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Title; E60|        EUROPE a PROPHECY   t184
EURcolophon; E60|        LAMBETH Printed by Will: Blake: 1794

EURiii.1;   E60|        Five windows light the cavern'd Man; thro' one he breathes the air;
EURiii.2;   E60|        Thro' one, hears music of the spheres; thro' one, the eternal vine
EURiii.3;   E60|        Flourishes, that he may recieve the grapes; thro' one can look.
EURiii.4;   E60|        And see small portions of the eternal world that ever groweth;
EURiii.5;   E60|        Thro' one, himself pass out what time he please, but he will not;
EURiii.6;   E60|        For stolen joys are sweet, & bread eaten in secret pleasant.

EURiii.7;   E60|        So sang a Fairy mocking as he sat on a streak'd Tulip,
EURiii.8;   E60|        Thinking none saw him: when he ceas'd I started from the trees!
EURiii.9;   E60|        And caught him in my hat as boys knock down a butterfly.
EURiii.10; E60|        How know you this said I small Sir? where did you learn this song?
EURiii.11; E60|        Seeing himself in my possession thus he answered me:
EURiii.12; E60|        My master, I am yours. command me, for I must obey.

EURiii.13; E60|        Then tell me, what is the material world, and is it dead?
EURiii.14; E60|        He laughing answer'd: I will write a book on leaves of flowers,
EURiii.15; E60|        If you will feed me on love-thoughts, & give me now and then
EURiii.16; E60|        A cup of sparkling poetic fancies; so when I am tipsie,
EURiii.17; E60|        I'll sing to you to this soft lute; and shew you all alive
EURiii.18; E60|        The world, when every particle of dust breathes forth its joy.

EURiii.19; E60|        I took him home in my warm bosom: as we went along
EURiii.20; E60|        Wild flowers I gatherd; & he shew'd me each eternal flower:
EURiii.21; E60|        He laugh'd aloud to see them whimper because they were pluck'd.
EURiii.22; E60|        They hover'd round me like a cloud of incense: when I came
EURiii.23; E60|        Into my parlour and sat down, and took my pen to write:
EURiii.24; E60|        My Fairy sat upon the table, and dictated EUROPE.

EUR1;   E60|        PRELUDIUM

EUR1.2;   E60|        The nameless shadowy female rose from out the breast of Orc:
EUR1.3;   E60|        Her snaky hair brandishing in the winds of Enitharmon;
EUR1.4;   E60|        And thus her voice arose.

EUR1.5;   E60|        O mother Enitharmon wilt thou bring forth other sons?
EUR1.6;   E60|        To cause my name to vanish, that my place may not be found.
EUR1.7;   E60|        For I am faint with travel!   t185
EUR1.8;   E60|        Like the dark cloud disburdend in the day of dismal thunder.

EUR1.9;   E60|        My roots are brandish'd in the heavens. my fruits in earth beneath
EUR1.10; E60|        Surge, foam, and labour into life, first born & first consum'd!
EUR1.11; E60|        Consumed and consuming!
EUR1.12; E60|        Then why shouldst thou accursed mother bring me into life?

EUR1.13; E61|        I wrap my turban of thick clouds around my lab'ring head;
EUR1.14; E61|        And fold the sheety waters as a mantle round my limbs.
EUR1.15; E61|        Yet the red sun and moon,
EUR1.16; E61|        And all the overflowing stars rain down prolific pains.

EUR2.1;   E61|        Unwilling I look up to heaven! unwilling count the stars!
EUR2.2;   E61|        Sitting in fathomless abyss of my immortal shrine.
EUR2.3;   E61|        I sieze their burning power
EUR2.4;   E61|        And bring forth howling terrors, all devouring fiery kings.

EUR2.5;   E61|        Devouring & devoured roaming on dark and desolate mountains
EUR2.6;   E61|        In forests of eternal death, shrieking in hollow trees.
EUR2.7;   E61|        Ah mother Enitharmon!
EUR2.8;   E61|        Stamp not with solid form this vig'rous progeny of fires.

EUR2.9;   E61|        I bring forth from my teeming bosom myriads of flames.
EUR2.10; E61|        And thou dost stamp them with a signet, then they roam abroad
EUR2.11; E61|        And leave me void as death:
EUR2.12; E61|        Ah! I am drown'd in shady woe, and visionary joy.

