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J52.1;   E201|        I saw a Monk of Charlemaine   t293
J52.2;   E201|        Arise before my sight
J52.3;   E201|        I talkd with the Grey Monk as we stood   t294
J52.4;   E201|        In beams of infernal light

J52.5;   E202|        Gibbon arose with a lash of steel   t295
J52.6;   E202|        And Voltaire with a wracking wheel
J52.7;   E202|        The Schools in clouds of learning rolld   t296
J52.8;   E202|        Arose with War in iron & gold.

J52.9;   E202|        Thou lazy Monk they sound afar   t297
J52.10; E202|        In vain condemning glorious War   t298
J52.11; E202|        And in your Cell you shall ever dwell   t299
J52.12; E202|        Rise War & bind him in his Cell.

J52.13; E202|        The blood. red ran from the Grey Monks side
J52.14; E202|        His hands & feet were wounded wide
J52.15; E202|        His body bent, his arms & knees
J52.16; E202|        Like to the roots of ancient trees

J52.17; E202|        When Satan first the black bow bent   t300
J52.18; E202|        And the Moral Law from the Gospel rent
J52.19; E202|        He forgd the Law into a Sword
J52.20; E202|        And spilld the blood of mercys Lord.

J52.21; E202|        Titus! Constantine! Charlemaine!   t301
J52.22; E202|        O Voltaire! Rousseau! Gibbon! Vain
J52.23; E202|        Your Grecian Mocks & Roman Sword   t302
J52.24; E202|        Against this image of his Lord!

J52.25; E202|        For a Tear is an Intellectual thing;   t303
J52.26; E202|        And a Sigh is the Sword of an Angel King
J52.27; E202|        And the bitter groan of a Martyrs woe   t304
J52.28; E202|        Is an Arrow from the Almighties Bow!

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            Chap 3 [plates 53-75]


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