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Title; E144|        JERUSALEM

Jsubtitle; E144|        The Emanation of The Giant Albion   t253

Jcolophon; E144|        1804 Printed by W. Blake Sth Molton St.   t254

ED; E144|        [Frontispiece]   t255

ED; E144|        [Above the archway:]

J1.1;   E144|        There is a Void, outside of Existence, which if enterd into
J1.2;   E144|        Englobes itself & becomes a Womb, such was Albions Couch
J1.3;   E144|        A pleasant Shadow of Repose calld Albions lovely Land

J1.4;   E144|        His Sublime & Pathos become Two Rocks fixd in the Earth
J1.5;   E144|        His Reason his Spectrous Power, covers them above
J1.6;   E144|        Jerusalem his Emanation is a Stone laying beneath
J1.7;   E144|        O [Albion behold Pitying] behold the Vision of Albion   t256

ED; E144|        [On right side of archway:]

J1.8;   E144|        Half Friendship is the bitterest Enmity said Los
J1.9;   E144|        As he enterd the Door of Death for Albions sake Inspired
J1.10; E144|        The long sufferings of God are not for ever there is a Judgment

ED; E144|        [On left side, in reversed writing:]

J1.11; E144|        Every Thing has its Vermin O Spectre of the Sleeping Dead!

J3;   E145|        SHEEP GOATS   t257

J3;   E145|

To the Public

J3prose; E145|        After my three years slumber on the banks of the Ocean, I
J3prose; E145|        again display my Giant forms to the Public: My former Giants &
J3prose; E145|        Fairies having reciev'd the highest reward possible: the
J3prose; E145|        [love] and [friendship] of those with whom to
J3prose; E145|        be connected, is to be [blessed]: I cannot doubt that
J3prose; E145|        this more consolidated & extended Work, will be as kindly
J3prose; E145|        recieved
J3prose; E145|        The Enthusiasm of the following Poem, the Author hopes   t25
J3prose; E145|        [no Reader will think presumptuousness or arroganc[e] when he
J3prose; E145|        is reminded that the Ancients acknowledge their love to their
J3prose; E145|        Deities, to the full as Enthusiastically as I have who
J3prose; E145|        Acknowledge mine for my Saviour and Lord, for they were wholly
J3prose; E145|        absorb'd in their Gods.] I also hope the Reader will
J3prose; E145|        be with me, wholly One in Jesus our Lord, who is the God [of
J3prose; E145|        Fire] and Lord [of Love] to whom the Ancients
J3prose; E145|        look'd and saw his day afar off, with trembling & amazement.
J3prose; E145|        The Spirit of Jesus is continual forgiveness of Sin: he who
J3prose; E145|        waits to be righteous before he enters into the Saviours kingdom,
J3prose; E145|        the Divine Body; will never enter there. I am perhaps the most
J3prose; E145|        sinful of men! I pretend not to holiness! yet I pretend to love,
J3prose; E145|        to see, to converse with daily, as man with man, & the more to
J3prose; E145|        have an interest in the Friend of Sinners. Therefore
J3prose; E145|        [Dear] Reader, [forgive] what you do not
J3prose; E145|        approve, & [love] me for this energetic exertion of my
J3prose; E145|        talent.

J3.1;   E145|        Reader! [lover] of books! [lover] of heaven,
J3.2;   E145|        And of that God from whom [all books are given,]
J3.3;   E145|        Who in mysterious Sinais awful cave
J3.4;   E145|        To Man the wond'rous art of writing gave,
J3.5;   E145|        Again he speaks in thunder and in fire!
J3.6;   E145|        Thunder of Thought, & flames of fierce desire:
J3.7;   E145|        Even from the depths of Hell his voice I hear,
J3.8;   E145|        Within the unfathomd caverns of my Ear.
J3.9;   E145|        Therefore I print; nor vain my types shall be:
J3.10; E145|        Heaven, Earth & Hell, henceforth shall live in harmony

J3prose; E145|        Of the Measure, in which
J3prose; E145|        the following Poem is written

J3prose; E145|        We who dwell on Earth can do nothing of ourselves, every
J3prose; E145|        thing is conducted by Spirits, no less than Digestion or Sleep.
J3prose; E145|        [to Note the last words of Jesus,
J3prose; E145|        <Greek>Edotha moi pasa exousia en ouranon kai epi ges</Greek>]
J3prose; E145|        When this Verse was first dictated to me I consider'd a
J3prose; E145|        Monotonous Cadence like that used by Milton & Shakspeare & all
J3prose; E145|        writers of English Blank Verse, derived from the modern bondage
J3prose; E145|        of Rhyming; to be a necessary and indispensible part of Verse.
J3prose; E145|        But I soon found that

J3prose; E146|        in the mouth of a true Orator such monotony was not only awkward,
J3prose; E146|        but as much a bondage as rhyme itself. I therefore have produced
J3prose; E146|        a variety in every line, both of cadences & number of syllables.
J3prose; E146|        Every word and every letter is studied and put into its fit
J3prose; E146|        place: the terrific numbers are reserved for the terrific
J3prose; E146|        parts--the mild & gentle, for the mild & gentle parts, and the
J3prose; E146|        prosaic, for inferior parts: all are necessary to each other.
J3prose; E146|        Poetry Fetter'd, Fetters the Human Race! Nations are Destroy'd,
J3prose; E146|        or Flourish, in proportion as Their Poetry Painting and Music,
J3prose; E146|        are Destroy'd or Flourish! The Primeval State of Man, was Wisdom,
J3prose; E146|        Art, and Science.

J4header; E146|        <Greek>Monos 'o Iesous </Greek>

J4halftitle; E146|        Jerusalem

J4;   E146|        Chap: I

J4.1;   E146|        Of the Sleep of Ulro! and of the passage through
J4.2;   E146|        Eternal Death! and of the awaking to Eternal Life.

J4.3;   E146|        This theme calls me in sleep night after night, & ev'ry morn
J4.4;   E146|        Awakes me at sun-rise, then I see the Saviour over me
J4.5;   E146|        Spreading his beams of love, & dictating the words of this mild song.

J4.6;   E146|        Awake! awake O sleeper of the land of shadows, wake! expand!
J4.7;   E146|        I am in you and you in me, mutual in love divine:
J4.8;   E146|        Fibres of love from man to man thro Albions pleasant land.
J4.9;   E146|        In all the dark Atlantic vale down from the hills of Surrey
J4.10; E146|        A black water accumulates, return Albion! return!
J4.11; E146|        Thy brethren call thee, and thy fathers, and thy sons,
J4.12; E146|        Thy nurses and thy mothers, thy sisters and thy daughters
J4.13; E146|        Weep at thy souls disease, and the Divine Vision is darkend:
J4.14; E146|        Thy Emanation that was wont to play before thy face,
J4.15; E146|        Beaming forth with her daughters into the Divine bosom [Where!!]
J4.16; E146|        Where hast thou hidden thy Emanation lovely Jerusalem
J4.17; E146|        From the vision and fruition of the Holy-one?
J4.18; E146|        I am not a God afar off, I am a brother and friend;
J4.19; E146|        Within your bosoms I reside, and you reside in me:
J4.20; E146|        Lo! we are One; forgiving all Evil; Not seeking recompense!
J4.21; E146|        Ye are my members O ye sleepers of Beulah, land of shades!

J4.22; E146|        But the perturbed Man away turns down the valleys dark;
J4.23; E146|        [Saying. We are not One: we are Many, thou most simulative]
J4.24; E146|        Phantom of the over heated brain! shadow of immortality!
J4.25; E146|        Seeking to keep my soul a victim to thy Love! which binds

J4.26; E147|        Man the enemy of man into deceitful friendships:
J4.27; E147|        Jerusalem is not! her daughters are indefinite:
J4.28; E147|        By demonstration, man alone can live, and not by faith.
J4.29; E147|        My mountains are my own, and I will keep them to myself!
J4.30; E147|        The Malvern and the Cheviot, the Wolds Plinlimmon & Snowdon
J4.31; E147|        Are mine. here will I build my Laws of Moral Virtue!
J4.32; E147|        Humanity shall be no more: but war & princedom & victory!

J4.33; E147|        So spoke Albion in jealous fears, hiding his Emanation
J4.34; E147|        Upon the Thames and Medway, rivers of Beulah: dissembling
J4.35; E147|        His jealousy before the throne divine, darkening, cold!

J5.1;   E147|        The banks of the Thames are clouded! the ancient porches of Albion are
J5.2;   E147|        Darken'd! they are drawn thro' unbounded space, scatter'd upon
J5.3;   E147|        The Void in incoherent despair! Cambridge & Oxford & London,
J5.4;   E147|        Are driven among the starry Wheels, rent away and dissipated,
J5.5;   E147|        In Chasms & Abysses of sorrow, enlarg'd without dimension, terrible[.]
J5.6;   E147|        Albions mountains run with blood, the cries of war & of tumult
J5.7;   E147|        Resound into the unbounded night, every Human perfection
J5.8;   E147|        Of mountain & river & city, are small & wither'd & darken'd
J5.9;   E147|        Cam is a little stream! Ely is almost swallowd up!
J5.10; E147|        Lincoln & Norwich stand trembling on the brink of Udan-Adan!
J5.11; E147|        Wales and Scotland shrink themselves to the west and to the north!
J5.12; E147|        Mourning for fear of the warriors in the Vale of Entuthon-Benython
J5.13; E147|        Jerusalem is scatterd abroad like a cloud of smoke thro' non-entity:
J5.14; E147|        Moab & Ammon & Amalek & Canaan & Egypt & Aram
J5.15; E147|        Recieve her little-ones for sacrifices and the delights of cruelty

J5.16; E147|        Trembling I sit day and night, my friends are astonish'd at me.
J5.17; E147|        Yet they forgive my wanderings, I rest not from my great task!
J5.18; E147|        To open the Eternal Worlds, to open the immortal Eyes
J5.19; E147|        Of Man inwards into the Worlds of Thought: into Eternity
J5.20; E147|        Ever expanding in the Bosom of God. the Human Imagination
J5.21; E147|        O Saviour pour upon me thy Spirit of meekness & love:
J5.22; E147|        Annihilate the Selfhood in me, be thou all my life!
J5.23; E147|        Guide thou my hand which trembles exceedingly upon the rock of ages,
J5.24; E147|        While I write of the building of Golgonooza, & of the terrors of Entuthon:
J5.25; E147|        Of Hand & Hyle & Coban, of Kwantok, Peachey, Brereton, Slayd & Hutton:
J5.26; E147|        Of the terrible sons & daughters of Albion. and their Generations.

J5.27; E147|        Scofield! Kox, Kotope and Bowen, revolve most mightily upon
J5.28; E147|        The Furnace of Los: before the eastern gate bending their fury.
J5.29; E147|        They war, to destroy the Furnaces, to desolate Golgonooza:
J5.30; E147|        And to devour the Sleeping Humanity of Albion in rage & hunger.

J5.31; E148|        They revolve into the Furnaces Southward & are driven forth Northward
J5.32; E148|        Divided into Male and Female forms time after time.
J5.33; E148|        From these Twelve all the Families of England spread abroad.

J5.34; E148|        The Male is a Furnace of beryll; the Female is a golden Loom;
J5.35; E148|        I behold them and their rushing fires overwhelm my Soul,
J5.36; E148|        In Londons darkness; and my tears fall day and night,
J5.37; E148|        Upon the Emanations of Albions Sons! the Daughters of Albion
J5.38; E148|        Names anciently rememberd, but now contemn'd as fictions!
J5.39; E148|        Although in every bosom they controll our Vegetative powers.

J5.40; E148|        These are united into Tirzah and her Sisters, on Mount Gilead,
J5.41; E148|        Cambel & Gwendolen & Conwenna & Cordella & Ignoge.
J5.42; E148|        And these united into Rahab in the Covering Cherub on Euphrates
J5.43; E148|        Gwiniverra & Gwinefred, & Gonorill & Sabrina beautiful,
J5.44; E148|        Estrild, Mehetabel & Ragan, lovely Daughters of Albion
J5.45; E148|        They are the beautiful Emanations of the Twelve Sons of Albion

J5.46; E148|        The Starry Wheels revolv'd heavily over the Furnaces;
J5.47; E148|        Drawing Jerusalem in anguish of maternal love,
J5.48; E148|        Eastward a pillar of a cloud with Vala upon the mountains
J5.49; E148|        Howling in pain, redounding from the arms of Beulahs Daughters,
J5.50; E148|        Out from the Furnaces of Los above the head of Los.
J5.51; E148|        A pillar of smoke writhing afar into Non-Entity, redounding
J5.52; E148|        Till the cloud reaches afar outstretch'd among the Starry Wheels
J5.53; E148|        Which revolve heavily in the mighty Void above the Furnaces

J5.54; E148|        O what avail the loves & tears of Beulahs lovely Daughters
J5.55; E148|        They hold the Immortal Form in gentle bands & tender tears
J5.56; E148|        But all within is open'd into the deeps of Entuthon Benython
J5.57; E148|        A dark and unknown night, indefinite, unmeasurable, without end.
J5.58; E148|        Abstract Philosophy warring in enmity against Imagination
J5.59; E148|        (Which is the Divine Body of the Lord Jesus. blessed for ever).   t259
J5.60; E148|        And there Jerusalem wanders with Vala upon the mountains,
J5.61; E148|        Attracted by the revolutions of those Wheels the Cloud of smoke
J5.62; E148|        Immense, and Jerusalem & Vala weeping in the Cloud
J5.63; E148|        Wander away into the Chaotic Void, lamenting with her Shadow
J5.64; E148|        Among the Daughters of Albion, among the Starry Wheels;
J5.65; E148|        Lamenting for her children, for the sons & daughters of Albion

J5.66; E148|        Los heard her lamentations in the deeps afar! his tears fall
J5.67; E148|        Incessant before the Furnaces, and his Emanation divided in pain,
J5.68; E148|        Eastward toward the Starry Wheels. But Westward, a black Horror,

J6.1;   E148|        His spectre driv'n by the Starry Wheels of Albions sons, black and
J6.2;   E148|        Opake divided from his back; he labours and he mourns!

J6.3;   E149|        For as his Emanation divided, his Spectre also divided
J6.4;   E149|        In terror of those starry wheels: and the Spectre stood over Los
J6.5;   E149|        Howling in pain: a blackning Shadow, blackning dark & opake
J6.6;   E149|        Cursing the terrible Los: bitterly cursing him for his friendship
J6.7;   E149|        To Albion, suggesting murderous thoughts against Albion.

J6.8;   E149|        Los rag'd and stamp'd the earth in his might & terrible wrath!
J6.9;   E149|        He stood and stampd the earth! then he threw down his hammer in rage &
J6.10; E149|        In fury: then he sat down and wept, terrified! Then arose
J6.11; E149|        And chaunted his song, labouring with the tongs and hammer:
J6.12; E149|        But still the Spectre divided, and still his pain increas'd!

J6.13; E149|        In pain the Spectre divided: in pain of hunger and thirst:
J6.14; E149|        To devour Los's Human Perfection, but when he saw that Los

J7.1;   E149|        Was living: panting like a frighted wolf, and howling
J7.2;   E149|        He stood over the Immortal, in the solitude and darkness:
J7.3;   E149|        Upon the darkning Thames, across the whole Island westward.
J7.4;   E149|        A horrible Shadow of Death, among the Furnaces: beneath
J7.5;   E149|        The pillar of folding smoke; and he sought by other means,
J7.6;   E149|        To lure Los: by tears, by arguments of science & by terrors:
J7.7;   E149|        Terrors in every Nerve, by spasms & extended pains:
J7.8;   E149|        While Los answer'd unterrified to the opake blackening Fiend

J7.9;   E149|        And thus the Spectre spoke: Wilt thou still go on to destruction?
J7.10; E149|        Till thy life is all taken away by this deceitful Friendship?
J7.11; E149|        He drinks thee up like water! like wine he pours thee
J7.12; E149|        Into his tuns: thy Daughters are trodden in his vintage
J7.13; E149|        He makes thy Sons the trampling of his bulls, they are plow'd
J7.14; E149|        And harrowd for his profit, lo! thy stolen Emanation
J7.15; E149|        Is his garden of pleasure! all the Spectres of his Sons mock thee
J7.16; E149|        Look how they scorn thy once admired palaces! now in ruins
J7.17; E149|        Because of Albion! because of deceit and friendship! For Lo!
J7.18; E149|        Hand has peopled Babel & Nineveh: Hyle, Ashur & Aram:
J7.19; E149|        Cobans son is Nimrod: his son Cush is adjoind to Aram,
J7.20; E149|        By the Daughter of Babel, in a woven mantle of pestilence & war.
J7.21; E149|        They put forth their spectrous cloudy sails; which drive their immense
J7.22; E149|        Constellations over the deadly deeps of indefinite Udan-Adan
J7.23; E149|        Kox is the Father of Shem & Ham & Japheth, he is the Noah
J7.24; E149|        Of the Flood of Udan-Adan. Hutn is the Father of the Seven
J7.25; E149|        From Enoch to Adam; Schofield is Adam who was New-
J7.26; E149|        Created in Edom. I saw it indignant, & thou art not moved!
J7.27; E149|        This has divided thee in sunder: and wilt thou still forgive?
J7.28; E149|        O! thou seest not what I see! what is done in the Furnaces.
J7.29; E149|        Listen, I will tell thee what is done in moments to thee unknown:

J7.30; E150|        Luvah was cast into the Furnaces of affliction and sealed,
J7.31; E150|        And Vala fed in cruel delight, the Furnaces with fire:
J7.32; E150|        Stern Urizen beheld; urgd by necessity to keep
J7.33; E150|        The evil day afar, and if perchance with iron power
J7.34; E150|        He might avert his own despair: in woe & fear he saw
J7.35; E150|        Vala incircle round the Furnaces where Luvah was clos'd:
J7.36; E150|        With joy she heard his howlings, & forgot he was her Luvah,
J7.37; E150|        With whom she liv'd in bliss in times of innocence & youth!
J7.38; E150|        Vala comes from the Furnace in a cloud, but wretched Luvah
J7.39; E150|        Is howling in the Furnaces, in flames among Albions Spectres,
J7.40; E150|        To prepare the Spectre of Albion to reign over thee O Los,
J7.41; E150|        Forming the Spectres of Albion according to his rage:
J7.42; E150|        To prepare the Spectre sons of Adam, who is Scofield: the Ninth
J7.43; E150|        Of Albions sons, & the father of all his brethren in the Shadowy
J7.44; E150|        Generation. Cambel & Gwendolen wove webs of war & of
J7.45; E150|        Religion, to involve all Albions sons, and when they had
J7.46; E150|        Involv'd Eight; their webs roll'd outwards into darkness
J7.47; E150|        And Scofield the Ninth remaind on the outside of the Eight
J7.48; E150|        And Kox, Kotope, & Bowen, One in him, a Fourfold Wonder
J7.49; E150|        Involv'd the Eight--Such are the Generations of the Giant Albion,
J7.50; E150|        To separate a Law of Sin, to punish thee in thy members.

J7.51; E150|        Los answer'd. Altho' I know not this! I know far worse than this:
J7.52; E150|        I know that Albion hath divided me, and that thou O my Spectre,
J7.53; E150|        Hast just cause to be irritated: but look stedfastly upon me:
J7.54; E150|        Comfort thyself in my strength the time will arrive,
J7.55; E150|        When all Albions injuries shall cease, and when we shall
J7.56; E150|        Embrace him tenfold bright, rising from his tomb in immortality.
J7.57; E150|        They have divided themselves by Wrath. they must be united by
J7.58; E150|        Pity: let us therefore take example & warning O my Spectre,
J7.59; E150|        O that I could abstain from wrath! O that the Lamb
J7.60; E150|        Of God would look upon me and pity me in my fury.
J7.61; E150|        In anguish of regeneration! in terrors of self annihilation:
J7.62; E150|        Pity must join together those whom wrath has torn in sunder,
J7.63; E150|        And the Religion of Generation which was meant for the destruction
J7.64; E150|        Of Jerusalem, become her covering, till the time of the End.
J7.65; E150|        O holy Generation! [Image] of regeneration!   t260
J7.66; E150|        O point of mutual forgiveness between Enemies!
J7.67; E150|        Birthplace of the Lamb of God incomprehensible!
J7.68; E150|        The Dead despise & scorn thee, & cast thee out as accursed:
J7.69; E150|        Seeing the Lamb of God in thy gardens & thy palaces:
J7.70; E150|        Where they desire to place the Abomination of Desolation.
J7.71; E150|        Hand sits before his furnace: scorn of others & furious pride:
J7.72; E150|        Freeze round him to bars of steel & to iron rocks beneath
J7.73; E150|        His feet: indignant self-righteousness like whirlwinds of the north:

J8.1;   E150|        Rose up against me thundering from the Brook of Albions River

J8.2;   E151|        From Ranelagh & Strumbolo, from Cromwells gardens & Chelsea
J8.3;   E151|        The place of wounded Soldiers. but when he saw my Mace
J8.4;   E151|        Whirld round from heaven to earth, trembling he sat: his cold
J8.5;   E151|        Poisons rose up: & his sweet deceits coverd them all over
J8.6;   E151|        With a tender cloud. As thou art now; such was he O Spectre
J8.7;   E151|        I know thy deceit & thy revenges, and unless thou desist
J8.8;   E151|        I will certainly create an eternal Hell for thee. Listen!
J8.9;   E151|        Be attentive! be obedient! Lo the Furnaces are ready to recieve thee.
J8.10; E151|        I will break thee into shivers! & melt thee in the furnaces of death;
J8.11; E151|        I will cast thee into forms of abhorrence & torment if thou
J8.12; E151|        Desist not from thine own will, & obey not my stern command!
J8.13; E151|        I am closd up from my children: my Emanation is dividing
J8.14; E151|        And thou my Spectre art divided against me. But mark
J8.15; E151|        I will compell thee to assist me in my terrible labours. To beat
J8.16; E151|        These hypocritic Selfhoods on the Anvils of bitter Death
J8.17; E151|        I am inspired: I act not for myself: for Albions sake
J8.18; E151|        I now am what I am: a horror and an astonishment
J8.19; E151|        Shuddring the heavens to look upon me: Behold what cruelties
J8.20; E151|        Are practised in Babel & Shinar, & have approachd to Zions Hill

J8.21; E151|        While Los spoke, the terrible Spectre fell shuddring before him
J8.22; E151|        Watching his time with glowing eyes to leap upon his prey
J8.23; E151|        Los opend the Furnaces in fear. the Spectre saw to Babel & Shinar
J8.24; E151|        Across all Europe & Asia. he saw the tortures of the Victims.
J8.25; E151|        He saw now from the ou[t]side what he before saw & felt from within
J8.26; E151|        He saw that Los was the sole, uncontrolld Lord of the Furnaces
J8.27; E151|        Groaning he kneeld before Los's iron-shod feet on London Stone,
J8.28; E151|        Hungring & thirsting for Los's life yet pretending obedience.
J8.29; E151|        While Los pursud his speech in threatnings loud & fierce.

J8.30; E151|        Thou art my Pride & Self-righteousness: I have found thee out:
J8.31; E151|        Thou art reveald before me in all thy magnitude & power
J8.32; E151|        Thy Uncircumcised pretences to Chastity must be cut in sunder!
J8.33; E151|        Thy holy wrath & deep deceit cannot avail against me
J8.34; E151|        Nor shalt thou ever assume the triple-form of Albions Spectre
J8.35; E151|        For I am one of the living: dare not to mock my inspired fury
J8.36; E151|        If thou wast cast forth from my life! if I was dead upon the mountains
J8.37; E151|        Thou mightest be pitied & lovd: but now I am living; unless
J8.38; E151|        Thou abstain ravening I will create an eternal Hell for thee.
J8.39; E151|        Take thou this Hammer & in patience heave the thundering Bellows
J8.40; E151|        Take thou these Tongs: strike thou alternate with me: labour obedient   t261
J8.41; E151|        Hand & Hyle & Koban: Skofeld, Kox & Kotope, labour mightily
J8.42; E151|        In the Wars of Babel & Shinar, all their Emanations were
J8.43; E151|        Condensd. Hand has absorbd all his Brethren in his might
J8.44; E151|        All the infant Loves & Graces were lost, for the mighty Hand

J9.1;   E152|        Condens'd his Emanations into hard opake substances;
J9.2;   E152|        And his infant thoughts & desires, into cold, dark, cliffs of death.
J9.3;   E152|        His hammer of gold he siezd; and his anvil of adamant.
J9.4;   E152|        He siez'd the bars of condens'd thoughts, to forge them:
J9.5;   E152|        Into the sword of war: into the bow and arrow:
J9.6;   E152|        Into the thundering cannon and into the murdering gun
J9.7;   E152|        I saw the limbs form'd for exercise, contemn'd: & the beauty of
J9.8;   E152|        Eternity, look'd upon as deformity & loveliness as a dry tree:
J9.9;   E152|        I saw disease forming a Body of Death around the Lamb
J9.10; E152|        Of God, to destroy Jerusalem, & to devour the body of Albion
J9.11; E152|        By war and stratagem to win the labour of the husbandman:
J9.12; E152|        Awkwardness arm'd in steel: folly in a helmet of gold:
J9.13; E152|        Weakness with horns & talons: ignorance with a rav'ning beak!
J9.14; E152|        Every Emanative joy forbidden as a Crime:
J9.15; E152|        And the Emanations buried alive in the earth with pomp of religion:
J9.16; E152|        Inspiration deny'd; Genius forbidden by laws of punishment:
J9.17; E152|        I saw terrified; I took the sighs & tears, & bitter groans:
J9.18; E152|        I lifted them into my Furnaces; to form the spiritual sword.
J9.19; E152|        That lays open the hidden heart: I drew forth the pang
J9.20; E152|        Of sorrow red hot: I workd it on my resolute anvil:
J9.21; E152|        I heated it in the flames of Hand, & Hyle, & Coban
J9.22; E152|        Nine times; Gwendolen & Cambel & Gwineverra
J9.23; E152|        Are melted into the gold, the silver, the liquid ruby,
J9.24; E152|        The crysolite, the topaz, the jacinth, & every precious stone.
J9.25; E152|        Loud roar my Furnaces and loud my hammer is heard:
J9.26; E152|        I labour day and night, I behold the soft affections
J9.27; E152|        Condense beneath my hammer into forms of cruelty
J9.28; E152|        But still I labour in hope, tho' still my tears flow down.
J9.29; E152|        That he who will not defend Truth, may be compelld to defend
J9.30; E152|        A Lie: that he may be snared and caught and snared and taken
J9.31; E152|        That Enthusiasm and Life may not cease: arise Spectre arise!

J9.32; E152|        Thus they contended among the Furnaces with groans & tears;
J9.33; E152|        Groaning the Spectre heavd the bellows, obeying Los's frowns;
J9.34; E152|        Till the Spaces of Erin were perfected in the furnaces
J9.35; E152|        Of affliction, and Los drew them forth, compelling the harsh Spectre.

J10.1;   E152|        Into the Furnaces & into the valleys of the Anvils of Death
J10.2;   E152|        And into the mountains of the Anvils & of the heavy Hammers
J10.3;   E152|        Till he should bring the Sons & Daughters of Jerusalem to be
J10.4;   E152|        The Sons & Daughters of Los that he might protect them from
J10.5;   E152|        Albions dread Spectres; storming, loud, thunderous & mighty
J10.6;   E152|        The Bellows & the Hammers move compell'd by Los's hand.

J10.7;   E152|        And this is the manner of the Sons of Albion in their strength
J10.8;   E152|        They take the Two Contraries which are calld Qualities, with which

J10.9;   E153|        Every Substance is clothed, they name them Good & Evil
J10.10; E153|        From them they make an Abstract, which is a Negation
J10.11; E153|        Not only of the Substance from which it is derived
J10.12; E153|        A murderer of its own Body: but also a murderer
J10.13; E153|        Of every Divine Member: it is the Reasoning Power
J10.14; E153|        An Abstract objecting power, that Negatives every thing
J10.15; E153|        This is the Spectre of Man: the Holy Reasoning Power
J10.16; E153|        And in its Holiness is closed the Abomination of Desolation

J10.17; E153|        Therefore Los stands in London building Golgonooza
J10.18; E153|        Compelling his Spectre to labours mighty; trembling in fear
J10.19; E153|        The Spectre weeps, but Los unmovd by tears or threats remains

J10.20; E153|        I must Create a System, or be enslav'd by another Mans
J10.21; E153|        I will not Reason & Compare: my business is to Create

J10.22; E153|        So Los, in fury & strength: in indignation & burning wrath
J10.23; E153|        Shuddring the Spectre howls. his howlings terrify the night
J10.24; E153|        He stamps around the Anvil, beating blows of stern despair
J10.25; E153|        He curses Heaven & Earth, Day & Night & Sun & Moon
J10.26; E153|        He curses Forest Spring & River, Desart & sandy Waste
J10.27; E153|        Cities & Nations, Families & Peoples, Tongues & Laws
J10.28; E153|        Driven to desperation by Los's terrors & threatning fears

J10.29; E153|        Los cries, Obey my voice & never deviate from my will
J10.30; E153|        And I will be merciful to thee: be thou invisible to all
J10.31; E153|        To whom I make thee invisible, but chief to my own Children
J10.32; E153|        O Spectre of Urthona: Reason not against their dear approach
J10.33; E153|        Nor them obstruct with thy temptations of doubt & despair
J10.34; E153|        O Shame O strong & mighty Shame I break thy brazen fetters
J10.35; E153|        If thou refuse, thy present torments will seem southern breezes
J10.36; E153|        To what thou shalt endure if thou obey not my great will.

J10.37; E153|        The Spectre answer'd. Art thou not ashamd of those thy Sins
J10.38; E153|        That thou callest thy Children? lo the Law of God commands
J10.39; E153|        That they be offered upon his Altar: O cruelty & torment
J10.40; E153|        For thine are also mine! I have kept silent hitherto,
J10.41; E153|        Concerning my chief delight: but thou hast broken silence
J10.42; E153|        Now I will speak my mind! Where is my lovely Enitharmon
J10.43; E153|        O thou my enemy, where is my Great Sin? She is also thine
J10.44; E153|        I said: Now is my grief at worst: incapable of being
J10.45; E153|        Surpassed: but every moment it accumulates more & more
J10.46; E153|        It continues accumulating to eternity! the joys of God advance
J10.47; E153|        For he is Righteous: he is not a Being of Pity & Compassion   t263
J10.48; E153|        He cannot feel Distress: he feeds on Sacrifice & Offering:
J10.49; E153|        Delighting in cries & tears & clothed in Holiness & solitude
J10.50; E153|        But my griefs advance also, for ever & ever without end
J10.51; E153|        O that I could cease to be! Despair! I am Despair

J10.52; E154|        Created to be the great example of horror & agony: also my
J10.53; E154|        Prayer is vain I called for compassion: compassion mockd
J10.54; E154|        Mercy & pity threw the grave stone over me & with lead
J10.55; E154|        And iron, bound it over me for ever: Life lives on my
J10.56; E154|        Consuming: & the Almighty hath made me his Contrary
J10.57; E154|        To be all evil, all reversed & for ever dead: knowing
J10.58; E154|        And seeing life, yet living not; how can I then behold
J10.59; E154|        And not tremble; how can I be beheld & not abhorrd

J10.60; E154|        So spoke the Spectre shuddring, & dark tears ran down his shadowy face
J10.61; E154|        Which Los wiped off, but comfort none could give! or beam of hope
J10.62; E154|        Yet ceasd he not from labouring at the roarings of his Forge
J10.63; E154|        With iron & brass Building Golgonooza in great contendings
J10.64; E154|        Till his Sons & Daughters came forth from the Furnaces
J10.65; E154|        At the sublime Labours for Los. compelld the invisible Spectre

J11.1;   E154|        To labours mighty, with vast strength, with his mighty chains,
J11.2;   E154|        In pulsations of time, & extensions of space, like Urns of Beulah
J11.3;   E154|        With great labour upon his anvils, & in his ladles the Ore   t264
J11.4;   E154|        He lifted, pouring it into the clay ground prepar'd with art;
J11.5;   E154|        Striving with Systems to deliver Individuals from those Systems;
J11.6;   E154|        That whenever any Spectre began to devour the Dead,
J11.7;   E154|        He might feel the pain as if a man gnawd his own tender nerves.

J11.8;   E154|        Then Erin came forth from the Furnaces, & all the Daughters of Beulah
J11.9;   E154|        Came from the Furnaces, by Los's mighty power for Jerusalems
J11.10; E154|        Sake: walking up and down among the Spaces of Erin:
J11.11; E154|        And the Sons and Daughters of Los came forth in perfection lovely!
J11.12; E154|        And the Spaces of Erin reach'd from the starry heighth, to the starry depth.

J11.13; E154|        Los wept with exceeding joy & all wept with joy together!
J11.14; E154|        They feard they never more should see their Father, who
J11.15; E154|        Was built in from Eternity, in the Cliffs of Albion.

J11.16; E154|        But when the joy of meeting was exhausted in loving embrace;
J11.17; E154|        Again they lament. O what shall we do for lovely Jerusalem?
J11.18; E154|        To protect the Emanations of Albions mighty ones from cruelty?
J11.19; E154|        Sabrina & Ignoge begin to sharpen their beamy spears
J11.20; E154|        Of light and love: their little children stand with arrows of gold:
J11.21; E154|        Ragan is wholly cruel Scofield is bound in iron armour!
J11.22; E154|        He is like a mandrake in the earth before Reubens gate:
J11.23; E154|        He shoots beneath Jerusalems walls to undermine her foundations!
J11.24; E154|        Vala is but they Shadow, O thou loveliest among women!
J11.25; E154|        A shadow animated by thy tears O mournful Jerusalem!

J12.1;   E155|        Why wilt thou give to her a Body whose life is but a Shade?.
J12.2;   E155|        Her joy and love, a shade: a shade of sweet repose:
J12.3;   E155|        But animated and vegetated, she is a devouring worm:
J12.4;   E155|        What shall we do for thee O lovely mild Jerusalem?

J12.5;   E155|        And Los said. I behold the finger of God in terrors!
J12.6;   E155|        Albion is dead! his Emanation is divided from him!
J12.7;   E155|        But I am living! yet I feel my Emanation also dividing
J12.8;   E155|        Such thing was never known! O pity me, thou all-piteous-one!
J12.9;   E155|        What shall I do! or how exist, divided from Enitharmon?
J12.10; E155|        Yet why despair! I saw the finger of God go forth
J12.11; E155|        Upon my Furnaces, from within the Wheels of Albions Sons:
J12.12; E155|        Fixing their Systems, permanent: by mathematic power
J12.13; E155|        Giving a body to Falshood that it may be cast off for ever.
J12.14; E155|        With Demonstrative Science piercing Apollyon with his own bow!
J12.15; E155|        God is within, & without! he is even in the depths of Hell!

J12.16; E155|        Such were the lamentations of the Labourers in the Furnaces!

J12.17; E155|        And they appeard within & without incircling on both sides
J12.18; E155|        The Starry Wheels of Albions Sons, with Spaces for Jerusalem:
J12.19; E155|        And for Vala the shadow of Jerusalem: the ever mourning shade:
J12.20; E155|        On both sides, within & without beaming gloriously!

J12.21; E155|        Terrified at the sublime Wonder, Los stood before his Furnaces.
J12.22; E155|        And they stood around, terrified with admiration at Erins Spaces
J12.23; E155|        For the Spaces reachd fro the starry heighth, to the starry depth;
J12.24; E155|        And they builded Golgonooza: terrible eternal labour!

J12.25; E155|        What are those golden builders doing? where was the burying-place
J12.26; E155|        Of soft Ethinthus? near Tyburns fatal Tree? is that
J12.27; E155|        Mild Zions hills most ancient promontory; near mournful
J12.28; E155|        Ever weeping Paddington? is that Calvary and Golgotha?
J12.29; E155|        Becoming a building of pity and compassion? Lo!
J12.30; E155|        The stones are pity, and the bricks, well wrought affections:
J12.31; E155|        Enameld with love & kindness, & the tiles engraven gold
J12.32; E155|        Labour of merciful hands: the beams & rafters are forgiveness:
J12.33; E155|        The mortar & cement of the work, tears of honesty: the nails,
J12.34; E155|        And the screws & iron braces, are well wrought blandishments,
J12.35; E155|        And well contrived words, firm fixing, never forgotten,
J12.36; E155|        Always comforting the remembrance: the floors, humility,
J12.37; E155|        The cielings, devotion: the hearths, thanksgiving:
J12.38; E155|        Prepare the furniture O Lambeth in thy pitying looms!
J12.39; E155|        The curtains, woven tears & sighs, wrought into lovely forms
J12.40; E155|        For comfort. there the secret furniture of Jerusalems chamber
J12.41; E155|        Is wrought: Lambeth! the Bride the Lambs Wife loveth thee:
J12.42; E155|        Thou art one with her & knowest not of self in thy supreme joy.

J12.43; E156|        Go on, builders in hope: tho Jerusalem wanders far away,
J12.44; E156|        Without the gate of Los: among the dark Satanic wheels.

J12.45; E156|        Fourfold the Sons of Los in their divisions: and fourfold,
J12.46; E156|        The great City of Golgonooza: fourfold toward the north
J12.47; E156|        And toward the south fourfold, & fourfold toward the east & west
J12.48; E156|        Each within other toward the four points: that toward
J12.49; E156|        Eden, and that toward the World of Generation,
J12.50; E156|        And that toward Beulah, and that toward Ulro:
J12.51; E156|        Ulro is the space of the terrible starry wheels of Albions sons:
J12.52; E156|        But that toward Eden is walled up, till time of renovation:
J12.53; E156|        Yet it is perfect in its building, ornaments & perfection.

J12.54; E156|        And the Four Points are thus beheld in Great Eternity
J12.55; E156|        West, the Circumference: South, the Zenith: North,
J12.56; E156|        The Nadir: East, the Center, unapproachable for ever.
J12.57; E156|        These are the four Faces towards the Four Worlds of Humanity
J12.58; E156|        In every Man. Ezekiel saw them by Chebars flood.
J12.59; E156|        And the Eyes are the South, and the Nostrils are the East.
J12.60; E156|        And the Tongue is the West, and the Ear is the North.

J12.61; E156|        And the North Gate of Golgonooza toward Generation;
J12.62; E156|        Has four sculpturd Bulls terrible before the Gate of iron.
J12.63; E156|        And iron, the Bulls: and that which looks toward Ulro,
J12.64; E156|        Clay bak'd & enamel'd, eternal glowing as four furnaces:
J12.65; E156|        Turning upon the Wheels of Albions sons with enormous power.
J12.66; E156|        And that toward Beulah four, gold, silver, brass, & iron:

J13.1;   E156|        And that toward Eden, four, form'd of gold, silver, brass, & iron.

J13.2;   E156|        The South, a golden Gate, has four Lions terrible, living!
J13.3;   E156|        That toward Generation, four, of iron carv'd wondrous:
J13.4;   E156|        That toward Ulro, four, clay bak'd, laborious workmanship
J13.5;   E156|        That toward Eden, four; immortal gold, silver, brass & iron.

J13.6;   E156|        The Western Gate fourfold, is closd: having four Cherubim
J13.7;   E156|        Its guards, living, the work of elemental hands, laborious task!
J13.8;   E156|        Like Men, hermaphroditic, each winged with eight wings
J13.9;   E156|        That towards Generation, iron; that toward Beulah, stone;
J13.10; E156|        That toward Ulro, clay: that toward Eden, metals.
J13.11; E156|        But all clos'd up till the last day, when the graves shall yield their dead

J13.12; E156|        The Eastern Gate, fourfold: terrible & deadly its ornaments:
J13.13; E156|        Taking their forms from the Wheels of Albions sons; as cogs
J13.14; E156|        Are formd in a wheel, to fit the cogs of the adverse wheel.

J13.15; E156|        That toward Eden, eternal ice, frozen in seven folds
J13.16; E156|        Of forms of death: and that toward Beulah, stone:
J13.17; E156|        The seven diseases of the earth are carved terrible.

J13.18; E157|        And that toward Ulro, forms of war: seven enormities:
J13.19; E157|        And that toward Generation, seven generative forms.

J13.20; E157|        And every part of the City is fourfold; & every inhabitant, fourfold.
J13.21; E157|        And every pot & vessel & garment & utensil of the houses,
J13.22; E157|        And every house, fourfold; but the third Gate in every one
J13.23; E157|        Is closd as with a threefold curtain of ivory & fine linen & ermine.
J13.24; E157|        And Luban stands in middle of the City. a moat of fire,
J13.25; E157|        Surrounds Luban, Los's Palace & the golden Looms of Cathedron.

J13.26; E157|        And sixty-four thousand Genii, guard the Eastern Gate:
J13.27; E157|        And sixty-four thousand Gnomes, guard the Northern Gate:
J13.28; E157|        And sixty-four thousand Nymphs, guard the Western Gate:
J13.29; E157|        And sixty-four thousand Fairies, guard the Southern Gate:

J13.30; E157|        Around Golgonooza lies the land of death eternal; a Land
J13.31; E157|        Of pain and misery and despair and ever brooding melancholy:
J13.32; E157|        In all the Twenty-seven Heavens, numberd from Adam to Luther;
J13.33; E157|        From the blue Mundane Shell, reaching to the Vegetative Earth.

J13.34; E157|        The Vegetative Universe, opens like a flower from the Earths center:
J13.35; E157|        In which is Eternity. It expands in Stars to the Mundane Shell
J13.36; E157|        And there it meets Eternity again, both within and without,
J13.37; E157|        And the abstract Voids between the Stars are the Satanic Wheels.

J13.38; E157|        There is the Cave; the Rock; the Tree; the Lake of Udan Adan;
J13.39; E157|        The Forest, and the Marsh, and the Pits of bitumen deadly:
J13.40; E157|        The Rocks of solid fire: the Ice valleys: the Plains
J13.41; E157|        Of burning sand: the rivers, cataract & Lakes of Fire:
J13.42; E157|        The Islands of the fiery Lakes: the Trees of Malice: Revenge:
J13.43; E157|        And black Anxiety; and the Cities of the Salamandrine men:
J13.44; E157|        (But whatever is visible to the Generated Man,
J13.45; E157|        Is a Creation of mercy & love, from the Satanic Void.)
J13.46; E157|        The land of darkness flamed but no light, & no repose:
J13.47; E157|        The land of snows of trembling, & of iron hail incessant:
J13.48; E157|        The land of earthquakes: and the land of woven labyrinths:
J13.49; E157|        The land of snares & traps & wheels & pit-falls & dire mills:
J13.50; E157|        The Voids, the Solids, & the land of clouds & regions of waters:
J13.51; E157|        With their inhabitants: in the Twenty-seven Heavens beneath Beulah:
J13.52; E157|        Self-righteousnesses conglomerating against the Divine Vision:
J13.53; E157|        A Concave Earth wondrous, Chasmal, Abyssal, Incoherent!
J13.54; E157|        Forming the Mundane Shell: above; beneath: on all sides surrounding
J13.55; E157|        Golgonooza: Los walks round the walls night and day.

J13.56; E157|        He views the City of Golgonooza, & its smaller Cities:
J13.57; E157|        The Looms & Mills & Prisons & Work-houses of Og & Anak:
J13.58; E157|        The Amalekite: the Canaanite: the Moabite: the Egyptian:
J13.59; E157|        And all that has existed in the space of six thousand years:
J13.60; E157|        Permanent, & not lost not lost nor vanishd, & every little act,

J13.61; E158|        Word, work, & wish, that has existed, all remaining still
J13.62; E158|        In those Churches ever consuming & ever building by the Spectres
J13.63; E158|        Of all the inhabitants of Earth wailing to be Created:
J13.64; E158|        Shadowy to those who dwell not in them, meer possibilities:
J13.65; E158|        But to those who enter into them they seem the only substances
J13.66; E158|        For every thing exists & not one sigh nor smile nor tear,

J14.1;   E158|        One hair nor particle of dust, not one can pass away.

J14.2;   E158|        He views the Cherub at the Tree of Life, also the Serpent,
J14.3;   E158|        Orc the first born coild in the south: the Dragon Urizen:
J14.4;   E158|        Tharmas the Vegetated Tongue even the Devouring Tongue:
J14.5;   E158|        A threefold region, a false brain: a false heart:
J14.6;   E158|        And false bowels: altogether composing the False Tongue,
J14.7;   E158|        Beneath Beulah: as a watry flame revolving every way
J14.8;   E158|        And as dark roots and stems: a Forest of affliction, growing
J14.9;   E158|        In seas of sorrow. Los also views the Four Females:
J14.10; E158|        Ahania, and Enion, and Vala, and Enitharmon lovely.
J14.11; E158|        And from them all the lovely beaming Daughters of Albion,
J14.12; E158|        Ahania & Enion & Vala, are three evanescent shades:
J14.13; E158|        Enitharmon is a vegetated mortal Wife of Los:
J14.14; E158|        His Emanation, yet his Wife till the sleep of death is past.

J14.15; E158|        Such are the Buildings of Los! & such are the Woofs of Enitharmon!

J14.16; E158|        And Los beheld his Sons, and he beheld his Daughters:
J14.17; E158|        Every one a translucent Wonder: a Universe within,
J14.18; E158|        Increasing inwards, into length and breadth, and heighth:
J14.19; E158|        Starry & glorious: and they every one in their bright loins:
J14.20; E158|        Have a beautiful golden gate which opens into the vegetative world:
J14.21; E158|        And every one a gate of rubies & all sorts of precious stones
J14.22; E158|        In their translucent hearts, which opens into the vegetative world:
J14.23; E158|        And every one a gate of iron dreadful and wonderful,
J14.24; E158|        In their translucent heads, which opens into the vegetative world
J14.25; E158|        And every one has the three regions Childhood: Manhood: & Age:
J14.26; E158|        But the gate of the tongue: the western gate in them is clos'd,
J14.27; E158|        Having a wall builded against it: and thereby the gates
J14.28; E158|        Eastward & Southward & Northward, are incircled with flaming fires.
J14.29; E158|        And the North is Breadth, the South is Heighth & Depth:
J14.30; E158|        The East is Inwards: & the West is Outwards every way.

