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ED; E671|        [Inscriptions on drawings of Edward I in his coffin, 1774]   t1498

Inscr.EdwardI; E671|        I The body of Edward ye 1st as it appeard on first opening
Inscr.EdwardI; E671|        the Coffin.
Inscr.EdwardI; E671|        II The body as it appeard when some of the vestmen[ts] were
Inscr.EdwardI; E671|        remov'd   t1499

EDInscr.Albion; E671|        engraving (revised and inscribed ca 1803-10)
Inscr.Albion; E671|        WB inv 1780   t1501
Inscr.Albion; E671|        Albion rose from where he labourd at the Mill with Slaves
Inscr.Albion; E671|        Giving himself for the Nations he danc'd the dance of
Inscr.Albion; E671|        Eternal Death

EDInscr.Joseph; E671|        engraving (revised and inscribed ca 1809-10)
Inscr.Joseph; E671|        JOSEPH of Arimathea among The Rocks of Albion
Inscr.Joseph; E671|        Engraved by W Blake 1773 from an old Italian Drawing   t1500
Inscr.Joseph; E671|        This is One of the Gothic Artists who Built the Cathedrals
Inscr.Joseph; E671|        in what we call the Dark Ages Wandering about in sheep skins &
Inscr.Joseph; E671|        goat skins of whom the World was not worthy such were the
Inscr.Joseph; E671|        Christians in all Ages
Inscr.Joseph; E671|        Michael Angelo Pinxit

EDInscr.Joseph; E671|        ink [on a proof of the early state of the
EDInscr.Joseph; E671|        plate]
Inscr.Joseph; E671|        Engraved when I was a beginner at Basires from a drawing by
Inscr.Joseph; E671|        Salviati after Michael Angelo

EDInscr.OurEnd; E672|        engraved
EDInscr.OurEnd; E672|        [first state of plate]
Inscr.OurEnd; E672|        Our End is come
Inscr.OurEnd; E672|        Publishd June 5: 1793 by W Blake Lambeth
EDInscr.OurEnd; E672|        [second state of plate]
Inscr.OurEnd; E672|        When the senses are shaken   t1502
Inscr.OurEnd; E672|        And the Soul is driven to madness. Page 56

ED-N-116HistEng; E672|        Notebook p 116, ink
ED-N-116HistEng; E672|        [List of Subjects for The History of England]   t1503

N-116HistEng; E672|        1 Giants ancient inhabitants of England
N-116HistEng; E672|        2 The Landing of Brutus
N-116HistEng; E672|        3 Corineus throws Gogmagog the Giant into the sea
N-116HistEng; E672|        4 King Lear
N-116HistEng; E672|        [5] The Ancient Britons according to Caesar [<The frontispiece>]
N-116HistEng; E672|        6 The Druids
N-116HistEng; E672|        7 The Landing of Julius Caesar
N-116HistEng; E672|        8 Boadicea inspiring the Britons against the Romans
N-116HistEng; E672|        <The Britons distress & depopulation
N-116HistEng; E672|        Women fleeing from War
N-116HistEng; E672|        Women in a Siege>
N-116HistEng; E672|        9 Alfred in the countrymans house
N-116HistEng; E672|        10 Edwin & Morcar stirring up the Londoners to resist W the
N-116HistEng; E672|        Conqr
N-116HistEng; E672|        11 W the Conq Crownd
N-116HistEng; E672|        12 King John & Mag Charta
N-116HistEng; E672|        <A Famine occasiond by the Popish interdict>
N-116HistEng; E672|        13 Edward at Calais
N-116HistEng; E672|        14 Edward the Black Prince brings his Captives to his father
N-116HistEng; E672|        15 The Penance of Jane Shore
N-116HistEng; E672|        <17 [The Reformation] by H VIII.>
N-116HistEng; E672|        <18 [Ch I beheaded]>
N-116HistEng; E672|        [16] [<17>] <19> The Plague
N-116HistEng; E672|        [17] [<18>] <20> The fire of London
N-116HistEng; E672|        [18] <16> The Cruelties used by Kings & Priests
N-116HistEng; E672|        [whose arts]
N-116HistEng; E672|        [19] <21> A prospect of Liberty
N-116HistEng; E672|        [20] <22> A Cloud

EDInscr.OurEnd; E672|        [third state of plate, 1809-10]
Inscr.OurEnd; E672|        The Accusers of Theft Adultery Murder
Inscr.OurEnd; E672|        W Blake inv & sculp
Inscr.OurEnd; E672|        A Scene in the Last Judgment
Inscr.OurEnd; E672|        Satans' holy Trinity The Accuser The Judge & The Executioner

ED-Inscr.VDA7;   E673|        [Visions of the Daughters of Albion, plate 7]
Inscr.VDA7;   E673|        Wait Sisters
Inscr.VDA7;   E673|        Tho all is Lost

ED-Inscr.MHH11; E673|        [The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, plate 11]
Inscr.MHH11; E673|        Death & Hell
Inscr.MHH11; E673|        Team with Life

ED-Inscr.MHH14; E673|        [The same, plate 14]
Inscr.MHH14; E673|        a Flaming Sword
Inscr.MHH14; E673|        Revolving every way

ED-Inscr.BUtitle; E673|        [Urizen, title-page design, date altered to
ED-Inscr.BUtitle; E673|        "1796"]
Inscr.BUtitle; E673|        Which is the Way
Inscr.BUtitle; E673|        The Right or the Left

EDInscr.BU5;   E673|        [Urizen, plate 5]
Inscr.BU5;   E673|        The Book of my Remembrance

ED-Inscr.BU9;   E673|        [Urizen, plate 9]
Inscr.BU9;   E673|        Eternally I labour on

ED-Inscr.BU10; E673|        [Urizen, plate 10]
Inscr.BU10; E673|        Does the Soul labour thus
Inscr.BU10; E673|        In the Caverns of The Grave

ED-N-116Exodus; E673|        Notebook p 116, pencil list

N-116Exodus; E673|        Exodus [from] Egypt   t1505

N-116Exodus; E673|        1 Aaron [ ] 8 Boils & Blains
N-116Exodus; E673|        2 Moses [ ] 9 Hail
N-116Exodus; E673|        3 River turnd to blood 10 Locusts
N-116Exodus; E673|        4 Frogs 11 Darkness
N-116Exodus; E673|        5 Lice 12 First born Smitten
N-116Exodus; E673|        6 [Flies Swarms of Flies 13 Red Sea Egyptians Drownd
N-116Exodus; E673|        7 Murrain of Beasts

