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AnnSwedDPtitle; E609|     Annotations to Swedenborg's Divine Providence   t1466

AnnSwedDPtitle; E609|        London, 1790

AnnSwedDPtitle; E609|        HALF-TITLE [signed]
AnnSwedDP; E609|        William Blake

TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        PAGE V Perhaps there never was a Period . . . which required a
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        Vindication and Elucidation of the Divine Providence of the Lord,
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        more than the present. . . .
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        For if we allow a GENERAL Providence, and yet deny a
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        PARTICULAR one, or if we allow a PARTICULAR one, and yet deny a
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        SINGULAR one, that is, one extending to Things and Circumstances
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        most SINGULAR and minute, what is this but denying a GENERAL
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        Providence?
AnnSwedDPpref; E609|        Is not this Predestination?

TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        PAGE xviii . . . Nothing doth IN GENERAL so contradict Man's
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        natural and favourite Opinions as TRUTH, and . . . all the
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        grandest and purest Truths of Heaven must needs seem obscure and
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        perplexing to the natural Man at first View--
AnnSwedDPpref; E609|        Lies & Priestcraft Truth is Nature

TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        --until his intellectual [p xix] Eye becomes
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        accustomed to the Light, and can thereby behold it with
TXTSwedDPpref; E609|        Satisfaction
AnnSwedDPpref; E609|        that is: till he agrees to the Priests interest


TXTSwedDP69; E609|        69. But the Man who doth not suffer himself to be led to, and
TXTSwedDP69; E609|        enrolled in Heaven, is prepared for his Place in Hell; for Man
TXTSwedDP69; E609|        from himself continually tends to the lowest Hell, but is
TXTSwedDP69; E609|        continually with-held by the Lord;
AnnSwedDP69; E609|        What is Enrolling but Predestination

TXTSwedDP69; E609|        and he, who cannot be with-held, is prepared for a certain
TXTSwedDP69; E609|        Place there, in which he is also enrolled immediately after his
TXTSwedDP69; E609|        Departure out of the World; and this Place there is opposite to a
TXTSwedDP69; E609|        certain Place in Heaven, for Hell is in Opposition to
TXTSwedDP69; E609|        Heaven;
AnnSwedDP69; E609|        Query Does he also occupy that place in Heaven.---See N.
AnnSwedDP69; E609|        185 & 329 at the End See 277 & 307. & 203 where he says
AnnSwedDP69; E609|        that a Place for Every Man is Foreseen & at the same time
AnnSwedDP69; E609|        provided.

TXTSwedDP; E610|        CHAPTER NINE

TXTSwedDP185; E610|        185. . . . after Death . . . the . . . great and rich . . . at
TXTSwedDP185; E610|        first speak of God, and of the Divine Providence, as if they
TXTSwedDP185; E610|        acknowledged them in their Hearts; But whereas they then
TXTSwedDP185; E610|        manifestly see the Divine Providence, and from it their final
TXTSwedDP185; E610|        Portion, which is that they are to be in Hell, they connect
TXTSwedDP185; E610|        themselves with Devils there,. . ..
AnnSwedDP185; E610|        What could Calvin Say more than is Said in this Number
AnnSwedDP185; E610|        Final Portion is Predestination See N 69 & 329 at the End &
AnnSwedDP185; E610|        277 & 203 Where he says A Place for Each Man is Foreseen & at the
AnnSwedDP185; E610|        same time Provided

TXTSwedDP; E610|        CHAPTER TEN

TXTSwedDP201; E610|        201. If it should be alledged, that the Divine Providence is an
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        universal Government, and that not any Thing is governed, but
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        only kept in it's Connection, and the Things which relate to
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        Government (illuquae Regiminis sunt) are disposed by others, can
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        this be called an universal Government? No King hath such a
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        Government as this; for if a King were to allow his Subjects to
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        govern every Thing in his Kingdom, he would no longer be a King,
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        but would only be called a King, therefore would have only a
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        nominal Dignity and no real Dignity: Such a King cannot be said
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        to hold the Government ,much less universal Government. [Cited in
TXTSwedDP201; E610|        Blake's note on 220]

TXTSwedDP203; E610|        203. Since every Man therefore lives after Death to Eternity,
TXTSwedDP203; E610|        and according to his Life here hath his Place assigned to him
TXTSwedDP203; E610|        either in Heaven or in Hell. . . . it follows, that the Human
TXTSwedDP203; E610|        Race throughout the whole World is under the Auspices of the
TXTSwedDP203; E610|        Lord, and that everyone, from his Infancy even to the End of his
TXTSwedDP203; E610|        Life, is led of Him in the most minute Particulars, and his
TXTSwedDP203; E610|        Place foreseen, and at the same Time provided
AnnSwedDP203; E610|        Devils & Angels are Predestinated.


