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TXTSwedHHTitle; E601|     Annotations to Swedenborg's Heaven and Hell
TXTSwedHHTitle; E601|        London, 1784   t1461

TXTSwedHHTitle; E601|        HALF-TITLE [inscribed in pencil in a hand not Blake's]
TXTSwedHHTitle; E601|        "And as Imagination bodies forth y[e] forms of things
TXTSwedHHTitle; E601|        unseen-turns them to shape & gives to airy Nothing a local
TXTSwedHHTitle; E601|        habitation & a Name."Sh.

AnnSwedHHTitle; E601|        [Blake's comment, in crayon]Thus Fools quote Shakespeare
AnnSwedHHTitle; E601|        The Above is Theseus's opinion Not Shakespeares You might as well
AnnSwedHHTitle; E601|        quote Satans blasphemies from Milton & give them as Miltons
AnnSwedHHTitle; E601|        Opinions

TXTSwedHHTitle; E601|        TITLE PAGE [signed in ink]
AnnSwedHHTitle; E601|        William, Blake
EDAnnSwedHHTitleTEXT; E601|        [pencil note in another hand: "belonged to Blake the
EDAnnSwedHHTitleTEXT; E601|        Artist"]

EDAnnSwedHHTEXT; E601|        [P 206, paragraphs 333 and 334, scored by someone in left margin
TXTSwedHH333; E601|        by erased pencil or by fingernail] 333. Little Children . . .
TXTSwedHH333; E601|        appear in Heaven . . . in the province of the eyes . . . because
TXTSwedHH333; E601|        the Lord appears to the Angels of his Spiritual Kingdom, fronting
TXTSwedHH333; E601|        the left eye; and to the Angels of the Celestial Kingdom,
TXTSwedHH333; E601|        fronting the right eye; see above, n. 118. Little Children being
TXTSwedHH333; E601|        thus in the province of the eyes, denotes them to be under the
TXTSwedHH333; E601|        immediate guardianship and protection of the Lord.

TXTSwedHH334; E601|        334. How Infants are educated in Heaven shall here briefly be
TXTSwedHH334; E601|        told. They are first taught to speak by those that have the care
TXTSwedHH334; E601|        of them: their first utterance is only a kind of affectionate
TXTSwedHH334; E601|        sound, which, by degrees, grows more distinct, as their minds
TXTSwedHH334; E601|        become furnished with ideas; for

TXTSwedHH334; E602|        the ideas of the mind springing from the affectionate part,
TXTSwedHH334; E602|        immediately give birth and form to the speech of the Angels, as
TXTSwedHH334; E602|        mentioned above, n. 234 to 245. . . .

TXTSwedHH513; E602|        [P 339, PARAGRAPH 513, with Blake's dagger and note] 513.
TXTSwedHH513; E602|        <dag>The angels appointed for instructors are from several
TXTSwedHH513; E602|        societies, but chiefly from such as are in the north and the
TXTSwedHH513; E602|        south, as their understanding and wisdom more particularly
TXTSwedHH513; E602|        consist in the distinct knowledges of good and truth. The places
TXTSwedHH513; E602|        set apart for instructing are towards the north. . . .
AnnSwedHH513; E602|        <dag>See N 73 Worlds in Universe. for account of Instructing Spirits   t1462 ;

TXTSwedHH588; E602|        [P 389, PARAGRAPH 588] . . . That the Hells are so many and
TXTSwedHH588; E602|        various, appears from it's being given me to know, that under
TXTSwedHH588; E602|        every mountain, hill, rock, plain, and valley, there were
TXTSwedHH588; E602|        particular Hells of different extent in length, breadth, and
TXTSwedHH588; E602|        depth. In a word, both Heaven and the World of Spirits may be
TXTSwedHH588; E602|        considered as convexities, under which are arrangements of those
TXTSwedHH588; E602|        infernal mansions. So much concerning the Plurality of
TXTSwedHH588; E602|        Hells.
AnnSwedHH588; E602|        under every Good is a hell. i.e hell is the outward
AnnSwedHH588; E602|        or external of heaven. & is of the body of the lord. for nothing
AnnSwedHH588; E602|        is destroyd


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