ED-Inscr.Emblems; E674|        [On Sketches for Emblems (with Butlin catalogue numbers)]
Inscr.Emblems; E674|          t1507
Inscr.Emblems; E674|        How I pity (204)

Inscr.Emblems; E674|        *

Inscr.Emblems; E674|        Father & Mother I return
Inscr.Emblems; E674|        From flames of fire tried & pure & white (202*v)

ED-Inscr.Sketches; E674|        [Lettering on Sketches for Title Pages]   t1508

Inscr.Sketches; E674|        The Bible of Hell
Inscr.Sketches; E674|        in Nocturnal Visions collected
Inscr.Sketches; E674|        Vol. 1. Lambeth (221*v)

ED; E674|        *

Inscr.Sketches; E674|        For Children
Inscr.Sketches; E674|        The / Gates / of / HELL (205*r)

ED; E674|        *

Inscr.Sketches; E674|        Frontispiece
Inscr.Sketches; E674|        It is Deep Midnight (205*v)

ED; E674|        *

Inscr.Sketches; E674|        Visions of Eternity

ED; E674|        *

Inscr.AmWar; E674|        The
Inscr.AmWar; E674|        AMERICAN
Inscr.AmWar; E674|        WAR
Inscr.AmWar; E674|        Angels to be very small as small as the letters that they may not
Inscr.AmWar; E674|        interfere with the subject at bottom which is to be in a stormy
Inscr.AmWar; E674|        sky & rain seperated from the angels by Clouds (223A*r)

ED-Inscr.BU22; E674|        [Urizen, plate 22]
Inscr.BU22; E674|        Frozen doors to mock
Inscr.BU22; E674|        The World: while they within torments uplock

ED-Inscr.Job18; E674|        [List of Apostles (557ii)]

Inscr.Job18; E674|        [On a sketch of Blake's Job 18]
Inscr.Job18; E674|        1 Peter P 2 Andrew a 3 James J 4 John J 5 Philip P 6
Inscr.Job18; E674|        Bartholomew B 7 Thomas M 8
Inscr.Job18; E674|        Matthew ?T 9 James ?J 10 Taddeus ?S 11 Judas 12 Simon

Inscr.VOLUME; E675|        VOLUME
Inscr.VOLUME; E675|        The dead ardours Perry
Inscr.VOLUME; E675|        W.B. (232*r)

ED; E675|        On the drawing of a tombstone in Night Thoughts design 424

Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        [Miscellaneous Inscriptions on Designs (with Butlin
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        catalogue numbers)]   t1509

Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Death of Earl Goodwin (80); the grounds of the small figures
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Purple (drawing of girl with goblet: 97); Abraham and Isaac
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        (109); Manoah's Sacrifice (116); Behold your King (117); The Good
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Farmer giving his fields in Famine (122); The spirit of a just
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        man newly departed appearing to his mourning family (135);
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Joseph's brethren bowing before him (155); Joseph ordering Simeon
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        to be bound (156); Joseph making himself known to his brethren
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        (157); Job / What is Man That thou shouldest Try him Every
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Moment? (164); Daniel (167); The Reposing Traveller (170); War
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        unchained by an Angel, Fire, Pestilence, and Famine following
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        (187); A Breach in a City, the Morning after a Battle (188);
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Pestilence (190); Is all joy forbidden (222); The Evil Demon
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        (209); Fate (210); Elohim creating Adam (289); Lamech and his two
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Wives (297); Nebuchadnezzar (301); Newton (306); Pity (310-315);
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        The House of Death Milton (320); The Good and Evil Angels (323);
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        I was naked (436); Joseph and Jezebel (4.39); Speak ye to the
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Rock (445); The Devil rebuked (449); The dutiful Daughter-in-law
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        / Ruth (456); Hell beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        coming.--Isaiah (467); Thou wast perfect / Ezekiel (469); The
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Humility of the Saviour / Luke. . . (474); This is my beloved
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        son, in whom I am well pleased: Mattw (475); An exceeding high
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        mountain[.] Then the Devil leaveth him &, behold, angels came &
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        ministered unto him (476); The Transfiguration (484); But Martha
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        was cumbered about much serving (489); Joseph burying Jesus
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        (498); Scaling the Stone and Setting a Watch (499); Two Angels in
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        white the one at the head, and the other at the feet. And behold
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        . .. from the door (501); The Resurrection[.] Christ died & was
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        buried, & arose again according to the Scriptures.ecc (502); The
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Ascension (505); Felix and Drusilla[.] And as he reasoned of
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        righteousness, temperance, and Judgment to come, Felix trembled,
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        & said, Go thy way for this time, when I have a . . . (508); The
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Devil is Come Down (522); adam & Eve (532); Journey of Life
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        (572); Theotormon Woven (575); Donald the Hammerer (782); Los
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        walking on the mountains of albion (784); The Lamb of God / The
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Three Tabernacles (792); The Church Yard (793); Death (794);
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        Mirth (795); Hope (796); Affection & Love (797); Return Alpheus!
Inscr.Misc.wButlin#; E675|        (800).

ED; E676|        [List of Designs for Poems by Mr. Gray (1790)]
ED; E676|

ED; E676|        On back of title page
GraySpring; E676|        Ode on the Spring
GraySpring; E676|        Design
GraySpring; E676|        1. The Pindaric Genius recieving his Lyre
GraySpring; E676|        2. Gray writing his Poems
GraySpring; E676|        3. The Purple Year awaking from the Roots of Nature.
GraySpring; E676|        & The Hours suckling their Flowery Infants
GraySpringQUOTE; E676|        4. "With me the Muse shall sit & think
GraySpringQUOTE; E676|        At ease reclind in rustic. state"
GraySpringQUOTE; E676|        5. "Brush'd by the hand of rough Mischance
GraySpringQUOTE; E676|        Or chilld by Age"
GraySpring; E676|        6. Summer Flies reproaching the Poet

GrayCat; E676|        Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat
GrayCat; E676|        Design.
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        1. "Midst the tide
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        Two Angel forms were seen to glide"
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        2. "Demurest of the Tabby kind"
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        3. "The pensive Selima
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        Her Ears of Jet & Emrald Eyes
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        She saw & purr'd applause"
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        4. "Still had she gazd but midst the tide
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        Two Angel forms were seen to glide.
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        The hapless nymph with wonder saw
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        A Whisker first & then a Claw &/c"
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        5. "Malignant Fate sat by & smild
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        The slippery verge her feet beguild
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        She tumbled headlong in"
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        6. "Nine times emerging from the flood
GrayCatQUOTE; E676|        "She mew'd to every watry God"

