn

N-"HowCamePride"4;   E472|        What a world is Man
N-"HowCamePride"5;   E472|        His Earth

ED; E472|        * 

ED; E472|        [How to know Love from Deceit]   t1145

N-"LoveToFaults"1;   E472|        Love to faults is always blind
N-"LoveToFaults"2;   E472|        Always is to joy inclind
N-"LoveToFaults"3;   E472|        Lawless wingd & unconfind   t1146
N-"LoveToFaults"4;   E472|        And breaks all chains from every mind

N-"LoveToFaults"5;   E472|        Deceit to secresy confind   t1147
N-"LoveToFaults"6;   E472|        Lawful cautious & refind   t1148
N-"LoveToFaults"7;   E472|        To every thing but interest blind   t1149
N-"LoveToFaults"8;   E472|        And forges fetters for the mind   t1150

ED; E472|        * 

N-title; E472|        The wild flowers song   t1151

N-TheWildFlowersSong1;   E472|        As I wanderd the forest
N-TheWildFlowersSong2;   E472|        The green leaves among
N-TheWildFlowersSong3;   E472|        I heard a wild flower   t1152
N-TheWildFlowersSong4;   E472|        Singing a Song

N-TheWildFlowersSong5;   E472|        I slept in the earth   t1153
N-TheWildFlowersSong6;   E472|        in the silent night
N-TheWildFlowersSong7;   E472|        I murmurd my fears
N-TheWildFlowersSong8;   E472|        And I felt delight

N-TheWildFlowersSong9;   E472|        In the morning I went
N-TheWildFlowersSong10; E472|        As rosy as morn
N-TheWildFlowersSong11; E472|        To seek for new Joy
N-TheWildFlowersSong12; E472|        But I met with scorn

ED; E473|        * 

N-title; E473|        Soft Snow   t1154

N-SoftSnow1;   E473|        I walked abroad in a snowy day
N-SoftSnow2;   E473|        I askd the soft snow with me to play
N-SoftSnow3;   E473|        She playd & she melted in all her prime
N-SoftSnow4;   E473|        And the winter calld it a dreadful crime   t1155
ED; E473|        * 

N-title; E473|        Merlins prophecy

N-MerlinsProphecy1;   E473|        The harvest shall flourish in wintry Weather
N-MerlinsProphecy2;   E473|        When two virginities meet together

N-MerlinsProphecy3;   E473|        The King & the Priest must be tied in a tether
N-MerlinsProphecy4;   E473|        Before two virgins can meet together

ED; E473|        *   t1156 

N-"WhyShouldICare"1;   E473|        Why should I care for the men of thames
N-"WhyShouldICare"2;   E473|        Or the cheating waves of charterd streams
N-"WhyShouldICare"3;   E473|        Or shrink at the little blasts of fear
N-"WhyShouldICare"4;   E473|        That the hireling blows into my ear

N-"WhyShouldICare"5;   E473|        Tho born on the cheating banks of Thames
N-"WhyShouldICare"6;   E473|        Tho his waters bathed my infant limbs
N-"WhyShouldICare"7;   E473|        The Ohio shall wash his stains from me   t1157
N-"WhyShouldICare"8;   E473|        I was born a slave but I go to be free   t1158

ED; E473|        * 

N-title; E473|        Day   t1159

N-Day1;   E473|        The Sun arises in the East   t1160
N-Day2;   E473|        Clothd in robes of blood & gold
N-Day3;   E473|        Swords & spears & wrath increast
N-Day4;   E473|        All around his bosom rolld   t1161
N-Day5;   E473|        Crownd with warlike fires & raging desires

ED; E473|        * 

N-"TheSwordSung"1;   E473|        The sword sung on the barren heath
N-"TheSwordSung"2;   E473|        The sickle in the fruitful field
N-"TheSwordSung"3;   E473|        The sword he sung a song of death
N-"TheSwordSung"4;   E473|        But could not make the sickle yield

ED; E473|        * 

N-"AbstinenceSows"1;   E474|        Abstinence sows sand all over
N-"AbstinenceSows"2;   E474|        The ruddy limbs & flaming hair   t1162
N-"AbstinenceSows"3;   E474|        But Desire Gratified
N-"AbstinenceSows"4;   E474|        Plants fruits of life & beauty there

ED; E474|        * 

N-"InAwife"1;   E474|        In a wife I would desire
N-"InAwife"2;   E474|        What in whores is always found
N-"InAwife"3;   E474|        The lineaments of Gratified desire

ED; E474|        * 

N-title; E474|        Lacedemonian Instruction

N-Lacedemonian1;   E474|        Come hither my boy tell me what thou seest there
N-Lacedemonian2;   E474|        A fool tangled in a religious snare

ED; E474|        *   t1163 

N-"AnOldMaid"1;   E474|        An old maid early eer I knew
N-"AnOldMaid"2;   E474|        Ought but the love that on me grew
N-"AnOldMaid"3;   E474|        And now Im coverd oer & oer
N-"AnOldMaid"4;   E474|        And wish that I had been a Whore

N-"AnOldMaid"5;   E474|        O I cannot cannot find
N-"AnOldMaid"6;   E474|        The undaunted courage of a Virgin Mind
N-"AnOldMaid"7;   E474|        For Early I in love was crost
N-"AnOldMaid"8;   E474|        Before my flower of love was lost

ED; E474|        * 

N-title; E474|        Several Questions Answerd   t1164 

N-SeveralQues1;   E474|        He who binds to himself a joy
N-SeveralQues2;   E474|        Doth the winged life destroy
N-SeveralQues3;   E474|        But he who kisses the joy as it flies
N-SeveralQues4;   E474|        Lives in Eternitys sun rise
N-SeveralQues5;   E474| The look of love alarms
N-SeveralQues6;   E474|        Because tis filld with fire
N-SeveralQues7;   E474|        But the look of soft deceit
N-SeveralQues8;   E474|        Shall Win the lovers hire
N-SeveralQues9;   E474| Soft deceit & Idleness
N-SeveralQues10; E474|        These are Beautys sweetest dress   t1165
N-SeveralQues11; E474|        What is it men in women do require   t1166
N-SeveralQues12; E474|        The lineaments of Gratified Desire 

N-SeveralQues13; E475|        What is it women do in men require   t1167
N-SeveralQues14; E475|        The lineaments of Gratified Desire
N-SeveralQues15; E475| An ancient Proverb

N-SeveralQues16; E475|        Remove away that blackning church
N-SeveralQues17; E475|        Remove away that marriage hearse
N-SeveralQues18; E475|        Remove away that________of blood   t1168
N-SeveralQues19; E475|        Youll quite remove the ancient curse   t1169

ED; E475|        * 

N-title; E475|        The Fairy   t1170

N-TheFairy1;   E475|        Come hither my sparrows
N-TheFairy2;   E475|        My little arrows
N-TheFairy3;   E475|        If a tear or a smile
N-TheFairy4;   E475|        Will a man beguile
N-TheFairy5;   E475|        If an amorous delay
N-TheFairy6;   E475|        Clouds a sunshiny day
N-TheFairy7;   E475|        If the step of a foot   t1171
N-TheFairy8;   E475|        Smites the heart to its root
N-TheFairy9;   E475|        Tis the marriage ring
N-TheFairy10; E475|        Makes each fairy a king

N-TheFairy11; E475|        So a fairy sung
N-TheFairy12; E475|        From the leaves I sprung
N-TheFairy13; E475|        He leapd from the spray
N-TheFairy14; E475|        To flee away
N-TheFairy15; E475|        But in my hat caught   t1172
N-TheFairy16; E475|        He soon shall be taught
N-TheFairy17; E475|        Let him laugh let him cry
N-TheFairy18; E475|        Hes my butterfly   t1173
N-TheFairy19; E475|        For I've pulld out the Sting
N-TheFairy20; E475|        Of the marriage ring

