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TXTThornton; E667|     Annotations to Thornton's
TXTThornton; E667|        The Lord's Prayer, Newly Translated   t1494

TXTThornton; E667|        London, 1827

EDAnnThornton; E667|        Italics do not represent underlining by Blake.

TXTThorntonTitle; E667|        [TITLE PAGE]
AnnThorntonTitle; E667|        I look upon this as a Most Malignant & Artful attack upon
AnnThorntonTitle; E667|        the Kingdom of Jesus By the Classical Learned thro the
AnnThorntonTitle; E667|        Instrumentality of Dr Thornton The Greek & Roman Classics is
AnnThorntonTitle; E667|        the Antichrist I say Is & not Are as most expressive & correct
AnnThorntonTitle; E667|        too

TXTThornton-ii; E667|        [PAGE ii] Doctor Johnson on the Bible.
TXTThornton-ii; E667|        ["]The BIBLE is the most difficult book in the world to
TXTThornton-ii; E667|        comprehend, nor can it be understood at all by the
TXTThornton-ii; E667|        unlearned, except through the aid of CRITICAL and
TXTThornton-ii; E667|        EXPLANATORY notes. . . . "
AnnThornton-ii; E667|        Christ & his Apostles were Illiterate Men Caiphas Pilate &
AnnThornton-ii; E667|        Herod were Learned.
AnnThornton-ii; E667|        The Beauty of the Bible is that the most Ignorant & Simple
AnnThornton-ii; E667|        Minds Understand it Best--Was Johnson hired to Pretend to
AnnThornton-ii; E667|        Religious Terrors while he was an Infidel or how was it

TXTThornton-ii; E667|        LORD BYRON on the Ethics of CHRIST.
TXTThornton-ii; E667|        ". . . What made SOCRATES the greatest of men? His
TXTThornton-ii; E667|        moral truths--his ethics. What proved JESUS
TXTThornton-ii; E667|        CHRIST to be the SON OF GOD, HARDLY LESSthan his miracles
TXTThornton-ii; E667|        did? His moral precepts. . . ."
AnnThornton-ii; E667|        If Morality was Christianity Socrates was The Savior.

EDAnnThornton1;   E668|        [PAGE 1]
AnnThornton1;   E668|        Such things as these depend on the Fashion of the Age
AnnThornton1;   E668|        In a book where all may Read & |
AnnThornton1;   E668|        In a book which all may Read & } are Equally Right
AnnThornton1;   E668|        In a book that all may Read |
AnnThornton1;   E668|        That Man who &/c is equally so The Man that & the Man which

TXTThornton1;   E668|        THE LORD'S PRAYER,
TXTThornton1;   E668|        (Translated from the Greek,) by Dr. Thornton.
TXTThornton1;   E668|        [The Greek text after the second and third verses is supplied by
TXTThornton1;   E668|        Blake.]
TXTThornton1;   E668|        Come let us worship, and bow down, and
TXTThornton1;   E668|        kneel, before the LORD, OUR MAKER Psalm xcv.
TXTThornton1;   E668|        O FATHER OF MANKIND, THOU, who dwellest inthe highest
TXTThornton1;   E668|        of the HEAVENS, Reverenc'd be THY Name
TXTThornton1;   E668|        <Greek text>

TXTThornton1;   E668|        ________________________
TXTThornton1;   E668|        May THY REIGN be, every where, proclaim'd so that
TXTThornton1;   E668|        THY Will may, be done uponthe
TXTThornton1;   E668|        Earth_, as it is in the MANSIONS of HEAVEN:
TXTThornton1;   E668|      <Greek text>

TXTThornton1;   E668|        ________________________
TXTThornton1;   E668|        Grant unto me, and the whole world, day by
TXTThornton1;   E668|        day, an abundant supply of spiritual and
TXTThornton1;   E668|        corporeal FOOD:

TXTThornton1;   E668|        ________________________

TXTThornton1;   E668|        FORGIVE US OUR TRANSGRESSIONS against THEE, AS WE extend OUR
TXTThornton1;   E668|        Kindness, and Forgiveness, TO ALL:

TXTThornton1;   E668|        ________________________
TXTThornton1;   E668|        O GOD! ABANDON us not, when surrounded, by TRIALS;

TXTThornton1;   E668|        ________________________
TXTThornton1;   E668|        But PRESERVE us from the Dominion of SATAN: For THINE
TXTThornton1;   E668|        only, is THE SOVEREIGNTY, THE POWER, and THE GLORY, throughout
TXTThornton1;   E668|        ETERNITY!!!
TXTThornton1;   E668|        AMEN.
TXTThornton1;   E668|        Men from their childhood have been so accustomed to mouth
TXTThornton1;   E668|        the LORD'S PRAYER, that they continue this through life,
TXTThornton1;   E668|        and call it "Saying their Prayers.. . .
AnnThornton1;   E668|        It is the learned that Mouth & not the Vulgar

AnnThornton1;   E668|        Lawful Bread Bought with Lawful Money & a Lawful Heaven seen
AnnThornton1;   E668|        thro a Lawful Telescope by means of Lawful Window Light The Holy
AnnThornton1;   E668|        Ghost [who] <& whatever> cannot be Taxed is Unlawful &
AnnThornton1;   E668|        Witchcraft.
AnnThornton1;   E668|        Spirits are Lawful but not Ghosts especially Royal Gin is
AnnThornton1;   E668|        Lawful Spirit [real] No Smuggling <real> British Spirit
AnnThornton1;   E668|        & Truth

TXTThornton2;   E668|        [PAGE 2] Critical and Explanatory Notes.
AnnThornton2;   E668|        Give us the Bread that is our due & Right by taking away
AnnThornton2;   E668|        Money or a Price or Tax upon what is Common to all in thy Kingdom

