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AnnSwedDLDWTitle; E602|     Annotations to Swedenborg's Divine Love and Divine Wisdom   t1463
AnnSwedDLDWTitle; E602|        London, 1788

ED; E602|        FLYLEAF   t1464
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        There can be no Good-Will. Will is always Evil It is
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        pernicious to others or selfish If God is any thing he is
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        Understanding He is the Influx from that into the Will Thus
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        Good to others or benevolent Understanding can [?&?does] Work
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        [?harm] ignorantly but never can ?the Truth [be ?evil] because
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        Man is only Evil [when he wills an untruth]
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        H[eaven] & Hell Chapter 425
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        Understanding or Thought is not natural to Man it is
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        acquired by means of Suffering & Distress i.e Experience. Will,
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        Desire, Love, Rage, Envy, & all other Affections are Natural. but
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        Understanding is Acquired But Observe. without these is to be
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        less than Man. Man could ?never [have received] ?light from
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        heaven ?without [aid of the] affections one would be ?limited to
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        the ?five [?heavens &] ?hells [& live] in different periods of
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        time
AnnSwedDLDWflyleaf; E602|        Wisdom of Angels 10

ED; E602|        [Numbers refer to sections, not pages]

TXTSwedDLDW1;   E602|        1. . . . Doth it not happen that in Proportion as the Affection
TXTSwedDLDW1;   E602|        which is of Love groweth cold, the Thought, Speech and Action
TXTSwedDLDW1;   E602|        grow cold also? And that in Proportion as it is heated, they also
TXTSwedDLDW1;   E602|        are heated? But this a wise Man perceiveth, not from a Knowledge
TXTSwedDLDW1;   E602|        that Love is the Life of Man, but from Experience of this
TXTSwedDLDW1;   E602|        Fact.
AnnSwedDLDW1;   E602|        They also percieve this from Knowledge but not with the
AnnSwedDLDW1;   E602|        natural part

TXTSwedDLDW2;   E602|        2. No one knoweth what is the Life of Man, unless he
TXTSwedDLDW2;   E602|        knoweth that it is Love; if this be not known. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW2;   E602|        This was known to me & thousands

TXTSwedDLDW7;   E603|        7. That the Divine or God is not in Space . . . cannot be
TXTSwedDLDW7;   E603|        comprehended by any merely natural Idea, but it may by a
TXTSwedDLDW7;   E603|        spiritual Idea: The Reason why it cannot be comprehended by a
TXTSwedDLDW7;   E603|        natural Idea, is, because in that Idea there is Space; . . .
AnnSwedDLDW7;   E603|        What a natural Idea is--

TXTSwedDLDW7;   E603|        Nevertheless, Man may comprehend this by natural Thought,
TXTSwedDLDW7;   E603|        if he will only admit into such Thought somewhat of spiritual
TXTSwedDLDW7;   E603|        Light; . . . (bracketed by Blake)
AnnSwedDLDW7;   E603|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW7;   E603|        A spiritual Idea doth not derive any Thing from Space, but
TXTSwedDLDW7;   E603|        it derives every Thing appertaining to it from State: . . .
AnnSwedDLDW7;   E603|        Poetic idea

TXTSwedDLDW8;   E603|        8. Hence it may appear, that Man from a merely
TXTSwedDLDW8;   E603|        naturaIdea cannot comprehend that the Divine is every
TXTSwedDLDW8;   E603|        where, and yet not in Space; and yet that Angels and Spirits
TXTSwedDLDW8;   E603|        clearly comprehend this; consequently that Man also may,
TXTSwedDLDW8;   E603|        if so be he will admit something of spiritual Light into his
TXTSwedDLDW8;   E603|        Thought;
AnnSwedDLDW8;   E603|        Observe the distinction here between Natural & Spiritual as
AnnSwedDLDW8;   E603|        seen by Man

TXTSwedDLDW8;   E603|        the Reason why Man may comprehend it is, because his Body
TXTSwedDLDW8;   E603|        doth not think, but his Spirit, therefore not his natural but his
TXTSwedDLDW8;   E603|        spiritual [Part]
AnnSwedDLDW8;   E603|        Man may comprehend. but not the natural or external man.