TXTSwedDP220; E610|        220. . . . when a Man . . . cannot but think . . . that the State
TXTSwedDP220; E610|        was made for him, and not he for the State; he is like a King
TXTSwedDP220; E610|        who thinks his Kingdom and all the Men in it are for
TXTSwedDP220; E610|        him, and not he for the Kingdom and all the Men of which
TXTSwedDP220; E610|        it consists. . . .
AnnSwedDP220; E610|        He says at N 201 No King hath such a Government as
AnnSwedDP220; E610|        this for all Kings are Universal in their Government otherwise
AnnSwedDP220; E610|        they are No Kings


TXTSwedDP274; E610|        274. That a Doubt may be inferred against Divine Providence,
TXTSwedDP274; E610|        because it was not known heretofor[i.e. before
TXTSwedDP274; E610|        Swedenborg's preaching], that Man liveth after Death; and
TXTSwedDP274; E610|        this was not discovered till now. . . . But yet all who
TXTSwedDP274; E610|        have any Religion, have in them an inherent Knowledge, that Men
TXTSwedDP274; E610|        live after Death. . .[Bracketed]
AnnSwedDP274; E610|        It was not Known & yet All Know


TXTSwedDP277; E610|        277.2. . . he who is in Evil in the World, the same is in Evil
TXTSwedDP277; E610|        after he goes out of the World; wherefore if Evil be not
TXTSwedDP277; E610|        removed in the World, it cannot be removed afterwards
AnnSwedDP277; E610|        Cursed Folly!

TXTSwedDP277; E610|        where the Tree falls, there it lieth; so also it is with the
TXTSwedDP277; E610|        Life of Man; as it was at his Death, such it remaineth; everyone
TXTSwedDP277; E610|        also is judged according to his Actions, not that they are
TXTSwedDP277; E610|        enumerated, but because he returns to them, and does the like
TXTSwedDP277; E610|        again; for Death is a Continuation of Life; with this Difference,
TXTSwedDP277; E610|        that then Man cannot be reformed.
AnnSwedDP277; E610|        Predestination after this Life is more Abominable than
AnnSwedDP277; E610|        Calvins & Swedenborg is Such a Spiritual Predestinarian--witness
AnnSwedDP277; E610|        this Number & many others See 69 & 185 & 329 & 307


TXTSwedDP307; E610|        307....... That the Wicked, who are in the World, are governed in
TXTSwedDP307; E610|        Hell by the Lord; . . . because Man with Respect to his Spirit is
TXTSwedDP307; E610|        in the spiritual World. . . . in an infernal

TXTSwedDP307; E611|        Society if he is wicked, and in a celestial Society if good; . . .
TXTSwedDP307; E611|        wherefore according to his Life and the Changes thereof, he is
TXTSwedDP307; E611|        translated by the Lord from one Society of Hell to another, [or]
TXTSwedDP307; E611|        led out of Hell and introduced into Heaven, and there also . . .
TXTSwedDP307; E611|        translated from one Society to another, and this until the Time
TXTSwedDP307; E611|        of his Death, after which he is no longer carried from one
TXTSwedDP307; E611|        Society to another, because he is then no longer in any State of
TXTSwedDP307; E611|        Reformation, but remains in that in which he is according to his
TXTSwedDP307; E611|        Life; wherefore when a Man dies, he is inscribed in his own
TXTSwedDP307; E611|        Place. . . .
AnnSwedDP307; E611|        Predestination


TXTSwedDP329; E611|        329. . . . there is not wanting to any Man a Knowledge of the
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        Means whereby he may be saved, nor the power of being saved if he
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        will; from which it follows, that all are predestined or intended
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        for Heaven, and none for Hell. But forasmuch as there prevails
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        among some a Belief in Predestination to no Salvation, which is
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        Predestination to Damnation, and such a Belief is hurtful, and
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        cannot be dispelled, unless Reason also sees the Madness and
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        Cruelty of it, therefore it shall be treated of in the following
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        Series. 1.That any other Predestination, than Predestination to
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        Heaven, is contrary to the Divine Love and it's Infinity. 2. That
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        any other Predestination, than Predestination to Heaven, is
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        contrary to the Divine Wisdom and it's Infinity. 3. That it is an
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        insane Heresy, to suppose that they only are saved who are born
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        within the Church. 4.That it is a cruel Heresy, to suppose that
TXTSwedDP329; E611|        any of the human Race are predestined to be damned.
AnnSwedDP329; E611|        Read N 185 & There See how Swedenborg contradicts himself &
AnnSwedDP329; E611|        N 69
AnnSwedDP329; E611|        See also 277 & 203 where he Says that a Place for Each Man
AnnSwedDP329; E611|        is foreseen & at the same time provided


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