J14.31; E158|        And Los beheld the mild Emanation Jerusalem eastward bending
J14.32; E158|        Her revolutions toward the Starry Wheels in maternal anguish
J14.33; E158|        Like a pale cloud arising from the arms of Beulahs Daughters:
J14.34; E158|        In Entuthon Benythons deep Vales beneath Golgonooza.   t265

J15.1;   E158|        And Hand & Hyle rooted into Jerusalem by a fibre
J15.2;   E158|        Of strong revenge & Skofeld Vegetated by Reubens Gate

J15.3;   E159|        In every Nation of the Earth till the Twelve Sons of Albion
J15.4;   E159|        Enrooted into every Nation: a mighty Polypus growing
J15.5;   E159|        From Albion over the whole Earth: such is my awful Vision.

J15.6;   E159|        I see the Four-fold Man. The Humanity in deadly sleep
J15.7;   E159|        And its fallen Emanation. The Spectre & its cruel Shadow.
J15.8;   E159|        I see the Past, Present & Future, existing all at once
J15.9;   E159|        Before me; O Divine Spirit sustain me on thy wings!
J15.10; E159|        That I may awake Albion from his long & cold repose.
J15.11; E159|        For Bacon & Newton sheathd in dismal steel, their terrors hang
J15.12; E159|        Like iron scourges over Albion, Reasonings like vast Serpents
J15.13; E159|        Infold around my limbs, bruising my minute articulations

J15.14; E159|        I turn my eyes to the Schools & Universities of Europe
J15.15; E159|        And there behold the Loom of Locke whose Woof rages dire
J15.16; E159|        Washd by the Water-wheels of Newton. black the cloth
J15.17; E159|        In heavy wreathes folds over every Nation; cruel Works
J15.18; E159|        Of many Wheels I view, wheel without wheel, with cogs tyrannic
J15.19; E159|        Moving by compulsion each other: not as those in Eden: which
J15.20; E159|        Wheel within Wheel in freedom revolve in harmony & peace.

J15.21; E159|        I see in deadly fear in London Los raging round his Anvil
J15.22; E159|        Of death: forming an Ax of gold: the Four Sons of Los
J15.23; E159|        Stand round him cutting the Fibres from Albions hills
J15.24; E159|        That Albions Sons may roll apart over the Nations
J15.25; E159|        While Reuben enroots his brethren in the narrow Canaanite
J15.26; E159|        From the Limit Noah to the Limit Abram in whose Loins
J15.27; E159|        Reuben in his Twelve-fold majesty & beauty shall take refuge
J15.28; E159|        As Abraham flees from Chaldea shaking his goary locks
J15.29; E159|        But first Albion must sleep, divided from the Nations

J15.30; E159|        I see Albion sitting upon his Rock in the first Winter
J15.31; E159|        And thence I see the Chaos of Satan & the World of Adam
J15.32; E159|        When the Divine Hand went forth on Albion in the mid Winter
J15.33; E159|        And at the place of Death when Albion sat in Eternal Death
J15.34; E159|        Among the Furnaces of Los in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom

J16.1;   E159|        Hampstead Highgate Finchley Hendon Muswell hill: rage loud
J16.2;   E159|        Before Bromions iron Tongs & glowing Poker reddening fierce
J16.3;   E159|        Hertfordshire glows with fierce Vegetation! in the Forests
J16.4;   E159|        The Oak frowns terrible, the Beech & Ash & Elm enroot
J16.5;   E159|        Among the Spiritual fires; loud the Corn fields thunder along
J16.6;   E159|        The Soldiers fife; the Harlots shriek; the Virgins dismal groan
J16.7;   E159|        The Parents fear: the Brothers jealousy: the Sisters curse
J16.8;   E159|        Beneath the Storms of Theotormon & the thundring Bellows
J16.9;   E159|        Heaves in the hand of Palamabron who in Londons darkness
J16.10; E159|        Before the Anvil, watches the bellowing flames: thundering
J16.11; E159|        The Hammer loud rages in Rintrahs strong grasp swinging loud

J16.12; E160|        Round from heaven to earth down falling with heavy blow
J16.13; E160|        Dead on the Anvil, where the red hot wedge groans in pain
J16.14; E160|        He quenches it in the black trough of his Forge; Londons River
J16.15; E160|        Feeds the dread Forge, trembling & shuddering along the Valleys

J16.16; E160|        Humber & Trent roll dreadful before the Seventh Furnace
J16.17; E160|        And Tweed & Tyne anxious give up their Souls for Albions sake
J16.18; E160|        Lincolnshire Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Leicestershire
J16.19; E160|        From Oxfordshire to Norfolk on the Lake of Udan Adan
J16.20; E160|        Labour within the Furnaces, walking among the Fires
J16.21; E160|        With Ladles huge & iron Pokers over the Island white.

J16.22; E160|        Scotland pours out his Sons to labour at the Furnaces
J16.23; E160|        Wales gives his Daughters to the Looms; England: nursing Mothers
J16.24; E160|        Gives to the Children of Albion & to the Children of Jerusalem
J16.25; E160|        From the blue Mundane Shell even to the Earth of Vegetation
J16.26; E160|        Throughout the whole Creation which groans to be deliverd.
J16.27; E160|        Albion groans in the deep slumbers of Death upon his Rock.

J16.28; E160|        Here Los fixd down the Fifty-two Counties of England & Wales
J16.29; E160|        The Thirty-six of Scotland, & the Thirty-four of Ireland
J16.30; E160|        With mighty power, when they fled out at Jerusalems Gates
J16.31; E160|        Away from the Conflict of Luvah & Urizen, fixing the Gates
J16.32; E160|        In the Twelve Counties of Wales & thence Gates looking every way
J16.33; E160|        To the Four Points: conduct to England & Scotland & Ireland
J16.34; E160|        And thence to all the Kingdoms & Nations & Families of the Earth
J16.35; E160|        The Gate of Reuben in Carmarthenshire: the Gate of Simeon in
J16.36; E160|        Cardiganshire: & the Gate of Levi in Montgomeryshire
J16.37; E160|        The Gate of Judah Merionethshire: the Gate of Dan Flintshire
J16.38; E160|        The Gate of Napthali, Radnorshire: the Gate of Gad Pembrokeshire
J16.39; E160|        The Gate of Asher, Carnarvonshire the Gate of Issachar Brecknokshire
J16.40; E160|        The Gate of Zebulun, in Anglesea & Sodor. so is Wales divided.
J16.41; E160|        The Gate of Joseph, Denbighshire: the Gate of Benjamin Glamorganshire
J16.42; E160|        For the protection of the Twelve Emanations of Albions Sons

J16.43; E160|        And the Forty Counties of England are thus divided in the Gates
J16.44; E160|        Of Reuben Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex. Simeon Lincoln, York Lancashire
J16.45; E160|        Levi. Middlesex Kent Surrey. Judah Somerset Glouster Wiltshire.
J16.46; E160|        Dan. Cornwal Devon Dorset, Napthali, Warwick Leicester Worcester
J16.47; E160|        Gad. Oxford Bucks Harford. Asher, Sussex Hampshire Berkshire
J16.48; E160|        Issachar, Northampton Rutland Nottgham. Zebulun Bedford Huntgn Camb
J16.49; E160|        Joseph Stafford Shrops Heref. Benjamin, Derby Cheshire Monmouth
J16.50; E160|        And Cumberland Northumberland Westmoreland & Durham are
J16.51; E160|        Divided in the Gates of Reuben, Judah Dan & Joseph

J16.52; E160|        And the Thirty-six Counties of Scotland, divided in the Gates
J16.53; E160|        Of Reuben Kincard Haddntn Forfar, Simeon Ayr Argyll Banff

J16.54; E161|        Levi Edinburh Roxbro Ross. Judah, Abrdeen Berwik Dumfries
J16.55; E161|        Dan Bute Caitnes Clakmanan. Napthali Nairn Invernes Linlithgo
J16.56; E161|        Gad Peebles Perth Renfru. Asher Sutherlan Sterling Wigtoun
J16.57; E161|        Issachar Selkirk Dumbartn Glasgo. Zebulun Orkney Shetland Skye
J16.58; E161|        Joseph Elgin Lanerk Kinros. Benjamin Kromarty Murra Kirkubriht
J16.59; E161|        Governing all by the sweet delights of secret amorous glances
J16.60; E161|        In Enitharmons Halls builded by Los & his mighty Children

J16.61; E161|        All things acted on Earth are seen in the bright Sculptures of
J16.62; E161|        Los's Halls & every Age renews its powers from these Works
J16.63; E161|        With every pathetic story possible to happen from Hate or
J16.64; E161|        Wayward Love & every sorrow & distress is carved here
J16.65; E161|        Every Affinity of Parents Marriages & Friendships are here
J16.66; E161|        In all their various combinations wrought with wondrous Art
J16.67; E161|        All that can happen to Man in his pilgrimage of seventy years
J16.68; E161|        Such is the Divine Written Law of Horeb & Sinai:
J16.69; E161|        And such the Holy Gospel of Mount Olivet & Calvary:

J17.1;   E161|        His Spectre divides & Los in fury compells it to divide:
J17.2;   E161|        To labour in the fire, in the water, in the earth, in the air,
J17.3;   E161|        To follow the Daughters of Albion as the hound follows the scent
J17.4;   E161|        Of the wild inhabitant of the forest, to drive them from his own:
J17.5;   E161|        To make a way for the Children of Los to come from the Furnaces
J17.6;   E161|        But Los himself against Albions Sons his fury bends, for he
J17.7;   E161|        Dare not approach the Daughters openly lest he be consumed
J17.8;   E161|        In the fires of their beauty & perfection & be Vegetated beneath
J17.9;   E161|        Their Looms, in a Generation of death & resurrection to forgetfulness
J17.10; E161|        They wooe Los continually to subdue his strength: he continually
J17.11; E161|        Shews them his Spectre: sending him abroad over the four points of heaven
J17.12; E161|        In the fierce desires of beauty & in the tortures of repulse! He is
J17.13; E161|        The Spectre of the Living pursuing the Emanations of the Dead.
J17.14; E161|        Shuddring they flee: they hide in the Druid Temples in cold chastity:
J17.15; E161|        Subdued by the Spectre of the Living & terrified by undisguisd desire.

J17.16; E161|        For Los said: Tho my Spectre is divided: as I am a Living Man
J17.17; E161|        I must compell him to obey me wholly: that Enitharmon may not
J17.18; E161|        Be lost: & lest he should devour Enitharmon: Ah me!
J17.19; E161|        Piteous image of my soft desires & loves: O Enitharmon!
J17.20; E161|        I will compell my Spectre to obey: I will restore to thee thy Children.
J17.21; E161|        No one bruises or starves himself to make himself fit for labour!   t266

J17.22; E161|        Tormented with sweet desire for these beauties of Albion
J17.23; E161|        They would never love my power if they did not seek to destroy
J17.24; E161|        Enitharmon: Vala would never have sought & loved Albion
J17.25; E161|        If she had not sought to destroy Jerusalem; such is that false
J17.26; E161|        And Generating Love: a pretence of love to destroy love:

J17.27; E162|        Cruel hipocrisy unlike the lovely delusions of Beulah:
J17.28; E162|        And cruel forms, unlike the merciful forms of Beulahs Night

J17.29; E162|        They know not why they love nor wherefore they sicken & die
J17.30; E162|        Calling that Holy Love: which is Envy Revenge & Cruelty
J17.31; E162|        Which separated the stars from the mountains: the mountains from Man
J17.32; E162|        And left Man, a little grovelling Root, outside of Himself.
J17.33; E162|        Negations are not Contraries: Contraries mutually Exist:
J17.34; E162|        But Negations Exist Not: Exceptions & Objections & Unbeliefs
J17.35; E162|        Exist not: nor shall they ever be Organized for ever & ever:
J17.36; E162|        If thou separate from me, thou art a Negation: a meer
J17.37; E162|        Reasoning & Derogation from Me, an Objecting & cruel Spite
J17.38; E162|        And Malice & Envy: but my Emanation, Alas! will become
J17.39; E162|        My Contrary: O thou Negation, I will continually compell
J17.40; E162|        Thee to be invisible to any but whom I please, & when
J17.41; E162|        And where & how I please, and never! never! shalt thou be Organized
J17.42; E162|        But as a distorted & reversed Reflexion in the Darkness
J17.43; E162|        And in the Non Entity: nor shall that which is above
J17.44; E162|        Ever descend into thee: but thou shalt be a Non Entity for ever
J17.45; E162|        And if any enter into thee, thou shalt be an Unquenchable Fire
J17.46; E162|        And he shall be a never dying Worm, mutually tormented by
J17.47; E162|        Those that thou tormentest, a Hell & Despair for ever & ever.

J17.48; E162|        So Los in secret with himself communed & Enitharmon heard
J17.49; E162|        In her darkness & was comforted: yet still she divided away
J17.50; E162|        In gnawing pain from Los's bosom in the deadly Night;
J17.51; E162|        First as a red Globe of blood trembling beneath his bosom[.]
J17.52; E162|        Suspended over her he hung: he infolded her in his garments
J17.53; E162|        Of wool: he hid her from the Spectre, in shame & confusion of
J17.54; E162|        Face; in terrors & pains of Hell & Eternal Death, the
J17.55; E162|        Trembling Globe shot forth Self-living & Los howld over it:
J17.56; E162|        Feeding it with his groans & tears day & night without ceasing:
J17.57; E162|        And the Spectrous Darkness from his back divided in temptations,
J17.58; E162|        And in grinding agonies in threats! stiflings! & direful strugglings.

J17.59; E162|        Go thou to Skofield: ask him if he is Bath or if he is Canterbury
J17.60; E162|        Tell him to be no more dubious: demand explicit words
J17.61; E162|        Tell him: I will dash him into shivers, where & at what time
J17.62; E162|        I please: tell Hand & Skofield they are my ministers of evil
J17.63; E162|        To those I hate: for I can hate also as well as they!

J18.1;   E162|        From every-one of the Four Regions of Human Majesty,
J18.2;   E162|        There is an Outside spread Without, & an Outside spread Within
J18.3;   E162|        Beyond the Outline of Identity both ways, which meet in One:
J18.4;   E162|        An orbed Void of doubt, despair, hunger, & thirst & sorrow.
J18.5;   E162|        Here the Twelve Sons of Albion, join'd in dark Assembly,

J18.6;   E163|        Jealous of Jerusalems children, asham'd of her little-ones
J18.7;   E163|        (For Vala produc'd the Bodies. Jerusalem gave the Souls)
J18.8;   E163|        Became as Three Immense Wheels, turning upon one-another
J18.9;   E163|        Into Non-Entity, and their thunders hoarse appall the Dead
J18.10; E163|        To murder their own Souls, to build a Kingdom among the Dead

J18.11; E163|        Cast! Cast ye Jerusalem forth! The Shadow of delusions!
J18.12; E163|        The Harlot daughter! Mother of pity and dishonourable forgiveness
J18.13; E163|        Our Father Albions sin and shame! But father now no more!
J18.14; E163|        Nor sons! nor hateful peace & love, nor soft complacencies
J18.15; E163|        With transgressors meeting in brotherhood around the table,
J18.16; E163|        Or in the porch or garden. No more the sinful delights
J18.17; E163|        Of age and youth and boy and girl and animal and herb,
J18.18; E163|        And river and mountain, and city & village, and house & family.
J18.19; E163|        Beneath the Oak & Palm, beneath the Vine and Fig-tree.
J18.20; E163|        In self-denial!--But War and deadly contention, Between
J18.21; E163|        Father and Son, and light and love! All bold asperities
J18.22; E163|        Of Haters met in deadly strife, rending the house & garden
J18.23; E163|        The unforgiving porches, the tables of enmity, and beds
J18.24; E163|        And chambers of trembling & suspition, hatreds of age & youth
J18.25; E163|        And boy & girl, & animal & herb, & river & mountain
J18.26; E163|        And city & village, and house & family. That the Perfect,
J18.27; E163|        May live in glory, redeem'd by Sacrifice of the Lamb
J18.28; E163|        And of his children, before sinful Jerusalem. To build
J18.29; E163|        Babylon the City of Vala, the Goddess Virgin-Mother.
J18.30; E163|        She is our Mother! Nature! Jerusalem is our Harlot-Sister
J18.31; E163|        Return'd with Children of pollution, to defile our House,
J18.32; E163|        With Sin and Shame. Cast! Cast her into the Potters field.
J18.33; E163|        Her little-ones, She must slay upon our Altars: and her aged
J18.34; E163|        Parents must be carried into captivity, to redeem her Soul
J18.35; E163|        To be for a Shame & a Curse, and to be our Slaves for ever

J18.36; E163|        So cry Hand & Hyle the eldest of the fathers of Albions   t267
J18.37; E163|        Little-ones; to destroy the Divine Saviour; the Friend of Sinners,
J18.38; E163|        Building Castles in desolated places, and strong Fortifications.
J18.39; E163|        Soon Hand mightily devour'd & absorb'd Albions Twelve Sons.
J18.40; E163|        Out from his bosom a mighty Polypus, vegetating in darkness,
J18.41; E163|        And Hyle & Coban were his two chosen ones, for Emissaries
J18.42; E163|        In War: forth from his bosom they went and return'd.
J18.43; E163|        Like Wheels from a great Wheel reflected in the Deep.
J18.44; E163|        Hoarse turn'd the Starry Wheels, rending a way in Albions Loins
J18.45; E163|        Beyond the Night of Beulah. In a dark & unknown Night,
J18.46; E163|        Outstretch'd his Giant beauty on the ground in pain & tears:

J19.1;   E163|        His Children exil'd from his breast pass to and fro before him
J19.2;   E163|        His birds are silent on his hills, flocks die beneath his branches

J19.3;   E164|        His tents are fall'n! his trumpets, and the sweet sound of his harp
J19.4;   E164|        Are silent on his clouded hills, that belch forth storms & fire.
J19.5;   E164|        His milk of Cows, & honey of Bees, & fruit of golden harvest,
J19.6;   E164|        Is gather'd in the scorching heat, & in the driving rain:
J19.7;   E164|        Where once he sat he weary walks in misery and pain:
J19.8;   E164|        His giant beauty and perfection fallen into dust:
J19.9;   E164|        Till from within his witherd breast grown narrow with his woes:
J19.10; E164|        The corn is turn'd to thistles & the apples into poison:
J19.11; E164|        The birds of song to murderous crows, his joys to bitter groans!
J19.12; E164|        The voices of children in his tents, to cries of helpless infants!
J19.13; E164|        And self-exiled from the face of light & shine of morning,
J19.14; E164|        In the dark world a narrow house! he wanders up and down,
J19.15; E164|        Seeking for rest and finding none! and hidden far within,
J19.16; E164|        His Eon weeping in the cold and desolated Earth.

J19.17; E164|        All his Affections now appear withoutside: all his Sons,
J19.18; E164|        Hand, Hyle & Coban, Guantok, Peachey, Brereton, Slayd & Hutton,
J19.19; E164|        Scofeld, Kox, Kotope & Bowen; his Twelve Sons: Satanic Mill!
J19.20; E164|        Who are the Spectres of the Twentyfour, each Double-form'd:
J19.21; E164|        Revolve upon his mountains groaning in pain: beneath
J19.22; E164|        The dark incessant sky, seeking for rest and finding none:
J19.23; E164|        Raging against their Human natures, ravning to gormandize
J19.24; E164|        The Human majesty and beauty of the Twentyfour.
J19.25; E164|        Condensing them into solid rocks with cruelty and abhorrence
J19.26; E164|        Suspition & revenge, & the seven diseases of the Soul
J19.27; E164|        Settled around Albion and around Luvah in his secret cloud[.]
J19.28; E164|        Willing the Friends endur'd, for Albions sake, and for
J19.29; E164|        Jerusalem his Emanation shut within his bosom;
J19.30; E164|        Which hardend against them more and more; as he builded onwards
J19.31; E164|        On the Gulph of Death in self-righteousness, that roll'd
J19.32; E164|        Before his awful feet, in pride of virtue for victory:
J19.33; E164|        And Los was roofd in from Eternity in Albions Cliffs
J19.34; E164|        Which stand upon the ends of Beulah, and withoutside, all
J19.35; E164|        Appear'd a rocky form against the Divine Humanity.

J19.36; E164|        Albions Circumference was clos'd: his Center began darkning
J19.37; E164|        Into the Night of Beulah, and the Moon of Beulah rose
J19.38; E164|        Clouded with storms: Los his strong Guard walkd round beneath the Moon
J19.39; E164|        And Albion flee inward among the currents of his rivers.

J19.40; E164|        He found Jerusalem upon the River of his City soft repos'd
J19.41; E164|        In the arms of Vala, assimilating in one with Vala
J19.42; E164|        The Lilly of Havilah: and they sang soft thro' Lambeths vales,
J19.43; E164|        In a sweet moony night & silence that they had created
J19.44; E164|        With a blue sky spread over with wings and a mild moon,
J19.45; E164|        Dividing & uniting into many female forms: Jerusalem

J19.46; E165|        Trembling! then in one comingling in eternal tears,
J19.47; E165|        Sighing to melt his Giant beauty, on the moony river.

J20.1;   E165|        But when they saw Albion fall'n upon mild Lambeths vale:
J20.2;   E165|        Astonish'd! Terrified! they hover'd over his Giant limbs.
J20.3;   E165|        Then thus Jerusalem spoke, while Vala wove the veil of tears:
J20.4;   E165|        Weeping in pleadings of Love, in the web of despair.

J20.5;   E165|        Wherefore hast thou shut me into the winter of human life
J20.6;   E165|        And clos'd up the sweet regions of youth and virgin innocence:
J20.7;   E165|        Where we live, forgetting error, not pondering on evil:
J20.8;   E165|        Among my lambs & brooks of water, among my warbling birds:
J20.9;   E165|        Where we delight in innocence before the face of the Lamb:
J20.10; E165|        Going in and out before him in his love and sweet affection.

J20.11; E165|        Vala replied weeping & trembling, hiding in her veil.

J20.12; E165|        When winter rends the hungry family and the snow falls:
J20.13; E165|        Upon the ways of men hiding the paths of man and beast,
J20.14; E165|        Then mourns the wanderer: then he repents his wanderings & eyes
J20.15; E165|        The distant forest; then the slave groans in the dungeon of stone.
J20.16; E165|        The captive in the mill of the stranger, sold for scanty hire.
J20.17; E165|        They view their former life: they number moments over and over;
J20.18; E165|        Stringing them on their remembrance as on a thread of sorrow.
J20.19; E165|        Thou art my sister and my daughter! thy shame is mine also!
J20.20; E165|        Ask me not of my griefs! thou knowest all my griefs.

J20.21; E165|        Jerusalem answer'd with soft tears over the valleys.

J20.22; E165|        O Vala what is Sin? that thou shudderest and weepest
J20.23; E165|        At sight of thy once lov'd Jerusalem! What is Sin but a little
J20.24; E165|        Error & fault that is soon forgiven; but mercy is not a Sin
J20.25; E165|        Nor pity nor love nor kind forgiveness! O! if I have Sinned
J20.26; E165|        Forgive & pity me! O! unfold thy Veil in mercy & love!
J20.27; E165|        Slay not my little ones, beloved Virgin daughter of Babylon
J20.28; E165|        Slay not my infant loves & graces, beautiful daughter of Moab
J20.29; E165|        I cannot put off the human form I strive but strive in vain
J20.30; E165|        When Albion rent thy beautiful net of gold and silver twine;
J20.31; E165|        Thou hadst woven it with art, thou hadst caught me in the bands
J20.32; E165|        Of love; thou refusedst to let me go: Albion beheld thy beauty
J20.33; E165|        Beautiful thro' our Love's comeliness, beautiful thro' pity.
J20.34; E165|        The Veil shone with thy brightness in the eyes of Albion,
J20.35; E165|        Because it inclosd pity & love; because we lov'd one-another!
J20.36; E165|        Albion lov'd thee! he rent thy Veil! he embrac'd thee! he lov'd thee!
J20.37; E165|        Astonish'd at his beauty & perfection, thou forgavest his furious love:
J20.38; E165|        I redounded from Albions bosom in my virgin loveliness.
J20.39; E165|        The Lamb of God reciev'd me in his arms he smil'd upon us:

J20.40; E166|        He made me his Bride & Wife: he gave thee to Albion.
J20.41; E166|        Then was a time of love: O why is it passed away!

J20.42; E166|        Then Albion broke silence and with groans reply'd

J21.1;   E166|        O Vala! O Jerusalem! do you delight in my groans
J21.2;   E166|        You O lovely forms, you have prepared my death-cup:
J21.3;   E166|        The disease of Shame covers me from head to feet: I have no hope
J21.4;   E166|        Every boil upon my body is a separate & deadly Sin.
J21.5;   E166|        Doubt first assaild me, then Shame took possession of me
J21.6;   E166|        Shame divides Families. Shame hath divided Albion in sunder!
J21.7;   E166|        First fled my Sons, & then my Daughters, then my Wild Animations
J21.8;   E166|        My Cattle next, last ev'n the Dog of my Gate. the Forests fled
J21.9;   E166|        The Corn-fields, & the breathing Gardens outside separated
J21.10; E166|        The Sea; the Stars: the Sun: the Moon: drivn forth by my disease
J21.11; E166|        All is Eternal Death unless you can weave a chaste
J21.12; E166|        Body over an unchaste Mind! Vala! O that thou wert pure!
J21.13; E166|        That the deep wound of Sin might be clos'd up with the Needle,
J21.14; E166|        And with the Loom: to cover Gwendolen & Ragan with costly Robes
J21.15; E166|        Of Natural Virtue, for their Spiritual forms without a Veil
J21.16; E166|        Wither in Luvahs Sepulcher. I thrust him from my presence
J21.17; E166|        And all my Children followd his loud howlings into the Deep.
J21.18; E166|        Jerusalem! dissembler Jerusalem! I look into thy bosom:
J21.19; E166|        I discover thy secret places: Cordella! I behold
J21.20; E166|        Thee whom I thought pure as the heavens in innocence & fear:
J21.21; E166|        Thy Tabernacle taken down, thy secret Cherubim disclosed
J21.22; E166|        Art thou broken? Ah me Sabrina, running by my side:
J21.23; E166|        In childhood what wert thou? unutterable anguish! Conwenna
J21.24; E166|        Thy cradled infancy is most piteous. O hide, O hide!
J21.25; E166|        Their secret gardens were made paths to the traveller:
J21.26; E166|        I knew not of their secret loves with those I hated most,
J21.27; E166|        Nor that their every thought was Sin & secret appetite
J21.28; E166|        Hyle sees in fear, he howls in fury over them, Hand sees
J21.29; E166|        In jealous fear: in stern accusation with cruel stripes
J21.30; E166|        He drives them thro' the Streets of Babylon before my face:
J21.31; E166|        Because they taught Luvah to rise into my clouded heavens
J21.32; E166|        Battersea and Chelsea mourn for Cambel & Gwendolen!
J21.33; E166|        Hackney and Holloway sicken for Estrild & Ignoge!
J21.34; E166|        Because the Peak, Malvern & Cheviot Reason in Cruelty
J21.35; E166|        Penmaenmawr & Dhinas-bran Demonstrate in Unbelief
J21.36; E166|        Manchester & Liverpool are in tortures of Doubt & Despair
J21.37; E166|        Malden & Colchester Demonstrate: I hear my Childrens voices   t268
J21.38; E166|        I see their piteous faces gleam out upon the cruel winds
J21.39; E166|        From Lincoln & Norwich, from Edinburgh & Monmouth:
J21.40; E166|        I see them distant from my bosom scoured along the roads
J21.41; E166|        Then lost in clouds; I hear their tender voices! clouds divide

J21.42; E167|        I see them die beneth the whips of the Captains! they are taken
J21.43; E167|        In solemn pomp into Chaldea across the bredths of Europe
J21.44; E167|        Six months they lie embalmd in Silent death: warshipped   t269
J21.45; E167|        Carried in Arks of Oak before the armies in the spring
J21.46; E167|        Bursting their Arks they rise again to life: they play before
J21.47; E167|        The Armies: I hear their loud cymbals & their deadly cries
J21.48; E167|        Are the Dead cruel? are those who are infolded in moral Law
J21.49; E167|        Revengeful? O that Death & Annihilation were the same!
J21.50; E167|        Then Vala answerd spreading her scarlet Veil over Albion

J22.1;   E167|        Albion thy fear has made me tremble; thy terrors have surrounded me
J22.2;   E167|        Thy Sons have naild me on the Gates piercing my hands & feet:
J22.3;   E167|        Till Skofields Nimrod the mighty Huntsman Jehovah came,
J22.4;   E167|        With Cush his Son & took me down. He in a golden Ark,
J22.5;   E167|        Bears me before his Armies tho my shadow hovers here
J22.6;   E167|        The flesh of multitudes fed & nouris[h]d me in my childhood
J22.7;   E167|        My morn & evening food were prepard in Battles of Men
J22.8;   E167|        Great is the cry of the Hounds of Nimrod along the Valley
J22.9;   E167|        Of Vision, they scent the odor of War in the Valley of Vision.
J22.10; E167|        All Love is lost! terror succeeds & Hatred instead of Love   t270
J22.11; E167|        And stern demands of Right & Duty instead of Liberty
J22.12; E167|        Once thou wast to me the loveliest Son of heaven; but now
J22.13; E167|        Where shall I hide from thy dread countenance & searching eyes
J22.14; E167|        I have looked into the secret Soul of him I loved
J22.15; E167|        And in the dark recesses found Sin & can never return.

J22.16; E167|        Albion again utterd his voice beneath the silent Moon

J22.17; E167|        I brought Love into light of day to pride in chaste beauty
J22.18; E167|        I brought Love into light & fancied Innocence is no more

J22.19; E167|        Then spoke Jerusalem O Albion! my Father Albion
J22.20; E167|        Why wilt thou number every little fibre of my Soul
J22.21; E167|        Spreading them out before the Sun like stalks of flax to dry?
J22.22; E167|        The Infant Joy is beautiful, but its anatomy
J22.23; E167|        Horrible hast & deadly! nought shalt thou find in it
J22.24; E167|        But dark despair & everlasting brooding melancholy!

J22.25; E167|        Then Albion turnd his face toward Jerusalem & spoke

J22.26; E167|        Hide thou Jerusalem in impalpable voidness, not to be
J22.27; E167|        Touchd by the hand nor seen with the eye: O Jerusalem
J22.28; E167|        Would thou wert not & that thy place might never be found
J22.29; E167|        But come O Vala with knife & cup: drain my blood
J22.30; E167|        To the last drop! then hide me in thy Scarlet Tabernacle

ED; E167|        21:44 warshipped] perhaps a scribal error for "worshipped"; but see textual
ED; E167|        note.

J22.31; E168|        For I see Luvah whom I slew. I behold him in my Spectre
J22.32; E168|        As I behold Jerusalem in thee O Vala dark and cold

J22.33; E168|        Jerusalem then stretchd her hand toward the Moon & spoke

J22.34; E168|        Why should Punishment Weave the Veil with Iron Wheels of War
J22.35; E168|        When Forgiveness might it Weave with Wings of Cherubim

J22.36; E168|        Loud groand Albion from mountain to mountain & replied

J23.1;   E168|        Jerusalem! Jerusalem! deluding shadow of Albion!
J23.2;   E168|        Daughter of my phantasy! unlawful pleasure! Albions curse!
J23.3;   E168|        I came here with intention to annihilate thee! But
J23.4;   E168|        My soul is melted away, inwoven within the Veil
J23.5;   E168|        Hast thou again knitted the Veil of Vala, which I for thee
J23.6;   E168|        Pitying rent in ancient times. I see it whole and more
J23.7;   E168|        Perfect, and shining with beauty! But thou! O wretched Father!   t271

J23.8;   E168|        Jerusalem reply'd, like a voice heard from a sepulcher:
J23.9;   E168|        Father! once piteous! Is Pity. a Sin? Embalm'd in Vala's bosom
J23.10; E168|        In an Eternal Death for. Albions sake, our best beloved.
J23.11; E168|        Thou art my Father & my Brother: Why hast thou hidden me,
J23.12; E168|        Remote from the divine Vision: my Lord and Saviour.

J23.13; E168|        Trembling stood Albion at her words in jealous dark despair:
J23.14; E168|        He felt that Love and Pity are the same; a soft repose!
J23.15; E168|        Inward complacency of Soul: a Self-annihilation!

J23.16; E168|        I have erred! I am ashamed! and will never return more:
J23.17; E168|        I have taught my children sacrifices of cruelty: what shall I answer?
J23.18; E168|        I will hide it from Eternals! I will give myself for my Children!
J23.19; E168|        Which way soever I turn, I behold Humanity and Pity!

J23.20; E168|        He recoil'd: he rush'd outwards; he bore the Veil whole away
J23.21; E168|        His fires redound from his Dragon Altars in Errors returning.
J23.22; E168|        He drew the Veil of Moral Virtue, woven for Cruel Laws,
J23.23; E168|        And cast it into the Atlantic Deep, to catch the Souls of the Dead.
J23.24; E168|        He stood between the Palm tree & the Oak of weeping
J23.25; E168|        Which stand upon the edge of Beulah; and there Albion sunk
J23.26; E168|        Down in sick pallid languor! These were his last words, relapsing!
J23.27; E168|        Hoarse from his rocks, from caverns of Derbyshire & Wales
J23.28; E168|        And Scotland, utter'd from the Circumference into Eternity.

J23.29; E168|        Blasphemous Sons of Feminine delusion! God in the dreary Void
J23.30; E168|        Dwells from Eternity, wide separated from the Human Soul
J23.31; E168|        But thou deluding Image by whom imbu'd the Veil I rent
J23.32; E168|        Lo here is Valas Veil whole, for a Law, a Terror & a Curse!
J23.33; E168|        And therefore God takes vengeance on me: from my clay-cold bosom
J23.34; E168|        My children wander trembling victims of his Moral Justice.

J23.35; E169|        His snows fall on me and cover me, while in the Veil I fold
J23.36; E169|        My dying limbs. Therefore O Manhood, if thou art aught
J23.37; E169|        But a meer Phantasy, hear dying Albions Curse!
J23.38; E169|        May God who dwells in this dark Ulro & voidness, vengeance take,
J23.39; E169|        And draw thee down into this Abyss of sorrow and torture,
J23.40; E169|        Like me thy Victim. O that Death & Annihilation were the same!

J24.1;   E169|        What have I said? What have I done? O all-powerful Human Words!
J24.2;   E169|        You recoil back upon me in the blood of the Lamb slain in his Children.
J24.3;   E169|        Two bleeding Contraries equally true, are his Witnesses against me
J24.4;   E169|        We reared mighty Stones: we danced naked around them:
J24.5;   E169|        Thinking to bring Love into light of day, to Jerusalems shame:
J24.6;   E169|        Displaying our Giant limbs to all the winds of heaven! Sudden
J24.7;   E169|        Shame siezd us, we could not look on one-another for abhorrence: the Blue
J24.8;   E169|        Of our immortal Veins & all their Hosts fled from our Limbs,
J24.9;   E169|        And wanderd distant in a dismal Night clouded & dark:
J24.10; E169|        The Sun fled from the Britons forehead: the Moon from his mighty loins:
J24.11; E169|        Scandinavia fled with all his mountains filld with groans.

J24.12; E169|        O what is Life & what is Man. O what is Death? Wherefore
J24.13; E169|        Are you my Children, natives in the Grave to where I go
J24.14; E169|        Or are you born to feed the hungry ravenings of Destruction
J24.15; E169|        To be the sport of Accident! to waste in Wrath & Love, a weary
J24.16; E169|        Life, in brooding cares & anxious labours, that prove but chaff.
J24.17; E169|        O Jerusalem Jerusalem I have forsaken thy Courts
J24.18; E169|        Thy Pillars of ivory & gold: thy Curtains of silk & fine
J24.19; E169|        Linen: thy Pavements of precious stones: thy Walls of pearl
J24.20; E169|        And gold, thy Gates of Thanksgiving thy Windows of Praise:
J24.21; E169|        Thy Clouds of Blessing; thy Cherubims of Tender-mercy
J24.22; E169|        Stretching their Wings sublime over the Little-ones of Albion
J24.23; E169|        O Human Imagination O Divine Body I have Crucified
J24.24; E169|        I have turned my back upon thee into the Wastes of Moral Law:
J24.25; E169|        There Babylon is builded in the Waste, founded in Human desolation.
J24.26; E169|        O Babylon thy Watchman stands over thee in the night
J24.27; E169|        Thy severe Judge all the day long proves thee O Babylon
J24.28; E169|        With provings of destruction, with giving thee thy hearts desire.
J24.29; E169|        But Albion is cast forth to the Potter his Children to the Builders
J24.30; E169|        To build Babylon because they have forsaken Jerusalem
J24.31; E169|        The Walls of Babylon are Souls of Men: her Gates the Groans
J24.32; E169|        Of Nations: her Towers are the Miseries of once happy Families.
J24.33; E169|        Her Streets are paved with Destruction, her Houses built with Death
J24.34; E169|        Her Palaces with Hell & the Grave; her Synagogues with Torments
J24.35; E169|        Of ever-hardening Despair squard & polishd with cruel skill

J24.36; E170|        Yet thou wast lovely as the summer cloud upon my hills
J24.37; E170|        When Jerusalem was thy hearts desire in times of youth & love.
J24.38; E170|        Thy Sons came to Jerusalem with gifts, she sent them away
J24.39; E170|        With blessings on their hands & on their feet, blessings of gold,
J24.40; E170|        And pearl & diamond: thy Daughters sang in her Courts:
J24.41; E170|        They came up to Jerusalem; they walked before Albion
J24.42; E170|        In the Exchanges of London every Nation walkd
J24.43; E170|        And London walkd in every Nation mutual in love & harmony
J24.44; E170|        Albion coverd the whole Earth, England encompassd the Nations,
J24.45; E170|        Mutual each within others bosom in Visions of Regeneration;
J24.46; E170|        Jerusalem coverd the Atlantic Mountains & the Erythrean,
J24.47; E170|        From bright Japan & China to Hesperia France & England.
J24.48; E170|        Mount Zion lifted his head in every Nation under heaven:
J24.49; E170|        And the Mount of Olives was beheld over the whole Earth:
J24.50; E170|        The footsteps of the Lamb of God were there: but now no more
J24.51; E170|        No more shall I behold him, he is closd in Luvahs Sepulcher.
J24.52; E170|        Yet why these smitings of Luvah, the gentlest mildest Zoa?
J24.53; E170|        If God was Merciful this could not be: O Lamb of God
J24.54; E170|        Thou art a delusion and Jerusalem is my Sin! O my Children
J24.55; E170|        I have educated you in the crucifying cruelties of Demonstration
J24.56; E170|        Till you have assum'd the Providence of God & slain your Father
J24.57; E170|        Dost thou appear before me who liest dead in Luvahs Sepulcher
J24.58; E170|        Dost thou forgive me! thou who wast Dead & art Alive?   t272
J24.59; E170|        Look not so Merciful upon me O thou Slain Lamb of God
J24.60; E170|        I die! I die in thy arms tho Hope is banishd from me.   t273

J24.61; E170|        Thundring the Veil rushes from his hand Vegetating Knot by
J24.62; E170|        Knot, Day by Day, Night by Night; loud roll the indignant Atlantic
J24.63; E170|        Waves & the Erythrean, turning up the bottoms of the Deeps

J25.1;   E170|        And there was heard a great lamenting in Beulah: all the Regions
J25.2;   E170|        Of Beulah were moved as the tender bowels are moved: & they said:

J25.3;   E170|        Why did you take Vengeance O ye Sons of the mighty Albion?
J25.4;   E170|        Planting these Oaken Groves: Erecting these Dragon Temples
J25.5;   E170|        Injury the Lord heals but Vengeance cannot be healed:
J25.6;   E170|        As the Sons of Albion have done to Luvah: so they have in him
J25.7;   E170|        Done to the Divine Lord & Saviour, who suffers with those that suffer:
J25.8;   E170|        For not one sparrow can suffer, & the whole Universe not suffer also,
J25.9;   E170|        In all its Regions, & its Father & Saviour not pity and weep.
J25.10; E170|        But Vengeance is the destroyer of Grace & Repentance in the bosom
J25.11; E170|        Of the Injurer: in which the Divine Lamb is cruelly slain:
J25.12; E170|        Descend O Lamb of God & take away the imputation of Sin
J25.13; E170|        By the Creation of States & the deliverance of Individuals Evermore Amen

J25.14; E171|        Thus wept they in Beulah over the Four Regions of Albion
J25.15; E171|        But many doubted & despaird & imputed Sin & Righteousness
J25.16; E171|        To Individuals & not to States, and these Slept in Ulro.


J27; E171|        To the Jews.

J27prose; E171|        Jerusalem the Emanation of the Giant Albion! Can it be? Is it a
J27prose; E171|        Truth that the Learned have explored? Was Britain the Primitive
J27prose; E171|        Seat of the Patriarchal Religion? If it is true: my title-page is
J27prose; E171|        also True, that Jerusalem was & is the Emanation of the Giant
J27prose; E171|        Albion. It is True, and cannot be controverted. Ye are united O
J27prose; E171|        ye Inhabitants of Earth in One Religion. The Religion of Jesus:
J27prose; E171|        the most Ancient, the Eternal: & the Everlasting Gospel--The
J27prose; E171|        Wicked will turn it to Wickedness,
J27prose; E171|        the Righteous to Righteousness. Amen! Huzza! Selah!
J27prose; E171|        "All things Begin & End in Albions Ancient Druid Rocky Shore."

J27prose; E171|        Your Ancestors derived their origin from Abraham, Heber, Shem,
J27prose; E171|        and Noah, who were Druids: as the Druid Temples (which are the
J27prose; E171|        Patriarchal Pillars & Oak Groves) over the whole Earth witness to
J27prose; E171|        this day.
J27prose; E171|        You have a tradition, that Man anciently containd in his mighty
J27prose; E171|        limbs all things in Heaven & Earth: this you recieved from the
J27prose; E171|        Druids.
J27prose; E171|        "But now the Starry Heavens are fled from the mighty limbs of
J27prose; E171|        Albion"

J27prose; E171|        Albion was the Parent of the Druids; & in his Chaotic State of
J27prose; E171|        Sleep Satan & Adam & the whole World was Created by the Elohim.

J27.1;   E171|        The fields from Islington to Marybone,
J27.2;   E171|        To Primrose Hill and Saint Johns Wood:
J27.3;   E171|        Were builded over with pillars of gold,
J27.4;   E171|        And there Jerusalems pillars stood.

J27.5;   E171|        Her Little-ones ran on the fields
J27.6;   E171|        The Lamb of God among them seen
J27.7;   E171|        And fair Jerusalem his Bride:
J27.8;   E171|        Among the little meadows green.

J27.9;   E172|        Pancrass & Kentish-town repose
J27.10; E172|        Among her golden pillars high:
J27.11; E172|        Among her golden arches which
J27.12; E172|        Shine upon the starry sky.

J27.13; E172|        The Jews-harp-house & the Green Man;
J27.14; E172|        The Ponds where Boys to bathe delight:
J27.15; E172|        The fields of Cows by Willans farm:   t275
J27.16; E172|        Shine in Jerusalems pleasant sight.

J27.17; E172|        She walks upon our meadows green:
J27.18; E172|        The Lamb of God walks by her side:
J27.19; E172|        And every English Child is seen,
J27.20; E172|        Children of Jesus & his Bride,

J27.21; E172|        Forgiving trespasses and sins
J27.22; E172|        Lest Babylon with cruel Og,
J27.23; E172|        With Moral & Self-righteous Law
J27.24; E172|        Should Crucify in Satans Synagogue!

J27.25; E172|        What are those golden Builders doing
J27.26; E172|        Near mournful ever-weeping Paddington
J27.27; E172|        Standing above that mighty Ruin
J27.28; E172|        Where Satan the first victory won.

J27.29; E172|        Where Albion slept beneath the Fatal Tree
J27.30; E172|        And the Druids golden Knife,
J27.31; E172|        Rioted in human gore,
J27.32; E172|        In Offerings of Human Life

J27.33; E172|        They groan'd aloud on London Stone
J27.34; E172|        They groand aloud on Tyburns Brook
J27.35; E172|        Albion gave his deadly groan,
J27.36; E172|        And all the Atlantic Mountains shook

J27.37; E172|        Albions Spectre from his Loins
J27.38; E172|        Tore forth in all the pomp of War!
J27.39; E172|        Satan his name: in flames of fire
J27.40; E172|        He stretch'd his Druid Pillars far.

J27.41; E172|        Jerusalem fell from Lambeth's Vale,
J27.42; E172|        Down thro Poplar & Old Bow;
J27.43; E172|        Thro Malden & acros the Sea,
J27.44; E172|        In War & howling death & woe.

J27.45; E172|        The Rhine was red with human blood:
J27.46; E172|        The Danube rolld a purple tide:
J27.47; E172|        On the Euphrates Satan stood:
J27.48; E172|        And over Asia stretch'd his pride.

J27.49; E173|        He witherd up sweet Zions Hill,
J27.50; E173|        From every Nation of the Earth:
J27.51; E173|        He witherd up Jerusalems Gates,
J27.52; E173|        And in a dark Land gave her birth.

