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Title; E269|        ON HOMERS POETRY   t348

HomersPoetry-prose1;   E269|        Every Poem must necessarily be a perfect Unity, but why Homers is
HomersPoetry-prose2;   E269|        peculiarly so I cannot tell: he has told the story of
HomersPoetry-prose3;   E269|        Bellerophon & omitted the Judgment of Paris which is not only a
HomersPoetry-prose4;   E269|        part, but a principal part of Homers subject
HomersPoetry-prose5;   E269|        But when a Work has Unity it is as much in a Part as in the
HomersPoetry-prose6;   E269|        Whole. the Torso is as much a Unity as the Laocoon
HomersPoetry-prose7;   E269|        As Unity is the cloke of folly so Goodness is the cloke of
HomersPoetry-prose8;   E269|        knavery Those who will have Unity exclusively in Homer come out
HomersPoetry-prose9;   E269|        with a Moral like a sting in the tail: Aristotle says Characters
HomersPoetry-prose10; E269|        are either Good or Bad: now Goodness or Badness has nothing to do
HomersPoetry-prose11; E269|        with Character. an Apple tree a Pear tree a Horse a Lion, are
HomersPoetry-prose12; E269|        Characters but a Good Apple tree or a Bad, is an Apple tree
HomersPoetry-prose13; E269|        still: a Horse is not more a Lion for being a Bad Horse. that is
HomersPoetry-prose14; E269|        its Character; its Goodness or Badness is another consideration.
HomersPoetry-prose15; E269|        It is the same with the Moral of a whole Poem as with the Moral
HomersPoetry-prose16; E269|        Goodness

HomersPoetry-prose17; E270|        of its parts Unity & Morality, are secondary considerations &
HomersPoetry-prose18; E270|        belong to Philosophy & not to Poetry, to Exception & not to Rule,
HomersPoetry-prose19; E270|        to Accident & not to Substance. the Ancients calld it eating of
HomersPoetry-prose20; E270|        the tree of good & evil.
HomersPoetry-prose21; E270|        The Classics, it is the Classics! & not Goths nor Monks, that
HomersPoetry-prose22; E270|        Desolate Europe with Wars.


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