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J78; E233|     Jerusalem. C 4

J78.1;   E233|        The Spectres of Albions Twelve Sons revolve mightily
J78.2;   E233|        Over the Tomb & over the Body: ravning to devour
J78.3;   E233|        The Sleeping Humanity. Los with his mace of iron
J78.4;   E233|        Walks round: loud his threats, loud his blows fall
J78.5;   E233|        On the rocky Spectres, as the Potter breaks the potsherds;
J78.6;   E233|        Dashing in pieces Self-righteousnesses: driving them from Albions
J78.7;   E233|        Cliffs: dividing them into Male & Female forms in his Furnaces
J78.8;   E233|        And on his Anvils: lest they destroy the Feminine Affections
J78.9;   E233|        They are broken. Loud howl the Spectres in his iron Furnace

J78.10; E233|        While Los laments at his dire labours, viewing Jerusalem,
J78.11; E233|        Sitting before his Furnaces clothed in sackcloth of hair;
J78.12; E233|        Albions Twelve Sons surround the Forty-two Gates of Erin,

J78.13; E234|        In terrible armour, raging against the Lamb & against Jerusalem,
J78.14; E234|        Surrounding them with armies to destroy the Lamb of God.
J78.15; E234|        They took their Mother Vala, and they crown'd her with gold:
J78.16; E234|        They namd her Rahab, & gave her power over the Earth
J78.17; E234|        The Concave Earth round Golgonooza in Entuthon Benython,
J78.18; E234|        Even to the stars exalting her Throne, to build beyond the Throne
J78.19; E234|        Of God and the Lamb, to destroy the Lamb & usurp the Throne of God
J78.20; E234|        Drawing their Ulro Voidness round the Four-fold Humanity

J78.21; E234|        Naked Jerusalem lay before the Gates upon Mount Zion
J78.22; E234|        The Hill of Giants, all her foundations levelld with the dust!

J78.23; E234|        Her Twelve Gates thrown down: her children carried into captivity
J78.24; E234|        Herself in chains: this from within was seen in a dismal night
J78.25; E234|        Outside, unknown before in Beulah, & the twelve gates were fill'd
J78.26; E234|        With blood; from Japan eastward to the Giants causway, west
J78.27; E234|        In Erins Continent: and Jerusalem wept upon Euphrates banks
J78.28; E234|        Disorganizd; an evanescent shade, scarce seen or heard among
J78.29; E234|        Her childrens Druid Temples dropping with blood wanderd weeping!
J78.30; E234|        And thus her voice went forth in the darkness of Philisthea.

J78.31; E234|        My brother & my father are no more! God hath forsaken me
J78.32; E234|        The arrows of the Almighty pour upon me & my children
J78.33; E234|        I have sinned and am an outcast from the Divine Presence!

J79.1;   E234|        My tents are fall'n! My pillars are in ruins! my children dashd
J79.2;   E234|        Upon Egypts iron floors, & the marble pavements of Assyria;
J79.3;   E234|        I melt my soul in reasonings among the towers of Heshbon;
J79.4;   E234|        Mount Zion is become a cruel rock & no more dew
J79.5;   E234|        Nor rain: no more the spring of the rock appears: but cold
J79.6;   E234|        Hard & obdurate are the furrows of the mountain of wine & oil:
J79.7;   E234|        The mountain of blessing is itself a curse & an astonishment:
J79.8;   E234|        The hills of Judea are fallen with me into the deepest hell
J79.9;   E234|        Away from the Nations of the Earth, & from the Cities of the Nations;
J79.10; E234|        I walk to Ephraim. I seek for Shiloh: I walk like a lost sheep
J79.11; E234|        Among precipices of despair: in Goshen I seek for light
J79.12; E234|        In vain: and in Gilead for a physician and a comforter.
J79.13; E234|        Goshen hath followd Philistea: Gilead hath joind with Og!
J79.14; E234|        They are become narrow places in a little and dark land:
J79.15; E234|        How distant far from Albion! his hills & his valleys no more
J79.16; E234|        Recieve the feet of Jerusalem: they have cast me quite away:
J79.17; E234|        And Albion is himself shrunk to a narrow rock in the midst of the sea!
J79.18; E234|        The plains of Sussex & Surrey, their hills of flocks & herds
J79.19; E234|        No more seek to Jerusalem nor to the sound of my Holy-ones.
J79.20; E234|        The Fifty-two Counties of England are hardend against me
J79.21; E234|        As if I was not their Mother, they despise me & cast me out
J79.22; E234|        London coverd the whole Earth. England encompassd the Nations:

J79.23; E235|        And all the Nations of the Earth were seen in the Cities of Albion:
J79.24; E235|        My pillars reachd from sea to sea: London beheld me come
J79.25; E235|        From my east & from my west; he blessed me and gave
J79.26; E235|        His children to my breasts, his sons & daughters to my knees
J79.27; E235|        His aged parents sought me out in every city & village:
J79.28; E235|        They discernd my countenance with joy! they shewd me to their sons
J79.29; E235|        Saying Lo Jerusalem is here! she sitteth in our secret chambers
J79.30; E235|        Levi and Judah & Issachar: Ephra[i]m, Manesseh, Gad and Dan
J79.31; E235|        Are seen in our hills & valleys: they keep our flocks & herds:
J79.32; E235|        They watch them in the night: and the Lamb of God appears among us.
J79.33; E235|        The river Severn stayd his course at my command:
J79.34; E235|        Thames poured his waters into my basons and baths:
J79.35; E235|        Medway mingled with Kishon: Thames recievd the heavenly Jordan
J79.36; E235|        Albion gave me to the whole Earth to walk up & down; to pour
J79.37; E235|        Joy upon every mountain; to teach songs to the shepherd & plowman
J79.38; E235|        I taught the ships of the sea to sing the songs of Zion.
J79.39; E235|        Italy saw me, in sublime astonishment: France was wholly mine:
J79.40; E235|        As my garden & as my secret bath; Spain was my heavenly couch:
J79.41; E235|        I slept in his golden hills: the Lamb of God met me there.
J79.42; E235|        There we walked as in our secret chamber among our little ones
J79.43; E235|        They looked upon our loves with joy: they beheld our secret joys:
J79.44; E235|        With holy raptures of adoration rapd sublime in the Visions of God:
J79.45; E235|        Germany; Poland & the North wooed my footsteps they found
J79.46; E235|        My gates in all their mountains & my curtains in all their vales
J79.47; E235|        The furniture of their houses was the furniture of my chamber
J79.48; E235|        Turkey & Grecia saw my instr[u]ments of music, they arose
J79.49; E235|        They siezd the harp: the flute: the mellow horn of Jerusalems joy
J79.50; E235|        They sounded thanksgivings in my courts: Egypt & Lybia heard
J79.51; E235|        The swarthy sons of Ethiopia stood round the Lamb of God
J79.52; E235|        Enquiring for Jerusalem: he led them up my steps to my altar:
J79.53; E235|        And thou America! I once beheld thee but now behold no more
J79.54; E235|        Thy golden mountains where my Cherubim & Seraphim rejoicd
J79.55; E235|        Together among my little-ones. But now, my Altars run with blood!
J79.56; E235|        My fires are corrupt! my incense is a cloudy pestilence
J79.57; E235|        Of seven diseases! Once a continual cloud of salvation. rose
J79.58; E235|        From all my myriads; once the Four-fold World rejoicd among
J79.59; E235|        The pillars of Jerusalem, between my winged Cherubim:
J79.60; E235|        But now I am closd out from them in the narrow passages
J79.61; E235|        Of the valleys of destruction, into a dark land of pitch & bitumen.
J79.62; E235|        From Albions Tomb afar and from the four-fold wonders of God
J79.63; E235|        Shrunk to a narrow doleful form in the dark land of Cabul;
J79.64; E235|        There is Reuben & Gad & Joseph & Judah & Levi, closd up
J79.65; E235|        In narrow vales: I walk & count the bones of my beloveds
J79.66; E235|        Along the Valley of Destruction, among these Druid Temples
J79.67; E235|        Which overspread all the Earth in patriarchal pomp & cruel pride

J79.68; E236|        Tell me O Vala thy purposes; tell me wherefore thy shuttles
J79.69; E236|        Drop with the gore of the slain; why Euphrates is red with blood
J79.70; E236|        Wherefore in dreadful majesty & beauty outside appears
J79.71; E236|        Thy Masculine from thy Feminine hardening against the heavens
J79.72; E236|        To devour the Human! Why dost thou weep upon the wind among
J79.73; E236|        These cruel Druid Temples: O Vala! Humanity is far above
J79.74; E236|        Sexual organization; & the Visions of the Night of Beulah
J79.75; E236|        Where Sexes wander in dreams of bliss among the Emanations
J79.76; E236|        Where the Masculine & Feminine are nurs'd into Youth & Maiden
J79.77; E236|        By the tears & smiles of Beulahs Daughters till the time of Sleep is past.
J79.78; E236|        Wherefore then do you realize these nets of beauty & delusion
J79.79; E236|        In open day to draw the souls of the Dead into the light.
J79.80; E236|        Till Albion is shut out from every Nation under Heaven.

J80.1;   E236|        Encompassd by the frozen Net and by the rooted Tree
J80.2;   E236|        I walk weeping in pangs of a Mothers torment for her Children:
J80.3;   E236|        I walk in affliction: I am a worm, and no living soul!
J80.4;   E236|        A worm going to eternal torment! raisd up in a night
J80.5;   E236|        To an eternal night of pain, lost! lost! lost! for ever!

