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Title; E67|        THE SONG of LOS   t192

SongLOScolophon; E67|        LAMBETH Printed by W Blake 1795

SongLOS3.1;   E67|        AFRICA

SongLOS3.2;   E67|        I will sing you a song of Los. the Eternal Prophet:
SongLOS3.3;   E67|        He sung it to four harps at the tables of Eternity.
SongLOS3.4;   E67|        In heart-formed Africa.
SongLOS3.5;   E67|        Urizen faded! Ariston shudderd!
SongLOS3.6;   E67|        And thus the Song began

SongLOS3.7;   E67|        Adam stood in the garden of Eden:
SongLOS3.8;   E67|        And Noah on the mountains of Ararat;
SongLOS3.9;   E67|        They saw Urizen give his Laws to the Nations
SongLOS3.10; E67|        By the hands of the children of Los.

SongLOS3.11; E67|        Adam shudderd! Noah faded! black grew the sunny African
SongLOS3.12; E67|        When Rintrah gave Abstract Philosophy to Brama in the East:
SongLOS3.13; E67|        (Night spoke to the Cloud!
SongLOS3.14; E67|        Lo these Human form'd spirits in smiling hipocrisy. War
SongLOS3.15; E67|        Against one another; so let them War on; slaves to the eternal Elements)
SongLOS3.16; E67|        Noah shrunk, beneath the waters;
SongLOS3.17; E67|        Abram fled in fires from Chaldea;
SongLOS3.18; E67|        Moses beheld upon Mount Sinai forms of dark delusion:

SongLOS3.19; E67|        To Trismegistus. Palamabron gave an abstract Law:
SongLOS3.20; E67|        To Pythagoras Socrates & Plato.

SongLOS3.21; E67|        Times rolled on o'er all the sons of Har, time after time
SongLOS3.22; E67|        Orc on Mount Atlas howld, chain'd down with the Chain of Jealousy
SongLOS3.23; E67|        Then Oothoon hoverd over Judah & Jerusalem
SongLOS3.24; E67|        And Jesus heard her voice (a man of sorrows) he recievd
SongLOS3.25; E67|        A Gospel from wretched Theotormon.

SongLOS3.26; E67|        The human race began to wither, for the healthy built
SongLOS3.27; E67|        Secluded places, fearing the joys of Love
SongLOS3.28; E67|        And the disease'd only propagated:
SongLOS3.29; E67|        So Antamon call'd up Leutha from her valleys of delight:
SongLOS3.30; E67|        And to Mahomet a loose Bible gave.
SongLOS3.31; E67|        But in the North, to Odin, Sotha gave a Code of War,
SongLOS3.32; E67|        Because of Diralada thinking to reclaim his joy.

SongLOS4.1;   E67|        These were the Churches: Hospitals: Castles: Palaces:
SongLOS4.2;   E67|        Like nets & gins & traps to catch the joys of Eternity
SongLOS4.3;   E67|        And all the rest a desart;
SongLOS4.4;   E67|        Till like a dream Eternity was obliterated & erased.

SongLOS4.5;   E68|        Since that dread day when Har and Heva fled.
SongLOS4.6;   E68|        Because their brethren & sisters liv'd in War & Lust;
SongLOS4.7;   E68|        And as they fled they shrunk
SongLOS4.8;   E68|        Into two narrow doleful forms:
SongLOS4.9;   E68|        Creeping in reptile flesh upon
SongLOS4.10; E68|        The bosom of the ground:
SongLOS4.11; E68|        And all the vast of Nature shrunk
SongLOS4.12; E68|        Before their shrunken eyes.

SongLOS4.13; E68|        Thus the terrible race of Los & Enitharmon gave
SongLOS4.14; E68|        Laws & Religions to the sons of Har binding them more
SongLOS4.15; E68|        And more to Earth: closing and restraining:
SongLOS4.16; E68|        Till a Philosophy of Five Senses was complete
SongLOS4.17; E68|        Urizen wept & gave it into the hands of Newton & Locke

SongLOS4.18; E68|        Clouds roll heavy upon the Alps round Rousseau & Voltaire:
SongLOS4.19; E68|        And on the mountains of Lebanon round the deceased Gods
SongLOS4.20; E68|        Of Asia; & on the desarts of Africa round the Fallen Angels
SongLOS4.21; E68|        The Guardian Prince of Albion burns in his nightly tent

SongLOS6;   E68|        ASIA

SongLOS6.2;   E68|        The Kings of Asia heard
SongLOS6.3;   E68|        The howl rise up from Europe!
SongLOS6.4;   E68|        And each ran out from his Web;
SongLOS6.5;   E68|        From his ancient woven Den;
SongLOS6.6;   E68|        For the darkness of Asia was startled
SongLOS6.7;   E68|        At the thick-flaming, thought-creating fires of Orc.

