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Title; E1|        ALL RELIGIONS are ONE   t2

AROepigraph; E1|        The Voice of one crying in the Wilderness

ARO; E1|        The Argument As the true method of knowledge is experiment
AROargmuent; E1|        the true faculty of knowing must be the faculty which
AROargument; E1|        experiences. This faculty I treat of.
ARO; E1|        PRINCIPLE 1st That the Poetic Genius is the true Man. and that
AROprin1;   E1|        the body or outward form of Man is derived from the Poetic
AROprin1;   E1|        Genius. Likewise that the forms of all things are derived from
AROprin1;   E1|        their Genius. which by the Ancients was call'd an Angel & Spirit
AROpriin1;   E1|        & Demon.
ARO; E1|        PRINCIPLE 2d As all men are alike in outward form, So (and
AROprin2;   E1|        with the same infinite variety) all are alike in the Poetic
AROprin2;   E1|        Genius
ARO; E1|        PRINCIPLE 3d No man can think write or speak from his heart,
AROprin3;   E1|        but he must intend truth. Thus all sects of Philosophy are from
AROprin3;   E1|        the Poetic Genius adapted to the weaknesses of every
AROprin3;   E1|        individual
ARO; E1|        PRINCIPLE 4. As none by traveling over known lands can find out
AROprin4;   E1|        the unknown. So from already acquired knowledge Man could not
AROprin4;   E1|        acquire more. therefore an universal Poetic Genius exists
ARO; E1|        PRINCIPLE. 5. The Religions of all Nations are derived from
AROprin5;   E1|        each Nations different reception of the Poetic Genius which is
AROprin5;   E1|        every where call'd the Spirit of Prophecy.
ARO; E1|        PRINCIPLE 6 The Jewish & Christian Testaments are An original
AROprin6;   E1|        derivation from the Poetic Genius. this is necessary from the
AROprin6;   E1|        confined nature of bodily sensation

ARO; E2|        PRINCIPLE 7th As all men are alike (tho' infinitely various) So
AROprin7;   E2|        all Religions & as all similars have one source
AROprin7;   E2|        The true Man is the source he being the Poetic Genius



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