J80.6;   E236|        Beside her Vala howld upon the winds in pride of beauty
J80.7;   E236|        Lamenting among the timbrels of the Warriors: among the Captives
J80.8;   E236|        In cruel holiness, and her lamenting songs were from Arnon
J80.9;   E236|        And Jordan to Euphrates. Jerusalem followd trembling
J80.10; E236|        Her children in captivity. listening to Valas lamentation
J80.11; E236|        In the thick cloud & darkness. & the voice went forth from
J80.12; E236|        The cloud. O rent in sunder from Jerusalem the Harlot daughter!
J80.13; E236|        In an eternal condemnation in fierce burning flames
J80.14; E236|        Of torment unendurable: and if once a Delusion be found
J80.15; E236|        Woman must perish & the Heavens of Heavens remain no more

J80.16; E236|        My Father gave to me command to murder Albion
J80.17; E236|        In unreviving Death; my Love, my Luvah orderd me in night
J80.18; E236|        To murder Albion the King of Men. he fought in battles fierce
J80.19; E236|        He conquerd Luvah my beloved: he took me and my Father
J80.20; E236|        He slew them: I revived them to life in my warm bosom
J80.21; E236|        He saw them issue from my bosom, dark in Jealousy
J80.22; E236|        He burnd before me: Luvah framd the Knife & Luvah gave
J80.23; E236|        The Knife into his daughters hand! such thing was never known
J80.24; E236|        Before in Albions land, that one should die a death never to be reviv'd!
J80.25; E236|        For in our battles we the Slain men view with pity and love:
J80.26; E236|        We soon revive them in the secret of our tabernacles
J80.27; E236|        But I Vala, Luvahs daughter, keep his body embalmd in moral laws
J80.28; E236|        With spices of sweet odours of lovely jealous stupefaction:
J80.29; E236|        Within my bosom, lest he arise to life & slay my Luvah
J80.30; E236|        Pity me then O Lamb of God! O Jesus pity me!
J80.31; E236|        Come into Luvahs Tents, and seek not to revive the Dead!

J80.32; E237|        So sang she: and the Spindle turnd furious as she sang:
J80.33; E237|        The Children of Jerusalem the Souls of those who sleep
J80.34; E237|        Were caught into the flax of her Distaff, & in her Cloud
J80.35; E237|        To weave Jerusalem a body according to her will
J80.36; E237|        A Dragon form on Zion Hills most ancient promontory

J80.37; E237|        The Spindle turnd in blood & fire: loud sound the trumpets
J80.38; E237|        Of war: the cymbals play loud before the Captains
J80.39; E237|        With Cambel & Gwendolen in dance and solemn song
J80.40; E237|        The Cloud of Rahab vibrating with the Daughters of Albion
J80.41; E237|        Los saw terrified, melted with pity & divided in wrath
J80.42; E237|        He sent them over the narrow seas in pity and love
J80.43; E237|        Among the Four Forests of Albion which overspread all the Earth
J80.44; E237|        They go forth & return swift as a flash of lightning.
J80.45; E237|        Among the tribes of warriors: among the Stones of power!
J80.46; E237|        Against Jerusalem they rage thro all the Nations of Europe
J80.47; E237|        Thro Italy & Grecia, to Lebanon & Persia & India.

J80.48; E237|        The Serpent Temples thro the Earth, from the wide Plain of Salisbury
J80.49; E237|        Resound with cries of Victims, shouts & songs & dying groans
J80.50; E237|        And flames of dusky fire, to Amalek, Canaan and Moab[.]
J80.51; E237|        And Rahab like a dismal and indefinite hovering Cloud
J80.52; E237|        Refusd to take a definite form. she hoverd over all the Earth
J80.53; E237|        Calling the definite, sin: defacing every definite form;
J80.54; E237|        Invisible, or Visible, stretch'd out in length or spread in breadth:
J80.55; E237|        Over the Temples drinking groans of victims weeping in pity,
J80.56; E237|        And joying in the pity, howling over Jerusalems walls.

J80.57; E237|        Hand slept on Skiddaws top: drawn by the love of beautiful
J80.58; E237|        Cambel: his bright beaming Counterpart, divided from him
J80.59; E237|        And her delusive light beamd fierce above the Mountain,
J80.60; E237|        Soft: invisible: drinking his sighs in sweet intoxication:
J80.61; E237|        Drawing out fibre by fibre: returning to Albions Tree
J80.62; E237|        At night: and in the morning to Skiddaw; she sent him over
J80.63; E237|        Mountainous Wales into the Loom of Cathedron fibre by fibre:
J80.64; E237|        He ran in tender nerves across Europe to Jerusalems Shade,
J80.65; E237|        To weave Jerusalem a Body repugnant to the Lamb.

J80.66; E237|        Hyle on East Moor in rocky Derbyshire, rav'd to the Moon
J80.67; E237|        For Gwendolen: she took up in bitter tears his anguishd heart,
J80.68; E237|        That apparent to all in Eternity, glows like the Sun in the breast:
J80.69; E237|        She hid it his his ribs & back: she hid his tongue with teeth
J80.70; E237|        In terrible convulsions pitying & gratified drunk with pity
J80.71; E237|        Glowing with loveliness before him, becoming apparent
J80.72; E237|        According to his changes: she roll'd his kidneys round
J80.73; E237|        Into two irregular forms: and looking on Albions dread Tree,
J80.74; E237|        She wove two vessels of seed, beautiful as Skiddaws snow;
J80.75; E237|        Giving them bends of self interest & selfish natural virtue:

J80.76; E238|        She hid them in his loins; raving he ran among the rocks,
J80.77; E238|        Compelld into a shape of Moral Virtue against the Lamb.
J80.78; E238|        The invisible lovely one giving him a form according to
J80.79; E238|        His Law a form against the Lamb of God opposd to Mercy
J80.80; E238|        And playing in the thunderous Loom in sweet intoxication
J80.81; E238|        Filling cups of silver & crystal with shrieks & cries, with groans
J80.82; E238|        And dolorous sobs: the wine of lovers in the Wine-press of Luvah

J80.83; E238|        O sister Cambel said Gwendolen, as their long beaming light
J80.84; E238|        Mingled above the Mountain[:] what shall we do to keep
J80.85; E238|        These awful forms in our soft bands: distracted with trembling

J81.1;   E238|        I have mockd those who refused cruelty & I have admired
J81.2;   E238|        The cruel Warrior. I have refused to give love to Merlin the piteous.
J81.3;   E238|        He brings to me the Images of his Love & I reject in chastity
J81.4;   E238|        And turn them out into the streets for Harlots to be food
J81.5;   E238|        To the stern Warrior. I am become perfect in beauty over my Warrior
J81.6;   E238|        For Men are caught by Love: Woman is caught by Pride
J81.7;   E238|        That Love may only be obtaind in the passages of Death.
J81ill; E238|        [<image><reversed writing>In Heaven the only Art of Living / Is
J81ill; E238|        Forgetting & Forgiving / Especially to the Female / But if you on
J81ill; E238|        Earth Forgive / You shall not find where to Live</reversed
J81ill; E238|        writing>]   t321

J81.8;   E239|        Let us look! let us examine! is the Cruel become an Infant
J81.9;   E239|        Or is he still a cruel Warrior? look Sisters, look! O piteous
J81.10; E239|        I have destroyd Wandring Reuben who strove to bind my Will
J81.11; E239|        I have stripd off Josephs beautiful integument for my Beloved,
J81.12; E239|        The Cruel-one of Albion: to clothe him in gems of my Zone
J81.13; E239|        I have Named him Jehovah of Hosts. Humanity is become
J81.14; E239|        A weeping Infant in ruind lovely Jerusalems folding Cloud:
J81.15; E239|        In Heaven Love begets Love! but Fear is the Parent of Earthly Love!   t322
J81.16; E239|        And he who will not bend to Love must be subdud by Fear,

J82.1;   E239|        I have heard Jerusalems groans; from Valas cries & lamentations
J82.2;   E239|        I gather our eternal fate: Outcasts from life and love:
J82.3;   E239|        Unless we find a way to bind these awful Forms to our
J82.4;   E239|        Embrace we shall perish annihilate, discoverd our Delusions.
J82.5;   E239|        Look I have wrought without delusion: Look! I have wept!
J82.6;   E239|        And given soft milk mingled together with the spirits of flocks
J82.7;   E239|        Of lambs and doves, mingled together in cups and dishes
J82.8;   E239|        Of painted clay; the mighty Hyle is become a weeping infant;
J82.9;   E239|        Soon shall the Spectres of the Dead follow my weaving threads.

J82.10; E239|        The Twelve Daughters of Albion attentive listen in secret shades
J82.11; E239|        On Cambridge and Oxford beaming soft uniting with Rahabs cloud
J82.12; E239|        While Gwendolen spoke to Cambel turning soft the spinning reel:
J82.13; E239|        Or throwing the wingd shuttle; or drawing the cords with softest songs
J82.14; E239|        The golden cords of the Looms animate beneath their touches soft,
J82.15; E239|        Along the Island white, among the Druid Temples, while Gwendolen
J82.16; E239|        Spoke to the Daughters of Albion standing on Skiddaws top.

J82.17; E239|        So saying she took a Falshood & hid it in her left hand:
J82.18; E239|        To entice her Sisters away to Babylon on Euphrates.
J82.19; E239|        And thus she closed her left hand and utterd her Falshood:
J82.20; E239|        Forgetting that Falshood is prophetic, she hid her hand behind her,
J82.21; E239|        Upon her back behind her loins & thus utterd her Deceit.

J82.22; E239|        I heard Enitharmon say to Los: Let the Daughters of Albion
J82.23; E239|        Be scatterd abroad and let the name of Albion be forgotten:
J82.24; E239|        Divide them into three; name them Amalek Canaan & Moab:
J82.25; E239|        Let Albion remain a desolation without an inhabitant:
J82.26; E239|        And let the Looms of Enitharmon & the Furnaces of Los
J82.27; E239|        Create Jerusalem, & Babylon & Egypt & Moab & Amalek,
J82.28; E239|        And Helle & Hesperia & Hindostan & China & Japan.
J82.29; E239|        But hide America, for a Curse an Altar of Victims & a Holy Place.
J82.30; E239|        See Sisters Canaan is pleasant, Egypt is as the Garden of Eden:
J82.31; E239|        Babylon is our chief desire, Moab our bath in summer:
J82.32; E239|        Let us lead the stems of this Tree let us plant it before Jerusalem
J82.33; E239|        To judge the Friend of Sinners to death without the Veil:
J82.34; E239|        To cut her off from America, to close up her secret Ark:
J82.35; E239|        And the fury of Man exhaust in War! Woman permanent remain

J82.36; E240|        See how the fires of our loins point eastward to Babylon
J82.37; E240|        Look. Hyle is become an infant Love: look! behold! see him lie!
J82.38; E240|        Upon my bosom. look! here is the lovely wayward form
J82.39; E240|        That gave me sweet delight by his torments beneath my Veil;
J82.40; E240|        By the fruit of Albions Tree I have fed him with sweet milk
J82.41; E240|        By contentions of the mighty for Sacrifice of Captives;
J82.42; E240|        Humanity the Great Delusion: is changd to War & Sacrifice:
J82.43; E240|        I have naild his hands on Beth Rabbim & his [feet] on Heshbons Wall:   t324
J82.44; E240|        O that I could live in his sight: O that I could bin him to my arm.
J82.45; E240|        So saying: She drew aside her Veil from Mam-Tor to Dovedale
J82.46; E240|        Discovering her own perfect beauty to the Daughters of Albion
J82.47; E240|        And Hyle a winding Worm beneath [her Loom upon the scales.
J82.48; E240|        Hyle was become a winding Worm:] & not a weeping Infant.
J82.49; E240|        Trembling & pitying she screamd & fled upon the wind:
J82.50; E240|        Hyle was a winding Worm and herself perfect in beauty:
J82.51; E240|        The desarts tremble at his wrath: they shrink themselves in fear.