EUR2.13; E61|        And who shall bind the infinite with an eternal band?
EUR2.14; E61|        To compass it with swaddling bands? and who shall cherish it
EUR2.15; E61|        With milk and honey?
EUR2.16; E61|        I see it smile & I roll inward & my voice is past.

EUR2.17; E61|        She ceast & rolld her shady clouds
EUR2.18; E61|        Into the secret place.

EUR3;   E61|        A PROPHECY

EUR3.2;   E61|        The deep of winter came;
EUR3.3;   E61|        What time the secret child,
EUR3.4;   E61|        Descended thro' the orient gates of the eternal day:
EUR3.5;   E61|        War ceas'd, & all the troops like shadows fled to their abodes.

EUR3.6;   E61|        Then Enitharmon saw her sons & daughters rise around.
EUR3.7;   E61|        Like pearly clouds they meet together in the crystal house:
EUR3.8;   E61|        And Los, possessor of the moon, joy'd in the peaceful night:
EUR3.9;   E61|        Thus speaking while his num'rous sons shook their bright fiery wings

EUR3.10; E61|        Again the night is come   t186
EUR3.11; E61|        That strong Urthona takes his rest,
EUR3.12; E61|        And Urizen unloos'd from chains
EUR3.13; E61|        Glows like a meteor in the distant north
EUR3.14; E61|        Stretch forth your hands and strike the elemental strings!
EUR3.15; E61|        Awake the thunders of the deep.

EUR4.1;   E62|        The shrill winds wake
EUR4.2;   E62|        Till all the sons of Urizen look out and envy Los:
EUR4.3;   E62|        Sieze all the spirits of life and bind
EUR4.4;   E62|        Their warbling joys to our loud strings

EUR4.5;   E62|        Bind all the nourishing sweets of earth
EUR4.6;   E62|        To give us bliss, that we may drink the sparkling wine of Los
EUR4.7;   E62|        And let us laugh at war,
EUR4.8;   E62|        Despising toil and care,
EUR4.9;   E62|        Because the days and nights of joy, in lucky hours renew.

EUR4.10; E62|        Arise O Orc from thy deep den,
EUR4.11; E62|        First born of Enitharmon rise!
EUR4.12; E62|        And we will crown thy head with garlands of the ruddy vine;
EUR4.13; E62|        For now thou art bound;
EUR4.14; E62|        And I may see thee in the hour of bliss, my eldest born.

EUR4.15; E62|        The horrent Demon rose, surrounded with red stars of fire,
EUR4.16; E62|        Whirling about in furious circles round the immortal fiend.

EUR4.17; E62|        Then Enitharmon down descended into his red light,
EUR4.18; E62|        And thus her voice rose to her children, the distant heavens reply.

EUR5.1;   E62|        Now comes the night of Enitharmons joy!
EUR5.2;   E62|        Who shall I call? Who shall I send?
EUR5.3;   E62|        That Woman, lovely Woman! may have dominion?
EUR5.4;   E62|        Arise O Rintrah thee I call! & Palamabron thee!
EUR5.5;   E62|        Go! tell the human race that Womans love is Sin!
EUR5.6;   E62|        That an Eternal life awaits the worms of sixty winters
EUR5.7;   E62|        In an allegorical abode where existence hath never come:
EUR5.8;   E62|        Forbid all joy, & from her childhood shall the little female
EUR5.9;   E62|        Spread nets in every secret path.

EUR5.10; E62|        My weary eyelids draw towards the evening, my bliss is yet but new.

EUR8.1;   E62|        Arise O Rintrah eldest born: second to none but Orc:
EUR8.2;   E62|        O lion Rintrah raise thy fury from thy forests black:
EUR8.3;   E62|        Bring Palamabron horned priest, skipping upon the mountains:
EUR8.4;   E62|        And silent Elynittria the silver bowed queen:
EUR8.5;   E62|        Rintrah where hast thou hid thy bride!
EUR8.6;   E62|        Weeps she in desart shades?
EUR8.7;   E62|        Alas my Rintrah! bring the lovely jealous Ocalythron.

