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ED; E518|        PAGES 52-54 [Preface]

ED; E518|        [m]   t1417

EG[m]1;   E518|        I will tell you what Joseph of Arimathea
EG[m]2;   E518|        Said to my Fairy was not it very queer   t1418
EG[m]3;   E518|        Pliny & Trajan what are You here
EG[m]4;   E518|        Come listen to Joseph of Arimathea
EG[m]5;   E518|        Listen patient & when Joseph has done
EG[m]6;   E518|        Twill make a fool laugh & a Fairy Fun

ED; E518|        [n]   t1419

EG[n]1;   E518|        What can be done with such desperate Fools
EG[n]2;   E518|        Who follow after the Heathen Schools
EG[n]3;   E518|        I was standing by when Jesus died
EG[n]4;   E518|        What I calld Humility they calld Pride

ED; E518|        [k]

title; E518|        The Everlasting Gospel

EG[k]1;   E518|        Was Jesus Humble or did he
EG[k]2;   E518|        Give any Proofs of Humility
EG[k]3;   E518|        Boast of high Things with Humble tone
EG[k]4;   E518|        And give with Charity a Stone
EG[k]5;   E518|        When but a Child he ran away
EG[k]6;   E518|        And left his Parents in Dismay
EG[k]7;   E518|        When they had wanderd three days long
EG[k]8;   E518|        These were the words upon his tongue
EG[k]9;   E518|        No Earthly Parents I confess
EG[k]10; E518|        I am doing my Fathers business
EG[k]11; E518|        When the rich learned Pharisee

EG[k]12; E519|        Came to consult him secretly
EG[k]13; E519|        Upon his heart with Iron pen
EG[k]14; E519|        He wrote Ye must be born again
EG[k]15; E519|        He was too proud to take a bribe
EG[k]16; E519|        He spoke with authority not like a Scribe
EG[k]17; E519|        He says with most consummate Art
EG[k]18; E519|        Follow me I am meek & lowly of heart
EG[k]19; E519|        As that is the only way to escape
EG[k]20; E519|        The Misers net & the Gluttons trap
EG[k]21; E519|        He who loves his Enemies betrays his Friends   t1420
EG[k]22; E519|        This surely is not what Jesus intends
EG[k]23; E519|        But the sneaking Pride of Heroic Schools
EG[k]24; E519|        And the Scribes & Pharisees Virtuous Rules
EG[k]25; E519|        For he acts with honest triumphant Pride   t1421
EG[k]26; E519|        And this is the cause that Jesus died   t1422
EG[k]27; E519|        He did not die with Christian Ease
EG[k]28; E519|        Asking Pardon of his Enemies
EG[k]29; E519|        If he had Caiphas would forgive
EG[k]30; E519|        Sneaking submission can always live
EG[k]31; E519|        He had only to say that God was the devil
EG[k]32; E519|        And the devil was God like a Christian Civil
EG[k]33; E519|        Mild Christian regrets to the devil confess
EG[k]34; E519|        For affronting him thrice in the Wilderness   t1423
EG[k]35; E519|        He had soon been bloody Caesars Elf
EG[k]36; E519|        And at last he would have been Caesar himself
EG[k]37; E519|        Like dr Priestly & Bacon & Newton   t1424
EG[k]38; E519|        Poor Spiritual Knowledge is not worth a button
EG[k]39; E519|        For thus the Gospel Sr Isaac confutes
EG[k]40; E519|        God can only be known by his Attributes
EG[k]41; E519|        And as for the Indwelling of the Holy Ghost
EG[k]42; E519|        Or of Christ & his Father its all a boast
EG[k]43; E519|        And Pride & Vanity of Imagination
EG[k]44; E519|        That disdains to follow this Worlds Fashion
EG[k]45; E519|        To teach doubt & Experiment
EG[k]46; E519|        Certainly was not what Christ meant
EG[k]47; E519|        What was he doing all that time
EG[k]48; E519|        From twelve years old to manly prime
EG[k]49; E519|        Was he then Idle or the Less
EG[k]50; E519|        About his Fathers business
EG[k]51; E519|        Or was his wisdom held in scorn
EG[k]52; E519|        Before his wrath began to burn
EG[k]53; E519|        In Miracles throughout the Land
EG[k]54; E519|        That quite unnervd Lord Caiaphas hand   t1425
EG[k]55; E519|        If he had been Antichrist Creeping Jesus
EG[k]56; E519|        Hed have done any thing to please us
EG[k]57; E519|        Gone sneaking into Synagogues