J82.52; E240|        Cambel trembled with jealousy: she trembled! she envied!
J82.53; E240|        The envy ran thro Cathedrons Looms into the Heart
J82.54; E240|        Of mild Jerusalem, to destroy the Lamb of God. Jerusalem
J82.55; E240|        Languishd upon Mount Olivet, East of mild Zions Hill.

J82.56; E240|        Los saw the envious blight above his Seventh Furnace
J82.57; E240|        On Londons Tower on the Thames: he drew Cambel in wrath,
J82.58; E240|        Into his thundering Bellows, heaving it for a loud blast!
J82.59; E240|        And with the blast of his Furnace upon fishy Billingsgate,
J82.60; E240|        Beneath Albions fatal Tree, before the Gate of Los:
J82.61; E240|        Shewd her the fibres of her beloved to ameliorate
J82.62; E240|        The envy; loud she labourd in the Furnace of fire,
J82.63; E240|        To form the mighty form of Hand according to her will.
J82.64; E240|        In the Furnaces of Los & in the Wine-press treading day & night
J82.65; E240|        Naked among the human clusters: bringing wine of anguish
J82.66; E240|        To feed the afflicted in the Furnaces: she minded not
J82.67; E240|        The raging flames, tho she returnd [consumd day after day
J82.68; E240|        A redning skeleton in howling woe:] instead of beauty
J82.69; E240|        Defo[r]mity: she gave her beauty to another: bearing abroad
J82.70; E240|        Her struggling torment in her iron arms: and like a chain,
J82.71; E240|        Binding his wrists & ankles with the iron arms of love.

J82.72; E240|        Gwendolen saw the Infant in her siste[r]s arms; she howld
J82.73; E240|        Over the forests with bitter tears, and over the winding Worm
J82.74; E240|        Repentant: and she also in the eddying wind of Los's Bellows
J82.75; E240|        Began her dolorous task of love in the Wine-press of Luvah
J82.76; E240|        o form the Worm into a form of love by tears & pain.
J82.77; E240|        The Sisters saw! trembling ran thro their Looms! soften[in]g mild
J82.78; E240|        Towards London: then they saw the Furna[c]es opend, & in tears
J82.79; E240|        Began to give their souls away in the Furna[c]es of affliction.

J82.80; E241|        Los saw & was comforted at his Furnaces uttering thus his voice.

J82.81; E241|        I know I am Urthona keeper of the Gates of Heaven,
J82.82; E241|        And that I can at will expatiate in the Gardens of bliss;
J82.83; E241|        But pangs of love draw me down to my loins which are
J82.84; E241|        Become a fountain of veiny pipes: O Albion! my brother!

J83.1;   E241|        Corruptibility appears upon thy limbs, and never more   t325
J83.2;   E241|        Can I arise and leave thy side, but labour here incessant
J83.3;   E241|        Till thy awaking! yet alas I shall forget Eternity!
J83.4;   E241|        Against the Patriarchal pomp and cruelty, labouring incessant
J83.5;   E241|        I shall become an Infant horror. Enion! Tharmas! friends
J83.6;   E241|        Absorb me not in such dire grief: O Albion, my brother!
J83.7;   E241|        Jerusalem hungers in the desart! affection to her children!
J83.8;   E241|        The scorn'd and contemnd youthful girl, where shall she fly?
J83.9;   E241|        Sussex shuts up her Villages. Hants, Devon & Wilts
J83.10; E241|        Surrounded with masses of stone in orderd forms, determine then
J83.11; E241|        A form for Vala and a form for Luvah, here on the Thames
J83.12; E241|        Where the Victim nightly howls beneath the Druids knife:
J83.13; E241|        A Form of Vegetation, nail them down on the stems of Mystery:
J83.14; E241|        O when shall the Saxon return with the English his redeemed brother!
J83.15; E241|        O when shall the Lamb of God descend among the Reprobate!
J83.16; E241|        I woo to Amalek to protect my fugitives[.] Amalek trembles:
J83.17; E241|        I call to Canaan & Moab in my night watches, they mourn:
J83.18; E241|        They listen not to my cry, they rejo[i]ce among their warriors
J83.19; E241|        Woden and Thor and Friga wholly consume my Saxons:
J83.20; E241|        On their enormous Altars built in the terrible north:
J83.21; E241|        From Irelands rocks to Scandinavia Persia and Tartary:
J83.22; E241|        From the Atlantic Sea to the universal Erythrean.
J83.23; E241|        Found ye London! enormous City! weeps thy River?
J83.24; E241|        Upon his parent bosom lay thy little ones O Land
J83.25; E241|        Forsaken. Surrey and Sussex are Enitharmons Chamber.
J83.26; E241|        Where I will build her a Couch of repose & my pillars
J83.27; E241|        Shall surround her in beautiful labyrinths: Oothoon?
J83.28; E241|        Where hides my child? in Oxford hidest thou with Antamon?
J83.29; E241|        In graceful hidings of error: in merciful deceit
J83.30; E241|        Lest Hand the terrible destroy his Affection. thou hidest her:   t326
J83.31; E241|        In chaste appearances for sweet deceits of love & modesty
J83.32; E241|        Immingled, interwoven, glistening to the sickening sight.
J83.33; E241|        Let Cambel and her Sisters sit within the Mundane Shell:
J83.34; E241|        Forming the fluctuating Globe according to their will.
J83.35; E241|        According as they weave the little embryon nerves & veins
J83.36; E241|        The Eye, the little Nostrils, & the delicate Tongue & Ears
J83.37; E241|        Of labyrinthine intricacy: so shall they fold the World
J83.38; E241|        That whatever is seen upon the Mundane Shell, the same
J83.39; E241|        Be seen upon the Fluctuating Earth woven by the Sisters.

J83.40; E242|        And sometimes the Earth shall roll in the Abyss & sometimes
J83.41; E242|        Stand in the Center & sometimes stretch flat in the Expanse,
J83.42; E242|        According to the will of the lovely Daughters of Albion.
J83.43; E242|        Sometimes it shall assimilate with mighty Golgonooza:
J83.44; E242|        Touching its summits: & sometimes divided roll apart.
J83.45; E242|        As a beautiful Veil so these Females shall fold & unfold
J83.46; E242|        According to their will the outside surface of the Earth
J83.47; E242|        An outside shadowy Surface superadded to the real Surface;
J83.48; E242|        Which is unchangeable for ever & ever Amen: so be it!
J83.49; E242|        Separate Albions Sons gently from their Emanations,
J83.50; E242|        Weaving bowers of delight on the current of infant Thames
J83.51; E242|        Where the old Parent still retains his youth as I alas!
J83.52; E242|        Retain my youth eight thousand and five hundred years.
J83.53; E242|        The labourer of ages in the Valleys of Despair!
J83.54; E242|        The land is markd for desolation & unless we plant
J83.55; E242|        The seeds of Cities & of Villages in the Human bosom
J83.56; E242|        Albion must be a rock of blood: mark ye the points
J83.57; E242|        Where Cities shall remain & where Villages[;] for the rest!
J83.58; E242|        It must lie in confusion till Albions time of awaking.
J83.59; E242|        Place the Tribes of Llewellyn in America for a hiding place!
J83.60; E242|        Till sweet Jerusalem emanates again into Eternity
J83.61; E242|        The night falls thick: I go upon my watch: be attentive:
J83.62; E242|        The Sons of Albion go forth; I follow from my Furnaces:
J83.63; E242|        That they return no more: that a place be prepard on Euphrates
J83.64; E242|        Listen to your Watchmans voice: sleep not before the Furnaces
J83.65; E242|        Eternal Death stands at the door. O God pity our labours.

J83.66; E242|        So Los spoke. to the Daughters of Beulah while his Emanation
J83.67; E242|        Like a faint rainbow waved before him in the awful gloom
J83.68; E242|        Of London City on the Thames from Surrey Hills to Highgate:
J83.69; E242|        Swift turn the silver spindles, & the golden weights play soft
J83.70; E242|        And lulling harmonies beneath the Looms, from Caithness in the north
J83.71; E242|        To Lizard-point & Dover in the south: his Emanation
J83.72; E242|        Joy'd in the many weaving threads in bright Cathedrons Dome
J83.73; E242|        Weaving the Web of life for Jerusalem. the Web of life
J83.74; E242|        Down flowing into Entuthons Vales glistens with soft affections.