ED; E475|        * 

N-title; E475|        The Kid

N-TheKid1;   E475|        Thou little Kid didst play
N-TheKid2;   E475|        &c   t1174

ED; E475|        *   t1175 

N-"MySpectre"1;   E475|        My Spectre around me night & day
N-"MySpectre"2;   E475|        Like a Wild beast guards my way
N-"MySpectre"3;   E475|        My Emanation far within   t1176
N-"MySpectre"4;   E475|        Weeps incessantly for my Sin

N-"MySpectre"5;   E476|        A Fathomless & boundless deep
N-"MySpectre"6;   E476|        There we wander there we weep
N-"MySpectre"7;   E476|        On the hungry craving wind
N-"MySpectre"8;   E476|        My Spectre follows thee behind

N-"MySpectre"9;   E476|        He scents thy footsteps in the snow
N-"MySpectre"10; E476|        Wheresoever thou dost go
N-"MySpectre"11; E476|        Thro the wintry hail & rain
N-"MySpectre"12; E476|        When wilt thou return again

N-"MySpectre"13; E476|        Dost thou not in Pride & scorn   t1177
N-"MySpectre"14; E476|        Fill with tempests all my morn
N-"MySpectre"15; E476|        And with jealousies & fears
N-"MySpectre"16; E476|        Fill my pleasant nights with tears

N-"MySpectre"17; E476|        Seven of my sweet loves thy knife
N-"MySpectre"18; E476|        Has bereaved of their life
N-"MySpectre"19; E476|        Their marble tombs I built with tears   t1178
N-"MySpectre"20; E476|        And with cold & shuddering fears

N-"MySpectre"21; E476|        Seven more loves weep night & day
N-"MySpectre"22; E476|        Round the tombs where my loves lay
N-"MySpectre"23; E476|        And seven more loves attend each night
N-"MySpectre"24; E476|        Around my couch with torches bright

N-"MySpectre"25; E476|        And seven more Loves in my bed
N-"MySpectre"26; E476|        Crown with wine my mournful head   t1179
N-"MySpectre"27; E476|        Pitying & forgiving all
N-"MySpectre"28; E476|        Thy transgressions great & small

N-"MySpectre"29; E476|        When wilt thou return & view
N-"MySpectre"30; E476|        My loves & them to life renew
N-"MySpectre"31; E476|        When wilt thou return & live
N-"MySpectre"32; E476|        When wilt thou pity as I forgive   t1180

N-"MySpectre"33; E476|        Never Never I return   t1181
N-"MySpectre"34; E476|        Still for Victory I burn
N-"MySpectre"35; E476|        Living thee alone Ill have
N-"MySpectre"36; E476|        And when dead Ill be thy Grave

N-"MySpectre"37; E476|        Thro the Heavn & Earth & Hell
N-"MySpectre"38; E476|        Thou shalt never never quell
N-"MySpectre"39; E476|        I will fly & thou pursue
N-"MySpectre"40; E476|        Night & Morn the flight renew

N-"MySpectre"41; E476|        Till I turn from Female Love   t1182
N-"MySpectre"42; E476|        And root up the Infernal Grove   t1183
N-"MySpectre"43; E476|        I shall never worthy be   t1184
N-"MySpectre"44; E476|        To Step into Eternity

N-"MySpectre"45; E477|        And to end thy cruel mocks   t1185
N-"MySpectre"46; E477|        Annihilate thee on the rocks   t1186
N-"MySpectre"47; E477|        And another form create
N-"MySpectre"48; E477|        To be subservient to my Fate
N-"MySpectre"49; E477|        Let us agree to give up Love
N-"MySpectre"50; E477|        And root up the infernal grove
N-"MySpectre"51; E477|        Then shall we return & see
N-"MySpectre"52; E477|        The worlds of happy Eternity

N-"MySpectre"53; E477|        & Throughout all Eternity   t1187
N-"MySpectre"54; E477|        I forgive you you forgive me
N-"MySpectre"55; E477|        As our dear Redeemer said
N-"MySpectre"56; E477|        This the Wine & this the Bread 

ED; E477|        [Postscript]

N-[MySpectrePS]1;   E477|        Oer my Sins Thou sit & moan   t1188
N-[MySpectrePS]2;   E477|        Hast thou no Sins of thy own   t1189
N-[MySpectrePS]3;   E477|        Oer my Sins thou sit & weep   t1190
N-[MySpectrePS]4;   E477|        And lull thy own Sins fast asleep   t1191

N-[MySpectrePS]5;   E477|        What Transgressions I commit
N-[MySpectrePS]6;   E477|        Are for thy Transgressions fit
N-[MySpectrePS]7;   E477|        They thy Harlots thou their Slave
N-[MySpectrePS]8;   E477|        And my Bed becomes their Grave

N-[MySpectrePS]9;   E477|        Poor pale pitiable form
N-[MySpectrePS]10; E477|        That I follow in a Storm
N-[MySpectrePS]11; E477|        Iron tears & groans of lead
N-[MySpectrePS]12; E477|        Bind around my akeing head

N-[MySpectrePS]13; E477|        And let us go to the highest downs
N-[MySpectrePS]14; E477|        With many pleasing wiles
N-[MySpectrePS]15; E477|        The Woman that does not love your Frowns
N-[MySpectrePS]16; E477|        Will never embrace your smiles

ED; E477|        * 

N-"MockOn"1;   E477|        Mock on Mock on Voltaire Rousseau
N-"MockOn"2;   E477|        Mock on Mock on! tis all in vain!
N-"MockOn"3;   E477|        You throw the sand against the wind
N-"MockOn"4;   E477|        And the wind blows it back again   t1192

N-"MockOn"5;   E477|        And every sand becomes a Gem
N-"MockOn"6;   E477|        Reflected in the beams divine
N-"MockOn"7;   E477|        Blown back they blind the mocking Eye   t1193
N-"MockOn"8;   E477|        But still in Israels paths they shine

N-"MockOn"9;   E478|        The Atoms of Democritus
N-"MockOn"10; E478|        And Newtons Particles of light
N-"MockOn"11; E478|        Are sands upon the Red sea shore
N-"MockOn"12; E478|        Where Israels tents do shine so bright

ED; E478|        *
N-title; E478| Morning

N-Morning1;   E478|        To find the western path
N-Morning2;   E478|        Right thro the gates of Wrath
N-Morning3;   E478|        I urge my way
N-Morning4;   E478|        Sweet Mercy leads me on
N-Morning5;   E478|        With soft repentant moan
N-Morning6;   E478|        I see the break of day

N-Morning7;   E478|        The war of swords & spears
N-Morning8;   E478|        Melted by dewy tears
N-Morning9;   E478|        Exhales on high
N-Morning10; E478|        The Sun is freed from fears
N-Morning11; E478|        And with soft grateful tears
N-Morning12; E478|        Ascends the sky

ED; E478|        * 

N-"TerrorIn"1;   E478|        Terror in the house does roar
N-"TerrorIn"2;   E478|        But Pity stands before the door

ED; E478|        * 

N-title; E478|        The Birds

N-TheBirds1;   E478|        He. Where thou dwellest in what Grove
N-TheBirds2;   E478|        Tell me Fair one tell me love
N-TheBirds3;   E478|        Where thou thy charming Nest dost build
N-TheBirds4;   E478|        O thou pride of every field

N-TheBirds5;   E478|        She. Yonder stands a lonely tree
N-TheBirds6;   E478|        There I live & mourn for thee
N-TheBirds7;   E478|        Morning drinks my silent tear
N-TheBirds8;   E478|        And evening winds my sorrows bear