EG[k]58; E520|        And not usd the Elders & Priests like dogs
EG[k]59; E520|        But Humble as a Lamb or Ass
EG[k]60; E520|        Obeyd himself to Caiaphas
EG[k]61; E520|        God wants not Man to Humble himself
EG[k]62; E520|        This is the trick of the ancient Elf
EG[k]63; E520|        This is the Race that Jesus ran   t1426
EG[k]64; E520|        Humble to God Haughty to Man
EG[k]65; E520|        Cursing the Rulers before the People
EG[k]66; E520|        Even to the temples highest Steeple
EG[k]67; E520|        And when he Humbled himself to God
EG[k]68; E520|        Then descended the Cruel Rod
EG[k]69; E520|        If thou humblest thyself thou humblest me   t1427
EG[k]70; E520|        Thou also dwellst in Eternity
EG[k]71; E520|        Thou art a Man God is no more
EG[k]72; E520|        Thy own humanity learn to adore
EG[k]73; E520|        For that is my Spirit of Life
EG[k]74; E520|        Awake arise to Spiritual Strife
EG[k]75; E520|        And thy Revenge abroad display
EG[k]76; E520|        In terrors at the Last Judgment day
EG[k]77; E520|        Gods Mercy & Long Suffering
EG[k]78; E520|        Is but the Sinner to Judgment to bring
EG[k]79; E520|        Thou on the Cross for them shalt pray
EG[k]80; E520|        And take Revenge at the Last Day   t1428
EG[k]81; E520|        Jesus replied & thunders hurld
EG[k]82; E520|        I never will Pray for the World
EG[k]83; E520|        Once [I] did so when I prayd ill the Garden   t1429
EG[k]84; E520|        I wishd to take with me a Bodily Pardon
EG[k]85; E520|        Can that which was of Woman born
EG[k]86; E520|        In the absence of the Morn
EG[k]87; E520|        When the Soul fell into Sleep
EG[k]88; E520|        And Archangels round it weep
EG[k]89; E520|        Shooting out against the Light
EG[k]90; E520|        Fibres of a deadly night
EG[k]91; E520|        Reasoning upon its own Dark Fiction
EG[k]92; E520|        In Doubt which is Self Contradiction
EG[k]93; E520|        Humility is only Doubt
EG[k]94; E520|        And does the Sun & Moon blot out
EG[k]95; E520|        Rooting over with thorns & stems
EG[k]96; E520|        The buried Soul & all its Gems
EG[k]97; E520|        This Lifes dim Windows of the Soul
EG[k]98; E520|        Distorts the Heavens from Pole to Pole
EG[k]99; E520|        And leads you to Believe a Lie
EG[k]100; E520|        When you see with not thro the Eye
EG[k]101; E520|        That was born in a night to perish in a night
EG[k]102; E520|        When the Soul slept in the beams of Light.

ED; E521|        PAGES 48-52
ED; E521|        [f]

EG[f]1;   E521|        Was Jesus Chaste or did he
EG[f]2;   E521|        Give any Lessons of Chastity
EG[f]3;   E521|        The morning blushd fiery red
EG[f]4;   E521|        Mary was found in Adulterous bed
EG[f]5;   E521|        Earth groand beneath & Heaven above
EG[f]6;   E521|        Trembled at discovery of Love
EG[f]7;   E521|        Jesus was sitting in Moses Chair
EG[f]8;   E521|        They brought the trembling Woman There
EG[f]9;   E521|        Moses commands she be stoned to Death
EG[f]10; E521|        What was the sound of Jesus breath   t1430
EG[f]11; E521|        He laid his hand on Moses Law
EG[f]12; E521|        The Ancient Heavens in Silent Awe
EG[f]13; E521|        Writ with Curses from Pole to Pole
EG[f]14; E521|        All away began to roll
EG[f]15; E521|        The Earth trembling & Naked lay
EG[f]16; E521|        In secret bed of Mortal Clay
EG[f]17; E521|        On Sinai felt the hand Divine
EG[f]18; E521|        Putting back the bloody shrine
EG[f]19; E521|        And she heard the breath of God
EG[f]20; E521|        As she heard by Edens flood
EG[f]21; E521|        Good & Evil are no more   t1431
EG[f]22; E521|        Sinais trumpets cease to roar
EG[f]23; E521|        Cease finger of God to Write
EG[f]24; E521|        The Heavens are not clean in thy Sight
EG[f]25; E521|        Thou art Good & thou Alone
EG[f]26; E521|        Nor may the sinner cast one stone
EG[f]27; E521|        To be Good only is to be
EG[f]28; E521|        A Devil or else a Pharisee   t1432
EG[f]29; E521|        Thou Angel of the Presence Divine
EG[f]30; E521|        That didst create this Body of Mine
EG[f]31; E521|        Wherefore has[t] thou writ these Laws
EG[f]32; E521|        And Created Hells dark jaws
EG[f]33; E521|        My Presence I will take from thee
EG[f]34; E521|        A Cold Leper thou shalt be
EG[f]35; E521|        Tho thou wast so pure & bright
EG[f]36; E521|        That Heaven was Impure in thy Sight   t1433
EG[f]37; E521|        Tho thy Oath turnd Heaven Pale
EG[f]38; E521|        Tho thy Covenant built Hells Jail
EG[f]39; E521|        Tho thou didst all to Chaos roll
EG[f]40; E521|        With the Serpent for its soul
EG[f]41; E521|        Still the breath Divine does move
EG[f]42; E521|        And the breath Divine is Love
EG[f]43; E521|        Mary Fear Not Let me see

