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Title; E259|        For The Sexes   t343
Title; E259|        THE GATES of PARADISE

ED; E259|        [Prologue]

GP-SexesPrologue1;   E259|        Mutual Forgiveness of each Vice
GP-SexesPrologue2;   E259|        Such are the Gates of Paradise
GP-SexesPrologue3;   E259|        Against the Accusers chief desire
GP-SexesPrologue4;   E259|        Who walkd among the Stones of Fire
GP-SexesPrologue5;   E259|        Jehovahs Finger Wrote the Law   t344
GP-SexesPrologue6;   E259|        Then Wept! then rose in Zeal & Awe
GP-SexesPrologue7;   E259|        And the Dead Corpse from Sinais heat   t345
GP-SexesPrologue8;   E259|        Buried beneath his Mercy Seat   t346
GP-SexesPrologue9;   E259|        O Christians Christians! tell me Why
GP-SexesPrologue10; E259|        You rear it on your Altars high

GPSexes; E259|        Frontispiece
ED; E259|        [image]

GPSexesFrontispiece; E260|        What is Man!

GPSexesFrontispiece; E260|        <The Suns Light when he unfolds it
GPSexesFrontispiece; E260|        Depends on the Organ that beholds it>

ED; E260|        [image]
GP-Sexes1;   E260|        1
GP-Sexes1;   E260|        I found him beneath a Tree

ED; E260|        [image]
GP-Sexes2;   E260|        2
GP-Sexes2;   E260|        Water
GP-Sexes2;   E260|        <Thou Waterest him with Tears>

ED; E261|        [image]
GP-Sexes3;   E261|        3
GP-Sexes3;   E261|        Earth
GP-Sexes3;   E261|        <He struggles into Life>

ED; E261|        [image]
GP-Sexes4;   E261|        4
GP-Sexes4;   E261|        Air
GP-Sexes4;   E261|        <On Cloudy Doubts & Reasoning Cares>

ED; E261|       [image]
GP-Sexes5;   E261|       5
GP-Sexes5;   E261|       Fire
GP-Sexes5;   E261|       <That end in endless Strife>

ED; E261|       [image]
GP-Sexes6;   E261|       6
GP-Sexes6;   E261|       At length for hatching ripe he breaks the shell

ED; E263|        [image]
GP-Sexes7;   E263|        7
GP-Sexes7;   E263|        <What are these?> Alas! <the Female Martyr Is She also the Divine Image>

ED; E263|        [image]
GP-Sexes8;   E263|        8
GP-Sexes8;   E263|        My Son! my Son!

ED; E264|        [image
GP-Sexes9;   E264|        9
GP-Sexes9;   E264|        I want! I want!

ED; E264|        [image]
GP-Sexes10; E264|        10
GP-Sexes10; E264|        Help! Help!

ED; E265|        [image]
GP-Sexes11; E265|        11
GP-Sexes11; E265|        Aged Ignorance
GP-Sexes11; E265|        <Perceptive Organs closed their Objects close>

ED; E265|        [image]

GP-Sexes12; E265|        12
GP-Sexes12; E265|        Does thy God O Priest take such vengeance as this?

ED; E266|        [image]
GP-Sexes13; E266|        13
GP-Sexes13; E266|        Fear & Hope are--Vision

ED; E266|        [image]
GP-Sexes14; E266|        14
GP-Sexes14; E266|        The Traveller hasteth in the Evening

ED; E267|        [image]
GP-Sexes15; E267|        15
GP-Sexes15; E267|        Death's Door

ED; E267|        [image]
GP-Sexes16; E267|        16
GP-Sexes16; E267|        I have said to the Worm: Thou art my mother & my sister

GP-SexesKeys; E268|        THE KEYS

GP-SexesKeys; E268|        The Catterpiller on the Leaf
GP-SexesKeys; E268|        Reminds thee of thy Mothers Grief