J83.75; E242|        While Los arose upon his Watch, and down from Golgonooza
J83.76; E242|        Putting on his golden sandals to walk from mountain to mountain,
J83.77; E242|        He takes his way, girding himself with gold & in his hand
J83.78; E242|        Holding his iron mace: The Spectre remains attentive
J83.79; E242|        Alternate they watch in night: alternate labour in day
J83.80; E242|        Before the Furnaces labouring, while Los all night watches
J83.81; E242|        The stars rising & setting, & the meteors & terrors of night!
J83.82; E242|        With him went down the Dogs of Leutha, at his feet
J83.83; E242|        They lap the water of the trembling Thames then follow swift
J83.84; E242|        And thus he heard the voice of Albions daughters on Euphrates,

J83.85; E243|        Our Father Albions land: O it was a lovely land! & the Daughters of Beulah
J83.86; E243|        Walked up and down in its green mountains: but Hand is fled
J83.87; E243|        Away: & mighty Hyle: & after them Jerusalem is gone: Awake[...]   t327

J84.1;   E243|        Highgates heights & Hampsteads, to Poplar Hackney & Bow:
J84.2;   E243|        To Islington & Paddington & the Brook of Albions River
J84.3;   E243|        We builded Jerusalem as a City & a Temple; from Lambeth
J84.4;   E243|        We began our Foundations; lovely Lambeth! O lovely Hills
J84.5;   E243|        Of Camberwell, we shall behold you no more in glory & pride
J84.6;   E243|        For Jerusalem lies in ruins & the Furnaces of Los are builded there
J84.7;   E243|        You are now shrunk up to a narrow Rock in the midst of the Sea
J84.8;   E243|        But here we build Babylon on Euphrates, compelld to build
J84.9;   E243|        And to inhabit, our Little-ones to clothe in armour of the gold
J84.10; E243|        Of Jerusalems Cherubims & to forge them swords of her Altars
J84.11; E243|        I see London blind & age-bent begging thro the Streets
J84.12; E243|        Of Babylon, led by a child. his tears run down his beard
J84.13; E243|        The voice of Wandering Reuben ecchoes from street to street
J84.14; E243|        In all the Cities of the Nations Paris Madrid Amsterdam
J84.15; E243|        The Corner of Broad Street weeps; Poland Street languishes
J84.16; E243|        To Great Queen Street & Lincolns Inn, all is distress & woe.
ED; E243|        [three lines gouged out irrecoverably]
J84.17; E243|        The night falls thick Hand comes from Albion in his strength
J84.18; E243|        He combines into a Mighty-one the Double Molech & Chemosh
J84.19; E243|        Marching thro Egypt in his fury the East is pale at his course
J84.20; E243|        The Nations of India, the Wild Tartar that never knew Man
J84.21; E243|        Starts from his lofty places & casts down his tents & flees away
J84.22; E243|        But we woo him all the night ill songs, O Los come forth O Los
J84.23; E243|        Divide us from these terrors & give us power them to subdue
J84.24; E243|        Arise upon thy Watches let us see thy Globe of fire
J84.25; E243|        On Albions Rocks & let thy voice be heard upon Euphrates.

J84.26; E243|        Thus sang the Daughters in lamentation, uniting into One
J84.27; E243|        With Rahab as she turnd the iron Spindle of destruction.
J84.28; E243|        Terrified at the Sons of Albion they took the Falshood which
J84.29; E243|        Gwendolen hid in her left hand. it grew &, grew till it

J85.1;   E243|        Became a Space & an Allegory around the Winding Worm
J85.2;   E243|        They namd it Canaan & built for it a tender Moon
J85.3;   E243|        Los smild with joy thinking on Enitharmon & he brought
J85.4;   E243|        Reuben from his twelvefold wandrings & led him into it
J85.5;   E243|        Planting the Seeds of the Twelve Tribes & Moses & David
J85.6;   E243|        And gave a Time & Revolution to the Space Six Thousand Years
J85.7;   E243|        He calld it Divine Analogy, for in Beulah the Feminine
J85.8;   E243|        Emanations Create Space. the Masculine Create Time, & plant
J85.9;   E243|        The Seeds of beauty in the Space: listning to their lamentation

J85.10; E244|        Los walks upon his ancient Mountains in the deadly darkness
J85.11; E244|        Among his Furnaces directing his laborious Myriads watchful   t328
J85.12; E244|        Looking to the East: & his voice is heard over the whole Earth
J85.13; E244|        As he watches the Furnaces by night, & directs the labourers

J85.14; E244|        And thus Los replies upon his Watch: the Valleys listen silent:
J85.15; E244|        The Stars stand still to hear: Jerusalem & Vala cease to mourn:
J85.16; E244|        His voice is heard from Albion: the Alps & Appenines
J85.17; E244|        Listen: Hermon & Lebanon bow their crowned heads
J85.18; E244|        Babel & Shinar look toward the Western Gate, they sit down
J85.19; E244|        Silent at his voice: they view the red Globe of fire in Los's hand
J85.20; E244|        As he walks from Furnace to Furnace directing the Labourers
J85.21; E244|        And this is the Song of Los, the Song that he sings on his Watch

J85.22; E244|        O lovely mild Jerusalem! O Shiloh of Mount Ephraim!
J85.23; E244|        I see thy Gates of precious stones: thy Walls of gold & silver
J85.24; E244|        Thou art the soft reflected Image of the Sleeping Man
J85.25; E244|        Who stretchd on Albions rocks reposes amidst his Twenty-eight
J85.26; E244|        Cities: where Beulah lovely terminates, in the hills & valleys of Albion
J85.27; E244|        Cities not yet embodied in Time and Space: plant ye
J85.28; E244|        The Seeds O Sisters in he bosom of Time & Spaces womb
J85.29; E244|        To spring up for Jerusalem: lovely Shadow of Sleeping Albion
J85.30; E244|        Why wilt thou rend thyself apart & build an Earthly Kingdom
J85.31; E244|        To reign in pride & to opress & to mix the Cup of Delusion
J85.32; E244|        O thou that dwellest with Babylon! Come forth O lovely-one

J86.1;   E244|        I see thy Form O lovely mild Jerusalem, Wingd with Six Wings
J86.2;   E244|        In the opacous Bosom of the Sleeper, lovely Three-fold
J86.3;   E244|        In Head & Heart & Reins, three Universes of love & beauty
J86.4;   E244|        Thy forehead bright: Holiness to the Lord, with Gates of pearl
J86.5;   E244|        Reflects Eternity beneath thy azure wings of feathery down
J86.6;   E244|        Ribbd delicate & clothd with featherd gold & azure & purple
J86.7;   E244|        From thy white shoulders shadowing, purity in holiness!
J86.8;   E244|        Thence featherd with soft crimson of the ruby bright as fire
J86.9;   E244|        Spreading into the azure Wings which like a canopy
J86.10; E244|        Bends over thy immortal Head in which Eternity dwells
J86.11; E244|        Albion beloved Land; I see thy mountains & thy hills
J86.12; E244|        And valleys & thy pleasant Cities Holiness to the Lord
J86.13; E244|        I see the Spectres of thy Dead O Emanation of Albion.

J86.14; E244|        Thy Bosom white, translucent coverd with immortal gems
J86.15; E244|        A sublime ornament not obscuring the outlines of beauty
J86.16; E244|        Terrible to behold for thy extreme beauty & perfection
J86.17; E244|        Twelve-fold here all the Tribes of Israel I behold
J86.18; E244|        Upon the Holy Land: I see the River of Life & Tree of Life
J86.19; E244|        I see the New Jerusalem descending out of Heaven

J86.20; E245|        Between thy Wings of gold & silver featherd immortal
J86.21; E245|        Clear as the rainbow, as the cloud of the Suns tabernacle

J86.22; E245|        Thy Reins coverd with Wings translucent sometimes covering
J86.23; E245|        And sometimes spread abroad reveal the flames of holiness
J86.24; E245|        Which like a robe covers: & like a Veil of Seraphim
J86.25; E245|        In flaming fire unceasing burns from Eternity to Eternity
J86.26; E245|        Twelvefold I there behold Israel in her Tents
J86.27; E245|        A Pillar of a Cloud by day: a Pillar of fire by night
J86.28; E245|        Guides them: there I behold Moab & Ammon & Amalek
J86.29; E245|        There Bells of silver round thy knees living articulate
J86.30; E245|        Comforting sounds of love & harmony & on thy feet
J86.31; E245|        Sandals of gold & pearl, & Egypt & Assyria before me
J86.32; E245|        The Isles of Javan, Philistea, Tyre and Lebanon

J86.33; E245|        Thus Los sings upon his Watch walking from Furnace to Furnace.
J86.34; E245|        He siezes his Hammer every hour, flames surround him as
J86.35; E245|        He beats: seas roll beneath his feet, tempests muster
J86.36; E245|        Arou[n]d his head. the thick hail stones stand ready to obey
J86.37; E245|        His voice in the black cloud, his Sons labour in thunders
J86.38; E245|        At his Furnaces; his Daughters at their Looms sing woes
J86.39; E245|        His Emanation separates in milky fibres agonizing
J86.40; E245|        Among the golden Looms of Cathedron sending fibres of love
J86.41; E245|        From Golgonooza with sweet visions for Jerusalem, wanderer.

J86.42; E245|        Nor can any consummate bliss without being Generated
J86.43; E245|        On Earth; of those whose Emanations weave the loves
J86.44; E245|        Of Beulah for Jerusalem & Shiloh, in immortal Golgonooza
J86.45; E245|        Concentering in the majestic form of Erin in eternal tears
J86.46; E245|        Viewing the Winding Worm on the Desarts of Great Tartary
J86.47; E245|        Viewing Los in his shudderings, pouring balm on his sorrows
J86.48; E245|        So dread is Los's fury, that none dare him to approach
J86.49; E245|        Without becoming his Children in the Furnaces of affliction

J86.50; E245|        And Enitharmon like a faint rainbow waved before him
J86.51; E245|        Filling with Fibres from his loins which reddend with desire
J86.52; E245|        Into a Globe of blood beneath his bosom trembling in darkness
J86.53; E245|        Of Albions clouds. he fed it, with his tears & bitter groans
J86.54; E245|        Hiding his Spectre in invisibility from the timorous Shade
J86.55; E245|        Till it became a separated cloud of beauty grace & love
J86.56; E245|        Among the darkness of his Furnaces dividing asunder till
J86.57; E245|        She separated stood before him a lovely Female weeping
J86.58; E245|        Even Enitharmon separated outside, & his Loins closed
J86.59; E245|        And heal'd after the separation: his pains he soon forgot:
J86.60; E245|        Lured by her beauty outside of himself in shadowy grief.
J86.61; E245|        Two Wills they had; Two Intellects: & not as in times of old.