TXTSwedDLDW10; E603|        10. It hath been said, that in the spiritual World Spaces appear
TXTSwedDLDW10; E603|        equally as in the natural World. . . . Hence it is that the Lord,
TXTSwedDLDW10; E603|        although he is in the Heavens with the Angels every where,
TXTSwedDLDW10; E603|        nevertheless appears high above them as a Sun: And whereas the
TXTSwedDLDW10; E603|        Reception of Love and Wisdom constitutes Affinity with him,
TXTSwedDLDW10; E603|        therefore those Heavens appear nearer to him where the Angels are
TXTSwedDLDW10; E603|        in a nearer Affinity from Reception, than where they are in a
TXTSwedDLDW10; E603|        more remote Affinity: . . .
AnnSwedDLDW10; E603|        He who Loves feels love descend into him & if he has wisdom
AnnSwedDLDW10; E603|        may percieve it is from the Poetic Genius which is the Lord

TXTSwedDLDW11; E603|        11. In all the Heavens there is no other Idea of God than
TXTSwedDLDW11; E603|        that of a Man: . . .
AnnSwedDLDW11; E603|        Man can have no idea of any thing greater than Man as a cup
AnnSwedDLDW11; E603|        cannot contain more than its capaciousness But God is a man not
AnnSwedDLDW11; E603|        because he is so percievd by man but because he is the creator of
AnnSwedDLDW11; E603|        man

TXTSwedDLDW11; E603|        [Quotation from Swedenborg's The Last Judgment, No.
TXTSwedDLDW11; E603|        74] The Gentiles, particularly the Africans . . . entertain an
TXTSwedDLDW11; E603|        Idea of God as of a Man, and say that no one can have any other
TXTSwedDLDW11; E603|        Idea of God: When they hear that many form an Idea of God as
TXTSwedDLDW11; E603|        existing in the Midst of a Cloud, they ask where such are; . . .
TXTSwedDLDW11; E603|
AnnSwedDLDW11; E603|        Think of a white cloud. as being holy you cannot love it but
AnnSwedDLDW11; E603|        think of a holy man within the cloud love springs up in your
AnnSwedDLDW11; E603|        thought. for to think of holiness distinct from man is impossible
AnnSwedDLDW11; E603|        to the affections. Thought alone can make monsters, but the
AnnSwedDLDW11; E603|        affections cannot

TXTSwedDLDW12; E603|        12. . . . they who are wiser than the common People
TXTSwedDLDW12; E603|        pronounce God to be invisible, . . .
AnnSwedDLDW12; E603|        Worldly wisdom or demonstration by the senses is the cause
AnnSwedDLDW12; E603|        of this

TXTSwedDLDW13; E603|        13. . . . The Negation of God constitutes Hell, and in the
TXTSwedDLDW13; E603|        Christian World the Negation of the Lord's Divinity.
AnnSwedDLDW13; E603|        the Negation of the Poetic Genius

TXTSwedDLDW14; E603|        14. . . . when Love is in Wisdom then it existeth. These
TXTSwedDLDW14; E603|        two are such a ONE, that they may be distinguished indeed in
TXTSwedDLDW14; E603|        Thought, but not in Act.
AnnSwedDLDW14; E603|        Thought without affection makes a distinction between Love
AnnSwedDLDW14; E603|        & Wisdom as it does between body & Spirit

TXTSwedDLDW27; E604|        27. What Person of Sound Reason doth not perceive, that the
TXTSwedDLDW27; E604|        Divine is not divisible; . . . If another, who hath no Reason,
TXTSwedDLDW27; E604|        should say that it is possible there may be several Infinities,
TXTSwedDLDW27; E604|        Uncreates, Omnipotents and Gods, provided they have the same
TXTSwedDLDW27; E604|        Essence, and that thereby there is one Infinite, Uncreate,
TXTSwedDLDW27; E604|        Omnipotent and God--is not one and the same Essence but one and
TXTSwedDLDW27; E604|        the same Identity?
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        Answer Essence is not Identity but from Essence proceeds
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        Identity & from one Essence may proceed many Identities as from
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        one Affection may proceed. many thoughts Surely this is an
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        oversight
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        That there is but one Omnipotent Uncreate & God I agree but
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        that there is but one Infinite I do not. for if all but God is
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        not Infinite they shall come to an End which God forbid
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        If the Essence was the same as the Identity there
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        could be but one Identity. which is false
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        Heaven would upon this plan be but a Clock but one & the
AnnSwedDLDW27; E604|        same Essence is therefore Essence & not Identity