J27.53; E173|        He witherd up the Human Form,
J27.54; E173|        By laws of sacrifice for sin:
J27.55; E173|        Till it became a Mortal Worm:
J27.56; E173|        But O! translucent all within.

J27.57; E173|        The Divine Vision still was seen
J27.58; E173|        Still was the Human Form, Divine
J27.59; E173|        Weeping in weak & mortal clay
J27.60; E173|        O Jesus still the Form was thine.

J27.61; E173|        And thine the Human Face & thine
J27.62; E173|        The Human Hands & Feet & Breath
J27.63; E173|        Entering thro' the Gates of Birth
J27.64; E173|        And passing thro' the Gates of Death

J27.65; E173|        And O thou Lamb of God, whom I
J27.66; E173|        Slew in my dark self-righteous pride:
J27.67; E173|        Art thou return'd to Albions Land!
J27.68; E173|        And is Jerusalem thy Bride?

J27.69; E173|        Come to my arms & never more
J27.70; E173|        Depart; but dwell for ever here:
J27.71; E173|        Create my Spirit to thy Love:
J27.72; E173|        Subdue my Spectre to thy Fear,

J27.73; E173|        Spectre of Albion! warlike Fiend!
J27.74; E173|        In clouds of blood & ruin roll'd:
J27.75; E173|        I here reclaim thee as my own
J27.76; E173|        My Selfhood! Satan! armd in gold.

J27.77; E173|        Is this thy soft Family-Love
J27.78; E173|        Thy cruel Patriarchal pride
J27.79; E173|        Planting thy Family alone
J27.80; E173|        Destroying all the World beside.

J27.81; E173|        A mans worst enemies are those
J27.82; E173|        Of his own house & family;
J27.83; E173|        And he who makes his law a curse,
J27.84; E173|        By his own law shall surely die.

J27.85; E173|        In my Exchanges every Land
J27.86; E173|        Shall walk, & mine in every Land,
J27.87; E173|        Mutual shall build Jerusalem:
J27.88; E173|        Both heart in heart & hand in hand.

J27prose; E174|        If Humility is Christianity; you O Jews are the true
J27prose; E174|        Christians; If your tradition that Man contained in his Limbs,
J27prose; E174|        all Animals, is True & they were separated from him by cruel
J27prose; E174|        Sacrifices: and when compulsory cruel Sacrifices had brought
J27prose; E174|        Humanity into a Feminine Tabernacle, in the loins of Abraham &
J27prose; E174|        David: the Lamb of God, the Saviour became apparent on Earth as
J27prose; E174|        the Prophets had foretold? The Return of Israel is a Return to
J27prose; E174|        Mental Sacrifice & War. Take up the Cross O Israel & follow Jesus.

J28; E174|        Jerusalem.

J28; E174|        Chap: 2.

J28.1;   E174|        Every ornament of perfection, and every labour of love,
J28.2;   E174|        In all the Garden of Eden, & in all the golden mountains
J28.3;   E174|        Was become an envied horror, and a remembrance of jealousy:
J28.4;   E174|        And every Act a Crime, and Albion the punisher & judge.

J28.5;   E174|        And Albion spoke from his secret seat and said

J28.6;   E174|        All these ornaments are crimes, they are made by the labours
J28.7;   E174|        Of loves: of unnatural consanguinities and friendships
J28.8;   E174|        Horrid to think of when enquired deeply into; and all
J28.9;   E174|        These hills & valleys are accursed witnesses of Sin
J28.10; E174|        I therefore condense them into solid rocks, stedfast!
J28.11; E174|        A foundation and certainty and demonstrative truth:
J28.12; E174|        That Man be separate from Man, & here I plant my seat.

J28.13; E174|        Cold snows drifted around him: ice coverd his loins around
J28.14; E174|        He sat by Tyburns brook, and underneath his heel, shot up!
J28.15; E174|        A deadly Tree, he nam'd it Moral Virtue, and the Law
J28.16; E174|        Of God who dwells in Chaos hidden from the human sight.

J28.17; E174|        The Tree spread over him its cold shadows, (Albion groand)
J28.18; E174|        They bent don, they felt the earth and again enrooting
J28.19; E174|        Shot into many a Tree! an endless labyrinth of woe!

J28.20; E174|        From willing sacrifice of Self, to sacrifice of (miscall'd) Enemies
J28.21; E174|        For Atonement: Albion began to erect twelve Altars,
J28.22; E174|        Of rough unhewn rocks, before the Potters Furnace
J28.23; E174|        He nam'd them Justice, and Truth. And Albions Sons
J28.24; E174|        Must have become the first Victims, being the first transgressors
J28.25; E174|        But they fled to the mountains to seek ransom: building A Strong
J28.26; E174|        Fortification against the Divine Humanity and Mercy,
J28.27; E174|        In Shame & Jealousy to annihilate Jerusalem!

J29.1;   E175|        Turning his back to the Divine Vision, his Spectrous
J29.2;   E175|        Chaos before his face appeard: an Unformed Memory.

J29.3;   E175|        Then spoke the Spectrous Chaos to Albion darkning cold
J29.4;   E175|        From the back & loins where dwell the Spectrous Dead

J29.5;   E175|        I am your Rational Power O Albion & that Human Form
J29.6;   E175|        You call Divine, is but a Worm seventy inches long
J29.7;   E175|        That creeps forth in a night & is dried in the morning sun
J29.8;   E175|        In fortuitous concourse of memorys accumulated & lost
J29.9;   E175|        It plows the Earth in its own conceit, it overwhelms the Hills
J29.10; E175|        Beneath its winding labyrinths, till a stone of the brook
J29.11; E175|        Stops it in midst of its pride among its hills & rivers[.]
J29.12; E175|        Battersea & Chelsea mourn, London & Canterbury tremble
J29.13; E175|        Their place shall not be found as the wind passes over[.]
J29.14; E175|        The ancient Cities of the Earth remove as a traveller
J29.15; E175|        And shall Albions Cities remain when I pass over them
J29.16; E175|        With my deluge of forgotten remembrances over the tablet

J29.17; E175|        So spoke the Spectre to Albion. he is the Great Selfhood
J29.18; E175|        Satan: Worshipd as God by the Mighty Ones of the Earth
J29.19; E175|        Having a white Dot calld a Center from which branches out
J29.20; E175|        A Circle in continual gyrations. this became a Heart
J29.21; E175|        From which sprang numerous branches varying their motions
J29.22; E175|        Producing many Heads three or seven or ten, & hands & feet
J29.23; E175|        Innumerable at will of the unfortunate contemplator
J29.24; E175|        Who becomes his food[:] such is the way of the Devouring Power

J29.25; E175|        And this is the cause of the appearance in the frowning Chaos[.]
J29.26; E175|        Albions Emanation which he had hidden in Jealousy
J29.27; E175|        Appeard now in the frowning Chaos prolific upon the Chaos
J29.28; E175|        Reflecting back to Albion in Sexual Reasoning Hermaphroditic

J29.29; E175|        Albion spoke. Who art thou that appearest in gloomy pomp
J29.30; E175|        Involving the Divine Vision in colours of autumn ripeness
J29.31; E175|        I never saw thee till this time, nor beheld life abstracted
J29.32; E175|        Nor darkness immingled with light on my furrowd field
J29.33; E175|        Whence camest thou! who art thou O loveliest? the Divine Vision
J29.34; E175|        Is as nothing before thee, faded is all life and joy

J29.35; E175|        Vala replied in clouds of tears Albions garment embracing

J29.36; E175|        I was a City & a Temple built by Albions Children.
J29.37; E175|        I was a Garden planted with beauty I allured on hill & valley
J29.38; E175|        The River of Life to flow against my walls & among my trees
J29.39; E175|        Vala was Albions Bride & Wife in great Eternity
J29.40; E175|        The loveliest of the daughters of Eternity when in day-break

J29.41; E176|        I emanated from Luvah over the Towers of Jerusalem
J29.42; E176|        And in her Courts among her little Children offering up
J29.43; E176|        The Sacrifice of fanatic love! why loved I Jerusalem!
J29.44; E176|        Why was I one with her embracing in the Vision of Jesus
J29.45; E176|        Wherefore did I loving create love, which never yet
J29.46; E176|        Immingled God & Man, when thou & I, hid the Divine Vision
J29.47; E176|        In cloud of secret gloom which behold involve me round about   t278
J29.48; E176|        Know me now Albion: look upon me I alone am Beauty
J29.49; E176|        The Imaginative Human Form is but a breathing of Vala
J29.50; E176|        I breathe him forth into the Heaven from my secret Cave
J29.51; E176|        Born of the Woman to obey the Woman O Albion the mighty
J29.52; E176|        For the Divine appearance is Brotherhood, but I am Love

J301; E176|        Elevate into the Region of Brotherhood with my red fires

J30.2;   E176|        Art thou Vala? replied Albion, image of my repose
J30.3;   E176|        O how I tremble! how my members pour down milky fear!
J30.4;   E176|        A dewy garment covers me all over, all manhood is gone!
J30.5;   E176|        At thy word & at thy look death enrobes me about
J30.6;   E176|        From head to feet, a garment of death & eternal fear
J30.7;   E176|        Is not that Sun thy husband & that Moon thy glimmering Veil?
J30.8;   E176|        Are not the Stars of heaven thy Children! art thou not Babylon?
J30.9;   E176|        Art thou Nature Mother of all! is Jerusalem thy Daughter
J30.10; E176|        Why have thou elevate inward: O dweller of outward chambers
J30.11; E176|        From grot & cave beneath the Moon dim region of death
J30.12; E176|        Where I laid my Plow in the hot noon, where my hot team fed
J30.13; E176|        Where implements of War are forged, the Plow to go over the Nations
J30.14; E176|        In pain girding me round like a rib of iron in heaven! O Vala
J30.15; E176|        In Eternity they neither marry nor are given in marriage
J30.16; E176|        Albion the high Cliff of the Atlantic is become a barren Land

J30.17; E176|        Los stood at his Anvil: he heard the contentions of Vala--
J30.18; E176|        He heavd his thundring Bellows upon the valleys of Middlesex
J30.19; E176|        He opend his Furnaces before Vala, then Albion frownd in anger
J30.20; E176|        On his Rock: ere yet the Starry Heavens were fled away
J30.21; E176|        From his awful Members, and thus Los cried aloud
J30.22; E176|        To the Sons of Albion & to Hand the eldest Son of Albion

J30.23; E176|        I hear the screech of Childbirth loud pealing, & the groans
J30.24; E176|        Of Death, in Albions clouds dreadful utterd over all the Earth
J30.25; E176|        What may Man be? who can tell! but what may Woman be?
J30.26; E176|        To have power over Man from Cradle to corruptible Grave.
J30.27; E176|        There is a Throne in every Man, it is the Throne of God
J30.28; E176|        This Woman has claimd as her own & Man is no more!
J30.29; E176|        Albion is the Tabernacle of Vala & her Temple
J30.30; E176|        And not the Tabernacle & Temple of the Most High
J30.31; E176|        O Albion why wilt thou Create a Female Will?

J30.32; E177|        To hide the most evident God in a hidden covert, even
J30.33; E177|        In the shadows of a Woman & a secluded Holy Place
J30.34; E177|        That we may pry after him as after a stolen treasure
J30.35; E177|        Hidden among the Dead & mured up from the paths of life
J30.36; E177|        Hand! art thou not Reuben enrooting thyself into Bashan
J30.37; E177|        Till thou remainest a vaporous Shadow in a Void! O Merlin!
J30.38; E177|        Unknown among the Dead where never before Existence came
J30.39; E177|        Is this the Female Will O ye lovely Daughters of Albion. To
J30.40; E177|        Converse concerning Weight & Distance in the Wilds of Newton & Locke

J30.41; E177|        So Los spoke standing on Mam-Tor looking over Europe & Asia
J30.42; E177|        The Graves thunder beneath his feet from Ireland to Japan

J30.43; E177|        Reuben slept in Bashan like one dead in the valley
J30.44; E177|        Cut off from Albions mountains & from all the Earths summits
J30.45; E177|        Between Succoth & Zaretan beside the Stone of Bohan
J30.46; E177|        While the Daughters of Albion divided Luvah into three Bodies
J30.47; E177|        Los bended his Nostrils down to the Earth, then sent him over
J30.48; E177|        Jordan to the Land of the Hittite: every-one that saw him
J30.49; E177|        Fled! they fled at his horrible Form: they hid in caves
J30.50; E177|        And dens, they looked on one-another & became what they beheld

J30.51; E177|        Reuben return'd to Bashan, in despair he slept on the Stone.
J30.52; E177|        Then Gwendolen divided into Rahab & Tirza in Twelve Portions[.]
J30.53; E177|        Los rolled, his Eyes into two narrow circles, then sent him
J30.54; E177|        Over Jordan; all terrified fled: they became what they beheld.

J30.55; E177|        If Perceptive Organs vary: Objects of Perception seem to vary:
J30.56; E177|        If the Perceptive Organs close: their Objects seem to close also:
J30.57; E177|        Consider this O mortal Man! O worm of sixty winters said Los
J30.58; E177|        Consider Sexual Organization & hide thee in the dust.

J31.1;   E177|        Then the Divine hand found the Two Limits, Satan and Adam,
J31.2;   E177|        In Albions bosom: for in every Human bosom those Limits stand.
J31.3;   E177|        And the Divine voice came from the Furnaces, as multitudes without
J31.4;   E177|        Number! the voices of the innumerable multitudes of Eternity.
J31.5;   E177|        And the appearance of a Man was seen in the Furnaces;
J31.6;   E177|        Saving those who have sinned from the punishment of the Law,
J31.7;   E177|        (In pity of the punisher whose state is eternal death,)
J31.8;   E177|        And keeping them from Sin by the mild counsels of his love.

J31.9;   E177|        Albion goes to Eternal Death: In Me all Eternity.
J31.10; E177|        Must pass thro' condemnation, and awake beyond the Grave!
J31.11; E177|        No individual can keep these Laws, for they are death
J31.12; E177|        To every energy of man, and forbid the springs of life;
J31.13; E177|        Albion hath enterd the State Satan! Be permanent O State!
J31.14; E177|        And be thou for ever accursed! that Albion may arise again:

J31.15; E178|        And be thou created into a State! I go forth to Create
J31.16; E178|        States: to deliver Individuals evermore! Amen.

J31.17; E178|        So spoke the voice from the Furnaces, descending into Non-Entity
J31.18; E178|        [To Govern the Evil by Good: and States abolish Systems.]   t279

J32.1;   E178|        Reuben return'd to his place, in vain he sought beautiful Tirzah
J32.2;   E178|        For his Eyelids were narrowd, & his Nostrils scented the ground
J32.3;   E178|        And Sixty Winters Los raged in the Divisions of Reuben:
J32.4;   E178|        Building the Moon of Ulro, plank by plank & rib by rib
J32.5;   E178|        Reuben slept in the Cave of Adam, and Los folded his Tongue
J32.6;   E178|        Between Lips of mire & clay, then sent him forth over Jordan
J32.7;   E178|        In the love of Tirzah he said Doubt is my food day & night--
J32.8;   E178|        All that beheld him fled howling and gnawed their tongues
J32.9;   E178|        For pain: they became what they beheld[.] In reasonings Reuben returned
J32.10; E178|        To Heshbon. disconsolate he walkd thro Moab & he stood
J32.11; E178|        Before the Furnaces of Los in a horrible dreamful slumber,
J32.12; E178|        On Mount Gilead looking toward Gilgal: and Los bended
J32.13; E178|        His Ear in a spiral circle outward; then sent him over Jordan.

J32.14; E178|        The Seven Nations fled before him they became what they beheld
J32.15; E178|        Hand, Hyle & Coban fled: they became what they beheld
J32.16; E178|        Gwantock & Peachy hid in Damascus beneath Mount Lebanon
J32.17; E178|        Brereton & Slade in Egypt. Hutton & Skofeld & Kox
J32.18; E178|        Fled over Chaldea in terror in pains in every nerve
J32.19; E178|        Kotope & Bowen became what they beheld, fleeing over the Earth
J32.20; E178|        And the Twelve Female Emanations fled with them agonizing.

J32.21; E178|        Jerusalem trembled seeing her Children drivn by Los's Hammer
J32.22; E178|        In the visions of the dreams of Beulah on the edge of Non-Entity
J32.23; E178|        Hand stood between Reuben & Merlin, as the Reasoning Spectre
J32.24; E178|        Stands between the Vegetative Man & his Immortal Imagination

J32.25; E178|        And the Four Zoa's clouded rage East & West & North & South
J32.26; E178|        They change their situations, in the Universal Man.
J32.27; E178|        Albion groans, he sees the Elements divide before his face.
J32.28; E178|        And England who is Brittannia divided into Jerusalem & Vala
J32.29; E178|        And Urizen assumes the East, Luvah assumes the South
J32.30; E178|        In his dark Spectre ravening from his open Sepulcher

J32.31; E178|        And the Four Zoa's who are the Four Eternal Senses of Man
J32.32; E178|        Became Four Elements separating from the Limbs of Albion
J32.33; E178|        These are their names in the Vegetative Generation
J32.34; E178|        [West Weighing East & North dividing Generation South bounding]   t280
J32.35; E178|        And Accident & Chance were found hidden in Length Bredth & Highth
J32.36; E178|        And they divided into Four ravening deathlike Forms
J32.37; E178|        Fairies & Genii & Nymphs & Gnomes of the Elements.
J32.38; E178|        These are States Permanently Fixed by the Divine Power

J32.39; E179|        The Atlantic Continent sunk round Albions cliffy shore
J32.40; E179|        And the Sea poured in amain upon the Giants of Albion
J32.41; E179|        As Los bended the Senses of Reuben Reuben is Merlin
J32.42; E179|        Exploring the Three States of Ulro; Creation; Redemption. & Judgment

J32.43; E179|        And many of the Eternal Ones laughed after their manner

J32.44; E179|        Have you known the judgment that is arisen among the
J32.45; E179|        Zoa's of Albion? where a Man dare hardly to embrace
J32.46; E179|        His own Wife, for the terrors of Chastity that they call
J32.47; E179|        By the name of Morality. their Daughters govern all
J32.48; E179|        I hidden deceit! they are Vegetable only fit for burning
J32.49; E179|        Art & Science cannot exist but by Naked Beauty displayd

J32.50; E179|        Then those in Great Eternity who contemplate on Death
J32.51; E179|        Said thus. What seems to Be: Is: To those to whom
J32.52; E179|        It seems to Be, & is productive of the most dreadful
J32.53; E179|        Consequences to those to whom it seems to Be: even of
J32.54; E179|        Torments, Despair, Eternal Death; but the Divine Mercy
J32.55; E179|        Steps beyond and Redeems Man in the Body of Jesus Amen
J32.56; E179|        And Length Bredth Highth again Obey the Divine Vision Hallelujah

J33.1;   E179|        And One stood forth from the Divine Family &,said   t281

J33.2;   E179|        I feel my Spectre rising upon me! Albion! arouze thyself!
J33.3;   E179|        Why dost thou thunder with frozen Spectrous wrath against us?
J33.4;   E179|        The Spectre is, in Giant Man; insane, and most deform'd.
J33.5;   E179|        Thou wilt certainly provoke my Spectre against thine in fury!
J33.6;   E179|        He has a Sepulcher hewn out of a Rock ready for thee:
J33.7;   E179|        And a Death of Eight thousand years forg'd by thyself, upon
J33.8;   E179|        The point of his Spear! if thou persistest to forbid with Laws
J33.9;   E179|        Our Emanations, and to attack our secret supreme delights

J33.10; E179|        So Los spoke: But when he saw blue death in Albions feet,   t282
J33.11; E179|        Again he join'd the Divine Body, following merciful;
J33.12; E179|        While Albion fled more indignant! revengeful covering

J34.1;   E179|        His face and bosom with petrific hardness, and his hands
J34.2;   E179|        And feet, lest any should enter his bosom & embrace
J34.3;   E179|        His hidden heart; his Emanation wept & trembled within him:
J34.4;   E179|        Uttering not his jealousy, but hiding it as with
J34.5;   E179|        Iron and steel, dark and opake, with clouds & tempests brooding:
J34.6;   E179|        His strong limbs shudderd upon his mountains high and dark.

J34.7;   E179|        Turning from Universal Love petrific as he went,
J34.8;   E179|        His cold against the warmth of Eden rag'd with loud
J34.9;   E179|        Thunders of deadly war (the fever of the human soul)
J34.10; E179|        Fires and clouds of rolling smoke! but mild the Saviour follow'd him,

J34.11; E180|        Displaying the Eternal Vision! the Divine Similitude!
J34.12; E180|        In loves and tears of brothers, sisters, sons, fathers, and friends
J34.13; E180|        Which if Man ceases to behold, he ceases to exist:

J34.14; E180|        Saying. Albion! Our wars are wars of life, & wounds of love,
J34.15; E180|        With intellectual spears, & long winged arrows of thought:
J34.16; E180|        Mutual in one anothers love and wrath all renewing
J34.17; E180|        We live as One Man; for contracting our infinite senses
J34.18; E180|        We behold multitude; or expanding: we behold as one,
J34.19; E180|        As One Man all the Universal Family; and that One Man
J34.20; E180|        We call Jesus the Christ: and he in us, and we in him,
J34.21; E180|        Live in perfect harmony in Eden the land of life,
J34.22; E180|        Giving, recieving, and forgiving each others trespasses.
J34.23; E180|        He is the Good shepherd, he is the Lord and master:
J34.24; E180|        He is the Shepherd of Albion, he is all in all,
J34.25; E180|        In Eden: in the garden of God: and in heavenly Jerusalem.
J34.26; E180|        If we have offended, forgive us, take not vengeance against us.

J34.27; E180|        Thus speaking; the Divine Family follow Albion:
J34.28; E180|        I see them in the Vision of God upon my pleasant valleys.

J34.29; E180|        I behold London; a Human awful wonder of God!
J34.30; E180|        He says: Return, Albion, return! I give myself for thee:
J34.31; E180|        My Streets are my, Ideas of Imagination.
J34.32; E180|        Awake Albion, awake! and let us awake up together.
J34.33; E180|        My Houses are Thoughts: my Inhabitants; Affections,
J34.34; E180|        The children of my thoughts, walking within my blood-vessels,
J34.35; E180|        Shut from my nervous form which sleeps upon the verge of Beulah
J34.36; E180|        In dreams of darkness, while my vegetating blood in veiny pipes,
J34.37; E180|        Rolls dreadful thro' the Furnaces of Los, and the Mills of Satan.
J34.38; E180|        For Albions sake, and for Jerusalem thy Emanation
J34.39; E180|        I give myself, and these my brethren give themselves for Albion.

J34.40; E180|        So spoke London, immortal Guardian! I heard in Lambeths shades:
J34.41; E180|        In Felpham I heard and saw the Visions of Albion
J34.42; E180|        I write in South Molton Street what I both see and hear
J34.43; E180|        In regions of Humanity, in Londons opening streets.

J34.44; E180|        I see thee awful Parent Land in light, behold I see!
J34.45; E180|        Verulam! Canterbury! venerable parent of men,
J34.46; E180|        Generous immortal Guardian golden clad! for Cities
J34.47; E180|        Are Men, fathers of multitudes, and Rivers & Mount[a]ins
J34.48; E180|        Are also Men; every thing is Human, mighty! sublime!
J34.49; E180|        In every bosom a Universe expands, as wings
J34.50; E180|        Let down at will around, and call'd the Universal Tent.
J34.51; E180|        York, crown'd with loving kindness. Edinburgh, cloth'd
J34.52; E180|        With fortitude as with a garment of immortal texture
J34.53; E180|        Woven in looms of Eden, in spiritual deaths of mighty men

J34.54; E181|        Who give themselves, in Golgotha, Victims to Justice; where
J34.55; E181|        There is in Albion a Gate of precious stones and gold
J34.56; E181|        Seen only by Emanations, by vegetations viewless,
J34.57; E181|        Bending across the road of Oxford Street; it from Hyde Park
J34.58; E181|        To Tyburns deathful shades, admits the wandering souls
J34.59; E181|        Of multitudes who die from Earth: this Gate cannot be found

J35.1;   E181|        By Satans Watch-fiends tho' they search numbering every grain
J35.2;   E181|        Of sand on Earth every night, they never find this Gate.
J35.3;   E181|        It is the Gate of Los. Withoutside is the Mill, intricate, dreadful
J35.4;   E181|        And fill'd with cruel tortures; but no mortal man can find the Mill
J35.5;   E181|        Of Satan, in his mortal pilgrimage of seventy years

J35.6;   E181|        For Human beauty knows it not: nor can Mercy find it! But   t283
J35.7;   E181|        In the Fourth region of Humanity, Urthona namd[,]
J35.8;   E181|        Mortality begins to roll the billows of Eternal Death
J35.9;   E181|        Before the Gate of Los. Urthona here is named Los.
J35.10; E181|        And here begins the System of Moral Virtue, named Rahab.   t284
J35.11; E181|        Albion fled thro' the Gate of Los, and he stood in the Gate.

J35.12; E181|        Los was the friend of Albion who most lov'd him. In Cambridgeshire
J35.13; E181|        His eternal station, he is the twenty-eighth, & is four-fold.
J35.14; E181|        Seeing Albion had turn'd his back aginst the Divine Vision,
J35.15; E181|        Los said to Albion, Whither fleest thou? Albion reply'd.

J35.16; E181|        I die! I go to Eternal Death! the shades of death
J35.17; E181|        Hover within me & beneath, and spreading themselves outside
J35.18; E181|        Like rocky clouds, build me a gloomy monument of woe:
J35.19; E181|        Will none accompany me in my death? or be a Ransom for me
J35.20; E181|        In that dark Valley? I have girded round my cloke, and on my feet
J35.21; E181|        Bound these black shoes of death, & on my hands, death's iron gloves:
J35.22; E181|        God hath forsaken me, & my friends are become a burden
J35.23; E181|        A weariness to me, & the human footstep is a terror to me.

J35.24; E181|        Los answerd, troubled: and his soul was rent in twain:
J35.25; E181|        Must the Wise die for an Atonement? does Mercy endure Atonement?
J35.26; E181|        No! It is Moral Severity, & destroys Mercy in its Victim.
J35.27; E181|        So speaking, not yet infected with the Error & Illusion,

J36.1;   E181|        Los shudder'd at beholding Albion, for his disease
J36.2;   E181|        Arose upon him pale and ghastly: and he call'd around
J36.3;   E181|        The Friends of Albion: trembling at the sight of Eternal Death
J36.4;   E181|        The four appear'd with their Emanations in fiery
J36.5;   E181|        Chariots: black their fires roll beholding Albions House of Eternity
J36.6;   E181|        Damp couch the flames beneath and silent, sick, stand shuddering
J36.7;   E181|        Before the Porch of sixteen pillars: weeping every one
J36.8;   E181|        Descended and fell down upon their knees round Albions knees,
J36.9;   E181|        Swearing the Oath of God! with awful voice of thunders round
J36.10; E181|        Upon the hills & valleys, and the cloudy Oath roll'd far and wide

J36.11; E182|        Albion is sick! said every Valley, every mournful Hill
J36.12; E182|        And every River: our brother Albion is sick to death.
J36.13; E182|        He hath leagued himself with robbers! he hath studied the arts
J36.14; E182|        Of unbelief! Envy hovers over him! his Friends are his abhorrence!
J36.15; E182|        Those who give their lives for him are despised!
J36.16; E182|        Those who devour his soul, are taken into his bosom!
J36.17; E182|        To destroy his Emanation is their intention:
J36.18; E182|        Arise! awake O Friends of the Giant Albion
J36.19; E182|        They have perswaded him of horrible falshoods!
J36.20; E182|        They have sown errors over all his fruitful fields!

J36.21; E182|        The Twenty-four heard! they came trembling on watry chariots.
J36.22; E182|        Borne by the Living Creatures of the third procession
J36.23; E182|        Of Human Majesty, the Living Creatures wept aloud as they
J36.24; E182|        Went along Albions roads, till they arriv'd at Albions House.

J36.25; E182|        O! how the torments of Eternal Death, waited on Man:
J36.26; E182|        And the loud-rending bars of the Creation ready to burst:
J36.27; E182|        That the wide world might fly from its hinges, & the immortal mansion
J36.28; E182|        Of Man, for ever be possess'd by monsters of the deeps:
J36.29; E182|        And Man himself become a Fiend, wrap'd in an endless curse,
J36.30; E182|        Consuming and consum'd for-ever in flames of Moral Justice.

J36.31; E182|        For had the Body of Albion fall'n down, and from its dreadful ruins
J36.32; E182|        Let loose the enormous Spectre on the darkness of the deep,
J36.33; E182|        At enmity with the Merciful & fill'd with devouring fire,
J36.34; E182|        A nether-world must have recievd the foul enormous spirit,
J36.35; E182|        Under pretence of Moral Virtue, fill'd with Revenge and Law.
J36.36; E182|        There to eternity chain'd down, and issuing in red flames
J36.37; E182|        And curses, with his mighty arms brandish'd against the heavens
J36.38; E182|        Breathing cruelty blood & vengeance, gnashing his teeth with pain
J36.39; E182|        Torn with black storms, & ceaseless torrents of his own consuming fire:
J36.40; E182|        Within his breast his mighty Sons chaind down & fill'd with cursings:
J36.41; E182|        And his dark Eon, that once fair crystal form divinely clear:
J36.42; E182|        Within his ribs producing serpents whose souls are flames of fire.
J36.43; E182|        But, glory to the Merciful-One, for he is of tender mercies!
J36.44; E182|        And the Divine Family wept over him as One Man.

J36.45; E182|        And these the Twenty-four in whom the Divine Family
J36.46; E182|        Appear'd; and they were One in Him. A Human Vision!
J36.47; E182|        Human Divine, Jesus the Saviour, blessed for ever and ever.

J36.48; E182|        Selsey, true friend! who afterwards submitted to be devourd
J36.49; E182|        By the waves of Despair, whose Emanation rose above
J36.50; E182|        The flood, and was nam'd Chichester, lovely mild & gentle! Lo!
J36.51; E182|        Her lambs bleat to the sea-fowls cry, lamenting still for Albion.

J36.52; E182|        Submitting to be call'd the son of Los the terrible vision:
J36.53; E182|        Winchester stood devoting himself for Albion: his tents

J36.54; E183|        Outspread with abundant riches, and his Emanations
J36.55; E183|        Submitting to be call'd Enitharmons daughters, and be born
J36.56; E183|        In vegetable mould: created by the Hammer and Loom
J36.57; E183|        In Bowlahoola & Allamanda where the Dead wail night & day.

J36.58; E183|        (I call them by their English names: English, the rough basement.
J36.59; E183|        Los built the stubborn structure of the Language, acting against
J36.60; E183|        Albions melancholy, who must else have been a Dumb despair.)

J36.61; E183|        Gloucester and Exeter and Salisbury and Bristol: and benevolent

J37.1;   E183|        Bath who is Legions: he is the Seventh, the physician and
J37.2;   E183|        The poisoner: the best and worst in Heaven and Hell:
J37.3;   E183|        Whose Spectre first assimilated with Luvah in Albions mountains
J37.4;   E183|        A triple octave he took, to reduce Jerusalem to twelve
J37.5;   E183|        To cast Jerusalem forth upon the wilds to Poplar & Bow:
J37.6;   E183|        To Malden & Canterbury in the delights of cruelty:
J37.7;   E183|        The Shuttles of death sing in the sky to Islington & Pancrass
J37.8;   E183|        Round Marybone to Tyburns River, weaving black melancholy as a net,
J37.9;   E183|        And despair as meshes closely wove over the west of London,
J37.10; E183|        Where mild Jerusalem sought to repose in death & be no more.
J37.11; E183|        She fled to Lambeths mild Vale and hid herself beneath
J37.12; E183|        The Surrey Hills where Rephaim terminates: her Sons are siez'd
J37.13; E183|        For victims of sacrifice; but Jerusalem cannot be found! Hid
J37.14; E183|        By the Daughters of Beulah: gently snatch'd away: and hid in Beulah

J37.15; E183|        There is a Grain of Sand in Lambeth that Satan cannot find
J37.16; E183|        Nor can his Watch Fiends find it: tis translucent & has many Angles
J37.17; E183|        But he ho finds it will find Oothoons palace, for within
J37.18; E183|        Opening into Beulah every angle is a lovely heaven
J37.19; E183|        But should the Watch Fiends find it, they would call it Sin
J37.20; E183|        And lay its Heavens & their inhabitants in blood of punishment
J37.21; E183|        Here Jerusalem & Vala were hid in soft slumberous repose
J37.22; E183|        Hid from the terrible East, shut up in the South & West.

J37.23; E183|        The Twenty-eight trembled in Deaths dark caves, in cold despair
J37.24; E183|        They kneeld around the Couch of Death in deep humiliation
J37.25; E183|        And tortures of self condemnation while their Spectres ragd within.
J37.26; E183|        The Four Zoa's in terrible combustion clouded rage
J37.27; E183|        Drinking the shuddering fears & loves of Albions Families
J37.28; E183|        Destroying by selfish affections the things that they most admire
J37.29; E183|        Drinking & eating, & pitying & weeping, as at a trajic scene.
J37.30; E183|        The soul drinks murder & revenge, & applauds its own holiness

J37.31; E183|        They saw Albion endeavouring to destroy their Emanations.   t285

J37ill; E184|        [illustration, with inscription, reversed: "Each Man is in / his
J37ill; E184|        Spectre's power / Untill the arrival / of that hour, / When his
J37ill; E184|        Humanity / awake / And cast his Spectre / into the Lake"]

J38.1;   E184|        They saw their Wheels rising up poisonous against Albion
J38.2;   E184|        Urizen, cold & scientific: Luvah, pitying & weeping
J38.3;   E184|        Tharmas, indolent & sullen: Urthona, doubting & despairing
J38.4;   E184|        Victims to one another & dreadfully plotting against each other
J38.5;   E184|        To prevent Albion walking about in the Four Complexions.

J38.6;   E184|        They saw America clos'd out by the Oaks of the western shore;
J38.7;   E184|        And Tharmas dash'd on the Rocks of the Altars of Victims in Mexico.
J38.8;   E184|        If we are wrathful Albion will destroy Jerusalem with rooty Groves
J38.9;   E184|        If we are merciful, ourselves must suffer destruction on his Oaks!
J38.10; E184|        Why should we enter into our Spectres, to behold our own corruptions
J38.11; E184|        O God of Albion descend! deliver Jerusalem from the Oaken Groves!

J38.12; E184|        Then Los grew furious raging: Why stand we here trembling around
J38.13; E184|        Calling on God for help; and not ourselves in whom God dwells
J38.14; E184|        Stretching a hand to save the falling Man: are we not Four
J38.15; E184|        Beholding Albion upon the Precipice ready to fall into Non-Entity:
J38.16; E184|        Seeing these Heavens & Hells conglobing in the Void. Heavens over Hells
J38.17; E184|        Brooding in holy hypocritic lust, drinking the cries of pain

J38.18; E185|        From howling victims of Law: building Heavens Twenty-seven-fold.
J38.19; E185|        Swelld & bloated General Forms, repugnant to the Divine-
J38.20; E185|        Humanity, who is the Only General and Universal Form
J38.21; E185|        To which all Lineaments tend & seek with love & sympathy
J38.22; E185|        All broad & general principles belong to benevolence
J38.23; E185|        Who protects minute particulars, every one in their own identity.
J38.24; E185|        But here the affectionate touch of the tongue is closd in by deadly teeth
J38.25; E185|        And the soft smile of friendship & the open dawn of benevolence
J38.26; E185|        Become a net & a trap, & every energy renderd cruel,
J38.27; E185|        Till the existence of friendship & benevolence is denied:
J38.28; E185|        The wine of the Spirit & the vineyards of the Holy-One.
J38.29; E185|        Here: turn into poisonous stupor & deadly intoxication:
J38.30; E185|        That they may be condemnd by Law & the Lamb of God be slain!
J38.31; E185|        And the two Sources of Life in Eternity[,] Hunting and War,
J38.32; E185|        Are become the Sources of dark & bitter Death & of corroding Hell:
J38.33; E185|        The open heart is shut up in integuments of frozen silence
J38.34; E185|        That the spear that lights it forth may shatter the ribs & bosom
J38.35; E185|        A pretence of Art, to destroy Art: a pretence of Liberty
J38.36; E185|        To destroy Liberty. a pretence of Religion to destroy Religion
J38.37; E185|        Oshea and Caleb fight: they contend in the valleys of Peor
J38.38; E185|        In the terrible Family Contentions of those who love each other:
J38.39; E185|        The Armies of Balaam weep---no women come to the field
J38.40; E185|        Dead corses lay before them, & not as in Wars of old.
J38.41; E185|        For the Soldier who fights for Truth, calls his enemy is brother:
J38.42; E185|        They fight & contend for life, & not for eternal death!
J38.43; E185|        But here the Soldier strikes, & a dead corse falls at his feet
J38.44; E185|        Nor Daughter nor Sister nor Mother come forth to embosom the Slain!
J38.45; E185|        But Death! Eternal Death! remains in the Valleys of Peor.
J38.46; E185|        The English are scatterd over the face of the Nations: are these
J38.47; E185|        Jerusalems children? Hark! hear the Giants of Albion cry at night
J38.48; E185|        We smell the blood of the English! we delight in their blood on our Altars!
J38.49; E185|        The living & the dead shall be ground in our rumbling Mills
J38.50; E185|        For bread of the Sons of Albion: of the Giants Hand & Scofield
J38.51; E185|        Scofeld & Kox are let loose upon my Saxons! they accumulate
J38.52; E185|        A World in which Man is by his Nature the Enemy of Man,
J38.53; E185|        In pride of Selfhood unwieldy stretching out into Non Entity
J38.54; E185|        Generalizing Art & Science till Art & Science is lost.
J38.55; E185|        Bristol & Bath, listen to my words, & ye Seventeen: give ear!
J38.56; E185|        It is easy to acknowledge a man to be great & good while we
J38.57; E185|        Derogate from him in the trifles & small articles of that goodness:
J38.58; E185|        Those alone are his friends, who admire his minutest powers[.]
J38.59; E185|        Instead of Albions lovely mountains & the curtains of Jerusalem
J38.60; E185|        I see a Cave, a Rock, a Tree deadly and poisonous, unimaginative:
J38.61; E185|        Instead of the Mutual Forgivenesses, the Minute Particulars, I see
J38.62; E185|        Pits of bitumen ever burning: artificial Riches of the Canaanite

J38.63; E186|        Like Lakes of liquid lead: instead of heavenly Chapels, built
J38.64; E186|        By our dear Lord: I see Worlds crusted with snows & ice;
J38.65; E186|        I see a Wicker Idol woven round Jerusalems children. I see
J38.66; E186|        The Canaanite, the Amalekite, the Moabite, the Egyptian:
J38.67; E186|        By Demonstrations the cruel Sons of Quality & Negation.
J38.68; E186|        Driven on the Void in incoherent despair into Non Entity
J38.69; E186|        I see America closd apart, & Jerusalem driven in terror
J38.70; E186|        Away from Albions mountains, far away from Londons spires!
J38.71; E186|        I will not endure this thing! I alone withstand to death,
J38.72; E186|        This outrage! Ah me! how sick & pale you all stand round me!
J38.73; E186|        Ah me! pitiable ones! do you also go to deaths vale?
J38.74; E186|        All you my Friends & Brothers! all you my beloved Companions!
J38.75; E186|        Have you also caught the infection of Sin & stern Repentance?
J38.76; E186|        I see Disease arise upon you! yet speak to me and give
J38.77; E186|        Me some comfort: why do you all stand silent? I alone
J38.78; E186|        Remain in permanent strength. Or is all this goodness & pity, only
J38.79; E186|        That you may take the greater vengeance in your Sepulcher.

J38.80; E186|        So Los spoke. Pale they stood around the House of Death:
J38.81; E186|        In the midst of temptations & despair: among the rooted Oaks:
J38.82; E186|        Among reared Rocks of Albions Sons, at length they rose

J39.1;   E186|        With one accord in love sublime, & as on Cherubs wings
J39.2;   E186|        They Albion surround with kindest violence to bear him back
J39.3;   E186|        Against his will thro Los's Gate to Eden: Four-fold; loud!
J39.4;   E186|        Their Wings waving over the bottomless Immense: to bear
J39.5;   E186|        Their awful charge back to his native home: but Albion dark,
J39.6;   E186|        Repugnant; rolld his Wheels backward into Non-Entity
J39.7;   E186|        Loud roll the Starry Wheels of Albion into the World of Death
J39.8;   E186|        And all the Gate of Los, clouded with clouds redounding from
J39.9;   E186|        Albions dread Wheels, stretching out spaces immense between
J39.10; E186|        That every little particle of light & air, became Opake
J39.11; E186|        Black & immense, a Rock of difficulty & a Cliff
J39.12; E186|        Of black despair; that the immortal Wings labourd against
J39.13; E186|        Cliff after cliff, & over Valleys of despair & death:
J39.14; E186|        The narrow Sea between Albion & the Atlantic Continent:
J39.15; E186|        Its waves of pearl became a boundless Ocean bottomless,
J39.16; E186|        Of grey obscurity, filld with clouds & rocks & whirling waters
J39.17; E186|        And Albions Sons ascending & descending in the horrid Void.

J39.18; E186|        But as the Will must not be bended but in the day of Divine
J39.19; E186|        Power: silent calm & motionless, in the mid-air sublime,
J39.20; E186|        The Family Divine hover around the darkend Albion.

J39.21; E186|        Such is the nature of the Ulro: that whatever enters:
J39.22; E186|        Becomes Sexual, & is Created, and Vegetated, and Born.
J39.23; E186|        From Hyde Park spread their vegetating roots beneath Albion
J39.24; E186|        In dreadful pain the Spectrous Uncircumcised Vegetation.

J39.25; E187|        Forming a Sexual Machine: an Aged Virgin Form.
J39.26; E187|        In Erins Land toward the north, joint after joint & burning
J39.27; E187|        In love & jealousy immingled & calling it Religion
J39.28; E187|        And feeling the damps of death they with one accord delegated Los
J39.29; E187|        Conjuring him by the Highest that he should Watch over them
J39.30; E187|        Till Jesus shall appear: & they gave their power to Los
J39.31; E187|        Naming him the Spirit of Prophecy, calling him Elijah

J39.32; E187|        Strucken with Albions disease they become what they behold;
J39.33; E187|        They assimilate with Albion in pity & compassion;
J39.34; E187|        Their Emanations return not: their Spectres rage in the Deep
J39.35; E187|        The Slumbers of Death came over them around the Couch of Death
J39.36; E187|        Before the Gate of Los & in the depths of Non Entity
J39.37; E187|        Among the Furnaces of Los: among the Oaks of Albion.

J39.38; E187|        Man is adjoind to Man by his Emanative portion:
J39.39; E187|        Who is Jerusalem in every individual Man: and her
J39.40; E187|        Shadow is Vala, builded by the Reasoning power in Man
J39.41; E187|        O search & see: turn your eyes inward: open O thou World
J39.42; E187|        Of Love & Harmony in Man: expand thy ever lovely Gates.

J39.43; E187|        They wept into the deeps a little space at length was heard
J39.44; E187|        The voice of Bath, faint as the voice of the Dead in the House of Death

J40.1;   E187|        Bath, healing City! whose wisdom in midst of Poetic
J40.2;   E187|        Fervor: mild spoke thro' the Western Porch, in soft gentle tears

J40.3;   E187|        O Albion mildest Son of Eden! clos'd is thy Western Gate
J40.4;   E187|        Brothers of Eternity! this Man whose great example
J40.5;   E187|        We all admir'd & lov'd, whose all benevolent countenance, seen
J40.6;   E187|        In Eden, in lovely Jerusalem, drew even from envy
J40.7;   E187|        The tear: and the confession of honesty, open & undisguis'd
J40.8;   E187|        From mistrust and suspition. The Man is himself become
J40.9;   E187|        A piteous example of oblivion. To teach the Sons
J40.10; E187|        Of Eden, that however great and glorious; however loving
J40.11; E187|        And merciful the Individuality; however high
J40.12; E187|        Our palaces and cities, and however fruitful are our fields
J40.13; E187|        In Selfhood, we are nothing: but fade away in mornings breath,
J40.14; E187|        Our mildness is nothing: the greatest mildness we can use
J40.15; E187|        Is incapable and nothing! none but the Lamb of God can heal
J40.16; E187|        This dread disease: none but Jesus! O Lord descend and save!
J40.17; E187|        Albions Western Gate is clos'd: his death is coming apace!
J40.18; E187|        Jesus alone can save him; for alas we none can know
J40.19; E187|        How soon his lot may be our own. When Africa in sleep
J40.20; E187|        Rose in the night of Beulah, and bound down the Sun & Moon
J40.21; E187|        His friends cut his strong chains, & overwhelm'd his dark
J40.22; E187|        Machines in fury & destruction, and the Man reviving repented
J40.23; E187|        He wept before his wrathful brethren, thankful & considerate

J40.24; E188|        For their well timed wrath. But Albions sleep is not
J40.25; E188|        Like Africa's: and his machines are woven with his life
J40.26; E188|        Nothing but mercy can save him! nothing but mercy interposing
J40.27; E188|        Lest he should slay Jerusalem in his fearful jealousy
J40.28; E188|        O God descend! gather our brethren, deliver Jerusalem
J40.29; E188|        But that we may omit no office of the friendly spirit
J40.30; E188|        Oxford take thou these leaves of the Tree of Life: with eloquence
J40.31; E188|        That thy immortal tongue inspires; present them to Albion:
J40.32; E188|        Perhaps he may recieve them, offerd from thy loved hands.