EG[f]44; E522|        The Seven Devils that torment thee
EG[f]45; E522|        Hide not from my Sight thy Sin
EG[f]46; E522|        That forgiveness thou maist win
EG[f]47; E522|        Has no Man Condemned thee
EG[f]48; E522|        No Man Lord! then what is he
EG[f]49; E522|        Who shall Accuse thee. Come Ye forth
EG[f]50; E522|        Fallen Fiends of Heavnly birth
EG[f]51; E522|        That have forgot your Ancient love
EG[f]52; E522|        And driven away my trembling Dove
EG[f]53; E522|        You shall bow before her feet
EG[f]54; E522|        You shall lick the dust for Meat
EG[f]55; E522|        And tho you cannot Love but Hate
EG[f]56; E522|        Shall be beggars at Loves Gate
EG[f]57; E522|        What was thy love Let me see it   t1434
EG[f]58; E522|        Was it love or Dark Deceit
EG[f]59; E522|        Love too long from Me has fled.
EG[f]60; E522|        Twas dark deceit to Earn my bread
EG[f]61; E522|        Twas Covet or twas Custom or
EG[f]62; E522|        Some trifle not worth caring for   t1435
EG[f]63; E522|        That they may call a shame & Sin   t1436
EG[f]64; E522|        Loves Temple that God dwelleth in   t1437
EG[f]65; E522|        And hide in secret hidden Shrine
EG[f]66; E522|        The Naked Human form divine
EG[f]67; E522|        .And render that a Lawless thing
EG[f]68; E522|        On which the Soul Expands its wing
EG[f]69; E522|        But this O Lord this was my Sin
EG[f]70; E522|        When first I let these Devils in
EG[f]71; E522|        In dark pretence to Chastity
EG[f]72; E522|        Blaspheming Love blaspheming thee
EG[f]73; E522|        Thence Rose Secret Adulteries
EG[f]74; E522|        And thence did Covet also rise
EG[f]75; E522|        My Sin thou hast forgiven me
EG[f]76; E522|        Canst thou forgive my Blasphemy
EG[f]77; E522|        Canst thou return to this dark Hell
EG[f]78; E522|        And in my burning bosom dwell
EG[f]79; E522|        And canst thou Die that I may live
EG[f]80; E522|        And canst thou Pity & forgive
EG[f]81; E522|        Then Rolld the shadowy Man away
EG[f]82; E522|        From the Limbs of Jesus to make them his prey
EG[f]83; E522|        An Ever devo[u]ring appetite
EG[f]84; E522|        Glittering with festering Venoms bright
EG[f]85; E522|        Crying Crucify this cause of distress   t1438
EG[f]86; E522|        Who dont keep the secrets of Holiness   t1439
EG[f]87; E522|        All Mental Powers by Diseases we bind
EG[f]88; E522|        But he heals the Deaf & the Dumb & the Blind
EG[f]89; E522|        Whom God has afflicted for Secret Ends

EG[f]90; E523|        He comforts & Heals & calls them Friends
EG[f]91; E523|        But when Jesus was Crucified
EG[f]92; E523|        Then was perfected his glittring pride   t1440
EG[f]93; E523|        In three Nights he devourd his prey
EG[f]94; E523|        And still he devours the Body of Clay
EG[f]95; E523|        For Dust & Clay is the Serpents meat   t1441
EG[f]96; E523|        Which never was made for Man to Eat

ED; E523|        PAGES 100-101
ED; E523|        [i]