EUR8.8;   E62|        Arise my son! bring all thy brethren O thou king of fire.
EUR8.9;   E62|        Prince of the sun I see thee with thy innumerable race:
EUR8.10; E62|        Thick as the summer stars:
EUR8.11; E62|        But each ramping his golden mane shakes,
EUR8.12; E62|        And thine eyes rejoice because of strength O Rintrah furious king.

EUR9.1;   E63|        Enitharmon slept,
EUR9.2;   E63|        Eighteen hundred years: Man was a Dream!
EUR9.3;   E63|        The night of Nature and their harps unstrung:
EUR9.4;   E63|        She slept in middle of her nightly song,
EUR9.5;   E63|        Eighteen hundred years, a female dream!
EUR9.6;   E63|        Shadows of men in fleeting bands upon the winds:   t187
EUR9.7;   E63|        Divide the heavens of Europe:
EUR9.8;   E63|        Till Albions Angel smitten with his own plagues fled with his bands
EUR9.9;   E63|        The cloud bears hard on Albions shore:
EUR9.10; E63|        Fill'd with immortal demons of futurity:
EUR9.11; E63|        In council gather the smitten Angels of Albion
EUR9.12; E63|        The cloud bears hard upon the council house; down rushing
EUR9.13; E63|        On the heads of Albions Angels.

EUR9.14; E63|        One hour they lay buried beneath the ruins of that hall;
EUR9.15; E63|        But as the stars rise from the salt lake they arise in pain,
EUR9.16; E63|        In troubled mists o'erclouded by the terrors of strugling times.

EUR10.1;   E63|        In thoughts perturb'd, they rose from the bright ruins silent following
EUR10.2;   E63|        The fiery King, who sought his ancient temple serpent-form'd
EUR10.3;   E63|        That stretches out its shady length along the Island white.
EUR10.4;   E63|        Round him roll'd his clouds of war; silent the Angel went,
EUR10.5;   E63|        Along the infinite shores of Thames to golden Verulam.
EUR10.6;   E63|        There stand the venerable porches that high-towering rear
EUR10.7;   E63|        Their oak-surrounded pillars, form'd of massy stones, uncut
EUR10.8;   E63|        With tool; stones precious; such eternal in the heavens,
EUR10.9;   E63|        Of colours twelve, few known on earth, give light in the opake,
EUR10.10; E63|        Plac'd in the order of the stars, when the five senses whelm'd
EUR10.11; E63|        In deluge o'er the earth-born man; then turn'd the fluxile eyes
EUR10.12; E63|        Into two stationary orbs, concentrating all things.
EUR10.13; E63|        The ever-varying spiral ascents to the heavens of heavens
EUR10.14; E63|        Were bended downward; and the nostrils golden gates shut
EUR10.15; E63|        Turn'd outward, barr'd and petrify'd against the infinite.

EUR10.16; E63|        Thought chang'd the infinite to a serpent; that which pitieth:
EUR10.17; E63|        To a devouring flame; and man fled from its face and hid
EUR10.18; E63|        In forests of night; then all the eternal forests were divided
EUR10.19; E63|        Into earths rolling in circles of space, that like an ocean rush'd
EUR10.20; E63|        And overwhelmed all except this finite wall of flesh.
EUR10.21; E63|        Then was the serpent temple form'd, image of infinite
EUR10.22; E63|        Shut up in finite revolutions, and man became an Angel;
EUR10.23; E63|        Heaven a mighty circle turning; God a tyrant crown'd.

EUR10.24; E63|        Now arriv'd the ancient Guardian at the southern porch,
EUR10.25; E63|        That planted thick with trees of blackest leaf, & in a vale

EUR10.26; E64|        Obscure, inclos'd the Stone of Night; oblique it stood, o'erhung
EUR10.27; E64|        With purple flowers and berries red; image of that sweet south,
EUR10.28; E64|        Once open to the heavens and elevated on the human neck,
EUR10.29; E64|        Now overgrown with hair and coverd with a stony roof,
EUR10.30; E64|        Downward 'tis sunk beneath th' attractive north, that round the feet
EUR10.31; E64|        A raging whirlpool draws the dizzy enquirer to his grave:

EUR11.1;   E64|        Albions Angel rose upon the Stone of Night.
EUR11.2;   E64|        He saw Urizen on the Atlantic;
EUR11.3;   E64|        And his brazen Book,
EUR11.4;   E64|        That Kings & Priests had copied on Earth
EUR11.5;   E64|        Expanded from North to South.