ED; E676|        On the drawing of a tombstone in design 8 for Gray's Elegy
GrayElegy; E676|        <DUST THOU ART / HERE LIETH / Wm BLAKE / Age 1000

GrayEton; E677|        Ode on a distant prospect of Eton College Design
GrayEton; E677|        1. Windsor terrace. a Boy contemplating a distant view of
GrayEton; E677|        Eton College.
GrayEton; E677|        2. A Boy flying a Kite
GrayEton; E677|        3. Two Boys wandering in the woods by Eton College. The
GrayEton; E677|        Shade of Henry the Sixth is seen among the trees.
GrayEton; E677|        "Henry's holy shade." line 4
GrayEtonQUOTE; E677|        4. "Say Father Thames for thou hast seen
GrayEtonQUOTE; E677|        Full many a sprightly race
GrayEtonQUOTE; E677|        Who foremost &/c"
GrayEtonQUOTE; E677|        5. "The captive linnet"
GrayEtonQUOTE; E677|        The rolling circle"
GrayEtonQUOTE; E677|        murmuring labours" &/c
GrayEton; E677|        6. Yet see how all around them wait . . .
GrayEton; E677|        The vultures of the Mind
GrayEton; E677|        7. Ambition this shall tempt to rise
GrayEton; E677|        Then whirl the wretch from high &/c
GrayEton; E677|        8. Lo in the Vale of Years beneath
GrayEton; E677|        The painful family of Death
GrayEton; E677|        9. Where Ignorance is bliss
GrayEton; E677|        Tis folly to be wise
GrayEton; E677|        10. Boys playing at Top.

GrayStory; E677|        A Long Story
GrayStory; E677|        Design
GrayStory; E677|        1. A circular Dance
GrayStory; E677|        2. Fairies riding on Flies
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        3. "An ancient Pile of Bui[l]ding which
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        Employd the power of Fairy hands"
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        4. "The Seals & Maces dancd before him"
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        5. "A brace of warriors"
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        6. "Bewitchd the children of the Peasants"
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        7. "Upstairs in a whirlwind rattle"
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        8. "Out of the window whisk they flew"
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        9. "At the Chapel door stand centry"
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        10. "A sudden fit of ague shook him"
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        11. "My Lady rose & with a grace
GrayStoryQUOTE; E677|        She smild & bid him come to dinner"

GrayStoryQUOTE; E678|        12. "Guard us from long winded lubbers
GrayStoryQUOTE; E678|        That to Eternity would sing And keep my
GrayStoryQUOTE; E678|        Lady from her rubbers"

GrayAdversity; E678|        Ode to Adversity
GrayAdversity; E678|        Design
GrayAdversity; E678|        1. A Widower & children
GrayAdversity; E678|        2. Grief among the roots of trees
GrayAdversityQUOTE; E678|        3. "Purple tyrant vainly groans"
GrayAdversityQUOTE; E678|        4. "Stern rugged Nurse"
GrayAdversityQUOTE; E678|        Virtue Nursd in the Lap of Adversity
GrayAdversityQUOTE; E678|        5. "In thy Gorgon terrors clad
GrayAdversityQUOTE; E678|        Screaming horrors funeral cry
GrayAdversityQUOTE; E678|        Despair & Fell Disease & ghastly Poverty"
GrayAdversityQUOTE; E678|        6. "Oh gently on thy suppliants head
GrayAdversityQUOTE; E678|        Dread Goddess lay thy chastening hand"

GrayPoesy; E678|        The Progress of Poesy

GrayPoesy; E678|        1. The Beginning of Poesy. The blind begging Bard
GrayPoesy; E678|        2. Study
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        3. "The Laughing flowers that round them blow"
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        Drink life & fragrance as they flow
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        4. "Perching on the Scepterd hand
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        Of Jove, thy magic lulls the featherd king"
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        5. "Cythereas Day."
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        6. "Hyperions march they spy & glittering hafts of war"
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        7. "Shaggy forms oer Ice built mountains roam"
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        8. "Alike they scorn the pomp of Tyrant power
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        And coward Vice that revels in her chains
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        9. "To him the mighty Mother did unveil
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        Her awful Face"
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        10. "Dryden.
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        "Bright Eyd Fancy hovering o'er"
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        Oft before his Infant eyes would run
GrayPoesyQUOTE; E678|        Such forms as glitter in the Muses ray
GrayPoesy; E678|        12. A Muse.

GrayBard; E679|        The Bard.

GrayBard; E679|        1. A Welch Bard.
GrayBard; E679|        2. The Slaughterd Bards, taken from the line
GrayBard; E679|        "The famishd Eagle screams & passes by" Page 98.
GrayBard; E679|        3. The Bard weaving Edwards fate
GrayBard; E679|        4. Edward & his Queen & Nobles astonishd at the Bards Song
GrayBardQUOTE; E679|        5. "Hark how each Giant Oak & Desart Cave
GrayBardQUOTE; E679|        Sigh to the Torrents awful voice beneath"
GrayBard; E679|        6. "On yonder cliffs. "I see them Sit"
GrayBard; E679|        7. "Oer thy country hangs" The scourge of heaven"
GrayBard; E679|        8. The Whirlwind. "Hushd in grim repose"
GrayBardQUOTE; E679|        9. "Fell thirst & Famine scowl
GrayBardQUOTE; E679|        A baleful smile upon their baffled guest"
GrayBard; E679|        10. The death of Edwards Queen Eleanor from this line
GrayBardQUOTE; E679|        "Half of thy heart we consecrate"
GrayBard; E679|        11. Elizabeth. "Girt with many a Baron bold"
GrayBard; E679|        12. Spenser Creating his Fairies.
GrayBardQUOTE; E679|        13. "Headlong from the Mountains height
GrayBardQUOTE; E679|        Deep in the roaring tide he plungd to endless night"
GrayBard; E679|        14. A poor Goatherd in Wales.--

GraySisters; E679|        The Fatal Sisters

GraySisters; E679|        1. The Three Fatal Sisters
GraySisters; E679|        2. A Muse
GraySisters; E679|        3. Sigtryg with the Silken beard
GraySistersQUOTE; E679|        4. "Persons of Horseback riding full speed toward a hill
GraySistersQUOTE; E679|        & seeming to Enter into it
GraySistersQUOTE; E679|        5. "Iron sleet of arrowy shower
GraySistersQUOTE; E679|        Hurtles in the darkend air"
GraySistersQUOTE; E679|        6. "Shafts for shuttle dyed in gore
GraySistersQUOTE; E679|        Shoot the trembling cords along"
GraySistersQUOTE; E679|        7. "We the reins to Slaughter give"
GraySisters; E679|        8. The Fatal Sisters riding thro the Battle. they are calld in
GraySisters; E679|        Some Northern poems "Choosers of the Slain"
GraySistersQUOTE; E679|        9. "Hurry Hurry to the field"
GraySisters; E679|        10. A Battle.