J86.62; E246|        Silent they wanderd hand in hand like two Infants wandring
J86.63; E246|        From Enion in the desarts, terrified at each others beauty
J86.64; E246|        Envying each other yet desiring, in all devouring Love,

J87.1;   E246|        Repelling weeping Enion blind & age-bent into the fourfold
J87.2;   E246|        Desarts. Los first broke silence & began to utter his love

J87.3;   E246|        O lovely Enitharmon: I behold thy graceful forms
J87.4;   E246|        Moving beside me till intoxicated with the woven labyrinth
J87.5;   E246|        Of beauty & perfection my wild fibres shoot in veins
J87.6;   E246|        Of blood thro all my nervous limbs. soon overgrown in roots
J87.7;   E246|        I shall be closed from thy sight. sieze therefore in thy hand
J87.8;   E246|        The small fibres as they shoot around me draw out in pity
J87.9;   E246|        And let them run on the winds of thy bosom: I will fix them
J87.10; E246|        With pulsations. we will divide them into Sons & Daughters
J87.11; E246|        To live in thy Bosoms translucence as in an eternal morning

J87.12; E246|        Enitharmon answerd. No! I will sieze thy Fibres & weave
J87.13; E246|        Them: not as thou wilt but as I will, for I will Create
J87.14; E246|        A round Womb beneath my bosom lest I also be overwoven
J87.15; E246|        With Love; be thou assured I never will be thy slave
J87.16; E246|        Let Mans delight be Love; but Womans delight be Pride
J87.17; E246|        In Eden our loves were the same here they are opposite
J87.18; E246|        I have Loves of my own I will weave them in Albions Spectre
J87.19; E246|        Cast thou in Jerusalems shadows thy Loves! silk of liquid
J87.20; E246|        Rubies Jacinths Crysolites: issuing from thy Furnaces. While
J87.21; E246|        Jerusalem divides thy care: while thou carest for Jerusalem
J87.22; E246|        Know that I never will be thine: also thou hidest Vala
J87.23; E246|        From her these fibres shoot to shut me in a Grave.
J87.24; E246|        You are Albions Victim, he has set his Daughter in your path

J88.1;   E246|        Los answerd sighing like the Bellows of his Furnaces

J88.2;   E246|        I care not! the swing of my Hammer shall measure the starry round[.]
J88.3;   E246|        When in Eternity Man converses with Man they enter
J88.4;   E246|        Into each others Bosom (which are Universes of delight)
J88.5;   E246|        In mutual interchange. and first their Emanations meet
J88.6;   E246|        Surrounded by their Children. if they embrace & comingle
J88.7;   E246|        The Human Four-fold Forms mingle also in thunders of Intellect
J88.8;   E246|        But if the Emanations mingle not; with storms & agitations
J88.9;   E246|        Of earthquakes & consuming fires they roll apart in fear
J88.10; E246|        For Man cannot unite with Man but by their Emanations
J88.11; E246|        Which stand both Male & Female at the Gates of each Humanity
J88.12; E246|        How then can I ever again be united as Man with Man
J88.13; E246|        While thou my Emanation refusest my Fibres of dominion.
J88.14; E246|        When Souls mingle & join thro all the Fibres of Brotherhood
J88.15; E246|        Can there be any secret joy on Earth greater than this?

J88.16; E247|        Enitharmon answerd: This is Womans World, nor need she any
J88.17; E247|        Spectre to defend her from Man. I will Create secret places
J88.18; E247|        And the masculine names of the places Merlin & Arthur.
J88.19; E247|        A triple Female Tabernacle for Moral Law I weave
J88.20; E247|        That he who loves Jesus may loathe terrified Female love
J88.21; E247|        Till God himself become a Male subservient to the Female.

J88.22; E247|        She spoke in scorn & jealousy, alternate torments; and
J88.23; E247|        So speaking she sat down on Sussex shore singing lulling
J88.24; E247|        Cadences, & playing in sweet intoxication among the glistening
J88.25; E247|        Fibres of Los: sending them over the Ocean eastward into
J88.26; E247|        The realms of dark death; O perverse to thyself, contrarious
J88.27; E247|        To thy own purposes; for when she began to weave
J88.28; E247|        Shooting out in sweet pleasure her bosom in milky Love
J88.29; E247|        Flowd into the aching fibres of Los. yet contending against him
J88.30; E247|        In pride sending his Fibres over to her objects of jealousy   t329
J88.31; E247|        In the little lovely Allegoric Night of Albions Daughters
J88.32; E247|        Which stretchd abroad, expanding east & west & north & south
J88.33; E247|        Thro' all the World of Erin & of Los & all their Children

J88.34; E247|        A sullen Smile broke from the Spectre in mockery & scorn
J88.35; E247|        Knowing himself the author of their divisions & shrinkings, gratified
J88.36; E247|        At their contentions, he wiped his tears he washd his visage.

J88.37; E247|        The Man who respects Woman shall be despised by Woman
J88.38; E247|        And deadly cunning & mean abjectness only, shall enjoy them
J88.39; E247|        For I will make their places of joy & love, excrementitious[.]
J88.40; E247|        Continually building, continually destroying in Family feuds
J88.41; E247|        While you are under the dominion of a jealous Female
J88.42; E247|        Unpermanent for ever because of love & jealousy.
J88.43; E247|        You shall want all the Minute Particulars of Life

J88.44; E247|        Thus joyd the Spectre in the dusky fires of Los's Forge, eyeing
J88.45; E247|        Enitharmon who at her shining Looms sings lulling cadences
J88.46; E247|        While Los stood at his Anvil in wrath the victim of their love
J88.47; E247|        And hate; dividing the Space of Love with brazen Compasses
J88.48; E247|        In Golgonooza & in Udan-Adan & in Entuthon of Urizen.

J88.49; E247|        The blow of his Hammer is Justice. the swing of his Hammer: Mercy.
J88.50; E247|        The force of Los's Hammer is eternal Forgiveness; but
J88.51; E247|        His rage or his mildness were vain, she scatterd his love on the wind
J88.52; E247|        Eastward into her own Center, creating the Female Womb
J88.53; E247|        In mild Jerusalem around the Lamb of God. Loud howl
J88.54; E247|        The Furnaces of Los! loud roll the Wheels of Enitharmon
J88.55; E247|        The Four Zoa's in all their faded majesty burst out in fury
J88.56; E247|        And fire. Jerusalem took the Cup which foamd in Vala's hand
J88.57; E247|        Like the red Sun upon the mountains in the bloody day
J88.58; E247|        Upon the Hermaphroditic Wine-presses of Love & Wrath.

J89.1;   E248|        Tho divided by the Cross & Nails & Thorns & Spear
J89.2;   E248|        In cruelties of Rahab & Tirzah[,] permanent endure   t330
J89.3;   E248|        A terrible indefinite Hermaphroditic form
J89.4;   E248|        A Wine-press of Love & Wrath double Hermaph[r]oditic
J89.5;   E248|        Twelvefold in Allegoric pomp in selfish holiness
J89.6;   E248|        The Pharisaion, the Grammateis, the Presbuterion,
J89.7;   E248|        The Archiereus, the Iereus, the Saddusaion, double
J89.8;   E248|        Each withoutside of the other, covering eastern heaven

J89.9;   E248|        Thus was the Covering Cherub reveald majestic image
J89.10; E248|        Of Selfhood, Body put off, the Antichrist accursed
J89.11; E248|        Coverd with precious stones, a Human Dragon terrible
J89.12; E248|        And bright, stretchd over Europe & Asia gorgeous
J89.13; E248|        In three nights he devourd the rejected corse of death

J89.14; E248|        His Head dark, deadly, in its Brain incloses a reflexion
J89.15; E248|        Of Eden all perverted; Egypt on the Gihon many tongued
J89.16; E248|        And many mouthd: Ethiopia, Lybia, the Sea of Rephaim
J89.17; E248|        Minute Particulars in slavery I behold among the brick-kilns
J89.18; E248|        Disorganizd, & there is Pharoh in his iron Court:
J89.19; E248|        And the Dragon of the River & the Furnaces of iron.
J89.20; E248|        Outwoven from Thames & Tweed & Severn awful streams
J89.21; E248|        Twelve ridges of Stone frown over all the Earth in tyrant pride
J89.22; E248|        Frown over each River stupendous Works of Albions Druid Sons
J89.23; E248|        And Albions Forests of Oaks coverd the Earth from Pole to Pole

J89.24; E248|        His Bosom wide reflects Moab & Ammon on the River
J89.25; E248|        Pison, since calld Arnon, there is Heshbon beautiful
J89.26; E248|        The flocks of Rabbath on the Arnon & the Fish-pools of Heshbon   t331
J89.27; E248|        Whose currents flow into the Dead Sea by Sodom & Gomorra
J89.28; E248|        Above his Head high arching Wings black filld with Eyes
J89.29; E248|        Spring upon iron sinews from the Scapulae & Os Humeri.
J89.30; E248|        There Israel in bondage to his Generalizing Gods
J89.31; E248|        Molech & Chemosh, & in his left breast is Philistea
J89.32; E248|        In Druid Temples over the whole Earth with Victims Sacrifice,
J89.33; E248|        From Gaza to Damascus Tyre & Sidon & the Gods
J89.34; E248|        Of Javan thro the Isles of Grecia & all Europes Kings
J89.35; E248|        Where Hiddekel pursues his course among the rocks
J89.36; E248|        Two Wings spring from his ribs of brass, starry, black as night
J89.37; E248|        But translucent their blackness as the dazling of gems

J89.38; E248|        His Loins inclose Babylon on Euphrates beautiful
J89.39; E248|        And Rome in sweet Hesperia. there Israel scatterd abroad
J89.40; E248|        In martydoms & slavery I behold: ah vision of sorrow!
J89.41; E248|        Inclosed by eyeless Wings, glowing with fire as the iron
J89.42; E248|        Heated in the Smiths forge, but cold the wind of their dread fury

J89.43; E249|        But in the midst of a devouring Stomach, Jerusalem
J89.44; E249|        Hidden within the Covering Cherub as in a Tabernacle
J89.45; E249|        Of threefold workmanship in allegoric delusion & woe
J89.46; E249|        There the Seven Kings of Canaan & Five Baalim of Philistea
J89.47; E249|        Sihon & Og the Anakim & Emim, Nephilim & Gibborim
J89.48; E249|        From Babylon to Rome & the Wings spread from Japan
J89.49; E249|        Where the Red Sea terminates the World of Generation & Death
J89.50; E249|        To Irelands farthest rocks where Giants builded their Causeway
J89.51; E249|        Into the Sea of Rephaim, but the Sea oerwhelmd them all.