N-TheBirds9;   E478|        He. O thou Summers harmony
N-TheBirds10; E478|        I have livd & mournd for thee
N-TheBirds11; E478|        Each day I mourn along the wood
N-TheBirds12; E478|        And night hath heard my sorrows loud

N-TheBirds13; E478|        She. Dost thou truly long for me
N-TheBirds14; E478|        And am I thus sweet to thee
N-TheBirds15; E478|        Sorrow now is at an End
N-TheBirds16; E478|        O my Lover & my Friend

N-TheBirds17; E479|        He. Come on wings of joy well fly
N-TheBirds18; E479|        To where my Bower hangs on high
N-TheBirds19; E479|        Come & make thy calm retreat
N-TheBirds20; E479|        Among green leaves & blossoms sweet 

N-"WhyWasCupid"1;   E479|        Why was Cupid a Boy
N-"WhyWasCupid"2;   E479|        And why a boy was he
N-"WhyWasCupid"3;   E479|        He should have been a Girl
N-"WhyWasCupid"4;   E479|        For ought that I can see

N-"WhyWasCupid"5;   E479|        For he shoots with his bow
N-"WhyWasCupid"6;   E479|        And the Girl shoots with her Eye
N-"WhyWasCupid"7;   E479|        And they both are merry & glad
N-"WhyWasCupid"8;   E479|        And laugh when we do cry

N-"WhyWasCupid"9;   E479|        And to make Cupid a Boy   t1194
N-"WhyWasCupid"10; E479|        Was the Cupid Girls mocking plan   t1195
N-"WhyWasCupid"11; E479|        For a boy cant interpret the thing   t1196
N-"WhyWasCupid"12; E479|        Till he is become a man

N-"WhyWasCupid"13; E479|        And then hes so piercd with care
N-"WhyWasCupid"14; E479|        And wounded with arrowy smarts
N-"WhyWasCupid"15; E479|        That the whole business of his life
N-"WhyWasCupid"16; E479|        Is to pick out the heads of the darts

N-"WhyWasCupid"17; E479|        Twas the Greeks love of war
N-"WhyWasCupid"18; E479|        Turnd Love into a Boy
N-"WhyWasCupid"19; E479|        And Woman into a Statue of Stone
N-"WhyWasCupid"20; E479|        And away fled every joy

ED; E479|        * 

N-"NowArtHasLost"1;   E479|        Now Art has lost its mental Charms   t1197
N-"NowArtHasLost"2;   E479|        France shall subdue the World in Arms
N-"NowArtHasLost"3;   E479|        So spoke an Angel at my birth
N-"NowArtHasLost"4;   E479|        Then said Descend thou upon Earth
N-"NowArtHasLost"5;   E479|        Renew the Arts on Britains Shore
N-"NowArtHasLost"6;   E479|        And France shall fall down & adore
N-"NowArtHasLost"7;   E479|        With works of Art their Armies meet
N-"NowArtHasLost"8;   E479|        And War shall sink beneath thy feet   t1198
N-"NowArtHasLost"9;   E479|        But if thy Nation Arts refuse
N-"NowArtHasLost"10; E479|        And if they scorn the immortal Muse
N-"NowArtHasLost"11; E479|        France shall the arts of Peace restore
N-"NowArtHasLost"12; E479|        And save thee from the Ungrateful shore   t1199

N-"NowArtHasLost"13; E479|        Spirit who lovst Brittannias Isle   t1200
N-"NowArtHasLost"14; E479|        Round which the Fiends of Commerce smile   t1201
ED; E479|        [unfinished] 

ED; E480|        [Dedication to Blake's Illustrations to Blair's Grave, printed 1808]

title; E480|        TO THE QUEEN   t1202
ToTheQueen1;   E480|        The Door of Death is made of Gold,
ToTheQueen2;   E480|        That Mortal Eyes cannot behold;
ToTheQueen3;   E480|        But, when the Mortal Eyes are clos'd,
ToTheQueen4;   E480|        And cold and pale the Limbs repos'd,
ToTheQueen5;   E480|        The Soul awakes; and, wond'ring, sees
ToTheQueen6;   E480|        In her mild Hand the golden Keys:
ToTheQueen7;   E480|        The Grave is Heaven's golden Gate,
ToTheQueen8;   E480|        And rich and poor around it wait;
ToTheQueen9;   E480|        O Shepherdess of England's Fold,
ToTheQueen10; E480|        Behold this Gate of Pearl and Gold!

ToTheQueen11; E480|        To dedicate to England's Queen
ToTheQueen12; E480|        The Visions that my Soul has seen,
ToTheQueen13; E480|        And, by Her kind permission, bring
ToTheQueen14; E480|        What I have borne on solemn Wing,
ToTheQueen15; E480|        From the vast regions of the Grave,
ToTheQueen16; E480|        Before Her Throne my Wings I wave;
ToTheQueen17; E480|        Bowing before my Sov'reign's Feet,
ToTheQueen18; E480|        "The Grave produc'd these Blossoms sweet
ToTheQueen19; E480|        "In mild repose from Earthly strife;
ToTheQueen20; E480|        "The Blossoms of Eternal Life!"

ToTheQueen; E480|        WILLIAM BLAKE

ED; E480|        * 

ED; E480|        [From Blake's Notebook]

N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"1;   E480|        The Caverns of the Grave Ive seen   t1203
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"2;   E480|        And these I shewd to Englands Queen
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"3;   E480|        But now the Caves of Hell I view   t1204
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"4;   E480|        Who shall I dare to shew them to
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"5;   E480|        What mighty Soul in Beautys form   t1205
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"6;   E480|        Shall dauntless View the Infernal Storm   t1206
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"7;   E480|        Egremonts Countess can controll   t1207
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"8;   E480|        The flames of Hell that round me roll   t1208
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"9;   E480|        If she refuse I still go on
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"10; E480|        Till the Heavens & Earth are gone
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"11; E480|        Still admird by Noble minds   t1209
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"12; E480|        Followd by Envy on the winds
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"13; E480|        Reengravd Time after Time
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"14; E480|        Ever in their Youthful prime
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"15; E480|        My Designs unchangd remain   t1210
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"16; E480|        Time may rage but rage in vain
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"17; E480|        For above Times troubled Fountains 
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"18; E481|        On the Great Atlantic Mountains
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"19; E481|        In my Golden House on high
N-"TheCavernsOfTheGrave"20; E481|        There they Shine Eternally

ED; E481|        * 

N-"I_roseUp"1;   E481|        I rose up at the dawn of day
N-"I_roseUp"2;   E481|        Get thee away get thee away
N-"I_roseUp"3;   E481|        Prayst thou for Riches away away
N-"I_roseUp"4;   E481|        This is the Throne of Mammon grey

N-"I_roseUp"5;   E481|        Said I this sure is very odd
N-"I_roseUp"6;   E481|        I took it to be the Throne of God
N-"I_roseUp"7;   E481|        For every Thing besides I have
N-"I_roseUp"8;   E481|        It is only for Riches that I can crave

N-"I_roseUp"9;   E481|        I have Mental Joy & Mental Health
N-"I_roseUp"10; E481|        And Mental Friends & Mental wealth   t1211
N-"I_roseUp"11; E481|        Ive a Wife I love & that loves me
N-"I_roseUp"12; E481|        Ive all But Riches Bodily

N-"I_roseUp"13; E481|        I am in Gods presence night & day   t1212
N-"I_roseUp"14; E481|        And he never turns his face away
N-"I_roseUp"15; E481|        The accuser of sins by my side does stand
N-"I_roseUp"16; E481|        And he holds my money bag in his hand