J40.33; E188|        So spoke, unheard by Albion. the merciful Son of Heaven
J40.34; E188|        To those whose Western Gates were open, as they stood weeping
J40.35; E188|        Around Albion: but Albion heard him not; obdurate! hard!
J40.36; E188|        He frown'd on all his Friends, counting them enemies in his sorrow

J40.37; E188|        And the Seventeen conjoining with Bath, the Seventh:
J40.38; E188|        In whom the other Ten shone manifest, a Divine Vision!
J40.39; E188|        Assimilated and embrac'd Eternal Death for Albions sake.

J40.40; E188|        And these the names of the Eighteen combining with those Ten   t286

J41.1;   E188|        Bath, mild Physician of Eternity, mysterious power
J41.2;   E188|        Whose springs are unsearchable & knowledg infinite.
J41.3;   E188|        Hereford, ancient Guardian of Wales, whose hands
J41.4;   E188|        Builded the mountain palaces of Eden, stupendous works!
J41.5;   E188|        Lincoln, Durham & Carlisle, Councellors of Los.
J41.6;   E188|        And Ely, Scribe of Los, whose pen no other hand
J41.7;   E188|        Dare touch! Oxford, immortal Bard! with eloquence
J41.8;   E188|        Divine, he wept over Albion: speaking the words of God
J41.9;   E188|        In mild perswasion: bringing leaves of the Tree of Life.

J41.10; E188|        Thou art in Error Albion, the Land of Ulro:
J41.11; E188|        One Error not remov'd, will destroy a human Soul
J41.12; E188|        Repose in Beulahs night, till the Error is remov'd
J41.13; E188|        Reason not on both sides. Repose upon our bosoms
J41.14; E188|        Till the Plow of Jehovah, and the Harrow of Shaddai
J41.15; E188|        Have passed over the Dead, to awake the Dead to Judgment.
J41.16; E188|        But Albion turn'd away refusing comfort.

J41.17; E188|        Oxford trembled while he spoke, then fainted in the arms
J41.18; E188|        Of Norwich, Peterboro, Rochester, Chester awful, Worcester,
J41.19; E188|        Litchfield, Saint Davids, Landaff, Asaph, Bangor, Sodor,
J41.20; E188|        Bowing their heads devoted: and the Furnaces of Los
J41.21; E188|        Began to rage, thundering loud the storms began to roar
J41.22; E188|        Upon the Furnaces, and loud the Furnaces rebellow beneath

J41.23; E188|        And these the Four in whom the twenty-four appear'd four-fold:
J41.24; E188|        Verulam, London, York, Edinburgh, mourning one towards another

J41.25; E189|        Alas!--The time will come, when a mans worst enemies
J41.26; E189|        Shall be those of his own house and family: in a Religion
J41.27; E189|        Of Generation, to destroy by Sin and Atonement, happy Jerusalem,
J41.28; E189|        The Bride and Wife of the Lamb. O God thou art Not an Avenger!

J42.1;   E189|        Thus Albion sat, studious of others in his pale disease:
J42.2;   E189|        Brooding on evil: but when Los opend the Furnaces before him:
J42.3;   E189|        He saw that the accursed things were his own affections,
J42.4;   E189|        And his own beloveds: then he turn'd sick! his soul died within him
J42.5;   E189|        Also Los sick & terrified beheld the Furnaces of Death
J42.6;   E189|        And must have died, but the Divine Saviour descended
J42.7;   E189|        Among the infant loves & affections, and the Divine Vision wept
J42.8;   E189|        Like evening dew on every herb upon the breathing ground

J42.9;   E189|        Albion spoke in his dismal dreams: O thou deceitful friend
J42.10; E189|        Worshipping mercy & beholding thy friend in such affliction:
J42.11; E189|        Los! thou now discoverest thy turpitude to the heavens.
J42.12; E189|        I demand righteousness & justice. O thou ingratitude!
J42.13; E189|        Give me my Emanations back[,] food for my dying soul!
J42.14; E189|        My daughters are harlots! my sons are accursed before me.
J42.15; E189|        Enitharmon is my daughter: accursed with a fathers curse!
J42.16; E189|        O! I have utterly been wasted! I have given my daughters to devils

J42.17; E189|        So spoke Albion in gloomy majesty, and deepest night
J42.18; E189|        Of Ulro rolld round his skirts from Dover to Cornwall.

J42.19; E189|        Los answerd. Righteousness & justice I give thee in return
J42.20; E189|        For thy righteousness! but I add mercy also, and bind
J42.21; E189|        Thee from destroying these little ones: am I to be only
J42.22; E189|        Merciful to thee and cruel to all that thou hatest[?]
J42.23; E189|        Thou wast the Image of God surrounded by the Four Zoa's
J42.24; E189|        Three thou hast slain! I am the Fourth: thou canst not destroy me.
J42.25; E189|        Thou art in Error; trouble me not with thy righteousness.
J42.26; E189|        I have innocence to defend and ignorance to instruct:
J42.27; E189|        I have no time for seeming; and little arts of compliment,
J42.28; E189|        In morality and virtue: in self-glorying and pride.
J42.29; E189|        There is a limit of Opakeness, and a limit of Contraction;
J42.30; E189|        In every Individual Man, and the limit of Opakeness,
J42.31; E189|        Is named Satan: and the limit of Contraction is named Adam.
J42.32; E189|        But when Man sleeps in Beulah, the Saviour in mercy takes
J42.33; E189|        Contractions Limit, and of the Limit he forms Woman: That
J42.34; E189|        Himself may in process of time be born Man to redeem
J42.35; E189|        But there is no Limit of Expansion! there is no Limit of Translucence.
J42.36; E189|        In the bosom of Man for ever from eternity to eternity.
J42.37; E189|        Therefore I break thy bonds of righteousness; I crush thy messengers!
J42.38; E189|        That they may not crush me and mine: do thou be righteous,
J42.39; E189|        And I will return it; otherwise I defy thy worst revenge:

J42.40; E190|        Consider me as thine enemy: on me turn all thy fury
J42.41; E190|        But destroy not these little ones, nor mock the Lords anointed:
J42.42; E190|        Destroy not by Moral Virtue, the little ones whom he hath chosen!
J42.43; E190|        The little ones whom he hath chosen in preference to thee.
J42.44; E190|        He hath cast thee off for ever; the little ones he hath anointed!
J42.45; E190|        Thy Selfhood is for ever accursed from the Divine presence

J42.46; E190|        So Los spoke: then turn'd his face & wept for Albion.

J42.47; E190|        Albion replied. Go! Hand & Hyle! sieze the abhorred friend:   t287
J42.48; E190|        As you Have siezd the Twenty-four rebellious ingratitudes;
J42.49; E190|        To atone for you, for spiritual death! Man lives by deaths of Men
J42.50; E190|        Bring him to justice before heaven here upon London stone,
J42.51; E190|        Between Blackheath & Hounslow, between Norwood & Finchley
J42.52; E190|        All that they have is mine: from my free genrous gift,
J42.53; E190|        They now hold all they have: ingratitude to me!
J42.54; E190|        To me their benefactor calls aloud for vengeance deep.

J42.55; E190|        Los stood before his Furnaces awaiting the fury of the Dead:
J42.56; E190|        And the Divine hand was upon him, strengthening him mightily.

J42.57; E190|        The Spectres of the Dead cry out from the deeps beneath
J42.58; E190|        Upon the hills of Albion; Oxford groans in his iron furnace
J42.59; E190|        Winchester in his den & cavern; they lament against
J42.60; E190|        Albion: they curse their human kindness & affection
J42.61; E190|        They rage like wild beasts in the forests of affliction
J42.62; E190|        In the dreams of Ulro they repent of their human kindness.

J42.63; E190|        Come up, build Babylon, Rahab is ours & all her multitudes
J42.64; E190|        With her in pomp and glory of victory. Depart
J42.65; E190|        Ye twenty-four into the deeps! let us depart to glory!

J42.66; E190|        Their Human majestic forms sit up upon their Couches
J42.67; E190|        Of death: they curb their Spectres as with iron curbs
J42.68; E190|        They enquire after Jerusalem in the regions of the dead,
J42.69; E190|        With the voices of dead men, low, scarcely articulate,
J42.70; E190|        And with tears cold on their cheeks they weary repose.

J42.71; E190|        O when shall the morning of the grave appear, and when
J42.72; E190|        Shall our salvation come? we sleep upon our watch
J42.73; E190|        We cannot awake! and our Spectres rage in the forests
J42.74; E190|        O God of Albion where art thou! pity the watchers!

J42.75; E190|        Thus mourn they. Loud the Furnaces of Los thunder upon
J42.76; E190|        The clouds of Europe & Asia, among the Serpent Temples!

J42.77; E190|        And Los drew his Seven Furnaces around Albions Altars
J42.78; E190|        And as Albion built his frozen Altars, Los built the Mundane Shell,
J42.79; E190|        In the Four Regions of Humanity East & West & North & South,

J42.80; E191|        Till Norwood & Finchley & Blackheath & Hounslow, coverd the whole Earth.
J42.81; E191|        This is the Net & Veil of Vala, among the Souls of the Dead.

J43.1;   E191|        Then the Divine Vision like a silent Sun appeard above
J43.2;   E191|        Albions dark rocks: setting behind the Gardens of Kensington
J43.3;   E191|        On Tyburns River, in clouds of blood: where was mild Zion Hills
J43.4;   E191|        Most ancient promontory, and in the Sun, a Human Form appeard
J43.5;   E191|        And thus the Voice Divine went forth upon the rocks of Albion

J43.6;   E191|        I elected Albion for my glory; I gave to him the Nations,
J43.7;   E191|        Of the whole Earth. he was the Angel of my Presence: and all
J43.8;   E191|        The Sons of God were Albions Sons: and Jerusalem was my joy.
J43.9;   E191|        The Reactor hath hid himself thro envy. I behold him.
J43.10; E191|        But you cannot behold him till he be reveald in his System
J43.11; E191|        Albions Reactor must have a Place prepard: Albion must Sleep
J43.12; E191|        The Sleep of Death, till the Man of Sin & Repentance be reveald.
J43.13; E191|        Hidden in Albions Forests he lurks: he admits of no Reply
J43.14; E191|        From Albion: but hath founded his Reaction into a Law
J43.15; E191|        Of Action, for Obedience to destroy the Contraries of Man[.]
J43.16; E191|        He hath compelld Albion to become a Punisher & hath possessd
J43.17; E191|        Himself of Albions Forests & Wilds! and Jerusalem is taken!
J43.18; E191|        The City of the Woods in the Forest of Ephratah is taken!
J43.19; E191|        London is a stone of her ruins; Oxford is the dust of her walls!
J43.20; E191|        Sussex & Kent are her scatterd garments: Ireland her holy place!
J43.21; E191|        And the murderd bodies of her little ones are Scotland and Wales
J43.22; E191|        The Cities of the Nations are the smoke of her consummation
J43.23; E191|        The Nations are her dust! ground by the chariot wheels
J43.24; E191|        Of her lordly conquerors, her palaces levelld with the dust
J43.25; E191|        I come that I may find a way for my banished ones to return
J43.26; E191|        Fear not O little Flock I come! Albion shall rise again.

J43.27; E191|        So saying, the mild Sun inclosd the Human Family.

J43.28; E191|        Forthwith from Albions darkning [r]ocks came two Immortal forms  t288
J43.29; E191|        Saying We alone are escaped. O merciful Lord and Saviour,
J43.30; E191|        We flee from the interiors of Albions hills and mountains!
J43.31; E191|        From his Valleys Eastward: from Amalek Canaan & Moab:
J43.32; E191|        Beneath his vast ranges of hills surrounding Jerusalem.

J43.33; E191|        Albion walkd on the steps of fire before his Halls
J43.34; E191|        And Vala walkd with him in dreams of soft deluding slumber.
J43.35; E191|        He looked up & saw the Prince of Light with splendor faded
J43.36; E191|        Then Albion ascended mourning into the porches of his Palace
J43.37; E191|        Above him rose a Shadow from his wearied intellect:
J43.38; E191|        Of living gold, pure, perfect, holy: in white linen pure he hoverd

J43.39; E192|        A sweet entrancing self-delusion a watry vision of Albion
J43.40; E192|        Soft exulting in existence; all the Man absorbing!

J43.41; E192|        Albion fell upon his face prostrate before the watry Shadow
J43.42; E192|        Saying O Lord whence is this change! thou knowest I am nothing!
J43.43; E192|        And Vala trembled & coverd her face! & her locks were spread on the pavement

J43.44; E192|        We heard astonishd at the Vision & our heart trembled within us:
J43.45; E192|        We heard the voice of slumberous Albion, and thus he spake,
J43.46; E192|        Idolatrous to his own Shadow words of eternity uttering:

J43.47; E192|        O I am nothing when I enter into judgment with thee!
J43.48; E192|        If thou withdraw thy breath I die & vanish into Hades
J43.49; E192|        If thou dost lay thine hand upon me behold I am silent:
J43.50; E192|        If thou withhold thine hand; I perish like a fallen leaf:
J43.51; E192|        O I am nothing: and to nothing must return again:
J43.52; E192|        If thou withdraw thy breath. Behold I am oblivion.

J43.53; E192|        He ceasd: the shadowy voice was silent: but the cloud hoverd over their heads
J43.54; E192|        In golden wreathes, the sorrow of Man; & the balmy drops fell down.
J43.55; E192|        And lo! that son of Man that Shadowy Spirit of mild Albion:
J43.56; E192|        Luvah descended from the cloud; in terror Albion rose:
J43.57; E192|        Indignant rose the awful Man, & turnd his back on Vala.

J43.58; E192|        We heard the voice of Albion starting from his sleep:

J43.59; E192|        Whence is this voice crying Enion! that soundeth in my ears?
J43.60; E192|        O cruel pity! O dark deceit! can love seek for dominion?

J43.61; E192|        And Luvah strove to gain dominion over Albion
J43.62; E192|        They strove together above the Body where Vala was inclosd
J43.63; E192|        And the dark Body of Albion left prostrate upon the crystal pavement,
J43.64; E192|        Coverd with boils from head to foot: the terrible smitings of Luvah.

J43.65; E192|        Then frownd the fallen Man, and put forth Luvah from his presence
J43.66; E192|        Saying. Go and Die the Death of Man, for Vala the sweet wanderer.
J43.67; E192|        I will turn the volutions of your ears outward, and bend your nostrils
J43.68; E192|        Downward, and your fluxile eyes englob'd roll round in fear:
J43.69; E192|        Your withring lips and tongue shrink up into a narrow circle,
J43.70; E192|        Till into narrow forms you creep: go take your fiery way:
J43.71; E192|        And learn what tis to absorb the Man you Spirits of Pity & Love.

J43.72; E192|        They heard the voice and fled swift as the winters setting sun.
J43.73; E192|        And now the human blood foamd high, the Spirits Luvah & Vala,
J43.74; E192|        Went down the Human Heart where Paradise & its joys abounded,
J43.75; E192|        In jealous fears & fury & rage, & flames roll round their fervid feet:
J43.76; E192|        And the vast form of Nature like a serpent playd before them
J43.77; E192|        And as they fled in folding fires & thunders of the deep:

J43.78; E193|        Vala shrunk in like the dark sea that leaves its slimy banks.
J43.79; E193|        And from her bosom Luvah fell far as the east and west.
J43.80; E193|        And the vast form of Nature like a serpent rolld between,
J43.81; E193|        Whether of Jerusalems or Valas ruins congenerated, we know not:
J43.82; E193|        All is confusion: all is tumult, & we alone are escaped.
J43.83; E193|        So spoke the fugitives; they joind the Divine Family, trembling   t289

J44.1;   E193|        And the Two that escaped; were the Emanation of Los & his
J44.2;   E193|        Spectre: for whereever the Emanation goes, the Spectre
J44.3;   E193|        Attends her as her Guard, & Los's Emanation is named
J44.4;   E193|        Enitharmon, & his Spectre is named Urthona: they knew
J44.5;   E193|        Not where to flee: they had been on a visit to Albions Children
J44.6;   E193|        And they strove to weave a Shadow of the Emanation
J44.7;   E193|        To hide themselves: weeping & lamenting for the Vegetation
J44.8;   E193|        Of Albions Children; fleeing thro Albions vales in streams of gore

J44.9;   E193|        Being not irritated by insult bearing insulting benevolences
J44.10; E193|        They percieved that corporeal friends are spiritual enemies
J44.11; E193|        They saw the Sexual Religion in its embryon Uncircumcision
J44.12; E193|        And the Divine hand was upon them bearing them thro darkness
J44.13; E193|        Back safe to their Humanity as doves to their windows:
J44.14; E193|        Therefore the Sons of Eden praise Urthonas Spectre in Songs
J44.15; E193|        Because he kept the Divine Vision in time of trouble.

J44.16; E193|        They wept & trembled: & Los put forth his hand & took them in
J44.17; E193|        Into his Bosom: from which Albion shrunk in dismal pain;
J44.18; E193|        Rending the fibres of Brotherhood & in Feminine Allegories
J44.19; E193|        Inclosing Los: but the Divine Vision appeard with Los
J44.20; E193|        Following Albion into his Central Void among his Oaks.

J44.21; E193|        And Los prayed and said. O Divine Saviour arise
J44.22; E193|        Upon the Mountains of Albion as in ancient time. Behold!
J44.23; E193|        The Cities of Albion seek thy face, London groans in pain
J44.24; E193|        From Hill to Hill & the Thames laments along the Valleys
J44.25; E193|        The little Villages of Middlesex & Surrey hunger & thirst
J44.26; E193|        The Twenty-eight Cities of Albion stretch their hands to thee:
J44.27; E193|        Because of the Opressors of Albion in every City & Village:
J44.28; E193|        They mock at the Labourers limbs! they mock at his starvd Children.
J44.29; E193|        They buy his Daughters that they may have power to sell his Sons:
J44.30; E193|        They compell the Poor to live upon a crust of bread by soft mild arts:
J44.31; E193|        They reduce the Man to want: then give with pomp & ceremony.
J44.32; E193|        The praise of Jehovah is chaunted from lips of hunger & thirst!
J44.33; E193|        Humanity knows not of Sex: wherefore are Sexes in Beulah?
J44.34; E193|        In Beulah the Female lets down her beautiful Tabernacle;
J44.35; E193|        Which the Male enters magnificent between her Cherubim:
J44.36; E193|        And becomes One with her mingling condensing in Self-love
J44.37; E193|        The Rocky Law of Condemnation & double Generation, & Death.

J44.38; E194|        Albion hath enterd the Loins the place of the Last Judgment:
J44.39; E194|        And Luvah hath drawn the Curtains around Albion in Vala's bosom
J44.40; E194|        The Dead awake to Generation! Arise O Lord, & rend the Veil!

J44.41; E194|        So Los in lamentations followd Albion, Albion coverd,

J45.1;   E194|        His western heaven with rocky clouds of death & despair.

J45.2;   E194|        Fearing that Albion should turn his back against the Divine Vision
J45.3;   E194|        Los took his globe of fire to search the interiors of Albions
J45.4;   E194|        Bosom, in all the terrors of friendship, entering the caves
J45.5;   E194|        Of despair & death, to search the tempters out, walking among
J45.6;   E194|        Albions rocks & precipices! caves of solitude & dark despair,
J45.7;   E194|        And saw every Minute Particular of Albion degraded & murderd
J45.8;   E194|        But saw not by whom; they were hidden within in the minute particulars
J45.9;   E194|        Of which they had possessd themselves; and there they take up
J45.10; E194|        The articulations of a mans soul, and laughing throw it down
J45.11; E194|        Into the frame, then knock it out upon the plank, & souls are bak'd
J45.12; E194|        In bricks to build the pyramids of Heber & Terah. But Los
J45.13; E194|        Searchd in vain: closd from the minutia he walkd, difficult.
J45.14; E194|        He came down from Highgate thro Hackney & Holloway towards London
J45.15; E194|        Till he came to old Stratford & thence to Stepney & the Isle
J45.16; E194|        Of Leuthas Dogs, thence thro the narrows of the Rivers side
J45.17; E194|        And saw every minute particular, the jewels of Albion, running down
J45.18; E194|        The kennels of the streets & lanes as if they were abhorrd.
J45.19; E194|        Every Universal Form, was become barren mountains of Moral
J45.20; E194|        Virtue: and every Minute Particular hardend into grains of sand:
J45.21; E194|        And all the tendernesses of the soul cast forth as filth & mire,
J45.22; E194|        Among the winding places of deep contemplation intricate
J45.23; E194|        To where the Tower of London frownd dreadful over Jerusalem:
J45.24; E194|        A building of Luvah builded in Jerusalems eastern gate to be
J45.25; E194|        His secluded Court: thence to Bethlehem where was builded
J45.26; E194|        Dens of despair in the house of bread: enquiring in vain
J45.27; E194|        Of stones and rocks he took his way, for human form was none:
J45.28; E194|        And thus he spoke, looking on Albions City with many tears

J45.29; E194|        What shall I do! what could I do, if I could find these Criminals
J45.30; E194|        I could not dare to take vengeance; for all things are so constructed
J45.31; E194|        And builded by the Divine hand, that the sinner shall always escape,
J45.32; E194|        And he who takes vengeance alone is the criminal of Providence;
J45.33; E194|        If I should dare to lay my finger on a grain of sand
J45.34; E194|        In way of vengeance; I punish the already punishd: O whom
J45.35; E194|        Should I pity if I pity not the sinner who is gone astray!
J45.36; E194|        O Albion, if thou takest vengeance; if thou revengest thy wrongs
J45.37; E194|        Thou art for ever lost! What can I do to hinder the Sons
J45.38; E194|        Of Albion from taking vengeance? or how shall I them perswade.

J45.39; E195|        So spoke Los, travelling thro darkness & horrid solitude:
J45.40; E195|        And he beheld Jerusalem in Westminster & Marybone,
J45.41; E195|        Among the ruins of the Temple: and Vala who is her Shadow,
J45.42; E195|        Jerusalems Shadow bent northward over the Island white.
J45.43; E195|        At length he sat on London Stone, & heard Jerusalems voice.

J45.44; E195|        Albion I cannot be thy Wife. thine own Minute Particulars,
J45.45; E195|        Belong to God alone. and all thy little ones are holy
J45.46; E195|        They are of Faith & not of Demonstration: wherefore is Vala
J45.47; E195|        Clothd in black mourning upon my rivers currents, Vala awake!
J45.48; E195|        I hear thy shuttles sing in the sky, and round my limbs
J45.49; E195|        I feel the iron threads of love & jealousy & despair.

J45.50; E195|        Vala reply'd. Albion is mine! Luvah gave me to Albion
J45.51; E195|        And now recieves reproach & hate. Was it not said of old
J45.52; E195|        Set your Son before a man & he shall take you & your sons
J45.53; E195|        For slaves: but set your Daughter before a man & She
J45.54; E195|        Shall make him & his sons & daughters your slaves for ever!
J45.55; E195|        And is this Faith? Behold the strife of Albion, & Luvah
J45.56; E195|        Is great in the east, their spears of blood rage in the eastern heaven
J45.57; E195|        Urizen is the champion of Albion, they will slay my Luvah:
J45.58; E195|        And thou O harlot daughter! daughter of despair art all
J45.59; E195|        This cause of these shakings of my towers on Euphrates.
J45.60; E195|        Here is the House of Albion, & here is thy secluded place
J45.61; E195|        And here we have found thy sins: & hence we turn thee forth,
J45.62; E195|        For all to avoid thee: to be astonishd at thee for thy sins:
J45.63; E195|        Because thou art the impurity & the harlot: & thy children!
J45.64; E195|        Children of whoredoms: born for Sacrifice: for the meat & drink
J45.65; E195|        Offering: to sustain the glorious combat & the battle & war
J45.66; E195|        That Man may be purified by the death of thy delusions.

J45.67; E195|        So saying she her dark threads cast over the trembling River:
J45.68; E195|        And over the valleys; from the hills of Hertfordshire to the hills
J45.69; E195|        Of Surrey across Middlesex & across Albions House
J45.70; E195|        Of Eternity! pale stood Albion at his eastern gate,

J46.1;   E195|        Leaning against the pillars, & his disease rose from his skirts
J46.2;   E195|        Upon the Precipice he stood! ready to fall into Non-Entity.

J46.3;   E195|        Los was all astonishment & terror: he trembled sitting on the Stone
J46.4;   E195|        Of London: but the interiors of Albions fibres & nerves were hidden
J46.5;   E195|        From Los; astonishd be beheld only the petrified surfaces:
J46.6;   E195|        And saw his Furnaces in ruins, for Los is the Demon of the Furnaces;
J46.7;   E195|        He saw also the Four Points of Albion reversd inwards
J46.8;   E195|        He siezd his Hammer & Tongs, his iron Poker & his Bellows,
J46.9;   E195|        Upon the valleys of Middlesex, Shouting loud for aid Divine.

J46.10; E195|        In stern defiance came from Albions bosom Hand, Hyle, Koban,
J46.11; E195|        Gwantok, Peachy, Brertun, Slaid, Huttn, Skofeld, Kock, Kotope

J46.12; E196|        Bowen: Albions Sons: they bore him a golden couch into the porch
J46.13; E196|        And on the Couch reposd his limbs, trembling from the bloody field.
J46.14; E196|        Rearing their Druid Patriarchal rocky Temples around his limbs.
J46.15; E196|        (All things begin & end, in Albions Ancient Druid Rocky Shore.)

J47.1;   E196|        [When Albion utterd his last words Hope is banishd from me]   t290
J47.2;   E196|        From Camberwell to Highgate where the mighty Thames shudders along,
J47.3;   E196|        Where Los's Furnaces stand, where Jerusalem & Vala howl:
J47.4;   E196|        Luvah tore forth from Albions Loins, in fibrous veins, in rivers
J47.5;   E196|        Of blood over Europe: a Vegetating Root in grinding pain.
J47.6;   E196|        Animating the Dragon Temples, soon to become that Holy Fiend
J47.7;   E196|        The Wicker Man of Scandinavia in which cruelly consumed
J47.8;   E196|        The Captives reard to heaven howl in flames among the stars
J47.9;   E196|        Loud the cries of War on the Rhine & Danube, with Albions Sons,
J47.10; E196|        Away from Beulahs hills & vales break forth the Souls of the Dead,
J47.11; E196|        With cymbal, trumpet, clarion; & the scythed chariots of Britain.

J47.12; E196|        And the Veil of Vala, is composed of the Spectres of the Dead

J47.13; E196|        Hark! the mingling cries of Luvah with the Sons of Albion
J47.14; E196|        Hark! & Record the terrible wonder! that the Punisher
J47.15; E196|        Mingles with his Victims Spectre, enslaved and tormented
J47.16; E196|        To him whom he has murderd, bound in vengeance & enmity
J47.17; E196|        Shudder not, but Write, & the hand of God will assist you!
J47.18; E196|        Therefore I write Albions last words. Hope is banish'd from me.

J48.1;   E196|        These were his last words, and the merciful Saviour in his arms
J48.2;   E196|        Reciev'd him, in the arms of tender mercy and repos'd
J48.3;   E196|        The pale limbs of his Eternal Individuality
J48.4;   E196|        Upon the Rock of Ages. Then, surrounded with a Cloud:
J48.5;   E196|        In silence the Divine Lord builded with immortal labour,
J48.6;   E196|        Of gold & jewels a sublime Ornament, a Couch of repose,
J48.7;   E196|        With Sixteen pillars: canopied with emblems & written verse.
J48.8;   E196|        Spiritual Verse, order'd & measur'd, from whence, time shall reveal.
J48.9;   E196|        The Five books of the Decalogue, the books of Joshua & Judges,
J48.10; E196|        Samuel, a double book & Kings, a double book, the Psalms & Prophets
J48.11; E196|        The Four-fold Gospel, and the Revelations everlasting
J48.12; E196|        Eternity groan'd & was troubled, at the image of Eternal Death!

J48.13; E196|        Beneath the bottoms of the Graves, which is Earths central joint,
J48.14; E196|        There is a place where Contrarieties are equally true:
J48.15; E196|        (To protect from the Giant blows in the sports of intellect,
J48.16; E196|        Thunder in the midst of kindness, & love that kills its beloved:
J48.17; E196|        Because Death is for a period, and they renew tenfold.)
J48.18; E196|        From this sweet Place Maternal Love awoke Jerusalem

J48.19; E197|        With pangs she forsook Beulah's pleasant lovely shadowy Universe
J48.20; E197|        Where no dispute can come; created for those who Sleep.

J48.21; E197|        Weeping was in all Beulah, and all the Daughters of Beulah
J48.22; E197|        Wept for their Sister the Daughter of Albion, Jerusalem:
J48.23; E197|        When out of Beulah the Emanation of the Sleeper descended
J48.24; E197|        With solemn mourning out of Beulahs moony shades and hills:
J48.25; E197|        Within the Human Heart, whose Gates closed with solemn sound.

J48.26; E197|        And this the manner of the terrible Separation
J48.27; E197|        The Emanations of the grievously afflicted Friends of Albion
J48.28; E197|        Concenter in one Female form an Aged pensive Woman.
J48.29; E197|        Astonish'd! lovely! embracing the sublime shade: the Daughters of Beulah
J48.30; E197|        Beheld her with wonder! With awful hands she took
J48.31; E197|        A Moment of Time, drawing it out with many tears & afflictions
J48.32; E197|        And many sorrows: oblique across the Atlantic Vale
J48.33; E197|        Which is the Vale of Rephaim dreadful from East to West,
J48.34; E197|        Where the Human Harvest waves abundant in the beams of Eden
J48.35; E197|        Into a Rainbow of jewels and gold, a mild Reflection from
J48.36; E197|        Albions dread Tomb. Eight thousand and five hundred years
J48.37; E197|        In its extension. Every two hundred years has a door to Eden
J48.38; E197|        She also took an Atom of Space, with dire pain opening it a Center
J48.39; E197|        Into Beulah: trembling the Daughters of Beulah dried
J48.40; E197|        Her tears. she ardent embrac'd her sorrows. occupied in labours
J48.41; E197|        Of sublime mercy in Rephaims Vale. Perusing Albions Tomb
J48.42; E197|        She sat: she walk'd among the ornaments solemn mourning.
J48.43; E197|        The Daughters attended her shudderings, wiping the death sweat
J48.44; E197|        Los also saw her in his seventh Furnace, he also terrified
J48.45; E197|        Saw the finger of God go forth upon his seventh Furnace:
J48.46; E197|        Away from the Starry Wheels to prepare Jerusalem a place.
J48.47; E197|        When with a dreadful groan the Emanation mild of Albion.
J48.48; E197|        Burst from his bosom in the Tomb like a pale snowy cloud,
J48.49; E197|        Female and lovely, struggling to put off the Human form
J48.50; E197|        Writhing in pain. The Daughters of Beulah in kind arms reciev'd
J48.51; E197|        Jerusalem: weeping over her among the Spaces of Erin,
J48.52; E197|        In the Ends of Beulah, where the Dead wail night & day.

J48.53; E197|        And thus Erin spoke to the Daughters of Beulah, in soft tears

J48.54; E197|        Albion the Vortex of the Dead!Albion the Generous!
J48.55; E197|        Albion the mildest son of Heaven! The Place of Holy Sacrifice!
J48.56; E197|        Where Friends Die for each other: will become the Place,
J48.57; E197|        Of Murder, & Unforgiving, Never-awaking Sacrifice of Enemies
J48.58; E197|        The Children must be sacrific'd! (a horror never known
J48.59; E197|        Till now in Beulah.) unless a Refuge can be found
J48.60; E197|        To hide them from the wrath of Albions Law that freezes sore
J48.61; E197|        Upon his Sons & Daughters, self-exiled from his bosom

J48.62; E198|        Draw ye Jerusalem away from Albions Mountains
J48.63; E198|        To give a Place for Redemption, let Sihon and Og
J48.64; E198|        Remove Eastward to Bashan and Gilead, and leave

J49.1;   E198|        The secret coverts of Albion & the hidden places of America
J49.2;   E198|        Jerusalem Jerusalem! why wilt thou turn away
J49.3;   E198|        Come ye O Daughters of Beulah, lament for Og & Sihon
J49.4;   E198|        Upon the Lakes of Ireland from Rathlin to Baltimore:
J49.5;   E198|        Stand ye upon the Dargle from Wicklow to Drogheda
J49.6;   E198|        Come & mourn over Albion the White Cliff of the Atlantic
J49.7;   E198|        The Mountain of Giants: all the Giants of Albion are become
J49.8;   E198|        Weak! witherd! darkend! & Jerusalem is cast forth from Albion.
J49.9;   E198|        They deny that they ever knew Jerusalem, or ever dwelt in Shiloh
J49.10; E198|        The Gigantic roots & twigs of the vegetating Sons of Albion
J49.11; E198|        Filld with the little-ones are consumed in the Fires of their Altars
J49.12; E198|        The vegetating Cities are burned & consumed from the Earth:
J49.13; E198|        And the Bodies in which all Animals & Vegetations, the Earth & Heaven
J49.14; E198|        Were containd in the All Glorious Imagination are witherd & darkend;
J49.15; E198|        The golden Gate of Havilah, and all the Garden of God,
J49.16; E198|        Was caught up with the Sun in one day of fury and war:
J49.17; E198|        The Lungs, the Heart, the Liver, shrunk away far distant from Man
J49.18; E198|        And left a little slimy substance floating upon the tides.
J49.19; E198|        In one night the Atlantic Continent was caught up with the Moon,
J49.20; E198|        And became an Opake Globe far distant clad with moony beams.
J49.21; E198|        The Visions of Eternity, by reason of narrowed perceptions,
J49.22; E198|        Are become weak Visions of Time & Space, fix'd into furrows of death;
J49.23; E198|        Till deep dissimulation is the only defence an honest man has left
J49.24; E198|        O Polypus of Death O Spectre over Europe and Asia
J49.25; E198|        Withering the Human Form by Laws of Sacrifice for Sin
J49.26; E198|        By Laws of Chastity & Abhorrence I am witherd up.
J49.27; E198|        Striving to Create a Heaven in which all shall be pure & holy
J49.28; E198|        In their Own Selfhoods, in Natural Selfish Chastity to banish Pity
J49.29; E198|        And dear Mutual Forgiveness; & to become One Great Satan
J49.30; E198|        Inslavd to the most powerful Selfhood: to murder the Divine Humanity
J49.31; E198|        In whose sight all are as the dust & who chargeth his Angels with folly!
J49.32; E198|        Ah! weak & wide astray! Ah shut in narrow doleful form!
J49.33; E198|        Creeping in reptile flesh upon the bosom of the ground!
J49.34; E198|        The Eye of Man, a little narrow orb, closd up & dark,
J49.35; E198|        Scarcely beholding the Great Light; conversing with the [Void]:   t291
J49.36; E198|        The Ear, a little shell, in small volutions shutting out
J49.37; E198|        True Harmonies, & comprehending great, as very small:
J49.38; E198|        The Nostrils, bent down to the earth & clos'd with senseless flesh.
J49.39; E198|        That odours cannot them expand, nor joy on them exult:
J49.40; E198|        The Tongue, a little moisture fills, a little food it cloys,
J49.41; E198|        A little sound it utters, & its cries are faintly heard.

J49.42; E199|        Therefore they are removed: therefore they have taken root
J49.43; E199|        In Egypt & Philistea: in Moab & Edom & Aram:
J49.44; E199|        In the Erythrean Sea their Uncircu[m]cision in Heart & Loins
J49.45; E199|        Be lost for ever & ever. then they shall arise from Self,
J49.46; E199|        By Self Annihilation into Jerusalems Courts & into Shiloh
J49.47; E199|        Shiloh the Masculine Emanation among the Flowers of Beulah
J49.48; E199|        Lo Shiloh dwells over France, as Jerusalem dwells over Albion
J49.49; E199|        Build & prepare a Wall & Curtain for Americas shore!
J49.50; E199|        Rush on: Rush on! Rush on! ye vegetating Sons of Albion
J49.51; E199|        The Sun shall go before you in Day: the Moon shall go
J49.52; E199|        Before you in Night. Come on! Come on! Come on! The Lord
J49.53; E199|        Jehovah is before, behind, above, beneath, around
J49.54; E199|        He has builded the arches of Albions Tomb binding the Stars
J49.55; E199|        In merciful Order, bending the Laws of Cruelty to Peace.
J49.56; E199|        He hath placed Og & Anak, the Giants of Albion for their Guards:
J49.57; E199|        Building the Body of Moses in the Valley of Peor: the Body
J49.58; E199|        Of Divine Analogy; and Og & Sihon in the tears of Balaam
J49.59; E199|        The Son of Beor, have given their power to Joshua & Caleb.
J49.60; E199|        Remove from Albion, far remove these terrible surfaces.
J49.61; E199|        They are beginning to form Heavens & Hells in immense
J49.62; E199|        Circles: the Hells for food to the Heavens: food of torment,
J49.63; E199|        Food of despair: they drink the condemnd Soul & rejoice
J49.64; E199|        In cruel holiness, in their Heavens of Chastity & Uncircumcision
J49.65; E199|        Yet they are blameless & Iniquity must be imputed only
J49.66; E199|        To the State they are enterd into that they may be deliverd:
J49.67; E199|        Satan is the State of Death, & not a Human existence:
J49.68; E199|        But Luvah is named Satan, because he has enterd that State.
J49.69; E199|        A World where Man is by Nature the enemy of Man
J49.70; E199|        Because the Evil is Created into a State. that Men
J49.71; E199|        May be deliverd time after time evermore. Amen.
J49.72; E199|        Learn therefore O Sisters to distinguish the Eternal Human
J49.73; E199|        That walks about among the stones of fire in bliss & woe
J49.74; E199|        Alternate! from those States or Worlds in which the Spirit travels:
J49.75; E199|        This is the only means to Forgiveness of Enemies[.]
J49.76; E199|        Therefore remove from Albion these terrible Surfaces
J49.77; E199|        And let wild seas & rocks close up Jerusalem away from

J50.1;   E199|        The Atlantic Mountains where Giants dwelt in Intellect;
J50.2;   E199|        Now given to stony Druids, and Allegoric Generation
J50.3;   E199|        To the Twelve Gods of Asia, the Spectres of those who Sleep:
J50.4;   E199|        Sway'd by a Providence oppos'd to the Divine Lord Jesus:
J50.5;   E199|        A murderous Providence! A Creation that groans, living on Death.
J50.6;   E199|        Where Fish & Bird & Beast & Man & Tree & Metal & Stone
J50.7;   E199|        Live by Devouring, going into Eternal Death continually:
J50.8;   E199|        Albion is now possess'd by the War of Blood! the Sacrifice
J50.9;   E199|        Of envy Albion is become, and his Emanation cast out:

J50.10; E200|        Come Lord Jesus, Lamb of God descend! for if; O Lord!
J50.11; E200|        If thou hadst been here, our brother Albion had not died.
J50.12; E200|        Arise sisters! Go ye & meet the Lord, while I remain--
J50.13; E200|        Behold the foggy mornings of the Dead on Albions cliffs!
J50.14; E200|        Ye know that if the Emanation remains in them:
J50.15; E200|        She will become an Eternal Death, an Avenger of Sin
J50.16; E200|        A Self-righteousness: the proud Virgin-Harlot! Mother of War!
J50.17; E200|        And we also & all Beulah, consume beneath Albions curse.

J50.18; E200|        So Erin spoke to the Daughters of Beulah. Shuddering
J50.19; E200|        With their wings they sat in the Furnace, in a night
J50.20; E200|        Of stars, for all the Sons of Albion appeard distant stars,
J50.21; E200|        Ascending and descending into Albions sea of death.
J50.22; E200|        And Erins lovely Bow enclos'd the Wheels of Albions Sons.
J50.23; E200|        Expanding on wing, the Daughters of Beulah replied in sweet response

J50.24; E200|        Come O thou Lamb of God and take away the remembrance of Sin
J50.25; E200|        To Sin & to hide the Sin in sweet deceit. is lovely!!
J50.26; E200|        To Sin in the open face of day is cruel & pitiless! But
J50.27; E200|        To record the Sin for a reproach: to let the Sun go down
J50.28; E200|        In a remembrance of the Sin: is a Woe & a Horror!
J50.29; E200|        A brooder of an Evil Day, and a Sun rising in blood
J50.30; E200|        Come then O Lamb of God and take away the remembrance of Sin

J50.31; E200|        End of Chap. 2d.   t292

J52; E200|        |The Spiritual States of
J52; E200|        |the Soul are all Eternal
J52; E200|        Rahab is an | To the Deists. |Distinguish between the
J52; E200|        Eternal State | |Man, & his present State

J52prose; E200|        He never can be a Friend to the Human Race who is the Preacher
J52prose; E200|        of Natural Morality or Natural Religion. he is a flatterer who
J52prose; E200|        means to betray, to perpetuate Tyrant Pride & the Laws of that
J52prose; E200|        Babylon which he foresees shall shortly be destroyed, with the
J52prose; E200|        Spiritual and not the Natural Sword: He is in the State named
J52prose; E200|        Rahab: which State must be put off before he can be the Friend of
J52prose; E200|        Man.
J52prose; E200|        You O Deists profess yourselves the Enemies of Christianity:
J52prose; E200|        and you are so: you are also the Enemies of the Human Race & of
J52prose; E200|        Universal Nature. Man is born a Spectre or Satan & is altogether
J52prose; E200|        an Evil, & requires a New Selfhood continually & must continually
J52prose; E200|        be changed into his direct Contrary. But your Greek Philosophy
J52prose; E200|        (which is a remnant of Druidism) teaches that Man is Righteous in
J52prose; E200|        his Vegetated Spectre: an Opinion of fatal & accursed consequence
J52prose; E200|        to Man, as the Ancients saw plainly by Revelation to the intire
J52prose; E200|        abrogation of

J52prose; E201|        Experimental Theory. and many believed what they saw, and
J52prose; E201|        Prophecied of Jesus.
J52prose; E201|        Man must & will have Some Religion; if he has not the Religion
J52prose; E201|        of Jesus, he will have the Religion of Satan, & will erect the
J52prose; E201|        Synagogue of Satan. calling the Prince of this World, God; and
J52prose; E201|        destroying all who do not worship Satan under the Name of God.
J52prose; E201|        Will any one say: Where are those who worship Satan under the
J52prose; E201|        Name of God! Where are they? Listen! Every Religion that Preaches
J52prose; E201|        Vengeance for Sins the Religion of the Enemy & Avenger; and not
J52prose; E201|        the Forgiver of Sin, and their God is Satan, Named by the Divine
J52prose; E201|        Name Your Religion O Deists: Deism, is the Worship of the God
J52prose; E201|        of this World by the means of what you call Natural Religion and
J52prose; E201|        Natural Philosophy, and of Natural Morality or
J52prose; E201|        Self-Righteousness, the Selfish Virtues of the Natural Heart.
J52prose; E201|        This was the Religion of the Pharises who murderd Jesus. Deism
J52prose; E201|        is the same & ends in the same.
J52prose; E201|        Voltaire Rousseau Gibbon Hume. charge the Spiritually Religious
J52prose; E201|        with Hypocrisy! but how a Monk or a Methodist either, can be a
J52prose; E201|        Hypocrite: I cannot concieve. We are Men of like passions with
J52prose; E201|        others & pretend not to be holier than others: therefore, when a
J52prose; E201|        Religious Man falls into Sin, he ought not to be calld a
J52prose; E201|        Hypocrite: this title is more properly to be given to a Player
J52prose; E201|        who falls into Sin; whose profession is Virtue & Morality & the
J52prose; E201|        making Men Self-Righteous. Foote in calling Whitefield,
J52prose; E201|        Hypocrite: was himself one: for Whitefield pretended not to be
J52prose; E201|        holier than others: but confessed his Sins before all the World;
J52prose; E201|        Voltaire! Rousseau! You cannot escape my charge that you are
J52prose; E201|        Pharisees & Hypocrites, for you are constantly talking of the
J52prose; E201|        Virtues of the Human Heart, and particularly of your own, that
J52prose; E201|        you may accuse others & especially the Religious, whose errors,
J52prose; E201|        you by this display of pretended Virtue, chiefly design to
J52prose; E201|        expose. Rousseau thought Men Good by Nature; he found them Evil
J52prose; E201|        & found no friend. Friendship cannot exist without Forgiveness
J52prose; E201|        of Sins continually. The Book written by Rousseau calld his
J52prose; E201|        Confessions is an apology & cloke for his sin & not a confession.
J52prose; E201|        But you also charge the poor Monks & Religious with being the
J52prose; E201|        causes of War: while you acquit & flatter the Alexanders &
J52prose; E201|        Caesars, the Lewis's & Fredericks: who alone are its causes & its
J52prose; E201|        actors. But the Religion of Jesus, Forgiveness of Sin, can never
J52prose; E201|        be the cause of a War nor of a single Martyrdom.
J52prose; E201|        Those who Martyr others or who cause War are Deists, but never
J52prose; E201|        can be Forgivers of Sin. The Glory of Christianity is, To
J52prose; E201|        Conquer by Forgiveness. All the Destruction therefore, in
J52prose; E201|        Christian Europe as arisen from Deism, which is Natural
J52prose; E201|        Religion.

J52.1;   E201|        I saw a Monk of Charlemaine   t293
J52.2;   E201|        Arise before my sight
J52.3;   E201|        I talkd with the Grey Monk as we stood   t294
J52.4;   E201|        In beams of infernal light

J52.5;   E202|        Gibbon arose with a lash of steel   t295
J52.6;   E202|        And Voltaire with a wracking wheel
J52.7;   E202|        The Schools in clouds of learning rolld   t296
J52.8;   E202|        Arose with War in iron & gold.