J89.52; E249|        A Double Female now appeard within the Tabernacle,
J89.53; E249|        Religion hid in War, a Dragon red & hidden Harlot
J89.54; E249|        Each within other, but without a Warlike Mighty-one
J89.55; E249|        Of dreadful power, sitting upon Horeb pondering dire
J89.56; E249|        And mighty preparations mustering multitudes innumerable
J89.57; E249|        Of warlike sons among the sands of Midian & Aram
J89.58; E249|        For multitudes of those who sleep in Alla descend
J89.59; E249|        Lured by his warlike symphonies of tabret pipe & harp
J89.60; E249|        Burst the bottoms of the Graves & Funeral Arks of Beulah[;]
J89.61; E249|        Wandering in that unknown Night beyond the silent Grave
J89.62; E249|        They become One with the Antichrist & are absorbd in him

J90.1;   E249|        The Feminine separates from the Masculine & both from Man,
J90.2;   E249|        Ceasing to be His Emanations, Life to Themselves assuming!
J90.3;   E249|        And while they circumscribe his Brain, & while they circumscribe
J90.4;   E249|        His Heart, & while they circumscribe his Loins! a Veil & Net
J90.5;   E249|        Of Veins of red Blood grows around them like a scarlet robe.
J90.6;   E249|        Covering them from the sight of Man like the woven Veil of Sleep
J90.7;   E249|        Such as the Flowers of Beulah weave to be their Funeral Mantles
J90.8;   E249|        But dark opake! tender to touch, & painful! & agonizing
J90.9;   E249|        To the embrace of love, & to the mingling of soft fibres
J90.10; E249|        Of tender affection. that no more the Masculine mingles
J90.11; E249|        With the Feminine. but the Sublime is shut out from the Pathos
J90.12; E249|        In howling torment, to build stone walls of separation, compelling
J90.13; E249|        The Pathos, to weave curtains of hiding secresy from the torment.

J90.14; E249|        Bowen & Conwenna stood on Skiddaw cutting the Fibres
J90.15; E249|        Of Benjamin from Chesters River: loud the River; loud the Mersey
J90.16; E249|        And the Ribble. thunder into the Irish sea, as the Twelve Sons
J90.17; E249|        Of Albion drank & imbibed the Life & eternal Form of Luvah
J90.18; E249|        Cheshire & Lancashire & Westmoreland groan in anguish
J90.19; E249|        As they cut the fibres from the Rivers he sears them with hot
J90.20; E249|        Iron of his Forge & fixes them into Bones of chalk & Rock
J90.21; E249|        Conwenna sat above: with solemn cadences she drew
J90.22; E249|        Fibres of life out from the Bones into her golden Loom
J90.23; E249|        Hand had his Furnace on Highgates heights & it reachd

J90.24; E250|        To Brockley Hills across the Thames: he with double Boadicea
J90.25; E250|        In cruel pride cut Reuben apart from the Hills of Surrey
J90.26; E250|        Comingling with Luvah & with the Sepulcher of Luvah
J90.27; E250|        For the Male is a Furnace of beryll: the Female is a golden Loom

J90.28; E250|        Los cries: No Individual ought to appropriate to Himself
J90.29; E250|        Or to his Emanation, any of the Universal Characteristics
J90.30; E250|        Of David or of Eve, of the Woman, or of the Lord.
J90.31; E250|        Of Reuben or of Benjamin, of Joseph or Judah or Levi
J90.32; E250|        Those who dare appropriate to themselves Universal Attributes
J90.33; E250|        Are the Blasphemous Selfhoods & must be broken asunder
J90.34; E250|        A Vegetated Christ & a Virgin Eve, are the Hermaphroditic
J90.35; E250|        Blasphemy, by his Maternal Birth he is that Evil-One
J90.36; E250|        And his Maternal Humanity must be put off Eternally
J90.37; E250|        Lest the Sexual Generation swallow up Regeneration
J90.38; E250|        Come Lord Jesus take on thee the Satanic Body of Holiness

J90.39; E250|        So Los cried in the Valleys of Middlesex in the Spirit of Prophecy
J90.40; E250|        While in Selfhood Hand & Hyle & Bowen & Skofeld appropriate
J90.41; E250|        The Divine Names: seeking to Vegetate the Divine Vision
J90.42; E250|        In a corporeal & ever dying Vegetation & Corruption
J90.43; E250|        Mingling with Luvah in One. they become One Great Satan

J90.44; E250|        Loud scream the Daughters of Albion beneath the Tongs & Hammer
J90.45; E250|        Dolorous are their lamentations in the burning Forge
J90.46; E250|        They drink Reuben & Benjamin as the iron drinks the fire
J90.47; E250|        They are red hot with cruelty: raving along the Banks of Thames
J90.48; E250|        And on Tyburns Brook among the howling Victims in loveliness
J90.49; E250|        While Hand & Hyle condense the Little-ones & erect them into
J90.50; E250|        A mighty Temple even to the stars: but they Vegetate
J90.51; E250|        Beneath Los's Hammer, that Life may not be blotted out.

J90.52; E250|        For Los said: When the Individual appropriates Universality
J90.53; E250|        He divides into Male & Female: & when the Male & Female,
J90.54; E250|        Appropriate Individuality, they become an Eternal Death.
J90.55; E250|        Hermaphroditic worshippers of a God of cruelty & law!
J90.56; E250|        Your Slaves & Captives; you compell to worship a God of Mercy.
J90.57; E250|        These are the Demonstrations of Los, & the blows of my mighty Hammer

J90.58; E250|        So Los spoke. And the Giants of Albion terrified & ashamed   t332
J90.59; E250|        With Los's thunderous Words, began to build trembling rocking Stones
J90.60; E250|        For his Words roll in thunders & lightnings among the Temples
J90.61; E250|        Terrified rocking to & fro upon the earth, & sometimes
J90.62; E250|        Resting in a Circle in Maiden or in Strathness or Dura.
J90.63; E250|        Plotting to devour Albion & Los the friend of Albion
J90.64; E250|        Denying in private: mocking God & Eternal Life: & in Public
J90.65; E250|        Collusion, calling themselves Deists, Worshipping the Maternal
J90.66; E250|        Humanity; calling it Nature, and Natural Religion

J90.67; E251|        But still the thunder of Los peals loud & thus the thunder's cry   t333

J90.68; E251|        These beautiful Witchcrafts of Albion, are gratifyd by Cruelty

J91.1;   E251|        It is easier to forgive an Enemy than to forgive a Friend:
J91.2;   E251|        The man who permits you to injure him, deserves your vengeance:
J91.3;   E251|        He also will recieve it; go Spectre! obey my most secret desire:
J91.4;   E251|        Which thou knowest without my speaking: Go to these Fiends of Righteousness
J91.5;   E251|        Tell them to obey their Humanities, & not pretend Holiness;
J91.6;   E251|        When they are murderers: as far as my Hammer & Anvil permit
J91.7;   E251|        Go, tell them that the Worship of God, is honouring his gifts
J91.8;   E251|        In other men: & loving the greatest men best, each according
J91.9;   E251|        To his Genius: which is the Holy Ghost in Man; there is no other
J91.10; E251|        God, than that God who is the intellectual fountain of Humanity;
J91.11; E251|        He who envies or calumniates: which is murder & cruelty,
J91.12; E251|        Murders the Holy-one: Go tell them this & overthrow their cup,
J91.13; E251|        Their bread, their altar-table, their incense & their oath:
J91.14; E251|        Their marriage & their baptism, their burial & consecration:
J91.15; E251|        I have tried to make friends by corporeal gifts but have only
J91.16; E251|        Made enemies: I never made friends but by spiritual gifts;
J91.17; E251|        By severe contentions of friendship & the burning fire of thought.
J91.18; E251|        He who would see the Divinity must see him in his Children
J91.19; E251|        One first, in friendship & love; then a Divine Family, & in the midst
J91.20; E251|        Jesus will appear; so he who wishes to see a Vision; a perfect Whole
J91.21; E251|        Must see it in its Minute Particulars; Organized & not as thou
J91.22; E251|        O Fiend of Righteousness pretendest; thine is a Disorganized
J91.23; E251|        And snowy cloud: brooder of tempests & destructive War
J91.24; E251|        You smile with pomp & rigor: you talk of benevolence & virtue!
J91.25; E251|        I act with benevolence & virtue & get murderd time after time:
J91.26; E251|        You accumulate Particulars, & murder by analyzing, that you
J91.27; E251|        May take the aggregate; & you call the aggregate Moral Law:
J91.28; E251|        And you call that Swelld & bloated Form; a Minute Particular.
J91.29; E251|        But General Forms have their vitality in Particulars: & every
J91.30; E251|        Particular is a Man; a Divine Member of the Divine Jesus.

J91.31; E251|        So Los cried at his Anvil in the horrible darkness weeping!

J91.32; E251|        The Spectre builded stupendous Works, taking the Starry Heavens
J91.33; E251|        Like to a curtain & folding them according to his will
J91.34; E251|        Repeating the Smaragdine Table of Hermes to draw Los down
J91.35; E251|        Into the Indefinite, refusing to believe without demonstration[.]
J91.36; E251|        Los reads the Stars of Albion! the Spectre reads the Voids
J91.37; E251|        Between the Stars; among the arches of Albions Tomb sublime
J91.38; E251|        Rolling the Sea in rocky paths: forming Leviathan
J91.39; E251|        And Behemoth: the War by Sea enormous & the War
J91.40; E251|        By Land astounding: erecting pillars in the deepest Hell,
J91.41; E251|        To reach the heavenly arches; Los beheld undaunted furious

J91.42; E252|        His heavd Hammer; he swung it round & at one blow,
J91.43; E252|        In unpitying ruin driving down the pyramids of pride
J91.44; E252|        Smiting the Spectre on his Anvil & the integuments of his Eye
J91.45; E252|        And Ear unbinding in dire pain, with many blows,
J91.46; E252|        Of strict severity self-subduing, & with many tears labouring.

J91.47; E252|        Then he sent forth the Spectre all his pyramids were grains
J91.48; E252|        Of sand & his pillars: dust on the flys wing: & his starry
J91.49; E252|        Heavens; a moth of gold & silver mocking his anxious grasp
J91.50; E252|        Thus Los alterd his Spectre & every Ratio of his Reason
J91.51; E252|        He alterd time after time, with dire pain & many tears
J91.52; E252|        Till he had completely divided him into a separate space.