N-"I_roseUp"17; E481|        For my worldly things God makes him pay   t1213
N-"I_roseUp"18; E481|        And hed pay for more if to him I would pray
N-"I_roseUp"19; E481|        And so you may do the worst you can do
N-"I_roseUp"20; E481|        Be assurd Mr Devil I wont pray to you

N-"I_roseUp"21; E481|        Then If for Riches I must not Pray
N-"I_roseUp"22; E481|        God knows I little of Prayers need say
N-"I_roseUp"23; E481|        So as a Church is known by its Steeple   t1214
N-"I_roseUp"24; E481|        If I pray it must be for other People   t1215

N-"I_roseUp"25; E481|        He says if I do not worship him for a God
N-"I_roseUp"26; E481|        I shall eat coarser food & go worse shod
N-"I_roseUp"27; E481|        So as I dont value such things as these
N-"I_roseUp"28; E481|        You must do Mr Devil just as God please

ED; E481|        *

ED; E481|        [A Separate Manuscript]

"AFairySkipd"1;   E481|        A fairy skipd upon my knee   t1216
"AFairySkipd"2;   E481|        Singing & dancing merrily
"AFairySkipd"3;   E481|        I said Thou thing of patches rings
"AFairySkipd"4;   E481|        Pins Necklaces & such like things
"AFairySkipd"5;   E481|        Disguiser of the Female Form
"AFairySkipd"6;   E481|        Thou paltry gilded poisnous worm
"AFairySkipd"7;   E481|        Weeping he fell upon my thigh
"AFairySkipd"8;   E482|        And thus in tears did soft reply
"AFairySkipd"9;   E482|        Knowest thou not O Fairies Lord
"AFairySkipd"10; E482|        How much by us Contemnd Abhorrd
"AFairySkipd"11; E482|        Whatever hides the Female form
"AFairySkipd"12; E482|        That cannot bear the Mental storm
"AFairySkipd"13; E482|        Therefore in Pity still we give
"AFairySkipd"14; E482|        Our lives to make the Female live
"AFairySkipd"15; E482|        And what would turn into disease
"AFairySkipd"16; E482|        We turn to what will joy & please 

ED; E482|        [With Blake's Illustrations to Gray's Poems]

"AroundTheSprings"1;   E482|        Around the Springs of Gray my wild root weaves
"AroundTheSprings"2;   E482|        Traveller repose & Dream among my leaves.

"AroundTheSprings"; E482|        --WILL. BLAKE

ED; E482|        * 

title; E482|        To Mrs Ann Flaxman   t1217
ToMrsAnnFlaxman1;   E482|        A little Flower grew in a lonely Vale
ToMrsAnnFlaxman2;   E482|        Its form was lovely but its colours. pale
ToMrsAnnFlaxman3;   E482|        One standing in the Porches of the Sun
ToMrsAnnFlaxman4;   E482|        When his Meridian Glories were begun
ToMrsAnnFlaxman5;   E482|        Leapd from the steps of fire & on the grass
ToMrsAnnFlaxman6;   E482|        Alighted where this little flower was
ToMrsAnnFlaxman7;   E482|        With hands divine he movd the gentle Sod
ToMrsAnnFlaxman8;   E482|        And took the Flower up in its native Clod
ToMrsAnnFlaxman9;   E482|        Then planting it upon a Mountains brow
ToMrsAnnFlaxman10; E482|        'Tis your own fault if you dont flourish now

ToMrsAnnFlaxman; E482|        WILLIAM BLAKE

ED; E482| [The Pickering Manuscript]   t1218 

title; E482|        The Smile

TheSmile1;   E482|        There is a Smile of Love
TheSmile2;   E482|        And there is a Smile of Deceit
TheSmile3;   E482|        And there is a Smile of Smiles
TheSmile4;   E482|        In which these two Smiles meet

TheSmile5;   E482|        And there is a Frown of Hate
TheSmile6;   E482|        And there is a Frown of Disdain
TheSmile7;   E482|        And there is a Frown of Frowns
TheSmile8;   E482|        Which you strive to forget in vain

ED; E482|        *

TheSmile9;   E483|        For it sticks in the Hearts deep Core
TheSmile10; E483|        And it sticks in the deep Back bone
TheSmile11; E483|        And no Smile that ever was smild
TheSmile12; E483|        But only one Smile alone

TheSmile13; E483|        That betwixt the Cradle & Grave
TheSmile14; E483|        It only once Smild can be
TheSmile15; E483|        But when it once is Smild
TheSmile16; E483|        Theres an end to all Misery

ED; E483|        * 

title; E483|        The Golden Net   t1219

TheGoldenNet1;   E483|        Three Virgins at the break of day <t1220
TheGoldenNet2;   E483|        Whither young Man whither away
TheGoldenNet3;   E483|        Alas for woe! alas for woe!   t1221
TheGoldenNet4;   E483|        They cry & tears for ever flow
TheGoldenNet5;   E483|        The one was Clothd in flames of fire   t1222
TheGoldenNet6;   E483|        The other Clothd in iron wire   t1223
TheGoldenNet7;   E483|        The other Clothd in tears & sighs   t1224
TheGoldenNet8;   E483|        Dazling bright before my Eyes
TheGoldenNet9;   E483|        They bore a Net of Golden twine
TheGoldenNet10; E483|        To hang upon the Branches fine
TheGoldenNet11; E483|        Pitying I wept to see the woe   t1225
TheGoldenNet12; E483|        That Love & Beauty undergo
TheGoldenNet13; E483|        To be consumd in burning Fires
TheGoldenNet14; E483|        And in ungratified Desires
TheGoldenNet15; E483|        And in tears clothd Night & day
TheGoldenNet16; E483|        Melted all my Soul away
TheGoldenNet17; E483|        When they saw my Tears a Smile
TheGoldenNet18; E483|        That did Heaven itself beguile
TheGoldenNet19; E483|        Bore the Golden Net aloft
TheGoldenNet20; E483|        As on downy Pinions soft   t1226
TheGoldenNet21; E483|        Over the Morning of my Day   t1227
TheGoldenNet22; E483|        Underneath the Net I stray
TheGoldenNet23; E483|        Now intreating Burning Fire   t1228
TheGoldenNet24; E483|        Now intreating Iron Wire   t1229
TheGoldenNet25; E483|        Now intreating Tears & Sighs
TheGoldenNet26; E483|        O when will the morning rise   t1230

ED; E483|        * 

title; E483|        The Mental Traveller   t1231

MentalTraveller1;   E483|        I traveld thro' a Land of Men
MentalTraveller2;   E483|        A Land of Men & Women too
MentalTraveller3;   E483|        And heard & saw such dreadful things
MentalTraveller4;   E483|        As cold Earth wanderers never knew

MentalTraveller5;   E483|        For there the Babe is born in joy
MentalTraveller6;   E483|        That was begotten in dire woe

MentalTraveller7;   E484|        Just as we Reap in joy the fruit
MentalTraveller8;   E484|        Which we in bitter tears did sow

MentalTraveller9;   E484|        And if the Babe is born a Boy
MentalTraveller10; E484|        He's given to a Woman Old
MentalTraveller11; E484|        Who nails him down upon a rock
MentalTraveller12; E484|        Catches his Shrieks in Cups of gold

MentalTraveller13; E484|        She binds iron thorns around his head
MentalTraveller14; E484|        She pierces both his hands & feet
MentalTraveller15; E484|        She cuts his heart out at his side
MentalTraveller16; E484|        To make it feel both cold & heat

MentalTraveller17; E484|        Her fingers number every Nerve
MentalTraveller18; E484|        just as a Miser counts his gold
MentalTraveller19; E484|        She lives upon his shrieks & cries
MentalTraveller20; E484|        And She grows young as he grows old