J52.9;   E202|        Thou lazy Monk they sound afar   t297
J52.10; E202|        In vain condemning glorious War   t298
J52.11; E202|        And in your Cell you shall ever dwell   t299
J52.12; E202|        Rise War & bind him in his Cell.

J52.13; E202|        The blood. red ran from the Grey Monks side
J52.14; E202|        His hands & feet were wounded wide
J52.15; E202|        His body bent, his arms & knees
J52.16; E202|        Like to the roots of ancient trees

J52.17; E202|        When Satan first the black bow bent   t300
J52.18; E202|        And the Moral Law from the Gospel rent
J52.19; E202|        He forgd the Law into a Sword
J52.20; E202|        And spilld the blood of mercys Lord.

J52.21; E202|        Titus! Constantine! Charlemaine!   t301
J52.22; E202|        O Voltaire! Rousseau! Gibbon! Vain
J52.23; E202|        Your Grecian Mocks & Roman Sword   t302
J52.24; E202|        Against this image of his Lord!

J52.25; E202|        For a Tear is an Intellectual thing;   t303
J52.26; E202|        And a Sigh is the Sword of an Angel King
J52.27; E202|        And the bitter groan of a Martyrs woe   t304
J52.28; E202|        Is an Arrow from the Almighties Bow!

J53; E202|        Jerusalem

J53; E202|        Chap 3.

J53.1;   E202|        But Los, who is the Vehicular Form of strong Urthona
J53.2;   E202|        Wept vehemently over Albion where Thames currents spring
J53.3;   E202|        From the rivers of Beulah; pleasant river! soft, mild, parent stream
J53.4;   E202|        And the roots of Albions Tree enterd the Soul of Los
J53.5;   E202|        As he sat before his Furnaces clothd in sackcloth of hair
J53.6;   E202|        In gnawing pain dividing him from his Emanation;
J53.7;   E202|        Inclosing all the Children of Los time after time.
J53.8;   E202|        Their Giant forms condensing into Nations & Peoples & Tongues   t305
J53.9;   E202|        Translucent the Furnaces, of Beryll & Emerald immortal:
J53.10; E202|        And Seven-fold each within other: incomprehensible
J53.11; E202|        To the Vegetated Mortal Eye's perverted & single vision
J53.12; E202|        The Bellows are the Animal Lungs. the hammers, the Animal Heart
J53.13; E202|        The Furnaces, the Stomach for Digestion; terrible their fury
J53.14; E202|        Like seven burning heavens rang'd from South to North

J53.15; E203|        Here on the banks of the Thames, Los builded Golgonooza,
J53.16; E203|        Outside of the Gates of the Human Heart, beneath Beulah
J53.17; E203|        In the midst of the rocks of the Altars of Albion. In fears
J53.18; E203|        He builded it, in rage & in fury. It is the Spiritual Fourfold
J53.19; E203|        London: continually building & continually decaying desolate!
J53.20; E203|        In eternal labours: loud the Furnaces & loud the Anvils
J53.21; E203|        Of Death thunder incessant around the flaming Couches of
J53.22; E203|        The Twentyfour Friends of Albion and round the awful Four
J53.23; E203|        For the protection of the Twelve Emanations of Albions Sons
J53.24; E203|        The Mystic Union of the Emanation in the Lord; Because   t306
J53.25; E203|        Man divided from his Emanation is a dark Spectre
J53.26; E203|        His Emanation is an ever-weeping melancholy Shadow
J53.27; E203|        But she is made receptive of Generation thro' mercy
J53.28; E203|        In the Potters Furnace, among the Funeral Urns of Beulah
J53.29; E203|        From Surrey hills, thro' Italy and Greece, to Hinnoms vale.

J54.1;   E203|        In Great Eternity, every particular Form gives forth or Emanates
J54.2;   E203|        Its own peculiar Light, & the Form is the Divine Vision
J54.3;   E203|        And the Light is his Garment This is Jerusalem in every Man
J54.4;   E203|        A Tent & Tabernacle of Mutual Forgiveness Male & Female Clothings.
J54.5;   E203|        And Jerusalem is called Liberty among the Children of Albion

J54.6;   E203|        But Albion fell down a Rocky fragment from Eternity hurld
J54.7;   E203|        By his own Spectre, who is the Reasoning Power in every Man
J54.8;   E203|        Into his own Chaos which is the Memory between Man & Man

J54.9;   E203|        The silent broodings of deadly revenge springing from the
J54.10; E203|        All powerful parental affection, fills Albion from head to foot
J54.11; E203|        Seeing his Sons assimilate with Luvah, bound in the bonds
J54.12; E203|        Of spiritual Hate, from which springs Sexual Love as iron chains:
J54.13; E203|        He tosses like a Cloud outstretchd among Jerusalems Ruins
J54.14; E203|        Which overspread all the Earth, he groans among his ruind porches
ED; E203|        [<image, inscribed:>
J54ill; E203|        Reason

J54ill; E203|        Pity Wrath
J54ill; E203|        This World

J54ill; E203|        Desire
ED; E203|        </image>]
J54.15; E203|        But the Spectre like a hoar frost & a Mildew rose over Albion
J54.16; E203|        Saying, I am God O Sons of Men! I am your Rational Power!
J54.17; E203|        Am I not Bacon & Newton & Locke who teach Humility to Man!
J54.18; E203|        Who teach Doubt & Experiment & my two Wings Voltaire: Rousseau.
J54.19; E203|        Where is that Friend of Sinners! that Rebel against my Laws!

J54.20; E204|        Who teaches Belief to the Nations, & an unknown Eternal Life
J54.21; E204|        Come hither into the Desart & turn these stones to bread.
J54.22; E204|        Vain foolish Man! wilt thou believe without Experiment?
J54.23; E204|        And build a World of Phantasy upon my Great Abyss!
J54.24; E204|        A World of Shapes in craving lust & devouring appetite

J54.25; E204|        So spoke the hard cold constrictive Spectre he is named Arthur
J54.26; E204|        Constricting into Druid Rocks round Canaan Agag & Aram & Pharoh

J54.27; E204|        Then Albion drew England into his bosom in groans & tears
J54.28; E204|        But she stretchd out her starry Night in Spaces against him. like
J54.29; E204|        A long Serpent, in the Abyss of the Spectre which augmented
J54.30; E204|        The Night with Dragon wings coverd with stars & in the Wings
J54.31; E204|        Jerusalem & Vala appeard: & above between the Wings magnificent
J54.32; E204|        The Divine Vision dimly appeard in clouds of blood weeping.

J55.1;   E204|        When those who disregard all Mortal Things, saw a Mighty-One
J55.2;   E204|        Among the Flowers of Beulah still retain his awful strength
J55.3;   E204|        They wonderd; checking their wild flames & Many gathering
J55.4;   E204|        Together into an Assembly; they said, let us go down
J55.5;   E204|        And see these changes! Others said, If you do so prepare
J55.6;   E204|        For being driven from our fields, what have we to do with the Dead?
J55.7;   E204|        To be their inferiors or superiors we equally abhor;
J55.8;   E204|        Superior, none we know: inferior none: all equal share
J55.9;   E204|        Divine Benevolence & joy, for the Eternal Man
J55.10; E204|        Walketh among us, calling us his Brothers & his Friends:
J55.11; E204|        Forbidding us that Veil which Satan puts between Eve & Adam
J55.12; E204|        By which the Princes of the Dead enslave their Votaries
J55.13; E204|        Teaching them to form the Serpent of precious stones & gold
J55.14; E204|        To sieze the Sons of Jerusalem & plant them in One Mans Loins
J55.15; E204|        To make One Family of Contraries: that Joseph may be sold
J55.16; E204|        Into Egypt: for Negation; a Veil the Saviour born & dying rends.

J55.17; E204|        But others said: Let us to him who only Is, & who
J55.18; E204|        Walketh among us, give decision. bring forth all your fires!

J55.19; E204|        So saying, an eternal deed was done: in fiery flames
J55.20; E204|        The Universal Conc[l]ave raged, such thunderous sounds as never   t307
J55.21; E204|        Were sounded from a mortal cloud, nor on Mount Sinai old
J55.22; E204|        Nor in Havilah where the Cherub rolld his redounding flame.

J55.23; E204|        Loud! loud! the Mountains lifted up their voices, loud the Forests
J55.24; E204|        Rivers thunderd against their banks, loud Winds furious fought
J55.25; E204|        Cities & Nations contended in fires & clouds & tempests.
J55.26; E204|        The Seas raisd up their voices & lifted their hands on high
J55.27; E204|        The Stars in their courses fought. the Sun! Moon! Heaven! Earth.
J55.28; E204|        Contending for Albion & for Jerusalem his Emanation
J55.29; E204|        And for Shiloh, the Emanation of France & for lovely Vala.

J55.30; E205|        Then far the greatest number were about to make a Separation
J55.31; E205|        And they Elected Seven, calld the Seven Eyes of God;
J55.32; E205|        Lucifer, Molech, Elohim, Shaddai, Pahad, Jehovah, Jesus.
J55.33; E205|        They namd the Eighth. he came not, he hid in Albions Forests
J55.34; E205|        But first they said: (& their Words stood in Chariots in array
J55.35; E205|        Curbing their Tygers with golden bits & bridles of silver & ivory)

J55.36; E205|        Let the Human Organs be kept in their perfect Integrity
J55.37; E205|        At will Contracting into Worms, or Expanding into Gods
J55.38; E205|        And then behold! what are these Ulro Visions of Chastity[!]
J55.39; E205|        Then as the moss upon the tree: or dust upon the plow:
J55.40; E205|        Or as the sweat upon the labouring shoulder: or as the chaff
J55.41; E205|        Of the wheat-floor or as the dregs of the sweet wine-press
J55.42; E205|        Such are these Ulro Visions, for tho we sit down within
J55.43; E205|        The plowed furrow, listning to the weeping clods till we
J55.44; E205|        Contract or Expand Space at will: or if we raise ourselves
J55.45; E205|        Upon the chariots of the morning. Contracting or Expanding Time!
J55.46; E205|        Every one knows, we are One Family! One Man blessed for ever

J55.47; E205|        Silence remaind & every one resumd his Human Majesty
J55.48; E205|        And many conversed on these things as they labourd at the furrow
J55.49; E205|        Saying: It is better to prevent misery, than to release from misery
J55.50; E205|        It is better to prevent error, than to forgive the criminal:
J55.51; E205|        Labour well the Minute Particulars, attend to the Little-ones:
J55.52; E205|        And those who are in misery cannot remain so long
J55.53; E205|        If we do but our duty: labour well the teeming Earth.

J55.54; E205|        They Plow'd in tears, the trumpets sounded before the golden Plow
J55.55; E205|        And the voices of the Living Creatures were heard in the clouds of heaven
J55.56; E205|        Crying: Compell the Reasoner to Demonstrate with unhewn Demonstrations
J55.57; E205|        Let the Indefinite be explored. and let every Man be judged
J55.58; E205|        By his own Works, Let all Indefinites be thrown into Demonstrations
J55.59; E205|        To be pounded to dust & melted in the Furnaces of Affliction:
J55.60; E205|        He who would do good to another, must do it in Minute Particulars
J55.61; E205|        General Good is the plea of the scoundrel hypocrite flatterer:
J55.62; E205|        For Art & Science cannot exist but in minutely organized Particulars
J55.63; E205|        And not in generalizing Demonstrations of the Rational Power.
J55.64; E205|        The Infinite alone resides in Definite & Determinate Identity
J55.65; E205|        Establishment of Truth depends on destruction of Falshood continually
J55.66; E205|        On Circumcision: not on Virginity, O Reasoners of Albion

J55.67; E205|        So cried they at the Plow. Albions Rock frowned above
J55.68; E205|        And the Great Voice of Eternity rolled above terrible in clouds
J55.69; E205|        Saying Who will go forth for us! & Who shall we send before our face?

J56.1;   E206|        Then Los heaved his thund'ring Bellows on the Valley of Middlesex
J56.2;   E206|        And thus he chaunted his Song: the Daughters of Albion reply.

J56.3;   E206|        What may Man be? who can tell! But what may Woman be?
J56.4;   E206|        To have power over Man from Cradle to corruptible Grave.
J56.5;   E206|        He who is an Infant, and whose Cradle is a Manger
J56.6;   E206|        Knoweth the Infant sorrow: whence it came, and where it goeth:
J56.7;   E206|        And who weave it a Cradle of the grass that withereth away.
J56.8;   E206|        This World is all a Cradle for the erred wandering Phantom:
J56.9;   E206|        Rock'd by Year, Month, Day & Hour; and every two Moments
J56.10; E206|        Between, dwells a Daughter of Beulah, to feed the Human Vegetable
J56.11; E206|        Entune: Daughters of Albion. your hymning Chorus mildly!
J56.12; E206|        Cord of affection thrilling extatic on the iron Reel:
J56.13; E206|        To the golden Loom of Love! to the moth-labourd Woof
J56.14; E206|        A Garment and Cradle weaving for the infantine Terror:
J56.15; E206|        For fear; at entering the gate into our World of cruel
J56.16; E206|        Lamentation: it flee back & hide in Non-Entitys dark wild
J56.17; E206|        Where dwells the Spectre of Albion: destroyer of Definite Form.
J56.18; E206|        The Sun shall be a Scythed Chariot of Britain: the Moon; a Ship
J56.19; E206|        In the British Ocean! Created by Los's Hammer; measured out
J56.20; E206|        Into Days & Nights & Years & Months. to travel with my feet
J56.21; E206|        Over these desolate rocks of Albion: O daughters of despair!
J56.22; E206|        Rock the Cradle, and in mild melodies tell me where found
J56.23; E206|        What you have enwoven with so much tears & care? so much
J56.24; E206|        Tender artifice: to laugh: to weep: to learn: to know;
J56.25; E206|        Remember! recollect! what dark befel in wintry days

J56.26; E206|        O it was lost for ever! and we found it not: it came
J56.27; E206|        And wept at our wintry Door: Look! look! behold! Gwendolen
J56.28; E206|        Is become a Clod of Clay! Merlin is a Worm of the Valley!

J56.29; E206|        Then Los uttered with Hammer & Anvil: Chaunt! revoice!
J56.30; E206|        I mind not your laugh: and your frown I not fear! and
J56.31; E206|        You must my dictate obey from your gold-beam'd Looms; trill
J56.32; E206|        Gentle to Albions Watchman, on Albions mountains; reeccho
J56.33; E206|        And rock the Cradle while! Ah me! Of that Eternal Man
J56.34; E206|        And of the cradled Infancy in his bowels of compassion:
J56.35; E206|        Who fell beneath his instruments of husbandry & became
J56.36; E206|        Subservient to the clods of the furrow! the cattle and even
J56.37; E206|        The emmet and earth-Worm are his superiors & his lords.   t308

J56.38; E206|        Then the response came warbling from trilling Looms in Albion

J56.39; E206|        We Women tremble at the light therefore: hiding fearful
J56.40; E206|        The Divine Vision with Curtain & Veil & fleshly Tabernacle

J56.41; E206|        Los utter'd: swift as the rattling thunder upon the mountains[:]
J56.42; E206|        Look back into the Church Paul! Look! Three Women around
J56.43; E206|        The Cross! O Albion why didst thou a Female Will Create?

J57.1;   E207|        And the voices of Bath & Canterbury & York & Edinburgh. Cry
J57.2;   E207|        Over the Plow of Nations in the strong hand of Albion thundering along
J57.3;   E207|        Among the Fires of the Druid & the deep black rethundering Waters
J57.4;   E207|        Of the Atlantic which poured in impetuous loud loud. louder & louder.
J57.5;   E207|        And the Great Voice of the Atlantic howled over the Druid Altars:
J57.6;   E207|        Weeping over his Children in Stone-henge in Maiden & Colchester.
J57.7;   E207|        Round the Rocky Peak of Derbyshire London Stone & Rosamonds Bower

J57.8;   E207|        What is a Wife & what is a Harlot? What is a Church? & What
J57.9;   E207|        Is a Theatre? are they Two & not One? can they Exist Separate?
J57.10; E207|        Are not Religion & Politics the Same Thing? Brotherhood is Religion
J57.11; E207|        O Demonstrations of Reason Dividing Families in Cruelty & Pride!

J57.12; E207|        But Albion fled from the Divine Vision, with the Plow of Nations enflaming
J57.13; E207|        The Living Creatures maddend and Albion fell into the Furrow, and
J57.14; E207|        The Plow went over him & the Living was Plowed in among the Dead
J57.15; E207|        But his Spectre rose over the starry Plow. Albion fled beneath the Plow
J57.16; E207|        Till he came to the Rock of Ages. & he took his Seat upon the Rock.

J57.17; E207|        Wonder siezd all in Eternity! to behold the Divine Vision. open
J57.18; E207|        The Center into an Expanse, & the Center rolled out into an Expanse.

J58.1;   E207|        In beauty the Daughters of Albion divide & unite at will
J58.2;   E207|        Naked & drunk with blood Gwendolen dancing to the timbrel
J58.3;   E207|        Of War: reeling up the Street of London she divides in twain   t310

J58.4;   E207|        Among the Inhabitants of Albion. the People fall around.
J58.5;   E207|        The Daughters of Albion. divide & unite in jealousy & cruelty
J58.6;   E207|        The Inhabitants of Albion at the Harvest & the Vintage
J58.7;   E207|        Feel their Brain cut round beneath the temples shrieking
J58.8;   E207|        Bonifying into a Scull, the Marrow exuding in dismal pain
J58.9;   E207|        They flee over the rocks bonifying: Horses: Oxen: feel the knife.
J58.10; E207|        And while the Sons of Albion by severe War & Judgment, bonify
J58.11; E207|        The Hermaphroditic Condensations are divided by the Knife
J58.12; E207|        The obdurate Forms are cut asunder by jealousy & Pity.

J58.13; E207|        Rational Philosophy and Mathematic Demonstration
J58.14; E207|        Is divided in the intoxications of pleasure & affection
J58.15; E207|        Two Contraries War against each other in fury & blood,
J58.16; E207|        And Los fixes them on his Anvil, incessant his blows:
J58.17; E207|        He fixes them with strong blows. placing the stones & timbers.
J58.18; E207|        To Create a World of Generation from the World of Death:
J58.19; E207|        Dividing the Masculine & Feminine: for the comingling
J58.20; E207|        Of Albions & Luvahs Spectres was Hermaphroditic

J58.21; E207|        Urizen wrathful strode above directing the awful Building:
J58.22; E207|        As a Mighty Temple; delivering Form out of confusion[.]

J58.23; E208|        Jordan sprang beneath its threshold bubbling from beneath
J58.24; E208|        Its pillars: Euphrates ran under its arches: white sails
J58.25; E208|        And silver oars reflect on its pillars, & sound on its ecchoing
J58.26; E208|        Pavements: where walk the Sons of Jerusalem who remain Ungenerate
J58.27; E208|        But the revolving Sun and Moon pass thro its porticoes,
J58.28; E208|        Day & night, in sublime majesty & silence they revolve
J58.29; E208|        And shine glorious within! Hand & Koban archd over the Sun
J58.30; E208|        In the hot noon, as he traveld thro his journey; Hyle & Skofield
J58.31; E208|        Archd over the Moon at midnight & Los Fixd them there,
J58.32; E208|        With his thunderous Hammer; terrified the Spectres rage & flee
J58.33; E208|        Canaan is his portico; Jordan is a fountain in his porch;
J58.34; E208|        A fountain of milk & wine to relieve the traveller:
J58.35; E208|        Egypt is the eight steps within. Ethiopia supports his pillars;
J58.36; E208|        Lybia & the Lands unknown. are the ascent without;
J58.37; E208|        Within is Asia & Greece, ornamented with exquisite art:
J58.38; E208|        Persia & Media are his halls: his inmost hall is Great Tartary.
J58.39; E208|        China & India & Siberia are his temples for entertainment
J58.40; E208|        Poland & Russia & Sweden, his soft retired chambers
J58.41; E208|        France & Spain & Italy & Denmark & Holland & Germany
J58.42; E208|        Are the temples among his pillars. Britain is Los's Forge;
J58.43; E208|        America North & South are his baths of living waters.

J58.44; E208|        Such is the Ancient World of Urizen in the Satanic Void
J58.45; E208|        Created from the Valley of Middlesex by Londons River
J58.46; E208|        From Stone-henge and from London Stone, from Cornwall to Cathnes
J58.47; E208|        The Four Zoa's rush around on all sides in dire ruin
J58.48; E208|        Furious in pride of Selfhood the terrible Spectres of Albion
J58.49; E208|        Rear their dark Rocks among the Stars of God: stupendous
J58.50; E208|        Works! A World of Generation continually Creating; out of
J58.51; E208|        The Hermaphroditic Satanic World of rocky destiny.

J59.1;   E208|        And formed into Four precious stones. for enterance from Beulah

J59.2;   E208|        For the Veil of Vala which Albion cast into the Atlantic Deep
J59.3;   E208|        To catch the Souls of the Dead: began to Vegetate & Petrify
J59.4;   E208|        Around the Earth of Albion. among the Roots of his Tree
J59.5;   E208|        This Los formed into the Gates & mighty Wall, between the Oak
J59.6;   E208|        Of Weeping & the Palm of Suffering beneath Albions Tomb,
J59.7;   E208|        Thus in process of time it became the beautiful Mundane Shell,
J59.8;   E208|        The Habitation of the Spectres of the Dead & the Place
J59.9;   E208|        Of Redemption & of awaking again into Eternity

J59.10; E208|        For Four Universes round the Mundane Egg remain Chaotic
J59.11; E208|        One to the North; Urthona: One to the South; Urizen:
J59.12; E208|        One to the East: Luvah: One to the West, Tharmas;
J59.13; E208|        They are the Four Zoas that stood around the Throne Divine
J59.14; E208|        Verulam: London: York & Edinburgh: their English names
J59.15; E208|        But when Luvah assumed the World of Urizen Southward

J59.16; E209|        And Albion was slain upon his Mountains & in his Tent.
J59.17; E209|        All fell towards the Center, sinking downwards in dire ruin,
J59.18; E209|        In the South remains a burning Fire: in the East. a Void
J59.19; E209|        In the West, a World of raging Waters: in the North; solid Darkness
J59.20; E209|        Unfathomable without end: but in the midst of these
J59.21; E209|        Is Built eternally the sublime Universe of Los & Enitharmon

J59.22; E209|        And in the North Gate, in the West of the North. toward Beulah
J59.23; E209|        Cathedrons Looms are builded. and Los's Furnaces in the South
J59.24; E209|        A wondrous golden Building immense with ornaments sublime
J59.25; E209|        Is bright Cathedrons golden Hall, its Courts Towers & Pinnacles

J59.26; E209|        And one Daughter of Los sat at the fiery Reel & another
J59.27; E209|        Sat at the shining Loom with her Sisters attending round
J59.28; E209|        Terrible their distress & their sorrow cannot be utterd
J59.29; E209|        And another Daughter of Los sat at the Spinning Wheel
J59.30; E209|        Endless their labour, with bitter food. void of sleep,
J59.31; E209|        Tho hungry they labour: they rouze themselves anxious
J59.32; E209|        Hour after hour labouring at the whirling Wheel
J59.33; E209|        Many Wheels & as many lovely Daughters sit weeping

J59.34; E209|        Yet the intoxicating delight that they take in their work
J59.35; E209|        Obliterates every other evil; none pities their tears
J59.36; E209|        Yet they regard not pity & they expect no one to pity
J59.37; E209|        For they labour for life & love, regardless of any one
J59.38; E209|        But the poor Spectres that they work for, always incessantly

J59.39; E209|        They are mockd, by every one that passes by. they regard not
J59.40; E209|        They labour; & when their Wheels are broken by scorn & malice
J59.41; E209|        They mend them sorrowing with many tears & afflictions.

J59.42; E209|        Other Daughters Weave on the Cushion & Pillow, Network fine
J59.43; E209|        That Rahab & Tirzah may exist & live & breathe & love
J59.44; E209|        Ah, that it could be as the Daughters of Beulah wish!

J59.45; E209|        Other Daughters of Los, labouring at Looms less fine
J59.46; E209|        Create the Silk-worm & the Spider & the Catterpiller
J59.47; E209|        To assist in their most grievous work of pity & compassion
J59.48; E209|        And others Create the wooly Lamb & the downy Fowl
J59.49; E209|        To assist in the work: the Lamb bleats: the Sea-fowl cries
J59.50; E209|        Men understand not the distress & the labour & sorrow
J59.51; E209|        That in the Interior Worlds is carried on in fear & trembling
J59.52; E209|        Weaving the shuddring fears & loves of Albions Families
J59.53; E209|        Thunderous rage the Spindles of iron. & the iron Distaff
J59.54; E209|        Maddens in the fury of their hands, Weaving in bitter tears
J59.55; E209|        The Veil of Goats-hair & Purple & Scarlet & fine twined Linen

J60.1;   E209|        The clouds of Albions Druid Temples rage in the eastern heaven
J60.2;   E209|        While Los sat terrified beholding Albions Spectre who is Luvah

J60.3;   E210|        Spreading in bloody veins in torments over Europe & Asia;
J60.4;   E210|        Not yet formed but a wretched torment unformed & abyssal
J60.5;   E210|        In flaming fire; within the Furnaces the Divine Vision appeard
J60.6;   E210|        On Albions hills: often walking from the Furnaces in clouds
J60.7;   E210|        And flames among the Druid Temples & the Starry Wheels
J60.8;   E210|        Gatherd Jerusalems Children in his arms & bore them like
J60.9;   E210|        A Shepherd in the night of Albion which overspread all the Earth

J60.10; E210|        I gave thee liberty and life O lovely Jerusalem
J60.11; E210|        And thou hast bound me down upon the Stems of Vegetation
J60.12; E210|        I gave thee Sheep-walks upon the Spanish Mountains Jerusalem
J60.13; E210|        I gave thee Priams City and the Isles of Grecia lovely!
J60.14; E210|        I gave thee Hand & Scofield & the Counties of Albion:
J60.15; E210|        They spread forth like a lovely root into the Garden of God:
J60.16; E210|        They were as Adam before me: united into One Man,
J60.17; E210|        They stood in innocence & their skiey tent reachd over Asia
J60.18; E210|        To Nimrods Tower to Ham & Canaan walking with Mizraim
J60.19; E210|        Upon the Egyptian Nile, with solemn songs to Grecia
J60.20; E210|        And sweet Hesperia even to Great Chaldea & Tesshina
J60.21; E210|        Following thee as a Shepherd by the Four Rivers of Eden
J60.22; E210|        Why wilt thou rend thyself apart, Jerusalem?
J60.23; E210|        And build this Babylon & sacrifice in secret Groves,
J60.24; E210|        Among the Gods of Asia: among the fountains of pitch & nitre
J60.25; E210|        Therefore thy Mountains are become barren Jerusalem!
J60.26; E210|        Thy Valleys, Plains of burning sand. thy Rivers: waters of death
J60.27; E210|        Thy Villages die of the Famine and thy Cities
J60.28; E210|        Beg bread from house to house, lovely Jerusalem
J60.29; E210|        Why wilt thou deface thy beauty & the beauty of thy little-ones
J60.30; E210|        To please thy Idols, in the pretended chastities of Uncircumcision[?]
J60.31; E210|        Thy Sons are lovelier than Egypt or Assyria; wherefore
J60.32; E210|        Dost thou blacken their beauty by a Secluded place of rest.
J60.33; E210|        And a peculiar Tabernacle, to cut the integuments of beauty
J60.34; E210|        Into veils of tears and sorrows O lovely Jerusalem!
J60.35; E210|        They have perswaded thee to this, therefore their end shall come
J60.36; E210|        And I will lead thee thro the Wilderness in shadow of my cloud
J60.37; E210|        And in my love I will lead thee, lovely Shadow of Sleeping Albion.

J60.38; E210|        This is the Song of the Lamb, sung by Slaves in evening time.

J60.39; E210|        But Jerusalem faintly saw him, closd in the Dungeons of Babylon
J60.40; E210|        Her Form was held by Beulahs Daughters. but all within unseen
J60.41; E210|        She sat at the Mills, her hair unbound her feet naked
J60.42; E210|        Cut with the flints: her tears run down, her reason grows like
J60.43; E210|        The Wheel of Hand. incessant turning day & night without rest
J60.44; E210|        Insane she raves upon the winds hoarse, inarticulate:
J60.45; E210|        All night Vala hears. she triumphs in pride of holiness
J60.46; E210|        To see Jerusalem deface her lineaments with bitter blows

J60.47; E211|        Of despair. while the Satanic Holiness triumphd in Vala
J60.48; E211|        In a Religion of Chastity & Uncircumcised Selfishness
J60.49; E211|        Both of the Head & Heart & Loins, closd up in Moral Pride.

J60.50; E211|        But the Divine Lamb stood beside Jerusalem. oft she saw
J60.51; E211|        The lineaments Divine & oft the Voice heard, & oft she said:

J60.52; E211|        O Lord & Saviour, have the Gods of the Heathen pierced thee?
J60.53; E211|        Or hast thou been pierced in the House of thy Friends?
J60.54; E211|        Art thou alive! & livest thou for-evermore? or art thou
J60.55; E211|        Not: but a delusive shadow, a thought that liveth not.   t311
J60.56; E211|        Babel mocks saying, there is no God nor Son of God
J60.57; E211|        That thou O Human Imagination, O Divine Body art all
J60.58; E211|        A delusion. but I know thee O Lord when thou arisest upon
J60.59; E211|        My weary eyes even in this dungeon & this iron mill.
J60.60; E211|        The Stars of Albion cruel rise; thou bindest to sweet influences:
J60.61; E211|        For thou also sufferest with me altho I behold thee not;
J60.62; E211|        And altho I sin & blaspheme thy holy name, thou pitiest me;
J60.63; E211|        Because thou knowest I am deluded by the turning mills.
J60.64; E211|        And by these visions of pity & love because of Albions death.

J60.65; E211|        Thus spake Jerusalem, & thus the Divine Voice replied.

J60.66; E211|        Mild Shade of Man, pitiest thou these Visions of terror & woe!
J60.67; E211|        Give forth thy pity & love. fear not! lo I am with thee always.
J60.68; E211|        Only believe in me that I have power to raise from death
J60.69; E211|        Thy Brother who Sleepeth in Albion: fear not trembling Shade

J61.1;   E211|        Behold: in the Visions of Elohim Jehovah, behold Joseph & Mary
J61.2;   E211|        And be comforted O Jerusalem in the Visions of Jehovah Elohim

J61.3;   E211|        She looked & saw Joseph the Carpenter in Nazareth & Mary
J61.4;   E211|        His espoused Wife. And Mary said, If thou put me away from thee
J61.5;   E211|        Dost thou not murder me? Joseph spoke in anger & fury. Should I
J61.6;   E211|        Marry a Harlot & an Adulteress? Mary answerd, Art thou more pure
J61.7;   E211|        Than thy Maker who forgiveth Sins & calls again Her that is Lost
J61.8;   E211|        Tho She hates. he calls her again in love. I love my dear Joseph
J61.9;   E211|        But he driveth me away from his presence. yet I hear the voice of God
J61.10; E211|        In the voice of my Husband. tho he is angry for a moment, he will not
J61.11; E211|        Utterly cast me away. if I were pure, never could I taste the sweets
J61.12; E211|        Of the Forgive[ne]ss of Sins! if I were holy! I never could behold the tears
J61.13; E211|        Of love! of him who loves me in the midst of his anger in furnace of fire.

J61.14; E211|        Ah my Mary: said Joseph: weeping over & embracing her closely in
J61.15; E211|        His arms: Doth he forgive Jerusalem & not exact Purity from her who is
J61.16; E211|        Polluted. I heard his voice in my sleep O his Angel in my dream:

J61.17; E212|        Saying, Doth Jehovah Forgive a Debt only on condition that it shall
J61.18; E212|        Be Payed? Doth he Forgive Pollution only on conditions of Purity
J61.19; E212|        That Debt is not Forgiven! That Pollution is not Forgiven
J61.20; E212|        Such is the Forgiveness of the Gods, the Moral Virtues of the
J61.21; E212|        Heathen, whose tender Mercies are Cruelty. But Jehovahs Salvation
J61.22; E212|        Is without Money & without Price, in the Continual Forgiveness of Sins
J61.23; E212|        In the Perpetual Mutual Sacrifice in Great Eternity! for behold!
J61.24; E212|        There is none that liveth & Sinneth not! And this is the Covenant
J61.25; E212|        Of Jehovah: If you Forgive one-another, so shall Jehovah Forgive You:
J61.26; E212|        That He Himself may Dwell among You. Fear not then to take
J6127; E212|        To thee Mary thy Wife, for she is with Child by the Holy Ghost

J61.28; E212|        Then Mary burst forth into a Song! she flowed like a River of
J61.29; E212|        Many Streams in the arms of Joseph & gave forth her tears of joy
J61.30; E212|        Like many waters, and Emanating into gardens & palaces upon
J61.31; E212|        Euphrates & to forests & floods & animals wild & tame from
J61.32; E212|        Gihon to Hiddekel, & to corn fields & villages & inhabitants
J61.33; E212|        Upon Pison & Arnon & Jordan. And I heard the voice among
J61.34; E212|        The Reapers Saying, Am I Jerusalem the lost Adulteress? or am I
J61.35; E212|        Babylon come up to Jerusalem? And another voice answerd Saying

J61.36; E212|        Does the voice of my Lord call me again? am I pure thro his Mercy
J61.37; E212|        And Pity. Am I become lovely as a Virgin in his sight who am
J61.38; E212|        Indeed a Harlot drunken with the Sacrifice of Idols does he
J61.39; E212|        Call her pure as he did in the days of her Infancy when She
J61.40; E212|        Was cast out to the loathing of her person. The Chaldean took
J61.41; E212|        Me from my Cradle. The Amalekite stole me away upon his Camels
J61.42; E212|        Before I had ever beheld with love the Face of Jehovah; or known
J61.43; E212|        That there was a God of Mercy: O Mercy O Divine Humanity!
J61.44; E212|        O Forgiveness & Pity & Compassion! If I were Pure I should never
J61.45; E212|        Have known Thee; If I were Unpolluted I should never have
J61.46; E212|        Glorified thy Holiness, or rejoiced in thy great Salvation.

J61.47; E212|        Mary leaned her side against Jerusalem, Jerusalem recieved
J61.48; E212|        The Infant into her hands in the Visions of Jehovah. Times passed on
J61.49; E212|        Jerusalem fainted over the Cross & Sepulcher She heard the voice
J61.50; E212|        Wilt thou make Rome thy Patriarch Druid & the Kings of Europe his
J61.51; E212|        Horsemen? Man in the Resurrection changes his Sexual Garments at will
J61.52; E212|        Every Harlot was once a Virgin: every Criminal an Infant Love!

J62.1;   E212|        Repose on me till the morning of the Grave. I am thy life.

J62.2;   E212|        Jerusalem replied. I am an outcast: Albion is dead!
J62.3;   E212|        I am left to the trampling foot & the spurning heel!
J62.4;   E212|        A Harlot I am calld. I am sold from street to street!
J62.5;   E212|        I am defaced with blows & with the dirt of the Prison!

J62.6;   E213|        And wilt thou become my Husband O my Lord & Saviour?
J62.7;   E213|        Shall Vala bring thee forth! shall the Chaste be ashamed also?
J62.8;   E213|        I see the Maternal Line, I behold the Seed of the Woman!
J62.9;   E213|        Cainah, & Ada & Zillah & Naamah Wife of Noah.
J62.10; E213|        Shuahs daughter & Tamar & Rahab the Canaanites:
J62.11; E213|        Ruth the Moabite & Bathsheba of the daughters of Heth
J62.12; E213|        Naamah the Ammonite, Zibeah the Philistine, & Mary
J62.13; E213|        These are the Daughters of Vala, Mother of the Body of death
J62.14; E213|        But I thy Magdalen behold thy Spiritual Risen Body
J62.15; E213|        Shall Albion arise? I know he shall arise at the Last Day!
J62.16; E213|        I know that in my flesh I shall see God: but Emanations
J62.17; E213|        Are weak. they know not whence they are, nor whither tend.

J62.18; E213|        Jesus replied. I am the Resurrection & the Life.
J62.19; E213|        I Die & pass the limits of possibility, as it appears
J62.20; E213|        To individual perception. Luvah must be Created
J62.21; E213|        And Vala; for I cannot leave them in the gnawing Grave.
J62.22; E213|        But will prepare a way for my banished-ones to return
J62.23; E213|        Come now with me into the villages. walk thro all the cities.
J62.24; E213|        Tho thou art taken to prison & judgment, starved in the streets
J62.25; E213|        I will command the cloud to give thee food & the hard rock
J62.26; E213|        To flow with milk & wine, tho thou seest me not a season
J62.27; E213|        Even a long season & a hard journey & a howling wilderness!
J62.28; E213|        Tho Valas cloud hide thee & Luvahs fires follow thee!
J62.29; E213|        Only believe & trust in me, Lo. I am always with thee!

J62.30; E213|        So spoke the Lamb of God while Luvahs Cloud reddening above
J62.31; E213|        Burst forth in streams of blood upon the heavens & dark night
J62.32; E213|        Involvd Jerusalem. & the Wheels of Albions Sons turnd hoarse
J62.33; E213|        Over the Mountains & the fires blaz'd on Druid Altars
J62.34; E213|        And the Sun set in Tyburns Brook where Victims howl & cry.

J62.35; E213|        But Los beheld the Divine Vision among the flames of the Furnaces
J62.36; E213|        Therefore he lived & breathed in hope. but his tears fell incessant
J62.37; E213|        Because his Children were closd from him apart: & Enitharmon
J62.38; E213|        Dividing in fierce pain: also the Vision of God was closd in clouds
J62.39; E213|        Of Albions Spectres, that Los in despair oft sat, & often ponderd
J62.40; E213|        On Death Eternal in fierce shudders upon the mountains of Albion
J62.41; E213|        Walking: & in the vales in howlings fierce, then to his Anvils
J62.42; E213|        Turning, anew began his labours, tho in terrible pains!

J63.1;   E213|        Jehovah stood among the Druids in the Valley of Annandale
J63.2;   E213|        When the Four Zoas of Albion, the Four Living Creatures, the Cherubim
J63.3;   E213|        Of Albion tremble before the Spectre, in the starry likeness of the Plow
J63.4;   E213|        Of Nations. And their Names are Urizen & Luvah & Tharmas & Urthona

J63.5;   E214|        Luvah slew Tharmas the Angel of the Tongue & Albion brought him   t312
J63.6;   E214|        To Justice in his own City of Paris, denying the Resurrection
J63.7;   E214|        Then Vala the Wife of Albion, who is the Daughter of Luvah
J63.8;   E214|        Took vengeance Twelve-fold among the Chaotic Rocks of the Druids
J63.9;   E214|        Where the Human Victims howl to the Moon & Thor & Friga
J63.10; E214|        Dance the dance of death contending with Jehovah among the Cherubim.
J63.11; E214|        The Chariot Wheels filled with Eyes rage along the howling Valley
J63.12; E214|        In the Dividing of Reuben & Benjamin bleeding from Chesters River

J63.13; E214|        The Giants & the Witches & the Ghosts of Albion dance with
J63.14; E214|        Thor & Friga, & the Fairies lead the Moon along the Valley of Cherubim
J63.15; E214|        Bleeding in torrents from Mountain to Mountain, a lovely Victim
J63.16; E214|        And Jehovah stood in the Gates of the Victim, & he appeared
J63.17; E214|        A weeping Infant in the Gates of Birth in the midst of Heaven

J63.18; E214|        The Cities & Villages of Albion became Rock & Sand Unhumanized
J63.19; E214|        The Druid Sons of Albion & the Heavens a Void around unfathomable
J63.20; E214|        No Human Form but Sexual & a little weeping Infant pale reflected
J63.21; E214|        Multitudinous in the Looking Glass of Enitharmon, on all sides
J63.22; E214|        Around in the clouds of the Female, on Albions Cliffs of the Dead

J63.23; E214|        Such the appearance in Cheviot: in the Divisions of Reuben
J63.24; E214|        When the Cherubim hid their heads under their wings in deep slumbers
J63.25; E214|        When the Druids demanded Chastity from Woman & all was lost.

J63.26; E214|        How can the Female be Chaste O thou stupid Druid Cried Los
J63.27; E214|        Without the Forgiveness of Sins in the merciful clouds of Jehovah
J63.28; E214|        And without the Baptism of Repentance to wash away Calumnies. and
J63.29; E214|        The Accusations of Sin that each may be Pure in their Neighbours sight
J63.30; E214|        O when shall Jehovah give us Victims from his Flocks & Herds
J63.31; E214|        Instead of Human Victims by the Daughters of Albion & Canaan

J63.32; E214|        Then laugh'd Gwendolen & her laughter shook the Nations & Familys of
J63.33; E214|        The Dead beneath Beulah from Tyburn to Golgotha, and from
J63.34; E214|        Ireland to Japan. furious her Lions & Tygers & Wolves sport before
J63.35; E214|        Los on the Thames & Medway. London & Canterbury groan in pain

J63.36; E214|        Los knew not yet what was done: he thought it was all in Vision
J63.37; E214|        In Visions of the Dreams of Beulah among the Daughters of Albion
J63.38; E214|        Therefore the Murder was put apart in the Looking-Glass of Enitharmon

J63.39; E214|        He saw in Vala's hand the Druid Knife of Revenge & the Poison Cup

J63.40; E215|        Of Jealousy, and thought it a Poetic Vision of the Atmospheres
J63.41; E215|        Till Canaan rolld apart from Albion across the Rhine: along the Danube

J63.42; E215|        And all the Land of Canaan suspended over the Valley of Cheviot
J63.43; E215|        From Bashan to Tyre & from Troy to Gaza of the Amalekite
J63.44; E215|        And Reuben fled with his head downwards among the Caverns

J64.1;   E215|        Of the Mundane Shell which froze on all sides round Canaan on
J64.2;   E215|        The vast Expanse: where the Daughters of Albion Weave the Web
J64.3;   E215|        Of Ages & Generations, folding & unfolding it, like a Veil of Cherubim
J64.4;   E215|        And sometimes it touches the Earths summits, & sometimes spreads
J64.5;   E215|        Abroad into the Indefinite Spectre, who is the Rational Power.

J64.6;   E215|        Then All the Daughters of Albion became One before Los: even Vala!
J64.7;   E215|        And she put forth her hand upon the Looms in dreadful howlings
J64.8;   E215|        Till she vegetated into a hungry Stomach & a devouring Tongue.
J64.9;   E215|        Her Hand is a Court of Justice, her Feet: two Armies in Battle
J64.10; E215|        Storms & Pestilence: in her Locks: & in her Loins Earthquake.
J64.11; E215|        And Fire. & the Ruin of Cities & Nations & Families & Tongues

J64.12; E215|        She cries: The Human is but a Worm, & thou O Male: Thou art
J64.13; E215|        Thyself Female, a Male: a breeder of Seed: a Son & Husband: & Lo.
J64.14; E215|        The Human Divine is Womans Shadow, a Vapor in the summers heat
J64.15; E215|        Go assume Papal dignity thou Spectre, thou Male Harlot! Arthur
J64.16; E215|        Divide into the Kings of Europe in times remote O Woman-born
J64.17; E215|        And Woman-nourishd & Woman-educated & Woman-scorn'd!

J64.18; E215|        Wherefore art thou living? said Los, & Man cannot live in thy presence
J64.19; E215|        Art thou Vala the Wife of Albion O thou lovely Daughter of Luvah
J64.20; E215|        All Quarrels arise from Reasoning. the secret Murder, and
J64.21; E215|        The violent Man-slaughter. these are the Spectres double Cave
J64.22; E215|        The Sexual Death living on accusation of Sin & judgment
J64.23; E215|        To freeze Love & Innocence into the gold & silver of the Merchant
J64.24; E215|        Without Forgiveness of Sin Love is Itself Eternal Death

J64.25; E215|        Then the Spectre drew Vala into his bosom magnificent terrific
J64.26; E215|        Glittering with precious stones & gold, with Garments of blood & fire
J64.27; E215|        He wept in deadly wrath of the Spectre, in self-contradicting agony
J64.28; E215|        Crimson with Wrath & green with jealousy dazling with Love
J64.29; E215|        And jealousy immingled & the purple of the violet darkend deep
J64.30; E215|        Over the Plow of Nations thundring in the hand of Albions Spectre

J64.31; E215|        A dark Hermaphrodite they stood frowning upon Londons River
J64.32; E215|        And the Distaff & Spindle in the hands of Vala with the Flax of
J64.33; E215|        Human Miseries turnd fierce with the Lives of Men along the Valley
J64.34; E215|        As Reuben fled before the Daughters of Albion Taxing the Nations

J64.35; E216|        Derby Peak yawnd a horrid Chasm at the Cries of Gwendolen, & at
J64.36; E216|        The stamping feet of Ragan upon the flaming Treddles of her Loom
J64.37; E216|        That drop with crimson gore with the Loves of Albion & Canaan
J64.38; E216|        Opening along the Valley of Rephaim, weaving over the Caves of Machpelah

J65.1;   E216|        To decide Two Worlds with a great decision: a World of Mercy, and
J65.2;   E216|        A World of Justice: the World of Mercy for Salvation
J65.3;   E216|        To cast Luvah into the Wrath, and Albion into the Pity
J65.4;   E216|        In the Two Contraries of Humanity & in the Four Regions.