TXTSwedDLDW40; E604|        40. . . . Appearances are the first Things from which the
TXTSwedDLDW40; E604|        human Mind forms it's Understanding, and . . . it cannot shake
TXTSwedDLDW40; E604|        them off but by an Investigation of the Cause, and if the Cause
TXTSwedDLDW40; E604|        lies very deep, it cannot investigate it, without keeping the
AnnSwedDLDW40; E604|        Understanding some Time in Spiritual Light, . .
AnnSwedDLDW40; E604|        this Man can do while in the body--

TXTSwedDLDW41; E604|        41. . . . it cannot be demonstrated except by such Things
TXTSwedDLDW41; E604|        as a Man can perceive by his bodily Senses, . . .
AnnSwedDLDW41; E604|        Demonstration is only by bodily Senses.

TXTSwedDLDW49; E604|        49. With Respect to God, it is not possible that he can
TXTSwedDLDW49; E604|        love and be reciprocally beloved by others, in whom there is . .
TXTSwedDLDW49; E604|        . any Thing Divine; for if there was..... any Thing Divine in
TXTSwedDLDW49; E604|        them, then it would not be beloved by others, but it would love
TXTSwedDLDW49; E604|        itself; . . .
AnnSwedDLDW49; E604|        False Take it so or the contrary it comes to the same for
AnnSwedDLDW49; E604|        if a thing loves it is infinite Perhaps we only differ in the
AnnSwedDLDW49; E604|        meaning of the words Infinite & Eternal

TXTSwedDLDW68; E604|        68. . . . Man is only a Recipient of Life. From this Cause
TXTSwedDLDW68; E604|        it is, that Man, from his own hereditary Evil, reacts against
TXTSwedDLDW68; E604|        God; but so far as he believes that all his Life is from God, and
TXTSwedDLDW68; E604|        every Good of Life from the Action of God, and every Evil of Life
TXTSwedDLDW68; E604|        from the Reaction of Man, Reaction thus becomes correspondent
TXTSwedDLDW68; E604|        with Action, and Man acts with God as from himself. [Bracketed by
TXTSwedDLDW68; E604|        Blake]
AnnSwedDLDW68; E604|        Good & Evil are here both Good & the two contraries Married

TXTSwedDLDW69; E604|        69. . . . But he who knows how to elevate his Mind above
TXTSwedDLDW69; E604|        the Ideas of Thought which are derived from Space and Time, such
TXTSwedDLDW69; E604|        a Man passes from Darkness to Light, and becomes wise in Things
TXTSwedDLDW69; E604|        spiritual and Divine . . . and then by Virtue of that Light he
TXTSwedDLDW69; E604|        shakes off the Darkness of natural Light, and removes its
TXTSwedDLDW69; E604|        Fallaciesfrom the Center to the Circumference .
AnnSwedDLDW69; E604|        When the fallacies of darkness are in the circumference they
AnnSwedDLDW69; E604|        cast a bound about the infinite

TXTSwedDLDW70; E604|        70. Now inasmuch as the Thoughts of the Angels derive
TXTSwedDLDW70; E604|        nothing from Space and Time, but from States of Life, it is
TXTSwedDLDW70; E604|        evident that they do not comprehend what is meant when it is
TXTSwedDLDW70; E604|        said, that the Divine fills Space, for they do not know what
TXTSwedDLDW70; E604|        Space is, but that they comprehend clearly, when it is said,
TXTSwedDLDW70; E604|        without any Idea of Space, that the Divine fills all Things.
TXTSwedDLDW70; E604|
AnnSwedDLDW70; E604|        Excellent


TXTSwedDLDW163; E605|        [Title heading Nos. 163-166] That without two Suns, the one
TXTSwedDLDW163; E605|        living and the other dead, there can be no Creation.
AnnSwedDLDW163; E605|        False philosophy according to the letter. but true according
AnnSwedDLDW163; E605|        to the spirit

TXTSwedDLDW164; E605|        164. . . . it follows that the one Sun is living and that
TXTSwedDLDW164; E605|        the other Sun is dead, also that the dead Sun itself was created
TXTSwedDLDW164; E605|        by the living Sun from the Lord.
AnnSwedDLDW164; E605|        how could Life create death