MentalTraveller21; E484|        Till he becomes a bleeding youth
MentalTraveller22; E484|        And she becomes a Virgin bright
MentalTraveller23; E484|        Then he rends up his Manacles
MentalTraveller24; E484|        And binds her down for his delight

MentalTraveller25; E484|        He plants himself in all her Nerves
MentalTraveller26; E484|        Just as a Husbandman his mould
MentalTraveller27; E484|        And She becomes his dwelling place
MentalTraveller28; E484|        And Garden fruitful Seventy fold

MentalTraveller29; E484|        An aged Shadow soon he fades
MentalTraveller30; E484|        Wandring round an Earthly Cot
MentalTraveller31; E484|        Full filled all with gems & gold
MentalTraveller32; E484|        Which he by industry had got

MentalTraveller33; E484|        And these are the gems of the Human Soul
MentalTraveller34; E484|        The rubies & pearls of a lovesick eye
MentalTraveller35; E484|        The countless gold of the akeing heart
MentalTraveller36; E484|        The martyrs groan & the lovers sigh

MentalTraveller37; E484|        They are his meat they are his drink
MentalTraveller38; E484|        He feeds the Beggar & the Poor
MentalTraveller39; E484|        And the way faring Traveller
MentalTraveller40; E484|        For ever open is his door

MentalTraveller41; E484|        His grief is their eternal joy
MentalTraveller42; E484|        They make the roofs & walls to ring
MentalTraveller43; E484|        Till from the fire on the hearth
MentalTraveller44; E484|        A little Female Babe does spring

MentalTraveller45; E484|        And she is all of solid fire
MentalTraveller46; E484|        And gems & gold that none his hand

MentalTraveller47; E485|        Dares stretch to touch her Baby form
MentalTraveller48; E485|        Or wrap her in his swaddling-band

MentalTraveller49; E485|        But She comes to the Man she loves
MentalTraveller50; E485|        If young or old or rich or poor
MentalTraveller51; E485|        They soon drive out the aged Host
MentalTraveller52; E485|        A Begger at anothers door

MentalTraveller53; E485|        He wanders weeping far away
MentalTraveller54; E485|        Untill some other take him in
MentalTraveller55; E485|        Oft blind & age-bent sore distrest
MentalTraveller56; E485|        Untill he can a Maiden win

MentalTraveller57; E485|        And to Allay his freezing Age
MentalTraveller58; E485|        The Poor Man takes her in his arms
MentalTraveller59; E485|        The Cottage fades before his Sight
MentalTraveller60; E485|        The Garden & its lovely Charms

MentalTraveller61; E485|        The Guests are scatterd thro' the land
MentalTraveller62; E485|        For the Eye altering alters all
MentalTraveller63; E485|        The Senses roll themselves in fear
MentalTraveller64; E485|        And the flat Earth becomes a Ball

MentalTraveller65; E485|        The Stars Sun Moon all shrink away
MentalTraveller66; E485|        A desart vast without a bound
MentalTraveller67; E485|        And nothing left to eat or drink
MentalTraveller68; E485|        And a dark desart all around

MentalTraveller69; E485|        The honey of her Infant lips
MentalTraveller70; E485|        The bread & wine of her sweet smile
MentalTraveller71; E485|        The wild game of her roving Eye
MentalTraveller72; E485|        Does him to Infancy beguile

MentalTraveller73; E485|        For as he eats & drinks he grows
MentalTraveller74; E485|        Younger & younger every day
MentalTraveller75; E485|        And on the desart wild they both
MentalTraveller76; E485|        Wander in terror & dismay

MentalTraveller77; E485|        Like the wild Stag she flees away
MentalTraveller78; E485|        Her fear plants many a thicket wild
MentalTraveller79; E485|        While he pursues her night & day
MentalTraveller80; E485|        By various arts of Love beguild

MentalTraveller81; E485|        By various arts of Love & Hate
MentalTraveller82; E485|        Till the wide desart planted oer
MentalTraveller83; E485|        With Labyrinths of wayward Love
MentalTraveller84; E485|        Where roams the Lion Wolf & Boar   t1232

MentalTraveller85; E485|        Till he becomes a wayward Babe   t1233
MentalTraveller86; E485|        And she a weeping Woman Old   t1234

MentalTraveller87; E486|        Then many a Lover wanders here
MentalTraveller88; E486|        The Sun & Stars are nearer rolld

MentalTraveller89; E486|        The trees bring forth sweet Extacy
MentalTraveller90; E486|        To all who in the desart roam
MentalTraveller91; E486|        Till many a City there is Built
MentalTraveller92; E486|        And many a pleasant Shepherds home

MentalTraveller93; E486|        But when they find the frowning Babe
MentalTraveller94; E486|        Terror strikes thro the region wide
MentalTraveller95; E486|        They cry the Babe the Babe is Born
MentalTraveller96; E486|        And flee away on Every side   t1235

MentalTraveller97; E486|        For who dare touch the frowning form
MentalTraveller98; E486|        His arm is witherd to its root
MentalTraveller99; E486|        Lions Boars Wolves all howling flee
MentalTraveller100; E486|        And every Tree does shed its fruit

MentalTraveller101; E486|        And none can touch that frowning form
MentalTraveller102; E486|        Except it be a Woman Old
MentalTraveller103; E486|        She nails him down upon the Rock
MentalTraveller104; E486|        And all is done as I have told

ED; E486|        * 

title; E486|        The Land of Dreams

TheLandOfDreams1;   E486|        Awake awake my little Boy
TheLandOfDreams2;   E486|        Thou wast thy Mothers only joy
TheLandOfDreams3;   E486|        Why dost thou weep in thy gentle sleep
TheLandOfDreams4;   E486|        Awake thy Father does thee keep

TheLandOfDreams5;   E486|        O what Land is the Land of Dreams
TheLandOfDreams6;   E486|        What are its Mountains & what are its Streams
TheLandOfDreams7;   E486|        O Father I saw my Mother there
TheLandOfDreams8;   E486|        Among the Lillies by waters fair

TheLandOfDreams9;   E486|        Among the Lambs clothed in white
TheLandOfDreams10; E486|        She walkd with her Thomas in sweet delight
TheLandOfDreams11; E486|        I wept for joy like a dove I mourn
TheLandOfDreams12; E486|        O when shall I again return

TheLandOfDreams13; E486|        Dear Child I also by pleasant Streams
TheLandOfDreams14; E486|        Have wanderd all Night in the Land of Dreams
TheLandOfDreams15; E486|        But tho calm & warm the Waters wide
TheLandOfDreams16; E486|        1 could not get to the other side

TheLandOfDreams17; E486|        Father O Father what do we here
TheLandOfDreams18; E486|        In this Land of unbelief & fear

TheLandOfDreams19; E487|        The Land of Dreams is better far
TheLandOfDreams20; E487|        Above the light of the Morning Star

ED; E487|        * 

title; E487|        Mary   t1236

Mary1;   E487|        Sweet Mary the first time she ever was there
Mary2;   E487|        Came into the Ball room among the Fair
Mary3;   E487|        The young Men & Maidens around her throng
Mary4;   E487|        And these are the words upon every tongue

Mary5;   E487|        An Angel is here from the heavenly Climes
Mary6;   E487|        Or again does return the Golden times   t1237
Mary7;   E487|        Her eyes outshine every brilliant ray
Mary8;   E487|        She opens her lips tis the Month of May

Mary9;   E487|        Mary moves in soft beauty & conscious delight
Mary10; E487|        To augment with sweet smiles all the joys of the Night
Mary11; E487|        Nor once blushes to own to the rest of the Fair
Mary12; E487|        That sweet Love & Beauty are worthy our care