EUR12.1;   E64|        And the clouds & fires pale rolld round in the night of Enitharmon
EUR12.2;   E64|        Round Albions cliffs & Londons walls; still Enitharmon slept!
EUR12.3;   E64|        Rolling volumes of grey mist involve Churches, Palaces, Towers:
EUR12.4;   E64|        For Urizen unclaspd his Book: feeding his soul with pity
EUR12.5;   E64|        The youth of England hid in gloom curse the paind heavens; compell'd
EUR12.6;   E64|        Into the deadly night to see the form of Albions Angel
EUR12.7;   E64|        Their parents brought them forth & aged ignorance preaches canting,
EUR12.8;   E64|        On a vast rock, perciev'd by those senses that are clos'd from thought:
EUR12.9;   E64|        Bleak, dark, abrupt, it stands & overshadows London city
EUR12.10; E64|        They saw his boney feet on the rock, the flesh consum'd in flames:
EUR12.11; E64|        They saw the Serpent temple lifted above, shadowing the Island white:
EUR12.12; E64|        They heard the voice of Albions Angel howling in flames of Orc,
EUR12.13; E64|        Seeking the trump of the last doom

EUR12.14; E64|        Above the rest the howl was heard from Westminster louder & louder:
EUR12.15; E64|        The Guardian of the secret codes forsook his ancient mansion,
EUR12.16; E64|        Driven out by the flames of Orc; his furr'd robes & false locks
EUR12.17; E64|        Adhered and grew one with his flesh, and nerves & veins shot thro' them
EUR12.18; E64|        With dismal torment sick hanging upon the wind: he fled
EUR12.19; E64|        Groveling along Great George Street thro' the Park gate; all the soldiers
EUR12.20; E64|        Fled from his sight; he drag'd his torments to the wilderness.

EUR12.21; E64|        Thus was the howl thro Europe!
EUR12.22; E64|        For Orc rejoic'd to hear the howling shadows
EUR12.23; E64|        But Palamabron shot his lightnings trenching down his wide back
EUR12.24; E64|        And Rintrah hung with all his legions in the nether deep

EUR12.25; E64|        Enitharmon laugh'd in her sleep to see (O womans triumph)
EUR12.26; E64|        Every house a den, every man bound; the shadows are filld
EUR12.27; E64|        With spectres, and the windows wove over with curses of iron:
EUR12.28; E64|        Over the doors Thou shalt not; & over the chimneys Fear is written:
EUR12.29; E64|        With bands of iron round their necks fasten'd into the walls
EUR12.30; E64|        The citizens: in leaden gyves the inhabitants of suburbs
EUR12.31; E64|        Walk heavy: soft and bent are the bones of villagers

EUR12.32; E65|        Between the clouds of Urizen the flames of Orc roll heavy
EUR12.33; E65|        Around the limbs of Albions Guardian, his flesh consuming.
EUR12.34; E65|        Howlings & hissings, shrieks & groans, & voices of despair
EUR12.35; E65|        Arise around him in the cloudy   t188
EUR12.36; E65|        Heavens of Albion, Furious

EUR13.1;   E65|        The red limb'd Angel siez'd, in horror and torment;
EUR13.2;   E65|        The Trump of the last doom; but he could not blow the iron tube!
EUR13.3;   E65|        Thrice he assay'd presumptuous to awake the dead to Judgment.

EUR13.4;   E65|        A mighty Spirit leap'd from the land of Albion,
EUR13.5;   E65|        Nam'd Newton; he siez'd the Trump, & blow'd the enormous blast!
EUR13.6;   E65|        Yellow as leaves of Autumn the myriads of Angelic hosts,
EUR13.7;   E65|        Fell thro' the wintry skies seeking their graves;
EUR13.8;   E65|        Rattling their hollow bones in howling and lamentation.

EUR13.9;   E65|        Then Enitharmon woke, nor knew that she had slept   t189
EUR13.10; E65|        And eighteen hundred years were fled
EUR13.11; E65|        As if they had not been
EUR13.12; E65|        She calld her sons & daughters
EUR13.13; E65|        To the sports of night,
EUR13.14; E65|        Within her crystal house;
EUR13.15; E65|        And thus her song proceeds.