EDAnnThornton3;   E668|        [PAGE 3]
AnnThornton3;   E668|        Jesus our Father who art in <thy> Heaven<s> calld by thy
AnnThornton3;   E668|        Name the Holy Ghost Thy Kingdom on Earth is Not nor thy Will
AnnThornton3;   E668|        done but [?Beelzebub] <[his] <Satans> Will who
AnnThornton3;   E668|        is the God of this World> The Accuser [Let his Judgment be
AnnThornton3;   E668|        Forgiveness that he may be cons[u]md in his own Shame]
AnnThornton3;   E668|        <[His

AnnThornton3;   E669|        Judgment] <His Accusation> shall be Forgiveness [and he
AnnThornton3;   E669|        shall] <that he may> be consumd in his own Shame>
AnnThornton3;   E669|        Give [me] <us> This Eternal Day [my] <our>
AnnThornton3;   E669|        [Ghostly] <own right> Bread & take away Money or Debt or
AnnThornton3;   E669|        Tax <a Value or Price> as we have all things common among us
AnnThornton3;   E669|        Every Thing has as much right to Eternal Life as God who is the
AnnThornton3;   E669|        Servant of Man
AnnThornton3;   E669|        Leave us not in [?Poverty ?and ?Want] Parsimony
AnnThornton3;   E669|        <Satans Kingdom> [but deliver] <liberate> us from the
AnnThornton3;   E669|        Natural Man & want or Jobs Kingdom
AnnThornton3;   E669|        For thine is the Kingdom & the Power & the Glory & not
AnnThornton3;   E669|        Caesars or Satans Amen.

EDAnnThornton3;   E669|        (Many illegible erasures, partial restorations, and
EDAnnThornton3;   E669|        repetitions probably meant to replace one another have been
EDAnnThornton3;   E669|        omitted from this transcript.)

TXTThornton5;   E669|        [PAGE 5] Dim at best are the conceptions we have of the SUPREME
TXTThornton5;   E669|        BEING, who, as it were, keeps the human race in suspense, neither
TXTThornton5;   E669|        discovering, nor hiding HIMSELF; . . .
AnnThornton5;   E669|        a Female God

TXTThornton6;   E669|        [PAGE 6] What is the WILL of GOD we are ordered to
TXTThornton6;   E669|        obey? . . . Let us consider whose WILL it is. . . . It is the
TXTThornton6;   E669|        WILL of our MAKER. . . . It is finally the WILL. of HIM, who is
TXTThornton6;   E669|        uncontrolably powerful; . . .
AnnThornton6;   E669|        So you See That God is just such a Tyrant as Augustus Caesar
AnnThornton6;   E669|        & is not this Good & Learned & Wise & Classical

TXTThornton9;   E669|        [PAGE 9] Reasons for a New Translation of the Whole
TXTThornton9;   E669|        Bible.
AnnThornton9;   E669|        The only thing for Newtonian & Baconian Philosophers to
AnnThornton9;   E669|        Consider is this Whether Jesus did not suffer himself to be
AnnThornton9;   E669|        Mockd by Caesars Soldiers Willingly & [I hope they will]
AnnThornton9;   E669|        <to> Consider this to all Eternity will be Comment Enough

TXTThornton10; E669|        [PAGE 10, blank]
AnnThornton10; E669|        This is Saying the Lords Prayer Backwards which they say
AnnThornton10; E669|        Raises the Devil
AnnThornton10; E669|        Doctor Thorntons <Tory> Translation Translated out of its
AnnThornton10; E669|        disguise in the <Classical &> Scotch language into
AnnThornton10; E669|        [plain] <the vulgar> English
AnnThornton10; E669|        Our Father Augustus Caesar who art in these thy <Substantial
AnnThornton10; E669|        Astronomical Telescopic> Heavens Holiness to thy Name <or Title &
AnnThornton10; E669|        reverence to thy Shadow> Thy Kingship come upon Earth first &
AnnThornton10; E669|        thence in Heaven Give us day by day our Real Taxed <Substantial
AnnThornton10; E669|        Money bought> Bread [& take] <deliver from the Holy
AnnThornton10; E669|        Ghost <so we call Nature> whatever cannot be Taxed> [debt
AnnThornton10; E669|        that was owing to him] <for all is debts & Taxes between
AnnThornton10; E669|        Caesar & us & one another> lead us not to read the Bible <but let
AnnThornton10; E669|        our Bible be Virgil & Shakspeare> & deliver us from Poverty in
AnnThornton10; E669|        Jesus <that Evil one> For thine is the Kingship <or Allegoric
AnnThornton10; E669|        Godship> & the Power or War & the Glory or Law Ages after Ages in
AnnThornton10; E669|        thy Descendents <for God is only an Allegory of Kings & nothing
AnnThornton10; E669|        Else> Amen
AnnThornton10; E669|        I swear that Basileia <Greek here> is not Kingdom but
AnnThornton10; E669|        Kingship I Nature Hermaphroditic Priest & King Live in Real
AnnThornton10; E669|        Substantial Natural Born Man & that Spirit is the Ghost of Matter
AnnThornton10; E669|        or Nature & God is The Ghost of the Priest & King who Exist
AnnThornton10; E669|        whereas God exists not except from [them] <their
AnnThornton10; E669|        Effluvia>

AnnThornton10; E670|        Here is Signed Two Names which are too Holy to be Written
AnnThornton10; E670|        Thus we see that the Real God is the Goddess Nature & that
AnnThornton10; E670|        God Creates nothing but what can be Touchd & Weighed & Taxed &
AnnThornton10; E670|        Measured all else is Heresy & Rebellion against Caesar Virgils
AnnThornton10; E670|        Only God See Eclogue i & for all this we thank Dr Thornton



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