Mary13; E487|        In the Morning the Villagers rose with delight
Mary14; E487|        And repeated with pleasure the joys of the night
Mary15; E487|        And Mary arose among Friends to be free
Mary16; E487|        But no Friend from henceforward thou Mary shalt see

Mary17; E487|        Some said she was proud some calld her a whore
Mary18; E487|        And some when she passed by shut to the door
Mary19; E487|        A damp cold came oer her her blushes all fled
Mary20; E487|        Her lillies & roses are blighted & shed

Mary21; E487|        O why was I born with a different Face
Mary22; E487|        Why was I not born like this Envious Race   t1238
Mary23; E487|        Why did Heaven adorn me with bountiful hand
Mary24; E487|        And then set me down in an envious Land

Mary25; E487|        To be weak as a Lamb & smooth as a Dove
Mary26; E487|        And not to raise Envy is calld Christian Love
Mary27; E487|        But if you raise Envy your Merits to blame
Mary28; E487|        For planting such spite in the weak & the tame

Mary29; E487|        I will humble my Beauty I will not dress fine
Mary30; E487|        I will keep from the Ball & my Eyes shall not shine
Mary31; E487|        And if any Girls Lover forsakes her for me
Mary32; E487|        I'll refuse him my hand & from Envy be free   t1239

Mary33; E487|        She went out in Morning attird plain & neat
Mary34; E487|        Proud Marys gone Mad said the Child in the Street

Mary35; E488|        She went out in Morning in plain neat attire
Mary36; E488|        And came home in Evening bespatterd with mire

Mary37; E488|        She trembled & wept sitting on the Bed side
Mary38; E488|        She forgot it was Night & she trembled & cried
Mary39; E488|        She forgot it was Night she forgot it was Morn
Mary40; E488|        Her soft Memory imprinted with Faces of Scorn

Mary41; E488|        With Faces of Scorn & with Eyes of disdain
Mary42; E488|        Like foul Fiends inhabiting Marys mild Brain
Mary43; E488|        She remembers no Face like the Human Divine
Mary44; E488|        All Faces have Envy sweet Mary but thine

Mary45; E488|        And thine is a Face of sweet Love in Despair
Mary46; E488|        And thine is a Face of mild sorrow & care
Mary47; E488|        And thine is a Face of wild terror & fear
Mary48; E488|        That shall never be quiet till laid on its bier

ED; E488|        * 

title; E488|        The Crystal Cabinet

CrystalCabinet1;   E488|        The Maiden caught me in the Wild
CrystalCabinet2;   E488|        Where I was dancing merrily
CrystalCabinet3;   E488|        She put me into her Cabinet
CrystalCabinet4;   E488|        And Lockd me up with a golden Key

CrystalCabinet5;   E488|        This Cabinet is formd of Gold
CrystalCabinet6;   E488|        And Pearl & Crystal shining bright
CrystalCabinet7;   E488|        And within it opens into a World
CrystalCabinet8;   E488|        And a little lovely Moony Night   t1240

CrystalCabinet9;   E488|        Another England there I saw
CrystalCabinet10; E488|        Another London with its Tower
CrystalCabinet11; E488|        Another Thames & other Hills
CrystalCabinet12; E488|        And another pleasant Surrey Bower

CrystalCabinet13; E488|        Another Maiden like herself
CrystalCabinet14; E488|        Translucent lovely shining clear
CrystalCabinet15; E488|        Threefold each in the other closd
CrystalCabinet16; E488|        O what a pleasant trembling fear

CrystalCabinet17; E488|        O what a smile a threefold Smile
CrystalCabinet18; E488|        Filld me that like a flame I burnd
CrystalCabinet19; E488|        I bent to Kiss the lovely Maid
CrystalCabinet20; E488|        And found a Threefold Kiss returnd

CrystalCabinet21; E488|        I strove to sieze the inmost Form
CrystalCabinet22; E488|        With ardor fierce & hands of flame

CrystalCabinet23; E489|        But burst the Crystal Cabinet
CrystalCabinet24; E489|        And like a Weeping Babe became

CrystalCabinet25; E489|        A weeping Babe upon the wild
CrystalCabinet26; E489|        And Weeping Woman pale reclind
CrystalCabinet27; E489|        And in the outward air again
CrystalCabinet28; E489|        I filld with woes the passing Wind

ED; E489|        * 

title; E489|        The Grey Monk   t1241

TheGreyMonk1;   E489|        I die I die the Mother said
TheGreyMonk2;   E489|        My Children die for lack of Bread   t1242
TheGreyMonk3;   E489|        What more has the merciless Tyrant said
TheGreyMonk4;   E489|        The Monk sat down on the Stony Bed   t1243

TheGreyMonk5;   E489|        The blood red ran from the Grey Monks side
TheGreyMonk6;   E489|        His hands & feet were wounded wide
TheGreyMonk7;   E489|        His Body bent his arms & knees
TheGreyMonk8;   E489|        Like to the roots of ancient trees

TheGreyMonk9;   E489|        His eye was dry no tear could flow
TheGreyMonk10; E489|        A hollow groan first spoke his woe
TheGreyMonk11; E489|        He trembled & shudderd upon the Bed   t1244
TheGreyMonk12; E489|        At length with a feeble cry he said

TheGreyMonk13; E489|        When God commanded this hand to write   t1245
TheGreyMonk14; E489|        In the studious hours of deep midnight
TheGreyMonk15; E489|        He told me the writing I wrote should prove  t1246
TheGreyMonk16; E489|        The Bane of all that on Earth I lovd   t1247

TheGreyMonk17; E489|        My Brother starvd between two Walls
TheGreyMonk18; E489|        His Childrens Cry my Soul appalls
TheGreyMonk19; E489|        I mockd at the wrack & griding chain   t1248
TheGreyMonk20; E489|        My bent body mocks their torturing pain   t1249

TheGreyMonk21; E489|        Thy Father drew his sword in the North
TheGreyMonk22; E489|        With his thousands strong he marched forth   t1250
TheGreyMonk23; E489|        Thy Brother has armd himself in Steel   t1251
TheGreyMonk24; E489|        To avenge the wrongs thy Children feel   t1252

TheGreyMonk25; E489|        But vain the Sword & vain the Bow
TheGreyMonk26; E489|        They never can work Wars overthrow
TheGreyMonk27; E489|        The Hermits Prayer & the Widows tear
TheGreyMonk28; E489|        Alone can free the World from fear

TheGreyMonk29; E489|        For a Tear is an Intellectual Thing   t1253
TheGreyMonk30; E489|        And a Sigh is the Sword of an Angel King

TheGreyMonk31; E490|        And the bitter groan of the Martyrs woe   t1254
TheGreyMonk32; E490|        Is an Arrow from the Almighties Bow

TheGreyMonk33; E490|        The hand of Vengeance found the Bed   t1255
TheGreyMonk34; E490|        To which the Purple Tyrant fled
TheGreyMonk35; E490|        The iron hand crushd the Tyrants head
TheGreyMonk36; E490|        And became a Tyrant in his stead   t1256

