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TXTSpurzheim; E662|     Annotations to Spurzheim's Observations on Insanity   t1488

TXTSpurzheim; E662|        London, 1817

TXTSpurzheim; E662|        [P 106] . . . In children . . . the disturbances of the
TXTSpurzheim; E662|        organization appear merely as organic diseases, because the
TXTSpurzheim; E662|        functions are entirely suppressed.
AnnSpurzheim; E662|        Corporeal disease. to which I readily agree. Diseases of
AnnSpurzheim; E662|        the mind I pity him. Denies mental health and perfection
AnnSpurzheim; E662|        Stick to this all is right. But see page 152

TXTSpurzheim; E662|        [P 152] As the functions depend on the organization,
TXTSpurzheim; E662|        disturbed functions will derange the organization, and one
TXTSpurzheim; E662|        deranged cerebral part will have an influence on others, and so
TXTSpurzheim; E662|        arises insanity. . . . Whatever occupies the mind too intensely
TXTSpurzheim; E662|        or exclusively is hurtful to the brain, and induces a state
TXTSpurzheim; E662|        favourable to insanity, in diminishing the influence of will.

TXTSpurzheim; E663|        [P 154] Religion is another fertile cause of insanity. Mr.
TXTSpurzheim; E663|        Haslam, though he declares it sinful to consider religion as a
TXTSpurzheim; E663|        cause of insanity, adds, however, that he would be ungrateful,
TXTSpurzheim; E663|        did he not avow his obligation to Methodism for its supply of
TXTSpurzheim; E663|        numerous cases. Hence the primitive feelings of religion may be
TXTSpurzheim; E663|        misled and produce insanity; that is what I would contend for,
TXTSpurzheim; E663|        and in that sense religion often leads to insanity.
AnnSpurzheim; E663|        Methodism &/c p. 154. Cowper came to me & said. O that I
AnnSpurzheim; E663|        were insane always I will never rest. Can you not make me truly
AnnSpurzheim; E663|        insane. I will never rest till I am so. O that in the bosom of
AnnSpurzheim; E663|        God I was hid. You retain health & yet are as mad as any of us
AnnSpurzheim; E663|        all--over us all--mad as a refuge from unbelief--from Bacon
AnnSpurzheim; E663|        Newton & Locke



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