J65.5;   E216|        For in the depths of Albions bosom in the eastern heaven,
J65.6;   E216|        They sound the clarions strong! they chain the howling Captives!
J65.7;   E216|        They cast the lots into the helmet: they give the oath of blood in Lambeth
J65.8;   E216|        They vote the death of Luvah, & they naild him to Albions Tree in Bath:
J65.9;   E216|        They staind him with poisonous blue, they inwove him in cruel roots
J65.10; E216|        To die a death of Six thousand years bound round with vegetation
J65.11; E216|        The sun was black & the moon rolld a useless globe thro Britain!

J65.12; E216|        Then left the Sons of Urizen the plow & harrow, the loom
J65.13; E216|        The hammer & the chisel, & the rule & compasses; from London fleeing
J65.14; E216|        They forg'd the sword on Cheviot, the chariot of war & the battle-ax,
J65.15; E216|        The trumpet fitted to mortal battle, & the flute of summer in Annandale
J65.16; E216|        And all the Arts of Life. they changd into the Arts of Death in Albion.
J65.17; E216|        The hour-glass contemnd because its simple workmanship.
J65.18; E216|        Was like the workmanship of the plowman, & the water wheel,
J65.19; E216|        That raises water into cisterns: broken & burnd with fire:
J65.20; E216|        Because its workmanship. was like the workmanship of the shepherd.
J65.21; E216|        And in their stead, intricate wheels invented, wheel without wheel:
J65.22; E216|        To perplex youth in their outgoings, & to bind to labours in Albion
J65.23; E216|        Of day & night the myriads of eternity that they may grind
J65.24; E216|        And polish brass & iron hour after hour laborious task!
J65.25; E216|        Kept ignorant of its use, that they might spend the days of wisdom
J65.26; E216|        In sorrowful drudgery, to obtain a scanty pittance of bread:
J65.27; E216|        In ignorance to view a small portion & think that All,
J65.28; E216|        And call it Demonstration: blind to all the simple rules of life.

J65.29; E216|        Now: now the battle rages round thy tender limbs O Vala
J65.30; E216|        Now smile among thy bitter tears: now put on all thy beauty
J65.31; E216|        Is not the wound of the sword sweet! & the broken bone delightful?
J65.32; E216|        Wilt thou now smile among the scythes when the wounded groan in the field[?]
J65.33; E216|        We were carried away in thousands from London; & in tens
J65.34; E216|        Of thousands from Westminster & Marybone in ships closd up:

J65.35; E217|        Chaind hand & foot, compelld to fight under the iron whips
J65.36; E217|        Of our captains; fearing our officers more than the enemy.
J65.37; E217|        Lift up thy blue eyes Vala & put on thy sapphire shoes:
J65.38; E217|        O melancholy Magdalen behold the morning over Malden break;
J65.39; E217|        Gird on thy flaming zone, descend into the sepulcher of Canterbury.
J65.40; E217|        Scatter the blood from thy golden brow, the tears from thy silver locks:
J65.41; E217|        Shake off the waters from thy wings! & the dust from thy white garments
J65.42; E217|        Remember all thy feigned terrors on the secret couch of Lambeths Vale
J65.43; E217|        When the sun rose in glowing morn, with arms of mighty hosts
J65.44; E217|        Marching to battle who was wont to rise with Urizens harps
J65.45; E217|        Girt as a sower with his seed to scatter life abroad over Albion:
J65.46; E217|        Arise O Vala! bring the bow of Urizen: bring the swift arrows of light.
J65.47; E217|        How rag'd the golden horses of Urizen, compelld to the chariot of love!
J65.48; E217|        Compelld to leave the plow to the ox, to snuff up the winds of desolation
J65.49; E217|        To trample the corn fields in boastful neighings: this is no gentle harp
J65.50; E217|        This is no warbling brook, nor shadow of a mirtle tree:
J65.51; E217|        But blood and wounds and dismal cries, and shadows of the oak:
J65.52; E217|        And hearts laid open to the light, by the broad grizly sword:
J65.53; E217|        And bowels hid in hammerd steel rip'd quivering on the ground.
J65.54; E217|        Call forth thy smiles of soft deceit: call forth thy cloudy tears:
J65.55; E217|        We hear thy sighs in trumpets shrill when morn shall blood renew.

J65.56; E217|        So sang the Spectre Sons of Albion round Luvahs Stone of Trial:
J65.57; E217|        Mocking and deriding at the writhings of their Victim on Salisbury:
J65.58; E217|        Drinking his Emanation in intoxicating bliss rejoicing in Giant dance;
J65.59; E217|        For a Spectre has no Emanation but what he imbibes from decieving
J65.60; E217|        A Victim! Then he becomes her Priest & she his Tabernacle.
J65.61; E217|        And his Oak Grove, till the Victim rend the woven Veil.
J65.62; E217|        In the end of his sleep when Jesus calls him from his grave   t313

J65.63; E217|        Howling the Victims on the Druid Altars yield their souls
J65.64; E217|        To the stern Warriors: lovely sport the Daughters round their Victims;
J65.65; E217|        Drinking their lives in sweet intoxication. hence arose from Bath
J65.66; E217|        Soft deluding odours, in spiral volutions intricately winding
J65.67; E217|        Over Albions mountains, a feminine indefinite cruel delusion.
J65.68; E217|        Astonishd: terrified & in pain & torment. Sudden they behold
J65.69; E217|        Their own Parent the Emanation of their murderd Enemy
J65.70; E217|        Become their Emanation and their Temple and Tabernacle
J65.71; E217|        They knew not. this Vala was their beloved Mother Vala Albions Wife.

J65.72; E217|        Terrified at the sight of the Victim: at his distorted sinews!
J65.73; E217|        The tremblings of Vala vibrate thro' the limbs of Albions Sons:
J65.74; E217|        While they rejoice over Luvah in mockery & bitter scorn:
J65.75; E217|        Sudden they become like what they behold in howlings & deadly pain.
J65.76; E217|        Spasms smite their features, sinews & limbs: pale they look on one another.

J65.77; E218|        They turn, contorted: their iron necks bend unwilling towards
J65.78; E218|        Luvah: their lips tremble: their muscular fibres are crampd & smitten
J65.79; E218|        They become like what they behold! Yet immense in strength & power,

J66.1;   E218|        In awful pomp & gold, in all the precious unhewn stones of Eden
J66.2;   E218|        They build a stupendous Building on the Plain of Salisbury; with chains
J66.3;   E218|        Of rocks round London Stone: of Reasonings: of unhewn Demonstrations
J66.4;   E218|        In labyrinthine arches. (Mighty Urizen the Architect.) thro which
J66.5;   E218|        The Heavens might revolve & Eternity be bound in their chain.
J66.6;   E218|        Labour unparallelld! a wondrous rocky World of cruel destiny
J66.7;   E218|        Rocks piled on rocks reaching the stars: stretching from pole to pole.
J66.8;   E218|        The Building is Natural Religion & its Altars Natural Morality
J66.9;   E218|        A building of eternal death: whose proportions are eternal despair
J66.10; E218|        Here Vala stood turning the iron Spindle of destruction
J66.11; E218|        From heaven to earth: howling! invisible! but not invisible
J66.12; E218|        Her Two Covering Cherubs afterwards named Voltaire & Rousseau:
J66.13; E218|        Two frowning Rocks: on each side of the Cove & Stone of Torture:
J66.14; E218|        Frozen Sons of the feminine Tabernacle of Bacon, Newton & Locke.
J66.15; E218|        For Luvah is France: the Victim of the Spectres of Albion.

J66.16; E218|        Los beheld in terror: he pour'd his loud storms on the Furnaces:
J66.17; E218|        The Daughters of Albion clothed in garments of needle work
J66.18; E218|        Strip them off from their shoulders and bosoms, they lay aside
J66.19; E218|        Their garments; they sit naked upon the Stone of trial.
J66.20; E218|        The Knife of flint passes over the howling Victim: his blood
J66.21; E218|        Gushes & stains the fair side of the fair Daug[h]ters of Albion.
J66.22; E218|        They put aside his curls; they divide his seven locks upon
J66.23; E218|        His forehead: they bind his forehead with thorns of iron
J66.24; E218|        They put into his hand a reed, they mock: Saying: Behold
J66.25; E218|        The King of Canaan whose are seven hundred chariots of iron!
J66.26; E218|        They take off his vesture whole with their Knives of flint:
J66.27; E218|        But they cut asunder his inner garments: searching with
J66.28; E218|        Their cruel fingers for his heart, & there they enter in pomp,
J66.29; E218|        In many tears; & there they erect a temple & an altar:
J66.30; E218|        They pour cold water on his brain in front, to cause.
J66.31; E218|        Lids to grow over his eyes in veils of tears: and caverns
J66.32; E218|        To freeze over his nostrils, while they feed his tongue from cups
J66.33; E218|        And dishes of painted clay. Glowing with beauty & cruelty:
J66.34; E218|        They obscure the sun & the moon; no eye can look upon them.

J66.35; E218|        Ah! alas! at the sight of the Victim, & at sight of those who are smitten,
J66.36; E218|        All who see. become what they behold. their eyes are coverd
J66.37; E218|        With veils of tears and their nostrils & tongues shrunk up
J66.38; E218|        Their ear bent outwards. as their Victim, so are they in the pangs
J66.39; E218|        Of unconquerable fear! amidst delights of revenge Earth-shaking!

J66.40; E219|        And as their eye & ear shrunk, the heavens shrunk away
J66.41; E219|        The Divine Vision became First a burning flame, then a column
J66.42; E219|        Of fire, then an awful fiery wheel surrounding earth & heaven:
J66.43; E219|        And then a globe of blood wandering distant in all unknown night:
J66.44; E219|        Afar into the unknown night the mountains fled away:
J66.45; E219|        Six months of mortality; a summer: & six months of mortality; a winter:
J66.46; E219|        The Human form began to be alterd by the Daughters of Albion
J66.47; E219|        And the perceptions to be dissipated into the Indefinite. Becoming
J66.48; E219|        A mighty Polypus nam'd Albions Tree: they tie the Veins
J66.49; E219|        And Nerves into two knots: & the Seed into a double knot:
J66.50; E219|        They look forth: the Sun is shrunk: the Heavens are shrunk
J66.51; E219|        Away into the far remote: and the Trees & Mountains witherd
J66.52; E219|        Into indefinite cloudy shadows in darkness & separation.
J66.53; E219|        By Invisible hatreds adjoind, they seem remote and separate
J66.54; E219|        From each other; and yet are a Mighty Polypus in the Deep!
J66.55; E219|        As the Misletoe grows on the Oak, so Albions Tree on Eternity: Lo!
J66.56; E219|        He who will not comingle in Love, must be adjoind by Hate

J66.57; E219|        They look forth from Stone-henge! from the Cove round London Stone
J66.58; E219|        They look on one another: the mountain calls out to the mountain:
J66.59; E219|        Plinlimmon shrunk away: Snowdon trembled: the mountains
J66.60; E219|        Of Wales & Scotland beheld the descending War: the routed flying:
J66.61; E219|        Red run the streams of Albion: Thames is drunk with blood:
J66.62; E219|        As Gwendolen cast the shuttle of war: as Cambel returnd the beam.
J66.63; E219|        The Humber & the Severn: are drunk with the blood of the slain:
J66.64; E219|        London feels his brain cut round: Edinburghs heart is circumscribed!
J66.65; E219|        York & Lincoln hide among the flocks, because of the griding Knife.
J66.66; E219|        Worcester & Hereford: Oxford & Cambridge reel & stagger,
J66.67; E219|        Overwearied with howling: Wales & Scotland alone sustain the fight!
J66.68; E219|        The inhabitants are sick to death: they labour to divide into Days
J66.69; E219|        And Nights, the uncertain Periods: and into Weeks & Months. In vain
J66.70; E219|        They send the Dove & Raven: & in vain the Serpent over the mountains.
J66.71; E219|        And in vain the Eagle & Lion over the four-fold wilderness.
J66.72; E219|        They return not: but generate in rocky places desolate.
J66.73; E219|        They return not; but build a habitation separate from Man.
J66.74; E219|        The Sun forgets his course like a drunken man; he hesitates,
J66.75; E219|        Upon the Cheselden hills, thinking to sleep on the Severn
J66.76; E219|        In vain: he is hurried afar into an unknown Night
J66.77; E219|        He bleeds in torrents of blood as he rolls thro heaven above
J66.78; E219|        He chokes up the paths of the sky; the Moon is leprous as snow:
J66.79; E219|        Trembling & descending down seeking to rest upon high Mona:
J66.80; E219|        Scattering her leprous snows in flakes of disease over Albion.
J66.81; E219|        The Stars flee remote: the heaven is iron, the earth is sulphur,
J66.82; E219|        And all the mountains & hills shrink up like a withering gourd,
J66.83; E219|        As the Senses of Men shrink together under the Knife of flint,
J66.84; E219|        In the hands of Albions Daughters, among the Druid Temples.

J67.1;   E220|        By those who drink their blood & the blood of their Covenant

J67.2;   E220|        And the Twelve Daughters of Albion united in Rahab & Tirzah
J67.3;   E220|        A Double Female: and they drew out from the Rocky Stones
J67.4;   E220|        Fibres of Life to Weave[,] for every Female is a Golden Loom
J67.5;   E220|        The Rocks are opake hardnesses covering all Vegetated things
J67.6;   E220|        And as they Wove & Cut from the Looms in various divisions
J67.7;   E220|        Stretching over Europe & Asia from Ireland to Japan
J67.8;   E220|        They divided into many lovely Daughters to be counterparts
J67.9;   E220|        To those they Wove, for when they Wove a Male, they divided
J67.10; E220|        Into a Female to the Woven Male. in opake hardness
J67.11; E220|        They cut the Fibres from the Rocks groaning in pain they Weave;
J67.12; E220|        Calling the Rocks Atomic Origins of Existence; denying Eternity
J67.13; E220|        By the Atheistical Epicurean Philosophy of Albions Tree
J67.14; E220|        Such are the Feminine & Masculine when separated from Man
J67.15; E220|        They call the Rocks Parents of Men, & adore the frowning Chaos
J67.16; E220|        Dancing around in howling pain clothed in the bloody Veil.
J67.17; E220|        Hiding Albions Sons within the Veil, closing Jerusalems
J67.18; E220|        Sons without; to feed with their Souls the Spectres of Albion
J67.19; E220|        Ashamed to give Love openly to the piteous & merciful Man
J67.20; E220|        Counting him an imbecile mockery: but the Warrior
J67.21; E220|        They adore: & his revenge cherish with the blood of the Innocent
J67.22; E220|        They drink up Dan & Gad, to feed with milk Skofeld & Kotope
J67.23; E220|        They strip off Josephs Coat & dip it in the blood of battle

J67.24; E220|        Tirzah sits weeping to hear the shrieks of the dying: her Knife
J67.25; E220|        Of flint is in her hand: she passes it over the howling Victim
J67.26; E220|        The Daughters Weave their Work in loud cries over the Rock
J67.27; E220|        Of Horeb! still eyeing Albions Cliffs eagerly siezing & twisting
J67.28; E220|        The threads of Vala & Jerusalem running from mountain to mountain
J67.29; E220|        Over the whole Earth: loud the Warriors rage in Beth Peor
J67.30; E220|        Beneath the iron whips of their Captains & consecrated banners
J67.31; E220|        Loud the Sun & Moon rage in the conflict: loud the Stars
J67.32; E220|        Shout in the night of battle & their spears grow to their hands
J67.33; E220|        With blood, weaving the deaths of the Mighty into a Tabernacle
J67.34; E220|        For Rahab & Tirzah; till the Great Polypus of Generation coverd the Earth

J67.35; E220|        In Verulam the Polypus's Head, winding around his bulk
J67.36; E220|        Thro Rochester, and Chichester, & Exeter & Salisbury,
J67.37; E220|        To Bristol: & his Heart beat strong on Salisbury Plain
J67.38; E220|        Shooting out Fibres round the Earth, thro Gaul & Italy
J67.39; E220|        And Greece, & along the Sea of Rephaim into Judea
J67.40; E220|        To Sodom & Gomorrha: thence to India, China & Japan

J67.41; E220|        The Twelve Daughters in Rahab & Tirzah have circumscribd the Brain
J67.42; E220|        Beneath & pierced it thro the midst with a golden pin.
J67.43; E220|        Blood hath staind her fair side beneath her bosom.

J67.44; E221|        O thou poor Human Form! said she. O thou poor child of woe!
J67.45; E221|        Why wilt thou wander away from Tirzah: why me compel to bind thee[!]
J67.46; E221|        If thou dost go away from me I shall consume upon these Rocks
J67.47; E221|        These fibres of thine eyes that used to beam in distant heavens
J67.48; E221|        Away from me: I have bound down with a hot iron.
J67.49; E221|        These nostrils that expanded with delight in morning skies
J67.50; E221|        I have bent downward with lead melted in my roaring furnaces
J67.51; E221|        Of affliction; of love; of sweet despair; of torment unendurable
J67.52; E221|        My soul is seven furnaces, incessant roars the bellows
J67.53; E221|        Upon my terribly flaming heart, the molten metal runs
J67.54; E221|        In channels thro my fiery limbs: O love! O pity! O fear!
J67.55; E221|        O pain! O the pangs, the bitter pangs of love forsaken
J67.56; E221|        Ephraim was a wilderness of joy where all my wild beasts ran
J67.57; E221|        The River Kanah wanderd by my sweet Manassehs side
J67.58; E221|        To see the boy spring into heavens sounding from my sight!
J67.59; E221|        Go Noah fetch the girdle of strong brass, heat it red-hot:
J67.60; E221|        Press it around the loins of this ever expanding cruelty
J67.61; E221|        Shriek not so my only love! I refuse thy joys: I drink
J67.62; E221|        Thy shrieks because Hand & Hyle are cruel & obdurate to me

J68.1;   E221|        O Skofield why art thou cruel? Lo Joseph is thine! to make
J68.2;   E221|        You One: to weave you both in the same mantle of skin
J68.3;   E221|        Bind him down Sisters bind him down on Ebal. Mount of cursing:
J68.4;   E221|        Malah come forth from Lebanon: & Hoglah from Mount Sinai:
J68.5;   E221|        Come circumscribe this tongue of sweets & with a screw of iron
J68.6;   E221|        Fasten this ear into the rock! Milcah the task is thine
J68.7;   E221|        Weep not so Sisters! weep not so! our life depends on this
J68.8;   E221|        Or mercy & truth are fled away from Shechem & Mount Gilead
J68.9;   E221|        Unless my beloved is bound upon the Stems of Vegetation

J68.10; E221|        And thus the Warriors cry, in the hot day of Victory, in Songs.

J68.11; E221|        Look: the beautiful Daughter of Albion sits naked upon the Stone
J68.12; E221|        Her panting Victim beside her: her heart is drunk with blood
J68.13; E221|        Tho her brain is not drunk with wine: she goes forth from Albion
J68.14; E221|        In pride of beauty: in cruelty of holiness: in the brightness
J68.15; E221|        Of her tabernacle, & her ark & secret place, the beautiful Daughter
J68.16; E221|        Of Albion, delights the eyes of the Kings. their hearts & the
J68.17; E221|        Hearts of their Warriors glow hot before Thor & Friga. O Molech!
J68.18; E221|        O Chemosh! O Bacchus! O Venus! O Double God of Generation
J68.19; E221|        The Heavens are cut like a mantle around from the Cliffs of Albion
J68.20; E221|        Across Europe; across Africa; in howlings & deadly War
J68.21; E221|        A sheet & veil & curtain of blood is let down from Heaven
J68.22; E221|        Across the hills of Ephraim & down Mount Olivet to
J68.23; E221|        The Valley of the Jebusite: Molech rejoices in heaven
J68.24; E221|        He sees the Twelve Daughters naked upon the Twelve Stones

J68.25; E222|        Themselves condensing to rocks & into the Ribs of a Man
J68.26; E222|        Lo they shoot forth in tender Nerves across Europe & Asia
J68.27; E222|        Lo they rest upon the Tribes, where their panting Victims lie
J68.28; E222|        Molech rushes into the Kings in love to the beautiful Daughters
J68.29; E222|        But they frown & delight in cruelty, refusing all other joy
J68.30; E222|        Bring your Offerings, your first begotten: pamperd with milk & blood
J68.31; E222|        Your first born of seven years old: be they Males or Females:
J68.32; E222|        To the beautiful Daughters of Albion! they sport before the Kings
J68.33; E222|        Clothed in the sin of the Victim! blood! human blood! is the life
J68.34; E222|        And delightful food of the Warrior: the well fed Warriors flesh
J68.35; E222|        Of him who is slain in War: fills the Valleys of Ephraim with
J68.36; E222|        Breeding Women walking in pride & bringing forth under green trees
J68.37; E222|        With pleasure, without pain, for their food is. blood of the Captive
J68.38; E222|        Molech rejoices thro the Land from Havilah to Shur: he rejoices
J68.39; E222|        In moral law & its severe penalties: loud Shaddai & Jehovah
J68.40; E222|        Thunder above: when they see the Twelve panting Victims
J68.41; E222|        On the Twelve Stones of Power, & the beautiful Daughters of Albion
J68.42; E222|        If you dare rend their Veil with your Spear; you are healed of Love!
J68.43; E222|        From the Hills of Camberwell & Wimbledon: from the Valleys
J68.44; E222|        Of Walton & Esher: from Stone-henge & from Maldens Cove
J68.45; E222|        Jerusalems Pillars fall in the rendings of fierce War
J68.46; E222|        Over France & Germany: upon the Rhine & Danube
J68.47; E222|        Reuben & Benjamin flee; they hide in the Valley of Rephaim
J68.48; E222|        Why trembles the Warriors limbs when he beholds thy beauty
J68.49; E222|        Spotted with Victims blood: by the fires of thy secret tabernacle
J68.50; E222|        And thy ark & holy place: at thy frowns: at thy dire revenge
J68.51; E222|        Smitten as Uzzah of old: his armour is softend; his spear
J68.52; E222|        And sword faint in his hand, from Albion across Great Tartary
J68.53; E222|        O beautiful Daughter of Albion: cruelty is thy delight
J68.54; E222|        O Virgin of terrible eyes, who dwellest by Valleys of springs
J68.55; E222|        Beneath the Mountains of Lebanon, in the City of Rehob in Hamath
J68.56; E222|        Taught to touch the harp: to dance in the Circle of Warriors
J68.57; E222|        Before the Kings of Canaan: to cut the flesh from the Victim
J68.58; E222|        To roast the flesh in fire: to examine the Infants limbs
J68.59; E222|        In cruelties of holiness: to refuse the joys of love: to bring
J68.60; E222|        The Spies from Egypt, to raise jealousy in the bosoms of the Twelve
J68.61; E222|        Kings of Canaan: then to let the Spies depart to Meribah Kadesh
J68.62; E222|        To the place of the Amalekite; I am drunk with unsatiated love
J68.63; E222|        I must rush again to War: for the Virgin has frownd & refusd
J68.64; E222|        Sometimes I curse & sometimes bless thy fascinating beauty
J68.65; E222|        Once Man was occupied in intellectual pleasures & energies
J68.66; E222|        But now my soul is harrowd with grief & fear & love & desire
J68.67; E222|        And now I hate & now I love & Intellect is no more:
J68.68; E222|        There is no time for any thing but the torments of love & desire
J68.69; E222|        The Feminine & Masculine Shadows soft, mild & ever varying
J68.70; E222|        In beauty: are Shadows now no more, but Rocks in Horeb

J69.1;   E223|        Then all the Males combined into One Male & every one   t314
J69.2;   E223|        Became a ravening eating Cancer growing in the Female
J69.3;   E223|        A Polypus of Roots of Reasoning Doubt Despair & Death.
J69.4;   E223|        Going forth & returning from Albions Rocks to Canaan:
J69.5;   E223|        Devouring Jerusalem from every Nation of the Earth.

J69.6;   E223|        Envying stood the enormous Form at variance with Itself
J69.7;   E223|        In all its Members: in eternal torment of love & jealousy:
J69.8;   E223|        Drivn forth by Los time after time from Albions cliffy shore,
J69.9;   E223|        Drawing the free loves of Jerusalem into infernal bondage;
J69.10; E223|        That they might be born in contentions of Chastity & in
J69.11; E223|        Deadly Hate between Leah & Rachel, Daughters of Deceit & Fraud
J69.12; E223|        Bearing the Images of various Species of Contention
J69.13; E223|        And Jealousy & Abhorrence & Revenge & deadly Murder.
J69.14; E223|        Till they refuse liberty to the male; & not like Beulah
J69.15; E223|        Where every Female delights to give her maiden to her husband
J69.16; E223|        The Female searches sea & land for gratification to the
J69.17; E223|        Male Genius: who in return clothes her in gems & gold
J69.18; E223|        And feeds her with the food of Eden. hence all her beauty beams
J69.19; E223|        She Creates at her will a little moony night & silence
J69.20; E223|        With Spaces of sweet gardens & a tent of elegant beauty:
J69.21; E223|        Closed in by a sandy desart & a night of stars shining.
J69.22; E223|        And a little tender moon & hovering angels on the wing.
J69.23; E223|        And the Male gives a Time & Revolution to her Space
J69.24; E223|        Till the time of love is passed in ever varying delights
J69.25; E223|        For All Things Exist in the Human Imagination
J69.26; E223|        And thence in Beulah they are stolen by secret amorous theft,
J69.27; E223|        Till they have had Punishment enough to make them commit Crimes
J69.28; E223|        Hence rose the Tabernacle in the Wilderness & all its Offerings,
J69.29; E223|        From Male & Female Loves in Beulah & their Jealousies
J69.30; E223|        But no one can consummate Female bliss in Los's World without
J69.31; E223|        Becoming a Generated Mortal, a Vegetating Death

J69.32; E223|        And now the Spectres of the Dead awake in Beulah: all
J69.33; E223|        The Jealousies become Murderous: uniting together in Rahab
J69.34; E223|        A Religion of Chastity, forming a Commerce to sell Loves
J69.35; E223|        With Moral Law, an Equal Balance, not going down with decision
J69.36; E223|        Therefore the Male severe & cruel filld with stern Revenge:
J69.37; E223|        Mutual Hate returns & mutual Deceit & mutual Fear.

J69.38; E223|        Hence the Infernal Veil grows in the disobedient Female:
J69.39; E223|        Which Jesus rends & the whole Druid Law removes away
J69.40; E223|        From the Inner Sanctuary: a False Holiness hid within the Center,
J69.41; E223|        For the Sanctuary of Eden. is in the Camp: in the Outline,
J69.42; E223|        In the Circumference: & every Minute Particular is Holy:
J69.43; E223|        Embraces are Cominglings: from the Head even to the Feet;
J69.44; E223|        And not a pompous High Priest entering by a Secret Place.

J69.45; E224|        Jerusalem pined in her inmost soul over Wandering Reuben
J69.46; E224|        As she slept in Beulahs Night hid by the Daughters of Beulah

J70.1;   E224|        And this the form of mighty Hand sitting on Albions cliffs
J70.2;   E224|        Before the face of Albion, a mighty threatning Form.

J70.3;   E224|        His bosom wide & shoulders huge overspreading wondrous
J70.4;   E224|        Bear Three strong sinewy Necks & Three awful & terrible Heads
J70.5;   E224|        Three Brains in contradictory council brooding incessantly.
J70.6;   E224|        Neither daring to put in act its councils, fearing each-other,
J70.7;   E224|        Therefore rejecting Ideas as nothing & holding all Wisdom
J70.8;   E224|        To consist. in the agreements & disagree[me]nts of Ideas.
J70.9;   E224|        Plotting to devour Albions Body of Humanity & Love.

J70.10; E224|        Such Form the aggregate of the Twelve Sons of Albion took; & such
J70.11; E224|        Their appearance when combind: but often by birth-pangs & loud groans
J70.12; E224|        They divide to Twelve: the key-bones & the chest dividing in pain
J70.13; E224|        Disclose a hideous orifice; thence issuing the Giant-brood
J70.14; E224|        Arise as the smoke of the furnace, shaking the rocks from sea to sea.
J70.15; E224|        And there they combine into Three Forms, named Bacon & Newton & Locke,
J70.16; E224|        In the Oak Groves of Albion which overspread all the Earth.

J70.17; E224|        Imputing Sin & Righteousness to Individuals; Rahab
J70.18; E224|        Sat deep within him hid: his Feminine Power unreveal'd
J70.19; E224|        Brooding Abstract Philosophy. to destroy Imagination, the Divine-
J70.20; E224|        -Humanity A Three-fold Wonder: feminine: most beautiful: Three-fold
J70.21; E224|        Each within other. On her white marble & even Neck, her Heart
J70.22; E224|        Inorb'd and bonified: with locks of shadowing modesty, shining
J70.23; E224|        Over her beautiful Female features, soft flourishing in beauty
J70.24; E224|        Beams mild, all love and all perfection, that when the lips
J70.25; E224|        Recieve a kiss from Gods or Men, a threefold kiss returns
J70.26; E224|        From the pressd loveliness: so her whole immortal form three-fold
J70.27; E224|        Three-fold embrace returns: consuming lives of Gods & Men
J70.28; E224|        In fires of beauty melting them as gold & silver in the furnace
J70.29; E224|        Her Brain enlabyrinths the whole heaven of her bosom & loins
J70.30; E224|        To put in act what her Heart wills; O who can withstand her power
J70.31; E224|        Her name is Vala in Eternity: in Time her name is Rahab

J70.32; E224|        The Starry Heavens all were fled from the mighty limbs of Albion

J71.1;   E224|        And above Albions Land was seen the Heavenly Canaan
J71.2;   E224|        As the Substance is to the Shadow: and above Albions Twelve Sons
J71.3;   E224|        Were seen Jerusalems Sons: and all the Twelve Tribes spreading
J71.4;   E224|        Over Albion. As the Soul is to the Body, so Jerusalems Sons,
J71.5;   E224|        Are to the Sons of Albion: and Jerusalem is Albions Emanation

J71.6;   E225|        What is Above is Within, for every-thing in Eternity is translucent:
J71.7;   E225|        The Circumference is Within: Without, is formed the Selfish Center
J71.8;   E225|        And the Circumference still expands going forward to Eternity.
J71.9;   E225|        And the Center has Eternal States! these States we now explore.

J71.10; E225|        And these the Names of Albions Twelve Sons, & of his Twelve Daughters
J71.11; E225|        With their Districts. Hand dwelt in Selsey & had Sussex & Surrey
J71.12; E225|        And Kent & Middlesex: all their Rivers & their Hills, of flocks & herds:
J71.13; E225|        Their Villages Towns Cities Sea-Ports Temples sublime Cathedrals;
J71.14; E225|        All were his Friends & their Sons & Daughters intermarry in Beulah
J71.15; E225|        For all are Men in Eternity. Rivers Mountains Cities Villages,
J71.16; E225|        All are Human & when you enter into their Bosoms you walk
J71.17; E225|        In Heavens & Earths; as in your own Bosom you bear your Heaven
J71.18; E225|        And Earth, & all you behold, tho it appears Without it is Within
J71.19; E225|        In your Imagination of which this World of Mortality is but a Shadow.

J71.20; E225|        Hyle dwelt in Winchester comprehending Hants Dorset Devon Cornwall.
J71.21; E225|        Their Villages Cities SeaPorts, their Corn fields & Gardens spacious
J71.22; E225|        Palaces, Rivers & Mountains, and between Hand & Hyle arose
J71.23; E225|        Gwendolen & Cambel who is Boadicea: they go abroad & return
J71.24; E225|        Like lovely beams of light from the mingled affections of the Brothers
J71.25; E225|        The Inhabitants of the whole Earth rejoice in their beautiful light.

J71.26; E225|        Coban dwelt in Bath. Somerset Wiltshire Gloucestershire,
J71.27; E225|        Obeyd his awful voice Ignoge is his lovely Emanation;
J71.28; E225|        She adjoind with Gwantokes Children, soon lovely Cordella arose.
J71.29; E225|        Gwantoke forgave & joyd over South Wales & all its Mountains.

J71.30; E225|        Peachey had North Wales Shropshire Cheshire & the Isle of Man.
J71.31; E225|        His Emanation is Mehetabel terrible & lovely upon the Mountains

J71.32; E225|        Brertun had Yorkshire Durham Westmoreland & his Emanation
J71.33; E225|        Is Ragan, she adjoind to Slade, & produced Gonorill far beaming.

J71.34; E225|        Slade had Lincoln Stafford Derby Nottingham & his lovely
J71.35; E225|        Emanation Gonorill rejoices over hills & rocks & woods & rivers.

J71.36; E225|        Huttn had Warwick Northampton Bedford Buckingham
J71.37; E225|        Leicester & Berkshire: & his Emanation is Gwinefred beautiful

J71.38; E225|        Skofeld had Ely Rutland Cambridge Huntingdon Norfolk
J71.39; E225|        Suffolk Hartford & Essex: & his Emanation is Gwinevera
J71.40; E225|        Beautiful, she beams towards the east, all kinds of precious stones
J71.41; E225|        And pearl, with instruments Of music in holy Jerusalem

J71.42; E225|        Kox had Oxford Warwick Wilts: his Emanation is Estrild:
J71.43; E225|        Joind with Cordella she shines southward over the Atlantic.

J71.44; E226|        Kotope had Hereford Stafford Worcester, & his Emanation
J71.45; E226|        Is Sabrina joind with Mehetabel she shines west over America

J71.46; E226|        Bowen had all Scotland, the Isles, Northumberland & Cumberland
J71.47; E226|        His Emanation is Conwenna, she shines a triple form
J71.48; E226|        Over the north with pearly beams gorgeous & terrible
J71.49; E226|        Jerusalem & Vala rejoice in Bowen & Conwenna.

J71.50; E226|        But the Four Sons of Jerusalem that never were Generated
J71.51; E226|        Are Rintrah and Palamabron and Theotormon and Bromion. They
J71.52; E226|        Dwell over the Four Provinces of Ireland in heavenly light
J71.53; E226|        The Four Universities of Scotland, & in Oxford & Cambridge & Winchester

J71.54; E226|        But now Albion is darkened & Jerusalem lies in ruins:
J71.55; E226|        Above the Mountains of Albion, above the head of Los.

J71.56; E226|        And Los shouted with ceaseless shoutings & his tears poured down
J71.57; E226|        His immortal cheeks, rearing his hands to heaven for aid Divine!
J71.58; E226|        But he spoke not to Albion: fearing lest Albion should turn his Back
J71.59; E226|        Against the Divine Vision: & fall over the Precipice of Eternal Death.
J71.60; E226|        But he receded before Albion & before Vala weaving the Veil
J71.61; E226|        With the iron shuttle of War among the rooted Oaks of Albion;
J71.62; E226|        Weeping & shouting to the Lord day & night; and his Children
J71.63; E226|        Wept round him as a flock silent Seven Days of Eternity

J72.1;   E226|        And the Thirty-two Counties of the Four Provinces of Ireland
J72.2;   E226|        Are thus divided: The Four Counties are in the Four Camps
J72.3;   E226|        Munster South in Reubens Gate, Connaut West in Josephs Gate
J72.4;   E226|        Ulster North in Dans Gate, Leinster East in Judahs Gate

J72.5;   E226|        For Albion in Eternity has Sixteen Gates among his Pillars
J72.6;   E226|        But the Four towards the West were Walled up & the Twelve
J72.7;   E226|        That front the Four other Points were turned Four Square
J72.8;   E226|        By Los for Jerusalems sake & called the Gates of Jerusalem
J72.9;   E226|        Because Twelve Sons of Jerusalem fled successive thro the Gates
J72.10; E226|        But the Four Sons of Jerusalem who fled not but remaind
J72.11; E226|        Are Rintrah & Palamabron & Theotormon & Bromion
J72.12; E226|        The Four that remain with Los to guard the Western Wall
J72.13; E226|        And these Four remain to guard the Four Walls of Jerusalem
J72.14; E226|        Whose foundations remain in the Thirty-two Counties of Ireland
J72.15; E226|        And in Twelve Counties of Wales, & in the Forty Counties
J72.16; E226|        Of England & in the Thirty-six Counties of Scotland

J72.17; E226|        And the names of the Thirty-two Counties of Ireland are these
J72.18; E226|        Under Judah & Issachar & Zebulun are Lowth Longford
J72.19; E226|        Eastmeath Westmeath Dublin Kildare Kings County
J72.20; E226|        Queens County Wicklow Catherloh Wexford Kilkenny

J72.21; E227|        And those under Reuben & Simeon & Levi are these
J72.22; E227|        Waterford Tipperary Cork Limerick Kerry Clare
J72.23; E227|        And those under Ephraim Manasseh & Benjamin are these
J72.24; E227|        Galway Roscommon Mayo Sligo Leitrim
J72.25; E227|        And those under Dan Asher & Napthali are these
J72.26; E227|        Donnegal Antrim Tyrone Fermanagh Armagh Londonderry
J72.27; E227|        Down Managhan Cavan. These are the Land of Erin

J72.28; E227|        All these Center in London & in Golgonooza. from whence
J72.29; E227|        They are Created continually East & West & North & South
J72.30; E227|        And from them are Created all the Nations of the Earth
J72.31; E227|        Europe & Asia & Africa & America, in fury Fourfold!

J72ill; E227|        [<image>Continually Building. Continually Decaying because of
J72ill; E227|        Love & Jealousy</image]
J72.32; E227|        And Thirty-two the Nations: to dwell in Jerusalems Gates
J72.33; E227|        O Come ye Nations Come ye People Come up to Jerusalem
J72.34; E227|        Return Jerusalem & dwell together as of old! Return
J72.35; E227|        Return! O Albion let Jerusalem overspread all Nations
J72.36; E227|        As in the times of old! O Albion awake! Reuben wanders
J72.37; E227|        The Nations wait for Jerusalem. they look up for the Bride

J72.38; E227|        France Spain Italy Germany Poland Russia Sweden Turkey
J72.39; E227|        Arabia Palestine Persia Hindostan China Tartary Siberia
J72.40; E227|        Egypt Lybia Ethiopia Guinea Caffraria Negroland Morocco
J72.41; E227|        Congo Zaara Canada Greenland Carolina Mexico
J72.42; E227|        Peru Patagonia Amazonia Brazil. Thirty-two Nations
J72.43; E227|        And under these Thirty-two Classes of Islands in the Ocean
J72.44; E227|        All the Nations Peoples & Tongues throughout all the Earth

J72.45; E227|        And the Four Gates of Los surround the Universe Within and
J72.46; E227|        Without; & whatever is visible in the Vegetable Earth, the same
J72.47; E227|        Is visible in the Mundane Shell; reversd in mountain & vale
J72.48; E227|        And a Son of Eden was set over each Daughter of Beulah to guard
J72.49; E227|        In Albions Tomb the wondrous Creation: & the Four-fold Gate
J72.50; E227|        Towards Beulah is to the South[.] Fenelon, Guion, Teresa,
J72.51; E227|        Whitefield & Hervey, guard that Gate; with all the gentle Souls
J72.52; E227|        Who guide the great Wine-press of Love; Four precious stones that Gate:

J72ill; E228|        [<image><reversed writing>Women the comforters of Men become the
J72ill; E228|        Tormentors & Punishers</reversed writing></image>]   t315

J73.1;   E228|        Such are Cathedrons golden Halls: in the City of Golgonooza

J73.2;   E228|        And Los's Furnaces howl loud; living: self-moving: lamenting
J73.3;   E228|        With fury & despair, & they stretch from South to North
J73.4;   E228|        Thro all the Four Points: Lo! the Labourers at the Furnaces
J73.5;   E228|        Rintrah & Palamabron, Theotormon & Bromion, loud labring
J73.6;   E228|        With the innumerable multitudes of Golgonooza, round the Anvils
J73.7;   E228|        Of Death. But how they came forth from the Furnaces & how long
J73.8;   E228|        Vast & severe the anguish eer they knew their Father; were
J73.9;   E228|        Long to tell & of the iron rollers, golden axle-trees & yokes
J73.10; E228|        Of brass, iron chains & braces & the gold, silver & brass
J73.11; E228|        Mingled or separate: for swords; arrows; cannons; mortars
J73.12; E228|        The terrible ball: the wedge: the loud sounding hammer of destruction
J73.13; E228|        The sounding flail to thresh: the winnow: to winnow kingdoms
J73.14; E228|        The water wheel & mill of many innumerable wheels resistless
J73.15; E228|        Over the Four fold Monarchy from Earth to the Mundane Shell.

J73.16; E228|        Perusing Albions Tomb in the starry characters of Og & Anak:
J73.17; E228|        To Create the lion & wolf the bear: the tyger & ounce:
J73.18; E228|        To Create the wooly lamb & downy fowl & scaly serpent
J73.19; E228|        The summer & winter: day & night: the sun & moon & stars
J73.20; E228|        The tree: the plant: the flower: the rock: the stone: the metal:
J73.21; E228|        Of Vegetative Nature: by their hard restricting condensations.

J73.22; E228|        Where Luvahs World of Opakeness grew to a period: It
J73.23; E228|        Became a Limit, a Rocky hardness without form & void
J73.24; E228|        Accumulating without end: here Los. who is of the Elohim
J73.25; E228|        Opens the Furnaces of affliction in the Emanation
J73.26; E228|        Fixing The Sexual into an ever-prolific Generation
J73.27; E228|        Naming the Limit of Opakeness Satan & the Limit of Contraction
J73.28; E228|        Adam, who is Peleg & Joktan: & Esau & Jacob: & Saul & David

J73.29; E228|        Voltaire insinuates that these Limits are the cruel work of God
J73.30; E228|        Mocking the Remover of Limits & the Resurrection of the Dead
J73.31; E228|        Setting up Kings in wrath: in holiness of Natural Religion
J73.32; E228|        Which Los with his mighty Hammer demolishes time on time
J73.33; E228|        In miracles & wonders in the Four-fold Desart of Albion
J73.34; E228|        Permanently Creating to be in Time Reveald & Demolishd
J73.35; E228|        Satan Cain Tubal Nimrod Pharoh Priam Bladud Belin
J73.36; E228|        Arthur Alfred the Norman Conqueror Richard John
J73.37; E228|        [Edward Henry Elizabeth James Charles William George]   t316
J73.38; E228|        And all the Kings & Nobles of the Earth & all their Glories
J73.39; E228|        These are Created by Rahab & Tirzah in Ulro: but around

J73.40; E229|        These, to preserve them from Eternal Death Los Creates
J73.41; E229|        Adam Noah Abraham Moses Samuel David Ezekiel
J73.42; E229|        [Pythagoras Socrates Euripedes Virgil Dante Milton]   t317
J73.43; E229|        Dissipating the rocky forms of Death, by his thunderous Hammer
J73.44; E229|        As the Pilgrim passes while the Country permanent remains
J73.45; E229|        So Men pass on: but States remain permanent for ever

J73.46; E229|        The Spectres of the Dead howl round the porches of Los
J73.47; E229|        In the terrible Family feuds of Albions cities & villages
J73.48; E229|        To devour the Body of Albion, hungring & thirsting & ravning
J73.49; E229|        The Sons of Los clothe them & feed, & provide houses & gardens
J73.50; E229|        And every Human Vegetated Form in its inward recesses
J73.51; E229|        Is a house of ple[as]antness & a garden of delight Built by the
J73.52; E229|        Sons & Daughters of Los in Bowlahoola & in Cathedron

J73.53; E229|        From London to York & Edinburgh the Furnaces rage terrible
J73.54; E229|        Primrose Hill is the mouth of the Furnace & the Iron Door;

J74.1;   E229|        The Four Zoa's clouded rage; Urizen stood by Albion
J74.2;   E229|        With Rintrah and Palamabron and Theotormon and Bromion
J74.3;   E229|        These Four are Verulam & London & York & Edinburgh
J74.4;   E229|        And the Four Zoa's are Urizen & Luvah & Tharmas & Urthona
J74.5;   E229|        In opposition deadly, and their Wheels in poisonous
J74.6;   E229|        And deadly stupor turn'd against each other loud & fierce
J74.7;   E229|        Entering into the Reasoning Power, forsaking Imagination
J74.8;   E229|        They became Spectres; & their Human Bodies were reposed
J74.9;   E229|        In Beulah, by the Daughters of Beulah with tears & lamentations
J74.10; E229|        The Spectre is the Reasoning Power in Man; & when separated
J74.11; E229|        From Imagination, and closing itself as in steel, in a Ratio
J74.12; E229|        Of the Things of Memory. It thence frames Laws & Moralities
J74.13; E229|        To destroy Imagination! the Divine Body, by Martyrdoms & Wars

J74.14; E229|        Teach me O Holy Spirit the Testimony of Jesus! let me
J74.15; E229|        Comprehend wonderous things out of the Divine Law
J74.16; E229|        I behold Babylon in the opening Street of London, I behold
J74.17; E229|        Jerusalem in ruins wandering about from house to house
J74.18; E229|        This I behold the shudderings of death attend my steps
J74.19; E229|        I walk up and down in Six Thousand Years: their Events are present before me
J74.20; E229|        To tell how Los in grief & anger, whirling round his Hammer on high
J74.21; E229|        Drave the Sons & Daughters of Albion from their ancient mountains
J74.22; E229|        They became the Twelve Gods of Asia Opposing the Divine Vision

J74.23; E229|        The Sons of Albion are Twelve: the Sons of Jerusalem Sixteen
J74.24; E229|        I tell how Albions Sons by Harmonies of Concords & Discords
J74.25; E229|        Opposed to Melody, and by Lights & Shades, opposed to Outline
J74.26; E229|        And by Abstraction opposed to the Visions of Imagination

J74.27; E230|        By cruel Laws divided Sixteen into Twelve Divisions
J74.28; E230|        How Hyle roofd Los in Albions Cliffs by the Affections rent
J74.29; E230|        Asunder & opposed to Thought, to draw Jerusalems Sons
J74.30; E230|        Into the Vortex of his Wheels. therefore Hyle is called Gog
J74.31; E230|        Age after age drawing them away towards Babylon
J74.32; E230|        Babylon, the Rational Morality deluding to death the little ones
J74.33; E230|        In strong temptations of stolen beauty; I tell how Reuben slept
J74.34; E230|        On London Stone & the Daughters of Albion ran around admiring
J74.35; E230|        His awful beauty: with Moral Virtue the fair deciever; offspring
J74.36; E230|        Of Good & Evil, they divided him in love upon the Thames & sent
J74.37; E230|        Him over Europe in streams of gore out of Cathedrons Looms
J74.38; E230|        How Los drave them from Albion & they became Daughters of Canaan
J74.39; E230|        Hence Albion was calld the Canaanite & all his Giant Sons.
J74.40; E230|        Hence is my Theme. O Lord my Saviour open thou the Gates
J74.41; E230|        And I will lead forth thy Words, telling how the Daughters
J74.42; E230|        Cut the Fibres of Reuben, how he rolld apart & took Root
J74.43; E230|        In Bashan, terror-struck Albions Sons look toward Bashan
J74.44; E230|        They have divided Simeon he also rolld apart in blood
J74.45; E230|        Over the Nations till he took Root beneath the shining Looms
J74.46; E230|        Of Albions Daughters in Philistea by the side of Amalek
J74.47; E230|        They have divided Levi: he hath shot out into Forty eight Roots
J74.48; E230|        Over the Land of Canaan: they have divided Judah
J74.49; E230|        He hath took Root in Hebron, in the Land of Hand & Hyle
J74.50; E230|        Dan: Napthali: Gad: Asher: Issachar: Zebulun: roll apart
J74.51; E230|        From all the Nations of the Earth to dissipate into Non Entity

J74.52; E230|        I see a Feminine Form arise from the Four terrible Zoas
J74.53; E230|        Beautiful but terrible struggling to take a form of beauty
J74.54; E230|        Rooted in Shechem: this is Dinah, the youthful form of Erin
J74.55; E230|        The Wound I see in South Molton S[t]reet & Stratford place
J74.56; E230|        Whence Joseph & Benjamin rolld apart away from the Nations
J74.57; E230|        In vain they rolld apart; they are fixd into the Land of Cabul

J75.1;   E230|        And Rahab Babylon the Great hath destroyed Jerusalem
J75.2;   E230|        Bath stood upon the Severn with Merlin & Bladud & Arthur
J75.3;   E230|        The Cup of Rahab in his hand: her Poisons Twenty-seven-fold

J75.4;   E230|        And all her Twenty-seven Heavens now hid & now reveal'd
J75.5;   E230|        Appear in strong delusive light of Time & Space drawn out
J75.6;   E230|        In shadowy pomp by the Eternal Prophet created evermore

J75.7;   E230|        For Los in Six Thousand Years walks up & down continually
J75.8;   E230|        That not one Moment of Time be lost & every revolution
J75.9;   E230|        Of Space he makes permanent in Bowlahoola & Cathedron.