GP-SexesKeys; E268|        of the GATES
GP-SexesKeys1;   E268|        1 My Eternal Man set in Repose
GP-SexesKeys2;   E268|        The Female from his darkness rose
GP-SexesKeys3;   E268|        And She found me beneath a Tree
GP-SexesKeys4;   E268|        A Mandrake & in her Veil hid me
GP-SexesKeys5;   E268|        Serpent Reasonings us entice
GP-SexesKeys6;   E268|        Of Good & Evil: Virtue & Vice
GP-SexesKeys7;   E268|        2 Doubt Self Jealous Watry folly
GP-SexesKeys8;   E268|        3 Struggling thro Earths Melancholy
GP-SexesKeys9;   E268|        4 Naked in Air in Shame & Fear
GP-SexesKeys10; E268|        5 Blind in Fire with shield & spear
GP-SexesKeys11; E268|        Two Hornd Reasoning Cloven Fiction
GP-SexesKeys12; E268|        In Doubt which is Self contradiction
GP-SexesKeys13; E268|        A dark Hermaphrodite We stood   t347
GP-SexesKeys14; E268|        Rational Truth Root of Evil & Good
GP-SexesKeys15; E268|        Round me flew the Flaming Sword
GP-SexesKeys16; E268|        Round her snowy Whirlwinds roard
GP-SexesKeys17; E268|        Freezing her Veil the Mundane Shell
GP-SexesKeys18; E268|        6 I rent the Veil where the Dead dwell
GP-SexesKeys19; E268|        When weary Man enters his Cave
GP-SexesKeys20; E268|        He meets his Saviour in the Grave
GP-SexesKeys21; E268|        Some find a Female Garment there
GP-SexesKeys22; E268|        And some a Male, woven with care
GP-SexesKeys23; E268|        Lest the Sexual Garments sweet
GP-SexesKeys24; E268|        Should grow a devouring Winding sheet
GP-SexesKeys25; E268|        7 One Dies! Alas! the Living & Dead
GP-SexesKeys26; E268|        One is slain & One is fled
GP-SexesKeys27; E268|        8 In Vain-glory hatcht & nurst
GP-SexesKeys28; E268|        By double Spectres Self Accurst
GP-SexesKeys29; E268|        My Son! my Son! thou treatest me
GP-SexesKeys30; E268|        But as I have instructed thee
GP-SexesKeys31; E268|        9 On the shadows of the Moon
GP-SexesKeys32; E268|        Climbing thro Nights highest noon
GP-SexesKeys33; E268|        10 In Times Ocean falling drownd
GP-SexesKeys34; E268|        In Aged Ignorance profound
GP-SexesKeys35; E268|        11 Holy & cold I clipd the Wings
GP-SexesKeys36; E268|        Of all Sublunary Things
GP-SexesKeys37; E268|        12 And in depths of my Dungeons
GP-SexesKeys38; E268|        Closed the Father & the Sons

GP-SexesKeys39; E269|        13 But when once I did descry
GP-SexesKeys40; E269|        The Immortal Man that cannot Die
GP-SexesKeys41; E269|        14 Thro evening shades I haste away
GP-SexesKeys42; E269|        To close the Labours of my Day
GP-SexesKeys43; E269|        15 The Door of Death I open found
GP-SexesKeys44; E269|        And the Worm Weaving in the Ground
GP-SexesKeys45; E269|        16 Thou'rt my Mother from the Womb
GP-SexesKeys46; E269|        Wife, Sister, Daughter to the Tomb
GP-SexesKeys47; E269|        Weaving to Dreams the Sexual strife
GP-SexesKeys48; E269|        And weeping over the Web of Life

GP-Sexes; E269|        [Epilogue]

GP-.SexesEpilogue; E269|        To The Accuser Who is
GP-.SexesEpilogue; E269|        The God of This World

GP-SexesEpilogue1;   E269|        Truly My Satan thou art but a Dunce
GP-SexesEpilogue2;   E269|        And dost not know the Garment from the Man
GP-SexesEpilogue3;   E269|        Every Harlot was a Virgin once
GP-SexesEpilogue4;   E269|        Nor canst thou ever change Kate into Nan

GP-SexesEpilogue5;   E269|        Tho thou art Worshipd by the Names Divine
GP-SexesEpilogue6;   E269|        Of Jesus & Jehovah thou art still
GP-SexesEpilogue7;   E269|        The Son of Morn in weary Nights decline
GP-SexesEpilogue8;   E269|        The lost Travellers Dream under the Hill

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