J91.53; E252|        Terrified Los sat to behold trembling & weeping & howling
J91.54; E252|        I care not whether a Man is Good or Evil; all that I care
J91.55; E252|        Is whether he is a Wise Man or a Fool. Go! put off Holiness
J91.56; E252|        And put on Intellect: or my thundrous Hammer shall drive thee
J91.57; E252|        To wrath which thou condemnest: till thou obey my voice

J91.58; E252|        So Los terrified cries: trembling & weeping & howling! Beholding

J92.1;   E252|        What do I see? The Briton Saxon Roman Norman amalgamating
J92.2;   E252|        In my Furnaces into One Nation the English: & taking refuge
J92.3;   E252|        In the Loins of Albion. The Canaanite united with the fugitive
J92.4;   E252|        Hebrew, whom she divided into Twelve, & sold into Egypt
J92.5;   E252|        Then scatterd the Egyptian & Hebrew to the four Winds!
J92.6;   E252|        This sinful Nation Created in our Furnaces & Looms is Albion
J92.7;   E252|        So Los spoke. Enitharmon answerd in great terror in Lambeths Vale

J92.8;   E252|        The Poets Song draws to its period & Enitharmon is no more.
J92.9;   E252|        For if he be that Albion I can never weave him in my Looms
J92.10; E252|        But when he touches the first fibrous thread, like filmy dew
J92.11; E252|        My Looms will be no more & I annihilate vanish for ever
J92.12; E252|        Then thou wilt Create another Female according to thy Will.

J92.13; E252|        Los answerd swift as the shuttle of gold. Sexes must vanish & cease
J92.14; E252|        To be, when Albion arises from his dread repose O lovely Enitharmon:
J92.15; E252|        When all their Crimes, their Punishments their Accusations of Sin:
J92.16; E252|        All their Jealousies Revenges. Murders. hidings of Cruelty in Deceit
J92.17; E252|        Appear only in the Outward Spheres of Visionary Space and Time.
J92.18; E252|        In the shadows of Possibility by Mutual Forgiveness forevermore
J92.19; E252|        And in the Vision & in the Prophecy, that we may Foresee & Avoid
J92.20; E252|        The terrors of Creation & Redemption & Judgment. Beholding them
J92.21; E252|        Displayd in the Emanative Visions of Canaan in Jerusalem & in Shiloh
J92.22; E252|        And in the Shadows of Remembrance, & in the Chaos of the Spectre
J92.23; E252|        Amalek, Edom, Egypt, Moab, Ammon, Ashur, Philistea, around Jerusalem

J92.24; E253|        Where the Druids reard their Rocky Circles to make permanent Remembrance
J92.25; E253|        Of Sin. & the Tree of Good & Evil sprang from the Rocky Circle & Snake
J92.26; E253|        Of the Druid, along the Valley of Rephaim from Camberwell to Golgotha
J92.27; E253|        And framed the Mundane Shell Cavernous in Length Bredth & Highth

J93ill; E253|        [<image, inscribed> Anytus Melitus & Lycon thought Socrates a
J93ill; E253|        Very Pernicious Man So Caiphas thought Jesus</image>]

J93.1;   E253|        Enitharmon heard. She raisd her head like the mild Moon

J93.2;   E253|        O Rintrah! O Palamabron! What are your dire & awful purposes
J93.3;   E253|        Enitharmons name is nothing before you: you forget all my Love!
J93.4;   E253|        The Mothers love of obedience is forgotten & you seek a Love
J93.5;   E253|        Of the pride of dominion, that will Divorce Ocalythron & Elynittria
J93.6;   E253|        Upon East Moor in Derbyshire & along the Valleys of Cheviot
J93.7;   E253|        Could you Love me Rintrah, if you Pride not in my Love
J93.8;   E253|        As Reuben found Mandrakes in the field & gave them to his Mother
J93.9;   E253|        Pride meets with Pride upon the Mountains in the stormy day
J93.10; E253|        In that terrible Day of Rintrahs Plow & of Satans driving the Team.
J93.11; E253|        Ah! then I heard my little ones weeping along the Valley!
J93.12; E253|        Ah! then I saw my beloved ones fleeing from my Tent
J93.13; E253|        Merlin was like thee Rintrah among the Giants of Albion
J93.14; E253|        Judah was like Palamabron: O Simeon! O Levi! ye fled away
J93.15; E253|        How can I hear my little ones weeping along the Valley
J93.16; E253|        Or how upon the distant Hills see my beloveds Tents.

J93.17; E253|        Then Los again took up his speech as Enitharmon ceast

J93.18; E253|        Fear not my Sons this Waking Death. he is become One with me
J93.19; E253|        Behold him here! We shall not Die! we shall be united in Jesus.
J93.20; E253|        Will you suffer this Satan this Body of Doubt that Seems but Is Not
J93.21; E253|        To occupy the very threshold of Eternal Life. if Bacon, Newton, Locke,

J93.22; E254|        Deny a Conscience in Man & the Communion of Saints & Angels
J93.23; E254|        Contemning the Divine Vision & Fruition, Worshiping the Deus
J93.24; E254|        Of the Heathen, The God of This World, & the Goddess Nature
J93.25; E254|        Mystery Babylon the Great, The Druid Dragon & hidden Harlot
J93.26; E254|        Is it not that Signal of the Morning which was told us in the Beginning

J93.27; E254|        Thus they converse upon Mam-Tor. the Graves thunder under their feet

J94.1;   E254|        Albion cold lays on his Rock: storms & snows beat round him.
J94.2;   E254|        Beneath the Furnaces & the starry Wheels & the Immortal Tomb
J94.3;   E254|        Howling winds cover him: roaring seas dash furious against him
J94.4;   E254|        In the deep darkness broad lightnings glare long thunders roll

J94.5;   E254|        The weeds of Death inwrap his hands & feet blown incessant
J94.6;   E254|        And washd incessant by the for-ever restless sea-waves foaming abroad
J94.7;   E254|        Upon the white Rock. England a Female Shadow as deadly damps
J94.8;   E254|        Of the Mines of Cornwall & Derbyshire lays upon his bosom heavy
J94.9;   E254|        Moved by the wind in volumes of thick cloud returning folding round
J94.10; E254|        His loins & bosom unremovable by swelling storms & loud rending
J94.11; E254|        Of enraged thunders. Around them the Starry Wheels of their Giant Sons
J94.12; E254|        Revolve: & over them the Furnaces of Los & the Immortal Tomb around
J94.13; E254|        Erin sitting in the Tomb, to watch them unceasing night and day
J94.14; E254|        And the Body of Albion was closed apart from all Nations.

J94.15; E254|        Over them the famishd Eagle screams on boney Wings and around
J94.16; E254|        Them howls the Wolf of famine deep heaves the Ocean black thundering
J94.17; E254|        Around the wormy Garments of Albion: then pausing in deathlike silence

J94.18; E254|        Time was Finished! The Breath Divine Breathed over Albion
J94.19; E254|        Beneath the Furnaces & starry Wheels and in the Immortal Tomb
J94.20; E254|        And England who is Brittannia awoke from Death on Albions bosom
J94.21; E254|        She awoke pale & cold she fainted seven times on the Body of Albion

J94.22; E254|        O pitious Sleep O pitious Dream! O God O God awake I have slain
J94.23; E254|        In Dreams of Chastity & Moral Law I have Murdered Albion! Ah!
J94.24; E254|        In Stone-henge & on London Stone & in the Oak Groves of Malden
J94.25; E254|        I have Slain him in my Sleep with the Knife of the Druid O England
J94.26; E254|        O all ye Nations of the Earth behold ye the Jealous Wife
J94.27; E254|        The Eagle & the Wolf & Monkey & Owl & the King & Priest were there   t336

J95.1;   E254|        Her voice pierc'd Albions clay cold ear. he moved upon the Rock
J95.2;   E254|        The Breath Divine went forth upon the morning hills, Albion mov'd

J95.3;   E255|        Upon the Rock, he opend his eyelids in pain; in pain he mov'd
J95.4;   E255|        His stony members, he saw England. Ah! shall the Dead live again

J95.5;   E255|        The Breath Divine went forth over the morning hills Albion rose
J95.6;   E255|        In anger: the wrath of God breaking bright flaming on all sides around
J95.7;   E255|        His awful limbs: into the Heavens he walked clothed in flames
J95.8;   E255|        Loud thundring, with broad flashes of flaming lightning & pillars
J95.9;   E255|        Of fire, speaking the Words of Eternity in Human Forms, in direful
J95.10; E255|        Revolutions of Action & Passion, thro the Four Elements on all sides
J95.11; E255|        Surrounding his awful Members. Thou seest the Sun in heavy clouds
J95.12; E255|        Struggling to rise above the Mountains. in his burning hand
J95.13; E255|        He takes his Bow, then chooses out his arrows of flaming gold
J95.14; E255|        Murmuring the Bowstring breathes with ardor! clouds roll around the
J95.15; E255|        Horns of the wide Bow, loud sounding winds sport on the mountain brows
J95.16; E255|        Compelling Urizen to his Furrow; & Tharmas to his Sheepfold;
J95.17; E255|        And Luvah to his Loom: Urthona he beheld mighty labouring at
J95.18; E255|        His Anvil, in the Great Spectre Los unwearied labouring & weeping
J95.19; E255|        Therefore the Sons of Eden praise Urthonas Spectre in songs
J95.20; E255|        Because he kept the Divine Vision in time of trouble.

