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TXTYoung; E670| Annotation to Young's Night Thoughts   t1496

EDAnnYoung; E670|        In his watercolor illumination (NT 199) of Night
EDAnnYoung; E670|        the Fifth, lines 735-36 ("But you are learn'd; in Volumes, deep
EDAnnYoung; E670|        you sit, / In Wisdom shallow: pompous Ignorance!"), Blake
EDAnnYoung; E670|        identifies the pictured volumes of pompous ignorance by the
EDAnnYoung; E670|        following titles on their spines:
AnnYoung; E670|        PLATO / De / Animae / Immortali/-tate--
AnnYoung; E670|        Cicero / De Nat: Deor:
AnnYoung; E670|        Plutarchi / Char: Bk:
AnnYoung; E670|        Lock / on / human / under


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