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ED; E711|     16

L16.1Butts10'00; E711|        [To] Mr [Thomas] Butts, Great Marlborough Street

L16.1Butts10'00; E711|        Felpham Octr 2d 1800

L16.1Butts10'00; E711|        Friend of Religion & Order
L16.1Butts10'00; E711|        I thank you for your very beautiful & encouraging Verses
L16.1Butts10'00; E711|        which I account a Crown of Laurels & I also thank you for your
L16.1Butts10'00; E711|        reprehension of follies by me

L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        fosterd. Your prediction will I hope be fulfilled in me. & in
L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        future I am the determined advocate of Religion & Humility the
L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        two bands of Society. Having been so full of the Business of
L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        Settling the sticks & feathers of my nest. I have not got any
L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        forwarder with the three Marys or with any other of your
L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        commissions but hope, now I have commenced a new life of industry
L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        to do credit to that new life by Improved Works: Recieve from me
L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        a return of verses such as Felpham produces by me tho not
L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        such as she produces by her Eldest Son. however such as they
L16.1Butts10'00; E712|        are. I cannot resist the temptation to send them to you

L16.verse1Butts10'00; E712|     To my Friend Butts I write
L16.verse2Butts10'00; E712|        My first Vision of Light
L16.verse3Butts10'00; E712|        On the yellow sands sitting
L16.verse4Butts10'00; E712|        The Sun was Emitting
L16.verse5Butts10'00; E712|        His Glorious beams
L16.verse6Butts10'00; E712|        From Heavens high Streams
L16.verse7Butts10'00; E712|        Over Sea over Land
L16.verse8Butts10'00; E712|        My Eyes did Expand
L16.verse9Butts10'00; E712|        Into regions of air
L16.verse10Butts10'00; E712|       Away from all Care
L16.verse11Butts10'00; E712|       Into regions of fire
L16.verse12Butts10'00; E712|       Remote from Desire
L16.verse13Butts10'00; E712|       The Light of the Morning
L16.verse14Butts10'00; E712|       Heavens Mountains adorning
L16.verse15Butts10'00; E712|       In particles bright
L16.verse16Butts10'00; E712|       The jewels of Light
L16.verse17Butts10'00; E712|       Distinct shone & clear--
L16.verse18Butts10'00; E712|       Amazd & in fear
L16.verse19Butts10'00; E712|       I each particle gazed
L16.verse20Butts10'00; E712|       Astonishd Amazed
L16.verse21Butts10'00; E712|       For each was a Man
L16.verse22Butts10'00; E712|       Human formd. Swift I ran
L16.verse23Butts10'00; E712|       For they beckond to me
L16.verse24Butts10'00; E712|       Remote by the Sea
L16.verse25Butts10'00; E712|       Saying. Each grain of Sand
L16.verse26Butts10'00; E712|       Every Stone on the Land
L16.verse27Butts10'00; E712|       Each rock & each hill
L16.verse28Butts10'00; E712|       Each fountain & rill
L16.verse29Butts10'00; E712|       Each herb & each tree
L16.verse30Butts10'00; E712|       Mountain hill Earth & Sea
L16.verse31Butts10'00; E712|       Cloud Meteor & Star
L16.verse32Butts10'00; E712|       Are Men Seen Afar
L16.verse33Butts10'00; E712|       I stood in the Streams
L16.verse34Butts10'00; E712|       Of Heavens bright beams
L16.verse35Butts10'00; E712|       And Saw Felpham sweet
L16.verse36Butts10'00; E712|       Beneath my bright feet