ED; E490|        * 

title; E490|        Auguries of Innocence   t1257

AuguriesOfInno.1;   E490|        To see a World in a Grain of Sand
AuguriesOfInno.2;   E490|        And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
AuguriesOfInno.3;   E490|        Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
AuguriesOfInno.4;   E490|        And Eternity in an hour
AuguriesOfInno.5;   E490|        A Robin Red breast in a Cage
AuguriesOfInno.6;   E490|        Puts all Heaven in a Rage
AuguriesOfInno.7;   E490|        A Dove house filld with doves & Pigeons
AuguriesOfInno.8;   E490|        Shudders Hell thro all its regions
AuguriesOfInno.9;   E490|        A dog starvd at his Masters Gate
AuguriesOfInno.10; E490|        Predicts the ruin of the State
AuguriesOfInno.11; E490|        A Horse misusd upon the Road
AuguriesOfInno.12; E490|        Calls to Heaven for Human blood
AuguriesOfInno.13; E490|        Each outcry of the hunted Hare
AuguriesOfInno.14; E490|        A fibre from the Brain does tear
AuguriesOfInno.15; E490|        A Skylark wounded in the wing
AuguriesOfInno.16; E490|        A Cherubim does cease to sing
AuguriesOfInno.17; E490|        The Game Cock clipd & armd for fight
AuguriesOfInno.18; E490|        Does the Rising Sun affright
AuguriesOfInno.19; E490|        Every Wolfs & Lions howl
AuguriesOfInno.20; E490|        Raises from Hell a Human Soul
AuguriesOfInno.21; E490|        The wild deer wandring here & there
AuguriesOfInno.22; E490|        Keeps the Human Soul from Care
AuguriesOfInno.23; E490|        The Lamb misusd breeds Public strife
AuguriesOfInno.24; E490|        And yet forgives the Butchers Knife
AuguriesOfInno.25; E490|        The Bat that flits at close of Eve
AuguriesOfInno.26; E490|        Has left the Brain that wont Believe
AuguriesOfInno.27; E490|        The Owl that calls upon the Night
AuguriesOfInno.28; E490|        Speaks the Unbelievers fright
AuguriesOfInno.29; E490|        He who shall hurt the little Wren
AuguriesOfInno.30; E490|        Shall never be belovd by Men
AuguriesOfInno.31; E490|        He who the Ox to wrath has movd
AuguriesOfInno.32; E490|        Shall never be by Woman lovd
AuguriesOfInno.33; E490|        The wanton Boy that kills the Fly
AuguriesOfInno.34; E490|        Shall feel the Spiders enmity

AuguriesOfInno.35; E491|        He who torments the Chafers sprite
AuguriesOfInno.36; E491|        Weaves a Bower in endless Night
AuguriesOfInno.37; E491|        The Catterpiller on the Leaf
AuguriesOfInno.38; E491|        Repeats to thee thy Mothers grief
AuguriesOfInno.39; E491|        Kill not the Moth nor Butterfly
AuguriesOfInno.40; E491|        For the Last judgment draweth nigh
AuguriesOfInno.41; E491|        He who shall train the Horse to War
AuguriesOfInno.42; E491|        Shall never pass the Polar Bar
AuguriesOfInno.43; E491|        The Beggers Dog & Widows Cat
AuguriesOfInno.44; E491|        Feed them & thou wilt grow fat
AuguriesOfInno.45; E491|        The Gnat that sings his Summers song
AuguriesOfInno.46; E491|        Poison gets from Slanders tongue
AuguriesOfInno.47; E491|        The poison of the Snake & Newt
AuguriesOfInno.48; E491|        Is the sweat of Envys Foot
AuguriesOfInno.49; E491|        The Poison of the Honey Bee
AuguriesOfInno.50; E491|        Is the Artists jealousy
AuguriesOfInno.51; E491|        The Princes Robes & Beggars Rags
AuguriesOfInno.52; E491|        Are Toadstools on the Misers Bags   t1258
AuguriesOfInno.53; E491|        A truth thats told with bad intent
AuguriesOfInno.54; E491|        Beats all the Lies you can invent
AuguriesOfInno.55; E491|        It is right it should be so
AuguriesOfInno.56; E491|        Man was made for Joy & Woe
AuguriesOfInno.57; E491|        And when this we rightly know
AuguriesOfInno.58; E491|        Thro the World we safely go
AuguriesOfInno.59; E491|        Joy & Woe are woven fine
AuguriesOfInno.60; E491|        A Clothing for the soul divine
AuguriesOfInno.61; E491|        Under every grief & pine
AuguriesOfInno.62; E491|        Runs a joy with silken twine
AuguriesOfInno.63; E491|        The Babe is more than swadling Bands
AuguriesOfInno.64; E491|        Throughout all these Human Lands
AuguriesOfInno.65; E491|        Tools were made & Born were hands
AuguriesOfInno.66; E491|        Every Farmer Understands
AuguriesOfInno.67; E491|        Every Tear from Every Eye
AuguriesOfInno.68; E491|        Becomes a Babe in Eternity
AuguriesOfInno.69; E491|        This is caught by Females bright
AuguriesOfInno.70; E491|        And returnd to its own delight
AuguriesOfInno.71; E491|        The Bleat the Bark Bellow & Roar
AuguriesOfInno.72; E491|        Are Waves that Beat on Heavens Shore
AuguriesOfInno.73; E491|        The Babe that weeps the Rod beneath
AuguriesOfInno.74; E491|        Writes Revenge in realms of death
AuguriesOfInno.75; E491|        The Beggars Rags fluttering in Air
AuguriesOfInno.76; E491|        Does to Rags the Heavens tear
AuguriesOfInno.77; E491|        The Soldier armd with Sword & Gun
AuguriesOfInno.78; E491|        Palsied strikes the Summers Sun
AuguriesOfInno.79; E491|        The poor Mans Farthing is worth more
AuguriesOfInno.80; E491|        Than all the Gold on Africs Shore.

AuguriesOfInno.81; E492|        One Mite wrung from the Labrers hands
AuguriesOfInno.82; E492|        Shall buy & sell the Misers Lands
AuguriesOfInno.83; E492|        Or if protected from on high
AuguriesOfInno.84; E492|        Does that whole Nation sell & buy
AuguriesOfInno.85; E492|        He who mocks the Infants Faith
AuguriesOfInno.86; E492|        Shall be mock'd in Age & Death
AuguriesOfInno.87; E492|        He who shall teach the Child to Doubt
AuguriesOfInno.88; E492|        The rotting Grave shall neer get out
AuguriesOfInno.89; E492|        He who respects the Infants faith
AuguriesOfInno.90; E492|        Triumphs over Hell & Death
AuguriesOfInno.91; E492|        The Childs Toys & the Old Mans Reasons
AuguriesOfInno.92; E492|        Are the Fruits of the Two seasons
AuguriesOfInno.93; E492|        The Questioner who sits so sly
AuguriesOfInno.94; E492|        Shall never know how to Reply
AuguriesOfInno.95; E492|        He who replies to words of Doubt
AuguriesOfInno.96; E492|        Doth put the Light of Knowledge out
AuguriesOfInno.97; E492|        The Strongest Poison ever known
AuguriesOfInno.98; E492|        Came from Caesars Laurel Crown
AuguriesOfInno.99; E492|        Nought can Deform the Human Race
AuguriesOfInno.100; E492|        Like to the Armours iron brace
AuguriesOfInno.101; E492|        When Gold & Gems adorn the Plow
AuguriesOfInno.102; E492|        To peaceful Arts shall Envy Bow
AuguriesOfInno.103; E492|        A Riddle or the Crickets Cry
AuguriesOfInno.104; E492|        Is to Doubt a fit Reply
AuguriesOfInno.105; E492|        The Emmets Inch & Eagles Mile
AuguriesOfInno.106; E492|        Make Lame Philosophy to smile
AuguriesOfInno.107; E492|        He who Doubts from what he sees
AuguriesOfInno.108; E492|        Will neer Believe do what you Please
AuguriesOfInno.109; E492|        If the Sun & Moon should Doubt
AuguriesOfInno.110; E492|        Theyd immediately Go out
AuguriesOfInno.111; E492|        To be in a Passion you Good may Do
AuguriesOfInno.112; E492|        But no Good if a Passion is in you
AuguriesOfInno.113; E492|        The Whore & Gambler by the State
AuguriesOfInno.114; E492|        Licencd build that Nations Fate
AuguriesOfInno.115; E492|        The Harlots cry from Street to Street
AuguriesOfInno.116; E492|        Shall weave Old Englands winding Sheet
AuguriesOfInno.117; E492|        The Winners Shout the Losers Curse
AuguriesOfInno.118; E492|        Dance before dead Englands Hearse
AuguriesOfInno.119; E492|        Every Night & every Morn
AuguriesOfInno.120; E492|        Some to Misery are Born
AuguriesOfInno.121; E492|        Every Morn & every Night
AuguriesOfInno.122; E492|        Some are Born to sweet delight 
AuguriesOfInno.123; E492|        Some are Born to sweet delight
AuguriesOfInno.124; E492|        Some are Born to Endless Night
AuguriesOfInno.125; E492|        We are led to Believe a Lie
AuguriesOfInno.126; E492|        When we see not Thro the Eye   t1259