SongLOS6.8;   E68|        And the Kings of Asia stood
SongLOS6.9;   E68|        And cried in bitterness of soul.

SongLOS6.10; E68|        Shall not the King call for Famine from the heath?
SongLOS6.11; E68|        Nor the Priest, for Pestilence from the fen?
SongLOS6.12; E68|        To restrain! to dismay! to thin!
SongLOS6.13; E68|        The inhabitants of mountain and plain;
SongLOS6.14; E68|        In the day, of full-feeding prosperity;
SongLOS6.15; E68|        And the night of delicious songs.

SongLOS6.16; E68|        Shall not the Councellor throw his curb
SongLOS6.17; E68|        Of Poverty on the laborious?
SongLOS6.18; E68|        To fix the price of labour;
SongLOS6.19; E68|        To invent allegoric riches:

SongLOS6.20; E68|        And the privy admonishers of men
SongLOS6.21; E68|        Call for fires in the City
SongLOS6.22; E68|        For heaps of smoking ruins,
SongLOS6.23; E68|        In the night of prosperity & wantonness

SongLOS6.24; E69|        To turn man from his path,
SongLOS6.25; E69|        To restrain the child from the womb,

SongLOS7.1;   E69|        To cut off the bread from the city,
SongLOS7.2;   E69|        That the remnant may learn to obey.
SongLOS7.3;   E69|        That the pride of the heart may fail;
SongLOS7.4;   E69|        That the lust of the eyes may be quench'd:
SongLOS7.5;   E69|        That the delicate ear in its infancy

SongLOS7.6;   E69|        May be dull'd; and the nostrils clos'd up;
SongLOS7.7;   E69|        To teach mortal worms the path
SongLOS7.8;   E69|        That leads from the gates of the Grave.

SongLOS7.9;   E69|        Urizen heard them cry!
SongLOS7.10; E69|        And his shudd'ring waving wings
SongLOS7.11; E69|        Went enormous above the red flames
SongLOS7.12; E69|        Drawing clouds of despair thro' the heavens
SongLOS7.13; E69|        Of Europe as he went:
SongLOS7.14; E69|        And his Books of brass iron & gold
SongLOS7.15; E69|        Melted over the land as he flew,

SongLOS7.16; E69|        Heavy-waving, howling, weeping.

SongLOS7.17; E69|        And he stood over Judea:
SongLOS7.18; E69|        And stay'd in his ancient place:
SongLOS7.19; E69|        And stretch'd his clouds over Jerusalem;

SongLOS7.20; E69|        For Adam, a mouldering skeleton
SongLOS7.21; E69|        Lay bleach'd on the garden of Eden;
SongLOS7.22; E69|        And Noah as white as snow
SongLOS7.23; E69|        On the mountains of Ararat.

SongLOS7.24; E69|        Then the thunders of Urizen bellow'd aloud
SongLOS7.25; E69|        From his woven darkness above.

SongLOS7.26; E69|        Orc raging in European darkness
SongLOS7.27; E69|        Arose like a pillar of fire above the Alps
SongLOS7.28; E69|        Like a serpent of fiery flame!
SongLOS7.29; E69|        The sullen Earth
SongLOS7.30; E69|        Shrunk!

SongLOS7.31; E69|        Forth from the dead dust rattling bones to bones
SongLOS7.32; E69|        Join: shaking convuls'd the shivring clay breathes
SongLOS7.33; E69|        And all flesh naked stands: Fathers and Friends;
SongLOS7.34; E69|        Mothers & Infants; Kings & Warriors:

SongLOS7.35; E69|        The Grave shrieks with delight, & shakes
SongLOS7.36; E69|        Her hollow womb, & clasps the solid stem:
SongLOS7.37; E69|        Her bosom swells with wild desire:
SongLOS7.38; E69|        And milk & blood & glandous wine

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