J95.21; E255|        As the Sun & Moon lead forward the Visions of Heaven & Earth
J95.22; E255|        England who is Brittannia enterd Albions bosom rejoicing,
J95.23; E255|        Rejoicing in his indignation! adoring his wrathful rebuke.
J95.24; E255|        She who adores not your frowns will only loathe your smiles

J96.1;   E255|        As the Sun & Moon lead forward the Visions of Heaven & Earth
J96.2;   E255|        England who is Brittannia entered Albions bosom rejoicing

J96.3;   E255|        Then Jesus appeared standing by Albion as the Good Shepherd
J96.4;   E255|        By the lost Sheep that he hath found & Albion knew that it
J96.5;   E255|        Was the Lord the Universal Humanity, & Albion saw his Form
J96.6;   E255|        A Man. & they conversed as Man with Man, in Ages of Eternity
J96.7;   E255|        And the Divine Appearance was the likeness & similitude of Los

J96.8;   E255|        Albion said. O Lord what can I do! my Selfhood cruel
J96.9;   E255|        Marches against thee deceitful from Sinai & from Edom
J96.10; E255|        Into the Wilderness of Judah to meet thee in his pride
J96.11; E255|        I behold the Visions of my deadly Sleep of Six Thousand Years
J96.12; E255|        Dazling around thy skirts like a Serpent of precious stones & gold
J96.13; E255|        I know it is my Self. O my Divine Creator & Redeemer

J96.14; E255|        Jesus replied Fear not Albion unless I die thou canst not live
J96.15; E255|        But if I die I shall arise again & thou with me
J96.16; E255|        This is Friendship & Brotherhood without it Man Is Not

J96.17; E255|        So Jesus spoke! the Covering Cherub coming on in darkness
J96.18; E255|        Overshadowd them & Jesus said Thus do Men in Eternity
J96.19; E255|        One for another to put off by forgiveness, every sin

J96.20; E256|        Albion replyd. Cannot Man exist without Mysterious
J96.21; E256|        Offering of Self for Another, is this Friendship & Brotherhood
J96.22; E256|        I see thee in the likeness & similitude of Los my Friend

J96.23; E256|        Jesus said. Wouldest thou love one who never died
J96.24; E256|        For thee or ever die for one who had not died for thee
J96.25; E256|        And if God dieth not for Man & giveth not himself
J96.26; E256|        Eternally for Man Man could not exist. for Man is Love:
J96.27; E256|        As God is Love: every kindness to another is a little Death
J96.28; E256|        In the Divine Image nor can Man exist but by Brotherhood

J96.29; E256|        So saying. the Cloud overshadowing divided them asunder
J96.30; E256|        Albion stood in terror: not for himself but for his Friend
J96.31; E256|        Divine, & Self was lost in the contemplation of faith
J96.32; E256|        And wonder at the Divine Mercy & at Los's sublime honour

J96.33; E256|        Do I sleep amidst danger to Friends! O my Cities & Counties
J96.34; E256|        Do you sleep! rouze up! rouze up. Eternal Death is abroad

J96.35; E256|        So Albion spoke & threw himself into the Furnaces of affliction
J96.36; E256|        All was a Vision, all a Dream: the Furnaces became
J96.37; E256|        Fountains of Living Waters Howing from the Humanity Divine
J96.38; E256|        And all the Cities of Albion rose from their Slumbers, and All
J96.39; E256|        The Sons & Daughters of Albion on soft clouds Waking from Sleep
J96.40; E256|        Soon all around remote the Heavens burnt with flaming fires
J96.41; E256|        And Urizen & Luvah & Tharmas & Urthona arose into
J96.42; E256|        Albions Bosom: Then Albion stood before Jesus in the Clouds
J96.43; E256|        Of Heaven Fourfold among the Visions of God in Eternity

J97.1;   E256|        Awake! Awake Jerusalem! O lovely Emanation of Albion
J97.2;   E256|        Awake and overspread all Nations as in Ancient Time
J97.3;   E256|        For lo! the Night of Death is past and the Eternal Day
J97.4;   E256|        Appears upon our Hills: Awake Jerusalem, and come away

J97.5;   E256|        So spake the Vision of Albion & in him so spake in my hearing
J97.6;   E256|        The Universal Father. Then Albion stretchd his hand into Infinitude.
J97.7;   E256|        And took his Bow. Fourfold the Vision for bright beaming Urizen
J97.8;   E256|        Layd his hand on the South & took a breathing Bow of carved Gold
J97.9;   E256|        Luvah his hand stretch'd to the East & bore a Silver Bow bright shining
J97.10; E256|        Tharmas Westward a Bow of Brass pure flaming richly wrought
J97.11; E256|        Urthona Northward in thick storms a Bow of Iron terrible thundering.

J97.12; E256|        And the Bow is a Male & Female & the Quiver of the Arrows of Love,
J97.13; E256|        Are the Children of this Bow: a Bow of Mercy & Loving-kindness: laying
J97.14; E256|        Open the hidden Heart in Wars of mutual Benevolence Wars of Love
J97.15; E256|        And the Hand of Man grasps firm between the Male & Female Loves
J97.16; E256|        And he Clothed himself in Bow & Arrows in awful state Fourfold
J97.17; E256|        In the midst of his Twenty-eight Cities each with his Bow breathing

J98.1;   E257|        Then each an Arrow flaming from his Quiver fitted carefully
J98.2;   E257|        They drew fourfold the unreprovable String, bending thro the wide Heavens
J98.3;   E257|        The horned Bow Fourfold, loud sounding flew the flaming Arrow fourfold

J98.4;   E257|        Murmuring the Bow-string breathes with ardor. Clouds roll round the horns
J98.5;   E257|        Of the wide Bow, loud sounding Winds sport on the Mountains brows:
J98.6;   E257|        The Druid Spectre was Annihilate loud thundring rejoicing terrific vanishing

J98.7;   E257|        Fourfold Annihilation & at the clangor of the Arrows of Intellect
J98.8;   E257|        The innumerable Chariots of the Almighty appeard in Heaven
J98.9;   E257|        And Bacon & Newton & Locke, & Milton & Shakspear & Chaucer
J98.10; E257|        A Sun of blood red wrath surrounding heaven on all sides around
J98.11; E257|        Glorious incompreh[en]sible by Mortal Man & each Chariot was Sexual Threefold
t338; E257|

J98.12; E257|        And every Man stood Fourfold, each Four Faces had. One to the West
J98.13; E257|        One toward the East One to the South One to the North. the Horses Fourfold
J98.14; E257|        And the dim Chaos brightend beneath, above, around! Eyed as the Peacock
J98.15; E257|        According to the Human Nerves of Sensation, the Four Rivers of the Water of Life

J98.16; E257|        South stood the Nerves of the Eye. East in Rivers of bliss the Nerves of the
J98.17; E257|        Expansive Nostrils West, flowd the Parent Sense the Tongue. North stood
J98.18; E257|        The labyrinthine Ear. Circumscribing & Circumcising the excrementitious
J98.19; E257|        Husk & Covering into Vacuum evaporating revealing the lineaments of Man
J98.20; E257|        Driving outward the Body of Death in an Eternal Death & Resurrection
J98.21; E257|        Awaking it to Life among the Flowers of Beulah rejoicing in Unity
J98.22; E257|        In the Four Senses in the Outline the Circumference & Form, for ever
J98.23; E257|        In Forgiveness of Sins which is Self Annihilation. it is the Covenant of Jehovah

J98.24; E257|        The Four Living Creatures Chariots of Humanity Divine Incomprehensible
J98.25; E257|        In beautiful Paradises expand These are the Four Rivers of Paradise
J98.26; E257|        And the Four Faces of Humanity fronting the Four Cardinal Points
J98.27; E257|        Of Heaven going forward forward irresistible from Eternity to Eternity

J98.28; E257|        And they conversed together in Visionary forms dramatic which bright
J98.29; E257|        Redounded from their Tongues in thunderous majesty, in Visions

J98.30; E258|        In new Expanses, creating exemplars of Memory and of Intellect
J98.31; E258|        Creating Space, Creating Time according to the wonders Divine
J98.32; E258|        Of Human Imagination, throughout all the Three Regions immense
J98.33; E258|        Of Childhood, Manhood & Old Age[;] & the all tremendous unfathomable Non Ens
J98.34; E258|        Of Death was seen in regenerations terrific or complacent varying   t339
J98.35; E258|        According to the subject of discourse & every Word & Every Character
J98.36; E258|        Was Human according to the Expansion or Contraction, the Translucence or
J98.37; E258|        Opakeness of Nervous fibres such was the variation of Time & Space
J98.38; E258|        Which vary according as the Organs of Perception vary & they walked
J98.39; E258|        To & fro in Eternity as One Man reflecting each in each & clearly seen
J98.40; E258|        And seeing: according to fitness & order. And I heard Jehovah speak
J98.41; E258|        Terrific from his Holy Place & saw the Words of the Mutual Covenant Divine
J98.42; E258|        On Chariots of gold & jewels with Living Creatures starry & flaming
J98.43; E258|        With every Colour, Lion, Tyger, Horse, Elephant, Eagle Dove, Fly, Worm,
J98.44; E258|        And the all wondrous Serpent clothed in gems & rich array Humanize
J98.45; E258|        In the Forgiveness of Sins according to the Covenant of Jehovah. They Cry   t340

J98.46; E258|        Where is the Covenant of Priam, the Moral Virtues of the Heathen
J98.47; E258|        Where is the Tree of Good & Evil that rooted beneath the cruel heel
J98.48; E258|        Of Albions Spectre the Patriarch Druid! where are all his Human Sacrifices   t341
J98.49; E258|        For Sin in War & in the Druid Temples of the Accuser of Sin: beneath
J98.50; E258|        The Oak Groves of Albion that coverd the whole Earth beneath his Spectre
J98.51; E258|        Where are the Kingdoms of the World & all their glory that grew on Desolation
J98.52; E258|        The Fruit of Albions Poverty Tree when the Triple Headed Gog-Magog Giant
J98.53; E258|        Of Albion Taxed the Nations into Desolation & then gave the Spectrous Oath

J98.54; E258|        Such is the Cry from all the Earth from the Living Creatures of the Earth
J98.55; E258|        And from the great City of Golgonooza in the Shadowy Generation
J98.56; E258|        And from the Thirty-two Nations of the Earth among the Living Creatures

J99.1;   E258|        All Human Forms identified even Tree Metal Earth & Stone. all
J99.2;   E258|        Human Forms identified, living going forth & returning wearied
J99.3;   E258|        Into the Planetary lives of Years Months Days & Hours reposing
J99.4;   E258|        And then Awaking into his Bosom in the Life of Immortality.

J99.5;   E259|        And I heard the Name of their Emanations they are named Jerusalem

J99end; E259|        The End of The Song
J99end; E259|        of Jerusalem


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