TXTSwedDLDW165; E605|        165. The reason why a dead Sun was created is to the End
TXTSwedDLDW165; E605|        that in the Ultimates all Things may be fixed. . . . On this and
TXTSwedDLDW165; E605|        no other Ground Creation is founded: The terraqueous Globe . . .
TXTSwedDLDW165; E605|        is as it were the Basis and Firmament. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW165; E605|        they exist literally about the sun & not about the earth

TXTSwedDLDW166; E605|        166. That all Things were created from the Lord by the
TXTSwedDLDW166; E605|        living Sun, and nothing by the dead Sun, may appear from
TXTSwedDLDW166; E605|        this Consideration. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW166; E605|        the dead Sun is only a phantasy of evil Man


TXTSwedDLDW181; E605|        181. . . . It is the same upon Earth with Men, but with this
TXTSwedDLDW181; E605|        Difference, that the Angels feel that [spiritual] Heat, and see
TXTSwedDLDW181; E605|        that [spiritual] Light, whereas Men do not. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW181; E605|        He speaks of Men as meer earthly Men not as receptacles of
AnnSwedDLDW181; E605|        spirit, or else he contradicts N 257

TXTSwedDLDW181; E605|        Now forasmuch as Man, whilst he is in natural Heat and
TXTSwedDLDW181; E605|        Light, knoweth nothing of spiritual Heat and Light in himself,
TXTSwedDLDW181; E605|        and this cannot be known but by Experience from the spiritual
TXTSwedDLDW181; E605|        World. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW181; E605|        This is certainly not to be understood according to the
AnnSwedDLDW181; E605|        letter for it is false by all experience. Who does not or may
AnnSwedDLDW181; E605|        not know of love & wisdom in himself

TXTSwedDLDW220; E605|        220. . . . From these Considerations a Conclusion was
TXTSwedDLDW220; E605|        drawn, that the Whole of Charity and Faith is in Works, . .
TXTSwedDLDW220; E605|        .
AnnSwedDLDW220; E605|        The Whole of the New Church is in the Active Life & not in
AnnSwedDLDW220; E605|        Ceremonies at all

TXTSwedDLDW237; E605|        237. These three Degrees of Altitude are named Natural,
TXTSwedDLDW237; E605|        Spiritual and Celestial. . . . Man, at his Birth, first comes
TXTSwedDLDW237; E605|        into the natural Degree, and this increases in him by Continuity
TXTSwedDLDW237; E605|        according to the Sciences, and according to the Understanding
TXTSwedDLDW237; E605|        acquired by them, to the Summit of Understanding which is called
TXTSwedDLDW237; E605|        Rational: . . .
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        Study Sciences till you are blind
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        Study intellectuals till you are cold
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        Yet Science cannot teach intellect
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        Much less can intellect teach Affection
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        How foolish then is it to assert that Man is born in only
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        one degree when that one degree is reception of the 3 degrees.
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        two of which he must destroy or close up or they will descend, if
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        he closes up the two superior then he is not truly in the 3d but
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        descends out of it into meer Nature or Hell
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        See N 239
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        Is it not also evident that one degree will not open the
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        other & that science will not open intellect but that they are
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        discrete & not continuous so as to explain each other except by
AnnSwedDLDW237; E605|        correspondence which has nothing to do with

AnnSwedDLDW237; E606|        demonstration for you cannot demonstrate one degree by the other
AnnSwedDLDW237; E606|        for how can science be brought to demonstrate intellect, without
AnnSwedDLDW237; E606|        making them continuous & not discrete

TXTSwedDLDW238; E606|        238. Man, so long as he lives in the World, does not know
TXTSwedDLDW238; E606|        any Thing of the opening of these Degrees in himself. . . .
TXTSwedDLDW238; E606|
AnnSwedDLDW238; E606|        See N 239   t1465

TXTSwedDLDW239; E606|        239. . . . in every Man there is a natural, spiritual and
TXTSwedDLDW239; E606|        celestial Will and Understanding, in Power from his Birth, and in
TXTSwedDLDW239; E606|        Act whilst they are opening.
AnnSwedDLDW239; E606|        Mark this it explains N 238

TXTSwedDLDW239; E606|        In a Word, the Mind of Man . . . is of three Degrees, so
TXTSwedDLDW239; E606|        that . . .a Man thereby may be elevated to Angelic Wisdom, and
TXTSwedDLDW239; E606|        possess it, while he lives in the World, but nevertheless he does
TXTSwedDLDW239; E606|        not come into it till after Death, if he becomes an Angel,
TXTSwedDLDW239; E606|        and then he speaks Things ineffable and incomprehensible to
TXTSwedDLDW239; E606|        the natural Man
AnnSwedDLDW239; E606|        Not to a Man but to the natural Man

TXTSwedDLDW241; E606|        241. . . . Every one who consults his Reason, whilst it
TXTSwedDLDW241; E606|        is in the Lightmay see, that Man's Love is the End of all
TXTSwedDLDW241; E606|        Things appertaining to him. . . .