J75.10; E230|        And these the names of the Twenty-seven Heavens & their Churches
J75.11; E230|        Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch,

J75.12; E231|        Methuselah, Lamech; these are the Giants mighty, Hermaphroditic
J75.13; E231|        Noah, Shem, Arphaxad, Cainan the Second, Salah, Heber,
J75.14; E231|        Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah: these are the Female Males:
J75.15; E231|        A Male within a Female hid as in an Ark & Curtains.
J75.16; E231|        Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Paul, Constantine, Charlemaine,
J75.17; E231|        Luther. these Seven are the Male Females: the Dragon Forms
J75.18; E231|        The Female hid within a Male: thus Rahab is reveald
J75.19; E231|        Mystery Babylon the Great: the Abomination of Desolation
J75.20; E231|        Religion hid in War: a Dragon red, & hidden Harlot
J75.21; E231|        But Jesus breaking thro' the Central Zones of Death & Hell
J75.22; E231|        Opens Eternity in Time & Space; triumphant in Mercy

J75.23; E231|        Thus are the Heavens formd by Los within the Mundane Shell
J75.24; E231|        And where Luther ends Adam begins again in Eternal Circle
J75.25; E231|        To awake the Prisoners of Death; to bring Albion again
J75.26; E231|        With Luvah into light eternal, in his eternal day.

J75.27; E231|        But now the Starry Heavens are fled from the mighty limbs of Albion
J77; E231|        To the Christians.

J77; E231|        Devils are I give you the end of a golden string,   t319
J77; E231|        False Religions Only wind it into a ball:
J77; E231|        "Saul Saul" It will lead you in at Heavens gate,
J77; E231|        "Why persecutest thou me." Built in Jerusalems wall.

J77prose; E231|        We are told to abstain from fleshly desires that we may lose no
J77prose; E231|        time from the Work of the Lord. Every moment lost, is a moment
J77prose; E231|        that cannot be redeemed every pleasure that intermingles with the
J77prose; E231|        duty of our station is a folly unredeemable & is planted like the
J77prose; E231|        seed of a wild flower among our wheat. All the tortures of
J77prose; E231|        repentance. are tortures of self-reproach on account of our
J77prose; E231|        leaving the Divine Harvest to the Enemy, the struggles of
J77prose; E231|        intanglement with incoherent roots. I know of no other
J77prose; E231|        Christianity and of no other Gospel than the liberty both of body
J77prose; E231|        & mind to exercise the Divine Arts of Imagination.
J77prose; E231|        Imagination the real & eternal World of which this Vegetable
J77prose; E231|        Universe is but a faint shadow & in which we shall live in our
J77prose; E231|        Eternal or Imaginative Bodies, when these Vegetable Mortal Bodies
J77prose; E231|        are no more. The Apostles knew of no other Gospel. What were
J77prose; E231|        all their spiritual gifts? What is the Divine Spirit? is the Holy
J77prose; E231|        Ghost an other than an Intellectual Fountain? What is the
J77prose; E231|        Harvest of the Gospel & its Labours? What is that Talent which it
J77prose; E231|        is a curse to hide? What are the Treasures of Heaven which we are
J77prose; E231|        to lay up for ourselves, are they any other than Mental Studies &
J77prose; E231|        Performances? What are all the Gifts. of the Gospel, are they not
J77prose; E231|        all Mental Gifts? Is God a Spirit who must be worshipped in
J77prose; E231|        Spirit & in Truth and are not the Gifts of the Spirit Every-thing
J77prose; E231|        to Man? O ye Religious discountenance every one among

J77prose; E232|        you who shall pretend to despise Art & Science! I call upon you
J77prose; E232|        in the Name of Jesus! What is the Life of Man but Art & Science?
J77prose; E232|        is it Meat & Drink? is not the Body more than Raiment? What is
J77prose; E232|        Mortality but the things relating to the Body, which Dies? What
J77prose; E232|        is Immortality but the things relating to the Spirit, which Lives
J77prose; E232|        Eternally! What is the joy of Heaven but Improvement in the
J77prose; E232|        things of the Spirit? What are the Pains of Hell but Ignorance,
J77prose; E232|        Bodily Lust, Idleness & devastation of the things of the Spirit[?]
J77prose; E232|        Answer this to yourselves, & expel from among you those who
J77prose; E232|        pretend to despise the labours of Art & Science, which alone are
J77prose; E232|        the labours of the Gospel: Is not this plain & manifest to the
J77prose; E232|        thought? Can you think at all & not pronounce heartily! That to
J77prose; E232|        Labour in Knowledge. is to Build up Jerusalem: and to Despise
J77prose; E232|        Knowledge, is to Despise Jerusalem & her Builders.
J77prose; E232|        And remember: He who despises & mocks a Mental Gift in another;
J77prose; E232|        calling it pride & selfishness & sin; mocks Jesus the giver of
J77prose; E232|        every Mental Gift, which always appear to the ignorance-loving
J77prose; E232|        Hypocrite, as Sins. but that which is a Sin in the sight of cruel
J77prose; E232|        Man, is not so in the sight of our kind God.
J77prose; E232|        Let every Christian as much as in him lies engage himself
J77prose; E232|        openly & publicly before all the World in some Mental pursuit for
J77prose; E232|        the Building up of Jerusalem

J77.1;   E232|        I stood among my valleys of the south
J77.2;   E232|        And saw a flame of fire, even as a Wheel
J77.3;   E232|        Of fire surrounding all the heavens: it went
J77.4;   E232|        From west to cast against the current of
J77.5;   E232|        Creation and devourd all things in its loud
J77.6;   E232|        Fury & thundering course round heaven & earth
J77.7;   E232|        By it the Sun was rolld into an orb:
J77.8;   E232|        By it the Moon faded into a globe,

J77.9;   E232|        Travelling thro the night: for from its dire
J77.10; E232|        And restless fury, Man himself shrunk up
J77.11; E232|        Into a little root a fathom long.
J77.12; E232|        And I asked a Watcher & a Holy-One
J77.13; E232|        Its Name? he answerd. It is the Wheel of Religion
J77.14; E232|        I wept & said. Is this the law of Jesus
J77.15; E232|        This terrible devouring sword turning every way
J77.16; E232|        He answerd; Jesus died because he strove
J77.17; E232|        Against the current of this Wheel: its Name
J77.18; E232|        Is Caiaphas, the dark Preacher of Death
J77.19; E232|        Of sin, of sorrow, & of punishment;
J77.20; E232|        Opposing Nature! It is Natural Religion
J77.21; E232|        But Jesus is the bright Preacher of Life
J77.22; E232|        Creating Nature from this fiery Law,
J77.22; E232|        By self-denial & forgiveness of Sin.

J77.23; E233|        Go therefore, cast out devils in Christs name
J77.24; E233|        Heal thou the sick of spiritual disease
J77.25; E233|        Pity the evil, for thou art not sent
J77.26; E233|        To smite with terror & with punishments
J77.27; E233|        Those that are sick, like the Pharisees
J77.28; E233|        Crucifying &,encompassing sea & land
J77.29; E233|        For proselytes to tyranny & wrath,
J77.30; E233|        But to the Publicans & Harlots go!
J77.31; E233|        Teach them True Happiness, but let no curse
J77.32; E233|        Go forth out of thy mouth to blight their peace
J77.33; E233|        For Hell is opend to heaven; thine eyes beheld
J77.34; E233|        The dungeons burst & the Prisoners set free.

J77.35; E233|        England! awake! awake! awake!
J77.36; E233|        Jerusalem thy Sister calls!
J77.37; E233|        Why wilt thou sleep the sleep of death?
J77.38; E233|        And close her from thy ancient walls.

J77.39; E233|        Thy hills & valleys felt her feet,
J77.40; E233|        Gently upon their bosoms move:
J77.41; E233|        Thy gates beheld sweet Zions ways;
J77.42; E233|        Then was a time of joy and love.

J77.43; E233|        And now the time returns again:
J77.44; E233|        Our souls exult & Londons towers,
J77.45; E233|        Recieve the Lamb of God to dwell
J77.46; E233|        In Englands green & pleasant bowers.

J77.47; E233|        [The Real Self[hood] in the
J77.48; E233|        is the ?Imagination Divine ?Man]   t320

J78; E233|        Jerusalem. C 4

J78.1;   E233|        The Spectres of Albions Twelve Sons revolve mightily
J78.2;   E233|        Over the Tomb & over the Body: ravning to devour
J78.3;   E233|        The Sleeping Humanity. Los with his mace of iron
J78.4;   E233|        Walks round: loud his threats, loud his blows fall
J78.5;   E233|        On the rocky Spectres, as the Potter breaks the potsherds;
J78.6;   E233|        Dashing in pieces Self-righteousnesses: driving them from Albions
J78.7;   E233|        Cliffs: dividing them into Male & Female forms in his Furnaces
J78.8;   E233|        And on his Anvils: lest they destroy the Feminine Affections
J78.9;   E233|        They are broken. Loud howl the Spectres in his iron Furnace

J78.10; E233|        While Los laments at his dire labours, viewing Jerusalem,
J78.11; E233|        Sitting before his Furnaces clothed in sackcloth of hair;
J78.12; E233|        Albions Twelve Sons surround the Forty-two Gates of Erin,

J78.13; E234|        In terrible armour, raging against the Lamb & against Jerusalem,
J78.14; E234|        Surrounding them with armies to destroy the Lamb of God.
J78.15; E234|        They took their Mother Vala, and they crown'd her with gold:
J78.16; E234|        They namd her Rahab, & gave her power over the Earth
J78.17; E234|        The Concave Earth round Golgonooza in Entuthon Benython,
J78.18; E234|        Even to the stars exalting her Throne, to build beyond the Throne
J78.19; E234|        Of God and the Lamb, to destroy the Lamb & usurp the Throne of God
J78.20; E234|        Drawing their Ulro Voidness round the Four-fold Humanity

J78.21; E234|        Naked Jerusalem lay before the Gates upon Mount Zion
J78.22; E234|        The Hill of Giants, all her foundations levelld with the dust!

J78.23; E234|        Her Twelve Gates thrown down: her children carried into captivity
J78.24; E234|        Herself in chains: this from within was seen in a dismal night
J78.25; E234|        Outside, unknown before in Beulah, & the twelve gates were fill'd
J78.26; E234|        With blood; from Japan eastward to the Giants causway, west
J78.27; E234|        In Erins Continent: and Jerusalem wept upon Euphrates banks
J78.28; E234|        Disorganizd; an evanescent shade, scarce seen or heard among
J78.29; E234|        Her childrens Druid Temples dropping with blood wanderd weeping!
J78.30; E234|        And thus her voice went forth in the darkness of Philisthea.

J78.31; E234|        My brother & my father are no more! God hath forsaken me
J78.32; E234|        The arrows of the Almighty pour upon me & my children
J78.33; E234|        I have sinned and am an outcast from the Divine Presence!

J79.1;   E234|        My tents are fall'n! My pillars are in ruins! my children dashd
J79.2;   E234|        Upon Egypts iron floors, & the marble pavements of Assyria;
J79.3;   E234|        I melt my soul in reasonings among the towers of Heshbon;
J79.4;   E234|        Mount Zion is become a cruel rock & no more dew
J79.5;   E234|        Nor rain: no more the spring of the rock appears: but cold
J79.6;   E234|        Hard & obdurate are the furrows of the mountain of wine & oil:
J79.7;   E234|        The mountain of blessing is itself a curse & an astonishment:
J79.8;   E234|        The hills of Judea are fallen with me into the deepest hell
J79.9;   E234|        Away from the Nations of the Earth, & from the Cities of the Nations;
J79.10; E234|        I walk to Ephraim. I seek for Shiloh: I walk like a lost sheep
J79.11; E234|        Among precipices of despair: in Goshen I seek for light
J79.12; E234|        In vain: and in Gilead for a physician and a comforter.
J79.13; E234|        Goshen hath followd Philistea: Gilead hath joind with Og!
J79.14; E234|        They are become narrow places in a little and dark land:
J79.15; E234|        How distant far from Albion! his hills & his valleys no more
J79.16; E234|        Recieve the feet of Jerusalem: they have cast me quite away:
J79.17; E234|        And Albion is himself shrunk to a narrow rock in the midst of the sea!
J79.18; E234|        The plains of Sussex & Surrey, their hills of flocks & herds
J79.19; E234|        No more seek to Jerusalem nor to the sound of my Holy-ones.
J79.20; E234|        The Fifty-two Counties of England are hardend against me
J79.21; E234|        As if I was not their Mother, they despise me & cast me out
J79.22; E234|        London coverd the whole Earth. England encompassd the Nations:

J79.23; E235|        And all the Nations of the Earth were seen in the Cities of Albion:
J79.24; E235|        My pillars reachd from sea to sea: London beheld me come
J79.25; E235|        From my east & from my west; he blessed me and gave
J79.26; E235|        His children to my breasts, his sons & daughters to my knees
J79.27; E235|        His aged parents sought me out in every city & village:
J79.28; E235|        They discernd my countenance with joy! they shewd me to their sons
J79.29; E235|        Saying Lo Jerusalem is here! she sitteth in our secret chambers
J79.30; E235|        Levi and Judah & Issachar: Ephra[i]m, Manesseh, Gad and Dan
J79.31; E235|        Are seen in our hills & valleys: they keep our flocks & herds:
J79.32; E235|        They watch them in the night: and the Lamb of God appears among us.
J79.33; E235|        The river Severn stayd his course at my command:
J79.34; E235|        Thames poured his waters into my basons and baths:
J79.35; E235|        Medway mingled with Kishon: Thames recievd the heavenly Jordan
J79.36; E235|        Albion gave me to the whole Earth to walk up & down; to pour
J79.37; E235|        Joy upon every mountain; to teach songs to the shepherd & plowman
J79.38; E235|        I taught the ships of the sea to sing the songs of Zion.
J79.39; E235|        Italy saw me, in sublime astonishment: France was wholly mine:
J79.40; E235|        As my garden & as my secret bath; Spain was my heavenly couch:
J79.41; E235|        I slept in his golden hills: the Lamb of God met me there.
J79.42; E235|        There we walked as in our secret chamber among our little ones
J79.43; E235|        They looked upon our loves with joy: they beheld our secret joys:
J79.44; E235|        With holy raptures of adoration rapd sublime in the Visions of God:
J79.45; E235|        Germany; Poland & the North wooed my footsteps they found
J79.46; E235|        My gates in all their mountains & my curtains in all their vales
J79.47; E235|        The furniture of their houses was the furniture of my chamber
J79.48; E235|        Turkey & Grecia saw my instr[u]ments of music, they arose
J79.49; E235|        They siezd the harp: the flute: the mellow horn of Jerusalems joy
J79.50; E235|        They sounded thanksgivings in my courts: Egypt & Lybia heard
J79.51; E235|        The swarthy sons of Ethiopia stood round the Lamb of God
J79.52; E235|        Enquiring for Jerusalem: he led them up my steps to my altar:
J79.53; E235|        And thou America! I once beheld thee but now behold no more
J79.54; E235|        Thy golden mountains where my Cherubim & Seraphim rejoicd
J79.55; E235|        Together among my little-ones. But now, my Altars run with blood!
J79.56; E235|        My fires are corrupt! my incense is a cloudy pestilence
J79.57; E235|        Of seven diseases! Once a continual cloud of salvation. rose
J79.58; E235|        From all my myriads; once the Four-fold World rejoicd among
J79.59; E235|        The pillars of Jerusalem, between my winged Cherubim:
J79.60; E235|        But now I am closd out from them in the narrow passages
J79.61; E235|        Of the valleys of destruction, into a dark land of pitch & bitumen.
J79.62; E235|        From Albions Tomb afar and from the four-fold wonders of God
J79.63; E235|        Shrunk to a narrow doleful form in the dark land of Cabul;
J79.64; E235|        There is Reuben & Gad & Joseph & Judah & Levi, closd up
J79.65; E235|        In narrow vales: I walk & count the bones of my beloveds
J79.66; E235|        Along the Valley of Destruction, among these Druid Temples
J79.67; E235|        Which overspread all the Earth in patriarchal pomp & cruel pride

J79.68; E236|        Tell me O Vala thy purposes; tell me wherefore thy shuttles
J79.69; E236|        Drop with the gore of the slain; why Euphrates is red with blood
J79.70; E236|        Wherefore in dreadful majesty & beauty outside appears
J79.71; E236|        Thy Masculine from thy Feminine hardening against the heavens
J79.72; E236|        To devour the Human! Why dost thou weep upon the wind among
J79.73; E236|        These cruel Druid Temples: O Vala! Humanity is far above
J79.74; E236|        Sexual organization; & the Visions of the Night of Beulah
J79.75; E236|        Where Sexes wander in dreams of bliss among the Emanations
J79.76; E236|        Where the Masculine & Feminine are nurs'd into Youth & Maiden
J79.77; E236|        By the tears & smiles of Beulahs Daughters till the time of Sleep is past.
J79.78; E236|        Wherefore then do you realize these nets of beauty & delusion
J79.79; E236|        In open day to draw the souls of the Dead into the light.
J79.80; E236|        Till Albion is shut out from every Nation under Heaven.

J80.1;   E236|        Encompassd by the frozen Net and by the rooted Tree
J80.2;   E236|        I walk weeping in pangs of a Mothers torment for her Children:
J80.3;   E236|        I walk in affliction: I am a worm, and no living soul!
J80.4;   E236|        A worm going to eternal torment! raisd up in a night
J80.5;   E236|        To an eternal night of pain, lost! lost! lost! for ever!

J80.6;   E236|        Beside her Vala howld upon the winds in pride of beauty
J80.7;   E236|        Lamenting among the timbrels of the Warriors: among the Captives
J80.8;   E236|        In cruel holiness, and her lamenting songs were from Arnon
J80.9;   E236|        And Jordan to Euphrates. Jerusalem followd trembling
J80.10; E236|        Her children in captivity. listening to Valas lamentation
J80.11; E236|        In the thick cloud & darkness. & the voice went forth from
J80.12; E236|        The cloud. O rent in sunder from Jerusalem the Harlot daughter!
J80.13; E236|        In an eternal condemnation in fierce burning flames
J80.14; E236|        Of torment unendurable: and if once a Delusion be found
J80.15; E236|        Woman must perish & the Heavens of Heavens remain no more

J80.16; E236|        My Father gave to me command to murder Albion
J80.17; E236|        In unreviving Death; my Love, my Luvah orderd me in night
J80.18; E236|        To murder Albion the King of Men. he fought in battles fierce
J80.19; E236|        He conquerd Luvah my beloved: he took me and my Father
J80.20; E236|        He slew them: I revived them to life in my warm bosom
J80.21; E236|        He saw them issue from my bosom, dark in Jealousy
J80.22; E236|        He burnd before me: Luvah framd the Knife & Luvah gave
J80.23; E236|        The Knife into his daughters hand! such thing was never known
J80.24; E236|        Before in Albions land, that one should die a death never to be reviv'd!
J80.25; E236|        For in our battles we the Slain men view with pity and love:
J80.26; E236|        We soon revive them in the secret of our tabernacles
J80.27; E236|        But I Vala, Luvahs daughter, keep his body embalmd in moral laws
J80.28; E236|        With spices of sweet odours of lovely jealous stupefaction:
J80.29; E236|        Within my bosom, lest he arise to life & slay my Luvah
J80.30; E236|        Pity me then O Lamb of God! O Jesus pity me!
J80.31; E236|        Come into Luvahs Tents, and seek not to revive the Dead!

J80.32; E237|        So sang she: and the Spindle turnd furious as she sang:
J80.33; E237|        The Children of Jerusalem the Souls of those who sleep
J80.34; E237|        Were caught into the flax of her Distaff, & in her Cloud
J80.35; E237|        To weave Jerusalem a body according to her will
J80.36; E237|        A Dragon form on Zion Hills most ancient promontory

J80.37; E237|        The Spindle turnd in blood & fire: loud sound the trumpets
J80.38; E237|        Of war: the cymbals play loud before the Captains
J80.39; E237|        With Cambel & Gwendolen in dance and solemn song
J80.40; E237|        The Cloud of Rahab vibrating with the Daughters of Albion
J80.41; E237|        Los saw terrified, melted with pity & divided in wrath
J80.42; E237|        He sent them over the narrow seas in pity and love
J80.43; E237|        Among the Four Forests of Albion which overspread all the Earth
J80.44; E237|        They go forth & return swift as a flash of lightning.
J80.45; E237|        Among the tribes of warriors: among the Stones of power!
J80.46; E237|        Against Jerusalem they rage thro all the Nations of Europe
J80.47; E237|        Thro Italy & Grecia, to Lebanon & Persia & India.

J80.48; E237|        The Serpent Temples thro the Earth, from the wide Plain of Salisbury
J80.49; E237|        Resound with cries of Victims, shouts & songs & dying groans
J80.50; E237|        And flames of dusky fire, to Amalek, Canaan and Moab[.]
J80.51; E237|        And Rahab like a dismal and indefinite hovering Cloud
J80.52; E237|        Refusd to take a definite form. she hoverd over all the Earth
J80.53; E237|        Calling the definite, sin: defacing every definite form;
J80.54; E237|        Invisible, or Visible, stretch'd out in length or spread in breadth:
J80.55; E237|        Over the Temples drinking groans of victims weeping in pity,
J80.56; E237|        And joying in the pity, howling over Jerusalems walls.

J80.57; E237|        Hand slept on Skiddaws top: drawn by the love of beautiful
J80.58; E237|        Cambel: his bright beaming Counterpart, divided from him
J80.59; E237|        And her delusive light beamd fierce above the Mountain,
J80.60; E237|        Soft: invisible: drinking his sighs in sweet intoxication:
J80.61; E237|        Drawing out fibre by fibre: returning to Albions Tree
J80.62; E237|        At night: and in the morning to Skiddaw; she sent him over
J80.63; E237|        Mountainous Wales into the Loom of Cathedron fibre by fibre:
J80.64; E237|        He ran in tender nerves across Europe to Jerusalems Shade,
J80.65; E237|        To weave Jerusalem a Body repugnant to the Lamb.

J80.66; E237|        Hyle on East Moor in rocky Derbyshire, rav'd to the Moon
J80.67; E237|        For Gwendolen: she took up in bitter tears his anguishd heart,
J80.68; E237|        That apparent to all in Eternity, glows like the Sun in the breast:
J80.69; E237|        She hid it his his ribs & back: she hid his tongue with teeth
J80.70; E237|        In terrible convulsions pitying & gratified drunk with pity
J80.71; E237|        Glowing with loveliness before him, becoming apparent
J80.72; E237|        According to his changes: she roll'd his kidneys round
J80.73; E237|        Into two irregular forms: and looking on Albions dread Tree,
J80.74; E237|        She wove two vessels of seed, beautiful as Skiddaws snow;
J80.75; E237|        Giving them bends of self interest & selfish natural virtue:

J80.76; E238|        She hid them in his loins; raving he ran among the rocks,
J80.77; E238|        Compelld into a shape of Moral Virtue against the Lamb.
J80.78; E238|        The invisible lovely one giving him a form according to
J80.79; E238|        His Law a form against the Lamb of God opposd to Mercy
J80.80; E238|        And playing in the thunderous Loom in sweet intoxication
J80.81; E238|        Filling cups of silver & crystal with shrieks & cries, with groans
J80.82; E238|        And dolorous sobs: the wine of lovers in the Wine-press of Luvah

J80.83; E238|        O sister Cambel said Gwendolen, as their long beaming light
J80.84; E238|        Mingled above the Mountain[:] what shall we do to keep
J80.85; E238|        These awful forms in our soft bands: distracted with trembling

J81.1;   E238|        I have mockd those who refused cruelty & I have admired
J81.2;   E238|        The cruel Warrior. I have refused to give love to Merlin the piteous.
J81.3;   E238|        He brings to me the Images of his Love & I reject in chastity
J81.4;   E238|        And turn them out into the streets for Harlots to be food
J81.5;   E238|        To the stern Warrior. I am become perfect in beauty over my Warrior
J81.6;   E238|        For Men are caught by Love: Woman is caught by Pride
J81.7;   E238|        That Love may only be obtaind in the passages of Death.
J81ill; E238|        [<image><reversed writing>In Heaven the only Art of Living / Is
J81ill; E238|        Forgetting & Forgiving / Especially to the Female / But if you on
J81ill; E238|        Earth Forgive / You shall not find where to Live</reversed
J81ill; E238|        writing>]   t321

J81.8;   E239|        Let us look! let us examine! is the Cruel become an Infant
J81.9;   E239|        Or is he still a cruel Warrior? look Sisters, look! O piteous
J81.10; E239|        I have destroyd Wandring Reuben who strove to bind my Will
J81.11; E239|        I have stripd off Josephs beautiful integument for my Beloved,
J81.12; E239|        The Cruel-one of Albion: to clothe him in gems of my Zone
J81.13; E239|        I have Named him Jehovah of Hosts. Humanity is become
J81.14; E239|        A weeping Infant in ruind lovely Jerusalems folding Cloud:
J81.15; E239|        In Heaven Love begets Love! but Fear is the Parent of Earthly Love!   t322
J81.16; E239|        And he who will not bend to Love must be subdud by Fear,

J82.1;   E239|        I have heard Jerusalems groans; from Valas cries & lamentations
J82.2;   E239|        I gather our eternal fate: Outcasts from life and love:
J82.3;   E239|        Unless we find a way to bind these awful Forms to our
J82.4;   E239|        Embrace we shall perish annihilate, discoverd our Delusions.
J82.5;   E239|        Look I have wrought without delusion: Look! I have wept!
J82.6;   E239|        And given soft milk mingled together with the spirits of flocks
J82.7;   E239|        Of lambs and doves, mingled together in cups and dishes
J82.8;   E239|        Of painted clay; the mighty Hyle is become a weeping infant;
J82.9;   E239|        Soon shall the Spectres of the Dead follow my weaving threads.

J82.10; E239|        The Twelve Daughters of Albion attentive listen in secret shades
J82.11; E239|        On Cambridge and Oxford beaming soft uniting with Rahabs cloud
J82.12; E239|        While Gwendolen spoke to Cambel turning soft the spinning reel:
J82.13; E239|        Or throwing the wingd shuttle; or drawing the cords with softest songs
J82.14; E239|        The golden cords of the Looms animate beneath their touches soft,
J82.15; E239|        Along the Island white, among the Druid Temples, while Gwendolen
J82.16; E239|        Spoke to the Daughters of Albion standing on Skiddaws top.

J82.17; E239|        So saying she took a Falshood & hid it in her left hand:
J82.18; E239|        To entice her Sisters away to Babylon on Euphrates.
J82.19; E239|        And thus she closed her left hand and utterd her Falshood:
J82.20; E239|        Forgetting that Falshood is prophetic, she hid her hand behind her,
J82.21; E239|        Upon her back behind her loins & thus utterd her Deceit.

J82.22; E239|        I heard Enitharmon say to Los: Let the Daughters of Albion
J82.23; E239|        Be scatterd abroad and let the name of Albion be forgotten:
J82.24; E239|        Divide them into three; name them Amalek Canaan & Moab:
J82.25; E239|        Let Albion remain a desolation without an inhabitant:
J82.26; E239|        And let the Looms of Enitharmon & the Furnaces of Los
J82.27; E239|        Create Jerusalem, & Babylon & Egypt & Moab & Amalek,
J82.28; E239|        And Helle & Hesperia & Hindostan & China & Japan.
J82.29; E239|        But hide America, for a Curse an Altar of Victims & a Holy Place.
J82.30; E239|        See Sisters Canaan is pleasant, Egypt is as the Garden of Eden:
J82.31; E239|        Babylon is our chief desire, Moab our bath in summer:
J82.32; E239|        Let us lead the stems of this Tree let us plant it before Jerusalem
J82.33; E239|        To judge the Friend of Sinners to death without the Veil:
J82.34; E239|        To cut her off from America, to close up her secret Ark:
J82.35; E239|        And the fury of Man exhaust in War! Woman permanent remain

J82.36; E240|        See how the fires of our loins point eastward to Babylon
J82.37; E240|        Look. Hyle is become an infant Love: look! behold! see him lie!
J82.38; E240|        Upon my bosom. look! here is the lovely wayward form
J82.39; E240|        That gave me sweet delight by his torments beneath my Veil;
J82.40; E240|        By the fruit of Albions Tree I have fed him with sweet milk
J82.41; E240|        By contentions of the mighty for Sacrifice of Captives;
J82.42; E240|        Humanity the Great Delusion: is changd to War & Sacrifice:
J82.43; E240|        I have naild his hands on Beth Rabbim & his [feet] on Heshbons Wall:   t324
J82.44; E240|        O that I could live in his sight: O that I could bin him to my arm.
J82.45; E240|        So saying: She drew aside her Veil from Mam-Tor to Dovedale
J82.46; E240|        Discovering her own perfect beauty to the Daughters of Albion
J82.47; E240|        And Hyle a winding Worm beneath [her Loom upon the scales.
J82.48; E240|        Hyle was become a winding Worm:] & not a weeping Infant.
J82.49; E240|        Trembling & pitying she screamd & fled upon the wind:
J82.50; E240|        Hyle was a winding Worm and herself perfect in beauty:
J82.51; E240|        The desarts tremble at his wrath: they shrink themselves in fear.

J82.52; E240|        Cambel trembled with jealousy: she trembled! she envied!
J82.53; E240|        The envy ran thro Cathedrons Looms into the Heart
J82.54; E240|        Of mild Jerusalem, to destroy the Lamb of God. Jerusalem
J82.55; E240|        Languishd upon Mount Olivet, East of mild Zions Hill.

J82.56; E240|        Los saw the envious blight above his Seventh Furnace
J82.57; E240|        On Londons Tower on the Thames: he drew Cambel in wrath,
J82.58; E240|        Into his thundering Bellows, heaving it for a loud blast!
J82.59; E240|        And with the blast of his Furnace upon fishy Billingsgate,
J82.60; E240|        Beneath Albions fatal Tree, before the Gate of Los:
J82.61; E240|        Shewd her the fibres of her beloved to ameliorate
J82.62; E240|        The envy; loud she labourd in the Furnace of fire,
J82.63; E240|        To form the mighty form of Hand according to her will.
J82.64; E240|        In the Furnaces of Los & in the Wine-press treading day & night
J82.65; E240|        Naked among the human clusters: bringing wine of anguish
J82.66; E240|        To feed the afflicted in the Furnaces: she minded not
J82.67; E240|        The raging flames, tho she returnd [consumd day after day
J82.68; E240|        A redning skeleton in howling woe:] instead of beauty
J82.69; E240|        Defo[r]mity: she gave her beauty to another: bearing abroad
J82.70; E240|        Her struggling torment in her iron arms: and like a chain,
J82.71; E240|        Binding his wrists & ankles with the iron arms of love.

J82.72; E240|        Gwendolen saw the Infant in her siste[r]s arms; she howld
J82.73; E240|        Over the forests with bitter tears, and over the winding Worm
J82.74; E240|        Repentant: and she also in the eddying wind of Los's Bellows
J82.75; E240|        Began her dolorous task of love in the Wine-press of Luvah
J82.76; E240|        o form the Worm into a form of love by tears & pain.
J82.77; E240|        The Sisters saw! trembling ran thro their Looms! soften[in]g mild
J82.78; E240|        Towards London: then they saw the Furna[c]es opend, & in tears
J82.79; E240|        Began to give their souls away in the Furna[c]es of affliction.

J82.80; E241|        Los saw & was comforted at his Furnaces uttering thus his voice.

J82.81; E241|        I know I am Urthona keeper of the Gates of Heaven,
J82.82; E241|        And that I can at will expatiate in the Gardens of bliss;
J82.83; E241|        But pangs of love draw me down to my loins which are
J82.84; E241|        Become a fountain of veiny pipes: O Albion! my brother!

J83.1;   E241|        Corruptibility appears upon thy limbs, and never more   t325
J83.2;   E241|        Can I arise and leave thy side, but labour here incessant
J83.3;   E241|        Till thy awaking! yet alas I shall forget Eternity!
J83.4;   E241|        Against the Patriarchal pomp and cruelty, labouring incessant
J83.5;   E241|        I shall become an Infant horror. Enion! Tharmas! friends
J83.6;   E241|        Absorb me not in such dire grief: O Albion, my brother!
J83.7;   E241|        Jerusalem hungers in the desart! affection to her children!
J83.8;   E241|        The scorn'd and contemnd youthful girl, where shall she fly?
J83.9;   E241|        Sussex shuts up her Villages. Hants, Devon & Wilts
J83.10; E241|        Surrounded with masses of stone in orderd forms, determine then
J83.11; E241|        A form for Vala and a form for Luvah, here on the Thames
J83.12; E241|        Where the Victim nightly howls beneath the Druids knife:
J83.13; E241|        A Form of Vegetation, nail them down on the stems of Mystery:
J83.14; E241|        O when shall the Saxon return with the English his redeemed brother!
J83.15; E241|        O when shall the Lamb of God descend among the Reprobate!
J83.16; E241|        I woo to Amalek to protect my fugitives[.] Amalek trembles:
J83.17; E241|        I call to Canaan & Moab in my night watches, they mourn:
J83.18; E241|        They listen not to my cry, they rejo[i]ce among their warriors
J83.19; E241|        Woden and Thor and Friga wholly consume my Saxons:
J83.20; E241|        On their enormous Altars built in the terrible north:
J83.21; E241|        From Irelands rocks to Scandinavia Persia and Tartary:
J83.22; E241|        From the Atlantic Sea to the universal Erythrean.
J83.23; E241|        Found ye London! enormous City! weeps thy River?
J83.24; E241|        Upon his parent bosom lay thy little ones O Land
J83.25; E241|        Forsaken. Surrey and Sussex are Enitharmons Chamber.
J83.26; E241|        Where I will build her a Couch of repose & my pillars
J83.27; E241|        Shall surround her in beautiful labyrinths: Oothoon?
J83.28; E241|        Where hides my child? in Oxford hidest thou with Antamon?
J83.29; E241|        In graceful hidings of error: in merciful deceit
J83.30; E241|        Lest Hand the terrible destroy his Affection. thou hidest her:   t326
J83.31; E241|        In chaste appearances for sweet deceits of love & modesty
J83.32; E241|        Immingled, interwoven, glistening to the sickening sight.
J83.33; E241|        Let Cambel and her Sisters sit within the Mundane Shell:
J83.34; E241|        Forming the fluctuating Globe according to their will.
J83.35; E241|        According as they weave the little embryon nerves & veins
J83.36; E241|        The Eye, the little Nostrils, & the delicate Tongue & Ears
J83.37; E241|        Of labyrinthine intricacy: so shall they fold the World
J83.38; E241|        That whatever is seen upon the Mundane Shell, the same
J83.39; E241|        Be seen upon the Fluctuating Earth woven by the Sisters.

J83.40; E242|        And sometimes the Earth shall roll in the Abyss & sometimes
J83.41; E242|        Stand in the Center & sometimes stretch flat in the Expanse,
J83.42; E242|        According to the will of the lovely Daughters of Albion.
J83.43; E242|        Sometimes it shall assimilate with mighty Golgonooza:
J83.44; E242|        Touching its summits: & sometimes divided roll apart.
J83.45; E242|        As a beautiful Veil so these Females shall fold & unfold
J83.46; E242|        According to their will the outside surface of the Earth
J83.47; E242|        An outside shadowy Surface superadded to the real Surface;
J83.48; E242|        Which is unchangeable for ever & ever Amen: so be it!
J83.49; E242|        Separate Albions Sons gently from their Emanations,
J83.50; E242|        Weaving bowers of delight on the current of infant Thames
J83.51; E242|        Where the old Parent still retains his youth as I alas!
J83.52; E242|        Retain my youth eight thousand and five hundred years.
J83.53; E242|        The labourer of ages in the Valleys of Despair!
J83.54; E242|        The land is markd for desolation & unless we plant
J83.55; E242|        The seeds of Cities & of Villages in the Human bosom
J83.56; E242|        Albion must be a rock of blood: mark ye the points
J83.57; E242|        Where Cities shall remain & where Villages[;] for the rest!
J83.58; E242|        It must lie in confusion till Albions time of awaking.
J83.59; E242|        Place the Tribes of Llewellyn in America for a hiding place!
J83.60; E242|        Till sweet Jerusalem emanates again into Eternity
J83.61; E242|        The night falls thick: I go upon my watch: be attentive:
J83.62; E242|        The Sons of Albion go forth; I follow from my Furnaces:
J83.63; E242|        That they return no more: that a place be prepard on Euphrates
J83.64; E242|        Listen to your Watchmans voice: sleep not before the Furnaces
J83.65; E242|        Eternal Death stands at the door. O God pity our labours.

J83.66; E242|        So Los spoke. to the Daughters of Beulah while his Emanation
J83.67; E242|        Like a faint rainbow waved before him in the awful gloom
J83.68; E242|        Of London City on the Thames from Surrey Hills to Highgate:
J83.69; E242|        Swift turn the silver spindles, & the golden weights play soft
J83.70; E242|        And lulling harmonies beneath the Looms, from Caithness in the north
J83.71; E242|        To Lizard-point & Dover in the south: his Emanation
J83.72; E242|        Joy'd in the many weaving threads in bright Cathedrons Dome
J83.73; E242|        Weaving the Web of life for Jerusalem. the Web of life
J83.74; E242|        Down flowing into Entuthons Vales glistens with soft affections.

J83.75; E242|        While Los arose upon his Watch, and down from Golgonooza
J83.76; E242|        Putting on his golden sandals to walk from mountain to mountain,
J83.77; E242|        He takes his way, girding himself with gold & in his hand
J83.78; E242|        Holding his iron mace: The Spectre remains attentive
J83.79; E242|        Alternate they watch in night: alternate labour in day
J83.80; E242|        Before the Furnaces labouring, while Los all night watches
J83.81; E242|        The stars rising & setting, & the meteors & terrors of night!
J83.82; E242|        With him went down the Dogs of Leutha, at his feet
J83.83; E242|        They lap the water of the trembling Thames then follow swift
J83.84; E242|        And thus he heard the voice of Albions daughters on Euphrates,

J83.85; E243|        Our Father Albions land: O it was a lovely land! & the Daughters of Beulah
J83.86; E243|        Walked up and down in its green mountains: but Hand is fled
J83.87; E243|        Away: & mighty Hyle: & after them Jerusalem is gone: Awake[...]   t327

J84.1;   E243|        Highgates heights & Hampsteads, to Poplar Hackney & Bow:
J84.2;   E243|        To Islington & Paddington & the Brook of Albions River
J84.3;   E243|        We builded Jerusalem as a City & a Temple; from Lambeth
J84.4;   E243|        We began our Foundations; lovely Lambeth! O lovely Hills
J84.5;   E243|        Of Camberwell, we shall behold you no more in glory & pride
J84.6;   E243|        For Jerusalem lies in ruins & the Furnaces of Los are builded there
J84.7;   E243|        You are now shrunk up to a narrow Rock in the midst of the Sea
J84.8;   E243|        But here we build Babylon on Euphrates, compelld to build
J84.9;   E243|        And to inhabit, our Little-ones to clothe in armour of the gold
J84.10; E243|        Of Jerusalems Cherubims & to forge them swords of her Altars
J84.11; E243|        I see London blind & age-bent begging thro the Streets
J84.12; E243|        Of Babylon, led by a child. his tears run down his beard
J84.13; E243|        The voice of Wandering Reuben ecchoes from street to street
J84.14; E243|        In all the Cities of the Nations Paris Madrid Amsterdam
J84.15; E243|        The Corner of Broad Street weeps; Poland Street languishes
J84.16; E243|        To Great Queen Street & Lincolns Inn, all is distress & woe.
ED; E243|        [three lines gouged out irrecoverably]
J84.17; E243|        The night falls thick Hand comes from Albion in his strength
J84.18; E243|        He combines into a Mighty-one the Double Molech & Chemosh
J84.19; E243|        Marching thro Egypt in his fury the East is pale at his course
J84.20; E243|        The Nations of India, the Wild Tartar that never knew Man
J84.21; E243|        Starts from his lofty places & casts down his tents & flees away
J84.22; E243|        But we woo him all the night ill songs, O Los come forth O Los
J84.23; E243|        Divide us from these terrors & give us power them to subdue
J84.24; E243|        Arise upon thy Watches let us see thy Globe of fire
J84.25; E243|        On Albions Rocks & let thy voice be heard upon Euphrates.

J84.26; E243|        Thus sang the Daughters in lamentation, uniting into One
J84.27; E243|        With Rahab as she turnd the iron Spindle of destruction.
J84.28; E243|        Terrified at the Sons of Albion they took the Falshood which
J84.29; E243|        Gwendolen hid in her left hand. it grew &, grew till it

J85.1;   E243|        Became a Space & an Allegory around the Winding Worm
J85.2;   E243|        They namd it Canaan & built for it a tender Moon
J85.3;   E243|        Los smild with joy thinking on Enitharmon & he brought
J85.4;   E243|        Reuben from his twelvefold wandrings & led him into it
J85.5;   E243|        Planting the Seeds of the Twelve Tribes & Moses & David
J85.6;   E243|        And gave a Time & Revolution to the Space Six Thousand Years
J85.7;   E243|        He calld it Divine Analogy, for in Beulah the Feminine
J85.8;   E243|        Emanations Create Space. the Masculine Create Time, & plant
J85.9;   E243|        The Seeds of beauty in the Space: listning to their lamentation

J85.10; E244|        Los walks upon his ancient Mountains in the deadly darkness
J85.11; E244|        Among his Furnaces directing his laborious Myriads watchful   t328
J85.12; E244|        Looking to the East: & his voice is heard over the whole Earth
J85.13; E244|        As he watches the Furnaces by night, & directs the labourers

J85.14; E244|        And thus Los replies upon his Watch: the Valleys listen silent:
J85.15; E244|        The Stars stand still to hear: Jerusalem & Vala cease to mourn:
J85.16; E244|        His voice is heard from Albion: the Alps & Appenines
J85.17; E244|        Listen: Hermon & Lebanon bow their crowned heads
J85.18; E244|        Babel & Shinar look toward the Western Gate, they sit down
J85.19; E244|        Silent at his voice: they view the red Globe of fire in Los's hand
J85.20; E244|        As he walks from Furnace to Furnace directing the Labourers
J85.21; E244|        And this is the Song of Los, the Song that he sings on his Watch

J85.22; E244|        O lovely mild Jerusalem! O Shiloh of Mount Ephraim!
J85.23; E244|        I see thy Gates of precious stones: thy Walls of gold & silver
J85.24; E244|        Thou art the soft reflected Image of the Sleeping Man
J85.25; E244|        Who stretchd on Albions rocks reposes amidst his Twenty-eight
J85.26; E244|        Cities: where Beulah lovely terminates, in the hills & valleys of Albion
J85.27; E244|        Cities not yet embodied in Time and Space: plant ye
J85.28; E244|        The Seeds O Sisters in he bosom of Time & Spaces womb
J85.29; E244|        To spring up for Jerusalem: lovely Shadow of Sleeping Albion
J85.30; E244|        Why wilt thou rend thyself apart & build an Earthly Kingdom
J85.31; E244|        To reign in pride & to opress & to mix the Cup of Delusion
J85.32; E244|        O thou that dwellest with Babylon! Come forth O lovely-one

J86.1;   E244|        I see thy Form O lovely mild Jerusalem, Wingd with Six Wings
J86.2;   E244|        In the opacous Bosom of the Sleeper, lovely Three-fold
J86.3;   E244|        In Head & Heart & Reins, three Universes of love & beauty
J86.4;   E244|        Thy forehead bright: Holiness to the Lord, with Gates of pearl
J86.5;   E244|        Reflects Eternity beneath thy azure wings of feathery down
J86.6;   E244|        Ribbd delicate & clothd with featherd gold & azure & purple
J86.7;   E244|        From thy white shoulders shadowing, purity in holiness!
J86.8;   E244|        Thence featherd with soft crimson of the ruby bright as fire
J86.9;   E244|        Spreading into the azure Wings which like a canopy
J86.10; E244|        Bends over thy immortal Head in which Eternity dwells
J86.11; E244|        Albion beloved Land; I see thy mountains & thy hills
J86.12; E244|        And valleys & thy pleasant Cities Holiness to the Lord
J86.13; E244|        I see the Spectres of thy Dead O Emanation of Albion.