EG[i]1;   E523|        Was Jesus gentle or did he
EG[i]2;   E523|        Give any marks of Gentility
EG[i]3;   E523|        When twelve years old he ran away
EG[i]4;   E523|        And left his Parents in dismay
EG[i]5;   E523|        When after three days sorrow found
EG[i]6;   E523|        Loud as Sinai's trumpet sound
EG[i]7;   E523|        No Earthly Parents I confess
EG[i]8;   E523|        My Heavenly Fathers business
EG[i]9;   E523|        Ye understand not what I say
EG[i]10; E523|        And angry force me to obey
EG[i]11; E523|        Obedience is a duty then
EG[i]12; E523|        And favour gains with God & Men
EG[i]13; E523|        John from the Wilderness loud cried
EG[i]14; E523|        Satan gloried in his Pride
EG[i]15; E523|        Come said Satan come away
EG[i]16; E523|        Ill soon see if youll obey
EG[i]17; E523|        John for disobedience bled
EG[i]18; E523|        But you can turn the stones to bread
EG[i]19; E523|        Gods high king & Gods high Priest
EG[i]20; E523|        Shall Plant their Glories in your breast
EG[i]21; E523|        If Caiaphas you will obey
EG[i]22; E523|        If Herod you with bloody Prey
EG[i]23; E523|        Feed with the Sacrifice & be
EG[i]24; E523|        Obedient fall down worship me
EG[i]25; E523|        Thunders & lightnings broke around
EG[i]26; E523|        And Jesus voice in thunders sound
EG[i]27; E523|        Thus I sieze the Spiritual Prey
EG[i]28; E523|        Ye smiters with disease make way
EG[i]29; E523|        I come Your King & God to sieze
EG[i]30; E523|        Is God a Smiter with disease
EG[i]31; E523|        The God of this World raged in vain
EG[i]32; E523|        He bound Old Satan in his Chain
EG[i]33; E523|        And bursting forth his furious ire
EG[i]34; E523|        Became a Chariot of fire
EG[i]35; E523|        Throughout the land he took his course
EG[i]36; E523|        And traced Diseases to their Source
EG[i]37; E523|        He cursd the Scribe & Pharisee

EG[i]38; E524|        Trampling down Hipocrisy
EG[i]39; E524|        Where eer his Chariot took its way
EG[i]40; E524|        There Gates of Death let in the Day
EG[i]41; E524|        Broke down from every Chain & Bar
EG[i]42; E524|        And Satan in his Spiritual War
EG[i]43; E524|        Dragd at his Chariot wheels loud howld
EG[i]44; E524|        The God of this World louder rolld
EG[i]45; E524|        The Chariot Wheels & louder still
EG[i]46; E524|        His voice was heard from Zions hill
EG[i]47; E524|        And in his hand the Scourge shone bright
EG[i]48; E524|        He scourgd the Merchant Canaanite
EG[i]49; E524|        From out the Temple of his Mind
EG[i]50; E524|        And in his Body tight does bind
EG[i]51; E524|        Satan & all his Hellish Crew
EG[i]52; E524|        And thus with wrath he did subdue
EG[i]53; E524|        The Serpent Bulk of Natures dross
EG[i]54; E524|        Till he had naild it to the Cross
EG[i]55; E524|        He took on Sin in the Virgins Womb
EG[i]56; E524|        And put it off on the Cross & Tomb   t1442
EG[i]57; E524|        To be Worshipd by the Church of Rome

ED; E524|        PAGE 33
ED; E524|        [e]

EG[e]1;   E524|        The Vision of Christ that thou dost see
EG[e]2;   E524|        Is my Visions Greatest Enemy
EG[e]3;   E524|        Thine has a great hook nose like thine
EG[e]4;   E524|        Mine has a snub nose like to mine
EG[e]5;   E524|        Thine is the Friend of All Mankind
EG[e]6;   E524|        Mine speaks in parables to the Blind
EG[e]7;   E524|        Thine loves the same world that mine hates
EG[e]8;   E524|        Thy Heaven doors are my Hell Gates   t1443
EG[e]9;   E524|        Socrates taught what Melitus
EG[e]10; E524|        Loathd as a Nations bitterest Curse
EG[e]11; E524|        And Caiphas was in his own Mind
EG[e]12; E524|        A benefactor of Mankind
EG[e]13; E524|        Both read the Bible day & night
EG[e]14; E524|        But thou readst black where I read white

ED; E524|        *

ED; E524|        [Marginal Comments on this Poem]

ED; E524|        PAGE 54
ED; E524|        [l]

ED; E524|        [At k 102, on the whole Humility section]

EG[l]1;   E524|        I am sure This Jesus will not do
EG[l]2;   E524|        Either for Englishman or Jew

ED; E525|        *

ED; E525|        PAGE 48

ED; E525|        [h]

ED; E525|        [On an aborted attempt by Blake's Spectre to add a
ED; E525|        Philosophy section, halted after two couplets]

EG[h]title; E525|        This was Spoke by My Spectre to Voltaire Bacon &c

EG[h]1;   E525|        Did Jesus teach Doubt or did he
EG[h]2;   E525|        Give any lessons of Philosophy
EG[h]3;   E525|        Charge Visionaries with Deceiving
EG[h]4;   E525|        Or call Men wise for not Believing

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