TXTSwedDLDW244; E606|        244. And hence it also follows, that the Understanding does not
TXTSwedDLDW244; E606|        lead the Will, or that Wisdom does not produce Love, but that it
TXTSwedDLDW244; E606|        only teaches and shows the Way, it teaches how a Man ought to
TXTSwedDLDW244; E606|        live, and shows the Way in which he ought to walk.(Bracketed by
TXTSwedDLDW244; E606|        Blake)
AnnSwedDLDW244; E606|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW256; E606|        256. . . . From this it is evident, that Man, so long as
TXTSwedDLDW256; E606|        he lives in the World, and is thereby in the natural Degree
TXTSwedDLDW256; E606|        cannot be elevated into Wisdom itself. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW256; E606|        See Sect. 4 of the next Number

TXTSwedDLDW257; E606|        257. . . . IV. . . . But still Man, in whom the spiritual
TXTSwedDLDW257; E606|        Degree is open, comes into that Wisdom when he dies, and may also
TXTSwedDLDW257; E606|        come into it by laying asleep the Sensations of the Body, and by
TXTSwedDLDW257; E606|        Influx from above at the same Time into the Spirituals of his
TXTSwedDLDW257; E606|        Mind. (Bracketed by Blake)
AnnSwedDLDW257; E606|        this is while in the Body
AnnSwedDLDW257; E606|        This is to be understood as unusual in our time but common
AnnSwedDLDW257; E606|        in ancient

TXTSwedDLDW257; E606|        V. The natural Mind of Man consists of spiritual
TXTSwedDLDW257; E606|        Substances, and at the same Time of natural Substances; from its
TXTSwedDLDW257; E606|        spiritual Substances Thought is produced, but not from
TXTSwedDLDW257; E606|        its natural Substances; . . .
AnnSwedDLDW257; E606|        Many perversely understand him. as if man while in the body
AnnSwedDLDW257; E606|        was only conversant with natural Substances, because themselves
AnnSwedDLDW257; E606|        are mercenary & worldly & have no idea of any but worldly gain

TXTSwedDLDW267; E606|        267. . . . for the natural Man can elevate his Understanding
TXTSwedDLDW267; E606|        to superior Light as far as he desires it, but he who is
TXTSwedDLDW267; E606|        principled in Evils and thence in Things false, does not elevate
TXTSwedDLDW267; E606|        it higher than to the superior Region of his natural Mind; . .
TXTSwedDLDW267; E606|        .
AnnSwedDLDW267; E606|        Who shall dare to say after this that all elevation is of
AnnSwedDLDW267; E606|        self & is Enthusiasm & Madness &is it not plain that self derived
AnnSwedDLDW267; E606|        intelligence is worldly demonstration


TXTSwedDLDW294; E606|        294. Forasmuch as the Things, which constitute the Sun of the
TXTSwedDLDW294; E606|        spiritual World, are from the Lord, and not the Lord, therefore
TXTSwedDLDW294; E606|        they are not Life in itself, . . .
AnnSwedDLDW294; E606|        This assertion that the spiritual Sun is not Life explains
AnnSwedDLDW294; E606|        how the natural Sun is dead

TXTSwedDLDW294; E607|        This is an Arcanum, which the Angels by their spiritual
TXTSwedDLDW294; E607|        Ideas can see in Thought and also express in Speech, but not Men
TXTSwedDLDW294; E607|        by their natural Ideas; . . . (Double underlining by
TXTSwedDLDW294; E607|        Blake)
AnnSwedDLDW294; E607|        How absurd then would it be to say that no man on earth has
AnnSwedDLDW294; E607|        a spiritual idea after reading N 257

TXTSwedDLDW295; E607|        295. That there is such a Difference between the Thoughts
TXTSwedDLDW295; E607|        of Angels and Men, was made known to me by this Experience: They
TXTSwedDLDW295; E607|        were told to think of something spiritually, and afterwards to
TXTSwedDLDW295; E607|        tell me what they thought of; when this was done and they would
TXTSwedDLDW295; E607|        have told me, they could not. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW295; E607|        they could not tell him in natural ideas how absurd must men
AnnSwedDLDW295; E607|        be to understand him as if he said the angels could not express
AnnSwedDLDW295; E607|        themselves at all to him