GrayOdin; E680|        The Descent of Odin
GrayOdin; E680|        1. The Serpent who girds the Earth
GrayOdin; E680|        2. Spectres
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        3. "Him the Dog of Darkness spied"
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        4. "Right against the eastern gate
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        By the moss grown Pile he sat."
GrayOdin; E680|        5. The Prophetess Rising from her Grave
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        6. "Tis the Drink of Balder bold"
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        7. "A wondrous boy shall Rinda bear
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        Who neer shall comb his raven hair
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        Nor wash his visage in the stream
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        Till he on Hoders corse shall smile"
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        8. "Ha! No traveller art thou
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        King of Men I know thee Now"
GrayOdinQUOTE; E680|        9. "Hie thee hence"
GrayOdin; E680|        10. The Serpent & the Wolvish Dog. two terrors in the Northern
GrayOdin; E680|        Mythology

GrayOwen; E680|        The Triumphs of Owen

GrayOwen; E680|        1. A Standard bearer fainting in the routed battle
GrayOwen; E680|        2. A [xxxx] <Festal> board
GrayOwen; E680|        3. The Bard singing Owens praise
GrayOwenQUOTE; E680|        4. "Dauntless on his native sands
GrayOwenQUOTE; E680|        The Dragon son of Mona stands"
GrayOwenQUOTE; E680|        5. "Fear to Stop & Shame to fly"
GrayOwen; E680|        6. The liberal Man inviting the traveller into his house

GrayMusic; E680|        Ode for Music.

GrayMusic; E680|        1. Fame.
GrayMusic; E680|        2. A bird singing
GrayMusic; E680|        3. A Genius driving away "Comus & his midnight crew"
GrayMusic; E680|        4. Milton struck the corded Shell
GrayMusic; E680|        Newtons self bends from his state sublime

GrayMusicQUOTE; E681|        5. "I wood the gleam of Cynthia silver bright
GrayMusicQUOTE; E681|        Where willowy Comus lingers with delight"
GrayMusicQUOTE; E681|        6. "Great Edward with the lillies on his brow
GrayMusicQUOTE; E681|        To hail the festal morning come"
GrayMusicQUOTE; E681|        7. "Leaning from her golden cloud
GrayMusicQUOTE; E681|        The venerable Margaret"
GrayMusicQUOTE; E681|        8. "The Laureate wreathe"
GrayMusicQUOTE; E681|        9. "Nor fear the rocks nor seek the Shore"
GrayMusic; E681|        10. Fame.

GrayEpitaph; E681|        Epitaph

GrayEpitaph; E681|        1. The mourner at the tomb
GrayEpitaph; E681|        2. Her infant image here below
GrayEpitaph; E681|        Sits smiling on a Fathers woe

GrayElegy; E681|        Elegy

GrayElegy; E681|        1. The author writing
GrayElegy; E681|        2. Contemplation among Tombs
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        3. "The Plowman homeward plods his weary way
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        And leaves the world to darkness & to me"
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        4. "For him no more the blazing hearth shall burn
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        Nor children run to lisp their sires return"
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        5. "Oft did the Harvest to their sickle yield"
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        6. "Chill penury repressd their noble rage"
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        7. "Some Village Hampden that with dauntless breast
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        The little Tyrant of his Fields withstood"
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        8. "Many a holy text around she strews"
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        9. "Some kindred spirit shall enquire thy fate
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        Haply some hoary beaded swain may say
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        Oft &c"
GrayElegyQUOTE; E681|        10. "Slow thro the Churchway path we saw him borne"
GrayElegy; E681|        11. A Shepherd reading the Epitaph
GrayElegy; E681|        12. A Spirit conducted to Paradise

ED; E681|        *

ED; E682|        etched
Inscr.Orc; E682|        Chaining of Orc
Inscr.Orc; E682|        Type by W Blake 1812

ED; E682|        *

ED; E682|        [Descriptions of Illustrations to Milton's
ED; E682|        L'Allegro and Il Penseroso]   t1510

ED; E682|        Blake's manuscript notes accompanying his watercolors

MiltonMirthTitle; E682|        Mirth. Allegro

MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        1 Heart easing Mirth.
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        Haste thee Nymph & bring with thee
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        Jest & Youthful Jollity
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        Quips & Cranks & Wanton Wiles
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        Nods & Becks & wreathed smiles
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        Sport that wrinkled Care derides
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        And Laughter holding both his Sides
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        Come & trip it as you go
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        On the light phantastic toe
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        And in thy right hand lead with thee
MiltonMirth1QUOTE; E682|        The Mountain Nymph Sweet Liberty
MiltonMirth1;   E682|        These Personifications are all brought together in the First
MiltonMirth1;   E682|        Design. Surrounding the Principal Figure which is Mirth herself

MiltonMirth2QUOTE; E682|        2 To hear the Lark begin his flight
MiltonMirth2QUOTE; E682|        And singing startle the dull Night
MiltonMirth2QUOTE; E682|        From his Watch Tower in the Skies
MiltonMirth2QUOTE; E682|        Till the dappled Dawn does rise
MiltonMirth2QUOTE; E682|        The Lark is an Angel on the Wing Dull Night starts from his
MiltonMirth2;   E682|        Watch Tower on a Cloud. The Dawn with her dappled Horses arises
MiltonMirth2;   E682|        above the Earth The Earth beneath awakes at the Larks Voice

MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E682|        3 Sometime walking not unseen
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E682|        By hedgerow Elms on Hillocks green

MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        Right against the Eastern Gate
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        When the Great Sun begins his state
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        Robed in Flames & amber Light
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        The Clouds in thousand Liveries dight
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        While the Plowman near at hand
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        Whistles o'er the Furrow'd Land
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        And the Milkmaid singeth blithe
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        And the Mower whets his Scythe
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        And every Shepherd tells his Tale
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        Under the Hawthorn in the Dale
MiltonMirth3QUOTE; E683|        The Great Sun is represented clothed in Flames Surrounded by
MiltonMirth3;   E683|        the Clouds in their Liveries, in their various Offices at the
MiltonMirth3;   E683|        Eastern Gate. beneath in Small Figures Milton walking by Elms on
MiltonMirth3;   E683|        Hillocks green The Plowman. The Milkmaid The Mower whetting his
MiltonMirth3;   E683|        Scythe. & The Shepherd & his Lass under a Hawthorn in the Dale

MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        4 Sometimes with secure delight
MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        The upland Hamlets will invite
MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        When the merry Bells ring round
MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        And the jocund Rebecks Sound
MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        To many a Youth & many a Maid
MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        Dancing in the chequerd Shade
MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        And Young & Old come forth to play
MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        On a Sunshine Holiday
MiltonMirth4;   E683|        In this Design is Introduced
MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        Mountains on whose barren breast
MiltonMirth4QUOTE; E683|        The Labring Clouds do often rest
MiltonMirth4;   E683|        Mountains Clouds Rivers Trees appear Humanized on the
MiltonMirth4;   E683|        Sunshine Holiday. The Church Steeple with its merry bells The
MiltonMirth4;   E683|        Clouds arise from the bosoms of Mountains While Two Angels sound
MiltonMirth4;   E683|        their Trumpets in the Heavens to announce the Sunshine -Holiday

MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        5 Then to the Spicy Nut brown Ale
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        With Stories told of many a Treat
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        How Fairy Mab the junkets eat
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        She was pinchd & pulld she said
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        And he by Friars Lantern led
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        Tells how the drudging Goblin sweat
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        To earn his Cream Bowl duly set
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        When in one Night e'er glimpse of Morn
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        His shadowy Flail had threshd the Corn
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        That ten day labourers could not end
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        Then crop-full out of door he flings
MiltonMirth5QUOTE; E683|        E'er the first Cock his Matin rings
MiltonMirth5;   E683|        The Goblin crop full flings out of doors from his Laborious
MiltonMirth5;   E683|        task dropping his Flail & Cream bowl. yawning & stretching
MiltonMirth5;   E683|        vanishes into the Sky. In which is seen Queen Mab Eating the
MiltonMirth5;   E683|        Junkets. The Sports of the Fairies are seen thro the Cottage
MiltonMirth5;   E683|        where "She" lays in Bed "pinchd & pulld" by Fairies as they dance
MiltonMirth5;   E683|        on the Bed the Cieling & the Floor & a Ghost pulls the Bed
MiltonMirth5;   E683|        Clothes at her Feet. "He" is seen following the Friars Lantern
MiltonMirth5;   E683|        towards the Convent

MiltonMirth6QUOTE; E684|        6 There let Hymen oft appear
MiltonMirth6QUOTE; E684|        In Saffron Robe with Taper clear
MiltonMirth6QUOTE; E684|        With Mask & Antique Pageantry
MiltonMirth6QUOTE; E684|        Such sights as Youthful Poets dream
MiltonMirth6QUOTE; E684|        On Summers Eve by haunted Stream
MiltonMirth6QUOTE; E684|        Then lo the well trod Stage anon
MiltonMirth6QUOTE; E684|        If Johnsons learned Sock be on
MiltonMirth6QUOTE; E684|        Or Sweetest Shakespeare Fancys Child
MiltonMirth6QUOTE; E684|        Warble his native wood notes wild
MiltonMirth6;   E684|        The youthful Poet sleeping on a bank by the Haunted Stream
MiltonMirth6;   E684|        by Sun Set sees in his Dream the more bright Sun of Imagination.
MiltonMirth6;   E684|        under the auspices of Shakespeare & Johnson. in which is Hymen at
MiltonMirth6;   E684|        a Marriage & the Antique Pageantry attending it

MiltonMelan.7Title; E684|        Melancholy. Pensieroso
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        7 Come pensive Nun devout & pure
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Sober stedfast & demure
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        All in Robe of darkest grain
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Flowing with majestic train
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Come but keep thy wonted state
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        With even step & musing gait
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        And looks commercing with the Skies
MiltonMelan.7;   E684|        _____
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        And join with thee calm Peace & Quiet
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Spare Fast who oft with Gods doth diet
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        And hears the Muses in a ring
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Ay. round about Jove altar sing
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        And add to these retired Leisure
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Who in trim Gardens takes his pleasure
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        But first & Chiefest with thee bring
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Him who yon soars on golden Wing
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Guiding the Fiery wheeled Throne
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        The Cherub Contemplation
MiltonMelan.7;   E684|        _____

MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Less Philomel will deign a song
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        In her sweetest saddest plight
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Smoothing the rugged Brow of Night
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        While Cynthia Checks her dragon yoke
MiltonMelan.7QUOTE; E684|        Gently o'er the accustomd Oak
MiltonMelan.7;   E684|        These Personifications are all brought together in this
MiltonMelan.7;   E684|        design surrounding the Principal Figure Who is Melancholy herself

MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        8 To behold the wandring Moon
MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        Riding near her highest Noon
MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        Like one that has been led astray
MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        Thro the heavens wide pathless way
MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        And oft as if her head she bowd
MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        Stooping thro' a fleecy Cloud
MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        Oft on a plat of rising ground
MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        I hear the far off Curfew sound
MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        Over some wide waterd shore
MiltonMelan.8QUOTE; E684|        Swinging slow with sullen roar
MiltonMelan.8;   E684|        Milton in his Character of a Student at Cambridge. Sees the
MiltonMelan.8;   E684|        Moon terrified as one led astray in the midst of her path thro
MiltonMelan.8;   E684|        heaven. The distant Steeple

MiltonMelan.8;   E685|        seen across a wide water indicates the Sound of the Curfew Bell

MiltonMelan.9QUOTE; E685|        Where I may oft outwatch the Bear
MiltonMelan.9QUOTE; E685|        With thrice great Hermes or unsphear
MiltonMelan.9QUOTE; E685|        The Spirit of Plato to unfold
MiltonMelan.9QUOTE; E685|        What Worlds or what vast regions hold
MiltonMelan.9QUOTE; E685|        The Immortal Mind that has forsook Its
MiltonMelan.9QUOTE; E685|        Mansion in this Fleshly nook
MiltonMelan.9QUOTE; E685|        And of those Spirits that are found
MiltonMelan.9QUOTE; E685|        In Fire. Air. Flood. & Underground
MiltonMelan.9;   E685|        The Spirit of Plato unfolds his Worlds to Milton in
MiltonMelan.9;   E685|        Contemplation. The Three destinies sit on the Circles of Platos
MiltonMelan.9;   E685|        Heavens weaving the Thread of Mortal Life these Heavens are Venus
MiltonMelan.9;   E685|        Jupiter & Mars, Hermes flies before as attending on the Heaven of
MiltonMelan.9;   E685|        Jupiter the Great Bear is seen in the Sky beneath Hermes & The
MiltonMelan.9;   E685|        Spirits of Fire. Air. Water & Earth Surround Miltons Chair