L16.verse37Butts10'00; E713|        In soft Female charms
L16.verse38Butts10'00; E713|        And in her fair arms
L16.verse39Butts10'00; E713|        My Shadow I knew
L16.verse40Butts10'00; E713|        And my wifes shadow too
L16.verse41Butts10'00; E713|        And My Sister & Friend.
L16.verse42Butts10'00; E713|        We like Infants descend
L16.verse43Butts10'00; E713|        In our Shadows on Earth
L16.verse44Butts10'00; E713|        Like a weak mortal birth
L16.verse45Butts10'00; E713|        My Eyes more & more
L16.verse46Butts10'00; E713|        Like a Sea without shore
L16.verse47Butts10'00; E713|        Continue Expanding
L16.verse48Butts10'00; E713|        The Heavens commanding
L16.verse49Butts10'00; E713|        Till the jewels of Light
L16.verse50Butts10'00; E713|        Heavenly Men beaming bright
L16.verse51Butts10'00; E713|        Appeard as One Man
L16.verse52Butts10'00; E713|        Who Complacent began
L16.verse53Butts10'00; E713|        My limbs to infold
L16.verse54Butts10'00; E713|        In his beams of bright gold
L16.verse55Butts10'00; E713|        Like dross purgd away
L16.verse56Butts10'00; E713|        All my mire & my clay
L16.verse57Butts10'00; E713|        Soft consumd in delight
L16.verse58Butts10'00; E713|        In his bosom sun bright
L16.verse59Butts10'00; E713|        I remaind. Soft he smild
L16.verse60Butts10'00; E713|        And I heard his voice Mild
L16.verse61Butts10'00; E713|        Saying This is My Fold
L16.verse62Butts10'00; E713|        O thou Ram hornd with gold
L16.verse63Butts10'00; E713|        Who awakest from sleep
L16.verse64Butts10'00; E713|        On the sides of the Deep
L16.verse65Butts10'00; E713|        On the Mountains around
L16.verse66Butts10'00; E713|        The roarings resound
L16.verse67Butts10'00; E713|        Of the lion & wolf
L16.verse68Butts10'00; E713|        The loud sea & deep gulf
L16.verse69Butts10'00; E713|        These are guards of My Fold
L16.verse70Butts10'00; E713|        O thou Ram hornd with gold
L16.verse71Butts10'00; E713|        And the voice faded mild
L16.verse72Butts10'00; E713|        I remaind as a Child
L16.verse73Butts10'00; E713|        All I ever had known
L16.verse74Butts10'00; E713|        Before me bright Shone
L16.verse75Butts10'00; E713|        I saw you & your wife
L16.verse76Butts10'00; E713|        By the fountains of Life
L16.verse77Butts10'00; E713|        Such the Vision to me
L16.verse78Butts10'00; E713|        Appeard on the Sea

L16.2Butts10'00; E713|        Mrs Butts will I hope Excuse my not having finishd the
L16.2Butts10'00; E713|        Portrait. I wait for less hurried moments. Our Cottage looks
L16.2Butts10'00; E713|        more & more beautiful. And tho the weather is wet, the Air is
L16.2Butts10'00; E713|        very Mild. much Milder than it was in London

L16.2Butts10'00; E714|        when we came away. Chichester is a very handsom City Seven miles
L16.2Butts10'00; E714|        from us we can get most Conveniences there. The Country is not
L16.2Butts10'00; E714|        so destitute of accomodations to our wants as I expected it would
L16.2Butts10'00; E714|        be We have had but little time for viewing the Country but what
L16.2Butts10'00; E714|        we have seen is Most Beautiful & the People are Genuine Saxons
L16.2Butts10'00; E714|        handsomer than the people [ar] about London. Mrss Butts
L16.2Butts10'00; E714|        will Excuse the following lines

L16.verseBButts10'00; E714|     To Mrs Butts

L16.verseB1Butts10'00; E714|        Wife of the Friend of those I most revere.
L16.verseB2Butts10'00; E714|        Recieve this tribute from a Harp sincere
L16.verseB3Butts10'00; E714|        Go on in Virtuous Seed sowing on Mold
L16.verseB4Butts10'00; E714|        Of Human Vegetation & Behold
L16.verseB5Butts10'00; E714|        Your Harvest Springing to Eternal life
L16.verseB6Butts10'00; E714|        Parent of Youthful Minds & happy Wife
L16.verseB7Butts10'00; E714|        W B--
L16.3Butts10'00; E714|        I am for Ever Yours

L16.3Butts10'00; E714|        WILLIAM BLAKE



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