J86.14; E244|        Thy Bosom white, translucent coverd with immortal gems
J86.15; E244|        A sublime ornament not obscuring the outlines of beauty
J86.16; E244|        Terrible to behold for thy extreme beauty & perfection
J86.17; E244|        Twelve-fold here all the Tribes of Israel I behold
J86.18; E244|        Upon the Holy Land: I see the River of Life & Tree of Life
J86.19; E244|        I see the New Jerusalem descending out of Heaven

J86.20; E245|        Between thy Wings of gold & silver featherd immortal
J86.21; E245|        Clear as the rainbow, as the cloud of the Suns tabernacle

J86.22; E245|        Thy Reins coverd with Wings translucent sometimes covering
J86.23; E245|        And sometimes spread abroad reveal the flames of holiness
J86.24; E245|        Which like a robe covers: & like a Veil of Seraphim
J86.25; E245|        In flaming fire unceasing burns from Eternity to Eternity
J86.26; E245|        Twelvefold I there behold Israel in her Tents
J86.27; E245|        A Pillar of a Cloud by day: a Pillar of fire by night
J86.28; E245|        Guides them: there I behold Moab & Ammon & Amalek
J86.29; E245|        There Bells of silver round thy knees living articulate
J86.30; E245|        Comforting sounds of love & harmony & on thy feet
J86.31; E245|        Sandals of gold & pearl, & Egypt & Assyria before me
J86.32; E245|        The Isles of Javan, Philistea, Tyre and Lebanon

J86.33; E245|        Thus Los sings upon his Watch walking from Furnace to Furnace.
J86.34; E245|        He siezes his Hammer every hour, flames surround him as
J86.35; E245|        He beats: seas roll beneath his feet, tempests muster
J86.36; E245|        Arou[n]d his head. the thick hail stones stand ready to obey
J86.37; E245|        His voice in the black cloud, his Sons labour in thunders
J86.38; E245|        At his Furnaces; his Daughters at their Looms sing woes
J86.39; E245|        His Emanation separates in milky fibres agonizing
J86.40; E245|        Among the golden Looms of Cathedron sending fibres of love
J86.41; E245|        From Golgonooza with sweet visions for Jerusalem, wanderer.

J86.42; E245|        Nor can any consummate bliss without being Generated
J86.43; E245|        On Earth; of those whose Emanations weave the loves
J86.44; E245|        Of Beulah for Jerusalem & Shiloh, in immortal Golgonooza
J86.45; E245|        Concentering in the majestic form of Erin in eternal tears
J86.46; E245|        Viewing the Winding Worm on the Desarts of Great Tartary
J86.47; E245|        Viewing Los in his shudderings, pouring balm on his sorrows
J86.48; E245|        So dread is Los's fury, that none dare him to approach
J86.49; E245|        Without becoming his Children in the Furnaces of affliction

J86.50; E245|        And Enitharmon like a faint rainbow waved before him
J86.51; E245|        Filling with Fibres from his loins which reddend with desire
J86.52; E245|        Into a Globe of blood beneath his bosom trembling in darkness
J86.53; E245|        Of Albions clouds. he fed it, with his tears & bitter groans
J86.54; E245|        Hiding his Spectre in invisibility from the timorous Shade
J86.55; E245|        Till it became a separated cloud of beauty grace & love
J86.56; E245|        Among the darkness of his Furnaces dividing asunder till
J86.57; E245|        She separated stood before him a lovely Female weeping
J86.58; E245|        Even Enitharmon separated outside, & his Loins closed
J86.59; E245|        And heal'd after the separation: his pains he soon forgot:
J86.60; E245|        Lured by her beauty outside of himself in shadowy grief.
J86.61; E245|        Two Wills they had; Two Intellects: & not as in times of old.

J86.62; E246|        Silent they wanderd hand in hand like two Infants wandring
J86.63; E246|        From Enion in the desarts, terrified at each others beauty
J86.64; E246|        Envying each other yet desiring, in all devouring Love,

J87.1;   E246|        Repelling weeping Enion blind & age-bent into the fourfold
J87.2;   E246|        Desarts. Los first broke silence & began to utter his love

J87.3;   E246|        O lovely Enitharmon: I behold thy graceful forms
J87.4;   E246|        Moving beside me till intoxicated with the woven labyrinth
J87.5;   E246|        Of beauty & perfection my wild fibres shoot in veins
J87.6;   E246|        Of blood thro all my nervous limbs. soon overgrown in roots
J87.7;   E246|        I shall be closed from thy sight. sieze therefore in thy hand
J87.8;   E246|        The small fibres as they shoot around me draw out in pity
J87.9;   E246|        And let them run on the winds of thy bosom: I will fix them
J87.10; E246|        With pulsations. we will divide them into Sons & Daughters
J87.11; E246|        To live in thy Bosoms translucence as in an eternal morning

J87.12; E246|        Enitharmon answerd. No! I will sieze thy Fibres & weave
J87.13; E246|        Them: not as thou wilt but as I will, for I will Create
J87.14; E246|        A round Womb beneath my bosom lest I also be overwoven
J87.15; E246|        With Love; be thou assured I never will be thy slave
J87.16; E246|        Let Mans delight be Love; but Womans delight be Pride
J87.17; E246|        In Eden our loves were the same here they are opposite
J87.18; E246|        I have Loves of my own I will weave them in Albions Spectre
J87.19; E246|        Cast thou in Jerusalems shadows thy Loves! silk of liquid
J87.20; E246|        Rubies Jacinths Crysolites: issuing from thy Furnaces. While
J87.21; E246|        Jerusalem divides thy care: while thou carest for Jerusalem
J87.22; E246|        Know that I never will be thine: also thou hidest Vala
J87.23; E246|        From her these fibres shoot to shut me in a Grave.
J87.24; E246|        You are Albions Victim, he has set his Daughter in your path

J88.1;   E246|        Los answerd sighing like the Bellows of his Furnaces

J88.2;   E246|        I care not! the swing of my Hammer shall measure the starry round[.]
J88.3;   E246|        When in Eternity Man converses with Man they enter
J88.4;   E246|        Into each others Bosom (which are Universes of delight)
J88.5;   E246|        In mutual interchange. and first their Emanations meet
J88.6;   E246|        Surrounded by their Children. if they embrace & comingle
J88.7;   E246|        The Human Four-fold Forms mingle also in thunders of Intellect
J88.8;   E246|        But if the Emanations mingle not; with storms & agitations
J88.9;   E246|        Of earthquakes & consuming fires they roll apart in fear
J88.10; E246|        For Man cannot unite with Man but by their Emanations
J88.11; E246|        Which stand both Male & Female at the Gates of each Humanity
J88.12; E246|        How then can I ever again be united as Man with Man
J88.13; E246|        While thou my Emanation refusest my Fibres of dominion.
J88.14; E246|        When Souls mingle & join thro all the Fibres of Brotherhood
J88.15; E246|        Can there be any secret joy on Earth greater than this?

J88.16; E247|        Enitharmon answerd: This is Womans World, nor need she any
J88.17; E247|        Spectre to defend her from Man. I will Create secret places
J88.18; E247|        And the masculine names of the places Merlin & Arthur.
J88.19; E247|        A triple Female Tabernacle for Moral Law I weave
J88.20; E247|        That he who loves Jesus may loathe terrified Female love
J88.21; E247|        Till God himself become a Male subservient to the Female.

J88.22; E247|        She spoke in scorn & jealousy, alternate torments; and
J88.23; E247|        So speaking she sat down on Sussex shore singing lulling
J88.24; E247|        Cadences, & playing in sweet intoxication among the glistening
J88.25; E247|        Fibres of Los: sending them over the Ocean eastward into
J88.26; E247|        The realms of dark death; O perverse to thyself, contrarious
J88.27; E247|        To thy own purposes; for when she began to weave
J88.28; E247|        Shooting out in sweet pleasure her bosom in milky Love
J88.29; E247|        Flowd into the aching fibres of Los. yet contending against him
J88.30; E247|        In pride sending his Fibres over to her objects of jealousy   t329
J88.31; E247|        In the little lovely Allegoric Night of Albions Daughters
J88.32; E247|        Which stretchd abroad, expanding east & west & north & south
J88.33; E247|        Thro' all the World of Erin & of Los & all their Children

J88.34; E247|        A sullen Smile broke from the Spectre in mockery & scorn
J88.35; E247|        Knowing himself the author of their divisions & shrinkings, gratified
J88.36; E247|        At their contentions, he wiped his tears he washd his visage.

J88.37; E247|        The Man who respects Woman shall be despised by Woman
J88.38; E247|        And deadly cunning & mean abjectness only, shall enjoy them
J88.39; E247|        For I will make their places of joy & love, excrementitious[.]
J88.40; E247|        Continually building, continually destroying in Family feuds
J88.41; E247|        While you are under the dominion of a jealous Female
J88.42; E247|        Unpermanent for ever because of love & jealousy.
J88.43; E247|        You shall want all the Minute Particulars of Life

J88.44; E247|        Thus joyd the Spectre in the dusky fires of Los's Forge, eyeing
J88.45; E247|        Enitharmon who at her shining Looms sings lulling cadences
J88.46; E247|        While Los stood at his Anvil in wrath the victim of their love
J88.47; E247|        And hate; dividing the Space of Love with brazen Compasses
J88.48; E247|        In Golgonooza & in Udan-Adan & in Entuthon of Urizen.

J88.49; E247|        The blow of his Hammer is Justice. the swing of his Hammer: Mercy.
J88.50; E247|        The force of Los's Hammer is eternal Forgiveness; but
J88.51; E247|        His rage or his mildness were vain, she scatterd his love on the wind
J88.52; E247|        Eastward into her own Center, creating the Female Womb
J88.53; E247|        In mild Jerusalem around the Lamb of God. Loud howl
J88.54; E247|        The Furnaces of Los! loud roll the Wheels of Enitharmon
J88.55; E247|        The Four Zoa's in all their faded majesty burst out in fury
J88.56; E247|        And fire. Jerusalem took the Cup which foamd in Vala's hand
J88.57; E247|        Like the red Sun upon the mountains in the bloody day
J88.58; E247|        Upon the Hermaphroditic Wine-presses of Love & Wrath.

J89.1;   E248|        Tho divided by the Cross & Nails & Thorns & Spear
J89.2;   E248|        In cruelties of Rahab & Tirzah[,] permanent endure   t330
J89.3;   E248|        A terrible indefinite Hermaphroditic form
J89.4;   E248|        A Wine-press of Love & Wrath double Hermaph[r]oditic
J89.5;   E248|        Twelvefold in Allegoric pomp in selfish holiness
J89.6;   E248|        The Pharisaion, the Grammateis, the Presbuterion,
J89.7;   E248|        The Archiereus, the Iereus, the Saddusaion, double
J89.8;   E248|        Each withoutside of the other, covering eastern heaven

J89.9;   E248|        Thus was the Covering Cherub reveald majestic image
J89.10; E248|        Of Selfhood, Body put off, the Antichrist accursed
J89.11; E248|        Coverd with precious stones, a Human Dragon terrible
J89.12; E248|        And bright, stretchd over Europe & Asia gorgeous
J89.13; E248|        In three nights he devourd the rejected corse of death

J89.14; E248|        His Head dark, deadly, in its Brain incloses a reflexion
J89.15; E248|        Of Eden all perverted; Egypt on the Gihon many tongued
J89.16; E248|        And many mouthd: Ethiopia, Lybia, the Sea of Rephaim
J89.17; E248|        Minute Particulars in slavery I behold among the brick-kilns
J89.18; E248|        Disorganizd, & there is Pharoh in his iron Court:
J89.19; E248|        And the Dragon of the River & the Furnaces of iron.
J89.20; E248|        Outwoven from Thames & Tweed & Severn awful streams
J89.21; E248|        Twelve ridges of Stone frown over all the Earth in tyrant pride
J89.22; E248|        Frown over each River stupendous Works of Albions Druid Sons
J89.23; E248|        And Albions Forests of Oaks coverd the Earth from Pole to Pole

J89.24; E248|        His Bosom wide reflects Moab & Ammon on the River
J89.25; E248|        Pison, since calld Arnon, there is Heshbon beautiful
J89.26; E248|        The flocks of Rabbath on the Arnon & the Fish-pools of Heshbon   t331
J89.27; E248|        Whose currents flow into the Dead Sea by Sodom & Gomorra
J89.28; E248|        Above his Head high arching Wings black filld with Eyes
J89.29; E248|        Spring upon iron sinews from the Scapulae & Os Humeri.
J89.30; E248|        There Israel in bondage to his Generalizing Gods
J89.31; E248|        Molech & Chemosh, & in his left breast is Philistea
J89.32; E248|        In Druid Temples over the whole Earth with Victims Sacrifice,
J89.33; E248|        From Gaza to Damascus Tyre & Sidon & the Gods
J89.34; E248|        Of Javan thro the Isles of Grecia & all Europes Kings
J89.35; E248|        Where Hiddekel pursues his course among the rocks
J89.36; E248|        Two Wings spring from his ribs of brass, starry, black as night
J89.37; E248|        But translucent their blackness as the dazling of gems

J89.38; E248|        His Loins inclose Babylon on Euphrates beautiful
J89.39; E248|        And Rome in sweet Hesperia. there Israel scatterd abroad
J89.40; E248|        In martydoms & slavery I behold: ah vision of sorrow!
J89.41; E248|        Inclosed by eyeless Wings, glowing with fire as the iron
J89.42; E248|        Heated in the Smiths forge, but cold the wind of their dread fury

J89.43; E249|        But in the midst of a devouring Stomach, Jerusalem
J89.44; E249|        Hidden within the Covering Cherub as in a Tabernacle
J89.45; E249|        Of threefold workmanship in allegoric delusion & woe
J89.46; E249|        There the Seven Kings of Canaan & Five Baalim of Philistea
J89.47; E249|        Sihon & Og the Anakim & Emim, Nephilim & Gibborim
J89.48; E249|        From Babylon to Rome & the Wings spread from Japan
J89.49; E249|        Where the Red Sea terminates the World of Generation & Death
J89.50; E249|        To Irelands farthest rocks where Giants builded their Causeway
J89.51; E249|        Into the Sea of Rephaim, but the Sea oerwhelmd them all.

J89.52; E249|        A Double Female now appeard within the Tabernacle,
J89.53; E249|        Religion hid in War, a Dragon red & hidden Harlot
J89.54; E249|        Each within other, but without a Warlike Mighty-one
J89.55; E249|        Of dreadful power, sitting upon Horeb pondering dire
J89.56; E249|        And mighty preparations mustering multitudes innumerable
J89.57; E249|        Of warlike sons among the sands of Midian & Aram
J89.58; E249|        For multitudes of those who sleep in Alla descend
J89.59; E249|        Lured by his warlike symphonies of tabret pipe & harp
J89.60; E249|        Burst the bottoms of the Graves & Funeral Arks of Beulah[;]
J89.61; E249|        Wandering in that unknown Night beyond the silent Grave
J89.62; E249|        They become One with the Antichrist & are absorbd in him

J90.1;   E249|        The Feminine separates from the Masculine & both from Man,
J90.2;   E249|        Ceasing to be His Emanations, Life to Themselves assuming!
J90.3;   E249|        And while they circumscribe his Brain, & while they circumscribe
J90.4;   E249|        His Heart, & while they circumscribe his Loins! a Veil & Net
J90.5;   E249|        Of Veins of red Blood grows around them like a scarlet robe.
J90.6;   E249|        Covering them from the sight of Man like the woven Veil of Sleep
J90.7;   E249|        Such as the Flowers of Beulah weave to be their Funeral Mantles
J90.8;   E249|        But dark opake! tender to touch, & painful! & agonizing
J90.9;   E249|        To the embrace of love, & to the mingling of soft fibres
J90.10; E249|        Of tender affection. that no more the Masculine mingles
J90.11; E249|        With the Feminine. but the Sublime is shut out from the Pathos
J90.12; E249|        In howling torment, to build stone walls of separation, compelling
J90.13; E249|        The Pathos, to weave curtains of hiding secresy from the torment.

J90.14; E249|        Bowen & Conwenna stood on Skiddaw cutting the Fibres
J90.15; E249|        Of Benjamin from Chesters River: loud the River; loud the Mersey
J90.16; E249|        And the Ribble. thunder into the Irish sea, as the Twelve Sons
J90.17; E249|        Of Albion drank & imbibed the Life & eternal Form of Luvah
J90.18; E249|        Cheshire & Lancashire & Westmoreland groan in anguish
J90.19; E249|        As they cut the fibres from the Rivers he sears them with hot
J90.20; E249|        Iron of his Forge & fixes them into Bones of chalk & Rock
J90.21; E249|        Conwenna sat above: with solemn cadences she drew
J90.22; E249|        Fibres of life out from the Bones into her golden Loom
J90.23; E249|        Hand had his Furnace on Highgates heights & it reachd

J90.24; E250|        To Brockley Hills across the Thames: he with double Boadicea
J90.25; E250|        In cruel pride cut Reuben apart from the Hills of Surrey
J90.26; E250|        Comingling with Luvah & with the Sepulcher of Luvah
J90.27; E250|        For the Male is a Furnace of beryll: the Female is a golden Loom

J90.28; E250|        Los cries: No Individual ought to appropriate to Himself
J90.29; E250|        Or to his Emanation, any of the Universal Characteristics
J90.30; E250|        Of David or of Eve, of the Woman, or of the Lord.
J90.31; E250|        Of Reuben or of Benjamin, of Joseph or Judah or Levi
J90.32; E250|        Those who dare appropriate to themselves Universal Attributes
J90.33; E250|        Are the Blasphemous Selfhoods & must be broken asunder
J90.34; E250|        A Vegetated Christ & a Virgin Eve, are the Hermaphroditic
J90.35; E250|        Blasphemy, by his Maternal Birth he is that Evil-One
J90.36; E250|        And his Maternal Humanity must be put off Eternally
J90.37; E250|        Lest the Sexual Generation swallow up Regeneration
J90.38; E250|        Come Lord Jesus take on thee the Satanic Body of Holiness

J90.39; E250|        So Los cried in the Valleys of Middlesex in the Spirit of Prophecy
J90.40; E250|        While in Selfhood Hand & Hyle & Bowen & Skofeld appropriate
J90.41; E250|        The Divine Names: seeking to Vegetate the Divine Vision
J90.42; E250|        In a corporeal & ever dying Vegetation & Corruption
J90.43; E250|        Mingling with Luvah in One. they become One Great Satan

J90.44; E250|        Loud scream the Daughters of Albion beneath the Tongs & Hammer
J90.45; E250|        Dolorous are their lamentations in the burning Forge
J90.46; E250|        They drink Reuben & Benjamin as the iron drinks the fire
J90.47; E250|        They are red hot with cruelty: raving along the Banks of Thames
J90.48; E250|        And on Tyburns Brook among the howling Victims in loveliness
J90.49; E250|        While Hand & Hyle condense the Little-ones & erect them into
J90.50; E250|        A mighty Temple even to the stars: but they Vegetate
J90.51; E250|        Beneath Los's Hammer, that Life may not be blotted out.

J90.52; E250|        For Los said: When the Individual appropriates Universality
J90.53; E250|        He divides into Male & Female: & when the Male & Female,
J90.54; E250|        Appropriate Individuality, they become an Eternal Death.
J90.55; E250|        Hermaphroditic worshippers of a God of cruelty & law!
J90.56; E250|        Your Slaves & Captives; you compell to worship a God of Mercy.
J90.57; E250|        These are the Demonstrations of Los, & the blows of my mighty Hammer

J90.58; E250|        So Los spoke. And the Giants of Albion terrified & ashamed   t332
J90.59; E250|        With Los's thunderous Words, began to build trembling rocking Stones
J90.60; E250|        For his Words roll in thunders & lightnings among the Temples
J90.61; E250|        Terrified rocking to & fro upon the earth, & sometimes
J90.62; E250|        Resting in a Circle in Maiden or in Strathness or Dura.
J90.63; E250|        Plotting to devour Albion & Los the friend of Albion
J90.64; E250|        Denying in private: mocking God & Eternal Life: & in Public
J90.65; E250|        Collusion, calling themselves Deists, Worshipping the Maternal
J90.66; E250|        Humanity; calling it Nature, and Natural Religion

J90.67; E251|        But still the thunder of Los peals loud & thus the thunder's cry   t333

J90.68; E251|        These beautiful Witchcrafts of Albion, are gratifyd by Cruelty

J91.1;   E251|        It is easier to forgive an Enemy than to forgive a Friend:
J91.2;   E251|        The man who permits you to injure him, deserves your vengeance:
J91.3;   E251|        He also will recieve it; go Spectre! obey my most secret desire:
J91.4;   E251|        Which thou knowest without my speaking: Go to these Fiends of Righteousness
J91.5;   E251|        Tell them to obey their Humanities, & not pretend Holiness;
J91.6;   E251|        When they are murderers: as far as my Hammer & Anvil permit
J91.7;   E251|        Go, tell them that the Worship of God, is honouring his gifts
J91.8;   E251|        In other men: & loving the greatest men best, each according
J91.9;   E251|        To his Genius: which is the Holy Ghost in Man; there is no other
J91.10; E251|        God, than that God who is the intellectual fountain of Humanity;
J91.11; E251|        He who envies or calumniates: which is murder & cruelty,
J91.12; E251|        Murders the Holy-one: Go tell them this & overthrow their cup,
J91.13; E251|        Their bread, their altar-table, their incense & their oath:
J91.14; E251|        Their marriage & their baptism, their burial & consecration:
J91.15; E251|        I have tried to make friends by corporeal gifts but have only
J91.16; E251|        Made enemies: I never made friends but by spiritual gifts;
J91.17; E251|        By severe contentions of friendship & the burning fire of thought.
J91.18; E251|        He who would see the Divinity must see him in his Children
J91.19; E251|        One first, in friendship & love; then a Divine Family, & in the midst
J91.20; E251|        Jesus will appear; so he who wishes to see a Vision; a perfect Whole
J91.21; E251|        Must see it in its Minute Particulars; Organized & not as thou
J91.22; E251|        O Fiend of Righteousness pretendest; thine is a Disorganized
J91.23; E251|        And snowy cloud: brooder of tempests & destructive War
J91.24; E251|        You smile with pomp & rigor: you talk of benevolence & virtue!
J91.25; E251|        I act with benevolence & virtue & get murderd time after time:
J91.26; E251|        You accumulate Particulars, & murder by analyzing, that you
J91.27; E251|        May take the aggregate; & you call the aggregate Moral Law:
J91.28; E251|        And you call that Swelld & bloated Form; a Minute Particular.
J91.29; E251|        But General Forms have their vitality in Particulars: & every
J91.30; E251|        Particular is a Man; a Divine Member of the Divine Jesus.

J91.31; E251|        So Los cried at his Anvil in the horrible darkness weeping!

J91.32; E251|        The Spectre builded stupendous Works, taking the Starry Heavens
J91.33; E251|        Like to a curtain & folding them according to his will
J91.34; E251|        Repeating the Smaragdine Table of Hermes to draw Los down
J91.35; E251|        Into the Indefinite, refusing to believe without demonstration[.]
J91.36; E251|        Los reads the Stars of Albion! the Spectre reads the Voids
J91.37; E251|        Between the Stars; among the arches of Albions Tomb sublime
J91.38; E251|        Rolling the Sea in rocky paths: forming Leviathan
J91.39; E251|        And Behemoth: the War by Sea enormous & the War
J91.40; E251|        By Land astounding: erecting pillars in the deepest Hell,
J91.41; E251|        To reach the heavenly arches; Los beheld undaunted furious

J91.42; E252|        His heavd Hammer; he swung it round & at one blow,
J91.43; E252|        In unpitying ruin driving down the pyramids of pride
J91.44; E252|        Smiting the Spectre on his Anvil & the integuments of his Eye
J91.45; E252|        And Ear unbinding in dire pain, with many blows,
J91.46; E252|        Of strict severity self-subduing, & with many tears labouring.

J91.47; E252|        Then he sent forth the Spectre all his pyramids were grains
J91.48; E252|        Of sand & his pillars: dust on the flys wing: & his starry
J91.49; E252|        Heavens; a moth of gold & silver mocking his anxious grasp
J91.50; E252|        Thus Los alterd his Spectre & every Ratio of his Reason
J91.51; E252|        He alterd time after time, with dire pain & many tears
J91.52; E252|        Till he had completely divided him into a separate space.

J91.53; E252|        Terrified Los sat to behold trembling & weeping & howling
J91.54; E252|        I care not whether a Man is Good or Evil; all that I care
J91.55; E252|        Is whether he is a Wise Man or a Fool. Go! put off Holiness
J91.56; E252|        And put on Intellect: or my thundrous Hammer shall drive thee
J91.57; E252|        To wrath which thou condemnest: till thou obey my voice

J91.58; E252|        So Los terrified cries: trembling & weeping & howling! Beholding

J92.1;   E252|        What do I see? The Briton Saxon Roman Norman amalgamating
J92.2;   E252|        In my Furnaces into One Nation the English: & taking refuge
J92.3;   E252|        In the Loins of Albion. The Canaanite united with the fugitive
J92.4;   E252|        Hebrew, whom she divided into Twelve, & sold into Egypt
J92.5;   E252|        Then scatterd the Egyptian & Hebrew to the four Winds!
J92.6;   E252|        This sinful Nation Created in our Furnaces & Looms is Albion
J92.7;   E252|        So Los spoke. Enitharmon answerd in great terror in Lambeths Vale

J92.8;   E252|        The Poets Song draws to its period & Enitharmon is no more.
J92.9;   E252|        For if he be that Albion I can never weave him in my Looms
J92.10; E252|        But when he touches the first fibrous thread, like filmy dew
J92.11; E252|        My Looms will be no more & I annihilate vanish for ever
J92.12; E252|        Then thou wilt Create another Female according to thy Will.

J92.13; E252|        Los answerd swift as the shuttle of gold. Sexes must vanish & cease
J92.14; E252|        To be, when Albion arises from his dread repose O lovely Enitharmon:
J92.15; E252|        When all their Crimes, their Punishments their Accusations of Sin:
J92.16; E252|        All their Jealousies Revenges. Murders. hidings of Cruelty in Deceit
J92.17; E252|        Appear only in the Outward Spheres of Visionary Space and Time.
J92.18; E252|        In the shadows of Possibility by Mutual Forgiveness forevermore
J92.19; E252|        And in the Vision & in the Prophecy, that we may Foresee & Avoid
J92.20; E252|        The terrors of Creation & Redemption & Judgment. Beholding them
J92.21; E252|        Displayd in the Emanative Visions of Canaan in Jerusalem & in Shiloh
J92.22; E252|        And in the Shadows of Remembrance, & in the Chaos of the Spectre
J92.23; E252|        Amalek, Edom, Egypt, Moab, Ammon, Ashur, Philistea, around Jerusalem

J92.24; E253|        Where the Druids reard their Rocky Circles to make permanent Remembrance
J92.25; E253|        Of Sin. & the Tree of Good & Evil sprang from the Rocky Circle & Snake
J92.26; E253|        Of the Druid, along the Valley of Rephaim from Camberwell to Golgotha
J92.27; E253|        And framed the Mundane Shell Cavernous in Length Bredth & Highth

J93ill; E253|        [<image, inscribed> Anytus Melitus & Lycon thought Socrates a
J93ill; E253|        Very Pernicious Man So Caiphas thought Jesus</image>]

J93.1;   E253|        Enitharmon heard. She raisd her head like the mild Moon

J93.2;   E253|        O Rintrah! O Palamabron! What are your dire & awful purposes
J93.3;   E253|        Enitharmons name is nothing before you: you forget all my Love!
J93.4;   E253|        The Mothers love of obedience is forgotten & you seek a Love
J93.5;   E253|        Of the pride of dominion, that will Divorce Ocalythron & Elynittria
J93.6;   E253|        Upon East Moor in Derbyshire & along the Valleys of Cheviot
J93.7;   E253|        Could you Love me Rintrah, if you Pride not in my Love
J93.8;   E253|        As Reuben found Mandrakes in the field & gave them to his Mother
J93.9;   E253|        Pride meets with Pride upon the Mountains in the stormy day
J93.10; E253|        In that terrible Day of Rintrahs Plow & of Satans driving the Team.
J93.11; E253|        Ah! then I heard my little ones weeping along the Valley!
J93.12; E253|        Ah! then I saw my beloved ones fleeing from my Tent
J93.13; E253|        Merlin was like thee Rintrah among the Giants of Albion
J93.14; E253|        Judah was like Palamabron: O Simeon! O Levi! ye fled away
J93.15; E253|        How can I hear my little ones weeping along the Valley
J93.16; E253|        Or how upon the distant Hills see my beloveds Tents.

J93.17; E253|        Then Los again took up his speech as Enitharmon ceast

J93.18; E253|        Fear not my Sons this Waking Death. he is become One with me
J93.19; E253|        Behold him here! We shall not Die! we shall be united in Jesus.
J93.20; E253|        Will you suffer this Satan this Body of Doubt that Seems but Is Not
J93.21; E253|        To occupy the very threshold of Eternal Life. if Bacon, Newton, Locke,

J93.22; E254|        Deny a Conscience in Man & the Communion of Saints & Angels
J93.23; E254|        Contemning the Divine Vision & Fruition, Worshiping the Deus
J93.24; E254|        Of the Heathen, The God of This World, & the Goddess Nature
J93.25; E254|        Mystery Babylon the Great, The Druid Dragon & hidden Harlot
J93.26; E254|        Is it not that Signal of the Morning which was told us in the Beginning

J93.27; E254|        Thus they converse upon Mam-Tor. the Graves thunder under their feet

J94.1;   E254|        Albion cold lays on his Rock: storms & snows beat round him.
J94.2;   E254|        Beneath the Furnaces & the starry Wheels & the Immortal Tomb
J94.3;   E254|        Howling winds cover him: roaring seas dash furious against him
J94.4;   E254|        In the deep darkness broad lightnings glare long thunders roll

J94.5;   E254|        The weeds of Death inwrap his hands & feet blown incessant
J94.6;   E254|        And washd incessant by the for-ever restless sea-waves foaming abroad
J94.7;   E254|        Upon the white Rock. England a Female Shadow as deadly damps
J94.8;   E254|        Of the Mines of Cornwall & Derbyshire lays upon his bosom heavy
J94.9;   E254|        Moved by the wind in volumes of thick cloud returning folding round
J94.10; E254|        His loins & bosom unremovable by swelling storms & loud rending
J94.11; E254|        Of enraged thunders. Around them the Starry Wheels of their Giant Sons
J94.12; E254|        Revolve: & over them the Furnaces of Los & the Immortal Tomb around
J94.13; E254|        Erin sitting in the Tomb, to watch them unceasing night and day
J94.14; E254|        And the Body of Albion was closed apart from all Nations.

J94.15; E254|        Over them the famishd Eagle screams on boney Wings and around
J94.16; E254|        Them howls the Wolf of famine deep heaves the Ocean black thundering
J94.17; E254|        Around the wormy Garments of Albion: then pausing in deathlike silence

J94.18; E254|        Time was Finished! The Breath Divine Breathed over Albion
J94.19; E254|        Beneath the Furnaces & starry Wheels and in the Immortal Tomb
J94.20; E254|        And England who is Brittannia awoke from Death on Albions bosom
J94.21; E254|        She awoke pale & cold she fainted seven times on the Body of Albion

J94.22; E254|        O pitious Sleep O pitious Dream! O God O God awake I have slain
J94.23; E254|        In Dreams of Chastity & Moral Law I have Murdered Albion! Ah!
J94.24; E254|        In Stone-henge & on London Stone & in the Oak Groves of Malden
J94.25; E254|        I have Slain him in my Sleep with the Knife of the Druid O England
J94.26; E254|        O all ye Nations of the Earth behold ye the Jealous Wife
J94.27; E254|        The Eagle & the Wolf & Monkey & Owl & the King & Priest were there   t336

J95.1;   E254|        Her voice pierc'd Albions clay cold ear. he moved upon the Rock
J95.2;   E254|        The Breath Divine went forth upon the morning hills, Albion mov'd

J95.3;   E255|        Upon the Rock, he opend his eyelids in pain; in pain he mov'd
J95.4;   E255|        His stony members, he saw England. Ah! shall the Dead live again

J95.5;   E255|        The Breath Divine went forth over the morning hills Albion rose
J95.6;   E255|        In anger: the wrath of God breaking bright flaming on all sides around
J95.7;   E255|        His awful limbs: into the Heavens he walked clothed in flames
J95.8;   E255|        Loud thundring, with broad flashes of flaming lightning & pillars
J95.9;   E255|        Of fire, speaking the Words of Eternity in Human Forms, in direful
J95.10; E255|        Revolutions of Action & Passion, thro the Four Elements on all sides
J95.11; E255|        Surrounding his awful Members. Thou seest the Sun in heavy clouds
J95.12; E255|        Struggling to rise above the Mountains. in his burning hand
J95.13; E255|        He takes his Bow, then chooses out his arrows of flaming gold
J95.14; E255|        Murmuring the Bowstring breathes with ardor! clouds roll around the
J95.15; E255|        Horns of the wide Bow, loud sounding winds sport on the mountain brows
J95.16; E255|        Compelling Urizen to his Furrow; & Tharmas to his Sheepfold;
J95.17; E255|        And Luvah to his Loom: Urthona he beheld mighty labouring at
J95.18; E255|        His Anvil, in the Great Spectre Los unwearied labouring & weeping
J95.19; E255|        Therefore the Sons of Eden praise Urthonas Spectre in songs
J95.20; E255|        Because he kept the Divine Vision in time of trouble.

J95.21; E255|        As the Sun & Moon lead forward the Visions of Heaven & Earth
J95.22; E255|        England who is Brittannia enterd Albions bosom rejoicing,
J95.23; E255|        Rejoicing in his indignation! adoring his wrathful rebuke.
J95.24; E255|        She who adores not your frowns will only loathe your smiles

J96.1;   E255|        As the Sun & Moon lead forward the Visions of Heaven & Earth
J96.2;   E255|        England who is Brittannia entered Albions bosom rejoicing

J96.3;   E255|        Then Jesus appeared standing by Albion as the Good Shepherd
J96.4;   E255|        By the lost Sheep that he hath found & Albion knew that it
J96.5;   E255|        Was the Lord the Universal Humanity, & Albion saw his Form
J96.6;   E255|        A Man. & they conversed as Man with Man, in Ages of Eternity
J96.7;   E255|        And the Divine Appearance was the likeness & similitude of Los

J96.8;   E255|        Albion said. O Lord what can I do! my Selfhood cruel
J96.9;   E255|        Marches against thee deceitful from Sinai & from Edom
J96.10; E255|        Into the Wilderness of Judah to meet thee in his pride
J96.11; E255|        I behold the Visions of my deadly Sleep of Six Thousand Years
J96.12; E255|        Dazling around thy skirts like a Serpent of precious stones & gold
J96.13; E255|        I know it is my Self. O my Divine Creator & Redeemer

J96.14; E255|        Jesus replied Fear not Albion unless I die thou canst not live
J96.15; E255|        But if I die I shall arise again & thou with me
J96.16; E255|        This is Friendship & Brotherhood without it Man Is Not

J96.17; E255|        So Jesus spoke! the Covering Cherub coming on in darkness
J96.18; E255|        Overshadowd them & Jesus said Thus do Men in Eternity
J96.19; E255|        One for another to put off by forgiveness, every sin

J96.20; E256|        Albion replyd. Cannot Man exist without Mysterious
J96.21; E256|        Offering of Self for Another, is this Friendship & Brotherhood
J96.22; E256|        I see thee in the likeness & similitude of Los my Friend

J96.23; E256|        Jesus said. Wouldest thou love one who never died
J96.24; E256|        For thee or ever die for one who had not died for thee
J96.25; E256|        And if God dieth not for Man & giveth not himself
J96.26; E256|        Eternally for Man Man could not exist. for Man is Love:
J96.27; E256|        As God is Love: every kindness to another is a little Death
J96.28; E256|        In the Divine Image nor can Man exist but by Brotherhood

J96.29; E256|        So saying. the Cloud overshadowing divided them asunder
J96.30; E256|        Albion stood in terror: not for himself but for his Friend
J96.31; E256|        Divine, & Self was lost in the contemplation of faith
J96.32; E256|        And wonder at the Divine Mercy & at Los's sublime honour

J96.33; E256|        Do I sleep amidst danger to Friends! O my Cities & Counties
J96.34; E256|        Do you sleep! rouze up! rouze up. Eternal Death is abroad

J96.35; E256|        So Albion spoke & threw himself into the Furnaces of affliction
J96.36; E256|        All was a Vision, all a Dream: the Furnaces became
J96.37; E256|        Fountains of Living Waters Howing from the Humanity Divine
J96.38; E256|        And all the Cities of Albion rose from their Slumbers, and All
J96.39; E256|        The Sons & Daughters of Albion on soft clouds Waking from Sleep
J96.40; E256|        Soon all around remote the Heavens burnt with flaming fires
J96.41; E256|        And Urizen & Luvah & Tharmas & Urthona arose into
J96.42; E256|        Albions Bosom: Then Albion stood before Jesus in the Clouds
J96.43; E256|        Of Heaven Fourfold among the Visions of God in Eternity

J97.1;   E256|        Awake! Awake Jerusalem! O lovely Emanation of Albion
J97.2;   E256|        Awake and overspread all Nations as in Ancient Time
J97.3;   E256|        For lo! the Night of Death is past and the Eternal Day
J97.4;   E256|        Appears upon our Hills: Awake Jerusalem, and come away

J97.5;   E256|        So spake the Vision of Albion & in him so spake in my hearing
J97.6;   E256|        The Universal Father. Then Albion stretchd his hand into Infinitude.
J97.7;   E256|        And took his Bow. Fourfold the Vision for bright beaming Urizen
J97.8;   E256|        Layd his hand on the South & took a breathing Bow of carved Gold
J97.9;   E256|        Luvah his hand stretch'd to the East & bore a Silver Bow bright shining
J97.10; E256|        Tharmas Westward a Bow of Brass pure flaming richly wrought
J97.11; E256|        Urthona Northward in thick storms a Bow of Iron terrible thundering.

J97.12; E256|        And the Bow is a Male & Female & the Quiver of the Arrows of Love,
J97.13; E256|        Are the Children of this Bow: a Bow of Mercy & Loving-kindness: laying
J97.14; E256|        Open the hidden Heart in Wars of mutual Benevolence Wars of Love
J97.15; E256|        And the Hand of Man grasps firm between the Male & Female Loves
J97.16; E256|        And he Clothed himself in Bow & Arrows in awful state Fourfold
J97.17; E256|        In the midst of his Twenty-eight Cities each with his Bow breathing

J98.1;   E257|        Then each an Arrow flaming from his Quiver fitted carefully
J98.2;   E257|        They drew fourfold the unreprovable String, bending thro the wide Heavens
J98.3;   E257|        The horned Bow Fourfold, loud sounding flew the flaming Arrow fourfold

J98.4;   E257|        Murmuring the Bow-string breathes with ardor. Clouds roll round the horns
J98.5;   E257|        Of the wide Bow, loud sounding Winds sport on the Mountains brows:
J98.6;   E257|        The Druid Spectre was Annihilate loud thundring rejoicing terrific vanishing

J98.7;   E257|        Fourfold Annihilation & at the clangor of the Arrows of Intellect
J98.8;   E257|        The innumerable Chariots of the Almighty appeard in Heaven
J98.9;   E257|        And Bacon & Newton & Locke, & Milton & Shakspear & Chaucer
J98.10; E257|        A Sun of blood red wrath surrounding heaven on all sides around
J98.11; E257|        Glorious incompreh[en]sible by Mortal Man & each Chariot was Sexual Threefold
t338; E257|

J98.12; E257|        And every Man stood Fourfold, each Four Faces had. One to the West
J98.13; E257|        One toward the East One to the South One to the North. the Horses Fourfold
J98.14; E257|        And the dim Chaos brightend beneath, above, around! Eyed as the Peacock
J98.15; E257|        According to the Human Nerves of Sensation, the Four Rivers of the Water of Life

J98.16; E257|        South stood the Nerves of the Eye. East in Rivers of bliss the Nerves of the
J98.17; E257|        Expansive Nostrils West, flowd the Parent Sense the Tongue. North stood
J98.18; E257|        The labyrinthine Ear. Circumscribing & Circumcising the excrementitious
J98.19; E257|        Husk & Covering into Vacuum evaporating revealing the lineaments of Man
J98.20; E257|        Driving outward the Body of Death in an Eternal Death & Resurrection
J98.21; E257|        Awaking it to Life among the Flowers of Beulah rejoicing in Unity
J98.22; E257|        In the Four Senses in the Outline the Circumference & Form, for ever
J98.23; E257|        In Forgiveness of Sins which is Self Annihilation. it is the Covenant of Jehovah

J98.24; E257|        The Four Living Creatures Chariots of Humanity Divine Incomprehensible
J98.25; E257|        In beautiful Paradises expand These are the Four Rivers of Paradise
J98.26; E257|        And the Four Faces of Humanity fronting the Four Cardinal Points
J98.27; E257|        Of Heaven going forward forward irresistible from Eternity to Eternity

J98.28; E257|        And they conversed together in Visionary forms dramatic which bright
J98.29; E257|        Redounded from their Tongues in thunderous majesty, in Visions

J98.30; E258|        In new Expanses, creating exemplars of Memory and of Intellect
J98.31; E258|        Creating Space, Creating Time according to the wonders Divine
J98.32; E258|        Of Human Imagination, throughout all the Three Regions immense
J98.33; E258|        Of Childhood, Manhood & Old Age[;] & the all tremendous unfathomable Non Ens
J98.34; E258|        Of Death was seen in regenerations terrific or complacent varying   t339
J98.35; E258|        According to the subject of discourse & every Word & Every Character
J98.36; E258|        Was Human according to the Expansion or Contraction, the Translucence or
J98.37; E258|        Opakeness of Nervous fibres such was the variation of Time & Space
J98.38; E258|        Which vary according as the Organs of Perception vary & they walked
J98.39; E258|        To & fro in Eternity as One Man reflecting each in each & clearly seen
J98.40; E258|        And seeing: according to fitness & order. And I heard Jehovah speak
J98.41; E258|        Terrific from his Holy Place & saw the Words of the Mutual Covenant Divine
J98.42; E258|        On Chariots of gold & jewels with Living Creatures starry & flaming
J98.43; E258|        With every Colour, Lion, Tyger, Horse, Elephant, Eagle Dove, Fly, Worm,
J98.44; E258|        And the all wondrous Serpent clothed in gems & rich array Humanize
J98.45; E258|        In the Forgiveness of Sins according to the Covenant of Jehovah. They Cry   t340

J98.46; E258|        Where is the Covenant of Priam, the Moral Virtues of the Heathen
J98.47; E258|        Where is the Tree of Good & Evil that rooted beneath the cruel heel
J98.48; E258|        Of Albions Spectre the Patriarch Druid! where are all his Human Sacrifices   t341
J98.49; E258|        For Sin in War & in the Druid Temples of the Accuser of Sin: beneath
J98.50; E258|        The Oak Groves of Albion that coverd the whole Earth beneath his Spectre
J98.51; E258|        Where are the Kingdoms of the World & all their glory that grew on Desolation
J98.52; E258|        The Fruit of Albions Poverty Tree when the Triple Headed Gog-Magog Giant
J98.53; E258|        Of Albion Taxed the Nations into Desolation & then gave the Spectrous Oath

J98.54; E258|        Such is the Cry from all the Earth from the Living Creatures of the Earth
J98.55; E258|        And from the great City of Golgonooza in the Shadowy Generation
J98.56; E258|        And from the Thirty-two Nations of the Earth among the Living Creatures

J99.1;   E258|        All Human Forms identified even Tree Metal Earth & Stone. all
J99.2;   E258|        Human Forms identified, living going forth & returning wearied
J99.3;   E258|        Into the Planetary lives of Years Months Days & Hours reposing
J99.4;   E258|        And then Awaking into his Bosom in the Life of Immortality.

J99.5;   E259|        And I heard the Name of their Emanations they are named Jerusalem

J99end; E259|        The End of The Song
J99end; E259|        of Jerusalem


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