EUR13.16; E65|        Arise Ethinthus! tho' the earth-worm call;
EUR13.17; E65|        Let him call in vain;
EUR13.18; E65|        Till the night of holy shadows
EUR13.19; E65|        And human solitude is past!

EUR14.1;   E65|        Ethinthus queen of waters, how thou shinest in the sky:
EUR14.2;   E65|        My daughter how do I rejoice! for thy children flock around
EUR14.3;   E65|        Like the gay fishes on the wave, when the cold moon drinks the dew.
EUR14.4;   E65|        Ethinthus! thou art sweet as comforts to my fainting soul:
EUR14.5;   E65|        For now thy waters warble round the feet of Enitharmon.

EUR14.6;   E65|        Manathu-Vorcyon! I behold thee flaming in my halls,
EUR14.7;   E65|        Light of thy mothers soul! I see thy lovely eagles round;
EUR14.8;   E65|        Thy golden wings are my delight, & thy flames of soft delusion.

EUR14.9;   E65|        Where is my lureing bird of Eden! Leutha silent love!
EUR14.10; E65|        Leutha, the many colourd bow delights upon thy wings:
EUR14.11; E65|        Soft soul of flowers Leutha!
EUR14.12; E65|        Sweet smiling pestilence! I see thy blushing light:
EUR14.13; E65|        Thy daughters many changing,
EUR14.14; E65|        Revolve like sweet perfumes ascending O Leutha silken queen!

EUR14.15; E65|        Where is the youthful Antamon. prince of the pearly dew,
EUR14.16; E65|        O Antamon, why wilt thou leave thy mother Enitharmon?

EUR14.17; E66|        Alone I see thee crystal form,
EUR14.18; E66|        Floting upon the bosomd air:
EUR14.19; E66|        With lineaments of gratified desire.
EUR14.20; E66|        My Antamon the seven churches of Leutha seek thy love.

EUR14.21; E66|        I hear the soft Oothoon in Enitharmons tents:
EUR14.22; E66|        Why wilt thou give up womans secrecy my melancholy child?
EUR14.23; E66|        Between two moments bliss is ripe:
EUR14.24; E66|        O Theotormon robb'd of joy, I see thy salt tears flow
EUR14.25; E66|        Down the steps of my crystal house.

EUR14.26; E66|        Sotha & Thiralatha, secret dwellers of dreamful caves,
EUR14.27; E66|        Arise and please the horrent fiend with your melodious songs.
EUR14.28; E66|        Still all your thunders golden hoofd, & bind your horses black.
EUR14.29; E66|        Orc! smile upon my children!
EUR14.30; E66|        Smile son of my afflictions.
EUR14.31; E66|        Arise O Orc and give our mountains joy of thy red light.

EUR14.32; E66|        She ceas'd, for All were forth at sport beneath the solemn moon   t190
EUR14.33; E66|        Waking the stars of Urizen with their immortal songs,
EUR14.34; E66|        That nature felt thro' all her pores the enormous revelry,
EUR14.35; E66|        Till morning ope'd the eastern gate.   t191
EUR14.36; E66|        Then every one fled to his station, & Enitharmon wept.

EUR14.37; E66|        But terrible Orc, when he beheld the morning in the east,

EUR15.1;   E66|        Shot from the heights of Enitharmon;
EUR15.2;   E66|        And in the vineyards of red France appear'd the light of his fury.

EUR15.3;   E66|        The sun glow'd fiery red!
EUR15.4;   E66|        The furious terrors flew around!
EUR15.5;   E66|        On golden chariots raging, with red wheels dropping with blood;
EUR15.6;   E66|        The Lions lash their wrathful tails!
EUR15.7;   E66|        The Tigers couch upon the prey & suck the ruddy tide:
EUR15.8;   E66|        And Enitharmon groans & cries in anguish and dismay.

EUR15.9;   E66|        Then Los arose his head he reard in snaky thunders clad:
EUR15.10; E66|        And with a cry that shook all nature to the utmost pole,
EUR15.11; E66|        Call'd all his sons to the strife of blood.

EUR15.12; E66|        FINIS

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