MiltonMelan.10QUOTE; E685|        10 And when the Sun begins to fling
MiltonMelan.10QUOTE; E685|        His flaring Beams me Goddess bring
MiltonMelan.10QUOTE; E685|        To arched walks of twilight Groves
MiltonMelan.10QUOTE; E685|        And Shadows brown that Sylvan Coves
MiltonMelan.10; E685|        Milton led by Melancholy into the Groves away from the Suns
MiltonMelan.10; E685|        flaring Beams who is seen in the Heavens throwing his darts &
MiltonMelan.10; E685|        flames of fire The Spirits of the Trees on each side are seen
MiltonMelan.10; E685|        under the domination of Insects raised by the Suns heat

MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        11 There in close covert by some Brook
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        Where no profaner Eye may look
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        With such concert as they keep
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        Entice the dewy featherd Sleep
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        And let some strange mysterous Dream
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        Wave on his Wings in airy stream
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        Of liveliest Portraiture displayd
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        On my Sleeping eyelids laid
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        And as I wake sweet Music breathe
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        Above; about: or underneath:
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        Sent by some Spirit to Mortals good
MiltonMelan.11QUOTE; E685|        Or the unseen Genius of the Wood
MiltonMelan.11; E685|        Milton sleeping on a Bank. Sleep descending with a Strange
MiltonMelan.11; E685|        Mysterious Dream upon his Wings of Scrolls & Nets & Webs unfolded
MiltonMelan.11; E685|        by Spirits in the Air & in the Brook around Milton are Six
MiltonMelan.11; E685|        Spirits or Fairies hovering on the air with Instruments of Music

MiltonMelan.12QUOTE; E685|        12 And may at last my weary Age
MiltonMelan.12QUOTE; E685|        Find out the peaceful Hermitage
MiltonMelan.12QUOTE; E685|        The hairy Gown the mossy Cell
MiltonMelan.12QUOTE; E685|        Where I may sit & rightly spell
MiltonMelan.12QUOTE; E685|        Of every Star that heavn doth shew
MiltonMelan.12QUOTE; E685|        And every Herb that sips the dew
MiltonMelan.12QUOTE; E685|        Till old Experience do attain
MiltonMelan.12QUOTE; E685|        To somewhat like Prophetic strain
MiltonMelan.12; E685|        Milton in his Old Age sitting in his Mossy Cell
MiltonMelan.12; E685|        Contemplating the Constellations. surrounded by the Spirits of
MiltonMelan.12; E685|        the Herbs & Flowers. bursts forth into a rapturous Prophetic
MiltonMelan.12; E685|        Strain

EDMiltonMirthEngr.; E686|        >[Engraving of Mirth an d Her Companions, illustrating
EDMiltonMirthEngr.; E686|        >Milton's L'Allegro]
EDMiltonMirthEngr.; E686|        >[Second state, inscribed at bottom:]
MiltonMirthEngr.; E686|        Solomon says Vanity of Vanities all is Vanity & what can be
MiltonMirthEngr.; E686|        Foolisher than this

ED-Varley; E686|        [Notes in the Blake-Varley Sketchbook c 1819]   t1511

Varley5;   E686|        PAGE 5
Varley5;   E686|        Can you think I can endure to be considered as <a> vapour
Varley5;   E686|        arising from your food? I I will leave you if you doubt I am of
Varley5;   E686|        no [more] <greater> importance than a Butterfly
Varley5;   E686|        Spiritual communication to mr Blake
Varley5;   E686|        Empress Maud not very tall

ED-Varley24; E686|        PAGE 24
Varley24; E686|        [Opposite drawing by Blake of Queen Maud, mother of King
Varley24; E686|        Henry II, in bed in a Gothic room:] the Empress Maud said
Varley24; E686|        rose water was in the vessel under the table octr. 29 friday. 11
Varley24; E686|        P M. 1819.
Varley24; E686|        & said there were closets which containd all the conveniences for
Varley24; E686|        the bedchamber

ED-Varley54; E686|        PAGE 54
Varley54; E686|        it is allways to keep yourself collected   t1512

ED-Varley131; E686|        PAGE 131
Varley131; E686|        Hotspur said   t1513
Varley131; E686|        any & we shoud have had the Battle had it not been for those
Varley131; E686|        cursd Stars
Varley131; E686|        Hotspur said he was indignant to have been killd
Varley131; E686|        [by] through the Stars Influence by <such> a Person as
Varley131; E686|        Prince Hen[r]y who was so much his inferior

ED-DrawingCaption; E686|        [Note on a Pencil Drawing of Nine Grotesque Heads]
DrawingCaption; E686|        All Genius varies Thus Devils are various Angels are all alike

ED; E687|        engraved
CantPilgEngr.; E687|        Chaucers Canterbury Pilgrims   t1514

CantPilgEngr.; E687|        Painted in Fresco by William Blake & by him Engraved & Published
CantPilgEngr.; E687|        . . .

ED-CantPilgEngr.; E687|        [Lightly inscribed on the platein its fourth state, ca
ED-CantPilgEngr.; E687|        1820:]

CantPilgEngr.; E687|        The Use of Money & its Wars
CantPilgEngr.; E687|        An Allegory of Idolatry or Politics

EDInscrJob; E687|        [Inscriptions on Blake'sIllustrations of the Book of
EDInscrJob; E687|        Job, 1825]
EDInscrJob; E687|        [Blake's verbal variants from his source, the King James
EDInscrJob; E687|        Bible]