TXTSwedDLDW304; E607|        304..Forasmuch as there is such a Progression of the Fibres
TXTSwedDLDW304; E607|        and Vessels in a Man from first Principles to Ultimates,
TXTSwedDLDW304; E607|        therefore there is a similar Progression of their States; their
TXTSwedDLDW304; E607|        States are the Sensations, Thoughts and Affections; these also
TXTSwedDLDW304; E607|        from their first Principles where they are in the Light,
TXTSwedDLDW304; E607|        pervade to their Ultimates,where they are in Obscurity; or from
TXTSwedDLDW304; E607|        their first Principles, where they are in Heat, to their
TXTSwedDLDW304; E607|        Ultimates where they are not in Heat: . . . .
AnnSwedDLDW304; E607|        We see here that the cause of an ultimate is the absence
AnnSwedDLDW304; E607|        from heat & light

TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        315. It is to be observed, that the Heat, Light and
TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        Atmospheres of the natural World conduce nothing to this Image of
TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        Creation. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW315; E607|        Therefore the Natural Earth & Atmosphere is a Phantasy.

TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        The Heat, Light and Atmospheres of the natural World only
TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        open Seeds; . . . but this not by Powers derived from their own
TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        Sun, . . . [Bracketed by Blake]
AnnSwedDLDW315; E607|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        . . . but by Powers from the spiritual Sun, for the
TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        Image of Creation is spiritualnevertheless that it may
TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        appear, and furnish Use in the natural World, . . . it must
TXTSwedDLDW315; E607|        be clothed in Matter, . . .

TXTSwedDLDW316; E607|        316. . . . it is evident, that as there is a Resemblance of
TXTSwedDLDW316; E607|        Creation in the Forms of Vegetables, so there is also in the
TXTSwedDLDW316; E607|        Forms of Animals, viz. that there is a Progression from first
TXTSwedDLDW316; E607|        Principles to Ultimates, and from Ultimates to first
TXTSwedDLDW316; E607|        Principles.
AnnSwedDLDW316; E607|        A going forth & returning

TXTSwedDLDW324; E607|        324. . . . there doth not exist any Thing in the created
TXTSwedDLDW324; E607|        Universe, which hath not Correspondence with something of Man,
TXTSwedDLDW324; E607|        not only with his Affections and his Thoughts thence derived, but
TXTSwedDLDW324; E607|        also with the Organs and Viscera of his Body, not with them as
TXTSwedDLDW324; E607|        Substances, but with them as Uses.
AnnSwedDLDW324; E607|        Uses & substances are so different as not to correspond

TXTSwedDLDW336; E607|        336. . . . The Reason why the Things which do hurt to Man
TXTSwedDLDW336; E607|        are called Uses, is, because they are of Use to the Wicked to do
TXTSwedDLDW336; E607|        Evil, and because they contribute to absorb Malignities,
TXTSwedDLDW336; E607|        therefore also they contribute as Cures: Use is applied in both
TXTSwedDLDW336; E607|        Senses, in like Manner as Love, for we speak of good Love and
TXTSwedDLDW336; E607|        evil Love, and Love calls all that Use, which is done by itself.
TXTSwedDLDW336; E607|        [Marked by a large cross in the right margin]


TXTSwedDLDW404; E607|        404. . . .Thought indeed exists first, because it is of the
TXTSwedDLDW404; E607|        natural Mind, but Thought from the Perception of Truth,
TXTSwedDLDW404; E607|        which is from the Affection of Truth, exists last; this
TXTSwedDLDW404; E607|        Thought is the Thought Of Wisdom, but the other is Thought from
TXTSwedDLDW404; E607|        the Memory by the Sight of the natural Mind. [Bracketed as
TXTSwedDLDW404; E607|        well as underlined]
AnnSwedDLDW404; E607|        Note this

TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        410. . . .From these Things it may be seen, that Love or the
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        Will joins itself to Wisdom or the Understandingand not
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        that Wisdom or the Understanding joins itself to Love or the
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        Will. . . (Bracketed and underlined; lower part of the
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        bracket shaped like a finger pointing down the page)
AnnSwedDLDW410; E608|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        Thoughts, Perceptions, and Knowledges, thence derived, flow
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        indeed from the spiritual World, but still they are not
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        received by the Understanding, but by the Love according to it's
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        Affections in the Understanding [Bracketed and
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        underlined]
AnnSwedDLDW410; E608|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        It appears also as if the Understanding joined itself to
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        Love or the Will, but this also is a Fallacy; Love or
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        the Will joins itself to the Understanding, and causeth the
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        Understanding to be reciprocally joined to it: . . . [Bracketed
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        and underlined]
AnnSwedDLDW410; E608|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        . . . For the Life of Man is his Love. . . . that is,
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        according as he has exalted his Affections by Truths. . . .
TXTSwedDLDW410; E608|        [Bracketed]
AnnSwedDLDW410; E608|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW411; E608|        411. . . . From these Considerations it is also evident,
TXTSwedDLDW411; E608|        that Love joins itself to the Understanding, and not vice
TXTSwedDLDW411; E608|        versa. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW411; E608|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        412. . . . He who knows all the Fabric of the Lungs from
TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        Anatomy, if he compares them with the Understanding, may clearly
TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        see that the ;Understanding does nothing from itself,
TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        that it does not< em>perceive nor think from itself, but all from
TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        Affections which are of the Love, which in the Understanding
TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        are called the Affection of knowing, of understanding, and of
TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        seeing it, which were treated of above: . . . [Bracketed]
AnnSwedDLDW412; E608|        Mark

TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        From the Structure of the Lungs . . .I was fully
TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        convinced that the Love by it's Affections joins itself to the
TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        Understanding, and that the Understanding does not join itself to
TXTSwedDLDW412; E608|        any Affection of the Love. . . [Bracketed]
AnnSwedDLDW412; E608|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW413; E608|        [Bracketed]
AnnSwedDLDW413; E608|        Mark this

TXTSwedDLDW414; E608|        414 Love however, or the Will, is elevated into the Heat of
TXTSwedDLDW414; E608|        Heaven, but the Understanding into the Light of Heaven, and if
TXTSwedDLDW414; E608|        they are both elevated, a Marriage of them is effected there,
TXTSwedDLDW414; E608|        which is called the celestial Marriage. . . .
AnnSwedDLDW414; E608|        Is it not false then, that love recieves influx thro the
AnnSwedDLDW414; E608|        understandg as was asserted in the society

TXTSwedDLDW419; E608|        419. . . . and moreover this Love became impure by Reason
TXTSwedDLDW419; E608|        of the Separation of celestial Love from it in the Parents.
TXTSwedDLDW419; E608|
AnnSwedDLDW419; E608|        Therefore it was not created impure & is not naturally so

TXTSwedDLDW419; E608|        .. . . so far the Love is purged of its Uncleannesses, and
TXTSwedDLDW419; E608|        purified, that is, so far it is elevated into the Heat of Heaven,
TXTSwedDLDW419; E608|        and joined to the Light of Heaven, in which the Understanding is,
TXTSwedDLDW419; E608|        and Marriage is effected, which is called the Marriage of Good
TXTSwedDLDW419; E608|        and Truth, that is, of Law and Wisdom.
AnnSwedDLDW419; E608|        Therefore it does not recieve influx thro the understanding

TXTSwedDLDW421; E609|        .[Bracketed]
AnnSwedDLDW421; E609|        Mark this they are elevated together

TXTSwedDLDW422; E609|        422. . . .The Understanding is not made spiritual and
TXTSwedDLDW422; E609|        celestial, but the Love isand when the Love is, it also
TXTSwedDLDW422; E609|        maketh the Understanding it's Spouse spiritual and celestial.
TXTSwedDLDW422; E609|        [Bracketed]

TXTSwedDLDW422; E609|        [Concluding Number, headed "What the Beginning or Rudiment of Man
TXTSwedDLDW422; E609|        is from Conception."]

TXTSwedDLDW432; E609|        432. . . . Moreover it was shown in the Light of Heaven. . .
TXTSwedDLDW432; E609|        .that the interior Compages of this little Brain was . . . in the
TXTSwedDLDW432; E609|        Order and form of Heaven; and that it's exterior Compages was in
TXTSwedDLDW432; E609|        Opposition to that Order and Form.
AnnSwedDLDW432; E609|        Heaven & Hell are born together.

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