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AnnWWExcur; E666|     Annotations to Wordsworth's Preface toThe Excursion,
AnnWWExcur; E666|        being a portion of The Recluse, A Poe   t1493

AnnWWExcur; E666|        London, 1814

EDAnnWWExcur; E666|        Blake's notes are in the margins and at the end of a
EDAnnWWExcur; E666|        four-page transcript he made in 1826 of the last paragraph of
EDAnnWWExcur; E666|        Wordsworth's Preface and the 107 lines there quoted "from the
EDAnnWWExcur; E666|        Conclusion of the first Book of the Recluse".
EDAnnWWExcur; E666|        We quote here, from Blake's transcript, only the lines of
EDAnnWWExcur; E666|        The Recluse upon which he made comment.
EDAnnWWExcur; E666|        [LINES 31-35]
TXTWWExcur; E666|        All strength, all terror, single or in bands
TXTWWExcur; E666|        That ever was put forth in personal Form
TXTWWExcur; E666|        Jehovah--with his thunder & the choir
TXTWWExcur; E666|        Of shouting Angels & the empyreal thrones--
TXTWWExcur; E666|        I pass them unalarmd. . . .
TXTWWExcur; E666|        [Blake, at end of ms]
AnnWWExcur; E666|        Solomon when he Married Pharohs daughter & became a Convert
AnnWWExcur; E666|        to the Heathen Mythology Talked exactly in this way of Jehovah as
AnnWWExcur; E666|        a Very inferior object of Mans Contemplations he also passed him
AnnWWExcur; E666|        by unalarmd & was permitted. Jehovah dropped a tear & followd
AnnWWExcur; E666|        him by his Spirit into the Abstract void it is called the Divine
AnnWWExcur; E666|        Mercy Satan dwells in it but Mercy does not dwell in him he knows
AnnWWExcur; E666|        not to Forgive
AnnWWExcur; E666|        W Blake

TXTWWExcur; E666|        [LINES 63-68]
TXTWWExcur; E666|        How exquisitely the individual Mind
TXTWWExcur; E666|        (And the progressive powers perhaps no less
TXTWWExcur; E666|        (Of the whole species) to the external World
TXTWWExcur; E666|        Is fitted.---& how exquisitely too, *

TXTWWExcur; E667|        Theme this but little heard of among Men
TXTWWExcur; E667|        The external World is fitted to the Mind.
AnnWWExcur; E667|        You shall not bring me down to believe such fitting & fitted
AnnWWExcur; E667|        I know better & Please your Lordship

TXTWWExcur; E667|        [LINES 71-82]
TXTWWExcur; E667|        --Such grateful haunts forgoing. if I oft
TXTWWExcur; E667|        Must turn elsewhere--to travel near the tribes
TXTWWExcur; E667|        And fellowships of men, and see ill sights
TXTWWExcur; E667|        Of madding passions mutually inflamd
TXTWWExcur; E667|        Must hearHumanity infields and groves **
TXTWWExcur; E667|        Pipe solitary anguishor must hang
TXTWWExcur; E667|        Brooding above the fierce confederate storm
TXTWWExcur; E667|        Of Sorrow barricadoed evermore
TXTWWExcur; E667|        Within the walls of cities; may these sounds
TXTWWExcur; E667|        Have their authentic comment--that even these
TXTWWExcur; E667|        Hearing I be not downcast nor forlorn
AnnWWExcur; E667|        does not this Fit & is it not Fitting most Exquisitely too
AnnWWExcur; E667|        but to what not to Mind but to the Vile Body only & to its Laws
AnnWWExcur; E667|        of Good & Evil & its Enmities against Mind


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