InscrJobI; E687|        I there was born . . . Sons & . . . Daughters
EDInscrJobI; E687|        there were born (Job 1:1-2)
EDInscrJobI; E687|        [After "It is Spiritually Discerned" Blake first wrote
InscrJobI; E687|        Prayer to God is a Study of Imaginative Art".
InscrJobII; E687|        II The Angel of the Divine Presence
EDInscrJobII; E687|        [identified in Hebrew as "King Jehovah"] (not in the Bible)
InscrJobII; E687|        We shall awake up in thy Likeness
EDInscrJobII; E687|        . . . With thy likeness (Psalm xvii:15)
InscrJobII; E687|        the Sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord &
InscrJobII; E687|        Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord
EDInscrJobII; E687|        . . . and Satan came also among them (Job i:6)
InscrJobIII; E687|        III the four faces of the house
EDInscrJobIII; E687|        the four corners . . .(Job i:19)
InscrJobIV; E687|        IV the Sabeans came down & they have slain the
InscrJobIV; E687|        Young Men with the Sword
EDInscrJobIV; E687|        . . . fell upon them . . . yea, they have slain
EDInscrJobIV; E687|        the servants with the edge of the sword (Job i:14-15)
InscrJobIV; E687|        Going to & fro . . . & walking
InscrJobIV; E687|        From going to and fro . . . and from walking (Job i:7)
InscrJobIV; E687|        the flocks & the Young Men
EDInscrJobIV; E687|        the sheep, and the servants (Job i:16)
InscrJobV; E687|        V my Soul afflicted for the Poor
EDInscrJobV; E687|        my soul grieved . . .(Job xxx:25)
InscrJobVI; E687|        VI to the crown of his head
EDInscrJobVI; E687|        unto his crown (Job ii:7)
InscrJobVII; E687|        VII every Man . . . towards heaven
EDInscrJobVI; E687|        every one . . .toward heaven (Job ii:12)
InscrJobIX; E687|        IX putteth no trust in his Saints . . . chargeth with folly
EDInscrJobIX; E687|        put no trust in his servants . . . charged . . . (Job iv:17-18)
InscrJobXI; E687|        XI shall come forth like gold
EDInscrJobXI; E687|        . . . as gold (Job xxiii:10)
InscrJobXI; E687|        up like a flower . . . such a one
EDInscrJobXI; E687|        forth like a flower . . .such an one (Job xiv:1-3)
InscrJobXI; E687|        XI With Dreams upon my bed thou searest me & affrightest me with Visions
EDInscrJobXI; E687|        Then thou searest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions (Job vii:14)
InscrJobXI; E687|        Oh that my words were printed in a Book
EDInscrJobXI; E687|        . . . words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book! (Job xix:22-27)
InscrJobXI; E687|        latter days
EDInscrJobXI; E687|        latter day (Job xix:22-27)
InscrJobXI; E687|        destroy thou This body
EDInscrJobXI; E687|        worms destroy this body (Job xix:22-27)
InscrJobXI; E687|        consumed be my wrought Image
EDInscrJobXI; E687|        my reins be consumed within me (Job xix:22-27)

InscrGenesis; E688|        Genesis   t1517

ED; E688|        [Chapter Titles in Blake's Illustrated Manuscript. A Fragment]
ED; E688|
InscrGenesis; E688|        Chap: 1 The Creation of the Natural Man
InscrGenesis; E688|        Ch. 2 The Natural Man divided into Male & Female & of the
InscrGenesis; E688|        Tree of Life & of the Tree of Good & Evil
InscrGenesis; E688|        Chap. 3. Of the Sexual Nature & its Fall into Generation &
InscrGenesis; E688|        Death
InscrGenesis; E688|        Chap IV How Generation & Death took Possession of the
InscrGenesis; E688|        Natural Man & of the Forgiveness of Sins written upon the
InscrGenesis; E688|        Murderers Forehead

InscrJobXII; E688|        XII deep Slumberings
EDInscrJobXII; E688|        deep sleep . . . in slumberings (Job xxxiii:15)
InscrJobXII; E688|        He observeth
EDInscrJobXII; E688|        He seeth (Job xxxiv:21)
InscrJobXIV; E688|        XIV Two Great Lights Sun Moon
EDInscrJobXIV; E688|        two great lights (Genesis i:16)
InscrJobXV; E688|        XV the bright cloud also it is turned about
EDInscrJobXV; E688|        his bright cloud: And it is turned round about (Job xxxvii:11-12)
InscrJobXVI; E688|        XVI higher than Heaven . . . deeper than Hell
EDInscrJobXVI; E688|        as high as heaven. . . deeper than hell (Job xi:8)
InscrJobXVII; E688|        XVII work of thy hands
EDInscrJobXVII; E688|        work of thy fingers (Psalm viii:3-4)
InscrJobXVIII; E688|        XVIII maketh his sun to shine
EDInscrJobXVIII; E688|        . . . to rise (Matthew v:45)
InscrJobXX; E688|        XX There were not found Women fair as the Daughters of Job in all the Land
EDInscrJobXX; E688|        And in all the land were no women found so fir as the daughters of Job (Job xlii:15)
InscrJobXXI; E688|        XXI Below "In burnt Offerings for Sin thou hast had no Pleasure"
EDInscrJobXXI; E688|        Blake first wrote
EDInscrJobXXI; E688|        "Praise to God is the Exercise of Imaginative Art"

ED; E688|        [Blake's signature on the drawing for job design XIV]   t1516
ED; E688|        [From a tracing] <image here>

ED; E688|        [On Blake's Illustrations to Dante]   t1518

EDInscrDante1;   E688|        On design No 1, "HELL Canto 1"
InscrDante1;   E688|        [LAGO] LAGO del CUOR

EDInscrDante3;   E688|        On design No 3, "Hell Canto 2", a Jehovah figure
EDInscrDante3;   E688|        with outstretched hands and with one human and one cloven
EDInscrDante3;   E688|        foot:
InscrDante3;   E688|        The Angry God of This World & his ?Porch in Purgatory

EDInscrDante3;   E688|        [Lightning below his hands:]
InscrDante3;   E688|        The Thunder of Egypt

EDInscrDante3;   E688|        [Kneeling figure with symbols of empire:]
InscrDante3;   E688|        Caesar

EDInscrDante4;   E689|        On design No 4, "HELL Canto 3", Inscription over
EDInscrDante4;   E689|        Hell-Gate, with Blake's translation;
InscrDante4QUOTE; E689|        Lasciate ogni Speranza voi che inentrate
InscrDante4;   E689|        Leave every Hope you who in Enter

EDInscrDante5;   E689|        On design No 7, "HELL Canto 4", figure with sword
EDInscrDante5;   E689|        and laurel crown, in center of diagram of celestial Universe:
EDInscrDante5;   E689|        labeled "Homer" above his crown and "Satan" between his head and
EDInscrDante5;   E689|        his sword
EDInscrDante5;   E689|        [Spheres from outer to inner]
InscrDante5;   E689|        Vacuum Starry Heaven Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon
EDInscrDante5;   E689|        [all marked as:]
InscrDante5;   E689|        Limbo of Weak Shadows
EDInscrDante5;   E689|        [then:]
InscrDante5;   E689|        Terrestrial Paradise It is an Island in Limbo Purgatory
InscrDante5;   E689|        Every thing in Dantes Comedia shews That for Tyrannical
InscrDante5;   E689|        Purposes he has made This World the Foundation of All & the
InscrDante5;   E689|        Goddess Nature & not the Holy Ghost as Poor Churchill said
InscrDante5;   E689|        Nature thou art my Goddess