AuguriesOfInno.127; E493|        Which was Born in a Night to perish in a Night
AuguriesOfInno.128; E493|        When the Soul Slept in Beams of Light
AuguriesOfInno.129; E493|        God Appears & God is Light
AuguriesOfInno.130; E493|        To those poor Souls who dwell in Night
AuguriesOfInno.131; E493|        But does a Human Form Display
AuguriesOfInno.132; E493|        To those who Dwell in Realms of day

ED; E493|        * 

ED; E494|        [An Editorial Arrangement of Auguries of Innocence omitted]

ED; E495|        [An Editorial Arrangement of Auguries of Innocence omitted]

ED; E496|        * 

title; E496|        Long John Brown & Little Mary Bell   t1260

LongJohnBrown1;   E496|        Little Mary Bell had a Fairy in a Nut
LongJohnBrown2;   E496|        Long John Brown had the Devil in his Gut
LongJohnBrown3;   E496|        Long John Brown lovd Little Mary Bell
LongJohnBrown4;   E496|        And the Fairy drew the Devil into the Nut-shell

LongJohnBrown5;   E496|        Her Fairy skipd out & her Fairy skipd in
LongJohnBrown6;   E496|        He laughd at the Devil saying Love is a Sin
LongJohnBrown7;   E496|        The devil he raged & the Devil he was wroth
LongJohnBrown8;   E496|        And the devil enterd into the Young Mans broth

LongJohnBrown9;   E496|        He was soon in the Gut of the loving Young Swain
LongJohnBrown10; E496|        For John eat & drank to drive away Loves pain
LongJohnBrown11; E496|        But all he could do he grew thinner & thinner
LongJohnBrown12; E496|        Tho he eat & drank as much as ten Men for his dinner

LongJohnBrown13; E496|        Some said he had a Wolf in his stomach day & night
LongJohnBrown14; E496|        Some said he had the Devil & they guessd right
LongJohnBrown15; E496|        The fairy skipd about in his glory Joy & Pride
LongJohnBrown16; E496|        And he laughd at the Devil till poor John Brown died

LongJohnBrown17; E496|        Then the Fairy skipd out of the old Nut shell
LongJohnBrown18; E496|        And woe & alack for Pretty Mary Bell
LongJohnBrown19; E496|        For the Devil crept in when The Fairy skipd out
LongJohnBrown20; E496|        And there goes Miss Bell with her fusty old Nut

ED; E496|        * 

title; E496|        William Bond

WilliamBond1;   E496|        I wonder whether the Girls are mad
WilliamBond2;   E496|        And I wonder whether they mean to kill
WilliamBond3;   E496|        And I wonder if William Bond will die
WilliamBond4;   E496|        For assuredly he is very ill
WilliamBond5;   E496|        He went to Church in a May morning
WilliamBond6;   E496|        Attended by Fairies one two & three

WilliamBond7;   E497|        But the Angels Of Providence drove them away
WilliamBond8;   E497|        And he returnd home in Misery

WilliamBond9;   E497|        He went not out to the Field nor Fold
WilliamBond10; E497|        He went not out to the Village nor Town
WilliamBond11; E497|        But he came home in a black black cloud
WilliamBond12; E497|        And took to his Bed & there lay down

WilliamBond13; E497|        And an Angel of Providence at his Feet
WilliamBond14; E497|        And an Angel of Providence at his Head
WilliamBond15; E497|        And in the midst a Black Black Cloud
WilliamBond16; E497|        And in the midst the Sick Man on his Bed

WilliamBond17; E497|        And on his Right hand was Mary Green
WilliamBond18; E497|        And on his Left hand was his Sister Jane
WilliamBond19; E497|        And their tears fell thro the black black Cloud
WilliamBond20; E497|        To drive away the sick mans pain
WilliamBond21; E497|        O William if thou dost another Love   t1261
WilliamBond22; E497|        Dost another Love better than poor Mary
WilliamBond23; E497|        Go & take that other to be thy Wife
WilliamBond24; E497|        And Mary Green shall her Servant be

WilliamBond25; E497|        Yes Mary I do another Love
WilliamBond26; E497|        Another I Love far better than thee
WilliamBond27; E497|        And Another I will have for my Wife
WilliamBond28; E497|        Then what have I to do with thee

WilliamBond29; E497|        For thou art Melancholy Pale
WilliamBond30; E497|        And on thy Head is the cold Moons shine
WilliamBond31; E497|        But she is ruddy & bright as day
WilliamBond32; E497|        And the sun beams dazzle from her eyne

WilliamBond33; E497|        Mary trembled & Mary chilld
WilliamBond34; E497|        And Mary fell down on the right hand floor
WilliamBond35; E497|        That William Bond & his Sister Jane
WilliamBond36; E497|        Scarce could recover Mary more

WilliamBond37; E497|        When Mary woke & found her Laid
WilliamBond38; E497|        On the Right hand of her William dear
WilliamBond39; E497|        On the Right hand of his loved Bed
WilliamBond40; E497|        And saw her William Bond so near

WilliamBond41; E497|        The Fairies that fled from William Bond
WilliamBond42; E497|        Danced around her Shining Head
WilliamBond43; E497|        They danced over the Pillow white
WilliamBond44; E497|        And the Angels of Providence left the Bed
WilliamBond45; E497|        I thought Love livd in the hot sun Shine
WilliamBond46; E497|        But O he lives in the Moony light

WilliamBond47; E498|        I thought to find Love in the heat of day
WilliamBond48; E498|        But sweet Love is the Comforter of Night

WilliamBond49; E498|        Seek Love in the Pity of others Woe
WilliamBond50; E498|        In the gentle relief of anothers care
WilliamBond51; E498|        In the darkness of night & the winters snow
WilliamBond52; E498|        In the naked & outcast Seek Love there

ED; E498|        * 

ED; E498|        [Mrs Blake's record]   t1262

title; E498|        Mr Blake's Nursery Rhyme

B'sNurseryRhyme1;   E498|        The sow came in with the saddle,
B'sNurseryRhyme2;   E498|        The little pig rocked the cradle,
B'sNurseryRhyme3;   E498|        The dish jumped o' top of the table
B'sNurseryRhyme4;   E498|        To see the brass pot swallow the ladle.
B'sNurseryRhyme5;   E498|        The old pot behind the door
B'sNurseryRhyme6;   E498|        Called the kettle a blackamoor.
B'sNurseryRhyme7;   E498|        'Odd bobbs' said the gridiron, 'can't you agree?
B'sNurseryRhyme8;   E498|        I'm the head constable, bring them to me.'


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