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Title; E273|        [The Laocoön]   t353

LAOCOONprose; E273|        Drawn & Engraved by William Blake

LAOCOONprose; E273|        <Hebrew>[Jehovah] & his two Sons Satan & Adam as they were copied
LAOCOONprose; E273|        from the Cherubim Of Solomons Temple by three Rhodians &
LAOCOONprose; E273|        applied to Natural Fact. or. History of Ilium
ED; E273|        [Above the father's head:]
LAOCOONprose; E273|        The Angel of the Divine Presence
LAOCOONprose; E273|        <Hebrew>[Angel of Jehovah]
LAOCOONprose; E273|        <Greek>[Serpent-holder]
LAOCOONprose; E273|        He repented that he had made Adam
LAOCOONprose; E273|        (of the Female, the Adamah)
LAOCOONprose; E273|        & it grieved him at his heart

ED; E273|        [About the serpent and figure (? Satan) to the right:]
LAOCOONprose; E273|        Good
LAOCOONprose; E273|        <Hebrew>[Lilith]
LAOCOONprose; E273|        Satans Wife The Goddess Nature is War & Misery & Heroism a Miser

ED; E273|        [About the serpent and figure (? Adam) to the left:]

LAOCOONprose; E273|        Evil
LAOCOONprose; E273|        Good & Evil are

LAOCOONprose; E273|        Riches & Poverty a Tree of Misery
LAOCOONprose; E273|        propagating Generation & Death

ED; E273|        [Remaining aphorisms, reading outward in thematic order:]
LAOCOONprose; E273|        What can be Created Can be Destroyed
LAOCOONprose; E273|        Adam is only The Natural Man & not the Soul or Imagination

LAOCOONprose; E273|        The Eternal Body of Man is The IMAGINATION.
LAOCOONprose; E273|        God himself |
LAOCOONprose; E273|        that is |<Hebrew>[Yeshua] JESUS We are his Members
LAOCOONprose; E273|        The Divine Body|

LAOCOONprose; E273|        It manifests itself in his Works of Art (In EternityAll is Vision)
LAOCOONprose; E273|        All that we See is VISION from Generated Organs gone as soon as come
LAOCOONprose; E273|        Permanent in The Imagination; considered as Nothing by the NATURAL MAN

LAOCOONprose; E273|        HEBREW ART is called SIN by the Deist SCIENCE

LAOCOONprose; E273|        The whole Business of Man Is The Arts & All Things Common

LAOCOONprose; E274|        Christianity is Art & not Money
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Money is its Curse

LAOCOONprose; E274|        The Old & New Testaments are the Great Code of Art

LAOCOONprose; E274|        Jesus & his Apostles & Disciples were all Artists
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Their Works were destroyd by the Seven Angels of the Seven
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Churches in Asia. Antichrist Science

LAOCOONprose; E274|        SCIENCE is the Tree of DEATH
LAOCOONprose; E274|        ART is the Tree of LIFE GOD is JESUS

LAOCOONprose; E274|        The Gods of Priam are the Cherubim of Moses & Solomon The Hosts of Heaven

LAOCOONprose; E274|        The Gods of Greece & Egypt were Mathematical Diagrams See Plato's Works
LAOCOONprose; E274|        There are States in which all Visionary Men are accounted Mad
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Men such are Greece & Rome Such is Empire or Tax See Luke Ch 2 v I

LAOCOONprose; E274|        Art Degraded Imagination Denied War Governed the Nations

LAOCOONprose; E274|        Divine Union Deriding And Denying Immediate Communion with God
LAOCOONprose; E274|        The Spoilers say Where are his Works That he did in the Wilderness
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Lo what are these Whence came they These are not the Works
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Of Egypt nor Babylon Whose Gods are the Powers of this World. Goddess, Nature.
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Who first spoil & then destroy Imaginative Art For their Glory is War and
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Dominion

LAOCOONprose; E274|        Empire against Art See Virgils Eneid. Lib. VI. v 848

LAOCOONprose; E274|        Spiritual War
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Israel deliverd from Egypt is Art deliverd from Nature & Imitation

LAOCOONprose; E274|        What we call Antique Gems are the Gems of Aarons Breast Plate

LAOCOONprose; E274|        Prayer is the Study of Art
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Praise is the Practise of Art
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Fasting &c. all relate to Art
LAOCOONprose; E274|        The outward Ceremony is Antichrist
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Without Unceasing Pracise nothing can be done

LAOCOONprose; E274|        Practise is Art If you leave off you are Lost

LAOCOONprose; E274|        A Poet a Painter a Musician an Architect: the Man
LAOCOONprose; E274|        Or Woman who is not one of these is not a Christian
LAOCOONprose; E274|        You must leave Fathers & Mothers & Houses & Lands if they stand in the way of ART

LAOCOONprose; E274|        The unproductive Man is not a Christian much less the Destroyer

LAOCOONprose; E275|        The True Christian Charity not dependent on Money (the lifes blood of Poor
LAOCOONprose; E275|        Families) that is on Caesar or Empire or
LAOCOONprose; E275|        Natural Religion

LAOCOONprose; E275|        For every Pleasure Money Is Useless

LAOCOONprose; E275|        Money, which is The Great Satan or Reason the Root of Good & Evil In The
LAOCOONprose; E275|        Accusation of Sin

LAOCOONprose; E275|        Where any view of Money exists Art cannot be carried on, but War only (Read
LAOCOONprose; E275|        Matthew CX. 9 & 10 v) by
LAOCOONprose; E275|        pretences to the Two Impossibilities Chastity & Abstinence Gods of the Heathen

LAOCOONprose; E275|        Is not every Vice possible to Man described in the Bible openly

LAOCOONprose; E275|        All is not Sin that Satan calls so all the Loves & Graces of Eternity.

LAOCOONprose; E275|        If Morality was Christianity Socrates was the Saviour

LAOCOONprose; E275|        Art can never exist without Naked Beauty displayed

LAOCOONprose; E275|        No Secresy in Art


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