EDInscrDante5;   E689|        [Reading after insertions:]
InscrDante5;   E689|        . . . & the Goddess Nature <Memory> <is his Inspirer>
InscrDante5;   E689|        & not <Imagination> the Holy Ghost. . . .
InscrDante5;   E689|        Round Purgatory is Paradise & round Paradise is Vacuum or
InscrDante5;   E689|        Limbo. so that Homer is the Center of All I mean the Poetry of
InscrDante5;   E689|        the Heathen Stolen & Perverted from the Bible not by Chance but
InscrDante5;   E689|        by design by the Kings of Persia and their Generals The Greek
InscrDante5;   E689|        Heroes & lastly by The Romans
InscrDante5;   E689|        Swedenborg does the same in saying that in this World is the
InscrDante5;   E689|        Ultimate of Heaven
InscrDante5;   E689|        This is the most damnable Falshood of Satan & his Antichrist

EDInscrDante10; E689|        On sketch for No 10 (on verso of No 56)
InscrDante10; E689|        One of the Whirlwinds of Love
InscrDante10; E689|        Hell Canto 5 Paulo & Francesca

EDInscrDante10; E689|        On engraving of No 10 (in mirror writing)
InscrDante10; E689|        The Whirlwind of Lovers From Dantes Inferno Canto V

EDInscrDante14; E689|        On design No 14, Plutus
EDInscrDante14; E689|        [Coins in sack labeled:]
InscrDante14; E689|        Money

EDInscrDante15; E689|        On design No 15, "HELL Canto 7"
EDInscrDante15; E689|        [Battle under water labeled:]
InscrDante15; E689|        The Stygian Lake

EDInscrDante16; E689|        On design No 16, "HELL Canto 7", [Goddess of
EDInscrDante16; E689|        Fortune in a pit]
InscrDante16; E689|        The hole of a Shit house
InscrDante16; E689|        The Goddess Fortune is the devils servant ready to Kiss any
InscrDante16; E689|        ones Arse
InscrDante16; E689|        Celestial Globe Terrestrial Globe

EDInscrDante17; E689|        On design No 17, "HELL Canto 7"
InscrDante17; E689|        Stygian Lake

EDInscrDante36; E689|        On verso of No 36, erased pencil:
InscrDante36; E689|        N ?61 last in the Inferno unless ?include Dante lifted by
InscrDante36; E689|        Virgil ?from ?the ?window

EDInscrDante38; E689|        On design No 38, "HELL Canto 21"
InscrDante38; E689|        Virgil Casella Dante Venus

EDInscrDante56; E689|        On verso of No 56, in pencil:
EDInscrDante56; E689|        Vanni Fucci Hell Canto 24

EDInscrDante72; E690|        On design No 72, "P-g Canto 2"
InscrDante72; E690|        Cato

EDInscrDante86; E690|        On design No 86, "P-g Canto 27"
InscrDante86; E690|        Leah & Rachel Dantes Dream

EDInscrDante99; E690|        On design No 99, Mary and Beatrice on sunflower
InscrDante99; E690|        Saturn (or ?Sun)
InscrDante99; E690|        Mary Scepter Looking Glass
EDInscrDante99; E690|        [Two sphinxes labeled]
InscrDante99; E690|        Thrones Dominion[s]
EDInscrDante99; E690|        [sitting on closed volumes, one labeled]
InscrDante99; E690|        corded round
EDInscrDante99; E690|        [the other]
InscrDante99; E690|        Bible chaind round
EDInscrDante99; E690|        [near open volumes labeled]
InscrDante99; E690|        Homer Aristotle

EDInscrDante101; E690|        On design No 101, diagram of the 9 Circles of
EDInscrDante101; E690|        Hell   t1519
InscrDante101; E690|        This is Upside Down When viewd from Hells Gate
EDInscrDante101; E690|        [Written in reverse direction:]
InscrDante101; E690|        But right When Viewd from Purgatory after they have passed the Center
InscrDante101; E690|        In Equivocal Worlds Up & Down are Equivocal
InscrDante101; E690|        Limbo
InscrDante101; E690|        1 Charon 3 Cerberus
InscrDante101; E690|        2 Minos 4 Plutus & Phlegyas
InscrDante101; E690|        5 City of Dis furies & Queen of Endless Woe Lesser
InscrDante101; E690|        Circle Point of the Universe Canto Eleventh line 68
InscrDante101; E690|        6 Minotaur The City of Dis seems to occupy the Space between
InscrDante101; E690|        the Fifth & Sixth Circles or perhaps it occupies both Circles
InscrDante101; E690|        with its Environs
InscrDante101; E690|        7 Centaurs Most likely Dante describes the 7 8 & 9 Circles
InscrDante101; E690|        in Canto XI v 18 3 Compartments Dante calls them Cerchietti
InscrDante101; E690|        8 Geryon Malebolge Containing 10 Gulphs
InscrDante101; E690|        9 Lucifer Containing 9 Rounds
InscrDante101; E690|        It seems as if Dantes supreme Good was something Superior to
InscrDante101; E690|        the Father or Jesus [as] <for> if he gives his rain to
InscrDante101; E690|        the Evil & the Good & his Sun to the just & the Unjust He could
InscrDante101; E690|        never have Builded Dantes Hell nor the Hell of the Bible neither
InscrDante101; E690|        in the way our Parsons explain it It must have been originally
InscrDante101; E690|        Formed by the Devil Himself & So I understand it to have been

InscrDante101; E690|        Whatever Book is for Vengeance for Sin & whatever Book is
InscrDante101; E690|        Against the Forgiveness of Sins is not of the Father but of Satan
InscrDante101; E690|        the Accuser & Father of Hell

ED; E691|        [On Blake's Epitome of Hervey's Meditations among the Tombs]   t1520

EpitomeHervey; E691|        [Reading from left to right, bottom to top]
EpitomeHervey; E691|        Babe Widow Father Baptism. Hervey Angel of Death
EpitomeHervey; E691|        Virgin Wife Old Age Infancy Husband Angel of Providence
EpitomeHervey; E691|        Guardian Angel Child Angel of Death Mother Where is your
EpitomeHervey; E691|        Father The Lost Child Sophronia died in Childbed She died
EpitomeHervey; E691|        on the Wedding Day Orphan Moses Elias JESUS David
EpitomeHervey; E691|        Solomon Protecting Angel Aaron Abraham believed God These
EpitomeHervey; E691|        died for love Ministering Angels Mother of Leah & Rachel
EpitomeHervey; E691|        Mother of Rebecca Recording Angels Protecting Angel Orphans
EpitomeHervey; E691|        NOAH Enoch Cain Serpent Abel Eve Adam God out of
EpitomeHervey; E691|        Christ is a Consuming Fire   t1521
EpitomeHervey; E691|        MERCY WRATH

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