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ED; E270|        PLATE 1
Title; E270|        THE GHOST of ABEL   t349

Subtitle; E270|        A Revelation In the Visions of Jehovah

GhostOfAbel; E270|        Seen by William Blake

GhostOfAbelepigraph; E270|        To LORD BYRON in the Wilderness
GhostOfAbelepigraph; E270|        What doest thou here Elijah?
GhostOfAbelepigraph; E270|        Can a Poet doubt the Visions of Jehovah? Nature has no Outline:
GhostOfAbelepigraph; E270|        but Imagination has. Nature has no Tune: but Imagination has!
GhostOfAbelepigraph; E270|        Nature has no Supernatural & dissolves: Imagination is Eternity

GhostOfAbel; E270|        Scene. A rocky Country. Eve fainted over the dead body
GhostOfAbelstagedr; E270|        of Abel which lays near a Grave. Adam kneels by her Jehovah
GhostOfAbelstagedr; E270|        stands above

GhostOfAbel1.1;   E271|        Jehovah-- Adam!
GhostOfAbel1.1;   E271|        Adam-- I will not hear thee more thou Spiritual Voice
GhostOfAbel1.2;   E271|        Is this Death?
GhostOfAbel1.2;   E271|        Jehovah-- Adam!
GhostOfAbel1.2;   E271|        Adam-- It is in vain: I will not hear thee
GhostOfAbel1.3;   E271|        Henceforth! Is this thy Promise that the Womans Seed
GhostOfAbel1.4;   E271|        Should bruise the Serpents head: Is this the Serpent? Ah!
GhostOfAbel1.5;   E271|        Seven times, O Eve thou hast fainted over the Dead Ah! Ah!

GhostOfAbel1stagedr; E271|        Eve revives

GhostOfAbel1.6;   E271|        Eve-- Is this the Promise of Jehovah! O it is all a vain delusion
GhostOfAbel1.7;   E271|        This Death & this Life & this Jehovah!
GhostOfAbel1.7;   E271|        Jehovah-- Woman! lift thine eyes

GhostOfAbel1stagedr; E271|        A Voice is heard coming on
GhostOfAbel1.8;   E271|        Voice-- O Earth cover not thou my Blood! cover not thou my Blood

GhostOfAbel1stagedr; E271|        Enter the Ghost of Abel

GhostOfAbel1.9;   E271|        Eve-- Thou Visionary Phantasm thou art not the real Abel.
GhostOfAbel1.10; E271|        Abel- Among the Elohim a Human Victim I wander I am their House
GhostOfAbel1.11; E271|        Prince of the Air & our dimensions compass Zenith & Nadir
GhostOfAbel1.12; E271|        Vain is thy Covenant O Jehovah I am the Accuser & Avenger
GhostOfAbel1.13; E271|        Of Blood O Earth Cover not thou the Blood of Abel
GhostOfAbel1.14; E271|        Jehovah-- What Vengeance dost thou require
GhostOfAbel1.14; E271|        Abel-- Life for Life! Life for Life!   t350
GhostOfAbel1.15; E271|        Jehovah-- He who shall take Cains life must also Die O Abel

GhostOfAbel1.16; E271|        And who is he? Adam wilt thou, or Eve thou do this
GhostOfAbel1.17; E271|        Adam-- It is all a Vain delusion of the all creative Imagination
GhostOfAbel1.18; E271|        Eve come away & let us not believe these vain delusions
GhostOfAbel1.19; E271|        Abel is dead & Cain slew him! We shall also Die a Death
GhostOfAbel1.20; E271|        And then! what then? be as poor Abel a Thought: or as
GhostOfAbel1.21; E271|        This! O what shall I call thee Form Divine! Father of Mercies
GhostOfAbel1.22; E271|        That appearest to my Spiritual Vision: Eve seest thou also.
GhostOfAbel1.23; E271|        Eve-- I see him plainly with my Minds Eye. I see also Abel living:
GhostOfAbel1.24; E271|        Tho terribly afflicted as We also are. yet Jehovah sees him

GhostOfAbel2.1;   E271|        Alive & not Dead: were it not better to believe Vision
GhostOfAbel2.2;   E271|        With all our might & strength tho we are fallen & lost
GhostOfAbel2.3;   E271|        Adam-- Eve thou hast spoken truly. let us kneel before his feet.

GhostOfAbel2stagedr; E271|        The Kneel before Jehovah

GhostOfAbel2.4;   E272|        Abel-- Are these the Sacrifices of Eternity O Jehovah, a Broken Spirit
GhostOfAbel2.5;   E272|        And a Contrite Heart. O I cannot Forgive! the Accuser hath
GhostOfAbel2.6;   E272|        Enterd into Me as into his House & I loathe thy Tabernacles
GhostOfAbel2.7;   E272|        As thou hast said so is it come to pass: My desire is unto Cain
GhostOfAbel2.8;   E272|        And He doth rule over Me: therefore My Soul in fumes of Blood
GhostOfAbel2.9;   E272|        Cries for Vengeance: Sacrifice on Sacrifice Blood on Blood
GhostOfAbel2.10; E272|        Jehovah-- Lo I have given you a Lamb for an Atonement instead
GhostOfAbel2.11; E272|        Of the Transgres[s]or, or no Flesh or Spirit could ever Live
GhostOfAbel2.12; E272|        Abel-- Compelled I cry O Earth cover not the Blood of Abel

GhostOfAbel2stagedr; E272|        Abel sinks down into the Grave. from which arises Satan
GhostOfAbel2stagedr; E272|        Armed in glittering scales with a Crown & a Spear

GhostOfAbel2.12; E272|        Satan-- I will have Human Blood & not the blood of Bulls or Goats
GhostOfAbel2.14; E272|        And no Atonement O Jehovah the Elohim live on Sacrifice
GhostOfAbel2.15; E272|        Of Men: hence I am God of Men: Thou Human O Jehovah.
GhostOfAbel2.16; E272|        By the Rock & Oak of the Druid creeping Mistletoe & Thorn
GhostOfAbel2.17; E272|        Cains City built with Human Blood, not Blood of Bulls & Goats
GhostOfAbel2.18; E272|        Thou shalt Thyself be Sacrificed to Me thy God on Calvary
GhostOfAbel2.19; E272|        Jehovah-- Such is My Will. <GhostOfAbelstagedr> Thunders
GhostOfAbel2.19; E272|        that Thou Thyself go to Eternal Death
GhostOfAbel2.20; E272|        In Self Annihilation even till Satan Self-subdud Put off Satan
GhostOfAbel2.21; E272|        Into the Bottomless Abyss whose torment arises for ever & ever.

GhostOfAbel2stagedr; E272|        On each side a Chorus of Angels entering Sing the following

GhostOfAbel2.22; E272|        The Elohim of the Heathen Swore Vengeance for Sin! Then Thou stoodst
GhostOfAbel2.23; E272|        Forth O Elohim Jehovah! in the midst of the darkness of the Oath! All Clothed
GhostOfAbel2.24; E272|        In Thy Covenant of the Forgiveness of Sins: Death O Holy! Is this Brotherhood
GhostOfAbel2.25; E272|        The Elohim saw their Oath Eternal Fire; they rolled apart trembling over The
GhostOfAbel2.26; E272|        Mercy Seat: each in his station fixt in the Firmament by Peace Brotherhood and Love.

GhostOfAbel2end; E272|        The Curtain falls

GhostOfAbel2end; E272|        The Voice of Abels Blood   t351

GhostOfAbelcolophon; E272|        1822 W Blakes Original Stereotype was 1788   t352


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